Sunday, December 31, 2017

its colder here than it was in deadwood

i'm still better off than i was when i arrived in toledo from Deadwood, though i dont feel it so much after giving back close to $500 in the last 2 nights. sometimes Mickeys info has come in useful and sometimes its only cost me money. i wish he could point out everything in detroit i dont know already. theres nothing much to talk about and its far better i spend my time out earning money than sitting here and updating this blog.

so since theres nothing else to talk about here is a few hand histories. yesterday in the $1-2 game i called a small raise of like $6-10 to see the flop with 77. flop comes A25, all 4 of us checked. turn comes 5 its checked once more and the guy in last position finally bets $15. somehow i feel he doesnt have an ace, nor does anyone else, so i bet $45. everyone folds, i show 77. he said he folded 99 and the asian kid next to him swore he folded KK.

then in $1-3 PLO, i seen a flop for $35 with 9986 nothing suited when i shouldnt have. in the cutoff, and the button who straddled made it $35 when it got limped to him, and 5 people called in front of me. flop comes A 10 7 with 2 clubs. the button goes allin for $175 when its limped to him, everyone folds but 1 guy in middle position who bets $350 being stuck quite a bit and wanting to get even from big losses in greektown this week earlier, i called, leaving like $60 behind. turn comes 6 of clubs, check, check. (good thing he didnt bet). yes i shouldve went allin if calling the flop but folding would been better. river 2 of spades. check check. i won and cashed out $1222 of the $750 i was in the game for. the original allin had aaa and the raiser had 777 with a gut shot straight draw to the ace. no one had the flush

then i survived earlier on because i raised preflop with AAK8 and got no respect for my short stack. on the flop of K 10 3, i had no draws. just my aa. the guy who must play partners with his friend always same table and they both checked to each other 8888 and JJJ88 when only them in, he makes a huge pot size bet on the flop, folding everyone. he had a wrap on the straight and a flush draw. he missed totally so my aa won when i never expected it to, saving me a huge pot by getting everyone else out of the pot.

the high outdoors hasnt been over 20 the whole week. every night on the way home the thermometer in the car says its like 2 degrees or less outside. good thing the seat warmers (which warm up the back of the seat too, not just the bottom) work really well.

Rays friend Nick who lives here too since hes going thru his divorce wants another bus driving job part time in las vegas or reno and hes looking to buy a condo for not more than $80,000 outright in cash. he is an omaha player and would be spending most of his time in the orleans when hes not working. if he did me and ray would be welcome to use it too and travel back and forth or swap out residences.


  1. I doubt your friend will be able to find much of anything for $80,000. I am surprised that you are facing the cold weather in Toledo when you could be in Las Vegas or someplace south. Good luck in 2018, Tony!

    1. One bedroom/bath small condo with low-end appliances and a carport might go for $80k in a bad neighborhood. The days of getting 1bedroom/bath in one of the Turnberry towers for $150k are long passed.

    2. I don't think it ever got that low. I'd been keeping an eye on prices and I think the best I ever saw was for $190k.

  2. How long are you staying around TBC? I have kind of followed you a bit for years but read the whole blog recently at work. Inspired me to take one more crack at grinding low stakes. I'm in Ohio and have been meaning to make a detroit run, never played up there though lived in toledo for a year

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