Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trip report, Parx

i've forgotten some of the things which annoyed me at Parx, and i should hunt up in the search feature on this blog the word "parx" so i could find the old entry which listed them. mainly, the $2 chips. by the way i found out at sugarhouse u can straddle from any position but the blinds. Parx is now under the gun only. Certainly ran up a huge Uber bill yesterday, since i stopped at the wrong bitcoin atm on the way, (too much out of the way) realized later online theres a closer one. Only $17,800 left.

i decided NOT to sit in the $10-20 stud8 Big 0 mix last night, and found a $1-2, which didnt go much longer, then moved to a fresh table when it broke. $60 min $300 max but one good rule is when coming from a broken game all options are open, from the min buyin to much more than the max (if u left the other game with this much). since it cannot be policed, im sure its abused constantly by people adding a few extra $100 chips. i eventually was in the game for $260, but left with $530. not sure if anyone at the table knew me from online, but possibly the guy on my immediate left did.

i was annoyed by the fact my comps had disappeared, as had any free play offers id got shortly after leaving last year. the waitress service is extremely slow when the rooms packed with people before the promotions end.

only went here because i didnt have a room fri night in ac, and i didnt wish to lose more on the $2 min 3 card poker machine in the Trop where i dropped $1500+ the day before. was so tired i slept 1 hour (less) on the train into Philly, then went looking for the atm. by the time i finally got to my hotel it was after 1 pm, and got checked in.

im glad to see Ray finally got his car replaced, thru financing. it will be a better car than the one he previously had. hope he does well this evening in detroit. Though in Detroit u can buy in for more by matching the big stack (greektown only, not motor city) here theres good selection of different games and with $1000 max in $2-5 instead of $500 u can martingale ur buyins.

im keeping this short instead of a loong dissertation into many things which pissed me off over this past week. too much work to type, this is long overdue needs to be posted now. suffice it to say a lot could be done out here with the $45,000 roll i blew in reno as far as the many things i needed to get done. here it could be invested in more poker, and if i did play BJ, would be in better rules.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Good riddance to Atlantic city, their policies, and their casinos

 Theres lots i dislike about atlantic city and me coming here wasnt a good idea. wont be my first or last bad idea. idea was to get free rooms (minus resort fee) most of the time, plus pick up about 15 times per month $50 day in free play in the Trop (until they cut it off for me not playing the machines heavily like on previous trips). u see right now, id prefer to not use my 2 free upcoming nights ive earned from playing poker in Harrahs AC for sun and mon nights and just get the hell out of state to somewhere else, where yet im unsure of. the room i paid for on whitehorse pike ends sunday morning. paid much more for the week than i shouldve too, my first mistake. price used to be less.

but i've got $50 free play coming today, and tomorrow, plus monday. then various dates between mon and the end of april too. but when i left Greektown in detroit (before i bought and plane tickets) i was a full $2300 better off. im making nothing here. 6 of my last 8 sessions were losses in poker. i cant seem to win in $5-10 stud either, buyin too much on tilt when i play $2-5 and tend to sit too long. even when up, i sit too long and dont leave with much profit. when stuck, i dig the hole much bigger. and i miss not having free meals like in shreveport, or a home to eat cheaply in like Toledo and vegas. and im disappointed Ray still hasnt found another car. plus lost so steadily hes now got no money to invest in poker or the car.

i tried to somewhat fix my hours, for games suck 8am to 4pm. today ill be starting about 1.30pm instead of 7am. slept til 11 this morning.

here is a few of the major grievances regarding AC cardrooms, some of which are universal to all properties in town.

1. NO PHONE OUTLETS underneath the seats. pretty much in every pokerroom, with the exception of stud games in the borgata, and $2-5 or higher. (this means no chargers in $1-2 NL upfront of the room in the borgata by the door). only in the back section towards the other room, or in it. this really puts me on tilt, keeping me from doing what i need to do to avoid frustration or boredom. plus the very poor connections especially in the Trop, dont help either.

2. u need to buyin from the cage, of course sometimes they discriminate who they enforce this against.

3. in the Borgata u need to post the BB before u can be dealt in a hand. Plus in stud often theres collusion of folks anteing for friends.

4. when u buy chips from the borgata cage, all transactions must be in multiples of $20. but not when rebuying from the dealers. unlike other places, where u cant buy in odd amounts via the dealer, but u can from the cage.

5.the Nugget closes every night at 4am, even when the game is FULL

6. its 10 handed, not 9, everywhere u go.

Ray would like the fact u see so many nice looking women in the poker rooms here in AC. 2 white girls in the trop play there everyday, theyre probably about 40 or so. No idea if theyre winning players or not. they seem to know all the guys, particularly the black regulars. then theres shay the dealer from Harrahs and her friend (young black girl whose usually playing the mornings). their table banter makes them seem like enemies. i have no idea if she is taken, or if she prefers white or black guys. but shes playing in Harrahs every morning. i wish i knew which people have plenty of money, and which ones are pretty broke and really needing the free rooms sun-thurs for 4 hours of play. there seems to be BIG cliques among the regulars here, in BOTH harrahs and the Trop, and if u arent one of them u feel like an outsider, especially among the morning crews.

the only guy i know is broke is the deaf guy, always drunk, always carrying a beer, but almost never playing poker himself. but he seems to walk the Trop often, looking for who he can bum $1 off of (without speaking of course). sometimes he gives a quick backrub. and its very unsafe walking pacific after dark, (which i did lots in the days i gave $20-60 to hookers over 15 yrs ago). if u go to 7-11 or anywhere, u will be asked for money. u never should ask once its dark out, i used to quit when i panhandled in the 1990s once it got dark, why? because it makes u feel like a mugging getting ready to happen instead of nonthreatening request. plus, no one will give, theyre afraid to get close or reach for cash once its dark. this is one reason i dont like riding the jitney at night. or walking 1 block pacific to atlantic to the bus terminal to get the 554 out to whitehorse pike once its dark.

many of the rich folks from NYC with old money who frequent these places arent very good at poker, thats for sure. i didnt play it but i have it on good authority there was over $15,000 in the $2-5 NL in the Trop saturday night. i was too busy recovering $500 of my previous days losses in the $1-2 NL that night.

i was originally going to add some things, make this blog longer, talk on a few things at my table, but im sleepy, this needs updated, and im too tired and thought better of part of it. suffice it to say im still $1700 less off than when i left detroit, half on expenses the rest of losing stud sessions, 1 $2-5 NL session, or id be up quite a bit.

i do think ill go this weekend, instead of going back out to whitehorse pike for rooms. i get too tired to use the bus, wasted $30 4 times for uber. not wise, but saves ur life from danger. no idea which city ill go. theres daily $87 flights to south florida, and motel prices are down now.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

atlantic city NJ trip report

Well im finally making progress since leaving Detroit, but not nearly as quickly as i was in detroit, since Detroit offers better games. Sure NJ offers better games than PA, but PA might still be better because at least their $1-2 NL games have phone chargers, and theres not long bus trips out to absecon each way and back. instead, theres a nice hotel up the street, with a much better fridge, but at least this one isnt freezing my milk, and the wifi is working good. i dont care much for this microwave though. im worried it dont cook enough and ill get food poisining. its got an old fashioned timer on it where its hard to do partial minutes. so because i fear it wasnt cooked good enough and some steaks were still stuck together, i cooked it close to 3 extra minutes. (steak 6 pack). still paranoid its not heated enough, too bad i dont own a food thermometer. hope ray is correct about maybe its been cooked before they packaged it.

winning $250 TWICE on aces full (which held up 20 minutes for the hi hand, minus $20 tip) in Harrahs ac today helped, and so did the loose action 1 player kept making with multiple preflop raises 90% of the time. so i won over $700 in the game. some of it i need to use for a new laptop. for my screen on the top of the laptop, slants and wont sit properly, its broken off and theres mechanical things sticking out. i dont know how to properly describe it. except to say its falling apart, although other than this, it still works properly to use the net. but i sure do hate spending the money to replace it, but it should be done and quite soon. and no i dont feel at ease buying online craigslist or in a pawn shop, afraid of getting one which wont work right.

theres no walmart or best buy or target or Kmart or office depot convenient near me and everything here in the AC NJ area is big Uber expense, or lfyt. fares in NJ much higher, probably due to laws forbidding u from pumping ur own gas.

i kind of miss shreveport. steady housing, free buffet every day, and good games. but i think i won so much above normal id do much worse if i returned but i do think finding a dentist not too high would be much simpler there since i checked on one before. by the way for those who dont know 1 rotten tooth broke off and fell out close to 1 week ago, but it still needs a dentist, others need out, and theres pieces left under the gums. the one next to it looks hideous too.

im sure the Trop will cut off my free play before long, for im staying off the machines and my $150 in free play per week will not last long, they cut u off quick. plus i dont have nearly the room offers since the Taj shut down. i thought id get plenty of rooms from Harrahs, but truthfully, i think id rather have steady housing, such as vegas or toledo or shreveport. im getting too old and my suitcases worn out.

Borgata had over 8 stud games going. i got stuck close to $800 in $20-40 stud yesterday but recovered it with over $200 profit before going home. the nugget is closing at 4am every morning, even if the table is full of people. the showboat is reopened, but without a casino. Hard rock is thinking of buying the Taj.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

making the RIGHT decision, in the eyes of Almighty God

I'd like to use this update to talk about my friend Ray in Toledo, and how i feel about whats happening in his life since i came to Toledo. Mentally, financially, spiritually, etc. One thing i dont wish is to feel like im a burden to him, though he welcomes me to live in his home as long as i would like, even if he cannot drive me back and forth to detroit everyday.

I've been told everything in his house is mine in the way of food, tons of old tshirts, etc. including letting me have his front door keys. things were going good in his life for about 1 week with his poker results, before it all came crashing downhill, and now hes broke and dug into his credit for about $1000 or so, not sure of the total.

he's basically never got into $2-5 NL, (kind of like me) but unlike me thinks he can easily do it with much less than $5000. (i recommend $30,000). he tried it a few times in motor city when stuck, and thought it would be easier than winning in $1-2 because he felt he could read their hands easier instead of them being on any 2 cards, and he could isolate and take down dead money. he really wishes to spend most of his time in detroit in $2-5 instead of $1-2, regardless of it he can afford it. he thinks since he keeps throwing money away in keno or pickem poker VP machines, he's better off in $2-5. the good news is hes never played BJ, or has any interest.

he is seriously wondering why hes been losing and if God's plan for his life is to just sit alone in an empty room and go work out in the gym til he dies. i've never seen a reason to work out myself, but it seems to help him get women to write online, its amazing how many seem to want to meet him or how many dates hes been on. (he dont mention hes on SSDI or plays poker because he knows then no one would write). like me, he knows how much modern liberalism has destroyed women turning into good Christian wives. now i have lots of respect for being open and honest with women and dont like the way he dont mention this, i feel its wrong to not be open and upfront with the women. its not fair to the women, and isnt conducive for building relationships, which is the ONLY thing i want with women, (someone to love me i go home to every night, certaiinly not to go out on dates). i wonder if God is judging him in poker results over this? hes wasted about $100 or more some months due to spending too much on meals on dates and these women dont love him. mostly women in their 50s wishing to get drunk or sleep around, which he has no interest in doing. not many women under 40 write him. he knows how affirmative action works in toledo, how factories only hire blacks and women now, 49 out of 50 of their new hires in the Ford plant. he couldnt get in no matter how much he tried and had connections, being told they wont hire due to affirmative action requirements.

hes basically a very good person, one of Gods best servants on earth, as much as he does for others such as letting Nick live there for a while due to problems between Nick and his wife. without expecting anything for it. i've never met anyone more unselfish. this is why he seems so wierd to all the rich moneyed people reading my blog who are greedy bastards. Ray like God, hates greedy rich people and this is why he helped start a union once years ago, before unions were corrupted by the left. remember, Jesus went after them with a whip, and said its easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven.

Ray admires Man In black, due to the fact hes worked hard in low wage jobs his whole life. Ray did too til he became disabled. this is why hes getting a much better form of social security disability. he admires Vince too.

Truth be told, he is worried because his truck quit running, for 2 weeks now we've been spending $160 per week to rent a rental car, splitting the cost in half. he knows this cant continue and must get a car right away, but he dont wish to pay over $120 per month, (too little income) or put it on his $11-12k in unused credit, because he hates to touch it, worried he wouldnt be able to repay. i told him its better than having a monthly car payment then not be able to pay, least then the car wont be repossed. he was surprised to learn how many used car dealers will accept visa.

he cannot stand the idea of not having a car, and his family wouldnt like it, so of course this is his #1 priority. its effecting him to where he cant play good poker.

keeps him from getting good sleep, causes him to stress out and throw money in non poker games, (horrible idea) Now lets be honest. if someone is engaging in self destructive behavior and u care about them, and they refuse to change, how does it make u feel? any of u able to relate or know someone who fits this description?

i worry its MY fault for coming to toledo, since he used to not go to play poker nearly everyday. not since the old days in his early 20s before he worked, and was living in tunica doing nothing but grinding stud and omaha 20 yrs ago. its true that the BEST way for someone struggling financially to have a better life for themselves is to start relying on gambling for extra income instead of the govt. it makes u feel so much better about yourself morally. im a wondeful example of how it makes ur life better. im now usually always way over $10k instead of way under $5k, sleep indoors now, and dont rely on panhandling.

but not everyone is cut out for it. some just too dumb, some just too stubborn, some just unable to deal with the pressure of the swings. to survive, u must never straddle, never post or sit til the BB passses u. and rarely tip unless winning. most people cannot do it, they succumb to others who like to tell u what to do.

the music ray likes to listen to is so immoral and ungodly, (heavy metal and other rock) its no wonder u cant think well with them on using headphones. plus he knows too much coffee, too little sleep, not enough time spent in the gym, hurts him at the table. plus he keeps getting up leaving the game or changing seats/tables if not winning. u cant do this if u are a professional. u realize winning hands could take hours. he seriously dont see much money u need in reserve at ALL times. and that it could never be spent. he thinks i should spend it on my medical health.

i feel im putting pressure on him by living in his house and going to play poker daily. so i went to detroit today, took a hotel for a couple nights, (might renew for the week, seems decent enough and low enough cost and possibly safe enough too). but its too far from the casino for low uber fees, theres surcharges like crazy in detroit overnights. but if i can get to the casino and back without needing his help, it takes pressure off him to go more often. since i didnt need to go when he would go home, i ended up winning $375 here after earlier losing $175 in toledo. this lets Ray get to sleep much sooner tonight (not playing no poker) and he hopes to spend the entire day today viewing dealerships in bowling green and oregon looking to buy some cars he seen advertised online.

the bigger question is am i ruining his life by getting him into poker again? winning $500 or so per week sure would give him a better life, it would for anyone in his situation. i felt this is the solution for flushdraw too. it was for me. or is he not capable of winning due to being unable to conquer his demons on playing other games? or would he conquer those demons if less stressed? he worries he might destroy his credit but he definitely wishes to play $2-5. but does anyone on here agree its easier to win in than $1-2? hell if i believed this, id play it myself with the $18,000. he even thinks u can win a hourly higher rate in $2-5 than in $1-2 and he refuses to believe the players are a lot better, he thinks lots are drug dealers he knows, spoilt rich guys with money. including the guy who ripped him off and lied about what he would pay on his old truck he knew from poker. ($75 less than he promised on the phone).

im trying very hard to make Ray a better life, but am i wrong? should i hit the airport today for atlantic city? i wish he would succeed, im tired of seeing him broke. winning in poker should be so easy and the solution for everyones financial troubles. i will see him tonight when he returns to detroit after going car shopping. i can either go home, go to the airport up the street, or stick in this area living in the hotel. but i cant afford the uber fees.