Friday, January 12, 2018

blizzard coming

i wanted to make sure i wouldnt need to play in the casino in toledo no more instead of having the option to play in Detroit instead so i decided it might be a good idea to get a motel in detroit for 1-3 nites since a blizzard is coming within 5-12 hours. and Ray wouldnt be able to drive up. this way i wouldnt need to stay in toledo. Ray said if theres a level 3 snow emergency as expected, the casino would have to shut down in toledo as only emergency travel would be permitted.

so i ended up finding a 4 star hotel room tonight for $86 thru priceline, which actually ended up being $111 after taxes and fees. tomorrow ill have a $209 room in the casino itself which ill use $150 in comps for and pay the different plus the taxes there. my room is within 4 blocks of the casino and once its no longer dark outside would be okay to walk it since im right in the middle of the downtown business district.

at least the net and shower gives good hot water. and im glad Ray remembered to bring inside the hotel right before he dropped me off (and i wanted to bring my laptop up to the room so i wouldnt need to worry if security would block me from carrying it into the casino) he handed me the food in the car too, for i wouldnt have remembered it, then id been starving to death in the room.

the $500 i got for the high hand, which Ray received 10% of, due to the deal we always make on jackpot type promotions, mostly is gone now. i gave back alot of it, spent too much for hotels, and tipped the dealer $25 of it. then i paid the cab $6 to avoid walking, and uber wouldve actually been more due to the $7+ minimum.

here is the hand i wanted to talk about and the sole reason for writing the blog post. this is the hand that took the entire $295 i had in front of me shortly before i left to go to the hotel. i raised the straddle to $25 preflop with KK and there were 3 very deep stacks on my table, and some of them moved tables to be with the other big stacks due to their policy of matching the biggest stack on the table, (which all poker rooms need to emulate).

3 people called, which is more than i wanted. flop comes AJ9 with 2 to a flush, which is also not what i wanted. we all checked. the turn comes 7 offsuit, and this time the 2nd player to act bets $45. i call, hoping to be the only caller, but no, one other guy calls too. both of which had well over $1500 in chips. and the high hand promotion had ended. so i figured no one would be slow playing with all the draws present. river comes A. first guy checks, 2nd guy, whose made a bluff before, bets $100. i called, hoping the other guy (and him) were on draws. id played almost no hands, they know how i play, and they knew i was up, so i expected to be bluffed.

the first guy goes allin, the 2nd guy folds his missed straight with QT, (see he was bluffing) and i called my other $100 or so. he overbet so much i didnt believe him, and i thought he was just trying to get the other guy off. and also i felt like he KNEW i didnt have an ace. he shows ace 9 for the boat and im out.

i cant believe he would not check raise on the turn, he let the other guy have oppoturnities to suck out on the river (or me suck out) much too cheap. i sure wouldnt have played it the way he did.


  1. In a 3 way raised pot with kings why not just give up when the ace flops? You can only beat a bluff and the odds that both of them are bluffing is small. There are so many better spots to get your stack in.

  2. i wonder if the fact id only got to play 3 hands in 3 hours and had had anything to do with it? it shouldnt

    1. You need to mix in a few suited gappers to your raising range from the cutoff and button. Bring it in for a small raise, 3x to 5x and then only cbet if you flop decent equity. This will improve your table image and you won't have to nit it up so bad. You should look for spots like this once every 3 or 4 rounds.

  3. i raise preflop with AK suited, KQ suited, QJ suited, TJ suited, 9T suited, 89 suited, 87 suited, almost every time i get them, but even with this, i still get only decent hand about once per hour.