Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trip report, reno and it shows the difficulty in getting all the most important things done.

Today i went looking around trying to rent an apt for the first time in many years. Ive never wanted to in most cities, because either the rent was way too high, or it wasnt a city i wanted to stay longer term to play poker. But we all know this was the thing i came to Reno to do instead of staying in Tampa, and that it needed done right away.

One of the places i checked out was the old place i used to live it. theres a new manager working there, and the old manager is gone, but she claims nothing is available and wont be anytime soon.

then a couple of regular closeby apts wont do anything until u first pay the fee to fill out an application and ones around $500 or less and the other one was around $750 or less. but one didnt really look like it was all that great. they claimed they had income guidelines which would make it tough with my income hard to verify and the other place claimed without rental history id probably need a cosignor no matter how much i paid upfront. This is why ive lived in motels all my life and i should look for a private owner.

One other place might rent to me but they have no vacancies for at least 2 weeks. then i looked at a weekly motel for $225 but there wasnt a fridge or a microwave. theres better options but they are much closer to downtown on virginia. I shouldve never moved out of my old place in reno. there also a decent option much further south on virginia too far from the peppermill, its even quite a bit south of atlantis.

some of the ads i saw for a decent option on craigslist no longer exist, the ads been taken down and it was one i planned to look into.

and the other thing i needed to do was find a dentist because of the bump in my chin that feels funny ive noticed the last 2-3 weeks. i went to one nearby the casino and they couldnt xray me today and suggested i come in at 9am tomorrow morning. but they said its $100 for the exam, and to extract it might be $260 and they dont put u to sleep, only supply laughing gas. they could refer me to another dentist they said if i wanted, or give me a prescription if the dentist sees an abscess. it could cost quite a bit more or a tiny bit less, the receptionist was hesitant to give a price without an xray. they said its also possible i could show another dentist their xray. she did say its only ONE xray for the $100

im probably better off going back to the same dentist downtown and canceling the appt.

anyway--i renewed my room at the peppermill 3 more days til fri at the cost of $160 on priceline, which includes $45 in resort fees. so i guess im essentially paying the same $368 a week i paid in tampa. so yeah i got a lot i need done but i gave it an effort today.

at least now im not doing hour long commutes anymore. and im right in the casino but this certainly isnt a solution

now for the good news--i won $158 at the Peppermill poker room in the $1-2 today. heres the bad news--i am not happy with the way i won it. i bought $100 worth of chips and at one point i had it up to $186. then i dropped somewhat, and eventually on a very small pot i flopped a straight flush with the 79 of hearts. got paid $150 on the spot (which i didnt put on the table) and since it held up til 2pm i got an additional $100. (so i shouldve left the cardroom ahead much more). but i left the cardroom with only $8 in my stack, so all i won was $158.

one hand that cost me quite a bit was the hand with the guy sitting next to Karen and advising her somewhat about my phone (neither were able to fix the issues with the phone not having any storage and the camera using it all up). i hate the idea of having to go to a store. This is the same Karen from sacramento u see me talk to on twitter. An older married lady who plays cards and reads the blog.

the guy between me and Karen was quite loose and liked to straddle every now and then and stayed in to see the flop over 66% of the time. one time i had JJ and made it $15. him and one other guy called. flop came J55 and i bet $15 and only he called. turn came 5 and he checks, and i check too. river comes 8 and he bets $40 and im forced to call. damn i hated that turn, he had a5, and i couldve easily won his whole stack with that flop if the case 5 dont come.

lost the remainder of the stack (except $8) on one other losing hand also which ive forgotten what it was. But yes, id rather won at poker without losing back my whole stack.

ive been losing a bit of my bovada money in PL and NL omaha8 mtts last 2 days, but it seems i have the worst luck. horrible donkey calls for allins with hands like 886K and 369Q preflop end up busting me. (for huge overbets of the pot). i am in a tourny now in my room about to sleep soon. some of these mtts seem like they should have overlays but they allow late registration to last way too long. lots of people dont like the fact live tourneys also allow this. No one wants to bust out with new people still entering.

still have the wrong hours sleeping like 730pm to 230am, and then the game breaks up too early once im awake, but at least id be awake at 9am tomorrow this way. also i had to buy a new phone charger for $10 at the 7-11 today since the old one quit working due to being torn and broken.

soon as i bust out ill sleep, probably shouldnt have entered. this is a $33 tourny and pays $1150 for first place, and im currently 27th out of 75 left. im thinking about tomorrows 9am and wonder if i should get a different dentist instead of the one next door to peppermill. $100 for only one xray isnt enough i might need LOTS of teeth looked at, im thinking Karens dentist recommendation of terry song might be better with $100 for unlimited xrays but he is in a very inconvenient location.


  1. tonite i almost took a big loss in the Peppermill poker room. slept different hours and played like 740pm to 4am. at one point was stuck about $240 but i got it back and left $10 up. not sure if rebuying $500 is a wise decision in the long run, at only 18 buyins when losing, but tonight it worked out.

    the dentist i seen today referred me to an oral surgeon gave me a prescription i filled for antibiotics, and said its tooth 11 thats needing taken care of first, but i still wonder if i should see karens dentist instead would be cheaper and sooner. the oral surgeon has no openings til may 15 unless someone cancels and said theyd put me on the list.

    1. It sure is finally nice of you to finally get close to taking care of yourself. Now don't forget you can ask for the tooth back after they pull it and auction it off on Ebay! After announcing it on all your major social media channels of course!

  2. if you thougjt a dentist was going to be expensive you ain't seen nothing yet if you're dealing with an oral surgeon.

  3. There is an old saying about preventative healthcare that it is such a small fraction of the cost of any major healthcare expense that you will at some point incur if you do NOT do preventative healthcare for things such as oral hygiene.

    So Tony please tell us if the pleasure you have taken from rebelling against your mother forcing you to brush your teeth as a child such that you refuse to brush your own adult teeth on a regular basis is worth it now???

    Thats a tough question I know Tony but was it worth it to dis your mom and ignore your adult oral hygiene?