Wednesday, May 17, 2017

its good to be home

Flying out of BWI into LAS yesterday evening was one of the better decisions ive made in the past month. no more huge poker losses, no more $80+ daily hotel expenses. am now paying Vince $100 per week (or $20 day). it would be nice if this option would someday exist nearby the nice rooms on the east coast. Maybe someday once Ray increases his bankroll enough to move out of Toledo, hes considering Florida.

in the 72 hours i was close to MD live, and horseshoe baltimore, i lost around $2000. before this i didnt do well in Parx, de park, or dover either. in fact, im still down over $2000 for May, which is the worst month ive ever had for as far back as i remember (poker only). But i did win $400 in the nugget poker room today, plus $241 in the Wynn. not too bad of a start. of course with rent, groceries, and $160 VBJ loss in the el c beforehand im not up too much, but its a good start.

Martingaling poker losses aint worked out so well for me this month, so i bought in only $200 in the nugget, both times, and $100 in the wynn. had the $100 in the wynn just shy of $500 shortly before Benny (from roughingthepunter) came in. but i lost 2 good pots. both of which i folded, and i begun feeling like im being bluffed, one guy was a known bluffer, one wasnt. so i left with $341, and walked to mc d by cc with benny across the street from the old riviera which closed down. i dont wish to play with this much of my roll on the table no more, since i feel so broke.

but im now at $15,600 instead of slipping below $15,000. of course theyres huge dental costs looming, but is this enough to start working with in vegas? im sure the Trooper or Flushdraw or Ray wouldve been happy starting with this, and in my 20s id been thrilled to. but now i feel broke.

the hand i feel i folded the winner i had JJ on a board of 3569 and got checkraised to $30 from $15, then $145 on the turn. id just caught him bluffing me earlier when i had QQ and the board was TT7, i checked he bet, turn 8, i check he bets, river 2, i check he bets A9 missed. i folded cause i had too many chips, didnt wish to give it back, didnt expect him to twice in a row, but would he?

then the asian reraises my $24 to $60 preflop, and flop comes aax and he bets huge and i fold QQ. so yes, i definitely need to go. u see why of course. were these bad folds? the less on the table, the more im comfortable til i recover a working bankroll.

Though theres only 1 good VBJ left outside vegas (within 40 miles) theres still 2 in NM it seems. seems motels very low priced in ALBQ. it seems tahoe biltmore is getting rid of theirs this month, the new one just got put in which shuffles every round.

if u see my twitter, u will see agsweep seems to have found me a dentist who does the lowest cost iv sedation i know of in the US here in vegas for $250 additional. i hope its in-house and not a referral which takes 2 months. i wish the teeth could be fixed cheap instead of just pulled, (ones gone actually 2) wheres theyres nothing left to fill or save. but if i run out of teeth how do i eat?

Vince is going to phone them tomorrow, explain the situation and see about getting me in there this week.

on the plane a woman who didnt wish to sit by some other girl who was in her seat, went and moved to the seat by me. then she was talking to someone before departure on the phone about some girl plus possibly herself being not let in the room she insisted be allowed in. good looking girl too, i wondered if she was a hooker going to vegas (lots of them fly in weekly). she shared her mc d food with me, and i spoke of going to play poker with $15,000. too scared to request her contact info however.

considered writing a phony blog of being in vegas under 24 hours again and flying with her out of town to start a new life with a new GF. but now too many seen me in person in vegas.


  1. Moving back to Las Vegas is a smart move for you, just don't lose your cool and get banned from any more casinos. Also living with Vince is going to save you close to $400 or more per week on what you have been paying in hotel rent.

    If you have all your teeth removed, you could get dentures, but I have no idea what this would cost you. Just take it easy and get your medical/dental issues sorted out.

  2. Tell me when you are going to the secret vbj machines; I may be able to drive you. This time I will charge you the travel money up front so you actually pay me. VBJ is a terrible idea for your bankroll obviously, but watching you crash and burn is basically what this blog exists for, so I will be glad to help.

  3. If Vince cannot take you, I'll give you a ride. Or share the pickup drop off duties with him. Finally, Tony! By the way you are asking NOW what will you do if you don't have any teeth left??? You needed to think about them BEFOrE. I mean how many people over the YEARS told you to see a dentist???

  4. Already we see the "grass is always greener" aspect coming out. You just got to Las Vegas, where expenses are low, yet you are already longing to find dem good machines in New Mexico.

    fyi -- I still have a few of the Home Depot large moving boxes at my mom's old house, but we might use them this weekend. Looks like you don't need the box ... yet.

  5. "considered writing a phony blog of being in vegas under 24 hours again and flying with her out of town to start a new life with a new GF."

    Everyone would have totally fallen for this.

    1. The woman who I thought might be a hooker was impressed that I am a poker pro with a $15K roll and see invited me to her room at the Trump Hotel. The room on the 59th floor had a beautiful view of the strip and smelled so good. She offered me a bottle of water while she slipped into something more comfortable. She returned later in a black slick robe with a peacock and oriental flowers on it. She poured herself a Jack Daniels and almost filled the glass. She then chugged it down the same way Vince does. Next, she said "I'm ready" and then she led me into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed I stood facing her as she dropped her robe and showed me the most beautiful body that I had ever seen in my life. And then everything went black. I woke up the next morning in the parking lot of the Spearmint Rhino with a big lump on the back of my head. My suitcase was laying next to me dumped out into the parking lot. My laptop, billfold and cash were all gone. I guess all she wanted me for was my money....

  6. What's the over/under on how many days it will be til he leaves Vegas??

    1. LOL. Depends on how things go, dentist-wise today I suspect. Did you want to meet up with him? Maybe you and Michelle can get a three-pronged poker attack on some table?

  7. Tony, You'd better be in Vegas in July when lightning visits. I left him another Australian tea towel for you and a poker chip from Melbourne's Crown Casino for good luck. I told lightning that I have a spare bedroom in my bungalow in case you want to visit.