Saturday, June 25, 2016

Living in reno

well none of the places i wanted to rent have vacancies, prices in reno went way up, so im paying over $300 per week unless i wish to live much further out. only good news is the wifi works good here.

plus ive cut out the losing sessions on poker, (and on BJ). no more live table BJ since i left shreveport almost 1 month ago. no more video BJ since coming into reno from Tahoe. my last 3 sessions of $1-2 NL in the Hyatt were winners, and 23 hours total in the peppermill has produced $633 in winnings, at the rate of $27 per hour. Zero losing sessions so far in the Peppermill.

The bovada roll is still going up, currently sitting at $90 from the $18 i had after my final cashout of over $300, which eventually ending up being transferred to my bank in 6 installments, all of which was received by this Tuesday. so theres nothing in bitzino either.

i feel like i have friends here among the staff, and most were happy to see me. its really nice Uber is finally here, though its more per mile here than many cities. I'm glad my healths held out because i dont see myself ever back on my feet financially with money to spare. those days will be gone for a very long time.

I've pissed Benny off without meaning to, and for this im truly sorry. i wish he would give Colleen my phone, and tell her to come see me. i'd feel like a stalker going by someones place of work, especially not knowing their hours. also it feels good to have all my laundry done.

theres still the option to live in toledo with ray, live in ac nj pretty cheaply with tons of free rooms and of course white horse pike, and of course the 10 free nites per month in north lake tahoe. for example i could take july 20-30, then august 1-10 to get 20 in a row. living for almost nothing is very critical in building up a tiny roll, which is why im so uncomfortable with paying this much per week now. ive been lucky to not had any losses here yet.


  1. Tony it might be time to start thinking about settling down for a normal life

    1. he's more likely to play in the nba

    2. The possibilities here are interesting. Point guard? Small forward?

    3. Tony would make a brilliant Mascot for the new Vegas NBA team.

  2. You've been in Reno how long and you're already considering other options of places to live?? Bro stay cool, stay put, grind poker, try to take a couple of days off a week, and enjoy life and stick with poker only. Do that and you may be surprised how enjoyable life can really be.

  3. Just go back to Shreveport and stick to the poker only. You were making a killing there. Give up the blackjack it is not good for you. You always say you are a poker pro. Poker pro's don't blow their roles on blackjack. Get with the program Tony.