Tuesday, December 30, 2014

exit strategies

As good a room as DE Park is, and as good as the promotions and freerolls they offer (and a lot of $50 and below tournies with a ton of entrants--much more entrants than the stratosphere for example)
i think its time to be planning my exit strategy out of here. theres a few things i dont like.

1. no refrig or micro in my hotel room, it would cost me a higher priced room of about $10 more a day.

2. transportation issues. i still miss walking home in reno.

3. no friends like Ray cooldave or vince living here.

4. heres the biggest issue. i cant stay off the $5 VBJ. yes its countable, but the comp rate kind of sucks, 2 huge losses and ive earned about $40 only in comps. also at poker u get far less than $1 per hour. so food is an expense. i could win at it much easier if id quit betting way too big without a good count just because im stuck. its too tempting to play it wrongly instead of rightly as is why people feel i shouldnt be playing it even though i know how to win. im way better off on a machine with a $1 min. keeps me from betting as much and on the good counts im getting a much better spread.

and i feel like at other places, like MD live, and Parx, and foxwoods, theres games i like better. maybe i dont do as well at them as $1-2 NL, but at least if i dont want to keep playing $1-2 i have other options.

even st louis offers games i like far better than here. especially foxwoods has better choices and so does mohegan sun. better transportation options too. parx is very convenient to hotels and certainly more games. now the issue is just getting there. for id either have to go directly to the train without playing first that day or renew my room not to sleep in but to just keep my things in.

gotta run now to make the bus.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Delaware Park trip report

Lets start off by talking about a missing $200 im quite worried about. i have no idea what happened to it. i dont know if it happened down at Maryland live, (me having $800 in a shoe i took money out of and thinking i still had $1000 in the shoe) if 2 bills stuck together which seems to be happening often, or if i accidently paid the cabbie one in error thinking i was handing him ones. at first i thought i paid cash for my room here in Newark DE, because pricelines ad said book now and pay at hotel. but the front desk said i paid with a cc and so does my bank statement show that. but i left maryland live with what i thought was $1101 (and the $12,100 in the bank).

Paid nothing for the shuttle to the baltimore airport rail station, $70 for a train just for the short distance baltimore to wilmington thats normally much less, outrageous when all the way into NYC was only $110. ive been on amtrak trips much longer for far less.

the second i arrived in wilmington jumped in a cab right outside the train station (no uber here which i didnt know til it was too late) and paid $30. delaware park isnt anywhere near downtown. also had spent some money on food in the train station, etc, but still i shouldve had about $980 at least of what i left MD live with.

after a good long sleep, i woke up about 4.30 am and wanted to get to the delaware park poker room soon as possible for the graveyard promotion of 3 hours play between 3am to 9am being $100 in free slot dollars. was severely disappointed to learn i was told wrong earlier by a guy on twitter and that they couldnt be used for video poker machines after all. nor for VBJ, only for slots. however i ended up getting better than 100% running it thru on the slots later so it became a moot point. called multiple cabs, remember theres no quick fast service here since theres no Uber, there is of course rideshare on craigslist but ive never been comfortable using that, cause it has no screening whatsoever. at first i thought LYFT worked here but another google search shows this isnt a city they serve either. i didnt learn Uber didnt work here til i tried to bring it up on my phone and it says no service. so i finally got a cab to show up by offering $50 and then the guy on the phone who kept saying none were in the area and it would be well over an hour til one was suddenly was able to make it in 15 minutes. he said he would do it himself for $50. (its only 1-2 miles and normally a bit under $10). well 1-2 miles then an extra mile in circles around the grounds of de park up to the front door. which is why its so terrible far to walk it.

there is a train station right on the grounds of de park. the newark de to philly commuter services it. it runs a limited schedule but its a great option for folks on the train from PA. once u are on the grounds of DE park, the casino will pick u up in their shuttle, but their shuttle wont leave the property, but it will go to the bus and train stops on the property.

theres another shuttle service i learned of, its called delaware express. its running on Christmas but needs to be reserved ahead of time to be sure theres room, and its $94 to the philly airport or $131 elsewhere in philly such as the amtrak. theres not really ANYTHING running to the casino in Dover since the city bus isnt running which would get me there VERY cheaply if it was. no bus on christmas. the other casinos are too far with the exception of the one in chester PA 19 miles away (where there is Uber but not here) but thats still a big cab fee and they use the harrahs card so im not exactly wanting to go there. the one in perrysville MD is quite a bit further out like dover de, and sugarhouse i have no idea which card they use but its over 35 miles away. which means $100 cab fare.

so i should probably just take the day off and read moms book. theres not one friend in the area i know and trust to hang out and spend Christmas with except PPP and he is in NY. i dont want strangers that could turn out to not be safe. Joel and Vook are the opposite direction and have families.

i need to add money to bovada too, i lost my last $5 on there am down to less than $2 again after losing the sng i just lost.

most of the clientele of delaware park looks dressed like bums and quite poor. odd thing about this poker room they have BOTH $1-2 and $1-3 NL going at the same time. $60-300 buyin and $100-500 buyin both of which have the button straddle and do it the WRONG way that we dislike.

the inside of de park isnt any different its an old racetrack, huge in size in a very old building thats half empty but filled with machines and very poor carpeting. the old poker room is shut down and the new room is in the very back far from the front door. the 2 VBJ machines nearer to it suck because they shuffle every hand, though they do give comps and are $5 min.

the VBJ machines up front, (about 6 of them mostly empty) has 2 $5-100 ones and $3 $10 min ones and 1 $25-500 one. ive only played the $5. these are better machines since they do NOT shuffle every hand, but 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe. im up about $500 on them since i came to DE park. u got to look closely the rules differ on them. some have surrender some dont. some stand on soft 17 some dont. so i always pray the 1 $5 machine with the best rules will be empty of people and if theres people they are on a different one. today the promotion made it worth playing. everyone getting 10 points got to pick an envelope for $40-500 in free play, and of course most all get $40, including me which i turned into $28 running it thru once. u get a point for every $150 played thru i think so thats $1500 play thru. so thats a great promotion that goes every wed. i put in about 2 hours play, made 14 points and left over $200 up.

delaware VBJ i think is like vegas. if the rules say shuffle 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe, it cant be a lottery game theres no bingo diagram on it so its a fair game. no funny rules like PA has where each spot on the machine has its own shoe.

the fact im winning is the real proof its honest.

also i rode the city bus #5 back to my motel from the casino for the first time since no uber and getting a cab too hard, but that bus stops at 10.30pm and its still a long walk of about 3 blocks down a major highway at night. actually de park itself isnt more than a mile or so down a highway a different way but i hate walking it at night in winter. and that dont include the much longer walk once u reach the property itself unless u have their shuttle meet u by the commuter train and bus stop. Just like the inside of the casino its really HUGE. picture 10 foxwoods placed back to back.

ive made a LOT of bluffs in the last month. have succeeded in close to 50 of them. this makes me think i went a large portion of wasted years of my life not making nearly enough of them. i bought in the $1-2 NL game for $60, started losing $27 right off, then added $70 and was in for $130. after a couple hours i added another $100 for a total of $230. eventually i cashed out $742 hours later. and for the first time in a long time my win rate is back to $14 an hour from $12, (which of course means my rate in de and MD is much higher, and my rate in vegas much lower) its no wonder i dont ever want to go back to vegas. at least not for poker instead of VBJ.

the one hand i was going to mention was the 57 diamonds. flop comes 8JQ with 2 diamonds and i call $12 with one other guy and i remaining for the turn. turn comes 8 we both check. river comes 9 and he checks, i bet $45. he folds and i show the bluff.

u really need a bike around here to get back and forth to de park on graveyard hours when the really good promotion is going on and less people are playing and no one is on the VBJ. counting the hourly hi hand promos and the hours for the freeroll the promo might be worth as high as $50 an hour during those 3 hours. also the red roof inn is slightly less per day and very close to this hotel im paying $91 a day and its $45 plus tax if u know how to do it right. not as nice a hotel and outside entrances more unsafe but still.

$4500+ a month (in free slot dollars) is just too much to pass up. too bad i cant solve my long term housing and transportation issues to make this work. they seriously need uber and/or i need an apt on the busline. still im back to around $800 more than i was when i left vegas. which isnt bad considering ive spent a good $1500 or more now. for 2 days of play at DE park between VBJ and poker ive gained about $1000 minus hotel costs.

also the hotel clerk was missing for a good 15 minutes from the desk when i came to check in. had me quite worried at first but finally he showed up.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

still doing well at Maryland live, at least financially at the poker tables.

Well Grump said i had a misunderstanding as to what the dr said to me yesterday. Im sitting here now in my room reading the paperwork he gave me (left when i turned a $697 win into only a $403 win--no longer felt like playing). they did a lab test of a Q-tip swab down my throat and it came back as positive for strep. But when i woke up today i felt much better, so i went to the casino. Too much sleep isnt good for u either, it causes headaches. The actual wording on the diagnosis says Strep Pharyngitis

Anyway, im more concerned about my tooth even though yesterday the clinic that charges me $144, ($14 for the amoxicillin, $85 for the drs visit and the remainder for the lab test) said it wasnt connected to my tooth. Because today i feel a bigger size hole like the tooths somewhat fell down slanted or came somewhat out. Hard to describe unless u look at it, and i really dont think anyone who works as a dentist actually reads this blog. i finally got Joel to tell me the name of his dentist and looked up his website.

im supposed to finish ALL the amoxicillin for 10 days at 3 pills a day even if i feel better.

The motel im at (in a horrible area without a shuttle causing me big cab and Uber fees last 2 nights) and ill make sure next time to avoid getting this hotel its ONLY 2 1/2 star hotels im given instead of 3 star. I dont mean horrible in the way of crime, theres NONE out here, its strictly office workers and its right next to the NSA entrance off the highway with big signs saying RESTRICTED, employees only.

i mean horrible in the way of huge transportation costs and no shuttle. its actually a nice hotel considering im getting it for so much less than all their other customers at $63 a night instead of the normal price.

u get a much better chance of not getting the wrong hotel if u dont use the 60% off name ur own price option and instead use the 55% off express deals option on priceline. that way i can make sure to select 2 1/2 star (instead of 2 1/2 star OR HIGHER) and that way ill either get the 2 1/2 star hampton inn or springhill suites both right by the casino with a shuttle. the hotel im at now is 3 stars.

never in my life have i seen a casino so easy to win at. im averaging $200-300 a day in the $1-2 NL and theres no way in hell id ever average that in vegas. all i need is enough money upfront for one of those nice luxury leases on the apts a half mile down the road.

what caused me to have such a high $28 cab fare on the way home is the huge amount of holiday traffic on the roads by the mall, (really nice how the casino is in a mall) i wonder if any other casinos are in a mall in a city i dont know about? and me stopping for food at safeway. getting so old, im starting to really worry about my health, so i bought toothpaste (airport security seized my original tube when i left vegas) a quart of milk to drink, a bag of tiny sized carrots (mom fed me those alot as a kid, along with apples, arent those supposed to be good for teeth?), and potato salad, all which u need to go to a real grocery store to buy and are much healthier foods.

all my uber fares werent near that high. took 3 trips on uber, one black lady, one black guy, and one indian guy. still hesitate using it though due to horror stories online. all of them were between $12 and $16. no bad experiences to speak of yet. i feel 100x more at ease anytime i can see its a woman driver instead of a man.

the hotel that charged me $45 more than Priceline agreed id be charged never answered my email i wrote about 36-48 hours ago and im really going to be pissed if i have to phone. i feel im just out. Maybe i also need to write Priceline too. Priceline gave me the price and it said PAY AT HOTEL. i wish id looked over the statements and pointed it out when i left but i left in the middle of the night without a manager on duty just the night desk clerk.

ill play a few sngs or cash games on Bovada with the $15 i have there before i sleep cause im just not tired yet. But i did feel like id lost back enough money, so i decided to leave the casino. for some reason my wins here are much bigger than in vegas, and it might be due to running good, but i think its just a much smaller percentage of people at the table actually gambling for a living.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maryland Live Poker room

This is definitely by far the easiest poker room to win at ive ever seen, and one of the largest ever not counting the commerce. ive had 100% winning sessions here, which is getting my hourly built back up but slowly when its over 1000 total hours to average in. and ive never had a winning session lower than $192. most of the wins have been quite big $700-800+.

a lot of the policies here really bugs me though. do they bug anyone else?

in vegas, new players are given the courtesy of being able to buyin at the table. In fact, ive never seen ANY casino where this isnt done. yet here, if u dont buy chips at the cage before sitting down, they make u walk all the way back. it just seems kind of rude.

they also take a $2 rake at $10 plus $1 jackpot and the rake gets bigger as the pot grows, not sure what it caps out at. but on small pots its worse than vegas, although not as bad as cali thats for sure.

another thing that seems rude is when ordering food, napkins are never packed into the bag with the food, and if u dont think to act the cocktail waitress (who brings the food which is WEIRD all its own) u just dont have them. theyd make bigger tips if they always were in the habit of asking "do u want any napkins?"

and my good friend Rob will hate to hear that they use the $2 chips here and its next to impossible to get a decent amount of $1 chips. u are constantly short of $1's due to this, and if u need to put in a $5 to pay the BB or SB, the dealer is always giving u $2s back instead of $1s, worsening the shortage.

Plus no button straddle here either.

However its really nice u never ever have to wait for seats unless u are arriving early in the morning or something. i usually arrive late in the day til like 3am, and never ever have to wait for a seat. not even once. early in the morning before noon is the only time theyres a wait. But people shouldnt be coming at that time of day to do their playing anyway if they want good games and good action.

and heres the worst part--dealers arent allowed to play where they work--and u have no chance to win back from them the money they just dealt u out of a few minutes ago because they take all their business to the Other casino by state law.

so if u move to MD to be a dealer u might want to keep that in mind so u dont lose ur right to play here. this is about the only place theyres hiring dealers.

i just got a text from cooldave explaining how to do a screenshot on an iphone 5. will have to check it out and verify it works. a screenshot would work to show texts but not the whole pages of texts, id still need to do multiple screenshots.

i need to somehow decide where ill be staying because its a pain in the butt to be needing to check out or change rooms all the time and the high prices of rooms here arent so good either. couldnt get the great deal from yesterday again. Paid $139 plus tax today.

i like being able to use the shuttle back and forth all the time, its like having a friend with a car whose never got any other commitments. (which is what i thought Ray would be since he dont work and also plays poker). I keep giving tips of $2-3 and i hope he isnt mad im not giving $5 but i dont want to end up paying a lot extra per day. he did tell me he would be willing to drive by the Bank of america close to the mall atm machine to deposit cash if i wanted to. This hotel and all the others that are rich hotels within 3-6 blocks of the mall/casino not all have a shuttle but most do. almost all are over $100-130 a nite unless u are getting a special price.

its really great how the casino is inside (or connected to) the mall theres even a Safeway grocery store about 2 blocks up the street. so it would make it real easy to buy anything u need to buy while u are playing too. theres a promotion going on where u get back 10% in free slot play up to $50 a day on purchases up to $500 in the mail. Joel (the poker meister) suggested i do it and return the items and i said they wouldnt allow that and people would abuse it.

investigated and sure enough they stamp the receipts so the store will know u got the slot play, (and claim with them stamped) the store will probably refuse to accept it back. its certainly not worth the hassle unless u are quite broke and desperate and if u were, wouldnt it be easier to just find other peoples discarded receipts?

i did earn my jacket for 20 hours play and resold it for $20 since i have enough jackets and no more space for clothes in the suitcase. i still need a new suitcase where the wheels work since 2 suitcases would hold more.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

In response to lightnings latest post about his trip to vegas

this old post (sitting in DRAFT) for more than a week now--is now finally ready to be published. there is NO inner circle or friends in my life anymore. Just people out to make fun of me. why else would i leave vegas and go elsewhere? ill probably go see Ray soon in Toledo. he understands me and is a Christian. Only real friends in Vegas are Vince and Cooldave, they never ignore my messages and always get back to me. PPP has made no effort to meetup and say hi since coming here. Josie totally ignored my emails to look at this rough draft a week ago.

I must first apologize in advance, for this will be my longest blog post ever. in fact, its going to be more like a book than a blog post.

To begin with, i moved out of my apartment today. (dec 9th).  the place i was living at, that i never wanted anyone to know the entire time i was living in it for my personal safety, (only Vince, lightning, cooldave and koala knew--and that was due to picking me up in person or driving me home). the place id talked about having a 3 month lease (when in really it was a 60 day commitment thru their extended stay program) because real apartments dont offer 2 month leases and i didnt want anyone finding out where it was--and that it wasnt a regular apt, but a hotel type setup. But i didnt completely lie, u see my debit card was charged to renew each time the rent came due. (when i first took it, and then again on Nov 10th). and u cannot just stay a month either, without paying a lot more. but i was afraid people would search craigslist, and figure out which place it was if i said 60 days. that was just way too easy to discover by googling craigslist.

they offer this type of setup thru their extended stay program in many other cities too, tucson being one of the cheapest, even less than vegas by a few hundred.

However, id grown tired of vegas, and tomorrow id either had to call their reservations dept and renewed for another month (no weeks) or move out. i didnt want to commit to paying here (and maybe flying elsewhere like to reno or toledo or baltimore or biloxi--or the tour bus back into LA--and continue to pay for nothing) so i moved out and into vinces house. Lucky for me vince was nearby and able to help me move out so i wouldnt have to deal with it in the morning.

Losing the Venetian as one of the best options vegas offers for poker play (due to the much wider range of games offered there, such as Big 0 at times) is a large effect on me thinking maybe vegas isnt such a good idea. at least other casinos in other places wont have a reason to think ill get into trouble, seeing i'll have no previous bad history in most places, many of which ive never been yet.

And then also (in preparation for leaving vegas) i closed out my newly opened box at the wynn tonight, so i wouldnt have them still holding my $100 deposit for an empty box if it turns out i find long term housing in a place i like better and make new friends and decide i want to stay there and play without moving back to vegas. The day before, i gathered up whatever free play i could at most places (not much to speak of) so pretty much everything is done that would need done before i could leave town.

After all the trouble lightning, Rob, AC and cokeboy went to move the location the previous day to the V (a bit too late since i was already at wynn after leaving the security office) i really wanted to go to the AC meetup because i felt like i owed it to AC to go, but couldnt decide for sure if she really wanted me to and she never really said when i private messaged a lot of people asking. But i was still under the impression lightning wasnt going (because he told me the first day he was here and i saw him that it didnt seem like the type of thing he was interested in--and that he didnt think hed attend). i at the time said he probably should--but only to meet Alysia Chang.

got to sleep so late the next morning (not til about 11am) a bit later than usual--that i didnt wake up until after 6pm again a little later than usual. I immediately texted lightning to arrange to meet him and talk to tell him about the Palazzo, and to help talk over what to do about moving out or staying. Also id still wanted to take him to eat somewhere nice at the Wynn, for free in exchange for doing little for him in the past. (the original idea was to get him into a free room at circus for fri and sat to save him a lot of money)--and i felt irritated he didnt trust me to actually follow thru and it didnt ever come to pass. But id have had to be there with him at checkin since id had to have done it in my name not his so they would think im the one staying there. so i mightve not been awake at the right time and remember my phone "wont ring". i keep forgetting each night to have cooldave look at the phone and try to see if he knows how to solve that issue.

however when i texted him, he was already AT the meetup (it was about 6.20 pm) and alysia held that WAY WAY too early for normal people to attend. vince was still working too. so i never was able to make it, had no ride like everyone else, and any other type of transit wouldve took way too long and this is why theres such a need for Uber in vegas. because as we all know if vegas had Uber, id have called and had a ride within 5 minutes at a cheap price, so id have came.

so i kind of blamed myself for not letting lightning know ahead of time. for i felt if he knew i was wanting to come with him, he wouldve made sure i arrived. and then after the meetup, i was quite pissed he'd asked me once if id be playing at the wynn later (and suggested him and i would meet up). i told him id took the bus to the nugget instead, and later he asked me via text how the games were at the nugget. now of course u get a text like that, u are going to think he must be thinking of coming.

so i mentioned 8 games were going (4 of them $1-2 NL) and i mentioned all the great changes the nugget new manager had made in improving the poker room, such as installing phone chargers, changing the rake to no flop no drop, getting rid of the halves, etc. i thought that might also encourage Rob to come too and check it out.

again lightning never showed, and i eventually found out he was at the MGM with people from the meetup. whose idea that was i didnt know, but i was pissed theyd encouraged lightning to NOT show up.

so then, kind of worried thinking id not get a chance to see him and talk again before he left town, and not knowing the exact time of his flight and what airline he was leaving on wed, i made sure today to be texting him as soon as i woke up. in fact lightnings text even said to text him when i woke up. (so i assumed thats when he would be ready to talk on the phone or hang out).

also i had some really big decisions to make about staying or leaving, and i thought i might possibly leave town long before he did, so i really wanted to make plans as soon as possible. yes PPP normally i dont make plans, but for something as important as this, uve got to make an exception. Planning here was ESSENTIAL.

Now tonight, after reading tons of the following texts between me and lightning after things went bad, cooldave said i shouldve just asked him direct early into the conversation (he thinks me calling lightning and PPP hypocrites is what offended him--according to cooldave hypocrit is a very strong word) "is there any way ill be able to meet u later today?" now im not sure if lightning wouldve replied had i said that, and now ill never know.

so when lightning said he was "at mandalay bay with Nick" and had a very nonchalant attitude about whether he would be available anytime at all the entire day to talk to, i got a bit panicked, and thought he had no intention of seeing me at all, and cooldave said i probably pissed him off the same way a woman would be uncomfortable if a guy kept insisting on doing something.

I explained to cooldave how i had no intention of being anything but wanting to be there for him as a friend and to share his company, and didnt know how to communicate that to lightning. Also explained to cooldave how God forgives us, and wants us to do the same. Thats what is so wonderful about the love and the mercy of God, and how he doesnt judge the sinners until AFTER they are dead if they still havent repented. People talk so much of the judgement of God--and worry about it--when really God does everything he can to show us how much he loves us--and wants us to love others the same way. man how i fail at this--i need to not go to a new casino locale, but to either the church in baton rouge swaggart has or the times square church in NYC by the late david wilkerson. I need to ask for prayer--for God to control my bitterness and anger when i feel ive been done unjustly. for it would help me not get banned.

i explained to cooldave how everything i said to lightning was unintentional as far as offending him, and how hurt i was seeing that lightning did know his comments were offending me. cooldave just said i shouldve let it go and just waited til the next day to talk to him.

I know that lightning gets offended quite easily (but not so much as i do) and im surprised seeing he works as a counselor and should know others emotionally as messed up as me and be quite tolerant of peoples faults by now. I remember how he lost interest in being a friend to Josie, and got out of her life, and never got over the bitter feelings. And how he blamed Josie for it, when truthfully i think Lightning owed her an apology. I think sometimes lightning can appear to be quite insensitive to the feelings of others who are upset.

but then again, im 100x worse than this. but what makes me "not a bad guy" is the fact im not doing it intentionally to be mean--as is often the case when others are doing it to me--at least i assume thats always the case when i hear a critical comment. especially from those ive trusted like PPP and lightning.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enclosed is just a very small portion of the numerous texts back and forth from lightning to me or me to lightning. this is the very tail end of the texts and it was very difficult time consuming and hard work to move to the laptop from the Iphone. the main reason i am posting so little when id prefer to show it ALL.

read them in the opposite order, and remember this was the END of the convo, not the beginning. hopefully its clear which texts are mine, and which are his.

U seem to feel id intentionally be inconsiderate of people and im never that way. Im always surprised when someone says i am cause i sure dont see how. I just want u to know i try really hard to be there for friends and just dont lnow how.

So i tried to treat u the way jesus would treat someone because i loved respected and valued ur opinion and companionship. And if i failed at least i know i tried my hardest to be considerate and make u happy. As long as i try my hardest i dont know what more to do. All i ever expect was the same in return.

Essentially its this. I have problems understanding how to talk to others and make friends. But since im a christian instead of just getting mad and telling friends off i feel bad and apologize if i do wrong. Thats the difference christians and others. Christians feel bad when they do wrong. Others dont care if someone feels they done u wrong

Demanding and selfish wouldve been if im said to leave nick and come get me immediately i didnt do that instead i just wanted to talk and decide if i could meet u this evening later before either of us leave town

To ask to see u at least once in three days or a quick phone call is demanding and selfish? Its not like i asked u to give me another ride tonight or that u had to now i just wanted to setup for later or to decide whether to leave on the last plane to reno at ten pm

lightning speaking--You are an exceedingly selfish and demanding guy. You are also delusional. I am done with you this trip.

Vince is disappointed ur upset since he hoped to see u later. And i certainly wasnt telling u u couldnt hang out with nick while u waited for me to wake up. Essentially all i wanted was to make plans for later to make sure i got to see u one more time before u left. I think anyone will see i tried much harder to be a real friend and go out of my way to be considerate of u in spite of how u ignored me. When a friends in pain and needs a friend to talk to it just dont feel right to not be there for them. U see i would do it for u and thats why i expect others to do the same for me. I dont expect anything from others i wouldnt do for them. This is the bibles decription of a friend

lightning speaking
So you decided that, as a friend,  you would berate me in comments on your blog and message me all kinds of nasty things because I didn't respond exactly  how you wanted.   In the real world there are consequences for your actions, like your numerous bannings. Well here is another consequence. I have had a  great trip with great friends. I am not wasting my final hours with a jerk who gives shit to a guy who has carted his butt all around.--

remember all of this is to be read in the opposite order as its typed on here-and remember its the tail end of the convo. this took about 45 minutes work--any more work and its like 2-3 hours.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

From Linthicum Maryland.

ive arrived, checked into my hotel for fri and sat nites, for $237 total and $98 airfare. and now ive got to figure out what to do from here.

wheres the areas of baltimore to avoid? looks like the inner city, but not sure about the numerous buses serving the mall where the casinos located. are at least 1 in 5 of the people on the bus or at the mall, or in the casino white?

which area of this suburb is the nice safe areas where most white folks live? i have never ever been in this area in my life. only time i was ever in Baltimore i stayed at a mission called the Jeremiah house or something like that, maybe Nehemiah? i remember i was about age 21 or less and panhandling to survive.

also looking at the tour buses into AC, seems most of them have shut down? not sure if the one on shipley av is still running.  also looking on train amtrak info to CT PA NY etc or even WV cardrooms. i think its better people riding it than the greyhound or gotobus?

this is an outrageous price for a room thats fairly safe inside at least i hope it is. i think i could find far safer and better accomodations near foxwoods, or maybe near bethelham sands would be a much classier tenants and cheaper. also what about the 2 casinos in delaware?

i imagine the sands are better here than sands or delaware but not the housing situation. anyone have any in detail experience?

there is a bus directly from the airport to maryland live and it seems it goes right by this hotel too. im wondering if ill be the only white person on it? or maybe all will be fine and its white collar business commuters in this area instead of hoodlums. also it seems uber exists here

i feel like i did the right thing getting more sleep than the 1-2 hours on the plane? instead of playing first without adequate sleep right after a huge loss in vegas on VP at the golden nugget, martingaling a 50 play 50c and $1 machine from 1 hand 1 credit 50c to 250 credits of $1

then again i dont feel like i did the right thing. wasted $104 plus tax on fri nite for nothing when my plane didnt get there til 3am.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I feel like i really butchered things awful bad here, what would u have done differently?

This will be just a short post since im tired and need sleep before checkout time (at this hotel that is). Theres a much much longer sized blog post waiting in the wings in the rough draft section but i cannot post it until i first read someone elses post, so it will have to wait. (ill probably be changing many things in the final draft u see). but its a LONG post.

tonight i was playing in the Golden nugget, and its a great game with all the cowboys in there and the new policies. there were still 3 $1-2 NL games after 3am, extremely unusual for a weekday.

i was getting quite tired because i either wanted to catch the plane out east about 7am or to detroit or new orleans or reno or rapid city and most of those left in the morning and i couldnt decide which one to take. But i wanted to go sleep while my one free night was still good so it wouldnt go to waste, so i knew i needed to get out of there. but id went from being stuck $120 to being up $108 to then being stuck again, and was tired of playing.

this is a horrible problem i need help to overcome. (playing when tired, unable to quit when i dont feel like it anymore). i think i put in too many hours.

my hourly now is barely $12 an hour too and will probably keep dropping if i stay in vegas unless i start tracking and playing $8-16 omaha.

Remember all the people who said play loose, 3 bet and bluff? im still not sure of the wisdom of that. a few hours earlier (when a different table thought i was a nit) i got away with reraising $11 raises to $51 in the BB with hands like 56 offsuit and no callers preflop. (all 3 limpers of the $11 bet folded).

still maybe i shouldnt show the bluffs?

anyway--i dont think ill ever fix that. like most of my problems--im too set in my ways.

now for the hand -- so i can log off and sleep.

one of the old guys who regularly wakes early in the morning and plays almost 365 days a year in the nugget, and who most of u would recognize by face who play there, hed just recently sat. he makes it $12, one guy calls, and i call in the BB with 56 clubs. flop comes up 344 rainbow, and he bets $30, other guy calls, and i know ill get paid off if i hit any of my 8 outs so i call. (at least i will unless he has AK).

turn comes 9. old man bets $100 and this is where i should give it up and just leave. other guy who i at first thought might have the 4 folds. now i know hes got an overpair and should fold, but i also know hes committed to paying me off if i hit, thinking it will be a safe card.

so i call. river is 9 and with the double paired board i dumbly shoved, hoping he would see the double paired board and lay down aa being no flush draw was on the flop. instead he calls with aa sure enough, and i look like the table idiot. was i?

Monday, December 8, 2014

I feel bad

     All night long at the venetian i was a little upset with lightning for a comment he asked me via cell that had offended me, and id been waiting for both him and agsweep to show up, and possibly also Nick. Agsweep finally showed up and i was relieved to get to meet her finally, and although she didnt play because her girlfriend wasnt a poker player, she still talked for a while and i thought that was nice of her. Agsweep has always been a very nice and friendly person, in spite of her and my differences in beliefs.

     But i was still worried about my relationships with other friends, and come to find out i had a lot more friends than i knew i had. For as i found out later on while at the Wynn, (long after id been escorted out of the V by security and told never to return) i found out that not only did lightning eventually show up at the Wynn, but also alysia chang, cokeboy, and Rob. and i was of the impression that all of them with the possible exception of lightning wouldve preferred to play somewhere i was banned. At times im too quick to judge others because of past experiences where others have been unkind and done me wrong. (guys like the one cooldave commented about on the previous blog entry).

So here I am at the wynn, unable to come back to the Venetian, and join them and im really feeling pretty shitty about this point.

but somehow i still managed to get my final $253 i left the V with where i cashed out of my machine before security took me into the back office to call metro, up to $750 in the $1-3 game at the wynn. it was actually a good game for a change. one key hand i was pleased with my play in early on, i had AA and made it $13 preflop. got 5 callers a bit too many. flop comes 457 with 2 clubs and im in next to last position, and i decided to check to control the size of the pot. the black guy on the button who seems to have played alot of poker outside vegas somewhere bets $50 and one guy calls, and i decided to only call and see the turn first. turn comes 4 and the first guy checks, and i didnt want to button to check behind on such a draw heavy board if i was ahead, so i shove my last $200+ in the pot. he thinks a long while and calls, other guy folds. my hand held up as he had QQ.

Not that any of this ever benefitted me of course. i started the night with over $17,200 and ended the night with about $15,600.

so when i walked out of the poker room at the wynn to go home since lightning had by then went to bed without coming to the wynn to hear the story of what happened at the V (actually nothing happened at the V, it had to do with something that happened in the Palazzo close to 2 months prior--and the V just became aware of it). Also alysia chang didnt reply to my message either to come talk and eat at the wynn, and probably also was asleep by then. I was still down about $125, so i didnt want to go home still down, so i decided to sit at a video poker machine since the wynn dont have any good VBJ machines. (what a dumb idea). maybe another idea just as dumb was removing $4000 from my wynn safe deposit box before i went to play the machine also.

ended up leaving the video poker machine over 2-3 hours later, by then stuck about $1100 again instead of $125, and went back in the poker room and sat in the $2-5 game for the first time with over $700.

made some plays i shouldnt have made, because i was too much of a hurry to want to win a big pot, and eventually quit the game with only $200. then i really did go home to bed.

Stuck some mashed potatios in the microwave, and am sitting here eating them now. i have only 2 more days before i have to move out when the rents due. no point in staying in vegas now.

I was pleased that neither lightning, AC, Cokeboy or Rob mentioned anything on twitter about me being banned at the V, i appreciate their willingness to not bring up the subject til i was ready to talk about it in the blog. Maybe after privately talking to lightning at some point later this afternoon/evening when i wake up about 5-7pm, then ill be ready to give all the details why security at the Palazzo was so pissed at me and exactly what happened. Suffice it to say i overreacted when i felt a certain employee called me a liar and was in my opinion out of line. I kind of thought i had nothing to worry about as long as i avoided swing shift in the palazzo since id played in the V a few times since without a problem. but i hadnt been to the players club in the V til tonight, and theyd put a note to call security on my players card. (i'd left the palazzo on my own that day before security could show up).

I am lucky, that with all the poor decisions ive made since nov 1, to still have over $15,000. i sure dont deserve it and a giant portion of my increase from $9800 since leaving Reno was due to very large VBJ wins all of them at the elcortez. (everywhere else i didnt win on it). also my hourly rate still really sucks in vegas, but my PLO PLO8 and BIG 0 rate has helped.

i wont have that long, rents due dec 10, i dont know where ill be and of course, the tooth needs fixed.

the post just before this one was only up 1 day and had only 397 views instead of the 1500+ most posts have. for those only checking in periodically, please dont overlook it and think u read it when u havent.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Much needed update

I've heard from Lightning this week blogging has kind of died out. Maybe thats true, all the best blogs, (Josies, Carmens, the lady married to the poker player in europe,) theyve all kind of went by the wayside. and of course, im not in any way affiliated with any of the blog get togethers not hosted by Rob.

But i still think i should update my blog more often than i have lately. ive been kind of negligent on that, and my blog is a great success story of my rise out of poverty and homelessness, when no one thought id not eventually go broke. Had it not been for Britni and Lorna back in the mid 2000s and the closure of pokerstars to those of us in the USA, id have been successful a long time ago. am sad i squandered such a great opportunity back in 2002-2005. Back then Paradise and Party were even better than pokerstars.

And ive enjoyed my time this week with both Lightning and cooldave88, (who recently quit his job to spend more time on poker.) I also hope to see agsweep tomorrow.

my times almost up where im living, rents due dec 10 (id originally thought it was dec 11) and im considering moving out since im so often out of town and just living with Vince again when im here. my lease is almost up.

after a win tonight at the wynn, plus another $300+ in the BIG o game, (even after losing over $275 to cooldave on one hand) im back to a little over $17,000. over $4000 of it is in my safe deposit box in the wynn. also i won a few hundred on VBJ at the Venetian the previous nite after leaving Planet H where lightning and i played both the $3-6 mix and the regular $1-2 NL game the day before.

About the only thing that still needs done is the fixing of the tooth. and i've got the search done to one of these 3 dentists. u see the one in vegas never returned my email. i wonder if insisting on an email reply instead of a phone is why, but its rude to tell me how they are going to contact me instead of letting me pick what i prefer.




Cooldave met Alysia while at the V tonight, and i was shocked he joined the PLO8 5 card Big 0, since hes never played that game. he also won earlier in the $1-2nl. one of the players was a real dick and not only me thought that but so did the lady and cooldave, that he was very condescending to all of us. i started off the game playing him HU because it was the only way to get the game started. also his supposed article in card player on big o i cant seem to find and doubt it exists.

also, i was quite surprised to learn that pokerstars.net started offering Big 0 on their play money site, i had no idea pokerstars added it. they sure didnt offer it a year or 2 ago. i took off the site from my computer about 2 yrs ago. it would be a GREAT way for some of u wanting to learn the game to gain experience. was anyone else aware of this?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've learned a few things

Well i just left my hotel across the street from the Bicycle (with the excellent wifi) that i stayed in the last 2 nights for $192 total, and that was quite a bit, considering i first checked in about 3.30am thurs nite/fri morning with the first checkout being 11am-12 noon. yeah i couldnt get them to let me in early and i was dead tired, having just got off the tour bus from pechanga where id been dead tired after playing $3-6 5 card Big O all day long. so i kind of only got 1 nite for that price. That being said, im not used to staying in nicer hotels, and having done so, and seeing how much better quality everything was, im not surprised rich folks do this all the time instead of staying at motel 6, where the wifi pretty much works shitty everywhere if it works at all. they all offer it but it sure sucks there.

Just got checked into my room at Commerce casino though, for only $85 plus tax for $102 by using pricelines express deals 55% off. had i went by the desk and paid, it wouldve been $134 plus tax, she said their rates are going up soon. thats not 55% but priceline advertises express deals as up to 55% off. still its far better than the rate u will get by asking the floorman and telling him u have been playing so id suggest those of u unfamiliar with how it works start using priceline.

u have to use the option where it wont show u the hotel name til after u book it. but of course, having it listed as a casino hotel--u know which one it is anyway.

and the good thing is, this hotel the wifi works good too.

Some of the other things ive learned are how great a service Uber is and how fast. its too bad i cant use that in vegas, for id move into vinces house (and feel like im part of a real family) and save a lot of money. for the 2nd time since using Uber i had a female driver today pick me up. Unless of course u count the 2nd time i rode with the female Uber driver named Cassandra in the pechanga area. im sure one of u will ride with her sometime if u use uber in that area, shes always out and about. Very pretty woman without a boyfriend. and claims she is a student and Uber is her only income. I was hoping she advertised other things on craigslist too.

Im a little surprised Uber seems to have more women drivers than black drivers. ive also learned that living as close as possible to a casino is a major concern to my emotional well being and stress level. if i cant easily go and come it wont work out well.

and ive got some good news i found out shortly before leaving vegas that i never mentioned to anyone but Lightning. the wynn said i spent enough time there to get a safety deposit box in the poker room, and that they had a vacancy. so i think ill take one to help diversify my portfolio. that will give me more peace of mind. The wynn is one of the best rooms in vegas as long as u dont mind playing nothing but NL.

I've learned also, that i made a big mistake leaving vegas when i did. im wasting a lot of money in cali on hotels, thats for sure. And i feel like it wasnt right to disappear on Koala, since i might not see him again. he was worried his health might not allow him to return to vegas, and in spite of the horrible things he posted in my blog and RTP, i still consider him a good friend, willing to hang out. I was really grateful for his willingness to go to cali, even though i wish id not made the trip. i shouldnt be looking for VBJ--i should be sticking to poker. i might not have made any money in cali, but i didnt lose any either at poker. it all went on expenses. had i NOT went to cali, i might still be way down, for i couldve lost $2000 at VBJ maybe. so i feel really sorry i didnt make it over to the Orleans and wish i had and i apologize.

And also to Alysia, she made a good effort to include me in her life and be a real friend and to try to understand, and i shouldnt be so paranoid due to prior misconceptions she had. I would like lightning to get on here and tell the story of how i was worried the same thing about him picking me up in Joliet, to better help her understand. this was before i knew him nearly as well as i do now. Maybe Josie could also tell the story of how i was afraid to go to Claudias house for the first time, if she still reads the blog. im sure that will help alysia understand im that way with everyone and it's nothing to do with me worrying about HER specifically. remember when JJsomething or other on AVP got so mad when i suggested if he rents out his house me might "kill me in my sleep?"

i've been paranoid my whole life, and its why im alive today, i never got close enough to anyone to trust them so they could do me harm. when i feel in danger i flee, notice how fast ive left Pechanga a couple times.

I really think ALysia has tried to be helpful in fixing the tooth, and im no longer worried about riding in her car. she never asked me to get in it anyway, and she did help to see about getting a dentist in LA, that id be paying for, but i only want the ones that use the wand injection method, that dont allow many to pick from.

i feel strange vibes in there and it feels like the holes are opening wide between the tooth and the gums, and fear several might need out, so its best i do this very soon upon my return into vegas. maybe vince or lightning will go with me, i should be there before lightning arrives dec 4.

before i went to bed last night i hit the BBJ players share for $724, so that puts my roll back to the $16,000s from being at only $15,040 at the start of the day. won about half from it and the other half from mexican poker where i played the NL. the $1 ante game, $100 min buyin, not the $200 min buyin $5 ante game which i think is way too steep. should be $2. i wonder if Rob has ever played that game?

im unhappy to report that the reason ive been all over cali instead of staying near the commerce is because i got banned there for a week, which is now up. it was due to a dispute in the game i was in a week ago wednesday. i was totally in the right, but i went about it the wrong way. but since i was in the right, i was told i was only being banned a week. the other person, what they were doing was wrong by planning to steal my money and leave without paying me, but i freaked out over it and made a scene. i dont really want to give too many details. Had they not stated to the whole table they were leaving and not paying and it showed that on film, theyd not have been so understanding.

so i had to make sure my bans lifted before i returned. this is why i took today at the commerce for 1 nite only before i go back to vegas. the one lady working wanted to make it longer but her security supervisor overruled her saying he made the decision and the other party instigated it, which caused me to overreact.

not having a car to store my suitcase has been a major concern. to store it easier and be allowed to store it, it needs to be far smaller, but then it wont hold enough clothes, and no one else deals with this because they either own a car, or live locally, or dont plan to vacation more than 1-2 days. but im tired of having to rent a room immediately when id rather just play cards all day and wait til i leave to see about renting a room or leaving town. paying a few hundred more a month to haul around a suitcase is dumb but its either that or have no belongings at all.

since the amtrak bus to vegas is $55 instead of $25-35, maybe its the emptiest bus. never did find an empty one. or find out if i can pay for 2 seats at $25 each to avoid sitting by someone on a normal bus. and also i found out its ONLY the hi limit tables at the bike offering both free food, and wifi charging stations under the seats. the main casino dont offer it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I just left Ventura

Im in the starbucks outside the Oxnard amtrak station about 3 blocks away, and i booked a train leaving at 7.50pm towards los angeles, but im actually going further than that. so i paid more than just the price of the fare into los angeles.

ill be staying on the same train, no need to transfer, and ill be arriving at my final destination about midnite. I also booked a mon nite and tues nite stay (guess i have multiple rooms paid up tonight) since i checked out of my other room here. the 2 nites total will be $123.

Roll is down to about $15,400. after losing a lot more than i shouldve today at the casino in Ventura, i went back and lost about $25 more in the small $50-100 buyin $1-2 NL and of course my Uber fares (taken 3 trips now) and all the other money im wasting.

im disappointed that the low limit buyin PLO mix dont run more than 1 day a week in Ventura. todays game (which im told almost NEVER goes on mondays) was 5-10 PLO mix with most people straddling $25, so it was BIG. min buy was $600 and i left after losing $600. and earlier i was stuck $442 in the smaller NL holdem game. the whole day was bad. now the night before i won about $300 in the game.

over the longterm, Ventura would be a good option if there were housing available. the rake is next to nothing, the games are loose, and no jackpot drops. the money u save in rake would easily cover the high cost of a place to live. but i think i should have at least $20k in the roll. and if i play the game i played today that i certainly shouldnt have, at least $100k.

dont get me wrong, i didnt play poorly in it, and i got the money in with good positive equity. (hands i put in like 25% of the money, with an expected value of 33% plus.) and hands where i hit the flop strongly and petered out, like nut flush draws combined with nut low draws. and one hand i mightve been bluffed.

just goes to show--stick with playing the game u are most comfortable in. and i wonder if ill be able to sleep on the train. sure wasnt gonna use Uber all the way, its like $160. the shorter Uber trip from the casino and by the hotel on the way was only $13+. train ticket cost me $39. But since i refused to pay an extra $20 to sit in the business class section, no wifi will be available on the train. i can do without it for those 4 hours. as long as its not too crowded and i dont have to sit next to anyone i dont want to sleep with, im happy.

im sure PPP knows i didnt post that tweet that cost me $100 on purpose?

i wish i knew how to fight, i wouldnt be afraid of getting in everyones car and i wouldnt alienate and piss off the people i care about most. and also those im just beginning to get to know too.

also i just learned that booking.com seems to be a much better reservation site than orbitz. am still afraid of getting a motel in the wrong area if i use pricelines name ur own bid to save money.

once i get to my final destination, im not sure if i feel like checking out what games are going at a different casino, or just relaxing in my room i had to pay for so i wouldnt worry where to store a suitcase at. it will depend on whether i get any sleep on the amtrak. had the amtrak went to vegas instead of putting u on a bus into bakerfield on the way (and out of the way too i think) id have booked a different train, for what i really want right now is to just go home til my lease ends.

once it ends, i really want to be in a small town, nice apt living close to a casino, pensacola or reno, just something low risk and low cost to avoid a lot of drama and stress over money. $17 an hour is extremely well and i miss the ease of earning that in reno.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Los Angelos trip status so far

I didnt really pick the best time to go to los angeles, im wasting money, and i shouldve waited til after Koala left town, after i seen lightning, and after my lease in vegas expires. But i did want to find a game i could average $20+ per hour in LONGTERM as soon as possible.

Im still down about $400+ at poker since coming here, most all of it in the $20-40 stud game the ONE and only day i played it, and id be slightly ahead had i not played it. but im out more than that, ive paid money on cabs and the motel room for a week, so im down quite a bit more than $500. in fact way more.

Barely holding onto about $16,200 left and i was slightly over $17k when i arrived. But still im far better off than i was the last time i was in cali. am thinking i should soon settle down in either reno, Pensacola, or St Charles MO or Baltimore and just do nothing but grind good poker games. something away from too much variance, and i guess one VBJ loss that didnt happen might actually mean i did ok by coming to los angelos.

Today i spent the day at Hawaaian gardens instead of Commerce to check it out, and one of the host props for the PLO game dropped me off at my motel saving me from waiting til 5.28 am for the bus. but id been far better off financially had i got the last bus out at 10.50pm.

i started off the evening up $270 (won 3 out of 3 $100+$10 double up sngs). and then gave back mostly all of it in the $1-3 PLO PLO8 mix. Dudley the host claims he beats it for $20+ per hour not counting his salary, and i assume id do as well given enough of a sample size.

was hoping to see steve but he never showed up, he said he couldnt get a ride.

I am strongly considering returning to vegas soon as possible til my lease is up, i might cancel the trip to lake elsinore or Ventura, or maybe go ahead and do it tomorrow. i might as well be sitting in vegas (with rent paid in los angeles til sunday) as be in Los angeles with rent paid up in vegas. whats the difference?

also feel like the tooth will need taken care of soon too. i feel a slightly bigger size holes. also the fridge in this room and microwave arent the best.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Up the street from the Commerce a few miles

safely arrived in Los angeles, and just got thru paying for a hotel room. with a roll of still over $16,600. Going to play a few oldtime games where i think my hourly is a lot better than the measly $12-13 hourly of $1-2 NL holdem in vegas. Games such as $20-40 stud, and $1-3 PLO PLO/8 mix.

this is the first time ive ever been in the los angeles area with nearly this much money and the first time i could ever really afford to give these games a fair try. also i notice a weird structure on the bravo. $300-500 buyin NL omaha high?

glad the wifi works fine at my hotel, and im not sure whether to try and fall back asleep or head on over to the Commerce now. right now im relaxing in front of the AC, but wish i had some food in my room which i dont. the fridge here isnt all that big.

and of course i left most all my things in vegas, since im planning on returning in time to see lightning. I shouldnt feel tied down to staying there and playing bad games simply because my rents paid up, why would anyone think that?

a vacation away from the VBJ machine would do me some good. i never mentioned this, but one of the days i had a $500+ loss on the VBJ recently was on a machine with quite poor payouts shuffling every hand, and i knew better than to play it. id like to see how i do playing nothing but poker for the entire week im here or so.

i wouldve liked to see Koala, i dont know if anyone told him of my twitter post, but all i really meant was i felt affection for him as a friend and he was special to me as is all my other friends. had i not felt uncomfortable giving out my room number where i stay, which no one knows, id have invited him in to use the restroom.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Worried ill end up losing everything back and going broke.

So i need to be either making money from VBJ or from playing poker, or from both. my win rates back to under $13 again. I lost over $1000 at Tortoise Rock casino in 29 Palms. the info i got about their machine wasnt up to date, and then i had to pay for Novs rent too so im back to the $16000s again, and i feel like my savings is slowly draining away. i feel more like im living off it, than any current income.

when my time is up, i still think im better off just going back to reno or anywhere i can make at least $15 an hour playing poker. and i still really want to spend some of this on medical care too. I not only want to get that done, as old as im getting most people think i badly need to get that done or ill be in poor health.

I really should be sleeping, but its important i update this blog, its been so long since ive updated it and theres a lot to talk about. mom still dont have a debit card, so i had to waste a ton of time ordering something online too and it took a ton of time since i didnt know certain old billing addresses they claim didnt match. so i paid a different way.

at least ive got their Christmas taken care of and out of the way now if i were to lose $5000 or so and couldnt afford it, thats off my mind. and i should get myself a jacket or coat too. i might need to travel there and back for Christmas but it might be way too much trouble and its not really worth maybe it costing me up to $1000.

my expenses are quite high, im counting food, transportation (including lots of cabs plus a monthly bus pass) phone, rent, and im coming up with a figure no less than $1700 a month, and no more than $2000, not including miscellaneous or recreational.

so i really either need a less expensive and much more unsafe place to live, take more buses which puts my life in more danger also, or somehow find a way to increase my income. my hourly is now back to barely over $13 an hour counting last nights $239 win at planet hollywood.

i must remember to NOT buy size 34 pants. for years i wore size 30 or 32, and the last time mom got me pants i was size 36 at her house a few years ago. seems i am again size 36, and one of the 2 new pairs of pants ive bought since moving out of reno was 34 instead of 36 and the pockets and the pants just arent big enough and it bothers me every time i wear them.

and i dont think i can rely on VBJ to live on long term. casinos will cut me off if im winning, or else change the paybacks to make it unbeatable, (example being circus removing the good VBJ and replacing it with a bad one at slotsoffun, and the river palms (dottys) in laughlin doing the same.) also the pioneer cut back on the cashback, the Tropicana changed it from a $2-100 spread to a $3-25 spread, which of course isnt beatable.

and i dont know what my vegas hourly is or how to find out since its all combined as one big total. but i know i was over $17 an hour in reno, and now that ive passed 940 hours its down to $13 an hour here in vegas, so i wonder if my vegas rate is really much less than that?

its a good thing i had so much good luck in the month of Oct. im glad the wins and losses fell in the right order for a change. ive talked to Koala on the way back from 29 Palms cali about my poker game and how to improve it. he seems to think i can depend on winning at VBJ to get by, but i dont agree.

I was relieved to make it back to vegas alive and safe after coming to laughlin to meet Koala and make the drive with him to 29 Palms california. i hope he dont regret not leaving my body out in the desert when he had the chance. He trusted me enough to loan me $2000 while on the trip so i wouldnt need to use an atm.

we went to investigate a certain VBJ machine that supposedly paid back 100% plus whatever u get counting, but the rules were changed on the machine since, to make it pay back a bit less, plus i was also told the machines usually is empty and that also wasnt the case. there seemed to always be at least one person on it, and usually the same old man, but he wasnt playing correctly and also makes the side bet (sucker bet) every hand.

not only that the cashback wasnt really 30c on every $100 as was claimed. i ran far far more than $1500 in total bets thru it, yet only got $5 back. i asked about this, and couldnt get a clear answer. truth be told unlike NV casinos, i dont trust the honesty of an indian casino out in the desert they can do whatever they want to anyone.

have heard some bad stories about other court cases regarding seizures of peoples money whove won at VBJ, etc.

i was also told of 2 other machines beatable VBJ over 100% but they were too far away to investigate and still will be done some other time. one is way out in NM. and theres not exactly compatible to motels.

theres a great poker room at this Tortoise rock casino though. the game starts at 6pm, goes til sometime in the middle of the night, and was quite loose. and the really important thing for those of u living in los angeles, is the rakes much better than where u live. u see, if the pot is less than $14, all they take is the $1 jackpot and no rake. the commerce would be taking $6+. i was told by the guy who mentioned the VBJ they didnt have poker--but they do have poker.

and here some interesting reading material on twitter. its by a las vegas cabbie, google the words #ivyphone. this cabbie has no ethics anymore than the one who lied about waiting outside for me, but its funny shit and the guy he fucked with his ethics certainly arent no better and he certainly isnt the guy id stand up for either. and speaking of cabs i need one i can trust on a regular basis. i hear Uber hasnt got approved yet and they might charge simply outrageous fees.

i do feel bad for delores i wish she was with me instead of the guy who ripped off the cabbie. but i dont know for sure if he ripped the cabbie off intentionally, maybe he thought the girl was going to pay him. reading all of this he posted off that guys phone he kept certainly helps people understand why i feel the way i do regarding certain type of drug and hooker pimp relationships.

surprised Koala hasnt posted a trip report of him own, but he claims the Orleans is having trouble with getting his internet connection working. he will be there til he leaves and he no longer has a car.

i wasted about 4 hours this morning winning $18 in the $1-5 stud at samstown when i shouldve came straight home from P-ho and slept thats why im tired. i feel bad theres no hand histories in this issue of the blog, but i dont remember them now.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

VBJ swings.

I must say, am quite relieved ive recovered from the $381 Wynn poker loss (and subsequent $1700 drop on the VBJ machine at the Palazzo) all in the same day. that briefly had taken me down to the $17,000s from the $19,000s, and now im back in the $19,000s again

Yesterday morning at the El Cortez i was briefly down almost $1100 on the VBJ machine, that should be impossible to lose much at when im getting 100.61% payback even without counting. But i got lucky on one huge key hand spread out max back betting and max front betting on 4 spots for $700 total and took off from there. By the time i left the El Cortez i was ahead over $1200 instead of behind.

So when i left the El cortez i went straight to the Post office, sent my mother the $140 she wanted ahead of time for my sons Christmas, and then to the bank to deposit both of the 2 previous days limit of $1000 withdrawals, along with a little bit more. Then after that was done, i walked to the Golden Nugget and lost $181 in the poker room, probably was too tired by that time to still play good poker.

i was on the bus to a different casino on the strip tonight when suddenly i noticed on Bravo live there was a $1-2 PLO game at the Venetian, so i decided to go there instead. there were only 4 when i sat, eventually it got to as many as 7, but the last hour before it broke we were back to 4. i was adding slowly to my original $100 buyin and eventually was in for $287 total. finally scooped a big pot with the nut straight that held up on the river, and was briefly over $450. by the time the game broke, i was only up $2.

went and sat in the $1-2 NL, and had to wait a long long time for a move to an end seat. But i did finally scoop a big pot and suddenly was up to over $650. 4 of us called a huge overbet of a little less than $50 preflop, and im lucky the one guy didnt reraise with his QQ, or id have folded my AK since i didnt have the $47 invested yet, but only the $12 original raise. him and i were both scared of the asian regular who cold called the $47 having aa, but we never seen his hand.

flop comes AT2 all in spades and my K is a spade, and so is the other guys QQ. he bets the flop small, i raise allin, and he calls and i win with a flush on the turn. and i took off from there, and eventually left with $1086. enough to get my hourly rate back to $13+ per hour from being all the way down to $12+ per hour. at one point i was even over $1108.

found out about some VBJ machines dealers angels in quite isolated locations outside NV id rather no one knows where they are. But then again, not sure if i should go play, i also heard about a court case in AZ where 3 players winnings on a VBJ machine were seized. and theres not really a casino hotel to earn comps at either at any of these 3 locations.

i still kind of wish i was with Koala on his road trip down south, but then again, my lease isnt up yet so i cant move just yet. I still feel like though i need to be depending on poker for my wins in the long run. ive basically only won at VBJ lately due to pure luck.

its a good thing ATM machines only allow $1000 to be taken out per day maximum, and some are even less than that. it kept a possible loss of $5000 down to a bit over $2000. (all the cash i had plus the max withdrawal). so i was able to earn it back since.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Why am i so much better off financially than the vast majority of americans? have the poker games gotten that much easier to beat since the mid 2000s? or have the casino games, such as BJ got much easier to beat?

I should be out celebrating the way other people do it (by spending money on themselves). yet old habits die very hard, and i just cant hardly bring myself to spend any money for fear of starting a big freefall. only thing im able to bring myself to spend money on all the time now unlike in the old days of me as a kid is taxicabs. and thats mainly for my comfort and my peace of mind going home after dark.

Mainly what i should be spending money on is medical and dental care. eye exams. teeth exams and extractions. A complete physical and a good inspection of my scalp. And of course, since all my clothes look quite used (and are) a lot of shirts and pants should be bought NEW. i still dont have nearly enough pants, am always having to wear pants longer than i should.

Since i have a nice steady safe long term place to live, i can start owning far more things than i used to own. ill never want to leave the place im in now as long as i am in vegas. Im renting from the right landlord, a nice upper floor in a secure building, and in a fairly good part of town as far as being convenient to certain buses and shopping.

and i keep winning. Tonight i started off wasting my time and my bankroll by losing $47 at Terribles in the $2-4 game with Tiger Valdez, but then i walked to the Hardrock and proceeded to get it back, plus $669 more. so i finally have a roll in the $19,000 now for the first night ever. i was even winning $100 more at one point.

i made a lot of poor plays because i was worried id lose my entire stack to one of the 2 guys who had me covered from cali. once i just called on a flop of 10 3 5 offsuit when i had QQ, and saved a lot of money by doing so. the one guy bet $10, the asian guy makes it $25, and i only called after raising preflop. (i dont even remember for sure if i did that). turn comes K, asian guy checks, i check, and the one guy who lives in vegas bets $40. asian guy calls and i call. river comes 8, asian guy checks, i check, same guy bets $50. asian guy calls, and i feel like i cant win but call. asian guy has 53 for a flopped 2 pair, and the winner had KT for 2 pair on the turn.

i dont think i played it the best but by pot controlling it the way i did, i saved money. it wasnt a table i couldve made either of them fold.

Herbie was in there briefly, left to go to Hooters but told me Koala was no longer in the game. earlier id got a text he was playing.

the other regular with the huge stack had already left, and at one point he had well over $1500 on the table. but he is the guy i beat 3 times for big pots to get so many chips in the first place. he called every one of my shoves, and i won all of them.

it feels good to be doing so well, but why am i getting all this money so late in life when im old and no longer desirable by young women? instead of in my early 20s and 30s where it couldve done me a lot of good, and radically changed my life? shouldnt be easier to win now--and it makes no sense.

sure i play better, but so does everyone else. and why do i have about $7000 in winnings for the last $70,000 coin in at video bj? thats about 110% payback.

When i was young and lived in Toledo, maybe Ray will remember the story of the fire department incident with the married lady i met online who wanted to fool around who was a few years older than me back when i was young and good looking. i sure didnt remember him ever telling me dennis pulled a gun on him. But he acted like i shouldve known about it.

Dennis didnt even know who Nick was, and that surprised me -- the toledo nick that is.

anyway, about the fire dept story. i met a girl online, and she wanted a guy to come fool around at her house while her husband was at work. id seen her twice before at her house while he was gone, and i wanted to come over but was afraid he might be home. now as we all know, i had more emotional health problems at that age than now, and i did some weird choices (such as how i got the felony). and riding a bicycle around nude.

so i called the fire dept, claiming there was a fire, (figuring if he was home hed come out, and if only she came out, id know she was alone and it would be safe to come knock on the door). this was long before the internet was invented by Al Gore. However it didnt work out so well, and after that, i never got to see her and she lost interest. also her husband had tons of questions as to what was going on.

But yeah  -- all this money makes me nervous and until i have a casino safe deposit box--im not comfortable. sure its safely in the bank for the most part--but what if it got seized there? i sure couldnt ever go to the emergency room with all that in the bank id get sued.

the vast majority of people u run into every day are broke and fuck, and getting quite desperate for money. and its going to get much worse when the dollar crashes and everything else. the govt wont be able to function and send out checks, there will be riots, etc. Banks will crash and be unable to access deposits. prices will skyrocket. there will be 1000% inflation monthly as in Germany in the early 1930s.

so i dont feel safe when im not at home. Especially walking thru parking lots at night filled with drunks, drug addicts and homeless people. and all society wants to do anymore (people under 30) is to vote to have more legal drugs, more of a decline in morals and values, make families less valueable, etc and all because Gods been kicked out of the schools and replaced by the horrible evils of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness.

a very large percentage of the population of las vegas, has either no home, no money in the bank, no job, no car, and depending on loan and pawn stores to survive, or on the govt.

and ill never feel safe. i feel like the only way to reverse things is to vote republican en masse. i seem to feel like i can only identify with people i can relate to like myself in the same boat, and i feel like that fits fewer and fewer people. a lot of times i cant even relate to Ray as much as he is like me and believes my mom is right. which is why i cant find a good woman. im too repulsed my the vast majority of thems worldview and beliefs of whats wrong and whats right cause mine are a lot different. what young people today find normal, i tend to find as repulsive and offensive.

for example, i cannot stand the one ad always playing on the TV in the taxicabs which feature a young girl in a casino who works for tips being bisexual. its the same ad that then comes into the card sticking to the outside of the window torn corner. that rings a bell, uve seen that ad, right?

--and now for the story of the 57 of clubs.

This was a hand from the previous day, and i raised with it on the button to $15, i hadnt had much to play. got 3 callers dammit. flop comes 68T and im not too unhappy with the flop. they all check, so i felt obligated to bet but probably shouldnt.

turn puts up a possible heart flush and hits my straight with the 9. guy bets, guy calls, and i call. river comes J, and guy checks, other guy checks, and im thrilled to see it get checked. i had only $46 left.

the second guy who checked had almost the nuts, a king hi flush. why he checked there ill never know. was so dumb since i wasnt betting no matter what and was calling no matter what.

i see this situation come up all the time a guy wont bet a hand he should. because his checking simply does me a huge favor. often im not going to bet no matter what and will call all bets no matter how much, yet people still try to checkraise. it feels so dumb. why are people so dumb? explain their thought process on this hand.

i do wonder if its been a good thing ive opened up my game? i still havent opened up my 3 bet range, and i seldom even do it with JJ. would like ideas how to open up my 3 bet range

Friday, October 31, 2014

first time ive even went home to sleep with more than $18,000

i've kind of forgotten about this blog, and i had no idea its been so long since i last updated it, so a short one before i go to sleep.

Am happy to say im still over $18,000 although not quite as much over $18,000 as i was before i went in the wynn to play poker. i had to steal some pots to get back to the $700s from the $300s. And even so, i still ended up losing over $50 in there.

Still been lucky in the VBJ, far more so than my edge wouldve even been. quite unhappy to report Circus got rid of the good VBJ at slots of fun (and replaced it with one that shuffles every hand and uses 6 decks). the old one too was the ONLY shufflemaster one with a $500 max bet instead of a $100 max bet, (making all 5 spots $2500). now granted i never ever played 5 spots of $500 not even once in my life, but it was nice to know the option wouldve been there had my bankroll reached that point.

so now ill be doing my play elsewhere, whereever i find a good machine. could be laughlin or back in north lake tahoe, havent called either place yet to find out whats now going to be available. and of course im still interested in new locations of these anywhere in the usa.

I should be getting to sleep, tonight me and vince and snevman will be in the tourny at southpoint which i think is 7pm? ill have to look on bravo. Koala might also come along and play cash, Vince was willing to drive him.

i really enjoyed the BBQ and tour of turnberry towers and im very glad Rob wanted to join us, although he was quick to leave. Alysia chang looked a lot better that day, and the food was great. i did end up buying and bringing chips for nothing that i dont think is good for my health to eat. i am afraid to eat food not good for my health and i do need to see a dr of all types. we really never went in the pool, played any tennis, or did any cooking on a grill. just basically sat and talked.

I bought a few more things i needed, like pans, silverware that wasnt plastic, and a monthly bus pass. But im down to only $14 on Bovada again. nice i am grandfathered in and can still deposit unlike most NV and NJ residents.

seem to be relying on bluffs quite a bit, and my win rate at poker keeps getting lower in the $13-14 range. id have quite a bit less had i not stolen a few pots. such as with 89 offsuit when i 3 bet $60 into a $15 raise and 3 callers and all folded preflop.

this isnt sustainable long term so im still unsure what changes to make to my buyins and game. i am however losing my fear of having $500+ on the table. maybe i shouldnt be?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

well am i like Rob vegas poker or am i different than him?

Rob wouldve enjoyed playing at my table at Planet H tonight. i was doing good early on there, til the game got filled up with locals instead of tourists, and i include the guy from Chicago as a local, since he was a winning player who plays an awful lot more poker than a real tourist would. What wouldve interested Rob was u guessed it, blogger material for him.

u see, the girl on my immediate left, and the guy with her on her immediate left who wasnt really her BF, were both bartenders at the MGM itself, (he probably knows them). and they chatted nonstop to each other for hours (and the Chicago guy). she talked the whole time about wanting to fool around with other female employees, and made it clear she was Bi, so of course Rob wouldve been interested. and this girl wasnt ugly like so many straight out lesbians are. Id been far more interested in the girl on the OPPOSITE end of my table, at least she didnt have tattoos and was interested in men. i dont think she was taken either and ive seen her at a poker table before but no idea her name.

Later on Koala and Alysia finally showed up, after their lunch date at circus steakhouse, but as u can see on twitter, alysia didnt sit at my table. and for all the wrong reasons too its very sinful in Gods eyes to judge people for how they appear to look, for as the Bible says, man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. i certainly would never refuse to let a girl be my girlfriend just because she wasnt good looking. i dont her to be ugly looking, but she dont have to be good looking either.

i miss the old days when i was in my early 20s and in high school. back then women thought i was attractive, and even gay men thought so as well. i wish i had a picture to show u, other than the ones mom has on facebook, i know exactly which picture im thinking of. (the one of me in the old wichita singles newsletter from 1987).

when u pass 40, and start needing glasses (i worry terribly about my eyes when im old, if i need glasses now, grandma almost went blind due to cataracts til she was operated on, it does run in our family). but thats when u start looking ugly to women. also most women like much bigger and fatter men. men like Vince in other words. the only women whose ever said i looked good in the last couple years was Josie. and im sure she only said that to be nice. Im not even sure if claudia thought so.

they say its men who judge women for their looks, but thats not true for me--im not nearly as judgemental as most. i only care about whether a woman is willing to commit to me and tell me she loves me. her values, beliefs and ability to establish trust is much more important than what she looks like. the other really important quality a woman needs is to be 100% straight and not into women. nothing is cool about bisexuality its gross. and i know Jesus is able to change hearts and minds. I certainly dont have any attraction to men.

and another thing thats made it really hard on me to be accepted is not having a car (even women without a car want this--which is being selfish and unrealistic) and that i dont drink, when most all people, men and women, want to sit around and drink alcohol when out on social occasions. it makes u not fit in. but i grew up around nothing but Christian people and in a private Church school, so i never was around any bad influences. not til i was an adult and homeless a lot, and by then, i was already settled in my ways. no one starts drinking unless its before they are in their 20s. after that its too late to pick up bad habits like alcohol and drugs.

but anyway--lets get back to rob vegas poker. im not like him in that i cant relate to how he isnt turned off by women into women instead of men. but we think exactly alike on the button straddle. u see these 2 players on my left kept doing it for $10 continually, and i was so pissed off by the guys comments he likes it the way that doesnt protect the integrity of the game instead of the way that does protect it (the way the golden nugget and wynn and the Peppermill do it).

the #1 priority of all casinos should be to make sure no seat has an unfair advantage over any other, this is quite important and yet so many places allow just that when they do the button straddle wrong. sometimes u cant move seats. i lost several pots calling the guy down, and as soon as they sat, i knew i shouldve got up.

id have lost big at Planet H, but as koala was declaring he was going home on his next BB i got dealt AQ clubs UTG and made it $6 (following grumps rules for raising). i was still down more than $125 before the start of this hand. the french guy id move away from to have position on check raised me to $25, and one other guy was in. i only called preflop.

flop comes AA3 with 2 diamonds he bets $25, i min raise to $50 (wanting it to look like i had a big pair, and wondering where i stood). he calls, other guy folds. turn comes black 6. he checks, i bet all my odd chips, $107 worth. he check raises me allin, and i begin to worry about AK but of course i cant fold. what hand do u think he put me on when he did that? Koala said he knew i had an ace i dont think so.

river comes Q and i wait for him to show first as he is first to act and had raised me allin. he turned over AT, and i won with the boat, i didnt even need the Q, but i sure was happy to see it. i was afraid if i showed first, he would muck and id never know if he had ak.

this was hours after id moved to Koalas table and the other players had left. so i left the table with $208 profit after being down quite a bit. big difference. and later i won a bit at the wynn too and left when i got too tired in a cab.

which is why my roll keeps growing and is now over $15,800 instead of over $15,500. But im out of money on Bovada now and need to see about redepositing. Also i seem to have burned my tongue eating a peach pie that was too hot.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Koala's arrived in town

and this blog needs badly updated before i fall asleep, hopefully before 4.30pm. didnt realize it had been so long between entries.

am happy to say im finally over $15,100 (and considering my rents been paid up thru nov 11th--am actually better off than i was the last time it got that high in reno years ago). it didnt get that high due to me winning at poker, i lost $191 at the wynn the first time tonight, and then lost $200 more the second time playing with Koala. all the winnings came from about $627 on the VBJ at slots of fun, and $90 on table BJ at the tuscany, when i won 7 $15 bets on one hand where i split 77 against the dealers 4 4 times, with 2 double downs. i didnt get any good hands at all, so luckily the dealer broke.

Vince wouldve picked up Koala yesterday afternoon at the airport when we were out buying food for my fridge, but he wasnt ready to arrive in vegas yet. And he wont be renting a car til later on.

Met Koala at slots of fun, and he was unable to check into his room so early. and i offered to get him in early thru my host, but he preferred to wait til 2pm. Also offered to get us food at the wynn, but he wasnt interested.

we did play poker for a few hours though. he won $131, and wanted to make sure i knew exactly how much. i went on tilt late in the session because i wanted to book another profit to keep my hourly rate over $15 an hour but it caused me to play poorly the last orbit (which Koala told me in advance it would be) and i gave away my entire stack in 2 badly played hands. This is a great example of why u shouldnt mind leaving a game a small loser.

and ill see him again (or at least be calling him) when i wake up sometime in the middle of the night. Shortly after this blog post is finished, im going to be asleep.

i still wish i could depend FULLY on poker to supply ALL of my wins without having the steady wins at the VBJ tables, but ill gladly accept the money til things start running badly again. my phone still shows over $1500 worth of wins at the poker the last few days in spite of tonights loss at poker.

and yes i did play a bit at Planet Hollywood. One of the shift managers in the poker room told me via twitter in a DM that Chris says even though my PLO tourny no longer exists and has been cancelled, im still welcome to play cash games and other tournies, including the weekly freeroll. Its actually one of the BETTER rooms in town in way of great games and action and younger players in the game. and a much wider range of tourists.

in the middle of the night, getting a cab is extra tough. i was told by a cabbie between 2am and 4am is shift change, and its much slower getting a cab then. is this true? any cabdrivers read this blog? how do u recommend fast service during those hours? theres like 50 cabs parked a few miles away not doing anything but waiting an hour in line for a $10 fare, and yet i cant get one at home for nothing without a very long wait.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

hopefully this will be the last time i need to buy houseware items.

it would be so nice, if i had someone i could always BORROW AND RENT items such as dishes, silverware, pots and pans from everytime i have a place to live, and then just return them to every time i need to leave town so they dont have to be repurchased. most people store something like this in a vehicle and thats why they keep these type of items for the long term. that, and they dont move around nearly as often.

But i wont be moving (or going out of town) anytime soon. (sorry to Ray because i really should go there and get right with God). i had to agree to stay much longer than just 30 days to be able to move in (at the special price im getting), and they are going to debit my bank card for a little bit over $1000 on the 11th of every month for the next few months. But this is a fairly nice place, convenient to the strip, nice TV, linens, fridge and microwave included, wifi, etc and its 100% safe in my opinion.

this will save me from nights like i had friday. when i started off the day winning $1001 at VBJ early in the morning, and then going out and losing $350 in the $1-2 NL game at the stratosphere, and then getting on the 108 bus to the airport, and deciding to give it one final session to recover at the hardrock before i returned to reno.

where i proceeded to play poorly (both before and after a bad suckout for a $500+ pot where all the money went in with me as an 80% favorite) and didnt know where else to go or what else to do when dead tired since i had no room. couldnt even go to vinces because i knew id lost his keys and worried he wouldnt wake up to let me in. Lost over $700 playing there, and then another $175 on the video poker machine 100play.

when i arrived at the airport around 1am, i found out the earlier flight to reno wasnt til after 8am, and the only earlier flight that interested me was one to Philly at 6am. and without a pillow, i didnt really want to sleep there all night, plus i worried someone would steal my cell phone from where i had it plugged in charging if i slept. (why does a new iphone constantly need charged all the time? is there a way to lower battery drainage and still use it?)

so i searched online and called expedia and finally got a room at an outrageous price for one night. had to book it over the phone instead of the web since it was after midnight.

anyway my hourly rate is all messed up, and the ONLY reason my tracking is messed up has nothing to do with the fact ive been losing. its because i have a new phone, and the old tracking program is only for android phones. so i cant really transfer the old hours over to the new cell. all in all i love the new cell, much better for games on the phone, and also i no longer need wifi while in the venetian since Sprint gets such a good signal. still sucks in the nugget however.

ive been advised NOT to use poker Journal, where i first downloaded and stored a few losing sessions with a negative rate of minus $70 per hour. so i switched to the recommended program poker income pro. it now has 2 sessions logged with a small win for the night. but my messed up logins have nothing to do with the fact ive ran bad lately. after a steady period of new sessions being entered ill soon have a definitive hourly again. the cost of this program, after a few trial sessions, i think is $10 if i remember right.

Right now im in the middle of a $14 triple up sng on bovada, and im really pleased with the quality of the wifi where im staying and the fact its totally free. But ive only got $83 on Bovada to work with, (but another $42 if i reach the money--which i just did 15 minutes later). if i could depend on a steady monthly check of $1000-2000 from this site, it would be nice.

the good news is i will now be in town long enough to see both Koala and Nick. the bad news is if i dont get this tooth fixed soon, i wont live nearly as long as either of them will. and i really think i should see a regular medical dr and have him take a good look at my health too.

at least now i wont be dependent any more on playing VBJ to earn free hotel stays, and comp dollars. i got tired of being dependent on it to cover my losses at $1-2 NL, and my bills. hopefully now things will get back to the way they were before i started winning so much on the VBJ. $6000 to $14,000 is quite the swing.

tonight i took a bad beat and felt quite pissed i didnt leave when my $112 was up to $408, but instead played another round or 2, and left with $217. (then moved to Omaha). the game was good, some new asian sat that was buying in big and bluffing, but it made the game too high variance. i won over $100 off him by calling his bluff to begin with, and not more than 1 or 2 rounds later lost big when he rivered me, where i was again calling his bluff.

the final hand in question i had QQ and he had 10 4 suited. he calls $15 raise preflop and flop is 347 with him getting a pair and a flush draw. river comes 8 to put a second flush draw out, and he raises to $60 and i call. (i should shove, but id have just lost more). how bad is not shoving there?

river comes 10, putting the backdoor flush up and i call his $100 bet. is that a bad call? (dont be results oriented). i called because i knew he was bluffing the turn, and my read turned out to be right.

but at least once i moved to the omaha i still made a good fold. early on i laid down AAJ9 utg because i had no low. flop comes J99 and 2 guys are calling or betting. on the river, one had A9, and the other guy had JJ. folding that preflop saved me quite a few bets.