Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trip report. Redrock. Poker Palace. Jerrys Nugget. Orleans. and the guy who cost the dealer a $5 tip

First off, i'm worried. why am i worried? Well u see, this is due to PPP and the wonderful advice he gives me. he suggested i track 100% of my poker sessions, u see. well ive been doing this since i lost my records last fall, and since september, theres lots of records. and my phone does an excellent job of sorting them properly due to the fact i picked the right app (poker Income)

the most i remember it being since returning from shreveport was $17.29 per hour, (reno shortly before i left to come here) so why'd i come here? well it was to meet someone in a bar far out from downtown vegas and no this isnt something ill get into on this blog. i thought id turn and leave soon. But i stuck it out since i knew lightning was enroute. (except for a short time period out of town).

Plus, i dont know where the fuck to go, (Toledo, Florida, Reno, or ???) and im not feeling like blowing money on airfare. though i did learn about Frontier recently and their cheap flights which dont show up on standard reservation sites to quite a few cities. all i know is i will run out of money if i remain here.

but yeah, my cell keeps very good records and its well filtered. i know my hourly is now $15.03 per hour for over 1734 hours and thats a mighty huge drop, and worrying if my income is sufficient to survive. of course, this means for just vegas, its going to be NEGATIVE. my best days (in hourly rate) are tues fri and thurs. all with over TWICE the rates on the other 4 days. and sun and sat are definitely the worst. $26 per hour on thurs, $5 per hour on sun.

$9111 winnings in april
$5499 in May
minus $447 in june
$4656 in july (peppermill is good)
$1678 in august, some from before i left the Hyatt in incline
minus $1165 so far in sept

for the entire year most of the winnings were in shreveport in less than 2 months. is this standard?? i mean this is definitely an anomoly and i think its something i should know.

these records definitely say dont play any form of omaha whatsoever. and to get out of vegas as quick as possible. and though this cannot be tracked, i do think they also say quit for the day when down over 2% of the roll since then u start risking too much to get even. Screw Ferguson and his 5% rule. 1-2% is plenty.

Yes im out $1500+ in 3 days all from poker. Plus some from other means.(the machine in Jerrys nugget). i went there after leaving the nugget $700 stuck on friday. while there to play ultimate Tx holdem video machine, (where every $1 thru it is 1 point and 1000 points is $1) since i found out i didnt have a card in the past, i qualified for quite the promotion. if u get 1000 points before midnite the day u sign up u get $100 free play. (normally $1) so i thought, how can i lose?

not only that, u get $40 in meal comps too. which me and Vince used. i lost over $300 even getting the free play, and earned 1711 points. the machine might be rigged and i only quit it because it shut down on me and they had to get it fixed and hand pay me. seems every time i shouldve won with flopping a straight on nice big 4x bets of $25, the dealer would somehow pull the boat. but early on i was up over $150 on it before everything went wrong. seems the max bet is $25 (plus the 4x of course) this is per spot. a $25 max bet is actually $50, possibly $150

then Vince and i went to the poker palace where i somehow won $227 on live table BJ. still the best live table BJ in vegas. $2-50 min/max. pays 3-2 and they loosened the rules for the better, starting 2-3 months back u can now double down on the 3rd card. means if the dealer shows 7, u have 3-4 then draw 4, u can still then double down on your total of 11.

but once the tourney started losing players and the live game started (single $2 BB, no cap buyin, $60 min--previously used to be $40) i ended up losing $37 before i left with Vince.

this morning when i woke up vince drove me to orleans and dropped me off. and of course again i lost over $250 in the NL. only thing i won on was the horrible even money 7 hands at once VBJ terminals old binions style machine, which wynn used to offer. won close to $40.

i can report the orleans rake is $3 plus jackpot. so not too bad.

Vince got me in the orleans tonight, to drive us to santa fe to play omaha. but the game broke enroute, so we went to the redrock instead. i got immediately seated in a LOOSE $1-2, which i didnt think existed there, and once the idiot left it tightened up lots. guy kept straddling $4, (and raising his straddle to $25-35) so on the 3rd time, i shoved with A5 of spades. (after already dropping $100 early). but this time instead of raising with J9 like he done before, he had 10 10 and i lost my entire buyin. then i pulled out my final $100 (from $1586 when id left the elcortez friday morning) and eventually was back to $240+. but i lost it all on the final pot when a new guy been there 2-3 orbits reshoved over my $27 reraise of his $7 in EP. i called thinking he has much better than my QQ but im too tired on tilt to fold. turns out it was a good call, hes got A9 suited. of course we are allin preflop, and he wins when the turn comes with the A.

if he wouldve read me correctly, he would know im never folding there preflop. horrible play by him, he got lucky.

in the orleans earlier i made 2 horrible plays. one i didnt raise with AA UTG and 7 seen the flop of KJ4 rainbow. guy in last position bets $10, i check raise $25 more. he calls. K hits turn i shouldve snap folded. i check he bets his KQ $45 i call, and call $50 more on the river. he was very young and won heavily a couple hours earlier before he left and came back too.

the other bad play involved making it $12 preflop with JQ suited. older guy on the button says $31. i call, one other guy does. flop comes J57 we check, he bets $45, guy folds, i call and another blank on the turn. on the turn he puts me allin for under $100. he got AA

i did win one pot in the redrock, with 10 10. this is how i got back to $240 from the final $100. flopped set against guys top pair. i think he mightve been a dealer, his friend was from the aria playing on my left. they all knew everyone. he left when his alarm on his house went off but then returned.

very next hand im dealt 10 10 again. i raise the guy on my left called. flop comes 257 with 2 to one suit. i bet $30, he bets $65. i dont wish to fold, but think im losing for sure. i offer to fold and give him $1 if he shows, hes silent. then i ask well how much would i need to give u if i fold to see it. hes still silent, wont reply for any amount. im not hollywooding, i just wish to fold and verify the read. finally i (knowing hes a dealer and been big into tipping) offer to fold and tip the dealer $5 if he shows. he still wont do it. but i folded anyway.

i dont want to hear trolls commenting how it was a bad fold.

all this bad luck wouldve never happened were it not for the first $700+ lost in the nugget $1-2 friday morning/afternoon before i went to jerrys nugget. the hand which set me off and where i later pissed off $200 on bad calls from 2 $100 rebuys took place after the $450+ hand with the loose tourist and his friend from TX, 2 of them, other guy from England. loud guy from TX playing all night, loosest guy there, makes a raise $25 more preflop, i reraise with AA $100 more, he shoves over $800 with KK. i call, and the board comes to give him 4 kings. everyone but me is having wondeful time, most dont care about money, hes buying drinks, tipping big, and i never showed the aa except to the guys beside me. and im sick.

most of my remaining unused food comps are in wynn. still got over $100 worth

stole 1 pot tonight with 46 of clubs, guy raises the straddle preflop to $26 i call by then thouroughly on tilt. since 3 others did and next to the button. flop comes A83 one club, we all check. turn comes 7. checked to me, i bet $55, both fold thankfully then i show for FREE.

the $2 chips in the redrock set me on tilt bigtime too, id forgotten they use them. that and the fact some guy dont know who was shaking the table underneath it right as i was grabbing my coffee and it spilt all over my cell and myself while still hot.


  1. my best days (in hourly rate) are tues fri and thurs. all with over TWICE the rates on the other 4 days. and sun and sat are definitely the worst.

    Is there a reason for this (fewer tourists at table on different days, etc.) or is it just routine variance?

    1. i wont know this til i have 2000 hours logged for each individual day of the week, instead of close to 2000 hours total

  2. Tony I was wondering if you adjust your playing style according to where you are at that particular time. I know that sometimes you shove all in, not to get a call, but to play a bluff and hope for a fold. However there are probably some poker rooms where this may not be the best style for you at that time. I'm just surmising here, but I would think places like Las Vegas poker rooms with many tourists and loose players with more disposable income than you, are more likely to call your shoves, as opposed to smaller out of the way poker rooms where the players tend to be more conservative.

    I don't profess to be a professional player by any standard, but it seems wrong to me to show your bluffs like you do. You seem to think that by doing this, people will not be sure what you are doing next time you shove or what your hand will be. But I think that people will be more likely to call your shove if they have a reasonable hand, particularly in places like Las Vegas or Reno or the larger card rooms.

    I also think that when you show your bluffs, people think you are bragging that you put one over them, and they are more likely to want to carpet your ass the next opportunity they get.

    Why would a $2 chip at Redrock put you on tilt? A chip is just a chip.

  3. Why do you keep buying in short? Please outline how this strategy works for you. Do you know what fold equity is? Have you heard of the strategy of "picking your spots?" You clearly know how to play poker but you seem to have the wrong approach and attitude. You don't seem to understand how to adjust to loose aggressive play. You get all of your money in with the mathematically best hand but that is no guarantee and then you get angry when you lose. Then you go play video blackjack also known as a reverse ATM. You think you can count on these machines? You are wrong. You aren't getting any comments on your blog because you aren't a celebrity or famous. People try to help you and you don't listen. Here is a good strategy: buy in full; pick your spots and win a few hundred bucks a day. Find some hobbies besides gambling. Try going for a walk and listening to music. You won't take this advice though; so this will be the last post I'll make as your bankroll turns to nothing as you show bluffs to tourists that don't care.

    1. buying in for what u call short is what others call "responsible bankroll management" (not putting so much of the roll on the table it prevents u from playing ur best)

      the roll will never go to nothing, unless its due to expenses which come without warning like health related ones.

  4. "tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 13h

    odd so few comments on the blog"

    Tony I have been following you for about ten years now on various blogs. During that time hundreds of people have made similar comments like J Dubs has made on the above post. All of it is true. You go back and do exactly the same things, and make the same mistakes over and over. I know it is hard for you to step outside your comfort zone and try something different. But people get tired of trying to help you, when you won't or can't help yourself. After a while people no longer can be bothered to try and help you, and they don't post on your blog, because it is a waste of their time.

    Until you can get out of the mindset of playing vbj and slots and various forms of Martingaling your bets and buy ins, You are never ever going to be successful. You have been doing this for 25 years or more, and it just does not work. But you won't listen to anybody. Your reaction to taking a big loss always has been to run away to another place and repeat the same mistakes there.

    Plus your views on homosexual people and your racism towards other people does not put you in a very good light. Let other people be what they want to be, it is their choice, just as it is your choice not to interfere with their lifestyle or ethnicity.

    You know I wish you well Tony, and I have tried to help you in the past. But you just need to listen and accept that every person is an individual, and not bound by common threads.

    1. ^ what he said tony. your blog's like watching "The worst movie car accident scene" over and over again... gotta watch how bad. It's... TBC!

  5. "the guy who cost the dealer a $5 tip"

    Nobody cost any dealer a $5 tip. You were trying to pay for information that you blab to the table for free, and no one was biting.

    Also, knowing you, you probably would have made an excuse as to why you didn't have to pay the dealer $5.

  6. Sams Town is doing the $599 promotion for 125 of play...Hold'em, Stud and Omaha. Come play!!!

  7. Sams Town is running its $599 promotion for 125 hours of play in the month of September. Hold'em, Stud and Omaha. Come play...great games!

  8. Why won't you discuss the real reason you went to Vegas? To go to a bar way outside of town seems beyond absurd? A lady off the internet has to be the answer.

    1. no it was someone who was going to offer me "work" in the AP world, but nothings come of it. if something does, i wont be able to discuss it on this blog.

  9. long time between post either tony is on the run to the other side of the rainbow, or he is losing his ass on vbj somewhere.....

  10. "tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 12h

    Remaining roll $9600
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    tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 12h

    Just boarded my flight leaving Vegas
    0 retweets 1 like."

    Is this sudden departure from Las Vegas another run away from disaster, Tony?

    1. in one way, the whole month spent in vegas was "a disaster" it wasted time, good idea to be where i can win the most. (and have more stable housing.)

  11. Hey tony, is your friend Vince "Vee" who lives at Somerset Manor off Convention Drive?