Sunday, August 6, 2017

the duke of fremont

      Im just not getting anywhere here in vegas, probably being punished for deciding to stick around and not fly out when i said i was about to fly out over 1 week ago. at least koala got to see me and we played a bit in the redrock, hoover dam lodge VBJ, and the nugget. Seen vince too and finally got the mailer from him for st louis. they reduced my 16 monthly coupons for free BJ bets to only $90 each from $125 each.

Tonight i couldnt win again, im back to being behind for the month of august. July i only won $1291. last night in the Poker palace in north LV, while sitting next to the Duke of Fremont (pic of me and him on twitter) i turned my final $142 into $732. i wouldve been way up for the night had i not lost well over $200 in the nugget poker room earlier that afternoon, plus over $200 more on BJ in NLV. instead, i only ended up winning a little friday night. my hourly is $50 per hour this year for the poker palace.

the duke of fremont was in my game again tonight (saturday) along with 2 guys from twitter, 2 women in the game, one of whom i think desperately wanted to pick up the guy on her right, and derek from twitter's left. Plus i think she was hollywooding about how often she plays poker. she knew way too much about other rooms, promos, been in way too many places around the US, yet pretended not to know when the wsop is, and said she only played 20 hours this year. she was winning much of the time til the end. id not lost as much had i not shoved $135 on the end when i felt the other person was weak, they were, but they improved a bit on the end. they still thought some time though.

im quite concerned as to why my Uber rating is down to only 4.45. too much complaining about other drivers, and no tips? i dont know. or maybe just not wishing to use the freeway?

tonight when leaving the nugget, i went to the D to buy bitcoin from the atm, but my signal on my cell was so poor i couldnt open my bitcoin wallet to scan the code. so i had to go to the lucki dragon to buy it instead. there it worked fine. so i played some paigow poker, but didnt like it when the other players would rather quit than me be the bank. i hate this, takes the fun out of banking.

i think ill get out of town for sure this week. cant afford to live here. im living off last years earnings for many months now, not this years. did find 3 books in a used bookstore for $24. 2 gambling books, plus one story of life in germany during the war, hiding from the govt.


  1. In a dream im with someone in an casino where im banned, (that ive never been at) this person is trying to get a room and has a host. he ends up pissing off the host and the host says to security to ban him and his friend for the week, (which is me). i worry theyll discover my original ban, so i go to leave, and get across the street where im surrounded by 3 policewomen with dogs. then the dream changes and im in the place im staying at where ive got $1000 hidden (not true in real life). him and a friend are here, and the policewoman is somewhere on the property checking into something i told her, and im suddenly realizing once shes gone, i cant sleep, ill be killed or injured for my money. so instead of lying down to sleep, i pretend to be wondering where to find the dog so i can slip out the front door without being seen to look for her, still with only the rest of the money on me, but not the $1000. im discovered by these 2 punks while opening the door to run, and wake up screaming for help

  2. never found anyone to get this next months $320 in free play in MD live eiether.

  3. Tony, had you ever met the Duke of Fremont before? Or was this the first time? Did you say hi to him first or was it the other way around? Seems like we need more detail on this titanic meeting of two Vegas/Poker legends.

    Did you ever tell us why you changed your mind about leaving Vegas last week? Was it really a last minute decision while you were at the airport? Or was the story that you were at the airpot about to leave a total fiction?

    1. met him tons of times. i was too lazy to get out of bed at 11 and go there as planned. since i removed the money from the wynn box, i didnt want anyone knowing i was home with it in case someone learned where i was

    2. Tony did not want anyone to know where he lived, but he had no problem on several occasions telling strangers at the poker tables how much he had in his bank roll, when In spent some time playing poker with him.

  4. Punished by what or whom? God? Lady Luck? Punished for not sending your mom money to help with Mark's medical bills might be more like it...

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