Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Post That Disappeared - An Explanation

Vote to decide which of these posts is better:

A: "Out of respect for Cdizzy, the previous post was removed due to misunderstanding"
                                                                     written by TBC

B: "I deleted the previous post. I am a selfish a-hole and need to have my brain removed because I am an idiot"
                                                                      suggested by lightning36

Vote now for which version of the posts is closest to the truth.

1) B is clearly the best
2) B is definitely spot on
3) B seems to be accurate
4) lightning36 did not go far enough

Vote early, vote often.


  1. I vote for them all. The post was deplorable, just deplorable.

    This vote was sponsored by Hillary/Kaine 2016.

  2. I vote for "A" which was about as close as I came to try and explain to you that it was probably all a misunderstanding.

  3. while in the casino, once i discovered cdizzy deleted her twitter, i felt guilty over it and decided to delete this post. she did try to do me a favor, and ive got some nice clothes out of it. and its true i wasnt interested enough in them as i shouldve been (but i did thank her a few times) because instead of a few nice things, i still want to buy me a much larger amount of not so nice things. i prefer quantity over quality. (proof im poor). now since i was in the casino, i needed lightning to delete the post for me, since i only know how to from the laptop, not the cell. so i told him to write this post, although he didnt quite write it as i suggested. suffice it to say im very disappointed i upset cdizzy, who i considered a friend, and i didnt mean to bug her, i just needed assistance with getting around and wanted to do all the things she suggested, and began panicking they wouldnt get done. i wanted us to play the poker too we'd planned on. she never had any evil intent, so i couldve written a better blog putting her in a better light.

    1. The issue isn't putting her in a better light, the issue is that she helped you, bought you clothes even (and you haven't mentioned the toiletries she bought you, right?), and because you have no many demands that your friends do exactly what you want, you chased her away. The words you need to say are "I'm sorry." Unfortunately, now that Cdizzy deleted her Twitter account, you might not get that opportunity.

  4. God must of rewarded me for deleting the post, for within 30 minutes the BBJ got hit by the guy sitting next to me, for $841 each, (he got $25k after taxes) too bad its room share not table share. so my roll is now at $12,040. now i need to get over to the urgent care place monday before it closes. i wish there was a way to notify her i took down the blog. she deleted twitter and even lightning said he didnt have contact info. im a little worried some guy trolled her on twitter, she posted something about not wishing to talk shit to a guy named Griff something or other, some guy not believing in God, so he might be a troll. now i cant find him either or see his tweets, he was following me and now i dont see him in my list. he follows alysia chang too but i dont see him in her list either. i wish i knew if hes a friend of hers, who suggested she go offline silently, or if he is someone who gave her a hard time after reading my post. maybe i should delete most of my followers on twitter. so many i dont know who they are, some of which i cant follow. might be the govt for all i know.

    1. You think that God rewarded you for deleting your post? With the same thinking, what did he do to punish you for writing it?

    2. $5000 VBJ loss and the discovery that he needs three root canals done simultaneously coming up. Methinks Mr. Bigcharles is a bit confused about cause and effect.

  5. Now some lines between all them words.