Sunday, June 26, 2016

surely im not playing bad? $300+ weekly in rent is really stressed on a low roll

I hate to just sit in my room doing nothing but playing online because ive got so little on Bovada i cant play very high there. and the overhead of $317 per week is killing me. if i could live somewhere with no cost, or for under $400 a month (almost no cost) i could earn enough to survive online if i needed to.

But i just cant sit in the casino losing money. the $633 i told u i'd won this week in the Peppermill poker room? i lost $413 of it today. all the last 8 months or so, ive recovered from those losses by making subsequently larger buyins til i won. But its been quite a long while (several yrs) since ive had a roll of under $10,000. i thought i would never go below this again, but i was wrong. so i can no longer raise my buyins. i had to flat buyin for $100 all 4 times--well $113 once. but i cant afford the $200,$300 $400 buyins to get even.

i shouldve only bought in for $40. this is the min buyin, and is what i used to buyin for the first time in reno when i came with $1750. within 2 yrs (and with the help of a $750 royal flush jackpot in the sands the first week) i had it up to $17,000. but i never play shortstack no more. in fact even buying in for $100 now feels shortstack. ive forgotten how to play a shortstack, because i keep wanting to see the flop with small pairs, 6-7 suited, 8-9 suited, etc. the hands u DO shove with with a $40 stack are hands u only get dealt in like feels like once every 50 yrs. Unless of course theres a $5 straddle. then u shove much more liberally.

i'm so glad i made it out of louisiana with over $8000. think of how much worse this struggle would be if i was under $5000. i should've went back to shreveport but i didnt realize id find cheaper rent there, and i didnt think i could play $1-3 good anymore so stressed about money, and with having to lower my buyins. besides i think i ran way above average, (by winning $9000 in april) and i sure didnt think it would continue. (although i still was winning over $5000 in may before coushatta took out a big chunk of that).

when i get low on money, i cease all live BJ play, all video poker play, and im afraid to play higher than $1-2. i look for the cheapest living accomomendations and spend more time online.

I dont think i made any bad plays today, but i do know i cant play well stressing over the $317 weekly overhead. i might need to get to toledo the least expensive way (interpret this to mean riding the train in coach). no private sleepers.

the final hand, i had QK (which id just won an extremely tiny pot with) and the flop comes 24Q with 2 hearts. well a few of us called $8 preflop, and it was checked to me so i shoved my last $70 or so. one guy calls with 35 suited (open end straight flush draw) and of course, turned the straight.

now when i had KQ suited a few hours earlier, i flopped top pair, rivered top 2 pair, but the other guy rivered the flush. the money went allin on the flop or turn.

and when the game first started short handed the guy on my left who wouldnt chop its just us and the flop comes 66J and ive got 6K. turns out hes got 6J flopped him the full house. i lost my whole stack this hand very early on. but who wouldnt?

and the other $100 or so loss yet unmentioned, i called a bet of $30 (into a $40 pot) on the flop of 5JK with AJ. (likely my mistake) turn comes J, he goes allin, i call, he has 555JJ to my JJJA. if i fold the flop (or preflop to the $10 bet) i get out of trouble. but overall i played well.

it feels good to be relaxing in my room on bovada, this is what i felt like doing earlier. but i didnt wish to quit stuck. need to set a 1% stop loss and stick to it, but when down $100 in the first few minutes, (over 1%) i didnt wish to immediately leave and go back to my room. i dont really know if this would be the wise thing to do either? not if u play for ur living.

was not rebuying in for $300-400 to get it all back in one hand wise? i dont know. simply because im not sure im not playing too many hands since im short. maybe when short u shouldnt see the flop with QK suited or unsuited. or maybe i should stick to $40 so ill know how to play shortstack.


  1. The movies? The gym? Reading? Learning Spanish so you can chat up some the Latinas you find attractive? Life is not all gambling, TBC.

    1. AC nailed it again Tony. I like the suggestion to learn Spanish. It might be something you can pick up faster than all of us others with lower IQ's than you?

    2. I would pay good money to hear Tony ask "Dónde está la biblioteca?" Just sayin'...

    3. I remember the Vic Mackey character in the TV show called "The Shield" yelling that all the time???

  2. I hate putting a stop loss on my poker session as much as I hate putting a win stop on my poker session.

    There are def. variables which will cause either. But, the amount of money in front of me is not one of them.

    This is something I learned when i first started playing. If the game is good, play. If the game does not suit you for some reason, there will be other games tomm.

    Feel like you of course know this but, losing all that $ on BJ causes you to tighten up in poker. Shame, if you concentrated 100% on poker I think your BR would steadily increase.
    Reread the last sentence. I believe in your poker ability to grind out a living. You've shown it time and time again.

    Because I am rooting for you (as a stranger), I will say it again. Tony, stick to poker. GL friend.

  3. You are playing bad. And don't call me Shirley.

  4. Why wish for under $400 a month when you can wish for under $200 a month?

  5. time for a road trip TONY, since the last one turned out so great, dont bother going to Vegas for all the poker players coming in for the WSOP and drinking, head to Jean for a good time and dont forget to play all the black jack you can, it will set you free......

  6. What are you going to do with all this quality advice Tony?

  7. I could take you back to the good ole days, out front of a dirty Greyhound station in Cleveland playing 3 card monte and being ripped off my last 20 until pay day. We could hit some of the soul food restaurants i used to hit, its fun being the only white guy eating there.

  8. We could always head back down to Cinci and start a fire on the banks of the river, watch the Ohio hillbilly's use home made rafts to fish. Then thumb it to Belterra Casino. Then head back into cinci for the summer church games (Not the ones in the over the rhine area to dangerous of course).

  9. Hmmmm....40 hrs per week of work at poker at only a $10 hourly rate equals $400 week. That sounds like rent plus a lot of Walmart mashed potatoes with savings left over...

  10. You do need to have life balance. It would help you perform better at poker if you rested away from poker.....nobody does it like you do. There's a reason T