Thursday, September 3, 2015

FROM MC Carran airport

as i sit here waiting to board US airways flight 734 at Mccarran at 11am, i wanted to take this moment to go over some bad news.

new roll is down to $21,998. after paying airfare, and hotel for the next 3 nights. and the big loss i took last night. (before the loss, i was back to over $24,000). lost about $900 of it on the VBJ at the el cortez, and the rest between the wynn and the nugget.

after leaving the wynn stuck close to $300, i bought in for $878 at the nugget where i got off the bus to play more poker. there were many big stacks, and the game was shorthanded. lots of deepstacks players who werent regulars. one elderly lady i lost 2 big hands to twice, once with KK against her AA on a board of TQ2JT and if id been as aggressive as i should id lost it all. actually expected to win after she got scared and checked the river.

lost it all anyway a few hands later. flop comes 872 and i have top set., i check, another guy bets $31, she calls, and i bet $132. he calls, and so does she there are 2 clubs on the flop so i dont want callers. theres quite a bit of money in there due to raise preflop or two.

turn comes 4 of clubs. i have $400 left, and the guy has about $225 and she has over $1000. i figure it does no good to check because they sure wont check behind me if im beat and i can still suck out. so i bet $400, he folds and she thinks forever, so i doubt she has the flush. she won with 56 for striaght.

earlier she was quite loose, flop was AQ9 and she stayed all the way with 10 5 offsuit and tried to bluff the river and a guy called her. i had a8 and folded the river. he had 2 pair to win. she had nothing thats why i gave her so little respect.

ok, i gotta go, pray this dont crash


  1. Are you going all the way to England on that flight or are you getting off in Philadelphia?

  2. What about stopping off in Kansas to see the doctor?!

  3. I'm guessing if God had control over whether your plane would crash or not, a lil prayer would change his mind.

  4. So you left after having paid for a couple of days of stay? Why wouldn't you just sit by the pool and take a break instead of running like always?

    1. the days i paid to stay were here in PA. i booked $204 worth of rooms for thurs fri and sat from the airport in vegas before going aboard