Sunday, August 31, 2014

happy thanksgiving

I'm too tired to type a blog now although it needs done, so i guess this post will be quite short. just wanted to make a list of all the things im thankful for.

1. good friends like PPP and Rob, who arranged it so i could play with them at the Venetian instead of where they wouldve chose to have the event be held. that was nice of them to consider a casino they dont normally play at.

2. that i still have $9100 left or so.

3. that my room is covered for 2 days, and i have $74 in comps

4. that my bovada balance is now up to $223 from when it was down to under $30

5. that im still beating the poker overall in vegas, although i got nowhere the first day, i won $89 the day i was at the V with friends, (although i was up $360 before i played with them). and then i won about $125 at poker today. maybe i can beat the poker in vegas with the new larger roll after all.

6. that Herbie still around to hang out, and that i met a new guy named Dave, dap poker from avp. and Grouchie showed up.

7. for vince, and his house being available when needed. most of what ive spent in vegas is payments to vince, food, transportation, and losses on Bj games. glad im not down on the poker.

8. am glad i got off the first VBJ when down over $250, but being pissed about it, i then lost $400+ more on a much worse VBJ even money machine before i played poker. i know thats dumb, but i was trying to follow Cutter and chaperones advice to always have money for doubles and splits, so i didnt go play on the much better VBJ paying 3-2. but i feel i messed this up. all im saying is what im really thankful for is i didnt turn it into a $1500 loss or so.

but of course, i wouldve had to use the atm to do that.

9. that i played the nugget tourny, although very poorly, with a shove of A8 clubs over a raiser who called with qq and busted me. i was just frustrated i wasnt getting cards, and much smaller tourny pools are much preferred. one table would be preferred, although i cant stand the way they pay 2 spots instead of 3.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

wow what a beautiful view of las vegas out my window.

i feel like i might be making some unwise decisions lately, but its ok, i have the finances now to make unwise decisions, theyre not major decisions, and im learning a lot about life by doing so.

first, let me say the wifi here on southwest works great. cost me $8 day pass, and ill be on the ground again soon. Vince will be picking me up at the airport, and i paid him $25. we will play some poker and then he will take me where i need to go. i wont be here long.

Unwise decisions. 1. paying $90 for a cab to the tahoe biltmore to play VBJ. 2. paying $91 for a sleeper car back into reno. 3. not moving out of my place officially in reno, cleaning it and getting $50 back. 4. paying $50 today for my haircut and shave. 5. leaving behind alot of things, such as a microwave, in case i go back soon. 6. the desire to play other games instead of poker since i now feel i have the bankroll to do so and want to prove i can do it successfully. 7. not fixing my phone while i can that needs done before sept 7 when my service ends. 8. not fixing the tooth since its not in pain. 9. telling the girl at the bar at the peppermill the wrong thing.

yes, the girl i met there last night, while walking around the Peppermill looking for a hooker. turns out she wasnt a hooker but was wondering where the music was coming from and wouldve hung out and danced. but since she wasnt a hooker, i was offended she wanted to borrow $100 to gamble with and go to a live blackjack table, and the music was simply the radio on the loudspeaker. she seemed a bit strange, and had to be to accept hanging out in the first place. but she didnt want to go to my room at the sands and was offended i wanted her to be a hooker if she wanted $100.

had i known how to talk to her, maybe id have got to dance with her, and then later she had been willing to hang out later. but i dont know how to hang out and have fun with women. all the women in vegas hanging out at the bars are hookers but not in reno. and i lied to a girl outside the sands what my room number was, because i was spooked she didnt want to til 15 min later, so i thought i was being setup. she did come and knock though. (on room 1280 next door instead of my room 1278 which i didnt tell her). so no i didnt find a hooker, its just too much stress and a waste of money. an oriental massage parlor in vegas is far safer, and ive never went to one of those either.

gotta go, theyre about to land in vegas

Monday, August 25, 2014

dealers listen up--this is how u earn a $5 tip on a $200+ pot. u have to make a real effort to make a losing hand a winning hand

This blog will explain how i got to be over $10,000 and how im just lucky. Even with $90 spent on a cab tonight, im still over $10,000. $10,145 to be exact. Plus $70 spent on a hotel room including tax.

if anyone dont yet know, the previous day or so id gotten back to $9600 from the big drop id had one morning at the Peppermill between BJ and VP. had so many winning sessions at $1-2 NL my roll went up all day long, and to cap it off i won $110 on the VP machine at the atlantis at the end of the night too.

This afternoon i woke up about 2pm and went to the Peppermill and started playing. I've been getting annoyed a lot by my phone while im playing because it keeps getting worse and worse and i desperately need a new one. it shuts off on its own randomly, takes time rebooting, err messages come up closing out programs, and spot mobile is closing down sept 4 and i need a new carrier. so thats an upcoming expense too, not just septembers rent.

so i wont stay this high for very long. but enjoy it while it lasts.

anyway i was in the game for $281, and paid $35 (counting the $5 tip) for a 20 minute massage, and had lost all my chips on a poor shove during the massage and rebought. i had 88, called $12 when i shouldnt being too shortstacked with about $70-80 is all, and then a guy whod initially just called in late position (not early position) made it $37, original better called. i felt them both weak so i shoved and they both called. Board comes AKTK4 and the guy who made it $37 mucks without showing after the other guy shows 99. (see i told u they were both weak. my read was right, guy was amazed he won with that board).

now in case someone didnt know, u are allowed to buyin up to the largest stack size on the table, or for only $40, which i think is a very good rule since it allows for such a wide spread. another really nice rule is u can straddle from ANY position up to half ur stack. funny thing is, ive never once seen anyone do it even the people who "like to gamble". why is everyone such chickens? they sure dont mind straddling in a dumb position, but always for small amounts.

anyway being down to $113 left of my $281, i was quite a bit on tilt, between that and the issues i was having getting my phone to work right, so i put the $55 straddle out there, leaving $58 behind, and said ive got to try something NEW and see if its what im not doing that i should be doing.

old man whose a regular and normally plays $3-5, but dont play loose makes it $120 (he thought id put out $60) other lady calls with QQ, and we never saw what the old man had. so theres a $14 side pot, and i call allin with KT offsuit, but truthfully id have to call any 2 there. right?

board comes up 8J3 with 2 spades and i know im fucked. guy checks, lady shoves, he folds. I'm already allin, so she turns over QQ and takes the side pot, and i turn over KT drawing basically dead, but i win with runner runner spade spade i got K of spades. so i suddenly am out of the hole and ahead, and i threw the dealer a redbird since he had to work so hard to give me that pot.

after that i couldnt lose, and eventually cashed out well over $600. i know another hand was almost as memorable, but ive forgotten the details. i wish i had a memory like Rob. i do remember calling a guy down for large size bets with A9 on a board of A2TTJ with a third spade on the river who was bluffing and kept telling me im smart enough to fold and he would show. would u have called? he had 75 of hearts.

so i finally left the game when my roll hit $10,002. talked a cab driver outside the peppermill ive used before to go to walmarts into taking me to north lake tahoe, and NOT letting the meter go over $100, and he said he would for $90 since its slow and hes not working on comission and was his own boss.

turned out it took about 30 min longer to get here than it shouldve due to working on the road, and it being 1 lane only and having to wait a long time on the pilot car to return. the meter wouldve been $110.

i was very disappointed when i arrived at the Tahoe biltmore to find out the VBJ has been off for 2 days without power and they are waiting for it to be looked at by their tech and fixed. dammit this better be taken care of in the morning. hate to think i came out here for nothing. i did however pick up my $30 in free play and won a little on the VP with it. also theres a lot more tickets in the drum than id expected. couldnt see any of my 180 still in there.

so i went across the street to the other casino, and was surprised to see the BJ pit still open unlike the tahoe biltmore that closes the pit early. i talked the floorlady into making a $10 shoe game a $5 shoe game, and their rules were quite good.

i flat bet $5 every negative count, and bet whatever during neutral and plus counts. at one point i had $250 divided between 3 spots, and i hadnt even noticed the max bet sign of $200 (although that means 1 spot).

got quite lucky to win that hand, and left with a nice profit, and had over $10,200 before i took my room for tonight. to be honest i need to sleep once i hit submit. im playing a little while on bovada with the $135 left on here while i type. all 3 hands totalled 19, and the dealer as usual had an ace showing. but he also had a 7 in the hole.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Eight Thousand, one hundred and fifty six. thats all the money i got left to my name to live on for the next 30-40 yrs.

good news is i didnt kill anyone, i still tipped the cocktail waitress, (those are wonderful chocolate banana milkshakes they give out to all who ask that most casinos wont offer) and i had an edge of MOST of the money i was betting. the casino had a slight edge on the last $326 i threw away in the 100 play VP machine when i left the BJ table pissed off.

i couldnt play poker, woke up at 4.30am, and the game had already broke when i arrived. thats the one thing i really despise about living in reno. i didnt think it would break early tonight.

so now its time for the "$800 cab ride to vegas". but im an old and wiser man, and that will translate to a lower priced expense this time around. such as a $488 amtrak trip this afternoon at 4pm to toledo (with my own private room and wife in a sleeping car of course), a 234pm $165 plane to vegas via allegiant,  with maybe an extra $30 for my nice new much bigger sized rolling suitcase, or a $45 shuttle to north lake tahoe at 3pm.

im not sure if i can continue to play winning poker if i try to just sleep it off and forget about it when i wake back up and if i stay, theres about $700 in expenses including rent coming up sept 1 very soon. need to buy food again too.

i knew i was overdue for the $1200 loss, and the money i lost at the BJ was about the same amount id won at BJ in the last week, so no harm done there. i just shouldve not bet as much, and kept my bets more in tune with the count. But i didnt want it to look to the big boss that i was counting, and the way i was betting no one wouldve suspected it. the only money that was wasted really foolishly was the remaining $322 i left the table with out of $1142, that i blew in the VP 100 play machine.

i just looked like a donkey martingaling bets, but i still flat bet the min on all negative counts. but sometimes i made big bets when stuck on the first hand of new shuffles, and sometimes i bet way more on counts of +1 that counts of +5 depending on whether i won or lost previous hands. but at least all my higher sized bets got in when the count was NOT negative.

so i did a good job decieving the pit boss, they didnt throw me out.

i wouldve been better off if they had.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

who can describe on here the difference between a donkey and a nit?

Truthfully, i am neither one, (which is known by anyone whose ever watched me play in reno, but tonight i looked like BOTH).

I started the night with $8646, and ended the night with $8771, but at one point, i was down about $200 when i made my final rebuy. i was on tilt, (still hadnt won my first pot), and shoved $100 into a $12 raise and a call 6 handed with AQ, after just losing a shove with the best hand the hand right before.

A different guy this time calls me with KK, and i got very lucky to hit an ace on the board. that was my turning point. after giving back quite a bit of it, a bit later i had JQ spades and called $8 to see the flop. flop comes K9T, giving me the open ended straight flush draw, and the nut straight. original raiser bets $12, and i really dont want to raise because the high hand right now is paying $350 every hour.

u see, all day long during non graveyard hours, regular customers pay $1 a hand to build up the BBJ money, and during the night the high hands suddenly increase to $350 from $100, and its paid out every hour instead of every 4 hours. so the daytime players are MASSIVELY subsidizing the BBJ money of those playing on graveyard and this is why its best to play then.

so i called, as did others, and on the turn its the 2c making 2 possible flush draws. same guy bets $12, i finally decided to build a pot and just pray i get to see the river, but am also satisfied by the size the pots grown to. i make it $41 (how much would YOU have raised there?) and only he calls. river is a red ace, and i shove and he had about $70 left, and folds. so that pot got me to where i was finally $24 ahead.

Played a few more hours, game didnt break til after 6am, later than usual, and i won a few more hands in the meantime, finally cashing out $410 for a $125 profit, not bad for about 5 hours work. but here is the really bad play i want to talk about.

i had QQ and make it $11 preflop and got 3 callers. flop comes 378 with 2 hearts. i bet $25, and one guy calls on my immediate left, and then the kid whose made tons on full tilt from detroit with his friend and has $300 behind makes it $100. both these guys have me covered, and ive got close to $250-280. what would u do in this situation?

i didnt want to lose my whole stack and be way stuck, so i folded. other guy calls. turn comes 3, guy checks, other guy goes allin, he calls with JJ. original raiser to $100 has A9 hearts, misses his draw on the river, and the JJ takes down the pot id won and it was a good pot

i'm glad that no matter how many dumb plays i make, im still overall a much better player than most of the regulars and cali tourists who come here to play, and that overall im still averaging over $14 an hour and closer to $15. i'm glad i have my roll up to such a high level that these kind of mistakes wont affect my bankroll too much. I'm also glad that i dont get really upset the way i did when i was much more broke.

id like to take a vacation, but i cant make up my mind where to go, and i do hesitate knowing that a nice safe place to stay would be like $300-400 a week and then cab fares involved nightly too. thats if i was anywhere like vegas, atlantic city (do they still have them nice condos on the boardwalk for $900 a month?) columbus, phoenix, evansville, jacksonville, toledo, south dakota, desmoines, etc.

Friday, August 15, 2014

An open letter to all who are concerned about my decision making process.

Theres a lot i want to say, but everything is buried down so far in the comments, unless u are subscribing to every new comment, theres a lot u will miss. the good news is im now over $8000 for the first time in years, went home to eat and get online Bovada while i update the blog, and keep finding ways to improve my decision making process. i might even play one of the $100 survivor tournys at the Atlantis this week. the top 10% get a flat $1000 each, and no other alterations to the prize pool are permitted. Am thinking that even if my bankroll isnt enough for $3-5 NL, or other forms of +ev games, its probably about time in my old age i get a little bit more tourny experience.

Yeah it feels good to finally be over $8000. never thought i would a while back, and im sitting on $8028. So im not really making too many bad decisions, even the ones that look bad.

enclosed are 2 comments on the bottom of the blog, yet unreplied to, and i figured id reprint them here so they get seen by all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tony, this might seem a little harsh, it's not because I want to pick on you, but because I care about you and want to see you succeed. I think what you did last night was reckless. If you keep up this behavior you will be broke again in no time. You seem to think it's all okay because you ended up a winner for the day, but you need to remember that it's all about the long term. You can play good and win more than you can reasonably expect (run good), or you can play good and lose (run bad), but the only important thing is that you play good and make good choices. Making good choices includes staying away from blackjack, VBJ and VP, and other house games. If you do that you will win long term. Last night you made several bad choices that will cost you money in the long run. I think we all believe that you can win long term, provided you don't sabotage yourself.

If you think you're ready to start taking shots at 3-5, you should be selective about when you do this, and not just play when you're running bad at 1-2. Make sure that the game is good, you're not tired or tilted and that you're willing to go back to 1-2 or go home if things don't go well. The swings in a bigger game will be larger (of course), which could cause you to tilt faster than at 1-2.

When things went bad at 3-5 you should have just want back to 1-2, or if the 1-2 game was that bad go home. Instead you decided to rebuy again (and again?), obviously you're on tilt at this point so you go back to your old habits of trying to win it all back at blackjack. You got lucky at the blackjack table which cooled off your tilt, but what if you didn't get lucky? Would you have had a -$1k day? -$2k? When would you stop?

DO NOT move up or take shots when tilted, bored or tired
DO NOT rebuy multiple times when taking a shot at a higher limit
DO NOT play blackjack or any house game when you get tilted (go home and play on bovada)
DO NOT straddle
DO NOT show your hand unless it is required to win the pot


John MertzAugust 15, 2014 at 5:01 PM
I believe you can beat 1/2 No Limit and make a decent living. I think you should have 10,000 before you take shots at 2/5 No Limit. Once there, if your roll goes down to 9,000 then you need to move back to 1/2 until you reach 12,000. Then try again.

On Bovada, play the double or nothing sit-n-go's. My longest winning streak has been 8 games. I've been playing these in the evenings for about a month now. I'm playing the 20 + 1 level.

Stay away from Black Jack and the VP & VBJ machines. In the long run, you will lose your money.

Keep up the good work and become a poker legend. Keep grinding.

---------ok first of all i know usually when im making bad decisions, and likewise when im making good ones. that dont always cause me not to continue in them bad decisions, but i know what they are, for the most part. a bad decision is playing any machine that isnt free play and has less than 100% payout (including comps, etc) or any table bet that dont have an edge. a 2nd bad decision is playing when too tired or too hungry and u just dont feel like playing any more. a 3rd bad decision is playing when u can no longer play well due to having too much (or too little) on the table. i feel like this did effect me last night, i gave back $100 at the end.

The decision to play table BJ for $100 a hand flat bet (maximum value allowed on coupon) probably was NOT the best decision, but it took a lot of thought to come to this conclusion, and at the time i played yesterday, i was doing the best i knew with the less thought put into it and limited info i had then. Most of the changes in my play for the better here lately have come from listening to others ideas (such as tracking $1-2 results). also online articles, loosening up my game, and learning how much better loose aggressive players do over tight aggressive ones. (in other words, bluffing, straddling and so forth). u cant be afraid to make changes, or open up ur game. i think at least Vook would agree.

i DO need more in my Bovada account, and ive found the games im actually showing the most consistent profit in are the sngs, so those are really all i should be playing mostly. i just hate doing anything to subtract cash out of my actual bank acct roll as we all know, so i never get around to making a really big deposit there.

if i took shots at $2-5 NL (its actually $3-5 NL) with $10,000, i wouldnt need to lose 5 whole buyins to go back to $1-2 NL and the impt thing ISNT to have $10k, its to have at least 30 buyins which is 6k, and that it be the better game than the $1-2 im at. that is the most valid reason for moving tables. I certainly had a good reason to think it was a better game than the one i was in, (the game had poor action, another player with a roll of only $6500 (lower than mine) whose well known as a winning player and has a big thread on

had just moved to that table. if he can do it with less money than me (id asked him earlier) and knew he would win overall and it was worth it, i knew the same thing. my problem is in my last 20 yrs ive not taken nearly enough shots, and this is a reason im so poor today.

a lot of u are guilty of looking at the results, and assume since i lost a hand or two where i had a big edge when the money went allin, it must of been a bad decision.

and i wasnt tilted when i went to play the BJ, it was one of the best times to go play it (as opposed to a VP machine with a payback under 100%). i had a coupon giving me a slight +ev, although not near as good as the eldorado coupons me and Benny were doing, and i felt i should take advantage of the full max value of the coupon. now that was probably an err, since i had less than 100 bets, i feel i shouldve done only $50 instead of $100 flat bets. also i knew i wouldnt lose $1000 or $2000. the most id lost was the $937 i brought and since id never bet without double down and split money in reserve, id not lost more than 2-3 hundred even flat betting $100. started off winning the first hand or 2, so continued playing. ive still got the coupons it could take a very long time to ever get a suited BJ.

but even though it wasnt the best decision about what to bet, the process was good. i mean i thought i was making a good decision since Benny and Cutter agreed at the eldorado with a $2500 roll i should max bet the full $25 on those coupons. I'd still be doing that today if i wasnt banned, and if i ever went anywhere that had a printer on the computer i could use, id print Nicks letter up and try to lift the ban. this still needs done, but having some time pass first is probably good idea. at least i hope so.

and not straddling? its the button straddle, not the UTG straddle im making. all the LAG world class pros wouldnt find no fault with me doing it, it increases their winrates substantially because it shows how they are no longer readable, and conpletely unpredictable, things ive struggled with in the past.

not showing hands? if u dont show bluffs, u wont later get paid off, and mainly once u show someone a bluff, they donk off heavily the entire night thereafter, so its very +ev.

-------anyway i ate, increased my bovada balance to $48 from $21 by winning my sng, and now want to get over to the casino and get back to work, now that the new blog is up and off my mind, and im no longer starving for food. wish the Peppermill had as good of soup as the atlantis and that u could order FREE once a day like atlantis.

Things seem to be going as good as theyve ever been. im almost right back to where i was before i paid the $800 cab fare to vegas from Reno. But with cheaper housing and a lot better player than i was a few years ago. (not having no more of $500-$1000 drops on VP i did a few times on my previous reno visit which made the $15k go down so fast). and now i stick to only the better VBJ machines. When the roll was dropping a lot from the big highs years ago, a lot of the VBJ drops were on the even money 7 hands at once type Binions machines and Planet Hollywood machines i used to play, those are also at the Wynn, and several times they caused me substantial losses. eliminating those losses is really helping. so what im really saying is this $8000 now has a much bigger chance of success than the $15k did a few years prior.

theres no money $20-40 and $30-60 stud games in LA, no more games i dont know that well, no more big losses on VP, ($100-200 losses arent big losses), and my games greatly improved. also im avoiding $5-10 NL which really is too high even for shots.

and although theres many places out east id like to visit, and have MORE now that when i did visit them many years ago (so would have a much better shot of success this time)--its probably still best i continue right in this area doing what im doing. i just would feel 100% better with a whole lot nicer place to live is all. then i wouldnt want to go as much.

i'd like to honestly know how many of u thought the day id be over $8000 again would never come.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

now that i got $7000+ what should i do with it?

Well, things seem to be coming along pretty well. this $7430 is by far the most money ive had in quite a long while, and may be the most ill have at any time in the next few years. its enough to give me a bit of peace of mind, but not really enough to do anything with. (such as play higher limits, learn to drive buy a car, or get a better apt.) u see, for many of them things, access to credit/financing is far more important than access to CASH or a $15 hourly income.

i really wonder what my hourly rate will settle at once i have 1000 hours logged. it barely moves now, since i have over 400 hours logged, wins or losses of a few hundred dollars moves it in very small increments. I need to get in the max hours possible per month (at least 200) for anything decent a month (over $3000 month) but the contradictory thing is the more hours per session i play--the worse my play becomes. short sessions are much better. and i think ive learned most of this thanks to PPPs suggestion of tracking results.

this apt is such a worthless piece of crap for the low monthly rental fee im paying (low even by reno standards) that im seriously considering moving. the neighbors here are decent people, its convenient, it might be work to move into someplace else, but im tired of things not working good here, and also one other thing. plus no working internet wifi bugs me too, not having a working tv only bugs me a minor amount. id only use it to basically watch the news anyway.

But this is why its nice to get away--and be in a nice casino hotel room. i wouldnt mind living in one now that ive got a better bankroll, (one u can live in longterm without worrying about sky hi prices on weekends). maybe like the Pearl river resort in MS-not sure if theres a limit on days in a row, but the weekends are like $45 there poker room rate, and weekdays $35, which isnt a big increase like in many rooms.

then id have an easy nice safe walk daily, no dealing with buses, shitty areas to walk in at night, rooms without working tv or wifi, etc. (power going off, etc).

i wish there were better longer term housing options in north lake tahoe too. i never checked out the place that supposedly had $200 weeklies id called about, but id need a bicycle. cost too much for a cab, but under 5 miles ride, short enough to do on a bike, too far to walk. maybe 12 miles to the poker room in incline, that might be too far even on a bike for anyone except Grump. or my son Mark who often rides 20-30 miles on his.

I still waste money. paid $2 4 times for a bus yesterday instead of a $5 day pass, and then wasted $30 having laundry done instead of spending 3 hours doing it myself. but im avoiding VP machines as much as possible, because im better off playing VBJ in north lake tahoe than any VP here.

i feel like by not moving outright to north lake tahoe and playing the VBJ at the Tahoe Biltmore exclusively while that machine still gives comps and points for drawing tickets, im missing out on about $5000 id have a high likelihood of getting the end of sept. it would be so easy to play heavy and load the drum up to where id have like 75% of the tickets. i am afraid a little of a big loss i might have by overbetting big counts. would be an excellent risk free promo if i had about $25k. then id pretty much be guaranteed the drawing.

and also id like to make a move out east, where most of my friends reside. surely somewhere id find a decent VBJ game too, maybe even a dealers angels. ive heard even the trop in AC put those in, but dont know which type. im pretty sure theyre available near detroit or mount pleasant but Ray wont tell me anything on them because he thinks its wrong to encourage someone to commit sin. also know rhode island has them, maybe delaware too. and i know PA has them with funny rules. (each player own shoe)

also heard they have them in iowa, blackhawk, deadwood, and i know they're at Parx, although the wrong kind with a $5 min bet.

so basically what i need to do is decide BEFORE sept 1, do i move or not, and where? im happy im doing so well, but i also want a more stress free life. i guess thats why i paid so much to not do my own laundry.

im also making better poker decisions with the increased roll. such as making slightly bigger initial buyins, and staying longer with stacks of $200+. but i still should avoid playing too long, and with too large a stack. what should i be doing with the increased roll (poker wise that is) that ive not yet thought of? by the way i got to quit floating, that will cost me money. bluffing is working ok though.

Probably the most important thing of all is to maintain good relations with the dealers and staff, now that i got the roll to do so.

Friday, August 8, 2014

One Bad decision

well i didnt make my 1pm bus to the 2.56pm amtrak to go back to reno, and that wasnt a good idea, for im about $325 poorer than i was then. Only good news was i got them to comp me for tonight, so ive still got a room i didnt think id have today. (that was the one bad decision).

Probably will go back and play poker, take the 6pm bus to lake hyatt pokerroom, and i dont think that would be a good poker room to get out of line in. i havent did anything, but watching the rules, they seem quite strict. Kind of the same reason ive never got out of line in the wynn or Venetian. i only did at the rooms Mark runs cause i used to think of him as a friend til he continually needled my speech defect.

the manager was wondering who in reno was giving out the wrong info about his game, and i really didnt know what to say, but didnt want to name any names. suffice it to say ive made sure all the most important people now know, including Rob and poker atlas, along with the person in reno who gave out the wrong info.

that person gave me the wrong info TWICE. they gave me the hours at montblue and lake hyatt backwards. what they said was true for monteblue was true at lake hyatt, and what they said was true for lake hyatt was true at monteblue.

i didnt even stay last nite at the hyatt til the game broke. first at 2am, the manager said they would have to close at 3pm, no matter what since they didnt have anyone coming in. (i wonder if they do this all the time like some small rooms?) plus id ran my $100 up to $268 and it had been steadily declining, so i saw no reason to keep playing when i fell to $150. wish id quit sooner, it was enough to decrease the hourly rate to $14.90 (which i call $14) from $15.03 (which i call $15). i put in a ton of hours for way less than $15 an hour, so the hourly dropped even though i won. i always never count the cents.

close to $20 of it went for my cab back to crystal bay.

now that ive talked about the lake hyatt regency poker room, now let me talk about the new Stones poker room in the sacramento suburbs. first let me state i seen a public bus route right outside, so it should be convenient to get to. also the action there is much looser than thunder valley and its $1-2 instead of $1-3 like thunder valley. (but they do also have a $1-3 game there besides the $1-2). they do seem to be a lot of people there who know each other and are friends with each other, i dont feel outsiders are fit in too well. but it should be easy to win there.

i didnt win, and quitting the game because i was tired of folding was probably a poor decision. Karen told me she would leave anytime i felt like i wanted to go, and we ended up just going to another casino instead of back home to lake tahoe. i actually shouldve won, the hand i went broke on almost everyone wouldve won. board was 44K turn7 river7 and i had K7 in my hand, and he had KK in his. but its no wonder i was expecting my hand to be the winner til i saw his. he didnt even raise preflop.

its often been said that RTP is full of assholes (true enough) and that i shouldnt post there. Both by friends and people no longer around. My problem is when someone does me wrong by not standing up for me, i feel obliged to call him or her out on it. People should be able to interpret what i say in a way thats non offensive instead of in a way that is which isnt my intention. Notice how i stood up for steve when Rob was thinking evil of him on his blog in the comments (if hes had time to post it yet).

Pokerdogg claims its important to know my true winrate, and the games im best in. well the only way to do that, (is by filtering the results) and that cant be done on the cell phone too well. at least from a first glance at the software. would be a ton of work trying to see different hourly rates, instead of it just showing up. thats why for learning purposes u need a large sample size of games with pretty much the same conditions. $1-2 games in cali bear no resemblance to $1-2 games in the reno area, or the vegas area. so if i was to track them, id need to own 2 phones. i was actually thinking id WIN in cali, because i was under the impression from previous history at the commerce winning at $1-2 NL is easier in cali. but id already decided not to track cali before i started because i wanted to learn my win rate in reno as compared to my win rate in vegas (wasnt trying to learn the overall win rate). so i felt like mixing in cali wouldnt give an accurate picture. Lake tahoe is a suburb of reno so of course it counts.

Unlike Pokerdoggs opinion, i feel like for the results to be MEANINGFUL and something to guide me as to what to expect. pretty much all the game conditions should be SIMILAR. which means pretty much ONLY track 1 game, and 1 location (state and city that is). all im really trying to learn is what to expect if i stick to playing $1-2 NL in the reno area, this is all that really matters, and is important because it helps me know if im doing the right thing by staying in reno and playing monthly, or if id have a better chance of winning somewhere much further east or south. I'm glad ive learned as much about my hourly rate as i have, because it helps me see that coming up here to north lake tahoe wasnt such a good idea, and that im much better off just playing poker. certainly i aint winning $15 an  hour here, not even $1 an hour--though i still feel i could if i had say $40k to work with.

had i followed others suggestions and mix up all the results together, id have learned NOTHING. u dont need to track a game u will only play once or twice and wont play again for a year or so most likely. u only need to track whats ur bread and butter.

u can list a room on the phone, but in sacramento, not one room was showing up when u are to enter the room, only the reno rooms were listed to choose from. and in reno since my phone gets poor reception in the atlantis, the atlantis is not listed as a choice. so i have to type in atlantis, so there are 2 different atlantises showing up now in the results. at the gsr and the peppermill it will show it automatically thru the location software gps.

but even though u list a room, when u go to filter the results, u can only do so by game, so ALL my $1-2 results would be mixed together, making tracking meaningless if not already prefiltered the way im doing it.

Cizzle on RTP is an attorny like PPP is. he should have enough sense to know all those guys are trolls instead of agreeing with them, and so should pokerdogg. i clearly wasnt trying to influence the results by deciding before i played whether to track or not, win or lose.

also people should know that i was referring on twitter to unattractive women deserving just as much respect as attractive ones and just as much glory. they have it harder in life and i feel more sorry for them. I feel a lot more comfortable writing an unattractive one and being her friend than i do an attractive one, and aint really interested in the attractive ones--which u should all know from all the women ive written to and hung out with, and that speaks well of me as a person, and im sure Grump feels the same way. Which says something really good about him as a person. Grump is a liberal but he is one who is able to think and doesnt just parrot what hes taught, and is willing to take stands that are sometimes unpopular and not politically correct. If i had the money, he is the first person id travel to see. (the one id most like to have a long conversation in person with).

u see, the Bible teaches that its a major sin of vanity and pride to take pride of ur appearence or care for ones looks, and this is a major sin thats wrong with most women, and why i cant find a girlfriend, because no one believes what God teaches anymore. women care about looks as much as men do, instead of the type of person thats on the inside. and i feel bad for those who are discriminated against and left behind, and it applies to everything i do and say. also i dont judge others for what they think or how they believe, like others such as Suzy on twitter do me(this is also someone id like to meet in person in sandiego and have a long conversation with). i feel like everyone has the right to think or believe what they want--without others giving them a hard time, or feeling like they have the right to tell them how to think or feel. the problem with todays pro weed pro amnesty pro gay marriage crowd is theyve forgotten the first amendment applies to everyone and that we still have religious rights to. (and the right of freedom of association). to be able to say and believe whatever--without it affecting our popularity, or ability to find work, our ability to be a TV personality, own a baseball team, have a cooking show, be a radio talk show host, etc. Real friends would see what im saying and not think im condemning ALL women. so i dont know why AKgal was that way, and is why i said that, but cokeboy didnt understand, but he dont want to understand either and its the same way with many of u.

however im a sinner too, so it must be said to be truthful, if my blog was as popular as Poker atlas and Robs blog is, and all them pokerstars websites and blogs--i wouldnt be as resentful. thats why i said i feel i have the same responsibility as rob does. for i report on anything and everything as does he, plus im more honest and truthful about how i feel, as is he. and i dont always do whats in my best interests but in the best interests of the game.

speaking of which theres something regarding integrity in poker rooms thats really bothered me for a long time. i hate the way poker rooms allow green and black chips on the table in NL games. this makes angleshooting so easy as a lot of people have poor eyesight and cant see chips well too far away. NOTHING should be on the table except $100 bills, and $5 chips and $1 chips. (and the coin u might put on top of ur stack) nothing else. what is the reason poker rooms allow the other chips? i assume its because a lot of floormen get tips, and they get the tips for making calls in favor of the regulars over the outsiders. so of course theyre going to do whatever promotes angleshooting. this really bothers me, and i wish there was a solution. The only true solution is for all the managers to be convicted of sin before God when they feel like ruling a way they know is unfair, no matter how big a tipper someone is.

i guess i am starting to write more like Rob does, at least in terms of longer blogs.

i am also making my blogs more professional, in that im avoiding saying certain words i used to use, because i am aware my fame is growing, my roll is growing, and its easier to get in this habit early. think of how popular will be once i score $25,000 or more in a major tourney in the next few years, and all the sites unfamiliar with me such as cardplayer and bluff magazine, wicked chops poker, find out about me.

all i hope is that i find the strength to get back to reno soon before i lose anymore. im down to only $5100, from $5500, and though id like to be around for all the tickets in sat nights drawing, i really should leave tomorrow afternoon. i was very lucky to talk the lady high up in the marketing dept into giving me a room totally free today, it wasnt easy.

be aware if u ever stay at the Tahoe Biltmore, do not take a room in the hotel itself, or the cottages in the back. the rooms across the street in the older looking part of the motel that for some reason cost a little less, are actually much nicer inside, have much better wifi that actually works, and fridges and microwaves which the rest dont have. they should be the ones costing the most, not the least.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

North lake Tahoe Biltmore

yes me going here wasnt the best idea, or the best planned. but theres nothing going on in reno now, and i dont really care for where im living at. at least here in north lake tahoe there's working wifi, (i can finally play candy crush saga again, working TV-i can finally watch the news,) and i can still play poker on Bovada since i just deposited another $30. the difference is im a place that i actually like staying at, and when i go to play a machine at the casino, its the kind i actually like to play instead of one with a paytable below 100%. ive not got to watch TV in about 2 months. didnt even bother that nite in the atlantis.

and tomorrow i will have the chance to play $1-2 NL at 7pm at a casino ive never played poker in before.

i couldve planned the trip better and much cheaper by riding the amtrak to truckee in the morning, and then the city bus, instead of paying $7 to go to carson city-south lake tahoe, and then $80 more for a cab to north lake tahoe once i found out the montebleu poker room wasnt open the hours the elderly lady who props daily at the peppermill swore it was. her ex husband lived in lake tahoe and died last year, and she said in the winter they are closed part of the week and in the summer its all 7 days, but that wasnt the case though. but i thought i did my research regards of what grump and rob thought. i never call places on the phone, dont like to (or call women unless im really in love with them) and i dont want to start now.

i figured id spend the night playing poker. then went to harveys, but feel uncomfortable knowing theyre owned by harrahs although i doubt they know about harrahs joliet. there was a list, and i didnt wait around, so i went to the other poker room at lakeside and there was only a tourny going and the last entries ended 10 minutes prior and no cash game. so thats when i gave up and found a cab willing to discount the trip to $80 to north lake tahoe. otherwise the meter read $101.

at least here the VBJ is still mostly empty most of the time anyway. at least theyve not changed the rules and it still shuffles at 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe, and its the ONLY one anywhere in a very large area of the country that does. and since the min bet is still $1, u can get a wide spread. i think the cashback rate (not counting random promotions) is 10c on every $100 bet and 25c comps. Ask Chaperone and Cutter if thats correct. and by the way herbie is back in vegas too.

too bad i didnt get to play any poker in downtown carson city, but there was no monday night game. only tues nite is the NL game with $1-2 blinds, and the other days are limit games and omaha games and the $2-6 game at cactus jacks wed-sat across the street. the carson nugget poker room closes sun and mon. i did notice quite a few weekly motels around that im sure have less drugs and crime than reno. and ive still not tried any of the weeklies around this area in north lake tahoe. theres still drunks and bums around here, one of whom asked if i could spare $5 yesterday. but overall im sure its a lot better than reno, but here is quite a bit more expensive, thats for sure. had i not got my room rate refunded, it wouldve cost me $69 and over $80 with tax.

they had the wrong address for me, so i never knew about my $30 free play (til i came) and my 2 free nites coming to me. i used them for mon and tues nite once i found out this morning, and used $35 in comps to pay for wed nite. checkout date is now set for thurs. i dont think i should stay here too long when i have a place paid up in reno and extra days would start costing me if i didnt have a ton more comps.

food here sucks. restaraunt closes about 9 pm or 10pm, and the other restaraunt closes 1pm. food choices are very limited, and theres no buffet. and theres no convenience store to buy food to put in my room, so what good is the fridge and microwave? surprised the casino even has these in the rooms, and the cottages in the back are quite nice too. wifi is working much better than my last trip, also theres even a laundry room. wish id took all my dirty laundry instead of just my last 3 clean shirts and the one i had one for 4 total.

guess i needed to ride the local bus earlier in the day to go to the safeway about 20 minutes up the road (really only like 6 miles but long winding roads) so it feels much further. then id have food in here. it would be really nice if these rooms has long term rates. (or if the poker room was 7 days).

now to avoid paying $20 to get to the poker room, and $20 to get back, im going to try and arrange shuttle service, and the lady at the front desk offered to help reserve me a ride. this casino dont have a shuttle but the other casino does. the city bus runs during the day and i suppose i could ride it there, but not to get back, it dont open til 7pm.

i do wish id used better judgement in picking the right day to make this trip, and im lucky to still have about $5500, close to what i left reno with. my phone must be paid $40 before midnite and then i deposited again on Bovada so that knocks it back under. im up about $100+ on the VBJ overall and also with the free play i got. plus ive paid no cash for my 3 nites here. so essentially ive paid cash for food, (thats costing money for sure-and getting my cab fares back). but i might take a $1000 loss yet, its still early. probably a good idea would be to spend more of the time playing live poker and bovada poker and less time on the machine, or to keep the bets small enough so losses dont go over 5%..

a friend of mine ive never met who ive talked to online was in reno from cali and today went back to cali. had i been downtown reno sun nite or mon nite i couldve met her, she was staying across the street from the sands. she had some business going on with a problem with the courts involving a car, and visiting her daughter gravesite, her son moved to reno and he was getting involved with the wrong people in cali and shes also got other things going on in her life but no boyfriend and her ex husband pretty much stays out of the picture. shes not sure when she will be back in reno, and was extremely busy trying to fix some problems while she was in reno, and she took really hates drugs and im glad to say shes no more "420 friendly" than i am. she does drink though. guess now ill have to go to cali if i want to see her. we talked on the phone about 2 hours sun nite before she fell asleep, and shes not comfortable driving after dark and gets ssi from a car accident in her teenage years. had i been downtown i couldve seen her, im wondering if she thought it strange i left reno instead of making sure of what was up before leaving for tahoe. i didnt know she was going to be in reno another night, but one of her plans didnt work out right and she had to stay an extra nite.

anyway we all know i dont always make the wisest decisions, and we all know my #1 priority is always doing what i want to do to make money and NOT to be doing anything which takes money away.

Friday, August 1, 2014

One good decision

well for the first time in a long time, im finally doing something a lot of other people have recommended i do, that i never felt i had enough money to do. Which is to pay my rent upfront for a month (which ends up saving me about $160 a month). and since today was the first of the month, this was as good a month as any to do it.

I've always felt i didnt have the money to do so, but considering i lost $500+ the day before, and was thinking about making some bad decisions, i figured i better do it now before i end up NOT paying it and leaving reno, and being without a place to live again. now if i want to leave reno and go to lake tahoe, ill be coming back here and have my things stored safely, or if i take a short vacation of say a weeks time to visit Vegas, Grump, Lightning, PPP, or Josie. Also would like to find out WTF ever became of seattle irish. no one on this blogs heard from him since i left vegas.

the $160 approximately give or take i save paying upfront monthly is going to amount to a lot over the course of a year too. and speaking of missing out on something, all the hours i played in July were essentially for nothing. for theres no monthly freeroll this august at the beginning of the month like there usually is because of the tourny with Estafario at the end of the month that u have to win a drawing to get into. (the 100 with the most hours --im #1 in hours-- 19 of them will win a drawing aug 21-23 to get into the tourny with him, and all 20 of them will get at least $500 or more). But theres an 81% chance u wont get in, no matter how many hours u played.

so July just wasnt the right month to get a lot of hours in.

i passed the 344 hour mark, and im still at $15 per hour win rate, so i guess im not doing too bad. im just anxious to hurry up and get it over 500 hours as quickly as possible, without it ever dropping under $12. thats still a lot more per hour than most people with jobs earn per hour--most jobs are minimum wage of $7-8 an hour or less.

I dread the job i need to do of cleaning out this microwave too, and also of fixing a tooth ive held off due to the fear of intense pain.

i dont understand why this one guy on twitter said this---

 Chris Hudgins ‏@DesertDealer  3h
@sevencard2003 congratulations on paying rent 1 time, something that everyone else in the world does every single month
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 about me paying my rent monthly. many people dont pay monthly at least not in vegas. many live with their family, friends, or spouse and pay close to nothing at all. many people get behind on their rent and never pay--im always seeing people in the process of being evicted at many of the low price places ive lived at. its really only those with plenty of money who do what Chris said. in vegas, theres at least 100,000 people living in weekly rental places, considering they have about 1000 units and theres at least 50 of them in vegas. all of them pay weekly instead of monthly.

and another bill im paying now is my phone, and also my internet. so there goes close to $100 more but not quite. still need better broadband, and then my bills will be over $100. Remember its been a while since i could play candy crush saga from home. what i want is a much nicer apt with wifi once im a few thousand better off. i feel like the post commenter named "dave" in the last issue of the blog gave a lot of good advice as to what all needs done as the roll grows before i start playing a little bit higher. that, and an apt with a lot nicer kitchen.

and im surprised i was able to deposit on Bovada a couple days ago. living in NV, im not supposed to be able to. has anyone else in NV or NJ or DE successfully deposited on Bovada once the ban went into effect?

But i dont think i deposited nearly enough to not have to worry about going broke, or to be able to play decent stakes. i dont like to lock up a lot of money and have it directly removed from my bankroll, but ive only got $53 there still after that deposit. 1% of my roll is really all i want to have tied up there to be safe. (even though the money there isnt part of the roll).

take a look at any room reservations site for reno or tahoe, u will be really shocked. only 6 out of 79 hotels have a vacancy at all on fri and sat this weekend, and the lowest price is way over $100, no matter how run down the motel. its a good reason for me to avoid going to tahoe to play the VBJ machine. (the only one thats beatable with a wide enough spread, because the ones in sparks are no good, with single points and a shuffle every hand).

so yeah im down to about $5300, but thats still not bad considering the bad year of late 2012 to early 2014. those were the worst 18 months ive had in many years, and most of u probably thought id not still be in action today.

i do a lot better on bluffs if done early in the session instead of late, and sometimes get away with floats too.