Friday, May 30, 2014

a bit of success since leaving north lake tahoe

i just lost $34 at the Sands in the $2-6 spread before i went home for a while, but im happy to say im far better off than i was when i was at my low point in lake tahoe, i paid my room up for another week until next friday and was told this was the last week id owe sales tax, so my rent will be reduced if i stay on again. and even after all of that, im still left with $1740. thats about a $500 increase give or take a few dollars since i quit playing the VBJ machines, and stuck to live poker, or live table BJ instead.

still, i feel like friends are very important, and especially with the turmoil going on in this world to come soon, (wars and financial problems) and the soon return of the Lord. so i dont really like being in reno where i dont have anyone in my life. although what i want most is a good woman to love me, be an advocate, accept me and fight for the good thats in me, i need male friends too, such as lightning, Ray, Nick, PPP, Vince etc and id like to be in some other city. the only thing keeping me in reno for now is the lower cost of living, and the numerous games u can buyin to for $40-50 instead of $100, and being too low in money to really do any traveling. even as amazingly low some amtrak rates are right now.

and i guess now that i renewed the room, i need to make another trip to the grocery store, for the fridge is empty again now. Id like to thank Nick also for a big favor he did me, but i still need to buy a stamp and envelope, and ive got to send off Marks birthday card too, his birthday is next week.

i do miss being in vegas during the wsop too--basically the part i miss the most is seeing people id never get to see otherwise--basically pokerdogg this year, and Josie if shed ever return to vegas. hopefully next year ill be in much better shape again and be ready if im still banned at Harrahs corporate office, at least be able to play a lot of them good Nugget grand series, and V deepstack events. i feel like one of the reasons i never had a good shot added to my bankroll was my lack of tourny experience. the only tourny experience i ever really had and a good track record in is Bovada.

cant believe im this old (45--old enough for the binions senior event finally) and still accomplished so little. its good to know its not what we accomplish financially in this life that matters, but how close we are to friends, family, and how well we honor God. and thats an area id like to learn how to quit failing in, and is why i keep thinking of moving to Toledo when i can find out how id afford housing.

dont forget, this is still one of the most popular online blogs about how unglamourous professional low stakes pokerplaying is really like, and is heavily read and would be sorely missed, so if u have anything u want to promote for a reasonable price, hit me up.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

sorry for the delay--but theres not much to report. Blog gets boring when I'm too low to do any gambling.

am finally getting one thing done that needed done, im sitting in my motel room at home washing laundry, and need to get it done before the laundry rooms closed for the night. also i checked my online bank statement, and sure enough, im now getting charged $14 a month to keep my acct open again because the balance is too low. so im $14 poorer than i thought, but i did win a little at the sands. good action there due to the memorial day weekend, so altogether im at $1318. glad i made over $60 while at the sands, and ill head back over there later. too bad its not that busy in there all the time.

also, i need to go to the Peppermill to deposit money on UP. or since i might leave for CA, would i be better off on seals, bovada, or BCP? im still missing out on earning a $100 bonus ive got about another week before it expires since i never redeposited once i lost the $100. there just isnt enough action and games going on UP--pretty much nothing but holdem and 1-2 tables of 5c10c PLO8, which is too low to clear the bonus. they make the bonus take a long time to clear.

ive stayed away from the Peppermill and Atlantis because i felt like i cant afford the NL. but i dont really see myself getting out of this mess unless i start playing it and doing the hail mary play (u know, sink or swim).

with the min buyin in the NL being only $40 at the peppermill, and $50 at the Atlantis, maybe i shouldnt worry, but its been seeming like everytime i min buy i lose the buyin quite fast. this didnt seem to be the case at all at the stratosphere.

just variance i guess. how i miss the good old days of pokerstars. now that really was the best online poker site ever, and no site from the past or the future will ever surpass it.

if that $2-6 game at sands went 24 hours, or at least everyday, it might be possible to after a few months, get back to where i was when i first came to reno. but the thing is after the memorial day weekend is over, it will be dead again. even the game in Turlock i wanted to play only goes thurs to sunday. also it would help if my rents cheaper, ive been given other suggestions by locals about different places to live for a little less.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

its good to be "home". even if i wont be able to afford this "home" for long and need to find something cheaper.

its funny how one of the things i was disappointed in Benny about was him not introducing me to the woman he said "reads my blog" because to be honest, ive still not arranged to meet the girl who was writing me on tagged, (the one in reno who offered to meet me between 930am and 3pm before her kids get outta school) and 2 women from (formerly who gave me their phone numbers, one about 4 months ago and one about 9 months ago--both of whom i NEVER called. why? cause i was afraid theyd not meet once i called, because my lifes too messed up. and i wanted to feel like i hadnt lost them yet and theyve be available to call sometime when my lifes going better. (of course that never works out, because women willing to give out such private info as their phone get snapped up quickly and arent still single that many months later). but i guess cause of the aspergers thats just how i am. i was simply waiting til i was well off financially, enough to take time off from gambling and go out on a date.

anyway, onto the rest of the blog--its just that i was thinking of that--and im sure most of u would be surprised i never called those 2 women. not even with a text.

i am happy to have my phone up and working. while staying at the Tahoe Biltmore in Crystal Bay, id forgotten my laptop charger (it was in my room here in Reno thats still good til friday) and i had to do without using my laptop most of the time i was there except for the first night. Worst yet, when i got really mad right about the point i was getting stuck my first $1000 on the VBJ is when i slammed down my phone so hard it broke, and i finally got the power to turn back on about 24 hours later, didnt think it would ever come back on, and i dont know what i did different to get it back up and working. so i had no net at all for sometime. didnt get AKgals text til much later when i finally got the phone working.

had a room there friday night after taking the $45 airport shuttle there from reno fri at 3pm, and no room saturday (cost too much). cost me $67 for friday, and sunday i used $35 in comps for it. their comp rate on the VBJ isnt nearly as generous as Jean, or even as generous as slotsoffun (circus) for that matter. For what i lost and ran thru in coin in wouldve been $300 worth of comps in Jean.

i shouldnt have went (considering how much more i lost over what my expected loss was without counting) but after the way things went wrong at the Eldorado, i just wanted to go to where id be mostly alone away from people, doing something id feel comfortable doing, and wanted to prove id do well there. i couldnt believe my bad luck, i never ever made a bet over 3 hands of $30 the entire time i was there. i did run into 1 guy who bet large and won heavily, but didnt even use a card, and also one guy who was quite good but bet really small, and told me about a machine at a truck stop in Fernley hes seen recently, and said i was the first guy he met whose play he really admired as far as being good, and who knew about counting.

at least i had no problems there. But thats only due to a nice security guard, who by the way, happens to be a young black guy believe it or not. u see, the lady running the front desk of the hotel, her housekeepers didnt realize my room was occupied, and couldnt figure out why my room was locked. so she sent him up to see why the door wouldnt open. i was getting fed up with all the knocks on the door by housekeeping, since i knew checkout wasnt til 11 and it was only about 10.30, and i thought it was so rude for them not to wait til i was out. so when i heard someone out there the 4th time, i yelled out how rude it was to be disturbed, and id be out when it was time to check out, (not realizing it was security that time). so he goes back downstairs and asks if the rooms occupied, and sure enough she finds the paperwork and realizes it was occupied. so she tells him she dont need him.

anyway, i check out about 15 min later, and complain to the lady asking for her boss, after she refused to store my bags unlike the other lady who was really nice. i said she was being rude, and she had the security guy come talk to me, and thats when i first found out it was him at the door, and he tells me it was all a misunderstanding that she didnt realize the room was rented, and wasnt intentionally disturbing me. (why couldnt she have explained so id not been mad?) anyway found out its the hotels policy never to store bags once someone checks out, but the MAIN ISSUE is he wasnt mad, wasnt offended, and was friendly and helpful and i was grateful for his good mood, and then felt bad and was calm myself too.

i only wish the same security officers at the eldorado who threw me out wouldve been so understanding. that guy was also black, and i was surprised he threw me out when the floorman actually didnt tell him to 86 me altogether like id thought, but he said HE was doing that because HE didnt like my attitude. and i never called him what i said on RTP. i only wrote that cause i was mad. the floorman only said he didnt want me to play BJ, and kept my coupon, and that i had to leave the game. (when he got pissed off i didnt respond to the dealer asking if i wanted insurance--and me not responding because i was pissed she didnt just say "insurance closed" like most do--and finish the hand)

funny thing is, the black dealer on the VBJ machine was the only dealer who dealt me winners, seemed all my winners happened when he was dealing too. the other male dealer on the VBJ was especially horrible as were most female dealers.

Nick in sacramento from RTP and i talked, he said he used to be a floorman in cali, and he said me cursing using the F word when angry at the cocktail waitress is probably why i got 86ed. (that, and my previous history of being asked to not play poker many years ago before Margie let me in again). but as i posted on RTP, i felt like she was being rude interrupting me when talking to the BJ dealer to ask for the floorman to let me get a new shoe instead of starting in the middle of someones old mostly finished shoe, so i could get a entire shoe for the promo coupon. he said theyre far more strict if its a woman or a cocktail waitress u blow up at, than if its a male employee.

and im down to only about $1240. had a tiny win tonight at the Peppermill for an insignificant sum, and it was mostly off a double up of some goodlooking young girls $7 straddle who ive seen before at the eldorado and im sure is a regular. she called, i had bought in for the $40 min, and didnt want a call. i had AQ. board totally missed me and i somehow still won. good thing only she called. it will be a long tough fight climbing back, but if i can buyin for $40-50 still in other places around town, and rent is so cheap here (though i need to move to reduce mine by $30-40 a week if i can) i guess i dont need to go to cali after all. i was disappointed when i walked to the sands no game this evening in the poker pit, it never got back up once it broke this afternoon. i also walked back there later on after running into Benny at the cal neva BJ table, talking to him a long time while walking to his car in Circus garage, and made sure he isnt still mad. i bought some food with some comps and took it back to my room since i never bought food yet for the fridge til fri, but i wish i had something to eat when i wake up tues.

Pretty much everything that went wrong in Reno--i have no one to blame but myself for not doing what i was supposed to be doing, and letting myself get too worked up by others actions at the casinos. also me being afraid of that needle and wanting to postpone the tooth removal til mon was a horrible mistake, now i have no money and of course, the work still needs done. could easily qualify for foodstamps, medical, or even SSI now. (income anyway)

also its too bad i dont have no money on UP (just the $3 on BCP) and that i didnt prepay my rent for a month to get into a place with a real kitchen and save money. the sands if the $2-6 spread is going, at least its only a $1 blind when 5-6 handed and its often shorthanded, so thats good for us nits. and i need cereal and milk, but cant buy it if im moving out fri, also need a knife for sandwiches.

u will also notice on more new blog on the list of blog rolls.

Friday, May 16, 2014

down to $3004 after renewing the rent for another week, but i do see the dentist at 9am today

and after i see him, i sure wont be over $3000 then. too bad i lost the $700 wednesday night. i did ok last night, actually ended up winning a total of $117 between the eldorado poker room, the sands poker room, and the sands BJ tables. did not play any VP either, which probably helped.

i went by the dentists office today, about 4.20pm, hoping to be seen before 6pm, but no luck, they said to come back at 9am and set me up with an appt. its not all that far of a walk, and i can do the $39 exam they advertise online when i come in and fill out some paperwork. then ill know whats wrong and why im feeling pain at times.

if he is able to extract it, depending on which tooth might be $120 or $170 additional, and of course thats if its only ONE tooth that needs removed. im really praying its not more complicated than that, and it would be a bigger nuisance if i had to be referred to an oral surgeon. so pray for me. this seems to be a popular and cheap dentist in reno thats NOT the free clinic on a sliding scale for the homeless and poor.

i dont know why i dont use it--except i dont want to talk about or prove income that basically dont exist--dont want to go thru the govt, (too bad private charity dont do this like God wants) and didnt feel right having my mom pay for it. and also--i have a feeling a free or charity place would be doing a horrible job because they wouldnt care about their reputation like a private dentist would. i guess a large reason for the fear was because i couldve died due to the poor job done by Nadic on tropicana av in las vegas. if it wasnt too late, id like the help of an atty in suing them, and i was DUMB to have not done that when it happened a few years ago.

no one wants to see a dentist mistake cause u serious health problems.

at least i did the right thing today, and stuck to nothing but poker. had i listened to Benny better, id have saved myself over $500 ive lost in reno playing machines he says not to play. at least im still doing great off table BJ promotions. (almost all ive won in reno came thru them). i dont think im up at the poker either, after the big $500+ poker loss wed nite. im going to be in the $2000s by the time u get around to reading the blog post. have $3004 now and will have less soon as i get into the dentists office at 9am.

and i just got done setting my alarm clock on my phone, sure hope it wakes me up. dont know for sure how to make the sound louder, and i am 100% not used to falling asleep before 6am or so, or waking up before 2pm or so.

also ill need to buy more food tomorrow, and i fear i might be limited in what i can eat if he is able to do the work tomorrow. im not really sure if he will be able to, praying the work is simple and only one tooth. i dread the feeling i might be below $2500 soon, and then i wont be able to get full value on the BJ promotion. at least not without taking far more risk than im comfortable with.

i couldve also saved money had i taken a different place to live and just paid upfront for a month or 2, at least about $150 a month give or take. oh well, i just didnt have the money to prepay. tons of other and better housing solutions with better cooking facilities in a short easy walk too. and i quit playing on UP for the time being after losing the entire $100 before i received a dime of the promotion.

still would like an audience to see the roll grow. to make Benny proud and everyone else proud too. ive been told Stacy said if i apologize i might be reinstated at the goldstrike dont know how to go about officially doing it, or how true this info is, but id like to see that done if at all possible. i might need that housing option someday. i wonder if cutters talked to him?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

an emotional roller coaster--its awfully hard to keep ur cool at times when ur getting fucked in the ass.

and more so, when u have a tooth bugging u that u know will cost far more than the $80 one guy claims (unless u find a free clinic for the homeless where they wont care if they do a good job and if u are properly numbed beforehand) and u know u dont have the money because it will all be needed for future rent over the next few months. id need like $8000 before id really have the $400 or so this will end up costing to have what i assume is 1 wisdom tooth removed.

Benny was going to help me find a clinic, but not only did he never come thru with the girl who reads my blog and wanted to meet me, hes pissed at me because i played games i shouldnt play, and thinks im hopeless and not worth mentoring. so ive not heard back from him today since.

anyway i started the day off poorly, losing $100 on the promotion in live BJ, but ended up winning that back in poker later (along with $31 on a game i shouldnt have played). i was up $101 at one point when things suddenly went haywire. and by the time i left the room with NOTHING at all to cash out, and went back to do the promotion one final time with a new coupon, i was down $250 for the day instead of being ahead, and man was i fucking pissed. 2-3 hands cost me ALL my stack.

first bad beat, i had QT suited and the flop comes Q89 with a lot of us in the pot for a decent pot. i bet $12 and theres 2 callers. turn comes J, old man shoves, and im praying he dont have KT. i call, for well over $100, and original raiser calls, and hits his flush on the river. hes shortstacked, so me and the old man still get back about $60 or so each.

second bad beat i have 44 and the flop is J74 with 2 spades. the original better whose last to act bets the flop for $15 and i only call. turn comes 7, i check he bets $40 and i made it $80 hoping for a call assuming hes got very few outs. he calls after a long thought, river comes 7 to counterfeit me and im sick, as he wins with runner runner JK.

so, thouroughly pissed now, i shove the final $80 or so into the pot over multiple $6 callers. original raiser calls with KK and one other guy whose got about $35 left. flop comes 278 with 2 diamonds and i have AJ diamonds, giving me hope, but i missed. the KK lost the main pot, other guy had 888

so then i went and managed to get a coupon to do the promotion 1 more time. lucky for me i got back over $1000 from the $750, got very lucky to have a shoe all to myself, and then tipped the dealer the $10 i promised him, and reduced my bet to $15-20 for the rest of the shoe. and had i not lost 4 splits and double downs on the final bet, id have left the casino with over $1150 instead of $989.

so i only lost $11 today, but still that dont pay my rent, or fix my tooth and i feel like im being put thru the emotional wringer all day long. i think Benny would be able to relate, and is why i consider him a friend, i wonder who else here can relate other than Herbie.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I moved to reno the other day, and i wont be around during the WSOP

well im holding my own at the poker in reno, winning a majority of my sessions, (although today i did just better than breaking even overall and yesterday i gave back the 2nd sessions win after holding onto the first sessions wins). actually ive done better at live table BJ the last 2 days than anything else. i didnt do so well online UP either since coming to reno--am out about $50 or so of what i had online.

the fridge, the microwave, the heater, the TV and the hot water work ok here--and thought the wifi worked ok too, but tonight it keeps going off. im better off playing live anyway--but wanted a chance to clear the UP promotion so i didnt deposit that $100 on there before leaving vegas for nothing.

havent visited all the poker rooms since coming to reno yet either. and ill soon get a chance to see a few other places also. ive still got about $3600 or so left after buying some groceries today etc.

what i am quite surprised by is how LOOSE the games have gotten in reno. sometimes 6-8 limpers preflop, deep chip stacks on the table, its sure not tight by any means--i expected the game to be far more tight. wonder if it being the weekend has anything to do with it? and ive not yet played any stud or omaha, just $1-2 NL.

found out my room comps offers have expired since they werent booked fast enough, so i had none to use. and also, Vince sent me a text that i got $40 in free play at dottys next time im back in vegas. probably will expire long before im back there. Was also hoping to spend more time with Nick than i did this weekend, but he pretty much dropped out of sight since he was with his girlfriend. also i got me a water pitcher today, and some cereal bowls for an unbelievably low price.

there sure are a TON of places for rent and not too expensive all up and down about every street. still not sure how long to stay here--and which place to commit to long term that would be more like an apt. or how long certain promotions will last. but the good news is--at least the poker games are LOOSE.

and my tooth was bothering me more again today--really worry about needing that dentist soon, and im much more broke than i was the earlier time i worried about it. Glad i still got the cricket--or id still be offline now. (am logged in, but cant get on UP--since im using cricket instead of wifi). also, im glad my phone works in reno too.

advil certainly seems to be the best for pain medicine as opposed to tylenol

Monday, May 5, 2014


well it felt good tonight when i touched down in vegas in one piece, a bit of a bumpy road, and to save money first thing i did was buy a daily bus pass. Wish i could get ahold of Benny, but first i need a working phone, and for that ill have to wait til tomorrow since i cant figure out my password.

it was good to get away for a while, see family (notice all of moms new pics on facebook) and to make it back with so few dollars disappeared during the trip. felt good to see the girl next to me talking to me on the plane, and keep accidently touching me while she talked, til i learned she had a husband in vegas, and was going to see him soon as she stepped off the plane. also she talked about God protecting her while up in the air. but hey she did offer to buy my $2 pop while on the plane, when paying for her own food.

and also, i have $50 match play at the golden gate--to get it, u must show an allegiant boarding pass within 24 hours of ur arrival in vegas. so u dont have a lot of time, and of course in the middle of the night, the players club booth to pick up the voucher probably isnt open unless the pit boss can do it for u.

ive decided NOT to do what i was originally planning to do on my return to vegas--because im too afraid of going broke if i do. u see my original plan was to go out to henderson in the morning, take a room near the casino with the dealers angels machine by the week, and grind it on the $1 min with proper bankroll management where theyres very little traffic and is basically empty most all the time.

but with so little money left--and the horrible rule of hitting soft 17, and the low comps, im not so sure its still beatable. sure u can see the shuffle, and any BJ game is beatable with a huge 1-100 spread instead of a 1-8 spread, but since i cant afford that type of spread--------------------

so i figured ill stay a day or 2, then go out to cali to play poker, and if i play any BJ it will be TABLE BJ. why? well, i did quite well in KS at table BJ, turning $40 into $97 with no martingaling whatsoever. the slightly higher min on the table and my lower roll keeps me from martingaling it. also ive learned a secret to play for hours straight at the right table BJ game with 2-1 BJ coupons all day long, and im wondering just how much over 100% this brings up the payback, getting double money on every single BJ i get. so i wont be in vegas very long--but i will play a bit of poker tonight and tomorrow.

years ago all i played besides poker was table BJ. in AC, IN, NV, WA, etc. and i got tossed for counting cards (not for bad behavior) at a bunch of places. i certainly had the pit convinced i knew enough to beat the game. u see, back then, the min bets were lot smaller, better rules, so i felt more comfortable. good BJ machines didnt exist back then that i knew of, although now ive heard about games i missed out on i didnt know were good back then and wasnt aware of.

ive been told my $3500-3600 is enough to flat bet 25$ all day with a decent edge with the 2-1 coupons. and the most i should worry about dropping is $1000---and that that is "highly unlikely" and overall it should be worth over $100 a day in ev. would like to know how true that is.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

from moms house

well mom wanted to take some pictures today, so ill have some to show u soon, once Mark helps her get them onto facebook from her camera. Hes more tech smart than she is even though hes quite less smart overall. she wanted me to be completely clean shaven no mustache or beard, and even Mark thought i looked better after a visit to the barbar to have both completely removed.

also mom wanted me to be dressed my best with new pants and shirt when i go bowling tonight with Mark (Josie had it off by one day-i told her wed night). actually i told her tomorrow night yesterday in an email sent about 1am, so i can see how she got the day wrong.

Mark seems to be gone a lot, mostly wanting to be out riding his bike, or socializing with his friends. He's a very good kid, at 21, to not have drunk, smoked, had sex, or used drugs. dont get in fights either. although moms afraid to have him upstairs at night, so she locks the door connecting the basement to the kitchen. but the basement could be rented out, its completely seperate with 4 rooms, bathroom, and its own entrance to the back door. also he has a microwave, fridge, oven, etc.

mom goes to bed early, and i normally sleep til 12noon or 2pm. she gets up very early in the morning, and she said she wishes i got up earlier so she could spend more time visiting me. she also said she wished i could stay longer. being here 9 days instead of 7 is about the max i can stand.

i think it was quite offensive of PPP to publish that since he did it for the sole purpose of making mom look bad instead of for informative reasons, but to state how he disagreed. i dont see anything odd about moms post--thats something clearly taught in the Bible that all Christians should believe, or at least have for centuries. i can see why people who dont know God might disagree, but its been thought that way for many centuries. only recently have a lot of peoples views changed.

we've played a lot of board games, uno with mark, and scrabble, the farming game, and real estate (which i invented years ago) with mom. Still havent got to play skipbo yet. and ive been reading some of moms books by Jerry Jenkins. watched a couple of movies too, the last one being the pledge, the first one being question 7 about life for Christians back in the days east germany was communist.