Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Aimlessness and unstability. Well, its better than poverty and homelessness. (hollywood Penn national trip report included)

Today, i left my room determined to go west, since im to be seeing mom on oct 20. thought id go thru Pittsburgh via amtrak, spend a day or 2, at the casino outside of town, and then head thru toledo to see Ray and a few casinos, then the casino in Indiana, and on into st louis, Kansas city, on towards hutchinson KS stop near Lyons.

I get to the station as soon as the black elderly shuttle driver from the Holiday INN Hershey PA outside of the casino in Grantsville (hollywood Penn national) drops me off for a $5 tip, saving me about $55 in cab fees, or maybe about 2 3rds of that if i used uber. havent used Uber in a long time because im afraid someone will sign up for Uber as a driver specifically to target me due to my large bank acct balance, and leave me for dead somewhere. remember guys if i suddenly disappear and arent heard from in months due to being dead or in jail, lightning is supposed to log in here and approve millions of outstanding unpublished comments.

The casino there really sucks. the one dealer constantly reminds u u have to make sure ur cell phone is turned upside down anytime a new hand begins til u have folded ur hand, an annoying pain when playing games like bejeweled, and none of the other dealers will say a word because they care more about good service and not making new customers feel their business is not appreciated. just a weird rule they have that no other casinos have. sure u cant be using ur phone when in a hand, but u dont constantly have to keep turning it over and face down (for the camera).

the rake is $6+1 (maybe $6+2 i didnt look closely) and the promotions suck as u can hit quads or better and maybe not get paid a penny. i came out ahead about $75 off poker but ONLY because of hitting a straight flush for $100 that held up. most of yesterdays winnings were the $269 i won on the willy wonka slot machine when a bonus lit up filled with wild symbols and a guys picture, and i immediately cashed out $369 of my $100 coin in.

i seen a $15 shuffle every hand VBJ machine paying 3-2, no idea if it gave comps because i never tested it out by playing. didnt look worth playing and it was never empty and they only had 1 machine.

also seen some live BJ shoe games, didnt pay any attention as far as non shoe game. but i never sat and played those either to check it out.

its not really much of a casino and is about a 1 1/2 mile walk from the hotel. i walked it going over there during the day. shuttle runs (operated by the Holiday inn) from 7am til 10pm and erraticly. they dont have a regular driver. just whoever they can find who isnt busy and available to drive it. could be any of their employees.

so when i got to the station, i just didnt feel like sitting around for 3 hours doing NOTHING waiting for the 2.36pm train to pittsburgh. so instead i looked into info on the NYC and philly trains going out the other way. all i really wanted to do was to go to any casino other than that one, and play $2-5 instead of $1-2 for a change which im still hardly ever playing.

so while on the train into Philly, i looked up a lot of room rates on Priceline in the Newark DE, and other cities. then i looked up multiple airfares to multiple cities on the west coast i wanted to go, (or within a couple hundred miles of where i wanted to go) and also to many cities in the midwest. thinking maybe id go to the airport in philly tonight. man some of the rates are quite a bit higher if the ticket isnt bought ahead of time.

but first i was going to see which amtrak was leaving soon out of philly, (within less than an hour) and i wish a lot more locations had private sleeper cars . those dont exist in the northeast corridor. i ended up going to a location where ill be aboard for quite a long period of time, at a high cost, and i think i probably will feel a lot more secure if i quit advertising where ill be, cause then at least ill feel safe hailing an uber upon arrival. (regardless of whether the driver is white or black, as long as he dont read my blog ill not stress).

also for something to do enroute using the wifi, i paid about $250 for a bitcoin and been using it on a certain gambling site online to play cards. and also i have the additional $20 Bovada gave me
yesterday since it claimed they found collusion by other people in one of my tournies. Lets pray that dont get my debit card canceled again, since i bought it instantly via debit card again.

should still go see mom though and multiple doctors i worry that final wisdom tooth with the jagged edge should come out and id like to use the same dentist that put me to sleep first. also they still badly need cleaned but that one tooth been bugging me again.

with all those expenses, i estimate my new roll to be $25,600+ and thats after paying for hotels for the first 2 nights when i arrive. still thats enough to live off of, and play $2-5 instead of $1-2 or to play live table Blackjack for a living. it might not be enough to get good credit or find an apartment to rent however. i'm always good at paying bills when im not close to going broke, so theres no reason my credit should be bad except for it having not been 7 years yet when bad information goes off.


  1. Why do you insist on stating the race of EVERYONE you encounter? Weird and annoying. Be a better Christian!

    1. So you can know what color to see in your head to test your color imagination?

  2. "havent used Uber in a long time because im afraid someone will sign up for Uber as a driver specifically to target me due to my large bank acct balance"

    This made me actually laugh out load. My net worth is 20 times yours and I still use Uber. I don't think the Russian mob is tracking Uber users and their bank account balances. It's actually safer than a taxi b/c you are tracked via GPS.

  3. Lol at you thinking 25k is a "big account balance".. man I had a 25k net worth at 23. I'm 27 now and have over 30k... you think you''re much bigger than you really are lol. Anyone in California or New York is laughing at your 3 months living expenses.

    1. $1600/month for what sounds like a suite + a maid? I live in Vegas(cheap city) and that still sounds like a deal for someone that wants to/needs to stay close to the casinos and isn't staying in town for longer than 6 months.

  4. Most phones have a camera on the front as well these days. I think he was just fucking with you. How big are your hands ?

  5. " havent used Uber in a long time because im afraid someone will sign up for Uber as a driver specifically to target me due to my large bank acct balance, and leave me for dead somewhere."

    LOL you're joking right? Holy SHIT you are paranoid as hell. There is no way this is going to happen man. People aren't stalking your every move, waiting for you to appear in your city. And even then, there is about a 3% chance of them getting the job with Uber, and about a 1% chance after that that you're still in town by the time they're up and running AND that you get them as your Uber driver. Seriouslly. You're nuts for thinking this, And why did you mention the bus driver was black? What's that got to do with anything?