Tuesday, December 20, 2016

why I would pay $90 for a hotel when cheaper options were available

So yesterday, when my plane touched down in phoenix about 25 minutes early, it was no problem getting LYFT to talking stick. nor was it any problem storing my bags and i was originally thinking id take a room there. (for the $98 price on priceline where it dont show the name of the CASINO HOTEL IN SCOTTSDALE). not the $111 price otherwise on priceline, or the $129 u would pay the front desk without using priceline. but i heard there could be a $99 poker rate too, not sure. Then i went to get a copy of my players card and went straight to the poker room and sat in the $3-300 at table 2 in the corner of the room. was so much in need of water i tipped the male server $5. Proud to mention i never went near the BJ tables to investigate the rules and payouts. never found time.

i managed to beat the game for $109, but kept forgetting to post $2 instead of $1 in my SB. then they drop the $1 immediately to confuse people more who arent regs so it looks like u only posted $1. so i would fold hands preflop thinking im 1 3rd of the way in instead of 2 3rds. but i didnt like it when on a $9 pot, they dropped $2+1. $1 on a chop too.

i felt it way too late in the morning to get a room and i only wanted to sleep. plus id rather been elsewhere than Phoenix. so i looked up the buses for gotobus.com and the mexican bus, then took lyft downtown phoenix for another $23. the bus was late, was full, but i got a seat alone cause the lady i sat next to moved to the seat across the aisle with her friend, so i got the seat to myself to lie down and sleep part of the way in. i sure wasnt going to use greyhound. so i only ended up being in Phoenix less than 4 hours.

and once i arrived i still needed sleep. so i didnt go play poker. used a lyft to get a room in a casino i didnt mind bringing my bags to, which i knew would store them, but they gave me a room since many rooms were empty last night about 8.30am. surprised me. i figured id have a problem getting a room this quick, so i might need to check out other hotels.

good news is ive still got $21,200 much less than the $25,500 i left shreveport with, but it is a comeback from $20,300. well over $1500-2000 went to expenses. this is why i must quit traveling. shouldve just went to rays house to cut off expenses. i was worried poor weather would keep him from driving to detroit.

And this hotel im staying in for $49+ $30 resort fee? at least theres wifi, nice bathrobes in the room, and free bottled water.

and make sure u dont overlook or miss any of my blog posts. after not posting more than once per week, this is the 3rd post in about 4 days.


  1. Hi Tony, I just noticed you did not answer my question in your last blog post, so here it is again.

    Tony just out of curiosity, what is the largest single bet you have ever had, and what game was it?

    $900 a hand on blackjack is way over my limit. I think I would be physically sick if I bet that on a hand and lost.

    1. That response only makes sense if you're Guy Pearce in Memento.

    2. Much of Tony's life would make more sense if he were Guy Pearce's character in Memento.

  2. Nice bathrobes can really make a room much more comfy.

  3. Proud to mention i never went near the BJ tables to investigate the rules and payouts. never found time.

    Just 24 hours later.............

    tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 5h

    Won $271 playing BJ
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    Exceptional effort there my man, managing to stay away from Martingalling BJ for so long.

    Have you checked out room prices at El Cortez for next week? Maybe a host can get you in there for a good price if you give them a call. Or how about that Casino/hotel near Main Street Station, where all the Hawaiians stay in Las Vegas. Can't remember the name of it. Merry Christmas.

    1. the resort fee went up $3 per nite to $12. its $485 for dec 23-dec 30. but this is much less than any other casino hotels

  4. tony bigcharles ‏@sevencard2003 9h9 hours ago

    room is paid up to monday. for next week $783 would carry me up til jan 3 in silver 7 casino. new roll $23,700. won just over $1000 VBJ el c.

    Have they changed the vbj in El Cortez back to one of them good paying ones? If not, you got lucky again. Consider it a Christmas present to you from El Cortez.

    Merry Christmas Tony. Take care.

    1. no its the same one which shuffles every hand. but its still paying out 99.39% (much better than the VP in samstown shrevepot). i was getting the 1500 points for the atm promo.

  5. If you're spending like 2k more a month on living/travel expenses why not just buy you a beater car for 2k and stay in the cheaper and probably safer places.

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  7. There’s nothing wrong with spending some money on yourself, and playing games every now and then is a great way to blow some steam off if you know what I mean. I'm glad I found another person who uses Lyft and not Uber. Boy that company has much more fun and enthusiastic drivers than Uber does.

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine