Sunday, December 10, 2017

any slot hustlers reading this blog?

now before we get into this, let me tell u about a certain promotion in deadwood which only is on Sundays. its a good thing it goes every Sunday because theres certainly nothing else going on on sundays here. not every a night church service, only mornings when i investigated. Where i grew up, we didnt think much of churches who only cared about worshipping God once per week instead of sunday morning, sunday evening and wednesday night prayer meetings.

i walked from the Bullock hotel to cadillac Jacks, no poker as often is the case on sundays. on the way over i made $30 checking out a few certain types of slots i was told about, (same ones i earned $500+ off the day before, then lost back $300 on those same types). deadwood has so little business no one ever leaves the bonuses lit up high enough to get the 115% return i was told it offered by a world class professional slot hustler whose done it for over 20 yrs. except for busy weekends. theres no one here sun-thurs in the winter. so i only found 3 plays today, only 1 of which was very strong. yesterday i found quite a bit more.

next door to the cadillac Jack is the first gold casino and ive missed out on a good opportunity i suddenly remembered today from 2 yrs before. on sundays, in just the pit area alone which qualifies, (and u can only win once per day, which increases the others odds-so everyone might win) is $50 every half hour. well in the final drawing of the evening, there were only 2 of us left who hadnt won the $50 already and were among the 5 of us still playing in 1 of the 2 tables open in the pit. so my odds were 50-50 and yes i won the $50 in free match play coupons (10 of $5) i used them and i got unstuck (and $19 up) even without them its a decent $2-100 shoe game with poor penetration of only 60%.

if someone were to flat bet $2 (i dont of course) but if someone did, their expected loss per hour would be very low, and their odds of winning $50 quite good. theres just few people in there on the live tables.

i found a $2 live table ultimate tx hold em pit table game in another casino too, but of course its not over 100% by any means but a very inexpensive way to play a fun live table game. i won $43 on it.

other than this, its not been so well in deadwood this past week and im getting quite bored here. i've been playing online poker, and im down to $17,200. i was down to $16,300 and this is quite a drop from when id been up to over $21,000. i did decide to lower my max bet on the VBJ due to having such bad luck with so many dealer draws to 21 when huge bets out the other night. but on saturday night i finally won $509 in poker at cadillac jacks in the late evening after midnite, which got me out of the hole for dec and over $200 up, due to 2 very loose fish on the table.

what i was taught (and i cannot reveal the machines names or the bonus details as to what determines if theyre worth sitting down on) is when to play 4 different types of bonus slots they offer in deadwood. the info seems simple enough to not forget. and on the first day he showed me this by taking me to each casino in town theyre offered, i was surprised to find so many plays left behind. but this all changed once sunday got here. plus the negative variance of $300+ back saturday night shocked me too.

it showed me a new life i didnt know much of, which the guy who showed me has done his whole life and is one of the biggest name professionals of it. im now researching them online and it seems some hustlers earn very big money per shift doing this, but to me it dont seem possible with so much competition in big markets. i even read of people camping out by some machines with fights over machines left behind. but the main thing is u might only need $1000 to work with instead of the $15-25,000 a $1-2 NL grinder should never go below or spend for bills. which is why so many of them are homeless or appear to be. and so desperate for the chance to sit the second the ploppy/sucker quits the machine with the bonus lit up. theyre underrolled u see.

it appeals to me because even $25 more per day walking by them to go to the poker room would greatly increase my net worth over the year. and im told the potential could be much more. ive been told more hustleable machines exist than ever before. (more hustlers too though). it might help in getting points on my slot cards too for comps, cashback or rooms. i would like to find opportunities which put huge points on them if i could. or a location there would be plenty of plays which would be extremely busy casinos without others hustling.

being in busy markets would require work (periodically walking by checking the machines for bonuses about to light up) but screw camping out near them doing nothing for hours. no wonder these type of people are considered to be the worst kind of hustler.

im wondering how many of u ever done this, or made money doing it, except for 2 i know of who read this blog who never care of no one but themselves and wont give out helpful info. i would love to listen to your story. is this possible to make good money? or too burnt out?


  1. It sounds like you got in touch with Mickey.

  2. ahh i see a big drop coming soon and then a run for the border.....

  3. So this whole slot hustle thing is simply checking for certain types of slot machines that have had previous players stop playing a machine that they had fed coins up to a point that a bonus level of some sort was achieved but left unacknowledged???? And has nothing to do with unplayed actual credits left on any slot machine???

    I suppose one could justify only feeding the machine coins to complete the bonus play feature of that particular machine but once the bonus play has been completed you would absolutely need to STOP playing that machine.

  4. Tony - big election coming up tomorrow, in Alabama. I see on your twitter page some pro-Moore stuff. If you were able to vote in this election, would you be voting for Roy Moore?

    I always enjoy hearing your take on politics.


    1. Tony:

      Sorry for your loss, sir. You seemed pretty passionate about Roy.


    2. What was odd was how low the turnout of eligible was??? Only 25% I read somewhere. But....

      Big turnout in certain demographics allowed the Dem win:

      "Big turnout among minorities, young people, single lesbian women and college-educated suburbanites was the key to the Democrats' win."

  5. Those "must hit by" progressive machines can be good plays. But I've chased enough of them to know that sometimes you'll lose a heck of a lot more than the progressive will pay. Just saw a team swoop in on a machine that was at $4,913 and had to hit by $5,000. They got it at $4,945 so only cost a few hundred in. (not counting the wins along the way)

  6. Slot plays are pure math plays. I don't think you have the right temperament to do this. You absolutely can not martingale while doing a slot play.