Monday, September 30, 2013

NEVER join a tourny when u know u are going to need to sleep soon

Yeah id been doing quite well in tournys on Bovada, (turned an original $20 deposit into over $1000) no one else here couldve done that, and still have more than the $48 i had on Bovada i came to Jean with. (and thats allowing for 3 $20-25 deposits) i was feeling like id missed out on something in life by playing so few Mtts and mostly cash back in the good old days of stars, and that maybe i should start playing more of them.

So after joining 2 omaha tournies, one PLO and one PLO8, one for $2 and one for $10, one with about 40 entries and one with about twice that many, and taking 1st place in both of them at the same time, i was feeling pretty good about bovada, (and thats an even harder feat for anyone to do).

So after returning to my room from playing VBJ, and still being out a little on it for the evening, (from the previous last big drop of $150-200) i decided since the money on Bovada isnt part of my roll, I wanted a way to try and get another big WU moneyorder without taking any risk to my roll, and without any way for it to decrease. (this type of thinking is why i dont want to consider Bovada as part of my bankroll).

Tournies with low starting stacks and turbo blinds 3-6 minutes, i dont do well in. tournies with bigger starting stacks and 12-15 min blinds i do well in, and those were the type of tournies i joined, not thinking about the fact id need to play about 4 hours to reach the money and about 8 hours to reach the final table. decided to play them seriously and join 4 at once.

the $5 $5000 guar, the $10 $15k guar, the $50 PLO8 $5k guar, and the $10k guar $25 contender series knockout.  and i ended up busting out of 2 of them within the first 2 hours, but not due to poor play. but when i busted out of the 3rd one (omaha) i shouldve laid it down to his pot size bet on the flop.

was then down to 1 tourny and was struggling not to fall asleep over 3 hours later, and kept dozing off several times. somehow i made it to about 75th place for $15 for my $5. but yeah my balance on Bodog dropped quite a bit during those tournies.

now ive gotten plenty of sleep and am finally well enough rested to play some tournies, but i dont want to play any now. But yeah joining a tourny when u arent totally prepared to be at ur sharpest for the next 7-9 hours isnt a good idea. All of u who play live should remember that.

its true tournies on Bovada are easier that tournies elsewhere. But im not sure if that would also apply for the $50 ones. Never really played any that high back on stars, it always felt like too much, except for when i got staked in the sunday million.

Havent called Vince and he hasnt called me either to see if i want to move in, so i assume that means his roommates are still living there. Wonder if Jim was able to come up with the rent? and yeah i do not want to be without a microwave the next time im in an apt on my own, so im really glad hes storing that for me in Annes garage. i wanted it here with me in Jean in case i got a ride to Reno from here or to Laughlin without having to come back into vegas, but he refused to bring it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm back to my old bad habits, so why arent i losing yet?

Vince dropped me off in Jean sunday night, so i could pickup my WU, and Anne was glad for me to be gone from Vinces house so her and him could fool around.

I'm still thinking maybe i should see about renting from him longterm, before anything happens to my $1865. For my good luck in Jean wont continue, and id really like to play poker at the suncoast or at least somewhere in Vegas, and Vince does own a car. but id have to work it out so id have both privacy and mail.

Maybe Britni was right when she used to say i need to live with others to save money? and couldnt understand why i never would. The best thing she ever did for me was tell me of the existence of google transit and teach me how to use it. its come in handy hundreds of times. she also recommended i used rideshare on craigslist, but i could never bring myself to trust it. it would help me get out of Jean in an emergency though.

Anyway Stacey (the pit boss) asked me tonight why i was betting 5 spots at $32 a hand, he said that i said on my blog and RTP i wasnt going to do that anymore. Of course, i only bet that high ONCE, but i cant seem to avoid raising bets in good counts if im behind, and i know im overdue for a big loss of about $500, and i really should get out of here and into longterm stable housing before that happens. it will be a lot easier with $1800 than $1300 and thats why i was showing people craigslist ads on reno and phoenix on RTP asking for advice and the people i trust the most in a private email.

Most of the time it was 1-2 spots of $1-15, but also i once bet 5 spots of $18. Some of the advice i get about 1 spot is wrong, it might be a good idea to speed things up and get out of bad counts betting multiple spots of $1, and then theres more cards available for 1 spot of $6-15 on good counts. (meaning if the games speeded up vastly more of those opportunities arise per hour).

so far im up $330 on BJ since coming to Jean, and i want to find housing before anything goes wrong, never intended to be here too long. and im disappointed i keep having to deposit $20 more on Bovada multiple times, maybe i should deposit a higher amount, but i dont want to take it out of my roll and see the roll go down by that amount.

am disappointed MIB dont seem to understand me too well, nothing personal, im just that way, ask lightning. And thanks to AndyFezzik for coming to my rescue to cheer him up for me. What i really wished was for MIB to hang out with me as a friend playing poker a few times, so i could get to know him, if i could get to know him and trust him, i would find him to be a very valuable asset, and id be not nearly as uncomfortable being around the stratosphere after dark. Im someone u need a lot of patience to deal with, and i just wanted to hang out and get to know him as a friend before he expected me to put myself in vulnerable situations, such as picking up $1000 in cash with him there, or letting him know my apt number (by going with him getting things from his storage). My mother almost told Greg on facebook where i lived before, and i really blew up over that.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

whoever told me to deposit money on Bovada gave me some good advice.

Ive finally won big off of nothing for a major tourny again. (entered the $20 first event of the GSPO contender series on Bovada, and ONLY because they emailed me a free tourny ticket). so i took no risk getting in it, and got into it quite late even, over 1 hour late when i finally woke up close to 2pm. Vince came home about 5am quite drunk, usually never drinks like that, and its a wonder he didnt have a bad accident on the way home, and hes glad he didnt too. Soon as he got home his roommate drove the car for him since he was in no shape too (odd he made it home) and they went to buy beer. But today hes fine and hanging out with his Gf anne again. they got back together. his roommate Jim has been losing all the time at poker most recently at the excaliber with his gf sitting behind him one day, and she just got a job as a cigarette girl in the casino. and theyve sold everything and still cant afford to pay him any rent. so hes a little depressed. all of us are struggling for money. Vinces job pays him way less than it used to pay him and he works independent contractor with Cox on commission. and this house is filled with ramen noodles.

anyway i woke up, Anne was over here too, and entered the tourny late, and started winning right off. an early double up with a well played AA in which i got the big stack to come over the top with a smaller pair and made him commit on the flop. and from there i kept slowly inching up in the money. i was really happy just to get to 18th place where payouts go way up from $66 for 19-27 to $114 for 10-18, but the big money is on the final table. 81 got paid in all.

started posting on twitter, a few friends began watching, both male and female, and eventually cashed out $906, and i mightve done even better, at one point i was up to 2nd out of 5 left. But blinds were up to 10k 20k and i was slowly getting eaten up and finally called a shove by a guy about equal to me who i think was taking advantage of my tightness. he had me beat and i couldnt hit an ace to beat him. dont remember the exact hand, but i think this was it. it was a little bit looser call than most of mine, but i did win one pot making too loose of a call, and outdrawing someones Aq with my a5.

then i was worried about cashing out, about sending documents, if id need to go to a printers and get a screened copy, and i'm also using a new debit card than the old one they had on file when i made the $20 deposit. so i called Bovada to see if i could use wu and explained that i live in NV with a LA state id.

the guy said i could because id used wu in the past years ago, but it still has to be approved and that takes 24-72 hours, so he said to keep an eye on my email next few days. and if it works, then i can pick it up at any WU office once i get my money transfer control number. hopefully they wont need any more documents etc. if nothing else i might end up having to go see if i can get a NV id made up. i know i had one in laughlin in early 2001-2004 so i should be able to get approved in spite of my citizenship issues, but im afraid to try, because KS adamantly refused to make me up an ID when mom went in with me to try to get one made. or i might have to email in the front and back of this new CC the bank gave me to replace the old one that bovada has in their old files. they had my documents way back when.

i wont get quite ALL of my winnings. theres an $80 fee for recieving a WU, and i hope im right in assuming its worth missing out on $80 to get it without delay or hassle. Vince cant get mail for me where he lives. never been sure why hes said his mailman wont do it. so i asked for $950 cash, plus the $80 fee=$1030, and that leaves $63 on Bovada so i can still grind online and play poker.

This is very important that i do this before i go home and i saw pokerdoggs comment about this on RTP. i must verify that i can pick up WU withdrawals from Bovada without issue first. for if im trying to get food stamps in KS, and get approved for SSI, we dont want them to see me getting checks from an online poker site for big sums. would screw it up. mom would make me sign up for both of that if i was living with her, and i dont want anything to screw things up and piss her off. Regardless of my feelings if its morally right or not, id have to keep her happy.

so if i get the WU, then ill know i can safely go to KS and grind. and maybe i still would fairly soon. for $654 + $950 plus whatever i spend in the next week or so isnt very much at all, not enough to find a place to live longterm in Vegas or to play $1-2 NL with. might be enough for $2-6 spread limit at samstown for next months promotion, or omaha at the suncoast, but thats about it.

right now im worried about if ill ever get this money at all, this could be a long complicated process if they want documents again. will have to look and see if i can find the docs on the computer i sent UP, or my bank statement i got at the goldstrike in Jean.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finally, a day where i didnt lose anything playing live. bought in for $30 at samstown today, only because of the AA cracked going on, and ended up winning $45 by the time the game broke early at 10pm when the promo ended. I could get by if i could only manage to do that everyday. and i never went near any slot machines today. Just grabbed 2 potato salads and left, so id have at least something in the house, and now down to only $2 comps. Will have those to eat tonight before Vince moves me out tomorrow, and it was so nice of Dmuzio to hand me a free hotdog and bag of chips when he busted out of the tourny he was in.

So that brings up my roll back to $551 from $506, and hopefully ill get the other $100 from UP credited by midnite tomorrow night. And im still hanging onto a little over $101 on Bovada. Also hear wsop is opening up, but theres some dispute about which games they will offer. the 2+2 thread says it will have PLO high, and plo8 and stud can quickly be added later on. (i tend to believe that one because its their official thread). not sure if Bill Rini, (a blogger) who is their rep, is aware of my blog or not, but he seems to be the one running the show.

I am hoping ill be able to play on that site once i send in my documents. id hate to think i couldnt simply because i cant go in the casinos and my harrahs card is listed as banned. maybe if i can play online, since they reward u by using ur harrahs card, id be assigned a new harrahs card as a new customer, and then id finally have a harrahs card thats not listed as banned. i dont think theyd be allowed to seize my money, all they could do is to refuse my acct, or refund my money once i start playing.

So yeah Vince will be getting me out of here before noon, and hopefully moms package will be in the office, actually i should check on it tonight and see if it came early. and he will be storing everything including a microwave, although ill be taking to Ks whatever i can fit on a train. not heard back from the email i sent KOD and i take that to be a bad sign, did he change his mind about buying me a free ticket?

Thats a really good promo at samstown, (the $599 paid in early Oct for 125 hours play in september) and id like to do it, surely u wont lose more than that playing very tight against old folks getting ur hours in, but then again ive taken some bad losing days at $2-6 lately. i dont have the money but i really hate to miss out on this, wish i could work a deal with someone else to share in the profits above and beyond what theyd advance me to do the promo. what i mean is theyd not only get back their money with profits, theyd also get a share of the house promotional money, so it certainly wouldnt be considered a handout or gift, it would be a business arrangement beneficial to both parties. One old man whose quite tight and plays all the time said tonight he lost $70 for the months play, got the $599 and came out $529 ahead.

Jason should know how much this would benefit both me and the backer, since hes familiar with the promo. to take an extreme example, lets say someone was only 5-10 hours away from having $599, and yet was too broke to buyin. of course, i need a lot more hours than that. But it does show how making sure someone could get their hours in has potential to benefit both parties.

and had i been playing on Bovada this much back in the days of VBJ in Jean and the $1200-1600 roll i had about 2 months way back, id been so much better off. but i didnt realize how easy it was to win on Bovada and grind up a small roll was back then. im sure im running above average but i have a little over 66% roi in the DONS and i think it will fall back to like 55-60% from 70-75% when it stabilizes.

and thanks to everyone who offered to help store kitchen supplies, clothes, microwave, etc had Vince not came thru.

Called and wrote SI to talk to him about going out to Opp Village to see if they had any kind of work that i could do thats simple enough, kind of like that mailroom job with RL Polk back in cleveland in 1991. he will call and ask them some questions tomorrow, because hes not sure if they would take me on, because we arent sure how we go about proving my aspergers, he says several of their clients have that. and i dont remember the location of the place PokerJohnny told me about for the job i talked about on RTP he spoke of. (the telemarketing job thats salary instead of commission, where u dont actually have to talk to anyone). but the machine talks for u. But id need to know fast if they could get me in anywhere right away because unless i get immediate work i have to go to KS because i cant even afford $60 a week at vinces im so low, nor can i afford to play live. ONLY on Bovada. and i have no way to earn free rooms in Jean anymore to play on Bovada there. and it seems wsop isnt even offering a big signup bonus like UP did.

i'm not sure if my credit report has been fucked up yet or not, or how early these $600+ worth of unpaid bills with Tmobile and verizon will be reported. it probably already has. the big fear is it will make it next to impossible to get an apt by the month even if i find work or get SSI, so i might have to take the Todd motor hotel at $550 a month if i get into a place by the month instead of the week when i can.

i feel like a terrible fool for losing the $96 on the VP the day before at samstown, when the bankroll briefly fell to $481. thats a much worse sin than it used to be because my roll is so much less now. But its the only failure in awhile. i mean the only minus EV game i played, since i dont consider my play on UP to be minus EV nor the $2-6 spread game losses. thats just bad variance, but this 1c2c5c spin poker with a 97-98% payback that was dumb as hell.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

after reading this blog post, the owners of Bovada should send me a nice big check for advertising them so well.

However before we get started on Bovada, i want to say a couple of things before i forget them. I have PLENTY of pairs of pants now, got 8 pants, 3 of which are new. and some used ones at vinces and from vince. (thats included in the 8).

and funny thing, someone went around to all of the doors of every apt in the entire complex, and put a paper on the door saying that the welfare dept would be out here sept 23 signing people up for food stamps who want it. of course, ill no longer be living here then, but it would come in handy for someone who still lived here. anyone ever seen that before when living in a weekly?

also i called Herbie up tonight, and also spoke with AKgal on twitter, both of whom have done the $50 free mobile gaming at any cantor sportsbook on their mobile application. one did it at the M, the other one at the Hardrock. But neither knows if it still exists will have to ask tomorrow when i go to the hardrock for the $10 free play good sept 12-14. i missed the freeplay expired on the 11th, and i wanted to go a little before midnite sept 14 so i could then wait around and do the sept 15-18 one too. because its $5 for a daily bus pass. But if im going to ask their sportsbook about the cantor gaming promo, i might have to go earlier, (i dont think the sportsbook would be open still close to midnite?).

and i almost forgot but i put my last pizza in the oven and dont want to forget i did that, must take it out in 5 more minutes. I am going to miss this apt, and its odd it dont have any cockroaches like the last one did.

U see, its not really the SSI money that i miss coming in every month so much. As i get older, i attach a lot more importance to living indoors. (how else can u explain all the wasted time in Jean not playing poker, and my refusal to spend my $500 playing live poker now? for years my bankroll was close to that, back in the early 1990s.) its the APT i had for $200 a month in lyons ks, free govt housing, totally on my own in a safe place with just a bunch of old folks living down the halls. Id have never left that place had it not been for the UIGEA, and the remote location out in the middle of nowhere, but now id give anything to have it back again.

Okay and now for the reasons why playing on Bovada is better than playing on UP. one, they have omaha and omaha8. Two, they have DON sngs, even if u do have to play all of them 6 max, and vook didnt tell me that. Three, the tables are anonymous so u can hide easily without being targeted. Four, no one will be able to look u up on a HUD. Five, theres no heavy multitablers since 4 tables are the most u are allowed to play, and thanks to stump for letting me know that. Six, they also have stud and stud8. Seven, theres a lot bigger player pool on Bovada so far more choices of small non holdem games. Eight, bovada gave me a free $22 tourny voucher out of nowhere, which was unexpected and ill be using it for a tourny oct 3. Nine, they have the $4 beginner sngs that pay 4 out of 9 and arent hard to place in. Ten, they have the triple up Omaha and holdem sngs paying 3 out of 9 triple their money. Eleven, they still allow ratholing here and UP got rid of ratholing. But yeah this large list of things all make Bovada a better site than UP. once UP allows omaha, ill check them out again. But im upset with scotty not answering my PM on 2+2.

and when all the other NV or NJ online sites come online, i will probably be out in KS and nowhere around, now that ive found out ill have a way to make money there and wont have to worry about paying for anything but my food, (thats why ill need some cash on me still) and ill also have to pay my $14 monthly bank fee to keep my bank acct open too. But when i am back out this way and those sites are up and running, i will never let anyone find out or guess my screen name on all the other NV sites and it will be different each site just in case.

alot of people have gave me good advice ive found it hard to follow over the years, and my life would be far better off if i had. Such as keeping quiet at the table about how i play, not letting them know how broke i am, not showing my hand when i dont get called, etc. I will however say, i am not the only one to make these mistakes.

I dont know what id be planning had i not found out i could actually win money longterm by playing on Bovada, id not feel comfortable going home to KS unless that option is available. Mom will not be happy if Bovada ends up getting shutdown, because then of course id want to leave immediately.

I wonder what kind of work for how long and how much pay Micki had in mind, and i wonder if Zin couldve offered me any work had i came to live in his trailer he offered me a year or so ago. Too bad Clints offer fell thru but id passed out in exhaustion within a couple weeks no matter how hard i tried and i think he was afraid of that.

also i got a strange $3.64 deposited onto my blackchippoker acct from raketherake today, seems i signed others up before for the site and somehow earned a nine cent commission, when i looked into it a long time ago in 2012. but that still dont explain why they sent me so much today.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ok im fed UP with UP, Thank God i wont be playing on there anymore. Too many people sitting at my table id rather not sit with

Mike 41010: tbc play or give up the seat
dietpepsi383: wtf didnt it deal me in on the BB when i hit come in on BB?? now ive gotta wait a whole other round

lemming000: just post

lemming000: youll win

Mike 41010: tbc you are so cheap you wait to save a quarter lmao

dietpepsi383: u are so stupid u think its the 25c that matters and not the 3 extra hands per orbit instead

dietpepsi383: wtf are u doing at the limit tables anyway?

Mike 41010: what a jerk i will sit out in any game your in from now on

Daytripper: PR idiot.........I will remember that slowroll

now here's an interesting chat, now i always hit the button that says wait for BB as soon as it lets me, sometimes i gotta wait and not hit it right away cause it wont let u check it on UP when u first sit down like u can on Bovada, but it makes u wait til it asks u at the beginning of the next hand, which slows it down for everyone and is one of the annoying things about the software. Out of many annoying things about UP. Bovada, where i play now, has much better software. In this instance the BB somehow skipped over me, (most likely cause wouldve been either the button or SB getting up) and also i had forgot to check the auto post box even if it had.

By the way its a good thing i finished getting in those hands on UP so i dont need the wired ethernet $13 a week connection anymore. u see, my weekly internet just expired, at 1.59am in the morning and thats about the time i remember going to the office and paying for it. so i suddenly got disconnected in the middle of my game on Bovada, right in the middle of a pot. i had to plug in the cricket modem to get back online, but not in time to not have my hand folded. and Bovada, if it disconnects u u lose ur seat at the table too and cant sit back down for 5 minutes. weird rule. But yeah the cricket modem came in handy. and this is why i was in such a rush to get those hands on UP before today ended.

So anyway, Mikes blaming me for something i had no control over, and i wasnt sitting around reading the chatbox anyway. was browsing websites, had no idea he was watching and still no idea who he is on RTP. i find it hilarious how people always seem to think the reason a person hasnt acted is because they only have one table up, and are simply just staring at the chat box and nothing else. i dont think a guy whose taking awhile to act is EVER staring at the chat box, typing stuff like that is useless, so why do people do it all the time? i guess just out of anger just like when i go off swearing at people. most taking a long time are either away from their computer, running to the bathroom, browsing another webpage or at too many tables with a monster pot pending on another table. NONE are sitting there staring at the chat box ever. and thats why seeing people typing in chat to hurry up annoys me regardless of whether im also wanting the guy to hurry up. it does make me feel like ive found the fish, because i feel its a sign of whose got no patience.

But mike isnt even playing. hes only there to follow me, and of course hes not wanting me to quit so he can sit, he only wants to play since im there. i was trying to hide anyway from stinger630 by sitting in a LIMIT table, and was shocked Mike searched thru the limit tables to look for me. who would expect me there? the reason im sure stinger is mc gee is he changes his avatar to hide better all the time.

Now lemming, hes a nice and friendly guy but he never spoke except for that. and daytripper?? how the hell do u slowroll someone in an ONLINE game? its the software that decides when to turns the cards over, not the players. so that tilted me too even though he wasnt saying it to me. Then Mike offended me by calling me cheap, and i was offended yesterday he refused to say who he was on RTP. Same as onajojo wanting to hide what he does for a living, whats the big deal if i know? i would think its obvious to everyone the 3 extra hands i get per orbit by coming in on the BB as opposed to posting behind (since its not free here like in live casino games) is worth far more EV than the 25c is, so i was annoyed he couldnt understand this and it annoyed me more than i was already (mainly due to being down still at the time, and not getting xp and then not being dealt in) not really at Mike so much. then he got mad and said he would sit out, but i never saw him do that at any of my tables the rest of the day. i wish everyone that follows me around would sit out except my closest friends, and by that i mean ones i dont feel are targeting me calling me loosely or reraising me loosely, but who play everyone equally to win without trying to bully and pick on a friend.

Yes i definitely need to be at an anonymous site and thats why i chose bodog. probably the wisest decision ive ever made. the $20 i deposited is now up to $23, but the sad thing is i cant count Bodog money as part of my roll cause im worried about getting it out. they might even need documents again since ill have a different address, and id have nothing sent to me there. i might have to go to moms for quite a while to ever get it out, and first i need to build it up and fast, at least at the rate of $30 a day.

But yeah ive got tons of choices of where to play now, stud, stud8, omaha,omaha8 even sngs. some of them choices seemed more limited than i thought. some things werent going. also i could play zone poker and then id not mind NL as much. i wonder if that got them a lot of business, taking FTPs old idea. also i heard within 5 days u can start filing claims for FTP refunds too. the link was from the PPA and could probably be hunted up, but i dont want to give them free advertising unless they pay me.

its important i find out if i can win much longterm at bodogs before id go to moms, so i wont get bored there and can actually get back in shape enough to leave someday and return to vegas. i would hate to be stuck there the rest of my life, i dont like being outside of a bigger city.

also, i enjoyed lightnings blog post, i wonder why he waited so long to do it. one of his much younger friends posted the other day they were worried for his safety. The one who makes 100x too many posts and like 5 others im deleting a lot of his too

Too bad Mickey stopped posting his stories on wizard of vegas. those were actually enjoyable to read about laughlin deadwood, etc.

Roll is still at $551 is all, and i'll be glad when it grows $100 next tuesday, and i can add the UP money to the bank. ive got to get money in that bank, theres under $250 left in there. But then again im not looking forward to Tuesday too much, thats the day ill no longer be able to afford my rent and will have to move out theyre quite strict about checkout here, they woke me up at noon to pay this week when i was still asleep. I need to know now who can store all my kitchen supplies this Tuesday and where ill sleep i dunno. cant afford to earn the comps in Jean. cant afford this room. cant go to Ks just yet. cant afford to travel to any other cities. Vince still has roommates. Cooldave is heading back and forth weekly to cali for work, but hes leaving 4am monday morning, thats a little soon to ride there. and im glad he found the cell phone i accidently left in his car the other day. and thanks to AKgal for her help. shes came thru more than once in the same way when ive been without a phone.

i never heard from JJ Booey again, but is anyone else offering immediate work i can do to earn money that isnt too hard to accept or do? right in vegas and enough to do some good? if its simple, maybe i can do it and get $40 or so but if its too hard dont get mad when i say i cant. id rather just make the money grinding poker or selling adspace, the people whove hung out with me and watched me at poker all say im playing well, even when they see me lose they see its just bad luck. Both 2 guys in the past couple weeks who dont even know each other. and none of them were named lightning.

the only thing i know ill be able to get rid of is Cap's microwave, he will be taking it back soon as i lose my apt or soon as he gets settled moving into his here in vegas. i only had 3 frozen meals to cook it in so far, i spent very little at walmarts and still got too many canned goods to use up all by tuesday, i just eat too little. i need more milk, though should go refund about $5 worth for milk. i may still. still got the receipt.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Results of Quiz

Hand 1.

dietpepsi383 bets (5.31)
4Chinit calls (5.31)
turn: [Jd]
4Chinit checks
dietpepsi383 bets (5.24) and is all-in
4Chinit calls (5.13) and is all-in
dietpepsi383 is refunded (0.11)
4Chinit shows [4d Ad]
dietpepsi383 shows [Kc Kd]
river: [3d]
NANHEE player rake contribution is (0.01)
Rhino player rake contribution is (0.01)
IamaNooblet player rake contribution is (0.01)
4Chinit player rake contribution is (0.57)
dietpepsi383 player rake contribution is (0.57)
Shark-1 player rake contribution is (0.01)
4Chinit shows [4d Ad]
dietpepsi383 shows [Kc Kd]
4Chinit wins (25.25)

tried to post the old hand first, (to make the blog easier to read) but it kept screwing up when i did the copy and paste, when id copy and paste the results, the hand would disappear altogether. anyway as suggested, i shoved the KK and he rivered a backdoor flush.

Hand 2.
dietpepsi383 raises to (9.26) and is all-in
usaanuar calls (9.26)
Mike 41010 folds
usaanuar is refunded (0)
dietpepsi383 shows [Qd Kc]
usaanuar shows [As Ad]
river: [5c]
cold fish player rake contribution is (0.03)
Mike 41010 player rake contribution is (0.33)
Rhino player rake contribution is (0.01)
dietpepsi383 player rake contribution is (0.54)
usaanuar player rake contribution is (0.54)
dietpepsi383 shows [Qd Kc]
usaanuar shows [As Ad]
usaanuar wins (30.79)
rake is (1.45)
this is the hand where it was said i should raise Mike on the flop but since i didnt, to definitely do it on the turn, but it turned out the lone caller all the way was slowplaying aa, and i think he wouldnt be doing that in this spot, the board is too draw heavy for him to not be coming to life a little earlier, such as the flop. no way of course for anyone to know thats what he had.
hand. 3.
This is the hand i won, and i added it just so the readers wouldnt know in advance which hands id lose. its also the hand it was recommended i reraise BEFORE the flop with the AQ but usually if i do, i just get reraised
dietpepsi383 raises to (9.08)
trdice folds
Rhino folds
dietpepsi383 is refunded (5.58)
Mr.Biachi player rake contribution is (0.01)
Rhino player rake contribution is (0.22)
dietpepsi383 player rake contribution is (0.22)
dlman player rake contribution is (0)
DoctorBurger player rake contribution is (0.01)
trdice player rake contribution is (0.05)
dietpepsi383 wins (10.84)
rake is (0.51)
dietpepsi383 mucks

Hand 4.

This is the hand its BvsB, which i have very little experience in because i always chop. i dont know what to think am i playing too tight in the SB as lightning and SI say, or not? vook seems to think im way too loose in the SB, and ditto with Pokermeister, they said to fold the QJ or raise bigger. i got into trouble raising too small, betting the flop when i hit top pair, and then him hitting his gin card on the turn when he makes trips.

dietpepsi383 bets (11.05) and is all-in
usaanuar calls (3.04) and is all-in
dietpepsi383 is refunded (8.01)
dietpepsi383 shows [Qh Jc]
usaanuar shows [7d Kc]
river: [5c]
dietpepsi383 player rake contribution is (0.20)
usaanuar player rake contribution is (0.20)
dietpepsi383 shows [Qh Jc]
usaanuar shows [7d Kc]
usaanuar wins (8.60)
rake is (0.40)

me betting $11 is no different than me betting $3 since its just me and him in, so its not an overbet.

Hand 5.

this is the hand i flop JJJ on a flop of JQA and the one guy who called my raise preflop acts behind me. everyone recommended i shove because of the amount of money already in the pot, and he has flopped the nut straight.

dietpepsi383 bets (10) and is all-in
Hrtlessmnstr calls (10)
stinger630 folds
Hrtlessmnstr is refunded (0)
dietpepsi383 shows [Jd Jh]
Hrtlessmnstr shows [Ts Ks]
turn: [7d]
river: [8s]
stinger630 player rake contribution is (0.11)
dietpepsi383 player rake contribution is (0.57)
Hrtlessmnstr player rake contribution is (0.56)
BamBamReno player rake contribution is (0.01)
cold fish player rake contribution is (0.01)
dietpepsi383 shows [Jd Jh]
Hrtlessmnstr shows [Ts Ks]
Hrtlessmnstr wins (26.74)

went and paid the rent today for another week, i sure wont be able to do that next tuesday and the new roll is at $543. i need to get those last few points before i quit playing on UP, and i tried yesterday, but less than 40 xp for the ENTIRE 12 hours of play, due to the way UP awards points, if u win a pot PREFLOP u get NO xp, and if u dont win the pot at all, u get no XP. the only times someone gets XP is if they win a pot later in the hand. so if u run bad it makes it nearly impossible. the reason most say earning xp is easy is they dont run so bad to never get a pot, and they play 6 max where they are going to win far more pots in a course of a couple hours than at a 9 max table.

what im thinking of doing, once ive earned the bonus on UP and can get off that site, is put a very small amount on bovada, like $25. that way not too much is tied up and if i start winning $30 or so a day, great ive found a solution, and if i lose it, better to never play at all online and just stick to live. if there was any truth to being able to make $40 or so a day pandhandling id have started doing it a long time ago, much as i hate it. but those days been gone forever, where i could hold up a sign as in 1989 and make $50-100 on a good day and a good location. i quit once u started getting like $15 or less for the whole day many years ago and when the cops started objecting to it

Monday, September 9, 2013

Quiz--what would u do

how would u play the following hands? am down to my last $27 out of $166 i once had on UP, but cant see any major errs i made, and i think since its only like 10-12 buyins its just normal variance and not something i should be upset over if i had a bigger roll.

hand number 1.

Hand #14450831, Hold'em, 9 players
NANHEE posts small blind (0.10)
Rhino posts big blind (0.25)
IamaNooblet posts (0.25)
Shark-1 posts (0.25)
cold fish is dealt down
NANHEE is dealt down
Rhino is dealt down
IamaNooblet is dealt down
madd5400 is dealt down
4Chinit is dealt down
dietpepsi383 is dealt down [Kc Kd]
Shark-1 is dealt down
IamaNooblet checks
madd5400 folds
4Chinit raises to (0.50)
dietpepsi383 raises to (2.35)
Shark-1 folds
cold fish folds
NANHEE folds
Rhino folds
IamaNooblet folds
4Chinit calls (2.35)
flop: [6c 8c 7d]
4Chinit checks
dietpepsi383--ok what would u do in this spot? UP hand histories suck, u have to erase one line at a time instead of selecting all and erasing, and they dont copy and paste the best either. they dont show stack sizes either. but we both had like $10-12 left in front of us. and it seems the pot was like $5. the results will be shown later on.

Hand number 2.

Hand #14449526, Hold'em, 9 players
Mike 41010 posts small blind (0.10)
Rhino posts big blind (0.25)
cold fish is dealt down
Mike 41010 is dealt down
Rhino is dealt down
pitiedkinkju is dealt down
madd5400 is dealt down
itsprudence is dealt down
dietpepsi383 is dealt down [Qd Kc]
usaanuar is dealt down
Shark-1 is dealt down
pitiedkinkju folds
madd5400 folds
itsprudence folds
dietpepsi383 raises to (0.55)
usaanuar calls (0.55)
Shark-1 folds
cold fish calls (0.55)
Mike 41010 calls (0.55)
Rhino folds
flop: [6d Js Ks]
Mike 41010 bets (2.34)
dietpepsi383 calls (2.34)
usaanuar calls (2.34)
cold fish folds
turn: [4c]
Mike 41010 bets (4.25)

action is now to me, what should i do? im dont think he has me beat, and i dont want the caller drawing with such a draw heavy board, i have about $13 in front of me, usaanuar has somewhat less, about $10-11 i think, maybe slightly less, and mike has just a little more than me.

Hand #3.

Hand #14448168, Hold'em, 9 players
dlman posts small blind (0.10)
DoctorBurger posts big blind (0.25)
Mr.Biachi is dealt down
Rhino is dealt down
dietpepsi383 is dealt down [Ad Qc]
dlman is dealt down
DoctorBurger is dealt down
trdice is dealt down
cold fish is dealt down
trdice calls (0.25)
cold fish folds
Mr.Biachi calls (0.25)
Rhino raises to (1.25)
dietpepsi383 calls (1.25)
dlman folds
DoctorBurger folds
trdice calls (1.25)
Mr.Biachi folds
flop: [9s Ac 6s]
trdice checks
Rhino bets (3.50)
ok now the action is to me, i got about $15 on me and so rhino has about $10

hand number 4.

Hand #14447487, Hold'em, 9 players
dietpepsi383 posts small blind (0.10)
usaanuar posts big blind (0.25)
cold fish is dealt down
Mike 41010 is dealt down
DoctorBurger is dealt down
dietpepsi383 is dealt down [Qh Jc]
usaanuar is dealt down
Shark-1 is dealt down
Shark-1 folds
cold fish folds
Mike 41010 folds
DoctorBurger folds
dietpepsi383 raises to (0.50)
usaanuar calls (0.50)
flop: [2c 7s Js]
dietpepsi383 bets (0.96)
usaanuar calls (0.96)
turn: [7h]
ok the action is on me, he has less than $4 left and i have just over $11
Hand number 5.

Hand #14445804, Hold'em, 9 players
stinger630 posts small blind (0.10)
dietpepsi383 posts big blind (0.25)
stinger630 is dealt down
dietpepsi383 is dealt down [Jd Jh]
DoctorBurger is dealt down
bananatoess is dealt down
Hrtlessmnstr is dealt down
BamBamReno is dealt down
cold fish is dealt down
DoctorBurger folds
bananatoess folds
Hrtlessmnstr calls (0.25)
BamBamReno calls (0.25)
cold fish calls (0.25)
stinger630 calls (0.25)
dietpepsi383 raises to (2.50)
Hrtlessmnstr calls (2.50)
BamBamReno folds
cold fish folds
stinger630 calls (2.50)
flop: [Jc Qd 9s]
stinger630 checks
ok action is on me, and both me and the guys im against have $10 or slightly more.

Hand number 6.

i'm getting tired, and i think this hand took place quite a bit earlier so i give up finding the HH on it. i spent about the last 2 hours studying my play, going thru over 400 hhs one by one. (looking for the right hands). suffice it to say i had 68 suited, and limped in late position. mightve called a small raise, not sure. Flop comes up J58 with one club and 2 red suited cards, not my suit. 2 people check, including the possible small preflop raiser to 75c, (not sure) and the guy directly in front of me checks also, now wouldnt u think anyone with a jack would bet that late of position on that board? well i say the odds are a jack isnt out there so i bet about the size of the pot. turn comes 3 clubs, and he checks and i have so few chips left i go allin, and he has J3 suited. then the guy Mike41010 whose been needling my play, (or was that stinger430 or 710suited?) cant remember, anyway kept saying he had a flush draw, but he sure didnt have nothing but a backdoor flush draw on the flop and checking in that late of position allowing for an overcard to hit is a bad play in my opinion. and the needler claims he was trying to sucker me, like id have a reason to bet, most of the time id checked along, he sure wasnt after a checkraise, he was an unknown player, not one of the followers, just a donk, not one of the guys i see repeatedly sitting at my tables.
so here i am, going to bed, dead tired, total roll $709, with 836XP of the 1000xp needed. But im down to only $31 on UP i did so awful today. lost far more there than the $8 i lost taking a break and playing at samstown a couple hours. I want to play on a different site and play the games i do better at, not this shit. i need a different way to earn money than playing UP. But no one can criticize my poker play, thats less than 10 buyins so relatively meaningless in the long run and happens all the time. the thing thats got me so worried is i owe $164+$13 tuesday to keep my room. and once i do have the XP, i wont be credited now til sept 17.

This is the most work ive ever done composing any blog post

Friday, September 6, 2013

Not the easiest thing in the world.

I'm Not used to making my living online, not since being in Butte with $230 a month rent, plus all utilities, for another $100-150 a month, with Party and Planet and Pokerstars. way way back in 2002-2003. In fact, thats about the only way it can work. Games were not only easier then (i came to Butte with the same $700-800 roll about what i have now). but its not so much the games were easier, its that the expenses were a lot less. and thats why i wish i had someone i know and trust that i could live with to cut down on expenses. someone whod charge me next to nothing in rent, (about the same price i paid in Butte, under $400 including everything). Also in Butte i went out to the bars and played live and think i started off lucky to not go broke, got up to as much as $2000 or close to it within 1-3 months. too far back to remember too much.

yeah pokerstars and planet and party, netteller, firepay, those were the good old days. its too bad i didnt have my 15k roll back then, id gone the rest of my life without ever going broke and probably done so well id never fallen into the temptations of the machines. But back then i was transferring all my winnings to Lorna online and another girl at times up in Canada possibly named Anne who called herself on YM superflygirl21 or something like that, ive forgotten the id. But the vast majority of the time it was Lorna. this was like a year before i met Britni. (by that i mean talked to her online).

so as always, it was poor management of my money outside of my poker decisions that kept me from ever achieving success. i couldve easily saved up a large roll in the early days of online poker had i been a little smarter. but i was a lot younger then, and having a good woman in my life took on a whole lot more importance then than it does now.

but yeah needing under $400 a month (not counting food) is MUCH easier to survive at and earn playing online, than $164 a week rent, $13 a week ethernet connection, $30 a month cell phone, bus fares, laundry, food, and any other expenses. i dont see how its possible nowdays unless u have friends u can live with

and im sure not going to craigslist and living with people i dont know at all. thats very dangerous. if i was a member of a very small church that saw me as family, maybe theyd find me someone safe to live with. i need to live in a poker house, where everyone is grinding poker and learning from each other and getting MUCH better at the game.

almost got no food in here, and still waiting for Vince to bring over the damned pans and kitchen utensils he was supposed to tonight, and u are very limited without a microwave. and im sure not paying $100 for one new, or $25-40 for one thats probably broken at a thrift store.

and im too broke to take any breaks playing live poker $2-6 spread limit at sams town. maybe at club fortune where the blinds are $1.50 per orbit instead of $3 per orbit, but its raked heavy too.  also one of the bigger rooms of my apt not only has no light except for the laptop, theres nowhere to put a light in either.

dreamed last night that i was at the top of a large hill, and was sitting in a chair that has a zipper u zip closed to be free of outside elements, kind of like being inside a miniature car, and it was driving itself slowly down the hill from 1 casino to another nearby, and u have to steer it very carefully.

had just left there with mom, from a large library/bookstore inside, where the library had a whole lot of pro-gay propaganda, (the type Putin bans from Russia) and i was talking with mom about how to slip in books with opposite viewpoint into the library as approved books without the library knowing.
then it kind of turned into a bookstore, and i saw a lot of old digest dennis the menace type and blondie and dagwood and little lulu comic books i wanted to buy.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If it makes anyone feel any better, i agree im better off living in Vegas instead of Jean. Just worry about paying for housing is all

Well, Nick is gone now, he went home to cali this morning, so i wont have him around anymore to help with rides and incidentals. and im not yet sure when lightning can make it here without a phone, (cant use the room phone to call numbers that arent local) so im waiting to hear back from Josie. But i am better off than i was the other day when i left Jean. im up to $1189, got 3 clean pants and 12 clean shirts still, some food, paid internet access good for everything but UP up til oct 2, and a decent size suitcase from Vinces house i had already to squeeze most of these things into.

so lightning will not have to take me roundtrip and that should make him happy. only 1 way into vegas, to get a room for a week on boulder hwy, and then to play poker at clubfortune, samstown, texas suncoast or Palms. have several offers of free play from various places way too much to not be picking up, and it cant all be picked up at once, and the first installment comes sept 5. josie too has agreed i should be living in vegas. also i want to investigate certain promos at samstown, CFC, and palms. some of the managers are nice and read the blog, and when i called samstown, the employees in the poker room running it said the free room for 4 hours was bogus.

Nick thinks i should be playing online from my room, and i agree. (or not neccessarily from the room) but in a place like tx or boulder or the gold spike downtown vegas with good free wifi). That way i wont miss the $100 bonus on UP, Nick won pretty good there, says the games are good, (would like to check with Mc Gee on that, miss hearing from him) and surely it wont be too long before they add omaha now. the initial deposit must be made by sept 8 and 1000xp does take some time to earn. theres also other sites i can play on from Jean, but i dont want to go thru the hassle of getting a check, (and staying here long enough to) waiting days for bitcoin deposits thru  my bank, or hassles in transfers. its certainly more suitable for the meager bankroll i have, and far safer, because i wont have any $50-100 drops in a few hands getting me quite stressed out and upset. the ideal would be to not win or lose more than $40 a day yet still be able to afford a place to live.

yeah Nick really helped out a lot with expenses such as food, clothes etc while he was here and didnt mind the driving, so id really like to give him a big thank u for that. we talked about what would be best for me as far as to what i should be playing. i'm hoping i can grow the roll to over $2500 by Christmas and maintain a place to live in vegas and ill feel a lot less stressed out, i dont really think going back to the commerce is a good idea, because i think UP will be adding omaha very soon, or another site is going to go online. i think i wont get nearly as lucky at the commerce as i was the last time.

i got several casinos for lightning to pick from, and its nice he is willing to play all types of games as was nick. limit, spread limit, no limit, omaha, etc. also ive heard Chris dont manage the mirage anymore, where did he go?

am also hoping i qualify for the suncoasts sept freeroll. i cant remember if i got my hours in in june or july. if i got the hours in in june i missed the freeroll i qualified for, and if i got the hours in in July, then im good. thats another place i need to phone.

also i seen an ad for a trailer in henderson for $130 a week, nick tried to call it by phone, but couldnt reach anyone live. would like to find out the location and if its a suitable option i can afford. shady rest cabins or something, if anyones heard of it. 702-565-7688

since i owe way over $300 on the tmobile phone, too much to pay on it anytime soon, i am thinking my old virgin mobile phone i found might be the best to try and turn on. that does work to play on UP, correct? its a company they service? i think their monthly service fee is low, and all i need to do is to bring the phone within a virgin mobile store and ask.

also its nice club fortune offers free wifi, thats another place i could probably get online UP at.

last nights omaha hi game at tx station was pretty good as usual, but i only got 1 good size pot, and quit when i started giving back a lot and was back to being stuck. and nick, he plays alot more conservative than i realized, and took some bad beats. i cannot afford that omaha game eskimo clark plays in every week, but it sure is a good game, im sure miamicane would make a fortune in it if he ever wanted to play. they opened up a 2nd table sunday night that instead of being $2-6 spread limit omaha hi as usual, with overs buttons, was strictly NL omaha high, and all the overs buttons moved over there. so u could play NL from the flop. now theres a game i could do well in if i could only afford a lot of buyins. i seen one guy buying in $5000