Wednesday, June 29, 2016

woke up cursing pretty bad (dream of electrical fire in my suitcase, and im trying to put it out with gasoline, candles and matches.) must have some kind of symbol meaning

Well i need to get moved out of here for sure. they raised the rent to $350 this week from $300, although the clerk did say this week is a busier week, but next week would probably be $300 again. but i really need to see about leaving town, (or living for less downtown or in the worse neighborhood) but i wouldnt save much if i was paying for uber much. i might not save hardly anything at all. need the frequent breaks walking home and back too. so i dont feel obligated to put in more hours at once than i want.

cant move out, because i filled up the fridge today. had i paid the rent 24 hours sooner, i wouldve got the old price still. ive being told by 100s of locals its been on the news alot how theres not nearly enough housing in reno, and how some living in monthly apts for $550 a year ago are now paying $800. who wouldve ever guessed this would be?

still, if im averaging $16 an hour, (which my phone records show over 1273 hours of play) i should be able to play at least 60 hours per week which is $960 per week. (and not worry about rent) But this week even with todays win, i made only about $360 for the week. this is why i cant afford this high of rent. u got to remember all the wins in shreveport did a lot to raise the average. (even though the average included the losses in foxwoods too, MD live PLO, and the stalemate in toledo). it includes wins in detroit too though and phoenix. if the true average here is $12, then im only making $720 per week, plus im paying for things like food, phone, laundry, etc too. not like rent is the only expense.

after the nap where i woke up about midnite, i went to the peppermill, for 3 hours til it broke, and won $113. i ended up $3 better off than i was a week ago after id just paid the rent then. (but i owe the phone though).

food sure is less in walmart than in the Raley's grocery store in North lake incline village.

Now--the big question--where should i go to live? should i live with ray without charge except my food, and his gas, bug him everyday to drive to detroit, since i couldnt win in toledo, or play in the lousy room in toledo? just so the last $8000 dont all disappear on rent over the next 6 months? (about what it will cost).

should i live in ac nj (which id enjoy more with my privacy and freedom) but the cost there have gone up since its summer. i dont get free weekends.. still get 2 nights twice per week, but only weekdays.

the cost of rooms on white horse pike went up too. i might need to pay weekly to cover weekends even with the 4 free nights. not entirely free, still over $60 in fees.

what would really help in ac nj is the free slot play in BOTH the trop and the taj. about $300-400 monthly in Taj ($20 various days) or $600 monthly in the Trop ($50-75 some days). but this would be cut off quickly without additional play.

they keep raising the amounts since ive not yet returned to ac. but this goes down quickly once u start to redeem it. even if u do play, but not in the large scale i once did. but yeah this would be a very large incentive to go to NJ and milk it for as long as it lasts. at least there the $1-2 would go 24 hours. big annoyance in reno and toledo.

or i could live with vince. play $4-8 hilow in the orleans, where i might still have enough left to grind out $75-125 per night? or $1-2 downtown? see the nice new room in encore, except im too broke for $1-3. or their $1-2 plo which seems to go daily, and in all likelihood wont once wsop ends. wynn never had plo this low before.

could live in the commerce spa for $40 night too, if i could store enough laundry somewhere. Could ride the train into denver for $193, then live 5 nights free in the isle, but then fri and sat id need to sleep outdoors. least it would be cool enough (and safe enough) to do so there, unlike cali. and the poker would go 24 hours with good enough rake back promos, with $1-2 going instead having to play $1-3.

so little u can do with an $8000 roll, and why i cant let it decrease. so much u can do with $20,000. such a big difference in the QUALITY of ur life. the biggest issue with so little is u feel u cannot win no matter how well u play, and u second guess all u do because every dollar means so much, when u are too low to handle normal variance. i wonder what the minimum roll is needed to be able to emotionally deal with standard variance?

its funny how when u have $19k u feel like u can lose $5000 in BJ without it causing u too many problems, but when u have $8000, u get scared to buyin more than $50 since u can no longer afford losses. not having enough of a roll to buyin $200 effects me more than u can ever know.

this is why i couldnt return to shreveport stick to the good $1-3 there, (and win it back same rate as before). there is a HUGE psychological factor between the 4 figure roll, and 5 figure roll.) not for young people, who can replace it over the years, but once u are 47, too much of ur life has gone to be able to replace it and start over. plus im too old to be homeless. (all i think of is going to the room to relax online or sleep). i wonder the oldest age is u dont mind sleeping outdoors.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

surely im not playing bad? $300+ weekly in rent is really stressed on a low roll

I hate to just sit in my room doing nothing but playing online because ive got so little on Bovada i cant play very high there. and the overhead of $317 per week is killing me. if i could live somewhere with no cost, or for under $400 a month (almost no cost) i could earn enough to survive online if i needed to.

But i just cant sit in the casino losing money. the $633 i told u i'd won this week in the Peppermill poker room? i lost $413 of it today. all the last 8 months or so, ive recovered from those losses by making subsequently larger buyins til i won. But its been quite a long while (several yrs) since ive had a roll of under $10,000. i thought i would never go below this again, but i was wrong. so i can no longer raise my buyins. i had to flat buyin for $100 all 4 times--well $113 once. but i cant afford the $200,$300 $400 buyins to get even.

i shouldve only bought in for $40. this is the min buyin, and is what i used to buyin for the first time in reno when i came with $1750. within 2 yrs (and with the help of a $750 royal flush jackpot in the sands the first week) i had it up to $17,000. but i never play shortstack no more. in fact even buying in for $100 now feels shortstack. ive forgotten how to play a shortstack, because i keep wanting to see the flop with small pairs, 6-7 suited, 8-9 suited, etc. the hands u DO shove with with a $40 stack are hands u only get dealt in like feels like once every 50 yrs. Unless of course theres a $5 straddle. then u shove much more liberally.

i'm so glad i made it out of louisiana with over $8000. think of how much worse this struggle would be if i was under $5000. i should've went back to shreveport but i didnt realize id find cheaper rent there, and i didnt think i could play $1-3 good anymore so stressed about money, and with having to lower my buyins. besides i think i ran way above average, (by winning $9000 in april) and i sure didnt think it would continue. (although i still was winning over $5000 in may before coushatta took out a big chunk of that).

when i get low on money, i cease all live BJ play, all video poker play, and im afraid to play higher than $1-2. i look for the cheapest living accomomendations and spend more time online.

I dont think i made any bad plays today, but i do know i cant play well stressing over the $317 weekly overhead. i might need to get to toledo the least expensive way (interpret this to mean riding the train in coach). no private sleepers.

the final hand, i had QK (which id just won an extremely tiny pot with) and the flop comes 24Q with 2 hearts. well a few of us called $8 preflop, and it was checked to me so i shoved my last $70 or so. one guy calls with 35 suited (open end straight flush draw) and of course, turned the straight.

now when i had KQ suited a few hours earlier, i flopped top pair, rivered top 2 pair, but the other guy rivered the flush. the money went allin on the flop or turn.

and when the game first started short handed the guy on my left who wouldnt chop its just us and the flop comes 66J and ive got 6K. turns out hes got 6J flopped him the full house. i lost my whole stack this hand very early on. but who wouldnt?

and the other $100 or so loss yet unmentioned, i called a bet of $30 (into a $40 pot) on the flop of 5JK with AJ. (likely my mistake) turn comes J, he goes allin, i call, he has 555JJ to my JJJA. if i fold the flop (or preflop to the $10 bet) i get out of trouble. but overall i played well.

it feels good to be relaxing in my room on bovada, this is what i felt like doing earlier. but i didnt wish to quit stuck. need to set a 1% stop loss and stick to it, but when down $100 in the first few minutes, (over 1%) i didnt wish to immediately leave and go back to my room. i dont really know if this would be the wise thing to do either? not if u play for ur living.

was not rebuying in for $300-400 to get it all back in one hand wise? i dont know. simply because im not sure im not playing too many hands since im short. maybe when short u shouldnt see the flop with QK suited or unsuited. or maybe i should stick to $40 so ill know how to play shortstack.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Living in reno

well none of the places i wanted to rent have vacancies, prices in reno went way up, so im paying over $300 per week unless i wish to live much further out. only good news is the wifi works good here.

plus ive cut out the losing sessions on poker, (and on BJ). no more live table BJ since i left shreveport almost 1 month ago. no more video BJ since coming into reno from Tahoe. my last 3 sessions of $1-2 NL in the Hyatt were winners, and 23 hours total in the peppermill has produced $633 in winnings, at the rate of $27 per hour. Zero losing sessions so far in the Peppermill.

The bovada roll is still going up, currently sitting at $90 from the $18 i had after my final cashout of over $300, which eventually ending up being transferred to my bank in 6 installments, all of which was received by this Tuesday. so theres nothing in bitzino either.

i feel like i have friends here among the staff, and most were happy to see me. its really nice Uber is finally here, though its more per mile here than many cities. I'm glad my healths held out because i dont see myself ever back on my feet financially with money to spare. those days will be gone for a very long time.

I've pissed Benny off without meaning to, and for this im truly sorry. i wish he would give Colleen my phone, and tell her to come see me. i'd feel like a stalker going by someones place of work, especially not knowing their hours. also it feels good to have all my laundry done.

theres still the option to live in toledo with ray, live in ac nj pretty cheaply with tons of free rooms and of course white horse pike, and of course the 10 free nites per month in north lake tahoe. for example i could take july 20-30, then august 1-10 to get 20 in a row. living for almost nothing is very critical in building up a tiny roll, which is why im so uncomfortable with paying this much per week now. ive been lucky to not had any losses here yet.

Monday, June 20, 2016

im sorry for not being honest with my readers, so i lost again. This is proof God almighty will judge the wicked for their sins

This is a really sad blog entry to have to write. the smart thing for me to do would be not to tell anyone this. But ive never done the smart thing my whole life as an adult, so why start now?

i just lost $1982 on the VBJ machine here in the tahoe Biltmore. so my new bankroll is $7351. and it deserves to be that too, for lying to my readers by underestimating the amount i came back from louisiana with. why did i do this? well i wanted to have some money to play VBJ with here in tahoe, and still have over $6000 to work with to get started in reno. and i figured if ive subtracted the money mentally already it wont cause a complete emotional and mental breakdown when it inevitably will occur.

for over a week things were ok. everytime i listed a $6000+ roll, it was an $8000+ roll. everytime i listed a $7000+ roll, it was a $9000 plus roll. dont get mad, its PPP who told me i shouldnt be honest about how much money ive got. and since i spent the $36 mom wanted me to finally once id recovered over $500 in this vbj, i figured i was "doing the right thing". in fact i did ok as long as i had the discipline to stick to the 1% rule.

today and the last 2 days i lost the discipline, 1 hand tonight while stuck heavily was 4 spots of $100, and the 5th spot was $70 for $470 bet. the running count id estimated to be plus 23 growing heavily every hand, and the dealer got BJ 2 hands in a row due to all the big cards left as i was betting big both times. it was the first time ive ever seen it this high in many months.

i will get close to $190 in bitcoin to hit my bank on tuesday. so it will increase the roll slightly. but this is because i got the rest out of bovada today finally id been waiting on which puts my new online roll at only $28. so im playing lots of sngs $1,3,5 only

im tired of playing this VBJ finally after tonights horrible $1982 loss, so i now wish to get back into reno (and grinding $1-2 much earlier than this thursday now). my last 3 sessions of live $1-2 NL were all winners, for about $380 total so i feel comfortable playing $1-2 NL once more. im really disappointed i couldnt get the $9000 up to over $10,000 though. were i to have succeeded, i was going to tell 1 more lie and claim i won it here in the biltmore.

truth is, in coushatta instead of losing $4000 in poker i lost only about $2500 in poker, and $1500 on VBJ. not $2000 VBJ and $4000 poker. this doesnt mean i wasnt truthful with kristi (ak gal) about security wanting me checked out by mental health for things i said right before i left for good. but i overestimated the loss. i wish id stayed put in shreveport, i wish id went home to Rays house with the extra $2000 instead of needing to worry who i can rent from in reno, etc. lots of poor decisions, and they all stem from the feeling of panic and terror once the $10k was wasted in shreveport on BJ over a relatively short time period. i think the first poor decision which started this was moving out of a nice safe room in the ramada bossier city for $700 month simply because of a nonworking fridge which wouldnt get cold enough. this is why i was staying downtown in the casinos, needing to earn free nights which were fairly easy to get if u played BJ enough.

the poor decisions started in NJ and PA where i won about $2000 a month on live BJ. this gave me a false sense of security and the feeling i wouldnt lose no matter how poorly i played. this too is probably why i got the emails offering me 4 nights a week at the taj, 2 nites per week in the trop, and all other days i put in 4 hours in harrahs ac for a free room (plus the $27 resort fee). atlantic city lifted my ban officially years ago, but they lifted it BEFORE joliet. but its never showed me banned there since. i dont think harrahs knows about ballys, so i did all of my ac nj playing in harrahs since i got mad that one time in ballys in NJ this one december (the night of the blizzard i flew Philly to Tampa).

i wish Benny Profane was an honest guy, and not out to lead me to believe things untrue all the time. such as info on machines he claims he will tell and hasnt, and pretending to be a female in reno wanting to meet. Ray offended his wife big time by joking with her online (with the fake profane benny id) the same way he does with PPP, lightning and AC, but like me, his wife isnt capable of understanding humor. because i could sure use a good woman to love me and a steady free place to live to get on my feet.

theres no uber service this time of night to reno, (only the $120 cab parked across the street which sits there all night often) and considering id have no room for sun night, it wouldnt be wise. the smart thing is to take todays 238pm amtrak and have a room booked downtown 1 night while i look for housing. this would be only $18 to get to reno, and would hopefully stop me from losing more on the VBJ here in tahoe.

before tonight i had some wins, some losses, but i was never down more than $400 and was up over $400 some of the time.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

bluff with 44

Just would like to make sure im playing poker correctly, because my times about up here in crystal Bay and ill be 100% dependent on poker soon. (this will include Bovada too at least, for its only bovada thats brought in over $1075 in bitcoin to my bank). theres been 1 more withdrawal received of $150 bitcoin since i last ran out, and $300+ still on bovada.

i feel better knowing my last 3 sessions of $1-2 NL (all here in the only local poker room, the Hyatt regency in incline village). i've won in all 3 sessions, biggest win of $206. today i rode the bus to the grocery store to buy food one final time before i depart for reno this week. its going to be scary, not knowing where i can find to live, no more video BJ, and knowing ill be forced to win at poker to survive whether i want to or not.

i stole a pot tonight, probably for the wrong reasons since i was tired of not having any hands to bet. But the bluff was successful. i seen the flop with 44 for a $13 raise and the flop comes 88K with 2 clubs. I check, the raiser bets $25 (young guy with his wife prone to get pissed off in the game easily under stress with his wife whose watching and theyve swapped seats she plays too earlier). i go allin for $111, he shows 10 10 and starts to think. counting out chips, then pulling them back to think.

i couldnt hear what his wife said to him, nor what the player on the other end of the table. later he blamed his wife for the fold, she wants to leave and now he dont want to leave and refuses, they get into a big arguement. i sure aint going to tell him if im rebuying or not if i lose. so i said i hadnt yet decided. i sure aint going to say i have him beat this might make him think im trying to get him to fold. so i tell him the only way he can find out is to call and to think about how he will wonder the rest of the night if he was good. he folds then, and the guy on the other end says he didnt know why he didnt sooner, then i show my 44.

he did have about what i put him on, either a medium pair or ace hi.

got lucky one other time too, or id had about $40 or less in chips so id won much lower sized pot. guy on my immediate left when its on me to call a $15 preflop raise, (which im going to do with 99) puts out $30 in 2 stacks of $15 in front of him, so i know what hes getting ready to do though its not in the pot yet. so i fold, he raises, and it saved me lots of chips. maybe more later. people must wait til its on them to let the table know their plans.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

what would u have done differently during tonights poker session?

in the Biltmore, theres a promotion wed and fri where u pick a envelope from a barrel to get this amount of free play. i think $1000 is the max, and $5 is what mostly all people get. i got $15 last friday.

i tried to fix my hours so id be awake to play the VBJ the best possible hours, 2am to 9am. i remembered the Hyatt poker room is open wed-sun 7pm-3am and i went to catch the 6pm bus. the next one and final one, is 7pm.

i didnt wish to catch the 7pm bus because i didnt want to have to wait for a seat so i wanted to be there right at 7pm. (when i thought the game would start). so i woke up about 5.53pm and rushed to get out the door, knowing the bus is often 5 min late. the promo is noon til midnight, so i couldnt draw an envelope before i went to sleep about 10am. so i never got to do it.

not only that i didnt think i had time to get change for $5 so i ended up giving the bus driver $5. the bus was full of people, but in this area, none of them speak english, and none were over 21. mostly very young foreign workers or schoolkids. there were a few mexican adults on it. no one spoke up they had change for the $5. turns out the bus was 14 minutes late, so i wouldve had time for both.

plus i needed food, the room is empty, and the grocery store in incline village is open 7am-11pm. the only 24 hour one is the 7-11 and the other grocery store in kings beach further out in the other direction. so i never got to buy ice cream sandwiches and instant potato mixes. and more 99c big size soups.

so i get to the casino close to 6.40pm, and i find out that on wed and thurs they have a $50 tourney first, with $30 addon/or rebuy, and the $1-2 dont begin til 8.30 when its over.

so i dont like this, but i decided to play, worried id lose more on the VP waiting. their green and black chips look alike, so the blinds were $25-50 with $1000 to start. 1 table of 10 paying 60-40. the person under the gun put out 2 chips, which i assumed were $50, so i called 5-6 diamonds on the button. this was after id won a small pot going allin with AJ when no one called, and i had like $1400. then the dealer tells me he'd announced the raise to $125, whether he did i dunno, then he made the smart ass remark "its a visual game" when at the opposite end u cant see the color. so i had to leave it in, so i called.

flop comes 569 and seat 1 goes allin. seat 3 folds. i call. turn 7, river 7, and his 9-2 (wtf) scoops the pot and i rebuy in the next few hands. (had $350 left).  he busted the tourny before me, hes horrible.

but i lost the rebuy too when i flopped 4 to the ace hi flush. so im out $80 no more rebuys, then lose $45 more on the VP during the 45 minutes i wait for $1-2.

i buyin $100, win some nice pots, against very loose players, and one was a successful bluff. but then i had $377 in front of me and i no longer wish to gamble. in fact, id like to leave early instead of waiting to ride home FREE at closing time with the boss as usual. but i feel dumb if i do this. i looked and looked and no uber ever showed up in this area closest were reno or south lake 20-25 miles out.

kept folding and a guy had his $200 max buyin up to $1000. he kept winning and it was a really loose game. he kept showing me his junk he kept making it $15-30 preflop with 8-5 diamonds, Q-3 etc. there is only 1 good player there whose seen my blog before.

so im waiting for a hand i wont have to fold with. then i finally get 99 on the button. i go $5 he goes $20 and only i call. were we not both so deep id re-raised. should i?

flop comes K36, he bets $25 i call. turn comes K, he bets $30, i shove because theres so many things that he might beat me with on the river i beat now, and i wanted no action, he calls with KA and i left immediately very pissed i didnt quit when i wished to and just wait for a cab for $20.

so yes lousy nite, new roll $6460. took the cab, got some things in the 7-11 but not near enough. will now go to the VBJ. got the $590 online still. waiting on a bitcoin requested withdrawal for some of it

Sunday, June 12, 2016

taking it easy, no commutes, paying for rooms, or live poker $1-3 swings.

Will not be in reno itself for awhile yet, im still out in the Tahoe Biltmore using the 3rd of my 10 free days and of course i could earn comp dollars for more free nites. (but at a slow rate since i almost never get to bet over $1 since the count never is good, and following the 1% rule even when it is.) so im earning far less than $10 a day in comps. good thing i still had close to $200 from the previous trips last summer with the $18,000 roll and much higher max bets. i do miss playing live $1-2 NL in reno, but the motel i used to live in with little apts for rent with big kitchens by the week evidently has closed down, so ill be paying alot more, be less safe, or be a long bus ride out. this i wont like.

went to the grocery store today and spent $30 on food, and a microwave dish. they have a nice microwave 1000 watt, not the 700 ones common in motels, and a fridge. with a tiny bit of freezer space. did not get over to play poker this evening, been tending to sleep those hours of the day. its important to do the VBJ play like 3am to 10am thereabouts when its empty most likely. 1 of the 5 spots is still out of service.

the rolls increased to $6598, because ive now got rid of all but $100 worth of the bitcoin that had been sitting around growing by as much as $20 per day when the price went up so quick. when i get into reno there will be no BJ, ill be dependent totally on poker results. i had several $100-200 small wins on the VBJ and ALL losing sessions were immediately wiped out by sending bitcoin to replace the amounts lost. this will no longer be possible to do, so i might now be able to have losing sessions again instead of only winning ones.

good news is the Bovada is back up to $300 again, which means if all goes well, it will eventually be turned into more bitcoin on down the road.

couldve gone to toledo but with no good VBJ in the area i didnt wish to eventually end up tempted to play $15-25 min live table BJ right after i recover a few thousand of the roll. too risky. definitely wouldve come in handy the free housing and friend with the car. the only good poker is 60 miles out in detroit though and ray wouldnt wish to sit in detroit doing nothing all day or all this driving. right now i shouldnt spend any more money to do no traveling for a very long time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

home in reno (crystal bay actually, but close enough)

just logged out of Bovada with only $190 remaining out of $419, lost a few higher priced DON sngs and then a bit in the PLO8. at least ive not lost any of the $500+ in bitcoin slowly being sent to my bank. i was sending $10-15 to it everyday, but im now sending $25-30 to it every day since my bank account is getting so short. one bank account is only about $2000, the other one is still over $3000.

yes this is a long ways from the $19k i had in shreveport, or the $12,800 i left with. theres still a bit less than $6000 left, counting both accounts, and cash in hand. i held off for a few days buying my ticket out of here into reno (cant afford hotel rooms, certainly not around here) but i had no choice but to spend the $506 out of the lake charles airport. it departs 2.31 pm thurs and stops in DFW then i switch planes and arrive in reno at 6.15pm.

been getting the $39 rate for 4 hours poker play sun-thrus but theres nothing at all cheap to sleep fri or sat.. im on the WRONG boat, the isle isnt as good for $1-3 NL. its mostly $4-8 limit here and breaks earlier at night. the other 2 casinos 2 miles away theres no way to go on foot, its over water, so its a 6-8 mile cab ride for $20 way out of the way. im not spending $20 twice (got to return to my room). however if i was on them other 2 boats (nugget and auberge) theres no way to get a cheap room. there is a walmarts within walking distance of there. theres NOTHING u can get to on foot from the isle. if u dont believe me, google maps. (to go on foot from the isle to the golden nugget)

my cab from coushatta cost me $100. the nearest cabs were in lake charles. id been better off trying to get a tour bus into houston, flying out for less,plus wouldve saved money on expenses last 3 days.

i left shreveport so i wouldnt play any more live BJ. this plan has worked out really well, nothings been lost on live BJ since leaving shreveport. the only BJ ive played was on the VBJ in coushatta (dealers angels, but not a good version of it with the shuffle point hidden). no cashback on it either, and close to nothing in comp dollars to eat with. eventually, on the final day i bet too high and lost a bit over $1000 on it before leaving. plus i took numerous beats in the poker room, went thru 5 buyins in an hour or less of $100 each, and had the best of it every time the money i raised or reraised allin preflop or on the flop. lost every time once to ace ten with ace queen when the 10 hit the river. other time i had aa, once i flopped a full house to lose, etc. i put in over 70 hours of poker there, losing over $42 per hour in the long run. going there was a very bad idea, especially since it cost me $300 to get there to begin with. i was in a horrible mood constantly, snapping back at every employee i felt was rude, the staff, the rude players rooting for me to lose, (all regulars) the ones watching the VBJ, the ones with cigarettes too close by, the employees not thanking me for tips or getting an attitude if i never did, and i dont see it ever ending til i get out of the state, on my feet, with small wins, and relaxed not under stress about how ill survive living expenses. my health is getting no better and im sure my teeth are causing other health issues.

if i felt i must leave shreveport to avoid playing BJ, i shouldve went to reno then, back to detroit, or took the train to st louis. i'd been much better off. the whole idea was to never let myself go below $10,000 and if id used much better judgement, i never wouldve. (for if i wouldnt lost over $10,000 in the last month playing BJ in shreveport, i couldve rode out the losses in poker in coushatta, and not felt pressured to win so badly, so i wouldnt been raising my poker buyins). yes, the final day i lost a huge ton of $100 buyins. but the other days i bought in for too much, and tried to bluff when i got frustrated.

got my uber in the reno airport, very nice driver, and it only came to $54. (half of the cost of a cab or less). picked up some free play ran it thru, and im sitting with $5672. of course theres also still about $800 worth of bitcoin/and or bovada which will eventually be sent to the bank, (if i dont lose it), in the process of so much in increments. i havent been able to reach my old landlord because its no longer his cell. this is a nice suite they gave me free 10 nights. id have enough comps unused for about 5 more nights. tomorrow i can do the atm promo next door for another $50. i would now but i must sleep before i play anything. tired. i only chose to come here because i remember kristi the VIP host telling me this winter while living at rays i had 10 free nites to use anytime.

the vast majority of this blog was typed 1-2 days ago, including the beginning

Thursday, June 2, 2016

bitcoins price is skyrocketing and women in poker.

So am i doing the right thing tonight? (i'm sitting in my room playing with the $281 online Bovada after the live $1-3 here in coushatta broke up instead of sitting on the VBJ machine). why? because i won $197 there earlier, and didnt wish to keep playing but to go write down the win. oh, $103 more in the poker room too. i'm still here because i have 0 transportation out of here of any kind, no cabs except for the ones in lake charles 36 miles out. only the tour buses to tx.

some would say the right thing is to go back to reno, as low as i am to grind $1-2 since i cant afford $1-3 now. i need to be where housing is $150 week, not $300-400. but i dont wish to spend money flying. too broke. mom says the right thing to do would be to go back to toledo, and live with ray.

i mightve still lost on BJ and VBJ in the past month, but never nearly as much had i stuck to the right bankroll requirements. tonight i did never betting over 2 spots of $35. of course had i not dropped over $1500 on VP in the past month this too wouldve helped.

they renewed my room til friday so this is 4 free nights so far. nice fridge and microwave in the room, wifi works good. once i stop getting these, ill need to pay $100 for a cab to lake charles i guess. but the rooms there too expensive, so i need to go to biloxi or go west. was relieved tonight to find out i can get tomorrow and thurs free, thought my time might be up.

looking in my records, seems the total bitcoin sent to my bank so far is $160. theres still another $425 plus in bitcoin online which could be sent. as more of it is sent, it will help increase the roll

----wrote yesterday and saved to draft----

this room is NOT a good place to play poker, im only still here because my free rooms hasnt yet ended, and im in no hurry to spend big money to leave and spend money to rent them elsewhere. but my hourly here is horrible. Lost $374 in the $1-3 NL today, then recovered most of it on the VBJ. am still barely holding $11,100. it will go lower, ive got expenses to pay to get settled in, nor do i have enough for $1-3 NL anymore. cannot play my best game anymore with $300+ in front of me since i want zero losses. i did good, but it does have swings.

my game has progressed from the OLD days (2004-2009 min buying $40-50) and i cant play well anymore with less than $150 in front of me. but now that im getting so short, playing with over $300 when stuck isnt good either. for i keep losing money trying to bluff so i can get unstuck and go.

i wish i couldve taken a picture of the girl in seat 1. she won 2 big pots, cashed out $1200+ busted one old man who flopped the nuts. they both put in $500+ on the flop, her with KKK and him with nut broadway. very good looking woman under 29 and i was sure she was with the black guy in seat 2, but i was wrong. one hand she busted a guys set of 888 on the flop of 842 with A2 runner runner AA. one of the dealers said shes here quite often, ive never seen her. i wish i wasnt afraid of being caught snapping a photo, so i could have one to post.

heres the problem. she wore headphones, seldom spoke a word, was texting the whole time, and had a shirt saying "poker is my business" with a graph pointing upwards. horrible horrible for a women. a woman is supposed to flirt with the guys, interact with them, and loosen up the game. so the guys give her money. not by sheer suckouts. Karen in Reno Josie in Boston, and cdizzy in winstar do a great job on this, and she did NOTHING to improve the game.

i shouldnt mind so much the lack of food comps when ive got 4 hotel rooms in a row, but this is just not what im used to. i worry ill lose by even going out of the room. getting short of money isnt good for ur confidence level. this is the main reason i shouldve never bet too much in BJ back in shreveport. it destroys ur ability to play poker. think of how comfortable id felt traveling over southern louisiana with the extra $8000. or buying in for more.

its not BJ which got me broke its chasing losses. martingaling poker hurting me as bad as martingaling the BJ