Friday, December 27, 2013


am eating in the burger bar next to the V pokerroom, for $15 just for a burger and fries--severly overpriced--not even all that big--but i paid with part of the $71 in comps i discovered i had. using comps for tourny buyins would be far more wise.

i was stuck $340 on the VBJ before i left Jean, and i guess i shouldnt have came up here with Benny, and ill really be screwed if he dont bring me back to Jean later--for all my things are still in Jean. and i never checked out of my room and its still good til tomorrow.

i just wanted to do something else, but i wouldve lost quite a bit less had i not raised my bets way up trying to get unstuck.

now my roll is down to only $2392. thats awful. and it will be less, just found out they dont take the tax off here when paying with comps like they do everywhere else. actually i think its illegal to charge tax when using comps--so i could call gaming if i wanted to make a scene.

there goes me having enough money to make a go of it in Biloxi

anyway--the hand i wanted to post. I bought in $100, and had just won a pot a hand earlier i was still counting, and turns out id just got my chips up to $220, and shouldve quit, but i was doing ok, in a fairly tight game with lots of regulars, and needed to win more. Ah, greed.

so a guy makes it $12, the one loose kid makes it $50 after another guy calls, and the 2 guys on my left been talking nonstop how the kid is always trying to make moves with nothing, and theyre right. so i shove, the asian guy calls, and the loose kid folds after his $50 raise.

asian guy calls so fast i worry im behind, but no, he has JJ and beat me on the river. had i won the pot, theres the entire $340 back i lost in jean. so i rebuy $115 and lost that an hour or so later when i had KK preflop and the tightest guy reraised me allin preflop with AA. the 2nd decision was bad, but the first decision i did all i could do (got the money in preflop with the best of it)

But still, the games here are horrible--and seems the only solution if i want to win is to return to los angelos immediately. right?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PLO/8 tourny at GVR

After dropping my $3400 roll to the $2100s briefly since returning to vegas from cali and Jean, the split in the freeroll at LVH, the wins at the stratosphere, Wynn, and the nugget, i was up to over $3000 again when i took the room at samstown sunday night for one day.

When i woke up about 7am, i played $1-5 stud downstairs, but the rake, $2 jackpot, and ante is so high in that game combined that i cant seem to ever win in it, and i was down $90 by the time the $2-6 holdem finally started up about 1.45pm. i should never play the stud there really.

Vince didnt make it by til a little after 5pm, but by the time he arrived, id gotten back all of the loss but $40. we went and got some food, and then went over to GVR to play the PL0/8 tourny on mon nights ive never had a chance to play and the $45 on his buyin was his Christmas gift from me. he busted out early (shouldnt stake people in games they dont play much--he thought a35k was worth betting on a 3 person flop of 447 when they both checked to him--and he also thought he had a nut flush draw when he didnt).

i doubled up more than that early on, and by the time we got down to 10 players, i was the chip leader with 22,900. the total prize pool was 736. and it paid 3 spots only. but then i started dwindling down and at one point had less than 4 BB. eventually we chopped 5 ways, $200 to the chip leader $125 each for everyone else, so i got our buyins back thank God, keeping me barely over 3000.

By then Vince was too tired to drive over to Jean, so he gave me 1 free night at his house. im in the room Jim and his gf used to live in, and Anne is also living there with Vince along with her dog, whose quite friendly being a pit bull terrier, i dont see how he could bite a soul, and i never thought it was possible for these dogs to be friendly but he was licking my face.

anyway, after i was lying down in that room to sleep with 2 blankets and a sleeping bag, (there no more bed in there) the floor seemed wet, and i was unsure why, i moved over to the other side of the room, where its dry, figuring its just water somehow. kind of smelled mildewish and i figured id point it out to vince the next day. then later when i went to the bathroom, the dog follows me back into the room from where it was sleeping on the couch with anne, and i would swear he was sitting in a really odd way, and i think i saw it use the bathroom, for there was a new spot that was wet. Vince really needs to be told about this but not in front of Anne, im sure she wouldnt believe it. i dont think im seeing things, and i have no other explanation how the floor got wet. id have woke him up, but i doubt he would believe it.

so its just as well i try to find my own place to live, either in Jean, or take that $150 flight to biloxi on dec 28 if it dont sell out. But i still dont think i have enough to travel with, to Ks, cali, biloxi or somewhere else.

i do need to stick to NL though (or that gvr tourny) and find loose action games--i learned that while in cali

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

now everyone will understand why i belong in Jean or CA instead of vegas

not only did i blow way too much at Palace station on VP (which i then won back later on the VBJ at slots of fun, today i blew way too much at slots of fun betting way too high on the same VBJ (once i got stuck i bet about $250 on one round of bets, which lost) and my new roll is down to $2900 now, and i still need to send mom and son their Christmas, king of donks even sent me a text reminding me of this. too bad neither of them has a paypal, it makes sending cash a pain in the ass. i see ads for $1 WU, but there isnt a WU anymore in Lyons, the closest one is 9 miles away and my mom would be pissed if i did that instead of mailing a check.

the morning started off badly, (had $3443) and i went to use my riviera coupon book on the way to slots of fun when i woke up about 6am. lost BOTH the $10 BJ match play, and the $25 BJ match play so walked out of there pissed, (still with way too much cash on me--$882--even after the $1200 deposit in cali--due to wins since leaving cali). and by the time i quit playing the VBJ at slots of fun, i was down to $372 in cash. seems all my problems stem from having too much cash on me at times. but im sure not spending a ton of money to go to a bank before i play in a cab, and then not having enough for doubles and splits, nor am i leaving it in the hotel room i was checking out of. not really a good solution unless u have a long term place to live no other person lives but u. in commerce theres an excellent solution, ur money is at the cage which is an easy walk from ur table. but in vegas they do that for hotel guests only and i have to constantly change casinos for 1 day at a time because if u stay 2 nights instead of 1, u only get the coupon book once.

but yeah in Jean the VBJ gives MUCH better odds and payback and rules than the one at slots of fun here in vegas, even though slots of fun can pass 100% i think. difference being i think the one here in vegas needs the comps to make it plus EV and Jean can be plus EV without the 1% comps.

and the loss was made so much worse by the huge bet on the final hand. one piece of good news, if i am still around vegas in jan and feb, i have $75 more in free play coming for both of those 2 months. Thats if i dont go to Biloxi for the promo. or back to commerce where hopefully i can still win at the same rate i was, although some think i just ran really above average both trips. i seriously wouldnt know without making 100 more trips.

so how am i supposed to survive in vegas with only $2900 unless i move back into Vinces, which of course he would let me do, with a new price of $75 a week instead of $70.

Herbie thinks i should do the LVH freeroll this week, there will only be 6-7 of us splitting up $2500 and its chopped without playing any time less than 20 qualify. but do i have time, and will enough show up for there to be a game? its pretty dead over there. ill be there at noon today, and hopefully others show up too. otherwise if no game i cant get the hours in and i fear once they get their hours there will be no game all day friday, and i really need to include friday to make it. freeroll is 11am saturday.

maybe one of u will come qualify seeing its $20 hour (with double hours +EV) but we have to keep the game going. at night its easier to get it going sometimes, more tourists. id hate to get slightly under 24 hours, then not be a game to get the remainder of the time in. 25 hours wins u the minimum, 30 hours for the maximum. i got between 6-7 hours last night. Mark would certainly appreciate it if readers showed up. i found out i had $39 in food comps there too, so i can eat a few cheap meals.

im sick enough i missed out on the stations freeroll, that wouldve been easy money and i was about 8 hours short. potential of really big money if u do well in that tourny.

lets hope the hot water works in the shower here. i never could get it to work at the riveira, and didnt test it at palace. and i wish id made one final attempt to go back by that motel near commerce i left the bags just in case my stuff was still there before i left. my mother told me i was about at the bottom in judgement according to the mental health doctors as a teenager. and thats my worst subject. my highest was in my other type of intelligence.

yeah i wish id used the $3400 roll for poker, id like to know how id done with the higher roll. i told lightning i was going to the wynn, but instead im in my room on bovada. im worried $2900 isnt enough for $1-2 and $1-3 NL in vegas, but it seems its what im playing anyway. certainly isnt enough to travel to KS NOW. but later in the year works out better.

nor am i worried about NewYearsEve. ill either go to Jean, cali or stay at vinces a few days.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

on the one bus, a guy threw up all over the bus, and on a different bus, going to a casino, the people running the trip had one person say a prayer in spanish, and another person say the prayer in English.

yeah the other day, after leaving the commerce and heading to my motel in Whittier CA, a guy with his wife girlfriend or whatever, across the aisle from me, threw up all over the floor of the bus and then they both got right off. odd lightning never mentioned this since i sent him a text about it. he immediately laid down on the grass outside, seemed sick but no idea why. (drugs, drinking or something else?) a woman at the front of the bus got a newspaper and the driver used it to cover the floor, no idea how soon they took the bus out of service, i got off about 2 more miles up at my stop.

And tonight, on the bus into Jean NV, they said a prayer God would bless the driver and keep him safe and get us there safely in Spanish, and again in English when the black lady took over the microphone from the drivers wife. the black lady (same lady who panhandled me for $5 that one day by the way) used the words our heavenly father and ended it with in Jesus name, (the way the Bible teaches u to pray) and which Obama has ordered our military Chaplains not to say. Lots of them have refused his order as a matter of conscience, and have lost their jobs over it--and the same for not performing gay marriages. This is because obama is true to his muslim faith, and thinks a pedofile (Mohammed--who raped and married a 9 yr old girl) is equal to Jesus, and finds the use of Jesus name "discrimination".

if people would quit listening to liberal news sites, and go to sites such as worldnetdaily theyd learn the truth to whats going on in the world.

anyway i felt so good the other day when i made over $500 in one day, and was up to $3510. (i felt like i should stay in cali and could afford the higher weekly cost of living). but the next morning, soon as i checked out of my motel and sat in the $6-12 stud at about 6am, i lost $200 rapidly, --i do not have the bankroll for that game no matter how bad the others are-- and $92 more in $40 NL earlier. so being out $292, after about a 30 minute break on the computer, i moved to $4-8 omaha. but it wasnt as loose as it normally is, and i lost a bit over $100 more in that too. so i changed my mind about staying in cali, managed to get a seat on the bus to Jean, (and being near a window luckily actually fell asleep on it) got to Jean, took my 2 free nights, and ive also got $57 in unused comps too. since arriving ive won back $108 on the VBJ, making new roll $3171.

before i got on the bus i deposited $1200 at the bank of america to be safe, so $2598 on my money is in the bank instead of in cash. but i didnt feel all that safe once the bank was closed and i had to do it outside especially with lines of people at the 3 atm machines but there were a lot of people around, so i wasnt robbed when i yanked the money out of my shoe and stuck it in the deposit atm. id much preferred the inside of the bank to be open, or it been a far better neighborhood than east LA.

the reason i had that much cash was i emptied my acct at the cage in the commerce to not have it left behind in cali.

when i got to Jean, i got quite disappointed no more letters from Carmen, unless of course she sent one and it got sent back.  did i say anything to upset her? she seemed happy in the first letter. Hard to find a good woman. AKgals friend michelle dont like me either, as far as getting to know me in person. i miss claudia, and wish she had been serious about wanting to get to know me better instead of just playing around. i feel so bitter and jealous everytime i think of Claudia and hamsterdam having sex. i wonder if carmen was upset i said vince didnt want her to know his address, but i explained how vince was in the wrong about this. so i stood up for her, even told her i was looking forward to us hanging out once shes out.

makes no sense she would want to stay at the prison voluntarily waffles said she couldve got out sooner, but didnt want to. ??? if she isnt interested in hanging out, wish she would find me a girl in there whod love to keep me company once shes released.

and if people smoke, wtf dont they carry a lighter instead of asking guys who dont smoke all the time if they have a lighter. i shouldve told the guy id buy him a lighter if he let me fuck his woman. its quite annoying and its so hard not to go off on people who do such dumb things, and want favors all the time when their life is far better than urs. they shouldnt ask. at least that guy had someone to love him. i guess im bitter ive not been married 20 yrs ago. sure missed out on a lot in life.

and i no longer feel like this 3100 is anything to live on. sure dont feel its enough for housing, or to play poker in vegas. games in vegas are so bad, unless im just playing in the wrong games. the guys in cali said almost ANY state has better action in the games than vegas does. ill bet thats true too. nor is it enough to travel to moms for christmas like she and others are saying i should. too stressful. i think once im back over 10k ill be relaxed though, and have certainly learned a lot about how i mismanaged it in the past. i keep refining and improving my VBJ betting methods too.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

making the right decisions? yes or no

too bad i didnt spend most of my life here in los angeles, away from machines, away from tougher players and tougher $1 2 games, i wonder how high my money would be now had the vast majority of my time been spent here instead of NV?

After taking a room for a week yesterday I was down to $3017, and after eating at Burger King, (where i walked after making the ATM deposit) and paying my cab here, i had $2990 left. lost 2 buyins for $98 total at $1-2 $40 buyin NL and thought i was finally going to have my first ever loss at the commerce. I decided to move to Omaha, and was pretty card dead but man were the pots awful huge and the players very weak. at the lowest point i was stuck $122. but i managed to get off that game with a new roll of $3025.

I think the reason im doing well this time not having any losses is my game selection has improved, and instead of playing the FUN games (think plo8, stud, and higher buyin NL) im playing the games i do best in instead. For isnt that the only real reason for playing is to increase my roll --and in turn my circumstances? it sure isnt to have fun or for enjoyment. Fun and enjoyment is what u do with the money when all is said and done, its not for the tables or while u play. Not if u want to be successful. we can all agree on that, right?

so my better decisions is why im still over $600 better off than when i left Jean, despite having spent over $500 since coming here this first week. (and maybe a little bit of luck)

i probably shouldve just taken the original hotel i abondoned the bags at, its closer by far. and theres also better motels i found more convenient to the bus with fridges and microwaves for no more than im paying now. in fact the place i took yesterday i originally thought was convenient to my bus, but i looked at the map wrong and found it wasnt. paid $17.85 plus tip to get there for $20 cab fare, every trip at that, so when i got into my room and turned the heater on full blast, i looked up online google transit (which ive come to depend on for bus schedules thanks to Britni) and it was showing NO BUS in the area at all, and said to drive or taxi 4-5 miles away to get the bus, and im thinking WTF? cause im still in a pretty populated major suburb not far away. so i sent out a few emails to my most trusted advisers.

turns out i was wrong, or actually, google transit was wrong. there is a bus 3 blocks from me, on a major street, and i can use it to get to the commerce or transfer to another bus even though its not the closest or the most preferrred bus. its run by a TOTALLY DIFFERENT bus company, and is why it dont show up on google transit but has its own website. Herbie told me this isnt the first time things dont show up on google transit. so i looked up their schedule, downloaded it and its only showing weekdays. now granted i did this from my phone and NOT my laptop, but then why was there a bus today?

i paid for a cab anyway cause i thought it might only be 1 an hour, but it seems like every 30 minutes, looking at the schedule but i have no idea if theres one this sunday morning since its not on google transit. and their site says weekdays. maybe that means everyday i dont know. yeah i seen a bus leaving just as i was crossing the street, so i think wasting todays $20 on a cab mightve been dumb. cant expect to win $200 every night. tonights been the worst night yet and im not quite done playing yet.

and i still could really use a better battery too, and i sent KOD a message, but he hasnt returned my text yet. and i havent even looked at emails yet, i simply went to create and type up a new blog before i did anything else.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

it would probably be a good idea to never leave cali to go back into Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter.

why? because as long as i dont leave the los angelos area, i cant ever lose any money on any machines. i'm doing ok here, won $132 on day 1, won $63 on day 2, and $72 on day 3. (although $39 of tonights win came from a mixture of stud and omaha8, so my $40 NL results are now not so clear). thats still more than i would make if i had any other type of income or employment so of course poker is what i should be spending my time doing. still have not played the new $100-300 PLO/plo8 mix, i just cant bring myself to risk buying in for the $100 min in that game with such a small roll. (unless i was stuck a lot more than that, then i might be able to justify it).

i'm probably making an err not finding a weekly motel near Hollywood park, since that bus runs all the time, and theres a lot of motels on that main road. simply because of the AA $100 24 hour promo im told they have. i have a hard time believing thats true, and if true, its cost me between $60-70 one time so far. where i folded aa postflop but wouldnt have if the promo was going. id have lost over $30+ i had in front of me and got $100 back. Id also have to lift the old ban for hiding out in the raceway asleep upstairs, but thats been over 5 yrs ago probably longer, and wasnt for any behavioral issues. im sure most people have not been barred for far less.

i think i got barred since i wasnt a known regular customer, and they thought i was some bum, also theyd spent some time looking for me on another floor too. But they did mention at the time i could talk to someone after one year had passed.

i think i might be missing out on about $200 a week not doing that promotion. so it would be worth trying. also it would be nice to have a room of my own too.

The main thing is to be where i can find the easiest games, (to spend all my time in those games playing) and to play my best in those games. and i feel this is much easier in cali than in vegas, and i feel i mightve wasted a lot of years of my life by being in vegas instead. not so sure that was a wise choice, i should probably try to remain in the area and save up 10k or so. its too bad WEC dont read this blog anymore, he could probably give advice on this. in the same light, going up to WA would probably be a poor idea too, especially since pokerdogg aint been around and i dont know how to reach him. why is it a bad idea? because i think the games would be 100x tougher to win in, more like vegas. and for that matter i guess that would also rule out living in reno.

but what about fresno or sac? or are those games much tougher than the commerce area? and are the games in pechanga any different than commerce? truthfully i dont have enough LA experience to know. even if i returned to vegas or Jean, id still feel like i made progress because the last time i returned to Jean and Vegas from cali, i had LESS. about $600-700 less. i dont even know if the games at places like Barona are different than LA, since i wasnt playing $40 NL while in san diego, being much more broke at the time.

i am a bit afraid of leaving the commerce, due to not knowing where id sleep i sure dont want to have to fall asleep outside again, and besides at the commerce my cash is always behind the cage so i feel safe, never having to have any cash on me once i leave the casino. i dread leaving the LA area for good and carrying it all with me when i do.

and i took my 33 chips off seals and sent $36 to my bank it should arrive within a day or so. i have 4 chips left there, one buyin only. but i still have $20+ on bovada. have not been playing online at all lately since leaving Jean.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'd be a lot better off financially had i listened to Herbies advice last night

Won a $500 drawing over the weekend, got my $495 withdrawal on Bovada by WU a lot quicker than expected, and yet i still have a roll of only $2282. thats awful, with both those 2 things i shouldve been very close to $3000.

But of course i went partners with Herbie on the drawing, (reducing my share to $230)--and then lost multiple sessions of VBJ, plus we went to GVR with $315 and i came back with $73 after buying a little food and paying him for gas. the poker games there are normally good $1-2 games but i sure couldnt get anything that night and the table wasnt as good that day either. And i still dont quite have the 50 hours i need before dec 15 for the Jan 15 freeroll.

And i have little left online either now, just $26 on Bovada, and 33 chips on seals, which at $1100 a bitcoin are worth about $36. im wondering if i should sell and take it, nothing is backing it up and bitcoin is as valuable as GOLD.

and ill be due a big net and phone bill of $30-40 each within a day or two.

Herbie said i should be in vegas playing poker instead of in Jean, and offered to let me ride back to vegas FREE and drop me off at Vinces and i decided against it, mainly since i still had $2546, felt that enough to work with, and wanted to check the mail monday for a letter from Carmen again. of course, that night i lost $150 on the VBJ again, and u notice the new roll as of now after paying for a tour bus, this ride, misc expenses etc. I do NOT think i made the right decision in deciding against it.

So im on the bus and while on the bus i get a little worried of being robbed, the ONLY seat not taken is in the very back of the bus, surrounded by blacks, mostly women, all the older asians and mexicans are up near the front. no white people at all on the bus, maybe 1-2. this one black lady whose a regular who said she helps host the bus got me on, talked to the driver and owner and paid $25 for a ride into LA. (of course its also the same black lady who panhandled a few bucks off me before too when broke, or possibly her friend) i think its her sister. But the guy i was sitting next to was an older black guy off his medication who got into some argument with security and i was sure glad to not be on that bus any more, was worried about him pulling out a knife or something and thinking this white guy will sure be an easy target to rob. of course had he done so, the other passangers wouldnt have cared since i was white and felt me being white id deserved it. so i was extremely paranoid on the bus the whole way.

so paranoid that in fact when he stopped in barstow for a 30 minute break i couldnt stand being on the bus no more and was going to go up the street get a motel room, and later catch a train since barstow has an amtrak station plus buses. just to be away and to feel FREE of all these goddamn bags. herbie said to get rid of those bags and not be carrying them around and why do i need pots and pans, but someday ill have an apt again. so yeah i had 3 bags under the bus, and i was going to just leave them and be a free man. instead the bus was still there about 15 min later (after the 30 min break ended trying to figure out where i was) and i changed my mind last minute and ran to get on it claiming i was looking for wifi across the street and had been mistaken on the departure time. was i ever relieved once i reached Atlantic and Pomona and got off the bus safely. and carrying these damned bags to this hotel was a real pain, especially crossing the bridge. had to leave 1 behind and come back for it later. and i wont have anywhere to put these bags when i leave. at most ill be able to store 1 at commerce if that, i dont know on that.

i really didnt have the money to abandon the bus, but with $2300 left i still felt a lot richer than i really am considering how little money i survived on in cali the previous trip. and i thought it might save me being robbed of $1000. its too bad racism exists, if black racism did not exist, i wouldnt have had to fear my safety. But we can never get rid of racism til we first get rid of all the racists, those who hate whites and were taught to hate them from birth. and they carry out that hate by voting democrat and playing the knockout game, which the media tries to pretend dont exist.

now i feel its dumb to pay $350 for a week so i refused, $70 for a day is dumb too but i need sleep before i play at the commerce, and tomorrow ill just start using the spa. or take the bus into reno, sac, or vegas. i should just go home to KS. i dont feel i treat my family right, but i dont feel too guilty because i know i dont have the money to treat them right so i dont feel i should go til im in far better shape--that way i wont be a burden on them. i dont like being around people. id like to be around a woman whod love me, but dont want to be around others im not really close to. just those i can relate to.

Friday, November 29, 2013

I miss Grump

well Vince came and got me here at the Gold strike in jean (where ive been since last tues grinding the VBJ along with Bovada each day) and where i arrived with about $1945 left and am still now at $2299. Since it was Thanksgiving and he wanted me to eat with him and Anne--he only wanted $15 cash for gas each way instead of $40 each way, and then we ended up playing poker last night at the redrock. Originally he wanted to play at either Club fortune (no game going) or omaha but he dont like the omaha at the orleans, and decided not to go to the V because he really prefers the suncoast but they only had stud8 last night instead of omaha. so he didnt play any omaha since redrocks omaha game had broke. he played $2-4 limit while i played $1-2 NL, and in about 5 hours my game broke with me up $37. i joined Vinces game and by the time Vince had left i was up $61 at the poker, (although i lost $81 on the VBJ before Vince showed up). then we went home to sleep at his house. the guy who was hanging out with Vince in the $2-4 he knew said that he hosts the PLO8 green valley tourny and deals there. he said that tourny might not stay going much longer and that the horse tourny is far more popular.

so today when i woke up i was under the understanding that Vince and i would play poker again, but no all Vince did was watch football all day, with some drunk who works at the fiesta named Mike, and anne and her daughter and his friend Jay. i was bored out of my mind in my room, and finally he left to drive Mike downtown and him and Anne took me to Jean. we never did get to play any more poker, kind of feel like i went over there for nothing. i did eat a very good meal Jay cooked, hes a chef at fiesta and the food was great.

Also it was nice of SI to call while i was asleep to leave a message wishing me a happy thanksgiving. and later today ill see another friend from RTP i should remain nameless.

im quite concerned about my $475 withdrawal from Bovada, seems the police in the phillipines shut down their call processing center, and i dont know if they have any employees available to send WU right now, and i also found out i cant use MG since ive never deposited thru MG although its $45 fee instead of a $75 fee to withdraw. ill find out sometime within 7 days about my withdraw thats being processed now. sure hope they dont tell me ill have to get a check, even though it would be free. id then have an additional worry over the next 3-4 weeks of it bouncing, not worth all the mental anguish and stress.

am lucky i hit 3 different tourneys to enable me to be able to have such a big withdraw anyway. ill only have about $43 left on there now after this withdrawal to work with. plus the 20 chips on seals which is up to $20 now. ill feel so much wealthier and better off if i can safely get that money off bovada and added to my other $2299.

one thing i really enjoyed when i was in vegas a year or 2 ago was the day (a holiday, i think thanksgiving or Christmas, not sure) when Grump offered to hang out, we went and played poker and ate, and spent the evening hanging out together. Grump like me dont care about sports, which is nice, few men are that way, and he was happy just to hang out and share similar interests. if he had not moved to NC we couldve played together many times. id like to see Nick come back to vegas too, or the guy from the Commerce named Dustin if he still reads the blog. Bennys friend from Chicago never showed up. But even more i wish Josie would come back to Vegas, along with Zin and Pokerdogg and Koala.

Yeah i felt so bored at Vinces expecting to spend the day playing poker with him, when all anyone wanted to do was sit around a tv watching sports. at least when home with my mom and son on thanksgiving we play games together, board and card games. no one in my family watches sports except my grandpa who died many years ago.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

starting a new and different life

Still holding onto $1865, $20 on bovada if i miss the money in this triple up SNG im in right now, and $40 in bitcoins that i paid $860 a bitcoin for (i only bought $40 worth)--small fraction of a coin--thats for use to play on seals and a few other things. sure hope i didnt make a mistake buying high, lightning thought i might be. hard time finding a guy willing to sell to me. also i spent a little money getting cricket internet back up and running too.

WE ARE NOT GOING TO DISCUSS THE SSI HEARING. for good reason too, which im sure Vook, lightning, PPP, Josie, SI and others will agree and all are sworn to silence. and no im sure not been approved. in fact i think its a waste of time and effort. (at least im not out any effort).

No reason to hang around vegas any longer either. i might go to reno with Herbie or home to KS for awhile. Am looking forward to meeting a guy from out of town Tues, but doubt anything will come of it, but if so, its an important future business relationship which involves gambling.

Only heard back from Carmen one time, hope i didnt piss her off.  Also i think me posting in RTP isnt a good idea anymore, and most others agree too, especially SI, Josie, and lightning.

and would like to play poker with friends more often too. disappointed SI didnt answer my phone calls last 2 nights. (if i sent him a text both nights, cant remember). am wondering if NJ might be worth moving to since they have better online gaming than NV does?

i dont feel nearly as secure as i did when i had $1600-2600 for a few weeks, but i feel 100x more secure than i did when i had $500-1000 for so long while in san diego area. a big portion of the last year i wasnt about hardly any better off than $1200, or less.

good news is i finally found a solution which helps keep me off VP machines with poor paybacks.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

short much needed update

this blog has kind of died off, and since im not finding any clients to advertise recently, ive not really cared all that much. i think it hurts me financially a lot more than it helps me, and i never felt that way before. But way too much people are way too informed about how they can beat me at the poker tables, and im excessively paranoid of that fact.

also im a bit depressed im back to $1800 from being close to $2400-2600 for a while. now i feel like i dont have enough for $1-2 NL anymore and yet i feel like i cant afford to play smaller. too bad online isnt a better option but games there are much tougher.

Vinces gf cut my hair today, gave me a good shave, but i still had to pay, also done all my laundry and dropped me off at the casino, also Vince attended my meeting with my atty, and we learned a few things i wasnt aware of about my case. i dont think its going anywhere.

It was nice meeting Snevman, he put BOTH me and Vince in the tourny friday night, and i busted in 13th while Vince chopped the final 4. Vinces share of the win after paying Snevman and tipping $20 was $280. Snevman played nothing  but cash games, but that was awful nice of him. Vegas DWP was there with him also.

and ive not been doing well in the nugget lately, and i still lost a few hundred i shouldnt have lost on bad paying machines, or id still be over $2000. for a while i thought i had a shot of getting it up to $3000 when i was running good, but i dont feel that way anymore. its going to be a long ways off.

am certainly in better shape financially and saving a lot of money staying at his house, and Herbie was enormously helpful to me in giving me that monthly bus pass i need to return to him soon as he gets to vegas. and i need to copy the picture of me off Vinces facebook page of me after i got the haircut and shave. women would like that picture better i think.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I didnt know seattle irish has a daughter who plays poker

I guess he never wanted to tell me about her before because maybe he was afraid shed ditch her BF from Canada and take up with me, and he tried very hard tonight to keep me from knowing that him, his son, and daughter, (one of which must just be an inlaw?) were all at the nugget playing poker. He had no reason to suspect id show up since my twitter feed claimed i was at redrock picking up my UP withdraw. In fact, i didnt know i would be either. I was ahead $123 in session 2 at the redrock, and had won $115 earlier in session 1, and id earlier looked up the bus times for the sahara express bus. Then i got a text from Herbie he was going to be playing at the nugget, so i decided to rush down there soon as possible, and made the bus by about 30 seconds before the next bus wouldnt been thru for another hour. it was a good time to hit and run since i was up, and i finally had my roll back to over $2200 from $2000, so i was feeling good again finally. in fact, before i picked up $239 in todays freeroll at the LVH (where they do a mandatory chop instead of playing anytime less than 20 qualify) i wouldve been down to the $1800s. Especially after paying Vince a bunch more in rent.

Id been sleeping at Vinces all day today after the freeroll, (to try and get my schedule back in shape to stay awake til 5.23am again) and Vinces gf Anne drove me to the redrock about 8pm for $9 gas in Vinces car. Was way too tired to play this morning, and of course playing at LVH on saturdays is pointless because those hours count for nothing.

Anyway i found out Herbie was at Palace station, with access to a car again, so i arranged to get off the Sahara bus there and have him drive me to the bank downtown to deposit $800 so i wouldnt be carrying too much cash, and from there we went to the nugget up the street. What a surprise it was to see SI sitting there with a ton of people in his family who all seemed to know each other, along with one other friend of his.

Herbie and i both managed to grab seats the same table, although Herbie couldnt stay long and left to sleep when his friend at the nugget got off work. Seattle irish wasnt there that long either, but he probably played alot before id arrived.

at one point, i was really feeling good. i was all the way up to $305 at the nugget off my $100 buyin, and shouldve quit, but eventually quit after a bad beat up only $35. I got dealt 77, called a raise to $10 preflop and on the flop im first to act. flop comes 789 rainbow, i check, other guy checks, and the raiser bets $25.i raise to about $80, other guy gets out, initial raiser shoves for about $70 more or something not too far off. im forced to call, and im actually ahead as he has 9 10 offsuit. but a 6 comes on the river, or id have had an awful lot of chips.

the hand i won i almost didnt play. i had 66, called a straddle of $4, and the straddler made it $20 after several limpers. i had $150 behind, so i called the $16 raise. and the flop came 69T with 2 suited cards. straddler bets $30, i shoved, everyone got out to the raiser, and he got out, and one shortstack still in the pot with about $90 before he was allin board comes runner runner for 4 spades on board, but thankfully he didnt have a flush.

Carmen wrote me back and answered my letter, and i need to write her back, in fact, since she dont know im no longer in Jean, probably wonders what the delay is. she is taking college courses with a scholarship, is able to volunteer at the food bank while still in her halfway house, and will be out for good sometime from Jan to april. she got approved for parole. she thought it was odd i was in Jean considering when she was in Jean before she got moved back into Vegas, she could see the casino out of her window.

also i really am getting to the point where i badly need a haircut or shave. Anne is going to look for the clippers she owns at her house.

I wonder what it means that my SSI hearing will be held at the lawyers office instead of the courthouse? my worry is it will be dismissed, but SI claims its good news if its in the lawyers office.
Herbie says im crazy not to just buy a monthly bus pass, and hes probably right.

after one small loss on UP, i have $276 left there i didnt withdraw, and $27 still on bodog. Nothing on seals where i hear bitcoins really shot up in value. very odd Andy hasnt mentioned anything about it on RTP.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

well, did i do the right thing in quitting the game at the stratosphere stuck so much?

Instead of paying Herbie $20 to drive me home, i shouldve quit when it was about time to get the last bus. About the time i was out of the hole finally and $18 ahead, and still up the earlier $72 from the V where i went to hang out with Turd Ferguson all day, and the $27 i was up at the wynn after theyd left to go to the airport. i got unstuck finally at the V, and $72 ahead and left.

i had AQ, called $5 to see the flop, and the flop comes AQ8 with 2 clubs. guy bets $10 into the raiser, raiser folds, and i bet $30. the better calls. turn comes 10 and the guy bets $25, i shove the rest of my $100 and he calls with 888. and turd ferguson claims i wouldnt been able to get away from the hand anyway.

its been so long ago, ive forgotten what the hand was at the V that got me unstuck, but i texted turd id got unstuck, quit on my next BB and walked to the wynn. Waited a while, got seated, and finally got ahead $27 and quit because i wanted to stay ahead for the day, and i really wanted to play elsewhere.

thats when i went and got the bus, planning to catch whichever bus came first, and had the express bus came first, id ended up at the LVH. but the duece came first, so i went to the stratosphere.

bought in $50, never had it over $69 and eventually lost it. rebought $141, and had it up to $209 and was about to leave, then the following hand occurs. I had AA and limped $2 utg, had i had a weaker hand id folded and left. one guy raised to $10 and one guy in late position calls. i made it $40, wanting to deny odds to set mine, and the raiser folds. and the guy with a bigger stack than me calls. flop comes 689 and im pretty sure he has an overpair. he bets $20, so i shove, wanted to end it and he calls with 999, which is about the smallest pair i thought he would have, but expected 10 10 and JJ to be far more likely. now im pissed and rebuy $300.

the one young kid whose a regular and normally a decent player on my right, says theres no way i couldve done better and it was a setup cold deck. anyway, some time later, i get JQ clubs, and call to see a flop for $2 with multiple callers. flop comes AT9 with 2 hearts. Lady after me bets $6, call call, guy raises to $15, call, i call, she calls. turn comes 7 diamonds, putting up 2 flush draws. we all check. river comes 8 hearts for possible 3 card flush. kid on my right checks, i bet $30 trying to control the size of the river bet. lady folds, guy on the end calls, (im praying he dont raise) and the kid shoves $114 allin. i fold, the other guy calls, and they both had JK for straight and i folded the winner. the kid said he thought he could get me off even if i had him beat. Herbie in the car said he wouldve folded too, and he also said hed lost just as much with the AA hand too.

I didnt feel like playing all night anymore or waiting for a bus at 5.23am it was about 1am, so i paid him $20 whole bucks to get out of bed and come drive me to Vinces. Maybe it was a dumb idea, or maybe it saved me losing far more. but i had only $259 left of the $491 when i left the stratosphere.

As my aspergers makes it hard for me to meet women, or maintain a job or find one, id like to share a story about me at age 17-18 as my SSI hearing is coming up soon.

I always had jobs as a kid starting with a paper route about age 13. in fact my son had one too. Mowed lawns etc too. But mom had to push me to do well. One of the jobs, was riding around on a bicycle selling ice cream. now they just use big trucks. this was after id graduated HS at age 17 and i think it was that summer, while still 17. Pretty sure of it.

there was this one girl i wanted to get to know on my route who was 19. when i was that young, women and even older women found me attractive, and wanted to fool around. so did men for that matter. The first woman who ever gave me a blowjob was a black lady in her 30s-40s at a laundrymat,(not counting the one in her 40s in TX who wanted to have sex in the back of a van while her husband drove when i was hitchiking and running away from home.) and i was 17 living in an apt on my own. One woman i went to meet in Keokuk IA had kids who were 8-14 and was about 10-15 yrs older than me, and most all the women i were into were older than me. So was Marks mother. now i feel like i missed out on a good girlfriend in her 20s when i was close to that age, and now im too old to find one whose under 40 and i really feel like i missed out on a lot and know NOTHING about relationships or life, and yet women expect me to. I'm sure Claudia knows hamsterdam in some way, because he only started messing with me after the relationship with her went sour, and im sure shes behind how hes acting. One woman in Toledo i didnt know how to maintain a relationship with (she was married and wanted to fool around) i was afraid it might be ending, her husband wasnt home, and she had sometimes invited me over when he was gone working, i wanted to make sure he wasnt home so before knocking i called the fire department out to her house to see who answered, and i found out he was wondering what was going on and was on his way home, and that woman didnt want to see me anymore. it is like finding a job, how do u get experience to get hired? all want experience. But i wasnt ugly then. Ask all the gay men who offered me rides while hitchhiking. Or maybe a lot more people than ud ever imagine just enjoy molesting little kids. i find it gross myself.

so i didnt know how to meet or talk to this girl, so i gave a note to this one other girl who seemed to be a friend of hers to give to the girl. now the girl i gave the note to was black, (but she was NOT the girl i was interested in). Problem is that girl happened to only be 14 (which i didnt know) but thats only 3 years different anyway. And that girls mother saw the note, thought it was to the girl herself, and complained to my boss at the icecream place. somehow an employee military wild guy quite a bit older than me whod always hated me found out about it, and waited for me after work to beat me up in front of my boss, who pretty much did nothing except after 5 min about to tell him that was enough and to let me go. my mom wasnt too happy but she said she believed me since she knew i wasnt interested in a 14 yrs old who was black.

But yeah u can see how autism messes things up and working for jobs up. and i sure wish id known how to not lost Claudia, its no wonder i panicked like i did. im so old now i feel like it was my last chance. and ive pretty much lost interest in women anymore, i never waste money on them anymore, all i care about is solving all my financial problems.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Herbie and me

Playing a very small amount of PLO on UP now that ive finally woken up, (when i got home last night was too tired to make any posts) and without a smart phone anymore, im limited to where i can make posts when im out. And the golden nugget or LVH or the stratosphere (places i went, some with Herbie)--arent ones of them.

Most of u will think im doing ok, because im holding onto $2624. I dont think im doing ok, because in each of the last 2 days, i had it up to over $2700, and at one point last nite was closer to $2800 when i was briefly up $71 in the stud game at the LVH. Herbie (and Mark) kept thinking i should check it out, so i did, and i was surprised to see it still going that late at night, although quite shorthanded, in fact me and the final remaining player played HU for quite a well, and Luis was anxious to see us end it so he could start the $1-3 NL game, several were waiting around for it, and Luis needed a dealer. i was too stubborn to quit because id went from being up to $171 off my $100 buyin to having somewhat less than $100, and the one guy i was playing against wasnt that good, and he was down to $1.50 once, and then had came back to about $50 or so. eventually the game broke, and i had $94 of the $100 left when he finally busted again.

one good oldtimer grinder from Reno sat in the game, (the $1-3) and a few asians, me and Herbie. the young guys lost, a loose player lost who was also young, and eventually it got down to me Herbie and the grinder. i was still up $4 in the NL off my $60 buyin. Herbie quit, and then the game broke.

we walked thru the back parking lot of riv up to the strip to take the bus, and i learned about a new advantage play machine that shows a clock on it, and i called the strat found out the game was still going, and he stayed on the bus downtown. turned out i shouldve done the same thing, i destroyed the nights profit at the strat, and when i finally left the stratosphere, didnt see the bus on the other side of the road immediately, but did see a bus same side of road, so i rode back to circus, played VBJ slots of fun, recovered about $20, then rode the bus home.

Originally bought in $50 at the strat, lots of deepstacks on the table, and 2 of the players were really bad. one of them lost the whole $400 he had in front of him, and a young guy whod turned 21 also lost. i lost too, the original $50 buyin that id had up to $100 when i had TJ diamonds on a board of 793 and 2 diamonds. loose guy bets $35 after 3 of us check, i shove, hoping for a fold, but with so many outs if i get called. loose guy called after the others folded, with NOTHING but a8, a hand i was hoping he could fold. and i blanked.

rebought $54 lost it, and then rebought the other $120, but shortly thereafter the game broke and i had $118 of it. another hand i shouldve won, but didnt i had TT, overpair to the board, and got beat by a runner runner flush. that was a big pot, there were 6 of us allin preflop for my $30-50 i had left. and my hand was good til the end. the guy who won that scooped a huge pot off the others with bigger stacks. he won with 58 diamonds.

also it seems ive discovered that casino fandango in carson city has the dealers angels machine but i wont believe it for sure til i see it, but the guy from the reno area swears its in there and that hes played it. But i have to wait til after my hearing before i can go either there or Phoenix or Albuquerque. Maybe even WA.

Stayed off of VP machines for a few days, maybe thats helping me not have big losses. also been staying away from limit games, not counting stud. Havent even played a lot online lately, and still have $689 of the $700 i put on UP for safekeeping. and $151 on bovada.

Herbie left the elcortez and came and got me at the nugget, then he gave me a spare bus pass and bought me a pop both of which was extremely nice and entirely unexpected. although id probably ended up way better off had i just stayed in the game at the nugget. there were some good oldtimers in that stud game. he was under the mistaken assumption hours for the freeroll count on saturday, they dont.

I dont remember any HH to post except a stud hand that no one will care about. and i need to get offline now and go to work today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The day i get out of Jean, i immediately start doing a lot better

This blog post was composed on the free wifi at the Gold Spike (not to be confused with the Goldstrike in Jean.) Walked over here from the Nugget when the game broke, but i might go back, theres still 1 other table going, but i lost the draw for seats.

yeah im really disappointed by my last trip out to the Goldstrike. went with $2320, figured that would be plenty, and started off so well, being up to $2623 in the first few days. Then i started both a combination of running bad and betting too much, and too many spots, but the difference was this time the bets lost, and i quickly started going downhill rapider than i shouldve. (including about $60-70 in VP losses) and a few bets of $50-70 each which lost that i had no business making. otherwise, the loss in Jean wouldve been about 60% as much is all.

So, being down to only the $1700s and not wanting to be out any more cash staying longer or paying Vince, ill have NO comps there again now. Used all my $101 comps accumulated at the gas station, buying cartons of cigs, (and 3 single packs) and gave them to Vince for 3 days rent and transportation. and when i woke up late tonight after a nice long rest in a spare room all to myself, i paid him an additional $12 in cash to drop me off at the Golden Nugget.

After a bit of a wait, finally got a seat, and a short time later got moved to the seat i really wanted when a guy left pissed. (the 8 seat). the guy in seat 9, who waved when he went to the table, seemed to know me and said hed played with me before. His luck wasnt so good. an old time stud player. Anyway ive only been there about 1-2 orbits, and i look down at 79 suited in my BB and check my option. (thank God no one raised). Flop comes up 8T 2 with me flopping the open ended straight flush draw. Quickly i glance at the TV, and see the J hi straight flush is $330, and the Q hi is only $90. i never did see what the 10 hi wouldve been.

I bet $2 being first to act, and get 3 callers. turn comes J clubs for straight flush. I bet $5, guy in seat 1 raises to $12, and then the guy in seat 6 (whose got a king hi flush) raised another $20. i then make it $52, and seat 1 folds, and seat 6 calls. river comes 7 (thank God its not the Q to lower the payout) and i shove what little is left of my $100 and he calls quickly and at the end of the hand, after tipping Meg $12, i have $558 in front of me.

But i keep playing, and i wonder if not leaving immediately is a serious err in Judgement. not too many had me covered, and table breaks soon and its best for me it did. i lost the draw for a seat on the other game, which im sure was a good thing.

Reason i went ahead and bet the straight flush on the turn, was i felt id make more betting it, and even if they fold i dont care because then i dont worry about the wrong card coming to screw up my $330

Also i think until i do a better job of playing LESS spots on the VBJ, (or finding a way to use Kimlees method of eating up neg cards, then 1 hand only) and have at least 3k to work with, i think i should stay out of Jean til then. i do feel though, i lost quite a bit more than i shouldve, but sometimes u dont see just how much the bad variance can be on VBJ

I was quite lucky to increase my buyins from 17 NL buyins to 22. thats still very dangerous, and ill never feel safe til i have about 40. and after that i need to start work on raising the buyin amounts til i slowly hit 40 buyins of 300. But even with them few buyins, i still think im better off playing NL instead of $2-6 spread, and also better off playing LIVE than online. Being back at Vinces though, i would have the option to check out the omaha on UP that i couldnt from Jean.

Friday, October 25, 2013

In case anyone is wondering why im back in Jean

tired of all the people around Vinces house, and tired of walking home at night from the busstop, or paying more for a ride there than what the rental cost is. its a bit of a walk. Just want to be by myself for a while and relax, and besides ive never had nearly this high of roll before to play the machine in Jean. the times i did have a high roll to play VBJ were machines not nearly as good in payback and comps, with the 1 exception of the lucky club promo while it lasted.

Its nice being somewhere where im NOT a burden to anyone. I just discovered cooldave no longer has the same phone, so i hope he didnt think i was a burden calling and texting 1-2 weeks ago on the weekend hoping to go play at the same casino. worried Josie thought that for sure. SI never arranges a time for us to go play, nor does Grouchie. Vince cant afford to play any poker himself. Poker Johnny never tries to contact me. nor does stack, double bubble, or others i used to hear from long ago in vegas like donkeytax Ian and zippy.

i could live in Jean forever if i dont get SSI and never be a burden to any friends, govt or the tax payers. without worrying about going broke. But i would get exceptionally bored if im here for too long, being no live poker and the only poker i can play is online bovada from the room. remember, i cannot access UP here, so ive still not tried out the new omaha yet.

but the main reason im here is im ashamed of my lack of discipline, insomuch as staying off the poor paying 1c2c5c etc spin poker machines with the 96%-98% paybacks. at least here in Jean all the money im running thru the VBJ is getting a much higher rate of return, and overall seems like im ahead about $175 on the VBJ since arriving in Jean. as long as i can play the VBJ and arent stuck really heavy for the day---theres NO temptation to run over to the VP machine for a break.

have heard the VBJ (other kind) exist in reno at gold dust west, one place in carson city where id also love to play a bit of poker for the first time, and also in elko. i didnt know about elko. i dont know whats cheap to live in elko, u try and look up craigslist rent ads, they always list only places hundreds of miles away cause no one reads elko.

got an offer for $19 rooms weekdays and $29 weekends with NO resort fees at the Pioneer in laughlin, but considering how much better ive done at $1-2 NL than $2-6 spread limit, and the fact my rolls doubled from when it was around $1000, ive decided i dont really want to go play poker at the riverside. Only logical reason to go there would be if i was taking one of them really nice $400-500 monthly apts Mc Gee used to have thats really nice and safe. But i dont think i could get approved to move in.

and i bought some bread, honey and peanut butter among other things on the way to Jean, but a jar of peanut butter dont last long, and it makes sandwiches a lot more expensive than u would think they would be. one thing that would make my stay here tremendously more enjoyable sometime in the future when im in far better shape would be not just a car of my own, but a REFRIGERATOR of my own i could own, id never want to waste the $10 a day fee.

mom is sending my attys secretary something she wanted the judge to see. sometimes i wonder if i should go there NOW for 10 days before my nov 15 meeting with my atty, just to get an uptodate drs assessment of me from the same dr mark sees she said wouldve helped me get ssi if i lived in KS, but hes not yet met me. its  a different dr than the last time. the old one wasnt much help.

id really like to play a little poker over this weekend, so make some offers and tell me how much u need for gas, but it cant be an exorbitant amount that would make it nearly impossible to win.

and one final reason i wanted to go to Jean--i feel at home here.  But if i lose $500 or more ill get right out of here, so i wont drop to as low a ceiling as i did last time when i was down to about $1350 when i left.

so far, im up about $175 on the VBJ, and have a roll of $2499, along with about $95 on bovada.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A good day--maybe because all i played was NL holdem, and no machines

New roll $2251, plus $32 on Bovada. I won a little this time off tonights $20 deposit. originally i thought my roll was $2257, but i found my Walmart debit card at minus $6 instead of at $0 before i deposited the $300 when i logged in online to look at my balance, so my $300 is really $294. i didnt realize those cards got negative balances.

I never touched a machine all day long, but i did hear the Gold Dust west in reno has a shufflemaster VBJ, not sure if this is true though. heard it from an eldorado dealer named Curtis in my SNG on bovada. An old man whose been dealing there 32 yrs. and he knew about the dealer who got fired for setting up the deck, and Jerry the union boss.

Started off the afternoon a little bit after 1pm playing $1-2 NL at the golden nugget downtown for $100. won a nice pot when the board was AK4, we all check, turn comes J to give me the nut straight, i bet $5 after 3 checks, and 3 people call. 3 of diamonds (no flush possible) comes on the river, and i bet $25. one young asian check raises me to $50, and here i am worried all will fold. i shoved for about $140 total, and he called me so fast i sure thought we were splitting but he rivered a set of 3s.

felt i had too much on the table, so i did the right thing by going to the bank, depositing $141, and then to the Gold Spike to use the free wifi. the really nice thing is they have nice couches and chairs to sit on, and are loaded with electrical outlets everywhere. spent an hour or so there. Later i came back to the golden nugget, and sat back down with $100.

first hand, i turn my $100 into $187, i had KQ hearts, raised to $8 in late position before id even got my chips delivered, a guy calls. flop comes AT3 with 2 hearts, and guy bets $15 into me, i just call. turn comes J for both the flush and the straight, but NOT the royal. and this may sound DUMB, but i forget who made the turn bet. anyway, the river comes J, pairing the board, and he goes allin for $55 and i worry he sucked out, i call and no all he has is an ace.

at one point i get it up as high as $299, but eventually cash out with $241 or something close to that.

got on the bus to the stratosphere, and theres NO game, only a tourny, odd for that time of the evening and rarely happens. so i then ride the bus to the LVH, (different bus).

Talked to Mark, and he is glad i changed the title of that blog post from the other day. he also wanted me to mention the new stud game they will be offering fri nites there. thats not the best time to do it because Palace station is also starting it up fri nites. but i was told theyd also offer it sat nites too. its $5-10. Originally i thought the ante was 50c at palace and $1 at the LVH, but just today i found out from Mark its 50c there too, so i just now corrected and reupdated the blog.

anyway i win $249 in there, and eventually ride home with Vince for $12 gas, and stop at walmarts to buy food on the way. even though id bought a daily bus pass, still much more convenient. won a lot of the moolah on a call preflop with the worst hand, KJ suited on an $8 raise preflop. flop comes KJ2 rainbow, and both opponents have KQ and KA, and the money starts going allin. so was it a good call for $8 preflop?

nice to see the roll increase to $2251 from $1629 all in the same day. Keep that up, and id never worry about whether the SSI would be approved, plus id feel a lot better about myself.

Friday, October 18, 2013

finally some poker comment, my rolls much better than my last blog post, and thanks to MIB

and besides the things in the title of the blog post, last but not least is my SSI hearing coming up before a judge on Nov 20th. kind of forgot about this, not expecting it to be til mid 2014, but its coming up and i see my atty on nov 15. i need to call him, give him my new cell, and see if anyones testimony can help instead of waiting til nov 15. hopefully the disc he got from SSI with the records will include the old records in KS about what the old judge said when i got approved originally for SSI, and whatever testimony he got. not sure why i got approved much easier there, i still wish i had moms help. im just glad Vince was able to get that letter. Not that it will do any good, but we could be talking about a few thousand dollars so i should take this seriously. maybe even spend $100 on a local dr if it would help but no idea who id go see and how it would help.

whats not in dispute isnt the fact of the aspergers, but its my ability to work--thats why i feel others testimony would help about how every job i ever had i couldnt keep and lost very quickly. also it looks to others i was successful at poker and didnt need the SSI--and i really wasnt nearly as successful as i shouldve been. (due to the aspergers causing me to make many poor decisions with managing money).

So Benny from RTP and i played poker today at the stratosphere, and i have some hand histories to post. also we met MIB when he got off the bus by the stratosphere and came inside. happy to say hes found a job at another hotel as a desk clerk, and he also went with me and vince by his storage and gave me another laptop case since id broke the handle on the one i had. Which i was very glad to get and it was quite nice of him, so i guess hes not mad anymore.

Found out Carmen might be free by dec, which surprises me, but i feel bad i never wrote and it was all because i didnt have an address to get mail at and vince didnt want her knowing his address. so that means i still got no address to write her at. shes moved to another prison, although i think its really a halfway house.

am happy to report my rolls up to $2079, and that the wins have actually been coming from poker the last couple of days, instead of from VBJ. even played some HU plo for a brief period to keep the game alive.

Hand 1. I lose my $50 buyin, and rebuy $76 i had in oddball change. id won a pot, and then shortly thereafter i start the hand with about $142 i think, and i get dealt JJ and raise it preflop to $15 with multiple limps ahead of me (why i raised it so much instead of like $8-10). Archie (old man with asian wife) a very good regular calls on my left, and a couple others. flop comes 9JK rainbow, and one of the callers on my right bets $25, and i shove, thinking the pots big enough for me. archie calls, and that scares me, thinking surely he has KKK since he called preflop. but no, he has 999 and my JJJ holds up. i knew he had AA beat if he calls, so i was a little worried, and quite relieved to see 999.

Hand 2. i have AJ spades, and limp UTG. its limped around and then raised to $8 and we called, and the flop is 9TJ rainbow. Raiser bets i forgot the amount, i call, and a guy shoves, and the raiser calls. i feel its an easy fold, and the shover won the pot with JQ and i folded the winner. i fear the reason i folded is because i had over $300 in front of me, and was afraid of losing it back. the guy who shoved had about $150 and the caller had like $75. i never saw the callers hand but was surprised he couldnt beat JQ.

shortly after that i quit, and i came back an hour later with $50.

Hand3. i had my $50 ground up to $193, part of it won at PLO HU. the guy was a terrible fish from europe and so was another guy who quit. they were so bad Benny decided to sit and play. heres the hand i want to discuss. a black guy had recently sat, named steve, which he made sure i knew, along with his girlfriend. i had QK and raised to $9 preflop both of them called. flop comes 95J, they check and i check in last position, because i know they will call loosely. turn comes Q, he bets $20, she calls, i bet $70, hes allin for about the same amount, and she folds, he has J5 for 2 pair. and after losing that pot i quit.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

From Vinces house

ive been getting in plenty of hours lately playing LIVE for a change, instead of online or instead of sitting around in Jean, etc. Not really all that thrilled with the results however, a lot of times id start out slow, never get ahead very much, and eventually either quit down part of the buyin, or end up losing the whole buyin. also i dont think i play as tight as i used to. u see i know i should fold KQ suited when its raised, and yet ive got into trouble a few times because i didnt fold it. also i seem to have actually done worse in loose games than tight games and thats sure wasnt the case in cali, they rake it differently so in cali u NEED a loose game.

But yesterday i had a WIN at TX station finally, a BIG win that is, not these $20 and under wins. at one point i was up $152, and when i left, i was still up $79 (plus $18 in my cashback id redeemed). Once i started losing some back all i could think of was getting out of there, so i called Vinces friend Jay and he came picked me up while he went to cash in his sports ticket. new roll is now $1489. and if i had the same deal of a place to stay out in cali id much rather be playing there in Pechanga.

yeah the roll hasnt gone up much at all since leaving Jean, and the free slot play was a large part of the increase. sometimes i think id be better if i had a sufficient roll to grind there in Jean instead of playing poker but id have to be more disciplined about cutting back on the number of spots and thats hard, because i dont want to spend over twice as many hours for the same amount of comps. But if i did have a larger roll to work with (lets say 3k, about twice what i have now) im sure id do a lot better at poker too, (id feel more comfortable playing longer with bigger amounts on the table, like $200 once my stacks doubled up) and i think id stayed longer last night at tx station instead of feeling the need to get out of there when id gave back quite a bit of the win, u see it was a good game at tx last night.

and as far as the omaha goes, id still like to play it more, but i just dont want to play it 4-8 too expensive of blinds, sams town does have it 2 days a week now instead of 1, ($3-6). was going to play at suncoast yesterday then realized it wasnt the omaha day but the stud day. Yeah the plan to go elsewhere is kind of on hold, i dont want to be without a place to stay at all. would like to be able to save up money while living at vinces, if i cant save up money here with my expenses cut way down, how would i ever save up money anywhere?

and speaking to other poker players seems im not the only one who keeps losing lately. Vinces roommate keeps losing, and so do others. also it seems online poker in NV wasnt nearly as popular as they thought it would be either.

and im sad to report that had i not wasted $49 on VP the other day trying to get even id have won more. but when i played VBJ the other day while in my free room at Circus for 3 days, it really helped in recovering poker losses. VP sure treats me worse than VBJ, and i know why its because low multi denomination machines have worse paybacks.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cocksuckers and motherfuckers (me) in the new LVH poker room

theres a huge bathroom inside the LVH poker room, which is nice, and some fairly decent promotions, but theyre not easy to hit. i just walked back to my room out $119 and pissed as hell. I better have another good score in the slot tourny in 40 minutes. Then i might get back $25 or so in free play, sure as hell wouldnt win the $5000 for 1st.

i wonder what RobVegasPokers report will say about the room, it might be a little nicer, although it wouldve been nice had he mentioned the bathroom. Also the Greg who deals there swears he isnt the Greg whose whitcolumn.

My counselor who gave me the shitty advice (which is why i stopped going) said to write down a diary of my feelings (she just didnt say to publish it) so here goes. am still upset Josie thinks i stopped going because i got the package, that had nothing to do with it, i just didnt think her advice was any help. (the counselors advice)

Yeah the game there is $4-8 with $1-2 blinds which isnt a bad deal. about 20 qualify for the freeroll last week for 25 hours play, and they chopped it $190 each is what Luis told me last night. Which isnt bad per hour in earning if u dont lose ur motherfucking ass trying to get the hours in like i did.

Nothing but grinders and 2 possible tourists in there, a man and a wife, and they were about the only losers besides me. and one of the riv regulars who knew me was out about $50. a lot of them most all, only are there for the freeroll. Looks like they are having the same crowd and problem as the riv.

hand 1#

lets start with the hand i remember best the final hand. had about $32 left. had KT clubs, called $6 preflop and the flop was AJT with a royal draw. so i raised and he reraised. turn comes 7 clubs nut flush, and i raise allin. river comes J and he says i wont like this, and im already clenching my phone and glasses so tight as im walking off i almost break them as he shows the boat. that pot wouldve really helped.

hand 2#.

this hand was early on. i had AJ, raise preflop get one caller. flop comes A34, and he check raises me. turn comes A, (and he bets instead of trying a checkraise). so im thinking that means he thinks i have a pocket pair instead of an ace, and i just call. river he puts me allin (i was already very short off my first buyin of $40 before i rebought $79) and he has AQ.

hand 3#.

i had KQ suited, and get raised to $6 preflop. flop comes K89 and i check/call all the way and he has AK, nothing scary comes and i dont remember the exact cards, but the 8 did pair the river.

hand 4#

had the same KQ suited, and flop is 233 with 4 diamonds. turn comes 9 offsuit, and i call another $8 bet. river comes J dia, i check raise, and asian girl whose the guys wife has Ace hi flush and she only calls. i thought she mightve hit flush on the river, but odds are hers is smaller and maybe she only bet cause we all check.

and im sure i lost some smaller less significant ones too. too pissed off to play anything right now, and have no time, slot tourny starts back up 3.45pm and u need to be there 10 min early. im not sure what ill play later and where i should play, but i got out of there mad as hell and came to my room to blog about it to calm myself down. and of course all everyone will do is criticize my play. probably shouldnt called KT suited for $6 but it is a limit game and i was already out over $80. i also can play on Bovada cause ive still got $22 of my last $20 deposit and its also been quite a while since i sold my last ad.

so how do i avoid getting mad? the money means way too much to me cause the stakes are so high. $119 is a ton of money if ur roll is $1435. and now its only $1316. Im lucky its that, if it wasnt for the free $100 i found on my slot card, it wouldnt be that. How can i lose that much in such a tight $4-8 game? no wonder i hate fixed limit, i think that size of a loss was very unusual?

probably i should say FUCK ALL PROMOS and just look for games with tourists? or should i be taking advantage of freerolls and promos? i get conflicting advice all the time, no idea what pokerdogg is talking about when he says i should know what to play

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Im busy working if u wonder why ive not been around posting much

playing a lot in places without free wifi, and i cant use my OLD smart phone without it. and ive got to get my hours in, much more so than ever before since im playing LIVE again instead of online. came back from Jean with $1354, (after net and cell both taken care of) and at one point was down to $1199 sunday night. Woke up about 4am, wanted to go to TX station, but wouldve been very inconvenient trying to get a bus over there, so instead i took the express bus into downtown and just got off at the nugget, not even knowing if theyd have a game since they arent on bravo.

they did, $1-2 NL and i got very lucky to at one point be up to $242 off my $100, and managed to cash out while still at $191. i think if i could only afford to play that game everyday, and not feel the need to cash out while up, id never have to worry about my bills again, but i think the min roll is really $3000 that i need and not $2000. its funny because when i was in my early 20s id think of $1000+ as a quite large roll that would last forever, but of course being older now im a lot smarter.

so then i rode the fremont shuttle over to samstown, (better than the city bus) and played there all day. Wouldve played longer but if i wanted to ride home with Vince and not deal with MULTIPLE transfers, i had to leave when he was driving around nearby, so i did, about 7pm. They actually started an omaha8 game around 5.40pm, very rare for a monday night. most of the day i was playing $2-6 spread limit holdem, and was up over $100 for the day, plus got the $25 off Mike when he bought the remaining 5 packs of cigs id got with comps out in Jean.

so i paid Vince $40 of what i owed him for living here, and now have $1362, still got the money i left Jean with. But ive made no progress either.

the Suncoast, where i played the day before, and saw cooldave there, i lost $153 in, and i would be up for the trip had i just played only poker, and not had $76 of the $153 loss on the machines trying to get it back. i would give anything to break that bad habit.

also starting wed i will have a little bit of privacy. got an offer for a free slot tourney, $25k guaranteed, totally free for me, with 3 nights room. so ill have my own room, wed thurs and fri nights. been a long time since any casino sent me a good offer. no slot play included though. i certainly dont expect to end up with making any money out of it, the odds would be highly remote, but its free and i can use the room a lot more than the tourny. nice it included a friday night, so i set up with my reservation to make sure they wouldnt be full.

afterwards, im still considering the idea of going to KS on the train, also ive got offers to go to reno from the craigslist ad, 2-3 of them, from people seeming genuine and trustworthy, just got to decide if being up there would be a good idea, sure i could live on my own and cheap, but i dont think the games are any good there.

The only way to get the roll back up there, is to find a game thats beatable for $4-12 an hour, and put in an awful lot of hours doing NOTHING but grinding that game. ideas on which game in vegas to play and any promos i dont know about places im not banned at would be appreciated. wouldnt mind knowing about reno and phoenix and cali promotions either. maybe i should go back to cali, better games and i can win there, but id need another sleeping bag. i dont want to go back to playing on Bovada unless my roll got extremely small again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

well i guess its time to get on out of Jean, and back to playing live poker (much easier than online) while im still up a little bit since coming to Jean

wasnt going to do it til i had a loss of $400 or more, and for a long time it looked like it would never happen. id been happy if id passed $2500 before it ever happened, and at one point it looked like i might. i was up to $2265 at most, and then was winning about $100 on the machine too, but that was in the middle of an exceptionally high count where i couldnt stop while ahead then, nor could i lower my bets. and by the end of the shoe i wasnt ahead anymore.

the good news is right now, with my final small win, and new roll of $1686, im still up over $400 on VBJ since coming to Jean and thats not too bad for 10+ days of playing it, and getting a room everyday too. ive lost 5 small deposits on Bovada and another $215 in live poker at southpoint since coming here though. For some reason that day Benny didnt want anyone knowing on RTP that he was in Jean, so he had me keep it quiet on RTP that day it was him, but now its ok to mention it since hes long gone out of this area. hell we both lost big at southpoint that day.

dont really feel like making a blog post, am not in the best of moods after such a big drop, (i was hoping when i took the big drop id still have close to $2000 left). also before tomorrow i got to pay virgin mobile $30 too so i dont lose my phone, since its prepaid ill have it shutoff immediately so it MUST be paid, same as the net had to be paid. they arent monthly contracts anymore. and thats why monthly contracts are PREFERABLE to prepaid.
so instead--ill have this guest blog post by MIB (man in black) that was originally supposed to be in the comments section of the OLD blog. i asked Josie if i should publish it or not, and she told me i should give MIB time to cool off, but never answered about whether to publish it, i told her to login, and look, and use her judgement, but i guess she never did. i left the decision whether to print this totally up to her--but she gave no word one way or the other.
and heres the blog post-------------------------------------

    1. Well it looks like I got an email from TBC. Here is what it said

      TBC Email:

      I went to find ur facebook page, (because id been feeling like since u like Johnny Cash, i must of misjudged u--and felt like i should forgive u) for the Bible tells us if we do not forgive others, and hold grudges when we feel we were mistreated, God will not forgive us. I dont know how u feel about Jesus, but i was going to go to ur facebook page to find out. Was quite disappointed when i couldnt find u on there, u must of removed me when u got mad. Looked thru lightnings friends list too, didnt see u, so i figured u must of blocked me off facebook entirely for u to not even show up there.

      Truth is, im not really afraid u were going to harm me and take my money--its just that u could physically do it and that worried me. ive always resented the fact i dont know how to defend myself. i wouldnt have this terrible fear of minorities if i just knew how to defend myself. But that certainly dont mean that u would--just because u could.

      I've been judging u harshly because of that day at Samstown. were it not for it, id have seen u the same as everyone else, and really appreciated and welcomed ur help. (various offers u made to me). Something just rubbed me the wrong way that day, since i was in need of money, found $20 on a VP machine, pointed it out to u, and u took it all for urself and refused to share it with me when i was the one who seen it and told u. Made me feel u were more desperate for money than me, and wouldnt hesitate to screw me if u got a financial benefit out of it, and been afraid to get close to u since. I felt like the only reason u didnt give me my half was because u knew u could beat me up if i insisted. And that made me afraid of u ever since.

      But God dont want me to judge u, condemn u or to carry the anger and bitterness around anymore. U are a good man, uve made multiple offers to help (me being paranoid too afraid to ever accept because i hadnt spent time with u getting to know u as a friend, (so id feel secure and safe). U arent as bad off as i worried u were, and if u were going to do something wrong to come up with a large sum of money so u could be back in action, u wouldve done it long before now. So i shouldnt worry about this.

      i hope u realize my aspergers makes it very difficult to see things in the same light as others do, and i didnt feel like i was being unreasonable towards u. But now that ive talked to close friends, and had time to think things over, i realize now that im been dumb, and silly, and i hope u can see it in ur heart to forgive me too. A person without a mental disorder probably wouldnt have worried the way i did. its just that most all ur offers involved u either being around me when i had money, finding out my address, or me being in a room in ur name. But i worry that with everyone--and i probably shouldnt. i wonder how many other good friends other than u i pissed away.

      i need to get out of Jean and into vegas soon before this $2000 goes down to $1400 or less, it almost did a few hours ago. im not sure where ill be living, probably with Vince so i feel safe, or somewhere downtown or on Boulder hwy again. the stratosphere game sucks too bad to live around there at one of the 2 places near there. But it would be nice to see u next time im at the stratosphere, and to apologize more effectively, ill take u to eat at the mcdonalds, burger king or carls Jr by there. I wish the stratosphere wouldnt got rid of their even money nickel VBJ, but im sure its for the best.

      I really would like to see u get into playing poker again. i would like to find one guy i could hang out and play poker with a large portion of the time, and everyone goes to places i cant, or has no interest. i hated seeing ur blog go too.

    2. My Response:

      The reason you couldn't find me is because after you kept messaging my friend Tiffany, I removed and blocked you. And in regards to I could possibly harm you, hell TBC my 12yr old daughter can harm you also. You aren't that strong. And in regards to the $20 left in the machine. You didn't point it out to me. I saw it while I was standing with you on my own. And if you resent me for not giving it to you that is fine, but to tell you the God's honest truth I ended up turning it in. I know I told you that I kept it but in reality I gave it to a security guard at Sams Town named David Kelley. He is a friend of mine from way back and I knew he would turn it in to lost and found. 90 days after turning it in I got a call that no one claimed it and the $20 was mine to keep. I claimed the money from Lost and Found and used it towards food for my household.

      Yes I understand that your Aspergers makes you see things differently then others. I have 3 Autistic Nieces so I understand it somewhat. However being told by you that you feel I am gonna rob and harm you just shows me that my friendship is not needed or wanted by you. Saying NO to an offer is one thing TBC, but to call me outright a criminal is fucked up.

      I would love to play poker and get back into action also but I don't have a Bankroll for it. Hell even if I had $1,000 I would be able to get started. But with being on unemployment and barely scraping by I prioritize how my money gets spent. And food and a roof over my head is way more important then sitting down at a poker table.
    and thats the end of his letter---and i wrote him back again after that but heard nothing the final time, although he did send one more letter. he wont be upset with me posting this, since it was his idea to post on the blog in comments, this was what he wanted posted.

    its just i felt bad for not trusting him for so long--and thought i did the right thing by surprising him sending a letter off apologizing out of the blue. in fact lightning and Josie said i did do the right thing, and said if i did things like that more often id have more friends and get more positive feedback. What i dont understand is why me sending him a letter telling him how bad i felt made him more upset, (at least it seemed like it did)

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    NEVER join a tourny when u know u are going to need to sleep soon

    Yeah id been doing quite well in tournys on Bovada, (turned an original $20 deposit into over $1000) no one else here couldve done that, and still have more than the $48 i had on Bovada i came to Jean with. (and thats allowing for 3 $20-25 deposits) i was feeling like id missed out on something in life by playing so few Mtts and mostly cash back in the good old days of stars, and that maybe i should start playing more of them.

    So after joining 2 omaha tournies, one PLO and one PLO8, one for $2 and one for $10, one with about 40 entries and one with about twice that many, and taking 1st place in both of them at the same time, i was feeling pretty good about bovada, (and thats an even harder feat for anyone to do).

    So after returning to my room from playing VBJ, and still being out a little on it for the evening, (from the previous last big drop of $150-200) i decided since the money on Bovada isnt part of my roll, I wanted a way to try and get another big WU moneyorder without taking any risk to my roll, and without any way for it to decrease. (this type of thinking is why i dont want to consider Bovada as part of my bankroll).

    Tournies with low starting stacks and turbo blinds 3-6 minutes, i dont do well in. tournies with bigger starting stacks and 12-15 min blinds i do well in, and those were the type of tournies i joined, not thinking about the fact id need to play about 4 hours to reach the money and about 8 hours to reach the final table. decided to play them seriously and join 4 at once.

    the $5 $5000 guar, the $10 $15k guar, the $50 PLO8 $5k guar, and the $10k guar $25 contender series knockout.  and i ended up busting out of 2 of them within the first 2 hours, but not due to poor play. but when i busted out of the 3rd one (omaha) i shouldve laid it down to his pot size bet on the flop.

    was then down to 1 tourny and was struggling not to fall asleep over 3 hours later, and kept dozing off several times. somehow i made it to about 75th place for $15 for my $5. but yeah my balance on Bodog dropped quite a bit during those tournies.

    now ive gotten plenty of sleep and am finally well enough rested to play some tournies, but i dont want to play any now. But yeah joining a tourny when u arent totally prepared to be at ur sharpest for the next 7-9 hours isnt a good idea. All of u who play live should remember that.

    its true tournies on Bovada are easier that tournies elsewhere. But im not sure if that would also apply for the $50 ones. Never really played any that high back on stars, it always felt like too much, except for when i got staked in the sunday million.

    Havent called Vince and he hasnt called me either to see if i want to move in, so i assume that means his roommates are still living there. Wonder if Jim was able to come up with the rent? and yeah i do not want to be without a microwave the next time im in an apt on my own, so im really glad hes storing that for me in Annes garage. i wanted it here with me in Jean in case i got a ride to Reno from here or to Laughlin without having to come back into vegas, but he refused to bring it.

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    I'm back to my old bad habits, so why arent i losing yet?

    Vince dropped me off in Jean sunday night, so i could pickup my WU, and Anne was glad for me to be gone from Vinces house so her and him could fool around.

    I'm still thinking maybe i should see about renting from him longterm, before anything happens to my $1865. For my good luck in Jean wont continue, and id really like to play poker at the suncoast or at least somewhere in Vegas, and Vince does own a car. but id have to work it out so id have both privacy and mail.

    Maybe Britni was right when she used to say i need to live with others to save money? and couldnt understand why i never would. The best thing she ever did for me was tell me of the existence of google transit and teach me how to use it. its come in handy hundreds of times. she also recommended i used rideshare on craigslist, but i could never bring myself to trust it. it would help me get out of Jean in an emergency though.

    Anyway Stacey (the pit boss) asked me tonight why i was betting 5 spots at $32 a hand, he said that i said on my blog and RTP i wasnt going to do that anymore. Of course, i only bet that high ONCE, but i cant seem to avoid raising bets in good counts if im behind, and i know im overdue for a big loss of about $500, and i really should get out of here and into longterm stable housing before that happens. it will be a lot easier with $1800 than $1300 and thats why i was showing people craigslist ads on reno and phoenix on RTP asking for advice and the people i trust the most in a private email.

    Most of the time it was 1-2 spots of $1-15, but also i once bet 5 spots of $18. Some of the advice i get about 1 spot is wrong, it might be a good idea to speed things up and get out of bad counts betting multiple spots of $1, and then theres more cards available for 1 spot of $6-15 on good counts. (meaning if the games speeded up vastly more of those opportunities arise per hour).

    so far im up $330 on BJ since coming to Jean, and i want to find housing before anything goes wrong, never intended to be here too long. and im disappointed i keep having to deposit $20 more on Bovada multiple times, maybe i should deposit a higher amount, but i dont want to take it out of my roll and see the roll go down by that amount.

    am disappointed MIB dont seem to understand me too well, nothing personal, im just that way, ask lightning. And thanks to AndyFezzik for coming to my rescue to cheer him up for me. What i really wished was for MIB to hang out with me as a friend playing poker a few times, so i could get to know him, if i could get to know him and trust him, i would find him to be a very valuable asset, and id be not nearly as uncomfortable being around the stratosphere after dark. Im someone u need a lot of patience to deal with, and i just wanted to hang out and get to know him as a friend before he expected me to put myself in vulnerable situations, such as picking up $1000 in cash with him there, or letting him know my apt number (by going with him getting things from his storage). My mother almost told Greg on facebook where i lived before, and i really blew up over that.

    Saturday, September 21, 2013

    whoever told me to deposit money on Bovada gave me some good advice.

    Ive finally won big off of nothing for a major tourny again. (entered the $20 first event of the GSPO contender series on Bovada, and ONLY because they emailed me a free tourny ticket). so i took no risk getting in it, and got into it quite late even, over 1 hour late when i finally woke up close to 2pm. Vince came home about 5am quite drunk, usually never drinks like that, and its a wonder he didnt have a bad accident on the way home, and hes glad he didnt too. Soon as he got home his roommate drove the car for him since he was in no shape too (odd he made it home) and they went to buy beer. But today hes fine and hanging out with his Gf anne again. they got back together. his roommate Jim has been losing all the time at poker most recently at the excaliber with his gf sitting behind him one day, and she just got a job as a cigarette girl in the casino. and theyve sold everything and still cant afford to pay him any rent. so hes a little depressed. all of us are struggling for money. Vinces job pays him way less than it used to pay him and he works independent contractor with Cox on commission. and this house is filled with ramen noodles.

    anyway i woke up, Anne was over here too, and entered the tourny late, and started winning right off. an early double up with a well played AA in which i got the big stack to come over the top with a smaller pair and made him commit on the flop. and from there i kept slowly inching up in the money. i was really happy just to get to 18th place where payouts go way up from $66 for 19-27 to $114 for 10-18, but the big money is on the final table. 81 got paid in all.

    started posting on twitter, a few friends began watching, both male and female, and eventually cashed out $906, and i mightve done even better, at one point i was up to 2nd out of 5 left. But blinds were up to 10k 20k and i was slowly getting eaten up and finally called a shove by a guy about equal to me who i think was taking advantage of my tightness. he had me beat and i couldnt hit an ace to beat him. dont remember the exact hand, but i think this was it. it was a little bit looser call than most of mine, but i did win one pot making too loose of a call, and outdrawing someones Aq with my a5.

    then i was worried about cashing out, about sending documents, if id need to go to a printers and get a screened copy, and i'm also using a new debit card than the old one they had on file when i made the $20 deposit. so i called Bovada to see if i could use wu and explained that i live in NV with a LA state id.

    the guy said i could because id used wu in the past years ago, but it still has to be approved and that takes 24-72 hours, so he said to keep an eye on my email next few days. and if it works, then i can pick it up at any WU office once i get my money transfer control number. hopefully they wont need any more documents etc. if nothing else i might end up having to go see if i can get a NV id made up. i know i had one in laughlin in early 2001-2004 so i should be able to get approved in spite of my citizenship issues, but im afraid to try, because KS adamantly refused to make me up an ID when mom went in with me to try to get one made. or i might have to email in the front and back of this new CC the bank gave me to replace the old one that bovada has in their old files. they had my documents way back when.

    i wont get quite ALL of my winnings. theres an $80 fee for recieving a WU, and i hope im right in assuming its worth missing out on $80 to get it without delay or hassle. Vince cant get mail for me where he lives. never been sure why hes said his mailman wont do it. so i asked for $950 cash, plus the $80 fee=$1030, and that leaves $63 on Bovada so i can still grind online and play poker.

    This is very important that i do this before i go home and i saw pokerdoggs comment about this on RTP. i must verify that i can pick up WU withdrawals from Bovada without issue first. for if im trying to get food stamps in KS, and get approved for SSI, we dont want them to see me getting checks from an online poker site for big sums. would screw it up. mom would make me sign up for both of that if i was living with her, and i dont want anything to screw things up and piss her off. Regardless of my feelings if its morally right or not, id have to keep her happy.

    so if i get the WU, then ill know i can safely go to KS and grind. and maybe i still would fairly soon. for $654 + $950 plus whatever i spend in the next week or so isnt very much at all, not enough to find a place to live longterm in Vegas or to play $1-2 NL with. might be enough for $2-6 spread limit at samstown for next months promotion, or omaha at the suncoast, but thats about it.

    right now im worried about if ill ever get this money at all, this could be a long complicated process if they want documents again. will have to look and see if i can find the docs on the computer i sent UP, or my bank statement i got at the goldstrike in Jean.