Sunday, November 29, 2015

2 poker bluffs

U might think i'm not accomplishing anything here in Deadwood since i stepped off the plane in Rapid city with $19,800+ and now only have $16,077. U might wonder why, if i wanted to leave foxwoods, why i didnt just return to atlantic city where i was living for not over $300 a week with free play of close to $100 per week. and where there was always very good games at the borgata 24-7. (the VBJ there at the Trop sucks and so does the 3 card poker--and i didnt want to play it is why.) i prefer to look at things this way--think of how much less than $16,000 i might have today if id continued to stay out on the east coast and play $2-5, live BJ, or a much worse machine than the VBJ in deadwood (and the UTHE machine).

I'm only typing this blog up because its long overdue, and im in the middle of the $10 NL o8 tourny on bovada. i withdrew $168 from there for my 1 withdrawal a month for nov, still enroute, and still have $439 remaining, so not too bad considering its off $150 deposit. I'm extremely lucky this option still exists for us. it might not too much longer.

would like to discuss 2 hands im proud of how i played. one of them took place at cadillac jacks, where the drawing was taking place where 5 out of the 72 tickets in the drum would win $1000 each. i never got called, and because some didnt show, about 12 names were called instead of 5, but never mine. i was hoping to play $2-100 spread limit til the final name was drawn at midnight, but the game was quite shorthanded the whole time, and broke by 10.30pm. so i had to kill a little time. 2 of the guys were on the trolley with me, and had come up from CO together out of fort collins.

id been playing pretty normal and went from being down my first $100 buyin early to being up $130 to giving some back. this guy was NOT thinking id bluff. i'm not sure but i think of my biggest errors in games is limping too much with non-garbage hands but hands worth seeing a flop. i limp too often. who will cure me of that? how can i be sure im really doing that wrong? thats why i wanted to investigate advanced poker

limped with TJ offsuit 4 handed on the button. flop comes 479 with 2 clubs. 2 check, i bet $5 one caller. turn comes Q putting 2 different flush draws on board. he checks, i bet $15. he calls. what do u put him on? i put him on some sort of draw. river comes ace, neither flush draw. i worry im beat but without him being too strong.

so what would u do? i bet $35, showed it, knowing game was almost over. i stole it. he never expected it and now wants to reevaluate how i play.

2nd hand was 2 hours later at saloon #10. its a full table, and im aware of who thinks im too tight as much as ive advertised it. its the loosest action here in deadwood, much more so than the silverado. multi way action for calling raises preflop here. $2-10 limit might be the cause of this. or the large number of those who come there just to drink (why their BJ tables are so full when their BJ game sucks).

so i had J6 offsuit, and am in the SB. only 1 caller, and i limped too specifically due to not having nothing to play and hearing the loose cowboy rancher next to me with his friends say he wanted to double down whose been drinking. flop totally misses me, Q58 with 2 spades. i check, he bets $10 max, 3rd guy folds. i put him on nothing but 8-3 or 5-6. so i call, just to possibly bluff. i have zero outs i can make. i know he will think i hit something. turn comes 9 for possible flush. i bet $10, sure enough, he mucks the winner, K2. he didnt expect the bluff either, i think i played BOTH hands well.

think of how low my roll would be though had i not been in on the $1968 players share BBJ the other week.

once i got down to $15,300+ i quit ever betting more than 1% of the roll divided among 5 spots because i was worried id go broke overbetting my edge if one exists. so the most i can now bet is $160 total for all spots combined. which is done extremely rarely. early on this trip, i sometimes had 5 spots up to $99 max each. that could be why im down so much. so far its working, (roll hasnt fell below it).

going to Toledo and living with Ray might also be a way to control costs as far as living expenses too. i wish i wouldnt feel so broke considering how much poorer i used to be. its just i think im on the way down instead of up, and that effects things.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

fear is a powerful motivating force

after another drop of $3000 in one day, mostly on the VBJ (which makes no sense since BJ is +ev if u are betting most of the money on good plus counts) i again feel i should leave, (regardless of a ton of promotional value and free play ill receive in the future) and go somewhere ill have to PAY for housing, (work like a slave for long hours-grind poker) and have to PERFORM WELL (or i wont get paid).

why would i want to do this? because even if the VBJ is plus EV (and im running WAY below expectation) i dont think it has anywhere near the $14 hour $1-2 NL poker has for me and i need to stop being lazy (and do some actual work to earn my living). ive depended on VBJ for far too long.

deep down inside, i feel like BJ is easier to win at because its all math saying winning in the longterm is inevitable, and unlike poker, you dont have to play well to get the money. i dont feel i can beat lots of different poker games, (and have less confidence in my skills). especially in any game with blinds of $2-5. i feel like most of my roll came from wins at VBJ in crystal bay and the el cortez and im hoping that wasnt all a misperception.

Poker is work. but i do have some skill because my $150 deposit on Bovada is now up to $469. i fear leaving town not knowing where ill live and not having any income, i worry how ill afford motel rooms if i leave. right now i need sleep, but i feel i have things i should do. like close out my new wells fargo account, and take the $2000 out. my boa acct barely has about $12k left. not even that. its actually 2 boa accounts, one with $2500 and one with $8900. it had over $20k when out east.

how can i leave the safety of these isolated desolate mountain areas far from most civilization when nuclear war is about to break out, as the prophets of the Bible foretold in the book of revelation? we all know america is the great mystery babylon to be destroyed in one hour. and that the judgement of God is coming from Russia (putin) who sees himself as the defender of Christians vs moslems. the bible considers america a whorish and wicked nation whose forgotten God due to abortion, gay marriage, and the way obama wont stand up for israel and favors moslems and palestine instead.

this is the safest place to be in a nuclear attack. and how can a nuclear attack not come? many famous preachers seen visions of it before they died. the apostle John too wrote of it in the Bible. Turkey is a member of Nato (like the US is) and just this morning Turkey shot down a russian plane. if russia goes after turkey in response, turkey will use nato to retaliate. its getting bad folks. we all know that obama is the last american president.

russia is very angry isis blew up their airplane. they are bombing heavily. now they are going to be mad at turkey too. and russia has said and long known the us govt created and armed isis. russia has reason to attack obama. they will see themself as doing the world a favor. they know he is pro moslem and hates ordinary americans and is doing whatever he can to destroy this country. they know how weak he is. the safest thing we can do is to emigrate out of america before we get attacked by nukes. its only a matter of time. certainly not more than 2 years.

if nothing really happened in Benghazi, (and they werent secretly arming isis) do u think that obama and hillary wouldve ordered the attack on our gay ambassador chris stevens in libya when their kidnap plot failed? no, they did it to keep his mouth shut. thats why theyve prevented anyone from testifying the truth to congress.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


it's hard to leave here like i should when the promotions here are so good. and ive never seen so many casinos where its so easy to get pulled for drawings when theres hardly any customers in any of the casinos most slow days. if its this slow now, think of how slow it will be when its 60 below outside. Which is quite common windchills during the winter.

im back to $17,612 after a win of a few hundred on the VBJ tonight, and small poker win a mile down the road, and $80 in free play won which i turned into $47. got my name called twice while playing at the poker table, and congratulations to corey the dealer for making sure im logged in.

upcoming promotions (besides being drawn both fri and sat last week for a key to a 1-20 chance to win a new car (or $12,000) (both times i missed out being up the street playing poker) i hated missing that the value of being picked is worth $800 when u include the $200 in free play. i probably had more tickets than a lot of people did. and those drawings are every week.

up the street im in the barrel, (along with about 50 people total) for the nov 28 sun nite drawing where 5 people get $1000 each, and the only qualifiers are previous hot seat winners. so thats good odds if i stick in town longer.

then on NYE weekend, 1000 different players card members will get $500 each, and all the rest get $5-100 (about 25,000 plus others). every casino has lots of these drawing type promotions, and ive been called for various things about 6-10 times including being present and not being present this month so far. the actual games around town themselves arent so good, but the promotions certainly are.

---this was typed last night--still unfinished and not yet published because i didnt feel the post was long enough yet--before today. its now saturday morning, and was disappointed i wasnt called for a key this weekend. very few people in town this weekend due to snow and cold. is supposed to be 4 degrees tonight and warm up to 56 monday to melt the snow. at least the money is still slowly going back up, i am now over $17,700 with $333 more online Bovada.

i came to town with more however. still miss good old 24 hour NL. i need a place to live i can afford longterm and that will hasten getting me out of here. for the same prices flush draw pays but without anyone else living there.

i paid $50-70 a week hundreds of times the late 80s and early 90s to late 90s. 2003 i still paid $230 month plus utilities in Butte. would love to find that price near good poker action.

speaking of promotions, the mountain Grand sent me $10 free play today only, went by there to pick it up just now on foot, and it wasnt there and the employees knew nothing about it and said to print out the email and talk to them tomorrow. problem is i can no longer find it in trash folders.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


some people have commented lately that ive not been saying much lately on twitter. well this is true, and theres 2 reasons for that. one, sprint dont work here, only verizon, and until its the next billing cycle, i have zero data unless i want to pay big money for roaming fees. 2nd reason, the state gaming comission has a weird law banning any use of a cell phone on the tables. no other state has this rule. so im never on my phone. snevman and seattle irish will be proud. seems my data only lasted me 8 days. Vince called for me, and theres no cell towers up here. texts and calls DO work however, but no mail, no internet, etc.

and at least most of the time, the net does work in my room from my laptop. though at times that goes out in the middle of tourneys. So even though the best place to play poker most of the time is in my room on Bovada, thats not foolproof.

though ive been quite cranky most of the time ive been here (as the roll continues to drop, now being $16,107 of the $19,783 i arrived with) still not everybody hates me yet. Just today, the main lady running the slot club players card desk offered me 2 nice tshirts advertising their casino. i just hope the VBJ machine is honest. ive never had this much bad luck on the ones that do not shuffle every hand. my bankroll is no longer near high enough to handle a max bet of $100 per 5 spots. Yet when im stuck, its so hard to not bet the total amount to get unstuck (divided among 3-5 spots) to get even if the deck is loaded up with good cards. i could check with Benny and Pokerdogg, but i think the most i should bet is 1 200th of the roll, which is only about $80 total?

of course most of the bets arent even $10+ or $20+

and not being familiar with UTHE machines, im probably not playing it correctly, but i started off so well. thats how i got to over $21,000 once. but now i seem to be losing on it almost as regularly as the VBJ.

Still think im far better off in reno, toledo, biloxi, vegas, albuquerque or phoenix, my room does expire sunday too. looking at allegiant, its the best way out. very few planes fly from here. i really hate the hassle of more traveling though. would do anything to avoid the cost or hassle. Being theres no grocery or laundrymat in town, i walked 4 blocks to the family dollar store for cheap food for the room. and as much as ive dropped, any shot of going home or seeing a doctor or dentist totally went off the table. to be honest, since im going down instead of up, i feel far more broke now with $16k than when i had $6k and kept going up. is anyone able to understand that?

wonder if i could still rent the apt i had in 2003 in Butte for $230 a month i never returned to and lost all my things? of course it would cost much more now, and hed want a large deposit im sure. i really and truly want long term cheap rent somewhere theres poker.

doubt ill ever fix the keyboard but i am getting more used to using the on screen keyboard just to type the letter a. got my new Wells fargo debit card now too.

Make sure to check out Lori's blog which i added to the list of bloggers. she is from Biloxi and is well known in the industry.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I dont belong here

i'm down to $17,500 (and probably will have Less by the time u read this post at the rate its been going). the lure of cheap housing must really be strong after what happened in foxwoods. Otherwise why would i go to an area that sucks for poker and essentially has not much except a VBJ machine and an Ultimate Texas Holdem machine (that some claim can be beaten but im not sure how). i should leave, go to vegas, reno, phoenix to live cheap and play poker, but im stubborn, i spent way too much to get settled in here, and now that ive earned $400 monthly in free slot play i feel dumb if i go. i might even have played enough to earn $200 a week free play in dec but of course dont know.

I'm not even familiar with the structure of the poker games offered. NL games arent legal in this state, so instead its like $2-10, $2-20, $2-100, $5-100, $5-50 etc. And its cold. average yearly snowfall is like 360 inches a year, though ive not yet seen enough snow to stick to the ground yet.

some days it seems theres no game at all and certainly not at all the different rooms in town. when there is a game it often breaks well before midnight if not a prime day of the week. often its not the stakes i want and unless u have less than $100 in front of u, its not a true NL game.

Could be why i have frustrating dreams of being squeezed and squashed between 2 semitrucks, or be seeing them go off bridges into water. or riding in cars that scare me to death going straight up vertically. one thing thats really odd though is when im sleeping women in dreams are friendly and nice and quite physically affectionate completely unlike real life except for when i was under 25 and much better looking. this makes zero sense to me.

so do i leave? the cheapest way out is allegiant straight into vegas. also i have zero data on my phone, sprint works not at all here, and unless i pay big for roaming, im cant use my phone til the next billing cycle. most use verizon. it seemed to all disappear in under 2 weeks, and the signal was never much good, usually says extended 1x, never 3 gte or 4gte like in big cities.

love the solitude, the lack of people, and the fact ive got pretty much the whole casino to myself alot of the day, but i cant go broke here either.

big question is do i want to live off my lifes savings, or go back to grinding poker for a living? in beatable games that is.

why do i like Cruz, Pauls, and trumps tax plans? because then id LEGALLY not owe taxes. legally not illegally takes a weight off my mind. some also are no payroll tax. why do democrats push the payroll tax on the lowest wage earners who cannot afford it?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

How do u play poker against old people?

I'm so relieved to have my laundry done and off my mind for the next 3 weeks now, and to still be sitting with $19,002 after a few small wins finally. If only everything else badly needing taken care of was also done and off my mind.

Big question for today thats been really causing me problems is how do u play against old people who refuse to bet their hands? (primarily in the $2-20 limit games). i know the key to winning poker is aggressive poker, but that sure dont seem to ring true when playing with a ton of old people. seems everytime im in late position, and have a hand like QK suited or AQ offsuit (which every book in the world says raise with) after a ton of limpers on the button, i get called by a much stronger hand they just didnt raise with. i see a lot of guys never raise no matter what preflop, especially with AK, even KK, but u cant automatically put them on it when they call my raise cause ive seen them call with TJ too. or A7 suited, etc.

so what do u do? i dont think the answer is to go along with the group--and also not bet my hand. that feels too weak. this problem usually only occurs in games filled with old people. younger guys play far more aggressive. this is really been causing problems when i try to bet my hand preflop. i tried to google it online but couldnt find any helpful articles--any links would be appreciated. ive never been good at google searches, never sure how to word the question, and its way too many words to get a good result. all thats coming up is videos for loose passive ONLINE players (not live) besides these guys arent exactly loose either, but more tight. they just wont raise preflop is all.

how can u bet ur hand preflop (like u should) when u never have any way to know whose sitting on a much better hand dominating u big time?

am also glad i finally broke down and made a decent size deposit on Bovada to play from my room. got about $175 on there now. not enough to play many $20 or $50 sngs but at least its something to work with.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

how i feel about God right now

Well, its not good. Just about 24 hours ago, i was back to over $21,000, (from arriving in town with over $19,700+) with my rent INSIDE the casino paid up for 3 weeks for $529 total (including free nites) to where i never have to walk outside when its very cold out. Plus i've earned alot of points on my card since ive been here. enough to earn 1 higher level card, (with more levels to go). Earned $100 free play once a week for the month of Nov.

So u see, my free play can cover a lot of my rooms expenses. meaning im living here for next to nothing, (which is why i dont want to deal with any more traveling). i've never really liked traveling anyway and only see it as a means to an end. (getting where i need to go). i dont HAVE to play anything at all to get this offer, ive earned it already. why do i play then? well, i want to get to the level where i can get $200 a week in free play (then all my expense will be covered). and besides this VBJ machine is beatable. its the same kind of VBJ i used to win on most of the time in the Tahoe biltmore, and in laughlin. the kind that shuffles at 4 6ths of a 6 deck shoe. its not the sucker type that shuffle every hand i lost on at cosmo, tropicana atlantic city, and the other poker room a mile up the way. i'd be bored stiff if not doing anything, and i still believe in working, even if its for $1 hourly.

so then if theres not alot of poker going on here except for weekends, then why dont i deposit $500 or so online? well i tend to lose what i deposit online. (lost the entire $43 remaining on Bovada as soon as i got back to the room). plus i dont like to take money off the roll. it is nice however, to not have my roll drop any when i play on bovada since its not counted until its cashed out. to be honest its not nearly as good a site as stars was back in the old days even though the actions looser.

i should be using this money for seeing a dentist, a medical doctor, a dermatologist, and an eye doctor. it will cost about $2000 i fear for everything needing done. plus theres all kind of other things needing done to put me in better shape as far as legally and being able to travel or get credit. but after dropping so far down from $29,000 i keep feeling like ive got absolutely nothing left that can be spent, and it can only be invested to try and make money. i dont feel the same way i felt when i was way over $25,000 (and continually going up).

in a way id rather be living in a place like reno. better poker options, everyday, even if i couldnt play the VBJ machine. but i dont think the constant trips from reno to tahoe were such a good idea.

Started on this blog last night, when i got back to the room a heavy loser but of course i was tired and these always are a lot of work and take many hours to complete--without being paid anything for it. tonight im losing $498 more and now im down to the $18,000s. so whose to blame for me losing this kind of money? i know its not the machine, unless the casino is fucking with the shuffle somehow. i know the VBJ is countable and plus EV. therefore theres only 1 reason im losing so heavily and not making any progress and why the entire $29,000 is disappearing rapidly. ITS GOD HIMSELF.

u see i seen in a recent survey 9% of the people in the USA are now athiest, up from 5% in 2007. i dont really believe that survey, looking at my twitter feed, its well over 30%. but even if those polls arent accurate, i do believe in God, and i know what a horrible God he is, how he exists for the purpose of punishing people--and sending them to hell if they dont obey him 100% at all times. i know the cruel and vengeful streak God has many fake and lukewarm christians deny exists. they like to say he is a God of love and everyone is going to heaven including homosexuals. the Bible talks over and over about Hell, and how God will be sending many more people there than he will to heaven.

how do u suppose it feels, knowing all this, because i was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian home, and taught the scriptures in a small Baptist or assembly of God christian schools as a kid? to know every day of my life i will go to hell if i dont believe 100% of the Bible literally. (and if u do believe it, no one wants to be ur friend because ur value system is so different than them). look at how they gave me shit on twitter for believing in the truth and the miracles that took place in the old testament. (and we all know God wont let anyone go to heaven that doesnt accept the Bible as fact. how can u call God a liar, and still go to heaven?) that wouldnt make sense now would it?

so when did i start losing? it was when i had $29,000 told mom i didnt know when id be there--and probably not before christmas. back when i still had enough to travel there if i wanted to--i dont now. and besides im now sick of traveling. and i figured going wouldnt meet my goal of getting a regular dr anyway and only staying put in 1 place would do that. which is whats really important for long term health. i dont need to go to moms to see a doctor, can do that anywhere. just because that dr would also know Mark, i dont think its all that helpful.

so as u can see--im losing due to God being angry with me--and being VINDICTIVE over it. no other explanation. the same God who is racist, homophobic, sexist, (read Proverbs 31 to see what the type of good wife i want is supposed to be like) (and everyone says proverbs 31 is sexist to want that) and because God is that way--and i will die and spend eternity in hell if im not also like him--no one accepts me, cares about me, or wants to be my friend. people care nothing today about the economy, jobs, the safety and security of the usa and its borders, our military, our freedom etc. all they care about is queers, abortion, smoking weed, muslim immigrants etc, and use much profanity, vitriol, hatred of u all over the internet if u dont toe the PC line, which i refuse to ever do. they will destroy the entire country just to let these new things be sacred cows, and this is why democrats keep getting elected as president. because they will let the whole economy go to hell just to elect a democrat because they trust him more on social issues.

im tired of living out of casino motels and other motels. i want a real home. one with pets, women, a house, not an apartment, and more than 1 floor. but with my money disappearing ill never get it now. i was well on my way when i could pay a year upfront once i found the right landlord i could trust not to do me wrong after getting the money upfront. that too would be quite a difficult task. we all know i wont be capable of taking care of myself when i get about 10-20 yrs older without a woman to assist. the vast majority of women can get along without a man a lot more than a man can get thru life without a good woman.

How do u think it feels to go thru life, not being understood, and not having any friends? (well with the exception of a few good ones met thru the blog). but not ones nearby in real life, except when i lived with Vince. and how do u think it feels to be continually losing heavily on the UTHE machine and the VBJ machine here and everytime i go to the cage (no kiosks here to do it urself) to cash out my vouchers, they are all like congratulations look at u, when im down a lot but have like several hundred left to cash out of a much bigger starting amount.

its very annoying and its next to impossible to not go off on the employees. all i can do is be sullen and silent, and they cant understand because they all seem to think im winning when im not. i did talk to one lady at the cage when i apologized when i went the second time, and she said i hurt her feelings but she now understands because her grandson too has autism. im glad to discover she wasnt mooching for a tip after all. and its also real annoying if they pay me with a 50c piece just to get rid of it instead of 2 quarters. they should know no one wants those things. it happens all the time.

another example--most of the VBJ machines near here wont give any type of points or comps. not even a card reader on it. the casinos claim its owned by a private company instead of them but its no excuse. only the one i live at gives them. and the one that shuffles every hand at one of the other poker rooms. who wants to lose heavily and get nothing for their play? what horrible customer service, and u guys shouldnt be making excuses for the casino, like u did for the manager of foxwoods.

and heres a example--tonight im on the bus to go to either of 2 different poker rooms. while on the bus, i cannot get sound on my phone to call not near enough to hear, and ive had that issue for awhile. so i send Ray a text asking him to call to see where theres a game tonight. he dont see it for a few hours, and eventually i find a way to increase sound ( i learned how to turn on the speakerphone). so then i could hear and i called. one place said they were 3 handed, so i knew it would break. then i called the other place and couldnt get an answer in the poker room. called the operator and she said i think theyre shut down for the night, so instead i just rode the bus in a circle back to my starting stop.

now about 5 hours later ray wakes up, sees my text makes the call and gets told yeah we have a game (much higher stakes than i prefer, but a game nevertheless.) and its full with one on the list. now this was over 4 hours after the operator said the game had probably shut down for the night. i dont want to play near that high and risk losing over $1000, but ill probably lose it anyway and got half a mind to cab it on over.

i still got to stay calm and not run off my mouth, keep it under control. u see, if i do lose much of the money, and run the roll down to $10,000. by then id have played so much thru the machines, id easily be getting $200 a week in free play instead of $100, and be living in the casino for about $160 a week. so id have all expenses covered and a tiny profit without ever needing to play again the rest of my life. were i able to win on Bovada i could just stay in my room unless a low stakes 2-20 or $2-100 game is going in the poker room. or even the 5-100 game

Sunday, November 1, 2015

settling into my new life in the Pacific northwest

Suceeded in getting my Bovada balance up to $80, so i have a way to play something other than VBJ or other table games when there isnt any poker game to be found in town this winter. got my room paid up til about the end of Nov, so now my roll has been reduced to only $20,083 with paying that up front and a couple of losing days, even with last nights $700 bonus for being part of a mini BBJ for flopping the royal flush and beating a guys aaa33. (i was down more than this when i first sat down). im just glad halloween weekend is over. Thankful too my internet works good here.

theres some inexpensive longer term housing nearby i found out, and cabs are less here. my driver told me last night hes been in his same house for 20 yrs and pays only $425 month, and thats not due to any govt subsidy. of course most pay $600-800 for rent. but theres lots of cities charging much more. im not sure id want to live here that long without more poker available when its not a weekend. still need to set up a drs appointment with the clinic down the road, but im so gunshy after being about $10,000 less than i once was. $20k feels like so little to me now. also gotten some advice from my very experienced +ev mentor as to what game i should be playing when im not playing live poker.

going to run to the store for milk, and cereal and lunchmeat, and to get this tag taken off my coat. found out i got $100 in free play for Nov, i guess for running thru so many points on the machines? and also i got a bank account opened with a new bank. she will let me get my debit card here.

still trying my best to not get mad at certain things that piss me off in the earshot of the employees. not many options were i to get banned without moving. i dont want to give out too much info discussing in this blog what those things are.