Sunday, October 4, 2015

A good example of why some people shouldnt play $2-5 (or other casino games) even though they have the bankroll to afford it and beat those games over the long run. THEY CANNOT HANDLE THE STAKES EMOTIONALLY, AND ITS TOO HARD ON THEM MENTALLY.

Low stakes poker is fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and provides people a much needed income who otherwise wouldnt fit into regular society. it keeps them off the govt handouts which are ruining the black and hispanic communities, and the smoke weed communities. Once u start to get stuck too much though, u cannot make good decisions anymore, cannot play well, and start to bet way too much in a desperate attempt to get unstuck. its why a stop-loss isnt neccessarily a bad thing, and at times a stop-win, (when u feel u have too much and are starting to give it back.)

Last night was a very frustrating session. i wasnt getting cards, in the $1-2 NL (hey remember im a tight player) and eventually i found one good successful opportunity to bluff about 4 hours into the session. went from being $75 down eventually to $99 ahead, but a very small part of it was on this hand. Flop comes 367 and i have 89 offsuit, and id called a $15 raise from the button. (see thats how i know my play had deteriorated to the point i could no longer play well). there were 4 of us. it was checked to me, i bet $5. why only $5? i figured a big pair would check raise, and a hand with 2 overcards would call or fold. and i wanted to find out what he had. plus a bet raise re-raise looks much stronger than a bet after multiple checks.

initial raiser, tight old man, check raises my $5 to $25. both the other 2 guys fold. i shove allin, and he mucks AA face up right on schedule, saying that hes not too dumb to fold this hand. (that was before i showed the bluff). semi bluff actually. the dealer probably shouldnt talk, but he was commenting on it being a great play and i felt good. like id achieved a work of merit.

But it got frustrating again at the table. i gave back all the profit, one very quiet young girl who was either white or mexican (more likely mexican) i found out she wasnt alone, and was with a black guy who came by to watch about 2 hours later. another girl sat down on the other end right after she left, and i thought she was with the 2 jewish guys who were there earlier, but they had left and never came back so i couldve been wrong. elijah muhammed, leader of the nation of islam was on my right, and he didnt care much for the jewish guys talking in hebrew repeatedly. one of them didnt seem to know much english. (at least the guy looked a lot like pictures of him, was speaking poorly about druggies, and had a nice suit). and the only guy he was really socializing with was one of the other black guys in seat 1.

speaking of racism, i dont feel im racist at all. i do feel like most other races are racist against me, (and whites in general) such as the cabbie who ripped off Andr0us from twitter, he probably felt it was ok to rip off a white guy. then a bunch of trolls like michelle and fakelooch from twitter claim im being unkind to immigrants, when nothing i said was unkind. almost nothing i ever say, no matter how shocking, can even begin to be as unkind as the things leftists say to me online.

and i feel its racist to assume since a guy speaks a foreign language, for the casino and others to assume hes cheating, and ban him from speaking anything other than english at the table. some of these guys dont know any english, and without their friend being able to interpret what the dealer is saying to them, they are at an unfair disadvantage. kind of like how the casinos bend the rules (and they should) to let a blind man be whispered the cards in his hand.

some may be surprised to feel that way since its assumed im anti immigrant. which really im not, otherwise id probably be supporting donald trump. only way id support him is if he won the republican nomination. to deport all 11 million illegal mexicans would be dumb expensive and unworkable and unkind. all they should do is seal off the border, allow no more in, and then deport those 1 by 1 who commit a crime, and let the others live their life in peace and eventually get citizenship once they learn english quite well, and remain free of welfare for an extended period of time.

im not anti immigrant, im anti muslim immigrant. im anti any type of immigrant who wants to come here only to collect govt aid, and to tear down the values of the constitution and replace them with sharia law. read this for example.

a horrible terrifying experience of a young woman on a train surrounded by muslim "refugees" grump should read it and try to emphasize with the young woman if he has any compassion. same with Josie, and many others. of course, as we all know, Josie quit reading these blogs (mine lightnings, etc) years ago.

im against people coming to america who dont want to assimilate, learn the language, accept our values and cultures, instead of trying to replace them with the ones back from where they are running.

But speaking of racism, i think the black guy simply didnt like that this guy was Jewish (his friends cap gave it away). and as we all know, racism directed towards the Jewish people really offends me a lot more so than racism directed towards other groups.

so i continued to play, and eventually went on tilt (id slowly been getting there about) about the time a game broke and the table filled up, with a black guy sitting next to the girl across from me in seat 8 (10 handed game) and im in seat 3. she couldve been with him, but probably wasnt, although i do remember her saying her boyfriend plays poker. he took the seat vacated by the other gentleman i bluffed. and he never seen that bluff.

so im waiting a long time for a good hand, and finally have A3 diamonds and i call a multi limp fest 3 from the button. flop comes T43 with 2 hearts and 1 diamond. its checked to the button, who bets $5. now wtf is the point of that? but hes bet $5 so often and dont seem to be a smart player trying to get value out of a set. about 3 callers, and i bet $55. hoping for all to fold, with still outs if i get called. the black guy calls so fast im sure hes on a flush draw or a set and nothing in between. everyone else folds including, like i thought he would, the initial bettor.

turn comes 5, the black guy checks, and i check behind. what should i do in your opinion?i was disappointed it wasnt a diamond and thrilled it wasnt a heart, and i wanted enough equity behind to bluff the river. just in case i was wrong about having the best hand, i wanted to make sure he folds if he ends up with nothing but a pair of fives (holding 2 hearts and backing into a pair).

river comes 9, a total blank. guy shoves about $160. now its on me, and im thinking of calling, thinking ive got a good chance of being ahead, or facing a real monster. i show ask if he will, and think forever. guy eventually reaches in his pocket, counts out $100 and sits in in front like maybe he will rebuy if he loses.

and i couldnt call. i fold, and then he shows a bluff, 7Q of hearts. and the girl beside him says that i came extremely close to calling. which is true, and then he starts claiming him putting the $100 on the table was a double reverse and was why i folded. who even knows what a double reverse means?

since they began talking, i thought maybe he was her boyfriend, but she didnt really say anything when hed first sat by her, and earlier an hour prior, a new guy sat by me for about 3 hands, then got a phone call and said he had to leave. id asked why he sat by me instead of the beautiful woman (truth is i feel squished and didnt want him to pick that seat). maybe he was gay i dunno. he wore sunglasses to the $1-2 and didnt put them on til he sat, a real tool.

he claimed the girl would be a distraction and he was there to work and make money. but he asked a lot of questions a regular would know, and was surprised a kicker played on the hand he lost. then he raises the table full of limps in the big blind, loses quite a bit on that hand, and folds by the river. i dont think he knew what he was doing really. but he left after a phone call after 3 hands and was saying on the phone he was leaving to his wife or gay fuck buddy, i dont know.

so after folding the winner, i went to get the money back playing BJ like i always do. and here lately, because of the good rules in AC seeing they use 8 deck shoes with 80% penetration as opposed to 2 deck shoes with 50% penetraiton and poor rules and 6-5 payouts, ive been doing ok at live BJ here in ac.

i know ive been overdue for a loss though. and i found an empty $10 table which surprised me. i sat, and waited for a chance to bet the $124 i needed to be unstuck from poker. first 2 shoes i couldnt get a positive count, and they took a long time to finish too. by the 3rd shoe i was ready to just shove whatever i was still down, divided among 3 spots, but they kept burning an ace or face card so before a card was dealt, the running count was always minus 1.

or else id have shoved first hand out. finally the count got to be plus 4 after a few good low cards got used up and i put up a big bet, won either that or the double size bets next hand, on 2 of 3, and lowered the bet to what i still needed and eventually got unstuck and about $100 up then took a short restroom break tipping $1, but still the only player.

hurried back since count was plus 7(id have to use the restroom pretty bad to have not waited longer) and eventually i gave it back, plus more. started rebuying and pulling out $2000 more in cash.

next shoe got another good plus count, and was told that it would be the last shoe due to the laws in ac requiring regular card changes of new decks. as the count started going up rapidly to plus 10 and plus 15 etc (running count actually) i was raising bets more speedily in the martingale than on minus counts. minus counts are $10, $11, then 2 hands of $11, (no rule making u double the bet here  on 2 spots like in NV) and thats its til it becomes plus, then i start with however much i still need to bet from where id left off. (i mentally keep track)

but this was a plus count. so i was going $15, then $25, then 2 spots of $30, 3 spots $25, etc. after getting stuck a big amount the shoe ended with me out over $1000.

another new shoe and a good plus count (this was actually the shoe i was told would be the last, not the other shoe). after a while i decided to do 3 spots of $400+ halfway thru the deck, and the pitboss one of them asked  her supervisor if they should deal, and he said shuffle. now WTF? never had that happen to me anywhere outside nv before, especially not in a shoe game. the running count was plus 16 and i wonder if he knew that? it had been a while since id bet nearly that high.

i just was shocked because i made myself appear to be martingaling. so i cashed out, since of course, with the shuffle they then went to change the cards which takes about 10-20 minutes. i wanted to take the casino managers mother, wife and kids, the pit boss mother wife and kids, and the head of securitys mother wife and kids, and shove their fucking face all right thru a plate glass window to calm my nerves. i was LIVID. and of course had every right to be due to the unfairness of how casinos get away with this and not offering a fair shot to win.

but of course, being a believer in Jesus, and knowing right from wrong, i just say that to vent and would never do anything. thats the difference between me and all the other nutcases who get violent. me, im terrified of violence would never do it and is why i was so furious i got a felony at age 20 which ruined my whole life as far as ever getting a high paying dealer job. i feel im treated so unfairly and misunderstood and taken way too serious . Koala and others blame guns for all the problems. some people blame the closing of mental hospitals and its not guns at all, even Grump knows that. its the fact others dont believe in God and after death consequences of their sinful actions. the guy in oregon who killed all those people, notice he targeted Christians before he killed them, he asked them to state their religion. remember the mass shooter who came to wash dc and went into the offices of focus on the marriage, a group moms a part of for generations opposed to gay marriage and is pro family values. i wish id have the chance to have a family i wouldnt be aliented from my son if he wouldve grown up with me and a good woman instead of with my mom.

anyway, i did leave AC, which i was planning to today anyway seeing i must see my mom on oct 20 and wanted to visit ray on the way. im on the train into philly, to either head for toledo or foxwoods a brief while first. i want to be where theres $2-5 available so i can give it a fair test but with low buyins to not tilt.

the good news is before i left town, while returning to my room in the Tropicana i had free on weekends, (next weekend is full, a good reason to leave town also) i went by their video BJ game and divided up $1336 among 5 spots to get unstuck. i won, dealer broke, and im exactly even and feel 100 times less mad now. i was overdue for a big loss of about $3000 or so, but today wasnt the day it happened after all. new roll, $25,685 which is a new high. went straight to the room to pack and leave town so i could play elsewhere new and fresh. i no longer feel ac is good for BJ after being screwed out of the right to bet.


  1. Good post Tony. I agree with a lot of what you said, not all though, because you wrote so much, which is cool. On the racial issue, I have to tell you that as a Christian you should not make race the biggest descriptor of someone . Assholes, racists come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and races.

  2. If you decide to come to Foxwoods, give my cell phone a call. I can still pay you to play on my card and give you rides around here.

  3. Tony, I am 100% certain that all of your readers were glad that you were able to bring your martingale recovery plan to fruitition on your old friend Mr. VBJ. I think that pit boss might just have gone you a favor getting you off of the BJ table though???

    Next stop? Bank roll at $30K!

  4. The contradictions in this post are amazing. On one hand, you bet the flop $5, and then a short while later, you describe someone betting $5 on the flop and say, "its checked to the button, who bets $5. now wtf is the point of that?" Um, you do, like two paragraphs before that. Wow.

    Also, the post starts by saying that some people should never play $2/5 because they get too emotional when they lose, and then you tell a story about how you got too emotional when you were losing (playing poorly; wishing to harm someone's family; desperately trying to martingale back to even) and finish with, "i want to be where theres $2-5 available."

    Finally, you proclaim that you are not racist, but then you describe everyone by race (solely) and state that you hate Muslim immigrants.

    WOW! Usually, you at least wait for the next post to contradict yourself. This one may be a new record!

    1. ...and mentions how stressful it is to play 2/5, yet is splitting up 1336 for 5 bets in a single round of blackjack. Will be wondering why he is broke again soon or down 10K when the inevitable blowup comes when martingale comes knocking, as it always does

  5. The entire bloodline through the plate glass windows would be a good start if that happened to me.

  6. Nice semi bluff that got the guy to fold the AA.

    I don't blame you for not calling the guy who all in bluffed you because you only had a pair of threes. But by checking the turn might have made you look weak in his eyes and gave him courage to bluff the river.

    That was a good story about the lady on the train that understood Arabic.

    I agree with you that guns are not the real problem. I wrote an article about that on my website at

  7. Guns are definitely the problem. America needs to wake up. As if 11 yr olds could kill 8 yrvokds without a gun and single gun men could kill/injure multiple victims without guns.

  8. Great job on the new roll.
    I heard that the Dakota Magic in Hankinson has a great vbj machine.
    You should go check it out and report back.