Saturday, December 24, 2016

it was good to see so many friends in vegas

well rooms sure are cheap in vegas around Christmas. games break up early, and theres much fewer of them. what a difference this week is from the week which is going to follow. about the only thing bugging me tonight is the fact im now out of clean laundry again. Lyft was used multiple times today, making my life much easier.

next week will be 3-4x per week the cost of rooms this week. so glad Vince will be in town on jan 3, wish it were sooner. i still might fly out. not sure where im staying but im not tying myself down booking it before the last minute. wish i had comps here. Vegas wont offer them like other cities do. Vegas is getting very tight. but the poker games are much looser now than 4-5 years ago. but the VBJ good machine era is gone. wish i had the roll then for the old VBJ in el c or Jean, i couldve done well with this $24,100 roll.

so since taking my bus here from Phoenix, ive met grrouchie, Rob, AC and vegas DWP. played poker with all of them, and im sure at least 2 of them will write blog posts soon. im playing much deeper than in the old days and winning much more too. but i think ive been running hot lately. u see over $1000 of my winnings were on the el cortez VBJ (they moved it to the keno side) and this is unbeatable in the long run, but the house edge is very small. shuffles every hand, and the points suck since it takes 20x as much play as it used to to earn the same amount of points.

i forgot the hands so i asked Rob to remind me. and i still dont remember. seems i beat AC with a full boat i dont remember, (but she might) for a lot of money, and another big pot where i river the flush on a missed str8 draw.

and i still need to figure out how to get an experienced atm bitcoin user to accompany me to a bitcoin atm machine. seems quite a few of these exist in vegas, and theres no way to get the owners of them to assist u in person or show up, most live out of state or its not worth their time to help a new customer. ive got to find out how to get it to work. perhaps Ray will also talk of how he tried the one outside detroit and couldnt understand it either? he too seen the online instructions.

tonights NL game in the poker palace was incredibly loose with lots of bad players. and i won over $300 in it. won $34 in the $2 BJ live game while waiting for it to start. u know the one which pays 3-2 and lets u double down after the 3rd card.

never dreamed the day would come when i use city buses as seldom as i do today. Grrouchie, like ac, was nice enough to drive me home and unlike ac, without complaining about it to vegas DWP. we played quite a long time, and i won big in both sessions with friends. i did need to pay $21 when in the game with the 4 of us, had to pay someone to switch tables or id never got to join in the game.


  1. lol@ good video poker era and vegas.

    you are and always will be a degenerate who happens to beat low limit poker but has no chance at blackjack or video poker

  2. Where is the Poker palace.

    Also, as to you playing deep I feel like you are playing the same that you did years ago....

    You still buy in small .... maybe you just aren't leaving when you get deeper?

    1. yes i dont leave near as soon as i did when the $300 i would be up meant a lot to me. just yesterday i decided to raise my $120 min buy to $200. but remember, the min buy used to be $50 lots of places. even $120 was progress

  3. I did not complain to VegasDWP. I was trying to tell you NOT to run your mouth about how much cash you were holding at the poker table. My issue was with you not taking care of your own business and telling everyone how much cash you had on you. I also will not do your laundry because my time with my family is valuable and if you understood this, you would be doing your laundry in Kansas. Also you did NOT commit to coming out with VegasDWP and I to golf and completely lacked any enthusiasm for playing so of course I'm NOT going to contact you half an hour after I leave for the golf course. If you really wanted to you would have said "yeah which course?" and taken Lyft over. Stop blaming others for your bad planning and non-committal attitude and lack of wisdom when it comes to your life. Like you wanting to rent a luxury condo instead of taking care of your health! Do you have mashed potatoes for brains? You make a little money and decide to blow it in the most idiotic ways possible instead of taking care of yourself. Call Dr. Azami 702-759-0005 and make an appointment for after Jan 1 and I'all take you.

    1. what kind of doctor is he? eye? general health? dentist? i meant when u and him decided the biggest loser would drive me home and when u lost the final hand, told him that now u would have to. yesterday, i managed to get an account opened with the casino cage to store money

    2. Everything ALysia said is GOLD - if I said it I would be a TWOLL - you are little boy who JUST GOT OWNED!! She made you look like the fool that you are and it has nothing to do w aspergers - it has everything to do with your being an asshole.

    3. Tony, we were only joking around. Try not to take everything so personally. After all, the three of us came over to GN after our dinner at Hugo's Cellar to see you, and play a few hours of poker.

  4. Glad you are doing better Tony. Merry Christmas, and my recommendation: get and read a good book on money management. You know very well by now you can't continue to live well *or* play well if you lose big again. - qdpsteve


  5. tony bigcharles

    this might not be wise, but im thinking of spending $1489 for a week for a nice condo unit on the strip instead of the $783 deal in silver 7.

    Strange as it might seem Tony, I can understand you wanting to stay in a nice place for a short time. I often think that when I travel to Las Vegas I would like to be able to afford to stay at Bellagio or Wynn or other top places for the month I am there, But reality strikes home in the end. After all that is not my usual lifestyle, and when my eyes are closed and I am asleep, does it really matter where I am?

    I guess it is a matter of priorities in the end. My needs are minimal and I can use the money I save for other purposes. As Alysia and others keep telling you, your health should be your first priority, so why not use some of that money you would save by staying at cheaper places, on getting your body healthy.

    Whatever you decide, Merry Christmas Tony.

  6. Hey Tony. Can you unblock me on twitter please? I am coming to Vegas on Tuesday and would like to play poker with you if you are still there. I promise not to make any more bad jokes about your books.

  7. Tony, when I get a chance to listen to my voice notes in advance of writing my own blog post about our session at Golden Nugget, I might be able to fill in more details of the hands, but honestly my notes about the nite are mostly about my own hands, not yours.

    The one hand I remember vividly was when you shoved the river against the guy on your right, and repeated (over and over again) that had missed your open ended straight draw and insisted that you were being honest.

    There was a 9 and a 6 on the flop and the turn and the river cards were both clubs (or maybe spades). There was one of that suit on the flop. The guy tanked forever but finally folded. In my opinion, you talked him out of the call. I am not the best hand reader in the world, but I would have bet my next five mortgage payments you had exactly 7 - 8 of clubs (or spades). You basically turned your cards face up for him. So he folded. And you showed....7 - 8 of clubs (or spades) for the runner-runner flush.

    I just don't understand why you basically talked the guy out of calling. He's never folding a bigger flush,and there was no reason at all to believe he had a flush anyway. You just talked the guy into not giving you more money.

  8. these people are not your friends