Saturday, September 10, 2016

Left Vegas early Friday morning via plane to go back "home"

Thurs nite, when Vince picked me up in Boulder station, where i lost $28 real quickly in $2-4 limit while waiting for my $1-2 NL seat, and then eventually ground it to over $140 profit. we stopped in Jerrys nugget on the way home to use up my remaining $30 food comps, and while there, i played a few hands of ultimate TX holdem on the machine, winning $42. then Vince suggested i quit. Then we got the food.

i like to think my blog is useful and helpful to people who havent been visitors to vegas much. in the previous blog or one a few entries prior, i mentioned how the new slot club sign up promotion in Jerrys nugget gives u $100 in free play for ur first 1000 points if earned before midnite on the day of sign up. (normally only worth $1). this includes $40 meal comps too. seeing what a huge value this is, (u can run $1000 in coin in thru most any VP machine and lose far less than $100) did any of u who dont have this card ever bother to go do it? one of the easiest ways for a first time tourist to get $100.

i made sure they had my address right (vinces house) instead of the address on my ID. ive missed out on lots of offers due to them using the one on my ID in other casinos. first thing i did when stepping off the plane this morning in shreveport, was take a cab to my room (no uber). tomorrow ill renew it for long term. wifi works good here. then i slept most of the day, and finally went to the eldorado for 3 or so hours late this evening. i went to the players club to get a copy of my card, and checked to see if i had any promotions i didnt know of. turns out ive been getting $400-550 in free promotional chips every month (divided up by the week) i knew nothing about. so ive missed out on quite a bit. of course, now that i redeemed this weeks $115 in free chips, and will again next week on the first new day (monday) ill soon be cut off since im only playing poker. but the free buffet every day ill always have with my gold card.

i wouldve never got those for not such huge BJ losses in april/may i couldnt afford. now the promotional chips i did have to play BJ tonight with those. so i bet til they were gone and the pit boss remembered me by name, and remembered i play poker. seemed very friendly. Young black girl, very goodlooking woman. usually works in poker. considering they take the promo chip EVEN WHEN U WIN, (to replace with real money chips) $115 in promo chips is really worth only about half. (unlike in the golden nugget in LV NV where u keep them til u lose). so i considered myself lucky to leave the BJ table with exactly $100 out of the $115 in promo chips. i won almost every bet. then immediately left, since im certainly not risking my own money on BJ this trip. i used it for my $1-3 NL buyin.

Broke my reading glasses on my plane but bought a better pair tonight in walmart once i left the game while up $170 ($270 counting the promotion). Bought a weeks worth of food, plus other stuff i needed, to cook in the microwave, clean dishes, and store water in the fridge. my pocket JJ held up on a hand i think i played too unaggressively, my KK got me a nice pot, and a turned straight got me a small pot. after being up close to $200, i didnt think i could continue to play my best as low as the roll is so i quit after losing back $42 over a short time. its much easier to play confidently with over $15k, which is why i think i did good the last time i was here. but i did want to pick a city i could win in.

u see, when i first went to the airport this morning at 5am (in a $26 lyft who long hauled me using the tunnel) there were 4 different allegiant flights flying out between 7am and 730 am. to cities such as shreveport, Billings, Peoria, Grand rapids, etc. i couldve took the nightime amtrak from the las vegas airport shuttle bus to Kingman/then albuquerque via train for $99. i decided to make sure i was in a city which had more games and where i knew id win. Grand Rapids wouldve been quite the drive for Ray to pick me up. why Akgal, AC, and Washdude automatically assumed MT i dont know. flights to kalispell werent even on the menu to pick from today.

The no Uber (or lyft) here really is a big issue though. and the bus service isnt good either. u cant even look it up on google maps since its not coordinated with google.

im surprised louisiana isnt on the list of banned states, but i think ill just send my bank statements to me here, this way i can change my city by sept 30 so i wont be shut out on Bovada.


  1. You finally did something smart. Now stay away from the blackjack and just grind the poker, but I have to admit I don't have much hope for you. I watch gamblers all the time and you are a certified degenerate. At least you will be in a town where you can make a decent income to support you video blackjack habit.

    1. Pokket, I am curious: what do you mean by you "watch gamblers all the time?"

  2. What were you doing at the airport at 5 in the morning? Did you have a big losing session that caused you to panic and run away again?

    What was you win/loss record when you were in Shreveport before? Why do you think you know you can win in Shreveport? Where will you run to if you don't win there?

    1. i made the decision in vinces house middle of the night to not stick in vegas no more, since i wasnt getting nowhere there. the last few days in vegas the roll increased slightly.

      when i was last here, i put in over 400 hours in $1-3 for $37 hour. this is why i expect to do well. if not ill go to toledo (if i drop to below $3000) (to cut off living expenses).

  3. "store water in the fridge" like a pitcher? LOL

  4. Tony, as you said, those promotional chips are only worth about half their face value playing blackjack. But they are worth about 95% of their face value playing roulette.