Thursday, May 18, 2017

Budget dental of Las vegas, trip report

Before i went in, it quit feeling sore. But now, with 3 teeth gone on the right side, (still could use the one done in the far back on the other side) but figured it would be best to do just the one side where i could still eat from the other side of the mouth. the 3 removed was the part left from where the one broke off and fell out, and the one next to it in bad shape, plus one on the bottom i didnt realize was in this much need of fixing.

the total cost, (along with the exam xrays) was $889 and i prepaid it beforehand with a debit card. While in vegas and winning in poker between the nugget or the wynn, id built the $15,400 back to over $15,800, but with this plus medicines filled, im now in the $14,900s for the lowest point in some time.

Vince went to fill the prescription in the CVS near his house by desert inn and mohave, and when he took me back to pick it up with my ID, the power in the store plus the streetlights had gone out (i later heard it was due to some tree which fell) so i had to wait quite some time for pain medications. today when the work got finished, id felt more sore than i had before the work was done. before the work was done, much of the feeling was gone.

i was surprised they were able to do the IV sedation the same day. Vince prearranged this by not having me eat in the 8 hours before coming.

some of the articles im reading online claim its okay to eat food such as macoroni, mashed potatoes, milk, just no coffee. it said not to rinse ur mouth til 24 hours passed too. im assuming vince will be able to find salt to put in the water then? i couldnt stand having gauze in there another minute but it was needed to get rid of blood. i worry all the time about dry socket.

theres still 1 or more teeth which will need work on the other side, but the emergency ones needing fixed are taken care of. of course they did tell me i also need a deep cleaning done. the employees were mostly asian, its in an area of spring mountain filled with signs in asain.

Vince is talking on the phone with his girlfriend Lisa in atlantic city, who deals in the Trop poker room and is moving to vegas next month. i couldnt quite make out what he said but it seemed he mentioned about when they thought the other teeth would need done before they become an emergency too.


  1. Congratulations on finally getting your teeth looked at. The cost appears to me to have been quite low as well. You need to thank your guardian angel Vince for the effort he has made to once again help you out. At least now you know you can survive the dental treatment, and you need to follow up and get the deep cleaning done as advised, plus the treatment on the tooth on the left side.

    Now you really need to relax for a couple of days until you are feeling better before hitting the tables again.

    1. the teeth got fixed solely due to agsweep finding on twitter the low cost dentist in vegas. were she not to have done this, id still not got this done, in fact i was going to leave town to where i knew it was lower than i expected it to be here. but instead she found me a dentist for less here than reno or shreveport. u cant beat the price of $250 more for iv sedation

    2. AgSweep has helped you out a number of times, possibly more than you know. You are lucky to have a friend like her. But let's not forget that other people like Koala, Vinnie, Alysia, Poker Meister, and others have set up or offered to help set up dental services for you, but you choose to let the problem get worse and worse. And certainly you should count your lucky stars that Vinnie has been gracious in allowing you to room at his place time and time again at a nominal cost, has stored things for you, carted your butt around town, ...

      You, my friend, have a very lot to be thankful for.

    3. I hope you realize this is just the start of your teeth pulling adventures. Your refusal to brush, floss, have existing cavities filled, and get regular cleanings ensures that every single tooth in your head is going to come out at some point. Expect to repeat this experience every 6 months or so until they're all gone.

  2. You do not want to use a straw either. It will aggravate your dry socket and you will be in PAIN. Also if you are on antibiotics, finish them.

  3. Tony, what is the plan for dealing with the now missing teeth> Implants (which are expensive). Partial dentures? I'm sure the dentist told you just can't leave wholes in your mouth, it will negatively affect the other teeth.

    But definitely good going finally addressing this issue.

    1. no she didnt mention nothing about the holes left. in fact i was asleep mostly. vince said she mentioned to him, me needing the other side too, but it didnt need right away like the right side did.

  4. It would be very remiss of me to not help cover the downside for our Hero. So I googled "best foods to eat when you have no teeth"

    The hit for the URL that contained "autostraddle" appeared as if by magic on my computer screen! The URL brings you to a webpage with some tasty pics (not including the two authors).

    When the number one in the list is White Chocolate & Passionfruit Mousse you know you are off to a good start. The author(s) share a pearl of wisdom after they provided the list.

    1. White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse
    2. Magnolia Bakery Pudding
    3. Plum Cake
    4. Avocado Pie
    5. Peach and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake
    6. The Best Pumpkin Pie
    7. Chocolate Avocado Pudding
    8. Salted Caramel Brownies
    9. Pineapple Banana Bread
    10. Apple Bread Pudding
    11. Hazelnut Layer Cake with Fig Compote and Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting
    12. Vanilla and Rum Crème Brulée
    13. Leche Flan
    14. Pichi-Pichi
    15. Pavlova
    16. Panna Cotta with Orange Blossom Jelly & Blood Orange Salad
    17. Basically Anything That Has Gone Through A Blender
    18. Steamed Cinnamon Honey Pears
    19. Grilled Pineapple
    20. Savory Crepes
    21. Spinach and Goat Cheese Ravioli
    22. Not A Fancy Quiche
    23. Any variety of Mac N’ Cheese
    24. Corn Chowder
    25. Creamy Tomato Soup Shooters With Grilled Cheese Sticks
    26. Bitchin’ Soup
    27. Curried Carrot, Apple, and Peanut Soup
    28. Chilled Strawberry Soup
    29. Carrot Ginger Soup
    30. Other types of soup
    31. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
    32. Other Crock Pot Things
    33. Fresh Tomato Salad
    34. Green Mashed Potatoes
    35. Roasted Beet Hummus

    Bonus for no-teeth people: you don’t ever have to worry about staining your pearly whites with red wine, roasted beets, or artificial dyes! Hahahaha life is so great for us.

    1. After reading this list of foods, after reading this list of foods, I am considering having my teeth pulled!!

    2. No need to pull your teeth Karen. You can have your teeth and eat these too.

  5. So, does Tony now look like a crack/meth addict with missing teeth everywhere? Can we get a recent smiling picture? Maybe if they are in the back they can't be seen.

    I know if most people starting having their teeth pulled due to horrible non-cleaning, they would start brushing and flossing everyday immediately!!!

  6. Twice a day brushing with the high-end fully optioned miracle toothpastes on the leading edge of dental hygene technology would in fact help save the remaining teeth that our Hero possesses. How much the painful memories of his mom making him brush his teeth as a child will weigh heavily against the current adult need to actually brush now that he has had his most recent dental work. Personally, I can say for a fact that the Oral-B electric toothbrush that I bought at Costco about 4 mos ago blows away any previous electric toothbrush that I have ever owned. And it was the $80 package for two handles and two chargers. If our Hero were to embrace both an uber quality electric toothbrush and uber quality toothpaste he stands a chance to keep the rest of his teeth. And flossing, of course...

    1. I guarantee that Tony finds zero correlation between not flossing/brushing and having 3 teeth pulled.

  7. Tony should have had all his teeth pulled and went with dentures, as we know it wont be long before he is back having more problems with the rest of his teeth due to his neglect

  8. Have you thought of keeping track monthly of your transportation + hotel expenses and comparing it with staying put in one place expenses?

    1. His carbon footprint would make Al Gore cry....

    2. haha...he has been good about tracking his poker hourly

  9. Hi Tony, I just read on 2+2 that Luxor poker room is closing. Don't know if you are allowed to play there, but here is how they intend to get rid of their jackpot in the room:

    Luxor High Hand of the Hour for 48 hours: -Beginning Saturday, May 27 at 10:00am through 10:00am Monday, May 29 -Straight or better to qualify -$390 per hour, final hour will pay $417 Please be aware, seating will be very limited THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE YEARS OF MEMORIES!!"