Saturday, January 27, 2018

small win and i dont feel well. i mightve caught the flu

im worried about my health and definitely my health a few years down the road. the chances of me living til im 60 without a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes are quite slim. i felt quite sick yesterday so between 4.30pm when i finally fell asleep or so (spent most of the afternoon and late morning reading) i continuously went back to sleep, even waking up to use the bathroom less than usual. i feel like this could be because im drinking less water since i left Ray's which causes my urine to be much more yellow than it was in his house. this describes what i feel i have. my chest feels heavy in a way, and i feel it when i try to cough. but it dont feel severe enough to be the type which says u need to see a doctor, the other it says will clear up on its own in a few days. yesterday i felt worse in the afternoon before i went to sleep. felt completely stopped up. except for my chest i felt much better when i woke up this morning.

i do know my health is deteriorating because not only is my head sore from excezma all the time, and i have to urinate in very weak and tiny amounts frequently, i get almost no exercise and if i run the least little bit to cross a street or catch a bus, i feel very very weak and out of breath. even for the shortest of distances. it wasnt like this when i was in my 20s. plus i require 10 hours of sleep most days which isnt normal. and my eyesight supposedly i didnt need glasses, but i feel like wiping my forehead or eyes often with a rag. but i cant spend money to see a doctor and i dont ever want to take the risk of all my money in the bank being confiscated or id have no way to support my immediate needs of food and shelter. which means i could never ask for insurance. i might consider seeing a doctor if i knew where in vegas i could get an office visit under $100 without going to urgent care, which averages $160-200 in vegas with like an hour wait. but i mean a normal appointment with a long term primary care doctor, who wont rush u in and out. i wish i had rich friends.

the good news is i made slightly over $200 this morning in the golden nugget, which puts me just barely back over $15,000 from $14,800. i wouldve stayed longer but didnt feel like giving it all back. i made a mistake showing this one woman a bluff, who i think was part of a gay couple from Austin tx. both were playing on the table. i knew she took the money deadly serious and wasnt there for fun when she sat with $500 (unusual for a girl tourist) and i think ive played with her before.

id been playing quite tight, and been doing good about not showing none of my uncalled hands earlier this session. i had KT of clubs, and like i do a lot of the time if im scared to lose money i dont raise preflop. i will raise preflop when im stuck and trying to take risks, but i lost so much more than i could afford in one day just the other day, i dont feel like any risks at all. i even wish i could play live $1-1 NL even with the much bigger rakes ive seen it elsewhere, just to not risk more than $40-100 per day. i dont feel like taking swings no more. i know too i shouldnt feel this way. but i feel much broker than i really am.

AJ suited, and others, i too wouldnt raise preflop today. id just limp call. i often play vastly different from day to day.

flop comes J86 with 2 clubs. she bets $10 and i called. one guy called behind me. turn comes 5 offsuit. she bets $15 i call, other guy dropped out. river comes 7 offsuit. she bets $15, and appeared to not like the river. im taking a risk by going to $70, but she quickly folds and my total bluff won the pot. i only screw up by showing it. i felt like she might worry about the straight because if she hit it she wouldve bet more..

so because i showed this hand when i shouldnt have now i couldnt bluff no more which hurt me. 20 minutes later i had QT offsuit. flop comes KJ8 with 2 diamonds, ive got the Q of diamonds. she bets the flop and i call.

turn comes 10 of diamonds. she bets again, i call, now with a straight draw, a flush draw and bottom pair. river comes Q. she bets only $15 and i call, and lost to her K9. i might have been able to make another big raise turn or river and get her to fold had i not showed the bluff.

and one hand i played i had to fold AK of diamonds preflop. i was in seat 8 in a 9 handed game and an old man who plays daily in there was on my left in seat 9. i limp called $2 in early position and then seen he had KK and he too limp called $2. loose tourist in seat 4 is a guy i dont remember if i played with this week. he bets $16. the girl from austin calls and the guy on my right. i feel like i must fold because i feel the regular with make a huge reraise, but once i fold, he only calls with the KK. sure enough i look once more and i did see his hand correctly. the flop comes A26 with one diamond and i feel sick. same guy bets $40 lady folds, guy calls. and the old man with KK folds. turn comes J of diamonds, giving me the nut flush draw plus top pair if i wouldve stayed in. tourist checks, the other guy bets $85, and the tourist folds. then the winner showed AJ for top 2 pair making me feel better. the guy in seat 9 says he shouldve raised preflop.

when my time ends in 2 more weeks, i think i might need to return to Toledo, i need someone to watch over me and to control expenses. even if that would mean playing poker in toledo instead of detroit. when i get old ill need a full time nurse or companion, preferably a wife. or reno seeing theres so many games there where like detroit the min buy is much less than $100. but id need to know where to find cheap housing. theres lots of it nearby the peppermill for $450-650 per month but i dont see how i could be approved to rent. i wish Yoshi, Vince or Ray's friend Nick could help with obtaining it. and i dont mean renting out rooms either.


  1. Go back to Toledo. I'll bet the fringe benefits there are great!

  2. If you are sick, stay home for a week. Do not go to the casino for seven days.

    Also, even if you have great insurance, primary care physicians will rush you in and out.

  3. being more worried about your bankroll than your health is stupid, if you are in nursing care or dead yyour bankroll is meaningless

  4. Tony, in your previous blog you said you had $4000 in a safety deposit box at the Wynn. Then you say you went and dropped money at the Bellagio and $3000 at Planet Ho.

    Later you make a statement, "I wish that I had not been carrying so much cash on me." after you had dropped almost $4000. My question to you is, why did you take so much money out of the Wynn safety box in the first place? Surely you were consciously aware of what you were doing when you took the $4000 out of the box. You must have predetermined in your mind that this was your stop figure, if you lost (and you did) the lot.

    There is absolutely no one to blame here except yourself. Can't you see that it was your choice to carry that much money around with you?

    Until you can get over this crazy idea of carrying too much money with you, (just in case you need it), you are setting yourself up for the same fall, over and over. You have to learn to set yourself a moderate predetermined amount to carry with you. e.g. up to maybe $700. If you lose it, call it quits for the day and go home.

    Surely you can see that your quest to win $33 more dollars to give you a roll of $20,000, backfired badly and cost you almost $5000. That is very bad money management. Yet you waffle on about how good you are managing your roll.

    The reason why you are out of breath all the time is because you never do any physical exercises to stimulate your heart, lungs or muscles. Your whole life revolves around getting the right seat at a poker table, or finding the right vbj table,slot machine, or blackjack table so you can plonk your ass down and blow your roll asap. You get up, head for the nearest gambling establishment. Spend all your time there, then go home to bed. That is your daily routine. You probably won't make 60.

    1. I don't think the concept of "cancer" has even made its way into Tony's consciousness. Second hand smoke can result in lung cancer and it's not like our Hero has spent all of his time in non-smoking poker rooms if you get my drift. Combine second hand smoke with an unhealthy diet and disinterest in health care for as long as Tony has been an adult and you're going to end up with something not too great. The Big C is going to take Big C before his teeth or scalp will.

    2. "The reason why you are out of breath all the time is because you never do any physical exercises to stimulate your heart, lungs or muscles."

      FWIW, I had 88% blockage, 3 bypasses and the Doctors said it was a good thing i came in it saved my life.

      I never even got to stage being out of breath while walking. That's some potentially serious SHIT for a young guy like Tony.

      I completely understand not wanting to see the Doctor. They scare the hell out of me.

      But dropping dead on the street is a real and sad possibility

  5. And if you want a primary care physician, you would need an actual place of residence instead of running all around the country without a regular place to live. And would likely have to comply with things like governmental laws and regulations, which you refuse to do. If you want to see a family doctor, try going back to your hometown and visit your mother and son.

  6. The urination problems sound like prostrate issues. You should see a doctor. Failing that, you should try saw palmetto, the GNC kind or Countrylife some respected company.

  7. "but i cant spend money to see a doctor "

    I don't get it. Seeing a doctor would cost a lot less than the thousands you just lost. A PSA blood test related to your prostate would probably give you an answer one way or another. Get it done!

    A chest infection could be dangerous and it could lead to other things. Seeing any doctor would be better than seeing no doctor at all. But I guess if gambling is more important than your life, continue on. Your dead body could always be donated to science. Sad.

  8. If Madame Tussauds has Stu Unger on display I think it would only be fitting of our Hero's wax representation to be seated at the same table with Stu.

  9. i have always wondered why Tony doesn't check out the local collage dentistry schools for low cost teeth work

  10. Same old Tony, advice in one ear out the other. Good luck with your health, you gonna need more than luck.