Friday, October 27, 2017

met a guy from twitter this evening

I've done a lot of poor decisions in the past few weeks, starting with the loss of $1700 in Biloxi at Boomtown. of course, at the time it was just normal variance in blackjack, with my big bets in with an edge. but it sure started a seriously downhill swing. i went to florida, continued to lose and pay too much in expenses, and im wondering if id done better in florida by playing nights.

the $24,900 i had in biloxi is now $15,700. thats it and ive not been this low in a year or two. i was at $19,100 after recovering $500 since prepaying the rent til Nov 17. Then i went and played in the stratosphere, thanks to Mark Selby letting me back in a place where he works. (i never went in there once i heard Mark got hired there since he threw me out of the westgates old room-brand new management in there now, all new employees, new room too) so ive played there since returning to town too. but did i ever get clobbered in the stratosphere. first day im there i won $250 high hand but left only up about $125. the next day or so later when i returned i lost $515 in the game. and i shouldve won that but they got me out early on and both times id won huge pots with ace hi flushes. so i left frustrated and then threw $400 in the buffalo machine. Vince claims u can win on it. nope u cant.

then the following night i blew $200 in the wynn poker room, then over $450 on the video POKER in the encore. then i went and bought $300 worth of bitcoin lost it too.

then i lost $800 tonight in the orleans on that horrible even money 7 hands at once video BJ. this was only after destroying a $209 win, turning it into only $4 win in the $8-16 hilow. then i dropped the last $100 in the nugget. and the night before, i lost $550 in live BJ in the golden gate where i usually win. this too was following a $200 loss from poker.

so im kind of been short tempered with others the past 2-3 days. and ive got far more books in the mail than ill ever be able to read before my rent expires.

----- the rest of this was typed up last night, --- and will add today i finally broke the ice by winning $269 in the westgate, though i was stuck most of the whole time til the very end. @dollarthrill on twitter was in there, and as he was about to sit when i was quitting (must do so immediately due to not being able to handle risking my profit) we decided to play in the stratosphere instead. i rode there with him, min bought $50, lost it to an idiot who called $50 preflop HU with 48 suited and hit it, then rebought $72 and lost it too. JJ vs AK the second time, and his seat again didnt open til i was forced to go or id lost back the whole nights profit. relaxing at home now with the $147 in profit minus Uber fees. i hope he is in there now busting them.


  1. You had asked me HOW were you to win if you only played poker. Well sunshine, how are you going to staunch the bleeding of money into machines if you don't just play poker. You have skills beyond the average tourist.

    FLEECE THE TOURISTS. It's pretty simple.

  2. i know my hourly is better in poker than in BJ but i feel im a better BJ player than poker. only about 00000.1 % play BJ the right way. about 10% play poker in a winning style

    1. Actually, the vast majority of people play BJ correctly - they play it for fun because it's a sucker game. Only a very tiny minority of players, most of whom are completely delusional, think they can beat the game and wind up pissing away their bankrolls.

    2. You do not play BJ against bad BJ players. You play against the house who has the built in advantage.

      Stick to playing against the 90% of bad poker players.

    3. Refresh our memories. Are you using an ace reckoned count?

    4. Good enough to overcome house vig in the machines? Really? They designed those machines to take your money. Go where the facts take you.

    5. It doesn't matter which game you are more skilled at, it matters which has a higher EV.

    6. Worse yet, Tony doesn't stick to BJ games that can be beaten. He plays anything that he can martingale.

    7. I swear he's still using a non ace reckoned count. He has this completely incorrect notion that playing efficiency is more important than betting correlation in modern shoe games. That fact alone takes you out of the 00000.1 % by at least a few orders of magnitude.

    8. not sure what a non ace reckoned count means. all i know is i used to ignore the ace the 2, the 789. now i only ignore the 789. not the same count from yrs ago

  3. Have been telling Tony poker has higher edge, lower variance, and lower bankroll requirements for years. The man just won't listen.

  4. C'mon, it's all about three things for him, you can see from here: action, action, action! BJ much quicker when too many folding hands come his way.

  5. tonight i played in the vloggers game in the westgate hosted by Kraut, with neeme, Brad, and a few others, some girl who works for pokerstars, some other girl named melanie and her husband, and a bunch of people ive no idea. i should be on the video sometime soon. only got to collect the 2-7 bounty once. paid it out tons of times, but did win just over $200

  6. So, out of your $19,100.00 bankroll, you lost the following:
    -400 slots (Buffalo)
    -450 VP (encore)
    -300 bitcoin (VBJ, I assume)
    -800 VBJ
    -550 BJ (Encore)
    for a total of -$2,600.00

    For poker, your total is:
    + 125 stratosphere
    - 515 stratosphere
    - 200 Wynn
    + 4 8/16 hi/low
    - 200 poker
    for a total of -$786.00

    Meaning, while chasing your poker losses, you threw away over 3 times what you lost. Stop doing that.