Monday, November 28, 2016

only luck is keeping me going up

i imagine the staff of the place where i live assume i never take a shower due to housekeeping never seeing the towels ever being used. but i've always hated using the shittier showers in the places where i live to the nice ones in the casinos. and the ones in the eldorado are even superior to the ones in samstown. so i always do it during the 2 or 4 days per week im relaxing in the casino hotel instead of at home. i often wonder if i waste money this way, but paying weekly is lots less, never having to move my things is nice, and being able to store food (or other things) long term. see this is one of the benefits of having more than $20k in cash to ur name. in the old days i wouldve NEVER took 2 hotels at the same time. but now i feel i can "afford" a home, and to get a night out too.

on a totally unrelated question i wonder whats the cheapest price u can buy property out in the country far from others with working wifi still?

to me all casino hotels are nice, i dont consider any of them shitty like some people do. some, which offer bathrobes while ur a guest, are nice though. wish i had one now. the golden nugget in vegas is one. i wish i knew of the others. and i wouldve liked to have met a reader today but he wont leave harrahs and i have no idea why anyone would go there in the first place. not only no phone chargers there and shitty promos and comps, theyre the ONLY hotel here charging resort fees. no point in him telling me he was in town. i suggested coming there if he sent me the cab fee. it sure wouldnt be fair to me for me to be out money to meet him, when he drives and it wouldnt cost him to come here like it would for me to come there.

i never realized how long it was between blogs til Ray mentioned it to me.

now for the news uve been waiting for. i was briefly in the $22,000s up quite a bit from the previous blog which sounded bad. since it was posted last sunday, early in the week i did quite well. won over $600 once from poker, and over $1000 once from poker. then won over $600 from poker again.

but the last few sessions (with the exception of yesterdays $488 session) are lowering the hourly again. 2 losses of over $300, one loss of $281 tonight, all since friday. u see the ONLY reason the rolls still going up, is good BJ sessions. and i looked into the paytables on the deuces wild 100 play and theyre more like 96% than 97%. worse than i thought. but yet ive won over $100 twice this week on it, when i shouldnt play it period. and once i won over $1500 within the last 2 weeks, forgotten which date it was. tonight, before i went to play poker, i won $25 on VP and $400 on BJ. but i didnt eat first due to it being the wrong time to eat, so i didnt play too well, and this is how i lost $281. i tried to bluff the wrong guy.

Isnt it frustrating being in a game where u will get paid off like a motherfucker if u ever hit a hand, due to the field and ur image, but yet u cannot make a legit hand for nothing? this is why i lose more in good games than i do in poor games. poor games seem easier to beat. by poor games i mean games where they wont call my bets. games with much lower chipstacks on the table in other words.

i didnt exactly tell cdizzy the truth about not going to the massage place due to it being asians who give the massage in the place 6 blocks from the pokerroom. yes i would prefer other women than asians, but the main reason is ive heard the ones who arent legit, unlike the legit ones, wont give u the time u pay for. if i want 60 minutes, i want to lie down on my back 60 minutes and relax. i dont want them trying to turn me over in 15 minutes and get upset with me if i dont let them upsell me $120 more for some other type of service. i know of legit ones in ac, and illegit ones. In vegas ive zero experience, as to the legit ones not in the casino spas. The legit ones in NJ which give u the full time and offer no other services are the ones on the boardwalk instead of pacific or atlantic.

im glad ive been lucky on BJ lately and yes im getting the bets in on good counts, but still its luck. but i dont like lowering the hourly and id feel much better emotionally if the wins come from poker.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

the opposite of the prior blog

The previous blog talked about all the different reasons i was doing better in shreveport. Now i want to discuss all the different reasons im doing worse here.

when i left shreveport in May, i was at $39 per hour. (over $9000 april and over $5000 May from poker). certainly not off any other casino games. I'm now up to 987 total hours played, and now im only receiving $26 per hour. $26,213 winnings in poker for shreveport.

How does the hourly drop so much from $39? well truthfully, april and may were the ONLY good months. i won $15 per hour in sept, $18 per hour in Oct, and only $10 per hour in nov. so im winning almost nothing and $1000 in oct and $1300 in nov was from the freeroll. no matter what my overall hourly is in shreveport, its basically showing im not winning any more. I'm lucky to still be right about $19,000. The $30 6 times a month in sams town and the $60 weekly cashback in the eldorado does help. plus ive won as much as ive lost on BJ since returning. i also won on the 96% VP, because the $117 i turned into $1690 wiped out multiple losses of smaller amounts of $100-300.

the ONLY reason ive not yet left is i like the place i moved into, and i cant fit my things into these 2 suitcases to leave town on a plane or train. and truthfully, i keep hoping i can get the win rate in poker back to where it once was. unless im living with vince or ray, i dread intentionally putting myself back into nowhere to stay.

but the VP paytables here suck, its 7-5 on jacks or better, and i think 96% on VP. the 5 of a kind certainly isnt 25 to 1, which is why i dont hold it. its only 20-1. holding 222 is best. the wild royal sucks too and the straight flush, but it does pay 3-1 on the flush and 4-1 on the full house. i wish i could force myself to quit playing it so much, but when u run bad in poker, u want to be away from other people, sitting by yourself on a VP machine, playing every hand since ur sick of folding. if i left, it would keep me off this game. plus i play more BJ here, due to much better rules as far as $5 tables normally always available even on weekends. with 3-2 payouts, unlike in vegas, toledo, NJ, etc.

the option to play more poker extremely shorthanded would help to cure this, if it existed.

was good to break the ice today, like 10 losses of the last 13 sessions since the $1000 win, for well more than $1000. i won $148 and wish id left when up $300+ but i hadnt put in enough hours at the time.

For anyone in Vegas, the new lucky dragon casino on sahara is opening today. check it out to see if theres BJ with decent rules. seems its going to mostly be for asians, so AC can be the one to go check it out.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

still in town for some time now.

found a place to live in Bossier because on friday night i didnt feel like taking the plane, due to the fact my records for the past year show of the $37,000 plus i won this year, for 2166 hours of play, (past year meaning nov 13 2015 to nov 13 2016) mostly all of it came from shreveport. and for 941 total hours in the eldorado shreveport im over $29 hourly with over $27,000 in my winnings here alone. which means the other 1215 hours for all other casinos comes to only about $10,000 more worth of winnings.

in the longer run, what this is saying is 2230 hours for the year if i lived in a place like vegas or ? i would win $20k per year. and if i was putting in the same number of hours here in shreveport i would win $50 to $60k per year. how many of u think theres a difference in ur standard of living, and where u can afford to live depending on whether u earn $20k or $60k?

but i need Ray to move here, so i have a friend with a car nearby and he would be able to find a far better place to live than me since he can live in ANY apt in the country for $200 a month being on section 8, regardless of the regular price. he can do this in a good neighborhood or a bad one.

i did win yesterday my biggest win in quite some time, not counting freeroll monies, or money for hours, and yes i was quite lucky to get $1500 for 10th place in the freeroll, minus the 10% cut to some horses. was extremely lucky not to bust out before 10th place for nothing at all, and lucky 2 people went out fairly quickly the other table when 12 were left. then when the final table begun and @selman_steven on twitter blocked the $3500 each even money chop, i was lucky he didnt also block some other guys suggestion to give everyone $1000 each, then redo the prize pool to play for the $25,000 remaining. he and everyone else, including the other guy blocking the chop too, went for this idea so when i quickly busted in 10th, i got $1000 plus $500 for 10th. the prize pool was rewritten using the same formula percentages as the original, which was quite top heavy for first. paid twice what 2nd paid.

a much better way for the staff to have written the $35,000 prize pool to save all arguements and chopping worries and to pay more people is $3000 each spots 1-10 and $500 each spots 10-20. then u dont have to make it to 10th to get paid, and the final table gets the same.

i did play a little table BJ recently, but luckily no big losses, none over $300. i did have a few wins too so i didnt lose overall. lost $300 in VP too but then again also some wins of it too. still some bitcoin online but very little, under $10 worth. I'm glad to discover the hot water works, i at first didnt think it did.

since im now over $19,400 if i stick around i need someone to deposit money into my bank who lives outside of louisiana and then ill hand them the cash when they come here once i see its deposited. i'm still storing it in the cage since theres no bank of america in this state. im not comfortable mailing it because if it got lost, way too much paperwork time and proof to get it fixed. plus i should look into getting the citizenship if i keep this address. but i hate spending any money unless im forced too.

if Britni still lives in Portland u might find her if u scour pictures of the riots

Sunday, November 6, 2016

its almost time

I wish the freeroll operated like a normal freeroll, (the type the Riviera in Vegas and the Flamingo/IP used to have). but instead, due to lack of space in the poker room, they did the bottom 50 people tonite, (top 25 get in) and Saturday they will do the top 50, and 25 will get in. on sunday the finalists (50 total) will play a tourney, starting fresh with the same sized chip stacks. $20 dealer fee for $5000 extra chips. so I have to first win my way in tonight. this way they need only 5 tables to run the tourny instead of 10. the room holds only 9 tables, and they sure wont be shutting down the cash games during the tourney.

considering i had $17,800 once (which i considered $17,500 because id subtracted the $286 cost of my room for 2 nights in the Homewood Hilton Suites saturday and sun nights even though they werent going to charge me til i checked out unlike most hotels which charge u on checkin) i've given back quite a bit this week. a few losing sessions, plus the $115 for fridays room last night. but starting today and sunday ill have 2 nites free in samstown once more. then i either need to leave or find another place to live.

so what im saying is ive got $16,900 left of $17,800 if i wouldve left instead of hanging around for the freeroll. i need to win $1000 or more in the freeroll, which could be done if i reach the final table. and considering how well ive done here overall (nothing for nov yet) i probably shouldnt leave. nor do i know where ill go. Vince would like to see me return to vegas, Ray to toledo. and i wouldnt mind being in atlantic city, phoenix, florida or a few other spots.

i should've kept my room for 1 more week, id have saved money. still not entirely sure, nor would i post in here, which place i would rent if i remain in shreveport. i did have a winning omaha8 session yesterday morning (recovered $200 of the money i lost in the holdem game).
never got around to publishing this yesterday as was intended. But im happy to say i made it thru the qualifying period last night, and will be in the final 50 at 1pm today. they wont let us here, but if the 50 of us divided up the money now, its $700 each. one good thing about Mark the manager of the riv, he always let us divide up the moolah. he wasnt that bad til he turned against me, who knows why. so this is a pretty big tourny and how i do in it this afternoon will affect my roll substantially, for if i took first without it being chopped, id be getting close to $10k. it will be horrible to bust out without being in the money. all i can be sure of is at least 10 people getting paid. im down to $16,900 so i hope to be over $18,000 the end of the tourny.