Saturday, September 26, 2015

Huge problem that just came up.

As anyone that very closely follows my twitter feed might know, the bank told me Friday afternoon they had to close my debit card, and reissue me another one, by mail, (for my "protection") which is the biggest crock of shit, its for the BANKS protection, because they are the ones liable instead of me if anyone misuses this account. i'm only liable for $50--and this hassle is going to be costing me way more than that. especially if i have to fly back to vegas to pick up the new card from Vince in person, and he told me on the phone he will be watching for it carefully all week, for they claim it will be there within 7 days. i didnt think about rush delivery, but now this morning, i wonder if that wouldve been an option and if i shouldve suggested it? id have been willing to pay.

i dont have any type of address in AC to get mail, although i suppose i might have vince rush it to me overnight delivery at my hotel whereever ill be once it arrives.

u can see from twitter, Vook and Nick dont really understand. vook thinks i should be happy im being put thru all this hassle instead of the 1 in a million chance someone mightve fraudently charged my card and id been out $50. hes never been on the road without an address with only ONE type of debit card to his name. (wish id never thrown out my old dormat walmart and greendot cards). not sure if they were reactivatable by making a deposit, but i couldve tried. at least they had my name on it. i dont think theres any place in atlantic city to buy one with my name on it without waiting to have it come by mail or id do it.

Nick blames me for not telling the bank im out of town, and thats never been a problem, and of course i verified all the charges on the card were made by me, and so they couldve re-opened the card had they wanted. but they claimed it had been compromised and i wasnt the only one who had to deal with reissuance.

i dont really believe them, im sure its due to depositing on Bovada, or from the $100+ worth of bitcoin recently purchased. for every time i do something like that, it seems thats what always causes this to happen. this isnt the first time the banks forced me to get a new card. worry about how this will affect my Bovada withdrawals too.

im considering pay a ton of money to stay outside the casinos at a place id really not prefer to stay that costs too much just to not need a card and pay cash deposit. i dont know of any casinos outside NV that allow cash deposits, and only 2 in vegas. even the el cortez wont take cash deposits. if i did this, id stay for like 2 weeks til Vince can get me a new card overnite delivery to AC once he gets it within a week. hopefully they mailed it out yesterday.

im worried when i go to the Taj to check in sunday they wont take my new temp debit card the bank gave me without my name (says valued customer). the manager at the tropicana i explained the situation and she took it, at least i think that was the main manager, hopefully she didnt violate the rules when she took me. im not really sure which employee she talked to in the back. it might be easiest to cancel my sun-mon res at the Taj and my wed-thurs res there just to be safe, but that will cost me about $300 more, if i just stayed here all week instead. (not counting next fri and sat free rooms).

i dont need all the stress, this will affect me greatly emotionally a lot more than most people. id just as soon pay a round trip to vegas and back to avoid stressing, or never moving hotels until i get my new card in my name. (to avoid worrying not being allowed to check in). all i know is this is much more hassle than worrying about fraud charges.

from now on, as soon as i can, ill always have 2 debit cards, so ill never deal with this again the next time im cut off. another way to get a 2nd card is like with paypal, or tons of other companies. at least i dont have to show one in my name to board a flight, just ID. this new temp card will pay for things online, its just im afraid to if when i go to check in ill need more.

is there any hotels u can pay online using paypal and which website does that? and then a cash deposit in person? ones in this part of the country. doesnt have to be in AC, but at least close enough to travel to, such as Philly, newark DE, baltimore, etc. i also emailed a few hotels to ask about this in this area.

other than that, things are ok, im still over $24,200. my mother isnt feeling all that great after surgery and cant be online much for a while. with her hand the way it is.

anyone have ideas of ways to get a debit card with my name immediately or hotels that take cash? (that are safe to live at i mean)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How come i didnt lose really huge last night like i was supposed to?

well i think most of the people who told me id do better off playing Blackjack at the live tables are right. (unless ive just been lucky). or maybe its because the machines i found while in AC are not possible to get a longterm edge in like u can at some of the places out west. obviously theres no reason to come back to vegas anymore, since ive been told theyve removed the good machine at the el cortez, and replaced it with one thats not beatable, shuffles every hand. not only that, it gives 1 point for every $4 instead of 1 point for every $1 like the old one plus it dont give out point multipliers anymore. so instead of 5 points for every $1, its 1 point for every $4. (basically means for the same amount of free play, u need to run 20x as much thru it.) so of course, its now no longer any good, and will make it impossible for me to earn rooms at the elcortez if i return.

At least they didnt shut down the nugget poker room like Chris Abramski made me think on twitter. funny thing, 1 guy in AC on 2+2 also posted the same email, (worrying the AC nugget room would shut down). they certainly didnt word the email very well. confused a lot more people than just me and Chris.

today while waiting to check into my new hotel room, i got a haircut (and a shave or beard trim) for $15, not a bad deal and killed an hours time since i had to come back later. need to do laundry immediately though when i wake up at midnite or later.

Last night, i was supposed to take a horrible loss. i left the $20-40 stud game out $1075. ran so bad and the only hand i did well in i started with rolled up kings. a couple of other sets i lost and once or twice stayed in too long. but a lot of it was due to bad luck. and thats the same as losing $100 in $2-4 stud, so its not really that big of loss, (by that i mean its not unusual for that stake).

But i sure ran hot in the LIVE table BJ. there were no VBJ machines around the area where i was staying, and i sat at a $10 shoe game and moved tables when too many people sat. won about $700 before i went to sleep, and soon as i woke up after a brief nap and needing to change hotels, i sat back down and won another $500 or so. i got very lucky on the final hand. i had 3 bets of $250 each out, (by far my biggest bet of this trip out east) and the running count was plus 10 with about 1 1/2 decks remaining out of 8. (whats the true count?) i assumed it was at least plus 7. (actually it wasnt the final hand, i finished out the shoe since the count was good--but it wouldve been had i lost)

if i were to have lost that hand, id been out a tremendous amount of money, for i got dealt 88 on one hand, A7 on another, and 73 on the remaining hand, and the dealer had 4 showing. so i was forced to pull out the remaining $1000 in the other sock, and double down (or split) on all 3 hands.

got dealt one 10 and one 9 on the 88 split, got dealt 3 (for 21) on the A7 hand, (thats why u double that) and got dealt a face card on the 73 hand for 20 total. so i had 6 bets of $250 each in play.

dealer turns over 3 to go with his 4 and of course im praying for him to have 17. Then i get the fear of Almighty God inserted into me when the next card is a 4, (and of course the pit boss is watching the hand with great interest). what a great thrill and a relief swept over me when the next card was 6 for 17 total, giving me a winner on 5 of 6 hands and a push on the other. i hope the dealer was happy with the $7 tip i left and wasnt expecting something much bigger.

so after expenses, im back to $23,200+ and im dead tired now and going to sleep.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Goodbye to atlantic city, i have stayed there too long, and i specifically went out east to go somewhere NEW-not OLD

I'm tired of living a life of fear due to never being able to beat anyone up, not being legally allowed to own a gun, and being picked on as a kid, a teenager and a young man age 18-24.

I dont feel comfortable in AC NJ. i walked from the Trop to the BOA to deposit some money the other day while waiting to move from one hotel room to another (and thats another thing im tired of. i want a long term stable place to live again--like i had in Reno for as long as id have wanted to remain there.). Besides i fear taking a $5000 loss or thereabouts sooner or later on either BJ or any other type of game id be martingaling.

after leaving the bank i went to the 7-11 to buy some sandwiches, etc. on the way there, (and on the way back) no less than 3 different people (at 3 different times) ask me for money or attempt to, and all 3 were black. one a guy on the way towards the store (its only a 1 block walk from the Trop to Atlantic av from Pacific) one a lady who kept wanting my attn to ask me a question (clearly wanted to bum $1) on the way into the door of the 7-11, and thirdly a guy after i left the store with my purchase. u can see the poverty and destitution here in atlantic city NJ. PA and NY casinos are killing this city into oblivion. no wonder im getting such monster FREE deals. ($800+ in free play for sept and 8 free nights available to use on weekends with a value of about $300 a week or so additional). Plus a lot of gifts i never claimed because i had no where to store them. such as free luggage, free ovens, free vacuum cleaners, free expensive liquors, free fans, rice cookers, etc. i couldve sold them i suppose but i had no idea of anyone in AC willing to offer me immediate cash for these items. somehow i earned a high status from previous machine losses at the Trop. either that, or AC is really getting desperate for customers who could potentionally lose $1000 or so.

the live table BJ is quite a bit better here than Vegas in my opinion considering the large numbers of 8 deck shoe games with 80-90% penetration instead of 2 deck games 50% penetration and shitty rules. i have played a little of it.

and its not worth gaining $50 a couple times a week in free play if im going to bet way too high on the machines. u see tonight, i lost back almost $1900 after picking up my $50 in free play.

i played in 3 different poker rooms in AC im banned at (and it seemed no one in the poker room even knew i was banned there). at least not on the graveyard shift. still however, i was afraid to use a players card, and id feel a lot more comfortable in a poker room ive never been in where i know theyre is $0 chance of any trouble. plus, id like to find a pokerroom with safe deposit boxes so i can withdraw everything out of my bank acct. especially now since ive now got 3 w-2 forms ive had to sign this year. one for $1400 at the orleans, and 2 at the Tropicana, one for $1560 and one for $1320. the actual taxes owed would probably be less than $1000 if i actually filed.

this large bankroll of $22,200+ makes me quite uneasy. im not used to having such a big target on my back considering i was pretty broke and or homeless for over 20 years of my life. even those years where i did have a decent size bankroll, it was still LESS than $10,000. I would feel a lot better if the money was "buried" somewhere, and i lived in a part of the country outside of the cities where no one knew where i was ( or who i was) or what casino they might find me playing in. and let me tell u, here on the east coast theres an awful lot of choices, including some small rooms that dont get a lot of business that ive never been to before. if i wasnt too lazy to list them all, i would guess theyre's at least 20 or more of them. (counting PA, De, NH, WV, etc) and of course i could take an amtrak to anywhere else no one would know me either and arrive in less than 24 hours. i still think my life would be much better if i was far less public on the net, but theres always something im wanting to say within a day or 2 of silence so of course i feel inclined to post something somewhere, usually the easiest place is twitter.

i cant go stabilize my life too much before i see a dr in KS mid october and my family (but i am tired of not having a long term room to store my things and to have to constantly be awake about 12 noon moving hotel rooms). this is why i really wanted to do this in the last week of August (before i came out east-- to have it out of the way before i traveled east). im worried also about why my stomach is so fat when otherwise im very small. i wonder if i should do a lot more walking etc, but poker causes u to have a very sedentary lifestyle. but at times i feel a bit bloated, and yet i still dont eat much. maybe i eat twice a day instead of once when u count snacks, etc, but still i dont eat much. i eat more when i have a fridge at home and food in it and a microwave and am at home online, much more so than if im at a poker table, dont want to get up or waste comps on highly overpriced menus.

-------UPDATE-------the Tropicana fucked me

i went back downstairs after typing this blog entry (which i wasnt ready to publish for another day til AFTER i left AC) played a bit more 3 card poker (and lost another $500--and then won back about $282 of it on a live poker table for the next 6 hours and now im dead tired falling asleep). wish id done nothing but play live poker yesterday.

theres only 1 thing that finally got me off that machine, and that was when i was playing all 5 spots for a big sized bet to get back some of what i was down. one of the 5 spots had a bet of $120. now anyone who is familiar with the game of 3 card poker, will know that if u play the hand instead of fold, u have to bet the same amount as the original bet a 2nd time, so its like when u lose, u lose twice ur bet. i was dealt AJ7 all in diamonds on 1 of the spots, which of course i would play. when i hit play, it FOLDED my hand, (although the tech swore the sensor was working correctly) and id swear it done the same thing 1-2 other times during the hour also. so seeing that it cost me $240, i waited a long time and complained vociferously to the slot supervisors, and management who swore nothing was wrong with the machine and they didnt owe me anything, finally his main supervisor over all the slots (and it was like 45 minute wait for anyone to even show up) showed up (a black woman) and she told me i couldnt be paid, because as long as the tech claims its sensors are working properly theres nothing they could do. now she did see, i was playing very high stakes, had a lot of play on my card, and obviously wouldnt fold AJ7 suited. especially when on the other spots i played lesser hands. so she said they could give me a one time courtesy comp of $75. i really wanted to call gaming, but i didnt know if theyd take my word over the casinos. ill never play that machine ever again, because its not working properly regardless of their claims and i only got $75 back of the $240 i was supposed to get.

if i was on a live table, thats like folding my hand, (refusing to let me play it how i want, (a gaming violation) to force me to play it differently than i chose) and then telling me theres nothing we can do and we're taking ur money. surely i couldve convinced gaming to pay me? i dont know and didnt risk it and accepted the $75 but im not at all happy.

their VBJ machines arent working right either, more than once it bet a $5 bet without me touching any buttons of my money sitting in the machine just because their sensors werent working right either. luckily it didnt do it on any big bets, and i made extra sure to always bet that spot and that alone when playing 1 hand, so it wouldnt choose what to bet on that spot for me. im not playing that spot anymore either. and im definitely getting outta AC now. might not even wait til my rooms up sunday morning. ive now gone about 24 hours without playing it at all. too afraid to anymore.

incidently ive got $34 worth of bitcoin online and about $110 on Bovada still too. what change was supposedly made to the VBJ in the el cortez i dont know about since i left? and its nice how about ALL the rooms in ac offer fridges in the casinos. also nice to not have to pay for wifi at the trop too like i do at the taj. Considering Dover, Harrington, Maryland live, Jacksonville, Erie, Bethelhem, Foxwoods, Mohegan, Niagara Falls, Nashua, Manchester,Salem, Toledo, Detroit and Grand Rapids, Columbus, Charlestown, soon within the week. leaving anytime.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

From my FREE $10 room without internet unless u pay $13 for it at the Taj mahal in AC nj

i have lots of rooms here. 2 a week at the Taj, and 2 a week at the Trop. all of it of course, from previous losses on machines on prior trips. (not this trip). also there seems to be fairly decent live BJ here in Ac, considering counters arent banned, a lot of 8 deck shoes instead of 1-2 decks with poor rules and constantly shuffling up on u, these are real shoes with like 85% penetration. and 3-2 payouts too. so good games.

i was winning close to $1000 earlier this afternoon in this live BJ game at the Taj. But when i quit, i was up less than $100. still not bad, considering when i left a machine earlier i was down $135. so i did do okay at the table. also i did ok on the VBJ at the Trop when i picked up my $50 free play for the 2nd time in AC tonight, which i had to go to the VP machine to use and cashed out $34 only. made about $200 on it, but then gave away over $60 of it on a pickem poker at the TAJ. deuces wild is normally a good game, but dont try it when playing pickem poker.

Only the Trop will give me free nites on fri and sat this month in AC. i bet those rooms are worth quite a bit of money.

really was shocked my room here has a fridge. i put food in it, but id much rather not pay $13 a day for internet. having to pay for it shocked me too. But how else can i meet my business obligations?

also, i cant believe the pit boss wrote me down as $100 av bet. sure i was martingaling up to 2 hands of $300+ each, but the vast majority of bets were $10, $15, or $15+15. guess i got lucky. of course, on big negative counts, i only went to $15-15 and the really good martingales were on the good counts only, one running count briefly hit plus 20. since they dont bar counters, i shouldve restarted the new series at a higher size bet. on bad counts, i stopped the series, started over with $10, and kept track in my head the really large amount i was due to bet the next good count.

if i lost a few $10, $15, $15+15 series in a row, it could be quite a substantial amount id be waiting for a good count to bet.

i was surprised he wrote me up a $50 meal ticket too, although $50 in comp dollars on my card would be more useful. thats why i took half to my room to save. i cant eat that much.

here is one hand history from the Nugget. games there are much looser than games at the nugget in vegas. often 7-8 way action on $15 preflop raises and some of the regulars in there daily are just people who have a lot of money and gamble it away. one guy from NY, italian guy, made about $3000 worth of trips to the atm the night before.

also i saw no less than 3 people get thrown out.

tonight i started off losing early, at one point was down over $400, was lucky to leave the casino only down $108. this hand here hurt me. i had AA and raised to $7 preflop and got 4 callers. (too many, i needed someone to reraise). flop comes 893 and a guy in the blinds donk bets it for $25. what does this mean he has?

i made it $75 and he calls and ONLY he calls. im worried about a set. K hits the turn and i bet $112,to represent strength and tell him he mightve had me til the king came, and swear to him i have trips and dont want him to hit the flush on me like he did earlier. (there is 2 diamonds on the flop). im doing this so he dont reraise me allin if im beat. it worked out really well, he only called, and then checked the river knowing ill bet and of course, i check too, on a blank river rainbow 5. sure enough he had 89 for 2 pair and he saved me about $100 i had behind. i feel i played it beautifully getting him to not put me allin, but it sure pissed me off losing to someone that dumb as to knowing how to get full value.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm afraid im going to lose everything if i dont leave Parx. all the VBJ machines on the east coast suck. never yet found one i like

the evening tonight started off badly, after 2 previous winning sessions of $800+ overall for the 2 day period. i was down to $21,998 after arriving in Bensalem PA outside of Philadelphia, and had slowly recovered to $22,830. This was even after taking $40 out to replace a ruptured suitcase, buying food, transportation, hotels, etc. (today i renewed for 1 more day so i wouldnt need to check out today). ive only got $20,900 left now.

and truth be told, i mightve been winning because i stuck to $1-2 NL instead of $2-5 (my comfort level game) and played very little VBJ. u see in PA, the min bet is $5 or $10 (depending on which machine u play) unlike all the $1 and $2 minimums im used to in NV. also i can not count these here without a tremendous amount of extra work (or sticking to only 1 spot) due to how each player has its own shoe in PA. so the only VBJ id played was a small amount to see if i would earn points on it.

and id been up about $40 on it for about $100 total of bets id made. But this is about fridays play. last night it all changed.

the only game id played other than $1-2 NL before last night was $10-20 big 0 fixed limit, and i was $163 up in that game when it broke. But due to my lack of experience with playing that game fixed limit, i never sat in it again either.

when i walked to Parx last night (for the first time instead of taking an uber--feel silly since its so close but just paranoid about being held up). i knew that a guy from twitter would be playing there soon and he wanted to meet me. i was only seated a short while and he texted me he had arrived and was at a different table, right as i was being dealt the dreaded pocket kings and he walks up and said hi about 15 seconds after i lost $184 with them.

its me and 1 other guy, who is all in preflop, and i initially raise to $15. he reraises me to $30 and i decided to shove and i have him covered since id just sat down about 20 minutes ago with $300. he called with 10 10. and he didnt beat me til the river, though i feared the worst all along, along with 2 guys by him who seemed like regs rooting for him to hit his 10. when the guy from twitter walked up i left the table and went to sit at his table.

and i never recovered. me and the guy from twitter (ive forgot his real name) kept being in games that broke, and having to move tables. and i finally was down $400 and rebought $300 more. then i finally started a small recovery, and i think he may have went broke and left by this time. was back to $422 of my $700, and then lost a big hand and was down to $176 and as usual i forgot what the hand was. i gave up left, and sat in a $2-5 game with $500 to recover my $524 loss. the game looked loose from watching a few hands.

i lost 2 hands with a $15-25 preflop raise with AT suited both of which whiffed the flop and then a pot came up where 4 players had $20 each in the pot when it got to me, and i looked down to see AK of diamonds. i shoved, and got called, by a guy whose hand i never got to see. there was a lot of dead money in the pot but i didnt really want a call. flop comes 10 8 5 7 10 with 3 clubs but he looks forever and then finally folds. so i felt quite lucky and then had $892 in front of me of the $1024 im in for total that night. the one time i thought i might wipe out the loss and continue the streak.

a few minutes later, i had JT of diamonds and call $10 preflop. flop comes 9JK with one diamond and the original raiser bets $15. i decide to only call. he has me covered by far. turn comes Q and he bets $50 and i raised to $200. he bets $450, and what would u do here?

i see no point in just calling, for only 1 hand beats me and if he has that ill have to call his bet on the river anyway wont i? and i was of the opinion from things id said i had an image of being on tilt.

i shoved, he calls and of course has the ace hi straight, and i immediately leave to hit up the VBJ machine, stuck $1024.

when i left the vbj, i was then out about $1900+ for the night and of course received no comps for it. maybe $2 food credits, seemed i had $23.21 when leaving the poker room and now had $25.76 but i got 0 points whatsoever. whatever, the rates on the east coast are extremely shitty compared to the small NV places im used to.

if i found a machine with a $500 max bet per spot, losing all 5 at max bet would be a loss of $2500. the max bet here was $100 per spot only, but still i could theoretically lose huge here. maybe i should just fly back to reno or somewhere no machines exist. im worried because i dont trust myself. also i set up 6 free nites between taj and trop in ac for later this week and next including fri and sat.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

FROM MC Carran airport

as i sit here waiting to board US airways flight 734 at Mccarran at 11am, i wanted to take this moment to go over some bad news.

new roll is down to $21,998. after paying airfare, and hotel for the next 3 nights. and the big loss i took last night. (before the loss, i was back to over $24,000). lost about $900 of it on the VBJ at the el cortez, and the rest between the wynn and the nugget.

after leaving the wynn stuck close to $300, i bought in for $878 at the nugget where i got off the bus to play more poker. there were many big stacks, and the game was shorthanded. lots of deepstacks players who werent regulars. one elderly lady i lost 2 big hands to twice, once with KK against her AA on a board of TQ2JT and if id been as aggressive as i should id lost it all. actually expected to win after she got scared and checked the river.

lost it all anyway a few hands later. flop comes 872 and i have top set., i check, another guy bets $31, she calls, and i bet $132. he calls, and so does she there are 2 clubs on the flop so i dont want callers. theres quite a bit of money in there due to raise preflop or two.

turn comes 4 of clubs. i have $400 left, and the guy has about $225 and she has over $1000. i figure it does no good to check because they sure wont check behind me if im beat and i can still suck out. so i bet $400, he folds and she thinks forever, so i doubt she has the flush. she won with 56 for striaght.

earlier she was quite loose, flop was AQ9 and she stayed all the way with 10 5 offsuit and tried to bluff the river and a guy called her. i had a8 and folded the river. he had 2 pair to win. she had nothing thats why i gave her so little respect.

ok, i gotta go, pray this dont crash