Saturday, April 9, 2016

back to a focus on poker, including some hand histories

the hand i was most proud of Friday afternoon was the following. I'd slowly been grinding up my $134 buyin (which came to be due to a $130 buyin plus $4 in odd chips i had from giving the waitress a $5 bill while waiting for the $1-3 NL game to start up) and by the time this hand occured, i had it up to $500-600 somewhere. seat 4 raised it preflop to $15, i called in seat 9, and seat 1 also called. i had the 45 of hearts. seat 4 has $350-400 or so, and is first to act on the flop of A78 with 2 hearts. he bets $25, i call, and the other guy folds. turn is 2 diamonds putting a second flush draw out there. he bets $25 and i call. i do not think he has the ace. river comes K of diamonds, possible backdoor flush and all i got is 5 high, nothing. he acts like he is going to bet, then checks. im thinking hes worried i have an ace, and its not a good board for QQ or below. i bet $112 and he mucks his hand extremely quickly. then i showed my hand (i got to not do this, but i was going to leave soon but im starting to realize this shouldnt make a difference if i intend to play there often). which i will since my move out date isnt til may 7th after paying for the month.

because of showing the bluff, i then got paid off on every good hand which i got a few of. eventually he lost his chips. at the most, i once was up to $942. then i lost this big hand and left. i had KT of spades, and called a preflop raise of $15. flop comes Q 10 7 with one spade. i call a small bet in late position of $25 he makes after i check. turn comes 8 of spades, giving me 4 to the flush. guy checks, i check, guy then bets $25. original checker raises to $50 and they both got more behind. i figure ill get paid if i hit so i call the $50. the original bettor shoves allin for about $170 more and the other guy calls with about $125 more behind. again i call, knowing ill need the spade but the pots huge. i missed, and they both had J9 for the turned nut str8.

for close to 60 in logged hours of $1-3 NL on this boat, im still winning over $60 hour. i dont think this will continue by the time ive logged 1000 hours, but still its one of the best $1-3 NL games ive ever seen for loose action. im still $1300 worse off than i was when i first arrived in town, but since my rent is paid thru may the 7th, a lot of foods been bought, ive got both my new ID and my suitcase back, i wonder if it could be argued that im actually not worse off?

still if most everything i won wouldnt got wasted on video poker (over $2500 worth, plus some losing BJ sessions of around $3500 more) i would still be quite a bit over $20,000

i still would prefer to live in a different place, preferably not so far out the bus dont run on sat or sun. to ride a bike would be 5-6 miles plus id have to ride it on the walk path over a huge long bridge. does grump think i could do it? dont wish to continously pay cabs $20. but if i did it would still get stolen. no way to chain it up good outside a casino. i dont like having to only have a microwave instead of a full kitchen.

last night the cab driver offended me by wanting the fare upfront. (while enroute, i found out a group of 5 black women recently had ripped him off plus a white guy later on, all in the same day). i said something i shouldnt of, showed him over $600 cash, and told him i have over 10x more in the bank than i really do, due to being pissed off i wasnt automatically trusted which i often am. then we got to talking about what i do to have so much (remember he thinks ive got over $100k) and i find out he used to play poker too, but couldnt win though he tried. so i was telling him about how much easier i found it to be once i started putting more cash on the table (wec would be proud) and about how ive learned when i can get away with bluffs.

if u think ur fridge isnt freezing food enough, is it still safe to cook in the microwave? says do not thaw. hope i dont get sick.


  1. Please take another IQ test because you are way too stupid to have a high IQ. Maybe when you were 5 you were ahead of your time but not anymore pal.
    As soon as your phony hourly reaches 2000+ hours you stop counting. You only brag about it after 60 hours or 2 hours where there is not nearly enough of a sample size. You keep your gambling and life money in the same lump sum - you are not a pro - nobody is "proud of you" and you are a smelly angry human being.

  2. i check, guy then bets $25. original checker raises to $50 and they both got more behind. i figure ill get paid if i hit so i call the $50. the original bettor shoves allin for about $170 more and the other guy calls with about $125 more behind. again i call, knowing ill need the spade but the pots huge. i missed, and they both had J9 for the turned nut str8.

    You played this so horribly. Way to call 50 cold when you don't close the action like a true donk.

  3. also amazing how every game you go to is "one of the most amazing for action" when you're running hot. then when you cool off you run away.

  4. I dont want to be a negative poster like most people on here. Seems your big loss on things other than live poker caused you to plant roots and attempt strickly poker. Good because you seem happy to put your tumble weed ways aside til May. The lure of a fast score in BJ is there. It will always be there. You like it play it a little cause you like it. Don't look to offset poker loss with BJ play it's dumb.Keep track of how often it works stats speak for themselves.
    I quit smoking cigs cause I kept track and spent more than 2k a year on em. F $!# that I quit and blow doe on other tings. Yeah I said tings. No matter what it's all good as long as your cool with it. You said your staying away from black jack...... hmmm

  5. Tony, remember that pride/bragging comes before the fall. By showing your bluff, you were bragging, and you made that other person feel small. How do you think he felt?

    You get offended because you get into someones cab looking, and probably smelling like shit. Then you wonder why the cabbie wants his fare upfront. If you want people to respect you, try respecting them first. That includes not walking around looking like a bum. Clean yourself up and make your self look decent. You will be amazed at the change in some people's attitude towards you.

    Still with the racist description of people Tony, drop the color descriptions.

    So because you were pissed off, that he did not automatically trust you after being ripped off by people who were probably dressed and smelled like you, you then brag about having a pile of money you don't have. Just to try and big note yourself.

    I might be wrong here Tony, but I think you break at least one of God's 10 Commandments every day. Especially the one about worshipping false idols before worshipping God. Your false idol always has been, and always will be "Money." You live, breathe, and constantly count your roll hundreds of times a day. No Rapture for you Tony. "The words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls."

    1. I don't think Tony is gonna 'get' a Simon And Garfunkel reference :)

    2. True, "Sounds of Silence," perhaps one of the most prophetic and beautiful songs ever written.

  6. Jeez what's with people beating up on Tony all the time? Human life is greed. Some people are just greedy for different things. I doubt he likes money all that much anyway, otherwise he wouldn't blow up 5k on a machine. He is greedy for action that's for sure. Tony sounds like he's rude to people for no reason when he's on a bad streak and may not be particularly greatful when helped, but there are a lot worse people out there, believe me. I rarely comment, but sometimes it feels like people bully him on here.

    1. You are always going to have your trolls but it seems the majority of people are trying to help. Tony you might want to seek a GA meeting or something, or read up because dumping $5k in a day is a serious problem.
      I would take a few days off and then play poker. It's going to be a slow grind and it doesn't matter what your bankroll was you need to make better decisions. Good luck, you're going to be fine.

  7. I don't know how you've been running lately, but there's a really great vbj machine nearby. Here is the plan. First, get to Tunica. Then immediately start playing it. Great comps and cash back.

  8. tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 6h6 hours ago

    Lost 5800 blackjack.

    OMFG Tony, what were you doing walking around with almost $6K in your sockroll. Remember what I said about your bragging a couple of days ago. Well God just seriously kicked your ass. You better start looking for a decent cardboard box to move into whilst you can still afford one.

  9. Congrats on making 60 dollars an hour playing poker there.

    You should look at your hourly for VP, BJ, and Poker and focus on the one where you make the most money per hour. Hopefully you track these things and you know which one makes you the most.