Friday, August 28, 2015

up, up and away

Well earlier today i got my room taken care of for thurs fri and sat nights, took a nap of a few hours, and played a little with the $800 on Bovada, which im also doing right now. Sad thing is, im also out of clean laundry, and Vince is away in cali, and theres no laundries in the casinos. Guess i should buy more tshirts.

Lucky to have a nice fridge in this room, most of them dont. and a big sized one at that.

and its still going up (all due to luck of course, no skill) and is now past the $23k mark. i got lucky when after leaving the poker room stuck $360+ (and having given back most of the $445 win at poker earlier this afternoon-- most of which came from a hi hand jackpot with a $43 tip) i went and played a few hands of VBJ. waited for the count to be somewhat positive, then divided out a few hundred in bets among 3 spots. lost some of the spots, and then meant to divide out $640 in bets among 4 spots. accidently bet $740 worth of bets instead of $640, then won a double down on one of the hands when the dealer busted on a bust card. shortly thereafter i left the machine with a big win on it that had recovered the poker loss, and a profit, which is why im now at a new high.

a day or 2 earlier while staying in my FREE room at the nugget thru the same host that got me into the slot tourny (all from last dec play mind u, nothing recent much to his disappointment im sure) i found out i was wrong about being able to use poker comps on their hotel rooms. only food, gift shop, spa, etc. u can use it on many things, just not for hotel rooms. but i did end up with 4 days free. i did play an hour or so worth of $15 and up paigow poker, and it was commission free so i thought i was getting a great deal, not realizing that the dealers Q hi paigow would be treated as a push instead of a win for me. i did win a bit over $100 at that table though by martingaling bets.

still wish i couldve got a chance to use the pool and the slide, but i didnt have any swimming trunks, nor did i know where to buy them without wasting a lot of time on a bus to the residential areas to visit a store like a walmart. i wouldnt know where to buy them downtown. it wouldve been free while i was a guest.

as soon as i am out of comp rooms, i need to leave town and get settled somewhere so i have somewhere to keep my things and not have to move all the time or worry about weekends. but prices are so much higher than they used to be. especially for the extended stay america places i used to take, like about $400 a month more. if anyone here works in hotels, could that be because its summer, and maybe prices will go back down? it was oct when i took it before i think. i know the one in Phoenix is much cheaper, and the ones around Parx and delaware Park and Maryland live are much higher yet. (some passing $2000 a month)

lots of cheap airfares too. my mother would rather i not come til the 2nd week of oct. she is having relatives over, and also will be in therapy for surgery on her hand associated with tendinitis and thinks oct will be better to go to a doctor with me that Mark uses.

it was nice of Koala to make one final trip to the nugget to play with me the day before. i took him to the nugget buffet. he has not done well at all on this trip financially.

Monday, August 24, 2015

You need to run for your life

I'm in an old rundown building and trying to make it up to the upper floor, and im climbing a ladder where some other guy had just came down and when i get up there, theres painters equipment all over the floor and filthy rags lying around, and im looking for a bathroom. so i walk past him, and thankfully he doesnt question my presence as to who i am and why im there, and im thinking in a tiny room at the end of the hall if i remember right, theres a bathroom. so i round the corner, and theres no bathroom, just a stove.

so i dream i start to urinate in the stove, and i move a pan to the side, and i dream as soon as i do, the urine ignites the stove and catches it on fire. and the pan i threw to the bed that ignited catches the bed on fire and theres 2 fires. i run back out of the room, trying to figure out how to get out and start yelling to the painter he needs to run for his life.

but suddenly the hall is filled with large groups of blacks everywhere, fighting etc, and i go running down an escalator 1 floor, and theres a lady yelling for the cops saying this guy just ran out of the store without paying $94.16. and i tell all those people theres a huge fire overhead and they should all start running for their lives too.

Then i wake up. i slept a long time, constantly went back to sleep, and im wondering if its connected to my eyesight or health, cause i worry about my scalp and maybe getting infection into the brain or skull. mom would like me to come early oct and make a bunch of doctors appts for me but i fear i need one long before then but she cant do it any earlier.

actually im in a much nicer place to stay than circus or el cortez. got 3 free nights at the nugget, and didnt have to use any of the comp dollars so i could stay more. still want to go out of town too, theres hundreds of cities and towns id like to check the casinos out. still have about $21,600 and can afford to do so or to use it to start helping my health while im still alive.

sounds like ill need this money, the economy is collapsing and i hope my money is safe in the bank.
before i leave the nugget, my room has a very nice view of 3 floors of the pool. if i get ahold of swimming trunks, i might want to check out the slide myself. anyone know what renting a cabana costs? could also use the comps at the spa for a haircut and also a massage

and it might be fun to listen to peoples advice and go to an area of the county im not banned from most of the $2-5 games and wheres theres multiple choices

Sunday, August 16, 2015

the road to $20k

sorry this blogs never updated, but i dont really know what to talk about anymore. nothing exciting happens in my life, but maybe thats better as it might mean a life with less stress.

i did enjoy playing poker last night with Chris and Nick (Chris for the 2nd time this week) and i will probably leave vegas or go home for a while once i have to start paying for rooms with cash instead of with points or comp dollars everywhere.

and i keep getting so close to 20k. at one time had 19,800 then dropped to 18,300 and now im back to 19,500. would still like to play a bit higher once i hit 20k. its bound to happen eventually.

won last night too, but none of it from nick or Chris and he won more than i did. i still think games in vegas are better than a few years ago. and thats a very good thing in my opinion.

i dont have enough on Bovada to bring it up to over $20k, i have only $185 there and if i withdraw there before the end of august i might be charged this time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pahrump Trip report

Well this afternoon Vince and i went somewhere ive not been in about 10 yrs or so. and on the way the first place he wanted to stop was the ALAMO near silverton. i gave him $30 gas and bought his food and he found a gas station before leaving Vegas for $3.05 a gallon and thought it was a good deal. (in pahrump it was $2.65)

He was very shocked the BJ game at the Alamo had been raised to a $10 minimum, and they quit paying 3-2 and went to 6-5 and it felt like they were purposely trying to kill the game, and it seems it was changed less than a week ago.

so we drove Blue diamond road to Pahrump, saw a small bar in mountain springs, and nice scenery enroute to pahrump.

by the way its very difficult in vegas to find a fast food joint that hasnt closed down the shake machine for cleaning in the evenings but we were lucky tonight to hit up the right place going home. not sure how many others readers ever experience this.

he was looking forward to playing a low stakes poker game and watching the lake at the Lakeside casino resort (which used to be stocked with fish but now isnt). But the poker game at the nugget really sucked. horribly tight, multiple $3 no action pots.

we looked around for VBJ at the casinos but werent able to find any til one of the poker players at the nugget told us of a new one installed at a different casino after all the others were removed years ago.

so we went and checked it out. it takes a players card gives points and has promotions similar to the hacienda and terribles in fernley as far as awarding random bonuses which strongly effect the payback and make it very difficult to evaluate because who knows how often it appears. also theres free play drawings u dont have to be present to win. seems to shuffle every hand but like circus, it dont say for sure. no one else was on the machine. bets are $1 a hand (up to 5 spots of $100 each if no one is on it). uses 6 decks, hits soft 17, allows surrender and doubling after splitting and pays 3-2. seems it was installed 2 weeks ago, no enemies or friends on RTP know about it, nor did John Mehaffey or his website. im in the process of asking friends how to evaluate the payback with the value of promotions included.

except for the nugget, no casino had live BJ. seems the old terribles across from the nugget was bought out by golden gaming, and they now own 3 properties all in pahrump. there is a terribles in pahrump called terribles roadhouse but its in a brand new location. and theres only 1 poker room.

glad to report my roll is still above $18,300 and im now ready to sleep

Saturday, August 8, 2015

its laundry time

I'm in my hotel room waiting for Vince to call me between 1.30pm and 2pm, at which time he says he will meet me outside to have me give him my laundry (and pay him) and then drop me off downtown to see Koala in the nugget poker room and hopefully be at the elcortez drawing at 805pm.

after falling to sleep about 8-9pm last night, then going back to sleep and back to sleep repeatedly with lots of weird dreams, im sure i got plenty of rest (about 11-12 hours) and will be capable of staying awake a bit longer this evening. which is good.

new roll is $17,977 which is quite good compared to when it had fallen all the way to the $14,600s and i finally have more than i did when i left the Tahoe biltmore. Plus my hourly for the $1-2 $1-3 games id been tracking is now finally over $14 an hour again.

from previous years of experience i was worried id have a lot harder time of winning at $1-2 and $1-3 in las vegas, but that doesnt seem to be the case this trip. either the games have really gotten better than 2-3 years ago, or MY OWN GAME has gotten a lot better.

am sorry to hear i missed out on playing poker with snevman and chaperone, are they still in town?

even worse, i missed out on seeing AKgal and Chris (stump) last night, and possibly seeing snapple too who was out with them, without Nick needing to be present. Koala and I were also wondering if pokerdogg ever has any more plans to be in vegas again?

if anyone hasnt seen the hand history i posted yesterday on twitter from, please go and check it out.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Koala, Herbie,Vince, Cooldave, Joel, (the pokermeister) and the El cortez.

Sorry for the long time between updates, i usually dont go back to my room til im half asleep, and the last thing i want to be doing when dead tired is to go to the work of creating a new blog entry.

I've met Herbie (and his girlfriend) (which proves the guys who claim women wont want a guy who travels all over the country gambling are full of shit and that if a woman really loves u she wont care what u like to do with ur time or where u are living). Theyve been spending a lot of time on the same VBJ machine at the Elcortez as i have. (and ive spent too much time on it, im down over $2000 on it overall this trip).

First guy i met was Joel. i was waking up late in the afternoon, and found a text from him he would be playing at the wynn about 3 more hours. so i rushed over there on the bus, and hung out with him for a while, eventually he left before i did, and i eventually left stuck $305, running my AJ into 66 on a flop of AJ6. was sitting with position on him the entire time and once beat him on a big pot where he had the K hi straight and i had the A hi straight.

the day before Vince and i had hung out at both the Cannery and the Poker Palace. actually that was 2 different days, and we also checked out the new room at the Aliente, that as u might expect has very little business on their electronic tables. They do have the ultimate texas holdem tables some claim are beatable, (dont see how).

the game at the poker palace was loose and i was lucky to recover a $200 loss and walk out with about a $200 win. A regular from the stratosphere named Scott went there with me.

then one day Cooldave walked up to me on the VBJ at the elcortez. i didnt recognize him either for a minute but then we went to the wynn and played a while. disappointed all the times i was at the wynn i never could get stealthmunk to play NL with me, or to leave the PLO tables to hang out.

then finally last night i met Koala at the nugget, and today he got a new USA phone up and running and texted me the number. i guess ill see him later today when he wakes back up.

he hung out for a while at the nugget and watched, didnt play, i won back $400, and then we went to eat. i offered to pay him for last years gas but he didnt want it.

i have noticed ive had far more chips on the poker tables than i used to (wec should be proud). and i seem to be bluffing more often than i used to also. i still have a hard time raising when out of position though. or 3 betting not so great but slightly playable for a limp hands on the button. i dont see why i should change those things.

to live in vegas longer term, i might need to move into Vinces house. rooms here sometimes are as high as $500 and up a week in the casinos, this week will be more than the previous week and i have no more sat and fri nite comps.

almost forgot to mention i met Benny Profane and his wife the first day or so i was here and staying at circus.

and im still a little bit less than $15k overall but would be slightly over there had my $168 Bovada withdrawal arrived yet. ive still got $420 on Bovada give or take what happens in the sngs im playing in my room now.