Friday, March 31, 2017

slow growth

It's been quite a long time since i've lost in a live casino poker table. the last 10 or more sessions on my phone, theyre all wins. new roll of $19,100 from around $18,000 several days ago. and this money is going to be used for the dentist soon, i think ive found the one in Toledo i will end up using. Ray however, is still spending way too much of his meager roll on pick em poker or keno. sometimes he wins though. more than i would expect. i do think he would be $1000 or so better off had he only played poker. right now hes worried about getting a new (not new) car before Tues so we're not charged for weekly rental again. his landlord owns a dealership or works in one, and didnt treat him right as far as keeping his word. nor did the guy who bought the one which broke down for $200 when he offered him $275 over the phone, then shows up with $200 in person.

i keep buying in for only $50 since im not stuck, (the min buyins so much less here than in NV) and keep winning with it. sometimes been lucky winning early on when i shouldve lost. so many policies different here than in NV. as far as 10 people, straddle rules, requiring u to have a players card to play cash in toledo, etc. a banned player hit the BBJ once and this is to stop this. the worst is in motor city, when every time u go broke, u must get up out of your seat and go to the cage to rebuy chips. Buying chips from the cage to begin with before u sit instead of from the dealer is poor enough customer service but many rooms outside of NV do this.

Rays old truck quit running, so we paid $80 each to rent the car for a week. he had to have a car. it stopped rather suddenly. he should have enough credit to buy a car, and is considering putting it outright on his various credit cards to avoid monthly payment from the other dealership not thru his landlord who does this.

no BJ for me since leaving Jacksonville, except for far less than $100 online with bitcoin. toledo the 6 deck shoes are $15 min. both in detroit and toledo continous shufflers or those not paying 3-2 are lower priced, but no normal BJ games for lower stakes like in vegas reno or shreveport. so im not tempted to play because i feel the min bet is too high. remember im still much less than the $22000 i left reno with. not as low as the $15,700 i reached in jacksonville after buying so much bitcoin but still not good. only good news is ive been over $10,000 for a long time. since 2010, seems close to 80% of the time. much different than in my younger days. i dont buy hookers like i did either in my younger days, could this be co-related?


  1. Its like there was banjo music playing in the background of that first paragraph. Bad news for Ray playing pick em poker and keno and then getting boned by his landlord on his truck and then the tow guy only paying $200 instead of $275. If that all doesn't make a top-40 country music song I don't know what does??? Enjoy that new car smell in the $160 a week rental car! And most importantly: do NOT mention the dental work again in any post UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE HAD IT DONE....

  2. Giving out bankroll management advice now? I guess if anyone knows what not to do...

  3. Could buying hookers and bankroll size be related?...Hmmmm. Famous movie quote now from "No Country For Old Men".
    The Setup: Main character has found 2 million in cash out in the desert that belongs to a drug cartel who is now looking for him. He gets found by one of their lackeys in a hospital and is asked where the 2 million is now. He replies:
    "Well.. I spent about a million and a half on booze and hookers, and the rest of it I kinda just blew.."
    Decisions decisions....

  4. A line stolen/adapted from George Best in the 70's

  5. Weak ass comments, and I loved that movie. Run it up Tony!

  6. Tony,

    Do you have any estimate how much money you've wasted running all over the country trying to find the perfect, beatable game? Imagine if you'd stay in one much money you would save.

  7. Tony:

    Saw your tweet:

    "tony bigcharles‏ @sevencard2003 18h18 hours ago
    wonder if a complete meal of potatoes and corn would be a good idea before going to detroit"

    A) - that meal is not a "complete meal", in the sense that it is not a balanced, healthy meal. Both potatoes and corn will provide carbohydrates, which can be a good thing - 60% of a healthy meal is carbohydrates (I'm guessing the potatoes are from a box and not actually mashed up whole 'taters, so those are probably not as good for you). But you're missing proteins (typically meats, some beans, etc...).

    Get some protein, son!

    Also - that tweet exemplifies all that is wrong with twitter. Your tweet was to wonder about something you may or may not eat. Why would you want to post to the world that you wonder if you should eat a particular dish? What value did that tweet provide? What value would any responses provide? It boggles my soul.


    1. SI: it will obviously take awhile before our Hero is tweeting Trump calibre material. The real wild cards in Tony's potatoe and corn dinner include: butter or margarine (and how much), how much additional salt and pepper, etc. Like most seemingly innocuous foods the add-ons are what you can use to transform an otherwise healthy thing to eat into something NOT healthy to eat. EG: chef's salad swimming in 8 oz of bleu cheese dressing.

    2. To be fair, potatoes and corn is tasty, and easy on the teeth.

  8. I like the little potatoes about the size of a ping pong ball which I cut into quarters and toss in olive oil and then pan fry with some garlic sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

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