Sunday, May 10, 2015

home home on the range. where the deer and the antelope play. where never is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day

and that explains how i feel about being at the Tahoe Biltmore, regardless of the fact im down for this trip.

im curious to see how long it will be til i get my withdrawal from Bovada. has anyone withdrew since they started allowing US players to withdraw by credit card? i imagine its only offered to their longest and most serious players with a long history.

i'd like lightning and PPP (and others?) to post the dates in the comments when they are going to be in vegas, i forget the dates. although i still probably wont be there, i think im better off not moving out of where im living. it wouldnt be easy to move back in i think if i move out. but its getting harder to win in reno, the locals are just getting too familiar with my play, and id like to go out and see Ray like i think i shouldve done last year.

i decided to remove the name of the host from the last blog, and ive heard nothing from him since the day i spoke to him originally. he dont read the blog, but just in case. id think tons of people wouldve insisted i delete it like they always do, (tell me to remove a name) but this time i did it entirely on my own accord.

which is ok, i really wont be needing free rooms at the Peppermill anymore anyway--its just that after taking such a huge loss, i felt i deserved something. i still find it odd the host claims im only down $1400 for the year, most of my readers would swear im down more than this on the machines, live BJ, etc, except for the one guy who gave me shit for not accepting the hosts figures.

and i am worried my eye might be connected to my tooth and is why it feels watery lately so i really need to not miss this appt. hopefully someone in reno can accompany me who i trust so i can get more done than just an xray. if i need to hire someone i dont know, how does someone go about placing the ad, and not worry about getting someone who might be unsafe to ride with? give me an example of how much money to offer--is $100 too much or too little, and what should i say?

reading a couple of good books i brought with me too, although even with reading glasses my eyesight seems to keep getting worse. and im glad ive still got 3 packets of mashed potatoes with me to avoid me paying for food. completely out of bread now.

i'm glad im finally back to where im only about $100 worse off than i was before i arrived here.


  1. Your eye is connected to your tooth?

  2. Can you Uber home from the dentist??

  3. Looks like you have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to get things sorted out in advance of the dental appointment on Friday. In hindsight it would have been a waste of your time if at any point in the last 3-4 weeks you had expended any effort to have all of your ducks in a row for the May 15th dental appointment. So at your leisure in the next 4 days I am 100% certain you will have all the details worked out for the Friday appointment and you will then begin your road to recovery for your teeth at least. Your vision problems are likely a whole different can of worms though. You should consider further healthcare initiatives to complete in the near term as well in order to prevent that possible immobility/dependency crisis that I mentioned recently in a different blog post. Good Luck Tony!

  4. Tony - if you care, I'll be in Vegas July 31 - August 4.

  5. Allergy season will really get your eyes and it is bad this year. Rinse off your head and face before crashing at night.

  6. I am getting into Las Vegas late on May 30 and leaving late on June 5. Still no plans for renting a car fyi.

    1. if you were a true friend..................

  7. I will be in Las Vegas from August 2 until August 28. renting a car for 5 days from August 9 to go and explore some of your old stomping grounds. You won't be able to come with me as you are probably banned from most of them. ie Jean, and perhaps Laughlin for a day drive.