Thursday, May 31, 2012

ive moved my blog

guys u will find my blog at

please go there to read it. its a forum setting, and theres more i can do there than here and it makes the commenting better. no more entries will be typed here, this is the old archives.

Monday, May 28, 2012

long overdue blog post

by the time i get around to having everything else done online, and being able to post, im so tired im going to sleep. i find sleeping days best and being awake at nights, never been comfortable sleeping nighttime hours instead of daytime hours unless im living in a place thats got very good security and all the other tenants are well off financially. also this way i can walk back to my room in the morning to sleep instead of at night.

am surprised how many well known regulars on here have still not registered for an account at for that is where my new forum is, and its to be used for commenting on my blog, and also for the purpose of creating threads about whatever is of importance and somewhat relates to me, or to atlantic city poker. am still in the process of learning how to ban certain things on the forum and how to use the various features. everyone needs to take a more active role and register over there. participate in the polls and make suggestions for various polls.

i feel like i can play poker forever here without going broke. i do worry about going broke a lot however, because i keep giving away poker winnings on the VP machines. no vbj 3-2 machines however, none with a dealer on a big screen either. my roll is about $4300 and it should be closer to $4500. but twice today and yesterday i lost back about $50-100 in poker winnings at VP machines. i cant seem to win enough to overcome the losses on VP.

poker however is played very poorly here in AC and the games are beatable. thats the good news. and i enjoyed playing $5-10 stud. isnt 300 big bets the proper roll for that game? if it is, i should be able to grow the roll ONLY playing $5-10 stud. 50-60 hours a week should be $500-600 profit. of course, theres still lots of variance in limit games, and also, i wont stick to only playing that. ill still hit and run alot, walk around to many casinos, and play some NL.

the revel sure was popular last night, 10+ games going after midnite. $3 max rake and a lot of young nightclub donkeys really makes the games good. no nits cause of the $100-500 buyin at $1-2 instead of the standard $60-300 for AC. ive had my biggest wins there, does that mean i should do ALL my playing there? still keep forgetting to ask if they have safe deposit boxes, would want to get one so i can withdraw all that out of the bank to be safe.

Lots of attractive women in the poker rooms here in AC unlike vegas for some reason. awful lot of women dressed like hookers walking about in the casino too, but thats the way most all women dress nowdays. not my type really. i want someone who is NOT looking like a hooker and wears normal shoes, to hang out at the poker table with. someone whose normal looking, not really thin like a crack whore and not obese either. i feel bad about a really donkey call yesterday against a beautiful young girl at the showboat who i thought was with the guy next to her, but later found out she wasnt. im guessing she didnt have a room, shed been talking about the cheapest place on white horse pike $200 a night saturday and i think went to sleep in his car or was with a guy in his car who was out there asleep. i had 67 spades, and was down for the night so it affected my play. i limped UTG and it was raised to $6, and i didnt shove, only called. flop comes KK4 with 2 spades. i check, she bets into 3 people. bet was like $20. its folded to me, and i shove about $90 allin, praying she dont have a king and expect her to be tight from the game so far. she calls quickly with AK hearts and i river the flush and she leaves and is not happy.

the kid on the other side of her thinks i played the hand great, but im not as sure. also i still see some young women i think are just normal customers, but later am surprised to find out theyre with a black guy whose in a tourny elsewhere. so hard to just see one whose not with a guy or someway taken. i wouldve given the first woman her money back if i couldve afforded it and she wanted me in her life. keep thinking any minute one of these women will introduce herself as amanda but so far it dont seem like she ever ventures this far out of boston.

and my rents almost due and i really dont want to renew it but ive got nowhere to go really. not played in ac near enough to be getting all the free rooms some people talk of. and so many restaraunts take ur comp dollars and charge double if u dont pay cash, i didnt realize this about ac.

also when i have time, i want to create seperate threads in the forum for different poker rooms around ac. and id like others to assist with this too. and im out of cold drinks and as usual, the milk FROZE in the fridge. this happens alot with cheap fridges. when that happens all u can do is throw it out. only about 3 shirts left too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

testing out the new commenting forum

as i am doing that, im shutting off the comments here for the day to see if that helps as an incentive for getting people to sign up for the forum. after i type up this post, ill be going to sleep as usual, so i wont see anything til i wake up. luckily i only managed to reduce the roll by $20 last night. and parx did send me $125 in free play, dont remember if i ever told the readers, but i have a little over a month to claim it. it would be so much easier if i was in someones car.

Is $4100 enough to work with in AC NJ if i stick to nothing but poker? I am assuming most people will say it is. i know theres a lot of pretty desperate people in NJ with a bankroll of under $1000, because i used to be one of them, and wouldve at the time not felt nearly as broke with $4000 as i do today now that im an old man. Funny thing, i still have NOT gotten around to visiting the Golden nugget. (subconsciously maybe im putting it off because of the $100 min buyin, same way i put off playing at Revel with the $3 max rake?) unlike vegas, most all casinos here are min buy $60-300 at $1-2 NL. (1 reason i thought it would be a good idea to be here instead of vegas if i went broke.) didnt realize theres no way to get free showers here like u can in vegas.

Almost went to the nugget last night. walked outside of ceasers (this was when id just had a good win and was over $100 up) (did a good job of picking a good table) but accidently got the wrong jitney. didnt realize i needed #2 instead of #1. so instead i got off at the showboat and spent the night playing there. a great place to play in the middle of the night usually. couldnt win at all there, lost $249 in the poker room, went to the Taj at daylight and played $5-10 stud, and then went home down $20.

earlier in the night i played ballys a while, but won only $6. never was up more than about $30. its a pretty small game kind of like bills. lot more popular though with more tables. i really do not know at all what i should be buying in for, ive been buying in for all different amounts.

from ballys i walked to ceasers and the table i sat was loose. once it was raised to $12 preflop and ALL 9 of us called. maybe cause of memorial day weekend?

and carrying around my cell phone charger has worked out great, now im never without service with my phone dying. makes me a lot happier and less stressed.

lets see, i remember asking Chad to remind me of something. oh yeah. a hand i won i had AT preflop. i think i made it $8 and 2 called. flop comes A34 with 2 diamonds and i bet $15, both called. turn comes 9 and and both check, i checked too. (theres where my fear caused me to miss a bet?) river comes 9 and again we all check and im good.

Friday, May 25, 2012

if i had $20,000, and had managed my money a whole lot better in life, this is where i could be living for the SAME PRICE IM PAYING NOW

I/m not sure if i did this correctly for the link to come up, but if not, maybe i will have it corrected before u see it. I am paying close to $900 a month right now, for a real dump of a room, simply because i cannot afford to prepay several thousand in move in costs upfront, and have to pay by the week instead. Hopefully this will show u a picture of a nice condo unit. Quite surprised they dont cost any more here in AC than they cost in las vegas on the strip, because all of the REGULAR apts and rooms sure do cost a hell of a lot more. when i get to be rich and have a lot of money, i really need one local friend who can assist me in learning HOW to go about moving into stable long-term housing. how can the condos be the same price or less than vegas while all the other places are so much more?

yeah im paying the same price for a extra tiny room, no microwave, that id pay for an extra nice apt with a much much larger fridge and air conditioning in a little bit safer area to walk to. i dont understand why the "cheap" rooming houses rent for the same price as the nice condos, must be something im not understanding, its just i cant take a large amount of $3000-6000 out of my roll to prepaid to move into a nice condo. so im stuck with renting as low as possible weekly. this is why having $15-25k is so needed, (why i feel so stressed out all the time that im nowhere near the hi-water mark of last fall) and is why i have always wasted money on games i shouldnt because i feel in desperate straights with no way out. (same reason a lot of poor people buy lottery tickets, which is also foolish due to the payback percentages).

never realized this about AC til i started pricing condos. (actually what i was really looking at was apts for rent).

at least tonight got off on a good footing. back to $4100 roll from $3800. i stayed off any machines, and i played only poker, no table BJ. What got me off to a good start was meeting david and debbie from Vineland NJ at the Taj, they are readers of my blog. they come to AC often and their daughter supposedly deals at the revel, but the dealers there swore they werent her. anyway i managed to leave the game at Taj up $88, and we all went to the showboat and i left there up $19. ate at Johnny rockets and left my phone there on accident. (got it back now). they do accept harrahs comps.

so i walked the boardwalk to the revel, had a hard time finding the poker room. there seemed to be a faster way, but i couldnt figure it out. waited for a seat, and later the game got very shorthanded, wanted to stay and play, had my $100 min buyin up to $379, but left with only $271. the one guy i was somewhat afraid of who was drunk beat me on a hand but won the bare minimum off me so i was happy. on a board of 5889K i had Q8 and he had A8 and id called any bet but he made the raise only $30. they do give out $50 in free play when u sign up downstairs and show a diamond card from either harrahs trump or borgata. their machines suck though.

found my phone missing while there, the poker room manager (black guy named Charles) called up and said i didnt pull it out at the table via surveillance and he then called johnny rockets for me but they were closed. (i made it there 45-60 min later as the employees were leaving and got it back luckily). Charles knew me from the Taj yrs ago, i didnt remember him at all. they are offering $3 rake max til june 25 if that interests anyone in coming over. buyin is $100 min to $500 instead of $60-300 (standard of ac).

then went back to the showboat and continued to win. not near as much though, sat there a few hours, but overall the night went good. i guess because i didnt start off on tilt, because david was willing to come up and introduce himself and let me know who he was.

guess i wont be around foxwoods, dont feel like doing more traveling, need to get settled into a steady room. especially after getting a fan and blanket. didnt make this trip to meet anyone anyway, (such as amanda and josie). only cause i thought id be better off outside vegas. and besides i knew the first comments by amanda and carmel were fake, (both showed the same ISP). Not sure why Josie thought the one by Carmel was real. the $1-5 stud only goes at TAJ the wrong hours, still wish i had more than just holdem, but maybe i should stick to NL and just grind til my roll is in far better shape

which reminds me--i shouldnt be trying to grow the roll at all costs. what i should do at all costs is holdon to what i have left. cannot go any lower, and what i do have is a reasonable amount to start with. i shouldnt risk big money to try and get back $100-200 losses. id never have big losses if i didnt try to get unstuck. (such as wed nite when i never posted before i slept thurs)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

relaxing in my room in front of my fan

yeah, i found a room, paid for a week, a little extra to make sure i had my own bathroom and fridge. still no microwave though. Tv isnt working. the first place, the asian lady renting it out said it would be $200 a week plus $800 security deposit for a month, and i couldnt do it, not knowing if id be there longer than a week or two, no way could i take $800 out for the security deposit and have her come up with some excuse not to give it back. too risky. the 2nd place (or rather the FINAL place i looked at) they didnt want near all that much to move in. yesterday was the only day left this week i could still get relatively cheap rooms in the casino itself (showboat for $29). and i couldnt update my blog last night because i didnt have my laptop when i slept in my room at the showboat, it was still in the bus lobby at ballys. i left it there til i gathered my bags from ballys AFTER finding this room, and then i could finally change my shirt and get online.

also filled the fridge with a few small items, freezer isnt very big at all, really wish i had a 10k or so roll, because for the same amount of money i could be renting a regular apt. its just the upfront costs there would be $3000 and up if theyd rent to me at all, really need to find housing from someone who rents to poker players. (and doesnt require any proof of income or a long term commitment).

so when i first got into ac on the train first thing i did was take a shuttle to ballys and locked up my bags in the coat check in the bus lobby. then i went to the ballys poker room, and sat in the $1 $1 blinds game ($50-150 buyin). the next level is $1-3 NL $150-500 buyin. i wasnt aware that in the $1 $1 blinds game, u had to bring it in for $2. also u cannot straddle on the button in AC.

i was in the 2 seat and my $67 buyin got cut in half within the first hour. the guy in the 1 seat left, and a young girl from the other table moved over from her table to the 1 seat, complaining about how the guy on the other table said to her he hadnt showered in 2 weeks. i managed to remain quiet. (thought maybe i smelled bad from sleeping on the train). she played quite aggressive and was winning. but i think was too loose. i went broke there, (had my mind on where id stay, and wasnt playing my best), didnt rebuy and left to go to the taj to see if they still had $1-5 stud.

they had 2 stud gamea along with some holdem games, no $1-5 though. now todays theres one going, but last night it was only $5-10 stud and $10-20 stud, i ended up sitting them both, started off with $5-10 and was losing left and right, when i left the room i was out $366. (counting what i lost in ballys pokerroom and $65 on a VP machine before leaving ballys.) they dont have any good VBJ, (just even money BJ), none of the big boob dealer multiplay BJ machines either. no casinos here but showboat have even the big split machine.

so im walking past a live BJ table $10 at taj, and i see a shitload of small cards on what might be the 5th or 6th hand of a shoe. thinking it might be a shoe with a count thats high, (even though i missed the first few hands) i sit and start to play. bought in $300, and by the time the shoe ended, i was at $810 and quit. went back in the poker room sat in the $10-20 stud, and won the first hand with aa turning into 2 pair on the river and holding up for a big pot, putting the $810 now at $958. but when i left after losing a big pot where i was rolled on 3rd, boat on 5th, $100 bet on 5th street with 4 raises, me capping against 9TQ showing, (on river he hit 4 queens). i had 7771010 on 5th. with 10 10 showing. i only called on the river when he raised, disappointed he had a set and a live draw instead of a straight. but im not about to check on the river when first to act a boat. and thats when i looked around for the entrance to the showboat without having to walk outdoors. not sure how safe the boardwalk is, lots of people say even the inside of the taj isnt safe.

i couldnt find the entrance, asked a couple of hookers walking off the boardwalk inside where it was, and they pointed me to it. it was on the other side. 2 young white girls, and i told them how afraid i was to walk outside with so much cash.

got seated in a game there, finally won at poker, turned $100 into $201, and was getting extra tired, was hearing that NO the spa there isnt free anywhere in ac for diamond members like vegas, and went by the desk, showed my diamond card, and got a quote of $29 to check in then, 1pm late checkout. it was about 3.30 am and i was too tired to go claim my laptop. took the room (great shower) and went to sleep. today wouldve been much higher, at $59.

after waking up i went to ac hilton, no more poker there, not even in the pit as i heard it was moved to. then played at ceasers. couldnt win there, and then ballys. then i ended up finding me a room as i shouldve done first all along. also before i head out to the nugget or revel or ? i need some more sleep if i can. still need to buy a few things at a thrift shop though.

ive heard u can get a room at revel showing a players card hi level elsewhere and signing up but someone else said no u cant.

and just like parx seems u must always post when u first sit down except for ceasers. dont see any plo8 think u must go to foxwoods for that. i'm a little worried about being back to $4800, i must watch it very closely and start grinding it up at poker. also must fix my sleep hours so all my walks to and from the boardwalk and casinos wont be at night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

on the NJ transit into AC from out of philly, not sure yet where i will find a cheap room with a vacancy so i can move in immediately

will not stay in one with roommates, only myself of course. theres a different between renting a room where u have a secure entrance, a locked door, and are the only one there, or at least in your room. ive always pictured places with lots of tenants houses where bedroom doors are not able to be locked, and i dont want to be seen by any other tenants or have them see me. i want my door to open to an empty hallway or the outside.

down to $4900 after not being able to beat the poker game at parx, probably just due to playing bad when tired and running poorly. lost about $500 overall at poker and about $500 more on VBJ, and also about $200 on expenses, etc. but i did beat the 6/12 omaha8 stud 8 mix, even 3 handed. eugene the asian was in the game, claims he reads my blog but doesnt post, but not really that often. never did see borzi, matt kleckner, or busterstacks, at least not to my knowledge anyway. thought i saw matt in my omaha, but he claims he wasnt him. there was a dealer named matt from elsewhere playing at my nl game, he didnt look like the picture.

the main priority must be to get settled into a place cheap enough longterm where id want to stay there, and not have to be on the move all the time, cause its eating up all my money. im going downhill fast, and at least now i wont be around the vbj machines. still would rather be in foxwoods though, to find stud easier. ill be arriving in ac about the time im finishing up typing the blog post. am coming up now into egg harbor township. at least ive still got over 80% of it in the bank, but thats not a good long term solution either. and i wont even be able to see the lady in NY, i got into the area too late, and shes in vegas now dealing the wsop, vince seems to know her well( he said he remembers pushing her out of the box before often), and she doesnt remember him, but will see him soon at the dealers orientation. she has put that other thing off for quite a while as shes too busy to deal with it.

the only way to count the vbj at parx, and the spread sucks, $5 min $100 max only in $5 increments, is to count only ur own cards, and not the ones in the dealers hands or other players hands. they have so many empty ones in the back corner of the poker room its very easy to play by urself. also heres what really sucks, u arent getting any points on ur players cards. although they said they do consider ur total action monthly in mailing out comps. so the best way to play is to immediate leave when u go neg and move to the next spot as many spots and empty machines available even if u move about every hand til a good shoe comes.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

checked into my room, and ready to head over to the casino, should be getting free play for signing up. i only took it for the night, but theres a cheaper motel a ways up the street for about $120 less a week. not sure which one is safer, the homeless guy on the bus, whose staying in a room for $135 a week right by the mall told me my hotel is safer. he also gave me the number of his landlord which is right accross from the neshaminy mall. they rent out sleeping rooms for rent with a fridge but a shared bath right over the bar. im at a regular motel for quite a bit more, but still a lot less than downtown cleveland

waiting for a cab, so may have to quit typing anytime. thought id tell u about this morning stop in pittsburgh to rivers casino, where i booked $133 win.

i looked on their VBJ, didnt play, shuffles each hand, $5 min, but does pay 3-2. (rivers pittsburgh).

3 poker tables were going when i walked in at 5am cause i didnt want to sit at amtrak 3 hours waiting to transfer. i made a shove with AK clubs over a $15 raise shortly after sitting, 2 called, and i tripled up with a flop of a66, think both had pairs. later i gave back $100 of it before leaving.

dont think anyone there read my blog, one guy made a great bluff on a flop of 963 after i called his raise preflop, bet the flop, he calls, i show JJ and he bets turn. i fold, and he shows 10 10. and then i slept on the amtrak the entire rest of the way, so i finally got some sleep.

Brushing teeth, using shower, toilet in my room dont flush so great, but its a nice fridge. wont be here long enough to put food in it, its close to $400 a week here. barely hanging onto $5900

Saturday, May 19, 2012

hi from the amtrak station in cleveland.

this is about the only way u can trust a post or comment is really being made by me, is if its posted as a new blog entry. hope grouchie is still willing to help, i give up on trying to figure out how to stop fake posts. its been suggested i install forum software, but i have no idea how to do that. still waiting for ideas and help with this. i just want to make sure josie dont blame me over them.

now 100% of whats been posted on the black pimps blog lately is not from me not 1 single post, been way over a month i actually really did post anything there. some of what that imposter posted u should be able to tell obviously isnt anything id really say, and some of it is a little more subtle and harder to tell its not me. let me just reassure everyone i wont be posting there and 100% of the comments will be fake. and im sure most of u are smart enough to realize, thats certainly not the real koala, josie or tatude either. even vince was wondering about that. anyone with tech knowhow who can assist me in getting rid of fake posts will be greatly appreciated.

im no more comfortable living in cleveland than i am in toledo. might be in either city if i had a large enough roll to rent an apt monthly and knew a good place id feel safe enough. cleveland has wonderful bus service though.

am leaving at 1.08 am on the train heading east out of cleveland, still with a roll of about $5900, had to buy a ticket, yesterdays room was outrageous, and of course lost over $400 in the game, mostly all of the loss was yesterday instead of today, and of course food and cabs. vince put $82 into my bank acct from my $200 in free play. and ive been told there isnt many people on the train tonight, should be able to sit by myself hopefully, and get a nice long desperately needed sleep. and im not yet ready to tell anyone if ill be in foxwoods, philly delaware or ac. need to find a place to stay first. at least im still off the VBJ, table BJ, and video poker. ill spend most all the time on the train tonight sleeping instead of browsing the web. so if u see a post in the comments, highly unlikely it will be me in the next 8 hours or so.

still never ever heard a word from billy, but today seen a guy fitting his description of short and weighing about 130 pounds at my table a while, suspect maybe it was him, no idea what happened though.

at one point late in the day i made a loose call with JT suited preflop and outdrew a guy, also did it once with 67 diamonds against aa. was up to $251 but left with $100 even, lost it all back on TJ suited too. didnt really play that well, ive been so tired all day. had less than 3 hours sleep in my room before checkout.

and a lot of last nights comments here werent by me either as they claimed to be, surely u guys shouldve been smart enough to tell that without me pointing it out. to think id pay $50 for socks or look for a hooker til i had far more money and into safe housing is ludicrous. last time i gave a hooker $180 i had an $11000 roll and an apt in reno.

Friday, May 18, 2012

what a scary ride that was in the cab

i at one point today was down $390 or more and i managed to get it back, and about $72 profit right at the time my table was breaking and my cab was showing up. i didnt think i was ever going to get even. and this one black guy named Maurice who seemed to know me from many years ago at the Monte carlo festivals there in toledo was giving me a hard time earlier saying i smelled bad. no one else had said that, even earlier when i first got there and probably did smell bad from walking about 2 miles in the hot sun. yes that was the 3rd time this week i did that long walk instead of waiting for a cab. of course that was doing the day. But i had on all clean clothes. its just i dont have any deoderant in the room. my room was way out telegraph road kind of in the middle of nowhere, about 2 miles north of toledo into Michigan where the Toledo city bus dont go. the name of the cardroom was called dollar king and it was a couple miles away on lewis av, another main street.

so this other young black guy at the table was named Tim. there was about 5-8 black guys, all young, id seen playing in there in the last few days. and remember how i said it seemed like they had no security in there at all? anyway he went broke about an hour earlier, and had been stuck somewhat over $500-800 i think. hed made some rebuys. and he seemed to be a regular. and i didnt like the fact everyone would be able to figure out i was an easy target, a passing tourist with no friends in the area. although a lot of people knew me from when i used to make my living panhandling in toledo when i was homeless and really did sleep outside a lot and in cheap sleeping room hotels for like $150 or less a month 1989-1994. Wish id had at least one good friend in the area i trusted enough to been able to ride home with everyday. it would be ok to rent a room out of another poker players home and ride with them and back each day if i could just find one person i could totally trust.

anyway he was mostly sitting on a couch talking on the phone, and i was curious as to why he was still here. and many many years ago when i lived in a black area of toledo, (and was 19-23) i did once rent a room in an elderly black ladys home because i felt safe with her saying she was a Christian. all i know is that she had a son who was a gang member, and his name was Tim. and he gave me a severe beating one day when his mom accused me of stealing from the kitchen when it wasnt true. and i had to get my stuff out of there with the help of the police, and i never went back even though i still had rent left. and of course, she swore to the police i had made everything up. have never wanted to live in a black neighborhood since. at the time i was young and naive and didnt know any better.

what im saying is i thought there was a possibility he was the same Tim. he thought maybe he might know me but wasnt sure how. i just assumed from the monte carlos of years ago. another young black guy remembered me well and he said he felt sorry for me because he knew how everyone picked on me. (not tim, a different guy). he seemed to have a lot of money with all his rebuys and coming in all the time. he also said he could find me a hooker.

anyway my cab finally showed up, and as always i made sure no one followed me as i left the parking lot. certainly didnt want anyone at the pokerroom learning my last name, or knowing what motel i was staying at since i was in a nearby one cheap by the week without the best locks on the doors, even though i was right next to the office. in fact id been talking to the lady from NY all night (who i found out Vince had known from dealing in NJ) but she dont remember Vince. Vince told me how well he remembers her though. and id been telling her via texts all evening about how uncomfortable i was for my safety playing there, and since my rent was due in the morning, about how i was considering taking the amtrak straight into NYC at 2.50 am this morning. u see in AC id be back to staying in the casinos, except weekends, and then id feel safe again and avoid commutes again.

so i tell the driver to turn left on smith road over to telegraph off of lewis av, over to the bedford inn, where i had a lousy refridgerator and been staying for $192 a week. so he turns left onto smith road, and theres a car going down smith road who continues going straight (and is right behind us) after he turns the corner. when he gets to telegraph, the car also turns, so i tell him make sure that car behind us doesnt follow us to the motel and to not go there til we shake them off, regardless of how much it will increase the cab fare. u see i was very paranoid tonight, especially after a guy i didnt know ask me if i wanted a ride home to avoid paying for cab fares and how far away i was staying. (different guy at the table, big white fat guy). so the cab driver turned off on a very tiny small side road called stateline road, not a road hardly anyone would turn on. and thought the car would go on past. doggoned if it didnt turn there also, and now both me AND the driver was paranoid. so the road was small with lots of twists and turns, but we managed to shake the car after we came out on detroit road about 2 miles up. at least we thought we did, it was right behind us for a while. i have no idea if it was a coincidence, or if someone was trying to set me up. so the cab driver took a roundabout way back to the motel, still no one behind us at all, and i grabbed my stuff and was out the door within 5 minutes while he sat there ready to call the police if need be. and he told me his uncle was a leader in the michigan militia. and id be safe in his cab. so now im checked out of my motel, never ever to go back to that motel. if i ever live in toledo it will be in an apt after the casino is open. it freaked out both of us, that car always turning whenever we turned.

yeah earlier i was spooked about telling everyone which city i was at and which pokerroom, for fear someone could use it to deduce where i was staying at (which motel). eventually i told 2 guys on twitter and facebook i felt i could trust, but they wouldnt have made it up til friday. they have too many young guys who like to fight in these little tiny charity rooms which u dont have in the casino, they probably like to play there just cause they dont have to worry about getting kicked out. i feel bad i never got to meet either of them.

even if all that was unneccessary i did what i had to do to be safe, and i certainly dont regret upping the cab fare. in fact i upped the cab fare even more. when the cabbie learned i wanted him to drop me off to ride the amtrak to cleveland for $38, he offered me a 50% discount into cleveland at $125 instead of $250. so im typing this blog post from the back seat of the cab. i couldve sat around amtrak but i was just glad to be OUT of there as quickly as possible.

toledo might not be a bad place to settle someday if i get over the fear of not knowing whats happening and if i can feel safe after the casino opens. lots of apts in safe enough areas for a little less or a little more than $400 a month. to really feel safe though i need at least one friend i can totally trust like i do vince someone who has a car.

so i guess ill be at the casino in cleveland very shortly, no idea about sleep tonight or anything, maybe ill have the cab drop me off somewhere i can get sleep instead. and here i thought i might be sleeping on the amtrak all the way into NYC. which wouldve probably been a smarter thing to do instead of this long cab ride. but how do i pass up a 50% deal?

maybe i really should get rid of my blog altogether and be a more private person, i mightve still worried in toledo since i was wondering if thats how he knew me, but i would then have relaxed a lot more in other locations outside of toledo. ive asked josie to make a list of all the people i can trust, but i worry shes putting too many people on the list. maybe ill NEVER feel safe living anywhere but in the casino itself or right next door to the casino in a place like Veer towers.. and i hear ac too has condos like veer, but of course they do cost a lot of money each month. wish i could go back to the old days where i wasnt so worried for my safety everywhere i go.

u see i do go off myself in casinos, but me, im just going off with my mouth and making people mad. i say mean things, but would never ever hit anyone and am afraid of violence. like even the phone incident, i didnt grab the phone away from her hand, i just yanked the cord without touching her hand, and that alone pulled the phone away. i wouldnt took the phone out of her hand because that wouldve been too much into blue collar violence instead of white collar violence. i would never threaten someone with violence at the table, only on my blog in words long after leaving the table. (like in online poker etc). yet many have did so to me and not got banned, simply cause they didnt like the fact im different and want to pick on me for not understanding social adjustments.

am still only about half the way into cleveland, am about 15 miles west of sandusky still. this was a lot better deal than the time i took a cab to laughlin. vegas cabbies have far more rules to follow.

another place i thought about was all the casinos Brandon told me about north of detroit in safe suburbs, but still, i was worried i wouldnt feel as safe as he obviously feels, and would end up with the same problems and probably end up paying even more for rooms.

im not going to talk about it on here, but i have a very good idea where in cleveland is a good neigherbood that more safe, and yet still not that expensive and convenient to public transit. i did live there once. in fact im closing this blog entry now and going to priceline to see what i can find out about the actual more expensive hotels downtown.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how can i not notice this for so long??

just realized i didnt bring ANY clean socks with me, so as much as i need to change my socks when i wake up i cannot, and ive not been past any stores that sell socks. just back and forth between the motel and the cardroom. but i have some other places i need to go, i have to pick something up at a certain business not far off, and i must go to a post office and mail Vince my players card, pin, and po box keys. there should be a $50 debit card in that mail too. hopefully ill pass a store selling socks.

wish there was some security in this pokerroom, instead of being way out in the middle of nowhere with no security guard on staff. some of these guys may not understand me, think im giving them a hard time, when truthfully i feel like they are giving me a hard time even if they arent, and get threatening. i only feel safe playing in casinos. am still winning and the play is really bad here, am up to $6300.

of course that will start disappearing as i start paying up expenses, and my room expires friday. havent made new plans, dont know where to go for sure. already ive eaten all the food i bought at meijers, and all the milk. and its not the easiest thing getting cabs to show up about 2am, so i end up having to call them way early. need to live a little bit closer to the room or have the bike.

cleveland the casino is in a good spot, maybe i should go there and have easy access to 24 hour gambling, (ends the 2am problem) and with it being downtown good bus service. but still would need to find housing and i wouldnt want to go back to BJ and machines. here i have no access to anything but poker.

and while losing all but $5 out of $34 left on BCP from $50 the day before, i spent over an hour researching all about the Hungarian revolution of 1956 online. didnt know it lasted nearly that many days before it was squelched.

and also read about kruschevs secret speech denouncing stalin which shocked some party members attending so much they suffered heart attacks.

Monday, May 14, 2012

a little disappointment

at one point last night, i was $286 ahead, but i couldnt leave because id been there less than an hour and i wasnt just gonna sit around in an empty motel room all night playing online. (one reason id be better off around more choices of where to play.) by the time i returned home to my room, i was $18 down. of course the cab fare there and back covered the $18. also my phone died rather early and i was bored without a way to get online or play games at the table. I'm still letting it charge in my room, takes about 2 hours to fully charge when dead. have not yet turned it on to see what text messages i mightve missed.

I would much rather rent a bike than buy it, unless of course i could buy in extremely cheap, dont want to be out $100 + if im not gonna be somewhere longterm, but im not sure if there is places to rent bikes? someone else came up with the good idea of buying from a pawn shop, where i might possibly be able to resell it to when i leave. certainly dont want anything that has a motor, wouldnt know how to ride it.

Was a little nervous at the cardroom tonight, feel they need better security. the table going next to mine, 2 guys almost got in a fight. one guy left drunk and mad at this one guy, was challenging him (and anyone else at the table) to come outside he was asked to leave. after leaving he walked back in the door 1 minute later and told the guy, hey my girlfriend just said u were hitting on her, then he walked right up to the guy and knocked off his cap, and the guy behind the counter in the office was yelling he was calling the police and he left again. the guy who got drunk was a regular player.

now the manager claims this never happens here, but of course they are gonna claim that to a new customer. am really wondering, how safe are these places and do the ones ive been referred to elsewhere in michigan have much better security? would like to thank everyone on this blog and on facebook also i talked about for their referrals and efforts in helping me select where to go next if i leave.

i find it funny how anyone can claim i have a tendency to be violent, when all i say is just talk online, and in the blog about how i really feel on the inside. ive never challenged anyone to a fight or hit anyone. when i threw the coke, (and ive said many times it wasnt the glass itself) i looked to make sure no one was around and didnt see anyone. i did miss seeing one guy around the corner who was looking up in the air trying to determine where the liquid was coming from than was coming down like mild raindrops, like a mist though, not a geyser. thats because i aimed it upward, not outward. there is a ton of people in a poker room who really are violent. and they just have more money than me is all, so no one really cares how they act.

a casino has a lot better security, probably i should leave and go into ac.

at least im still only playing poker, in fact thats all i can play here, i understand other charity rooms have BJ going alot more often, but the rules suck so bad with keeping ties, id never dream of playing it. same as i dont play it in ca and ok. thats a far bigger edge in favor of the house than even money on BJ is.

was worried id have an hour wait or more for a cab, the first company said 90 minutes and the next one said an hour, but it came in only 30 minutes before they closed. didnt want to be standing outside waiting for it thats for sure. thats why i need to be a close walk, or have a bike. the 2am closing time really really sucks big time. a much safer closing time would be 6am if the law would allow it like they do in WA. ive no idea what the closing times are for charity rooms are in phoenix and im curious.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

please be willing to answer a few questions, if i got this done, it would be a big load off my mind and id be more calm and relaxed.

I would like a complete listing of all the little tiny cardrooms anywhere in the USA outside of CA, such as WA, OR, AZ, MT, MI, FL, etc, places that most players (and readers) have never heard of and know nothing about, and which have only poker, and no machines. only played VBJ 2 times since leaving vegas. i need to research every single one of them for cheap housing less than a mile away as long as they are in a very safe neighborhood. some of them are just for charity, and are where casinos are legal. (phoenix and MI for example). over 200 of them in MI alone, and i never realized that.

roll is still about $5800, even after spending over $190 including tax to rent a place for a week. and this isnt too great a fridge, the freezer is unusable due to what i think is a lot of frozen ice covering it up. but i did fill up the fridge when i went to the store and priced bicycles. Ended up paying a lot bigger cab fare than i intended, didnt realize how far the store was. The driver lied to me.

remember how i couldnt cut my fingermails because i didnt have my clippers? well i bought a pair of clippers tonite while at the store. and guess what spilled out of one of the pockets of my laptop case back at home buried under a ton of magazines and papers that had been in there forever when i got home? thats right the OLD clippers. also i priced reading glasses in there but didnt buy any, seemed too high priced at $10 and up. Im not anywhere near as well off as i was financially before coming to Joliet.

The cardroom, (not a casino) had 2-3 tables of $1-2 NL going, no BJ, no pulltabs, no machines, no nothing but poker. no bigger games to move to if i was stuck. no free food, only coffee and pop was free. and its NOT 24 hours. so that means poker is ALL im going to be playing, and im sure many of u will think thats for the best. Others (who dont want whats best for me and hope i go broke on VBJ and VP) will suggest i go back to vegas. Theres plenty of other similar cardrooms not too far away. but no casino nearby.

would like to move into a regular apt if i could find one cheap and safe nearby, id like to fill up my freezer with frozen meals if they would only fit.

i ended up winning $300 today before expenses. alot better than i expected, early on the play was pretty bad and weak. i was up $142. then i started giving it away, took a bad beat and some loose calls, and was wishing i could play BJ to get it back or a machine or a bigger game. none of which were options available. i also wished i could have back the $20 or so id gave away in tips. and this one dealer every time he sat down id start losing. one guy was losing very heavily $200 rebuy at a time. a good young kid, whose stack had grown to about $500, from $200, raised to $17 preflop. the donkey makes it all in for $89. i look down, see AK suited, and call. the kid then goes allin, and damn im pissed the donkey opened it back up for him. (this being the only place to play poker, i must make sure i never get barred however). at least thats what lightnings text said. anyway i made the right decision, i folded, he had KK and won. id have had to call about $300 more, and he had me covered.

how do u find a bicycle that is NOT a 10 speed on craigslist? i am so unfamiliar with bikes i cannot tell from reading ads which ones arent 10 speeds or 21 speeds. i can tell some of the ones that are because it says it in the ad, but i cannot be sure which are not. what would an ad say that DEFINITELY is a normal bike, and how can i tell its an adult bike and not a kids? these are simple things i dont know which makes me dumb. i really dont know how to do nothing but gamble at poker and BJ. u would need to be patient and really give a lot of details.

and where in MI can i live within a few blocks very cheaply of a charity casino in a very safe area? the town im in now is very small, but its a little ways from the cardroom. id like to live closer to it. considering theres 200 of them, surely one of them fits, must be a good area though. no unsafe areas like a lot of detroit is. Britni says to buy a house here. She said im defintely doing the right thing not giving any details on my blog, and says i shouldve shut it down long ago. She has no idea im no longer receiving counseling and says she hopes its helping me. was very irritated i only asked about myself and not about her health which is always worrying her. she came online while i was in that chinese laundrymat where the bus drops u off thats FREE to majestic star and back.

surely someone who goes to these type of places knows a whole lot more about cheap housing right next to one. its good for me to not be able to play anything but poker, and wa and az have a lot of them too. out of that many, theres got to be at least some omaha hilow? apts here a lot of them are as low as $395 a month in areas id not mind living in, similar to places i lived in many years ago in various other cities. i would think at least 1 reader would live in MI. I told no one about my blog of course at the table, would rather they not find it and know about it being the place is so tiny. I dont really think theres any pros here, but there was a couple good players, always the youngest guys there of course, much younger than me.

im doing quite well to have spent over $400 since that big drop, and still have over $400 more left. of course, ive only played poker since. also the finger is starting to feel normal again. had nothing to do with the nail, something must of gotten under the skin. still a little bump in there.

big pot today i had flopped JJJ when the donkey flopped 222. and it held up thats the pot i won over $200 of of him. was in for $356 total and left with $662.

Friday, May 11, 2012

anyone like some good news?

not everything is good however, im out of clean laundry, (no place to do it around here) not sure where im going, today is my check out date, of course i could always renew my room at a price way too high for me however. to stay away from stress ive got to quit paying so much on weekend rates on rooms. Not only that, my finger feels really funny around the nail, like swollen a bit, hope its something that goes away, not sure what the cause was of that yesterday and today. i also know i forgot my nail clippers or id have cut them some time ago, those are in my other bags back in vegas. had way too much to carry and was trying to travel light with just one bag filled with shirts mostly.

So which is the good news? well i have not played ANY machines at all here. no VP, no table BJ, no machine BJ, nothing. also i won about $300 yesterday in the $1-2 NL game where i was stuck most of the day, it all came on a huge triple up right at the end. the table was getting exceptionally wild and loose and a lot of the really bad players went broke that hand and about 5 hands later only the few good players remained with money. and i was dead tired, hungry, and wanted to go to my room so i left. even after my phone bill yesterday automatically debiting $102 for May out of my bank account, im still up to $5700.

why is amtrak sold out all the time if not booked a few days in advance? the fare i didnt book last night going to ny city for $122 is now $152. and the only fare still the same is charleston WV for $63. notice that is NOT charles town WV, the train stop by there is martinsburg and thats sold out and a different route. both towns have a poker room. but the train from charleston WV to wilmington De is sold out once it passes charleston, so thats all the further i could go. and of course philly is always sold out if not bought about 2-3 days early usually. the fare to where i used to live in toledo by my sons mother who i wish i could see and say hi is $41, and isnt too far from poker in detroit and some charity rooms in MI. casino in toledo is supposed to open may 29, i think cleveland is now open.

even looked at greyhound and fares to toledo from here on it about $20 higher than using amtrak. why that is i cannot figure out.

first time ive ever finished typing up a blog entry without a new comment being posted as im typing the new blog on the old one.

i had 55 in the loose game i talked about last night on twitter. called a small raise to $8 preflop. flop comes 59K rainbow. i checked, old man checks, the raiser bet $25 (one of the loose players) and 2 call. i make it $120, (with $85 behind) old man goes allin for about $90 more, i get worried, another guy calls, i call. old man has only AK and the other guy ill never know. guy next to me tells me i shouldve never been worried with a set. i thought the old man might have 999.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i am no longer in Joliet IL, nor will i EVER EVER be there again

in fact, im not even in the entire state of IL. am well out of there. and also, if anyone posts in the comments with the name sevencard2003, it will most definitely not be me, will not post there anymore until i first get a verified account and let u know with another new blog entry. tired of people having to guess if thats really me or not.

for $94 i can get to wilmington delaware tomorrow evening. and for $63 i can get to charleston WV. i am not sure of other locations of pokerrooms in WV near an amtrak, it lists the locations of all the stops, but i have no idea if any of the other stops are near a casino. there is no amtrak station in wheeling, and i dont know of the other locations for casinos in WV, and a search on craiglists or of hotels doesnt show anything cheap by the week nowhere.

new roll of $5400. thats of course after a large cab fare, and huge losses at both the BJ table and the poker table. and thats a $25 min BJ table. man is that an expensive game to play. IL casinos really suck. not only are they extremely strict about no cell phone use at the poker table, its hard to find empty BJ seats, especially 2 together due to certain weird IL state gaming regulations limiting the number of spots. i was told in IN its easier to get an empty table, but since ive played in IN in years i dont know from firsthand experience. i am wondering how i will survive with this low of a roll.

i am also worried those rates will go up if i dont book them today, and for friday they are higher, next week they go back down again. but i cannot find cheap housing anywhere. i did ask a friend about another cheap housing possibility in another state, but she hasnt answered back today all day. and of course i dont want to book anything ahead of time, thats one reason my roll is $200 less than it would otherwise be.

we all know what happened the last time i tried to save money booking an airfare ahead of time, dont we?

anyway i started the day off getting seated in a $1-3 NL game, and was down close to $150 when the PLO got going. i had a hard time getting an end seat because they moved it to the other NL holdem table, but just relocated players around from table to table to make that game PLO (it had been holdem). 1 player offered to switch with me, as he could tell i didnt want to sit there, and then the big fat guy who i wouldve swore was pokermonkey at first but wasnt, who was now in the 8 seat (im now in the 7--and they play 9 handed-means the 7 is an end seat) anyway he asked for the seat change button when i sat.

now he was the guy harrassing me the other day saying im cheap because i waited for the blinds to pass, and rebought in for $100 after leaving the game 3 hours earlier with $482. said i should follow the rules, when actually the rules allow me to only wait 1 hour not 3. he was bitter i didnt have to buyin $400 plus.

anyway i start playing, and am playing a little over an hour, and actually won a pot off him once, and am only about $80 away from being even for the day. but then i start giving it away slowly, and after around 90 minutes, go out to play a few hands of BJ, and i was also considering heading to my room to get my phone which id forgot. the only thing i did right was not play VP but the reason for that was someone was sitting on the machine. so i found an empty seat at the $25 BJ table, that was also next to an empty seat, and started playing since i seen a few more small cards used than big ones. started off playing big too, unlike usually. put out 2 hands of $100 each. lost, one with a double down, and then put out 3 hands of $150. lost again. the count went from the plus 4 i seen before i sat to plus 13 (but of course that was only the 3 hands i saw). face cards galore seemed to be left. so i put out 3 hands $300 each, and won most of the hands, was almost back all id risked, yet still down so i couldnt quit. and by the time i went back to my poker seat, id rebought in the BJ game, and was in for $1900 total, and left the table with only $625 of it.

so now being thouroughly stuck and on tilt, i added the whole $625 to my stack, which meant i had a little over $800 on the table, and i needed to bring it up to $2428 to be even for the day. lost a hand, and had about $500 plus left when the following hand occured.

i was about to leave on my next BB with what few chips i had left, and just quit playing and maybe deposit $50 online with what was left, and do research about whens the soonest amtrak out of town going anywhere. as usual the same guy on my left whose stacks somewhat smaller than mine, makes it $5 on his sb on my button. now hes been doing that all the time, so i gave him no respect. i wanted to see the flop for $2 with my QQ34 single suited. but since i have the button and all call his $5 who called the $2 i pot it to narrow the field to be HU with him. he repots it, all fold to me, and i just go allin, he calls. flop comes up A43, 4 turn, Q river, i am the one who went allin, so i show first my full boat. he sits there forever, and says i got lucky to hit the Q on the river, and stares at his hand, then says "i wish Trevor was here to see this". Trevor was the guy he said i slowrolled the other day but i didnt slowroll anyone. i was allin for the main pot, there was a side pot between trevor and the lady, and im not supposed to show til after the side pot is settled first, then i show for the main pot. anyway he finally turns over his aa for a bigger full house.

i totally forgot about having him covered by $150-200 plus and shove the pile of chips to him, knocking them all over the table, saying "take it asshole" and then getting up and leaving, yelling "bar me from this place. im never coming back."

the reason i was so angry wasnt just that id lost over $2300 plus the day, it was the fact the guy was such an ass and was so fat. i've never been fat because i cant afford to eat much, and i cannot understand how someone who plays poker can get fat like Alaskagal and pokermonkey. me i never leave the table to eat when i feel hungry like i should. i felt like he had been hogging my space the whole time making me sit closer to the 6 seat than id intended to.

so im walking off the boat, to my hotel to check out and leave Joliet IL forever, when it suddenly dawns on me i have money coming to me. now theres nothing i want to do right now less than walk back on that boat. But i figure if i dont get this fixed right away with the gaming commission and the cameras, ill never have any proof and to get my money. and another way me blowing up is gonna cost me money is i played so heavily on the machines yesterday id probably been able to get 1-2 of my nights comped had all this not happened. so that too cost me over $100 possibly.

so i walk on the boat, right into the poker room, and tell the lady behind the desk i have money coming to me, and that i want the gaming commission, and instead of answering me, she grabs the phone and calls security and i angrily yank it out of her hand and hang up, (same reason i got banned at sams town and cant play stud there). grump is dumb to think vegas has all the poker games when sams town is the only place u can play stud. obv only the east coast has true game selection, his comment irritated me, but if it makes him feel better, him asking me to deposit on BCP for him didnt bother me at all. i really dont want to upset grump right now because i need to know all the hotel info he knows about cheap hotels in WV near various poker rooms. and cheap apts longterm too. things that only someone living in WV would know.

well im pointing at the player telling the entire room very loudly what an asshole he is for slowrolling me, and how horribly that casino treats their customers like shit. and how rude i feel hes been, and saying they arent gonna cheat me and that i demand they investigate and give me my money. turns out, (i didnt know this) but the table and dealer already knew i had money coming, but it was a little hard to figure out due to me throwing the chips everywhere when i'd left the room. they had been trying to reconstruct the pot. security took me off the boat then, talked to me, tried to calm me down, and sent me to my room while they checked the cameras. about 10 min later after researching amtrak websites in the room (to leave town immediately) i got the phone call that theyd determined i was to get $150, and to come downstairs with my luggage and check out.

the head of security handed me $150 cash, i checked out of the hotel, and he told me im not banned from playing any other harrahs casinos, but he wouldnt ever let me come back on his boat again or at least he was recommending that to his boss who is the one who really decides that.

and no im not telling anyone where im sleeping tonight now and what im doing, not til i make plans and figure things out where im gonna be. i think ill be less stressed if i find a cheap room or apt long term on the east coast in a place i can play $1-5 stud, for that u need a very small roll, and i soon may have a very small roll, only problem is theres no money to be made in it either. i am also thinking of battle creek casino, wilkes barre ca, bethelhem sands casino, de park, or pretty much anywhere in FL. and im not familiar enough with wv to know if a town is right by the casino in another town (all suburbs of the same city) for i am 100% totally unfamiliar with the geography of the state. name any casino or city and i cannot say if its on the North east west or south. all i know is wheeling is on the ohio state line.

but how is the amtrak only $63 to charleston? and $94 to wilmington on a very slow 25 hour train that also goes thru cinncinati way out of the way and yet if u take a direct train from chicago to cleveland and pittsburgh and philly its like never less than $177? ud think the rates would be similar and the other one often is sold out. i guess the other cities are way more popular and the route thru cinn and wv into de etc is not near as popular.

tomorrow i might head on back down into chicago if i take the amtrak. or i might wait til the next week. i am getting so low on money i got to find a way to cut off expenese. i dont think my expenses will be any cheaper in WI either.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

im lucky as FUCK, turned $700 video poker loss into $300 win for the day

think of how good id be doing had i not wasted $600-700 on a $1 $2 $5 multidenominal big split VP machine, max bet $100. started off the day doing that while i waited for my poker seat, and then didnt hear them call me. (if they really did). walked downstairs with $1142 cash in my back pocket, and got off the VP machine with $525 really pissed off. went to a $25 min BJ table, (tables are terribly crowded here due to IL gaming regulations) and i wanted to be where i was next to an empty seat. ended up winning $538 at that table, and walked in the poker room and sat with $263. won about $48 more and then the $1-2 PLO game started, and i sat with $111. at that time i only needed $31 more to be even. which is a lot better than i deserved to be for the day, after that big VP loss. VP seems to be what hurts me more than any other game

now im in room a little tired (and i ate) for the last hour or so, talked to some people online, but ill head back over to the poker room, it dont close for 5 hours yet. i turned my $111 PLO buyin into $482. i seem to be doing really good in PLO and yet i usually only play PLO8 online. i guess shortstackers have too big an edge to lose, unless ive just ran lucky. one hand early on i tried to bluff, and got down to only $85 (had him covered when he called.) and i guess it helped me get the call i didnt really want later on when i won a huge hand to get me up to $482, but luckily he didnt hit one of his numerous outs on the river.

and heres the hand to post. i had AK clubs, 79 diamonds. flop comes up with 2 clubs, 238. we all check. (the preflop raise was to $8 by soneone else). turn comes 5. guy bets pot, i call, intending to bluff if the board pairs, and also bet my flush or straight if club or 6 comes. board pairs, i am first to act, i shove $205 allin, not realizing he only has $120 and he finally calls and i ended up being now down to $85. the guy on my left thought i played it well and hes the local regular who also plays for a living. some players it would of worked. PLO seems like an easy game to bluff in if deepstacked, which of course ill never be unless online with my measly roll. probably should play it deepstacked online low stakes to gain deepstack experience?

please dont miss the previous post (second post of the day)

just left the PLO game $100 down, and i had my initial $100 buyin up to about $338 2-3 hours ago. came back to my room to discuss certain things on lightnings blog. then decided instead of just commenting on my own blog, i might as well post the new entry.

can someone please tell me where on the east coast and between Joliet and philadelphia they have a $1 a min masseuse? seems the only places are ca and st louis, and i hate the way they take the rake in CA, so im not moving there. i suppose i could find long term housing in st charles, it seems like a fairly safe area, but would kind of need a car or a friend. not one person seems to live in the st louis area whose a regular reader of my blog. i'm just glad my roll still over $7800, (temporaly at least) and ive got more options. think i did hear once maybe somewhere in FL has them, not sure though.

the reason its $7800 instead of $7900 is because i went ahead and sent the $80 mom wanted on facebook farmtown for mothers day and my sons birthday, most of it is for his birthday, and ill send a little more in the form of a check. she told me to send farmtown, and tell her how much to give to him out of it. i think its odd she disapproves of me gambling, when im making income spending my money on games, and yet the taxpayers are paying for her games (hers and marks SSI her only income) and yet she isnt earning anything off it. to be fair shes not exactly spending money on farmtown all that much, its usually gifts from me. but id rather be giving cash for bills.

also she had to get her a new refridgerator which is costing her $23 a week. i guess something went wrong with the old one?

and of course no one commented in my last blog entry on what i asked them to comment on, seems all anyone wants to comment on is taxes.

wish i could do a road trip with miamicane. here is todays PLO hand to comment on. i had KKA8, ak of spades. the 1 guy who plays for a living makes it $10 in middle position, and i made it $25. (assuming hed put me on aa). 4 of us see the flop. flop comes 872 with 2 spades. i have about $270 behind or so and the table mostly has me covered. i dont remember, but there must of been a bet on the flop for him to be able to make the bet he made later in the hand. he was last to act. anyway turn comes q diamonds, putting up a 2nd flush draw. everyone checks to him, and he bets the pot. now i dont think he has a set, because id almost swear he didnt bet the flop. but he must of or someone in front of him made a small bet on the turn cause he bets $160 on the turn. i cant fold, and im hoping for a call behind me so i get better pot odds with my nut flush draw and overpair. (K) also will give me the nuts. sure enough, i read him right, i was ahead on the turn, he had the nut diamond draw and many straight draws, and hit the river for a straight. i am pretty sure i got some details wrong, not sure what, dont think he bet small on turn and waited til the river to bet though, but its the only thing that makes sense for the pot size.

oh well, now i need to head back over and win the money back before all the games break. that game might already be broke. it was shorthanded, been in room over an hour. all i know is my read was right about him NOT BEING AHEAD when he bet when last to act, so i dont think my call was bad either.

Monday, May 7, 2012

more good news

well for the first time in a long time, i now have a new roll of a little over $8000. the last time my roll was over $8000, was when i stepped out of the cab lake tahoe to las vegas with $8400 left sometime last Nov when it dropped me off in vegas.

won $200 today at table BJ before any poker games started around 9am. it was the normal 6 deck shoe, and the min bet was $15. i dont like the VP selection here because it dont have VBJ, or big split poker, and the min on almost all of the VP machines is 25c and up. (odd considering i won $701 once and $143 once and had NO losing sessions of VP).

so then i went to the pokeroom when the game started up, and turned $100 buyin into $300 and then went to my room to renew it or check out, and when i went to the room, i still wasnt sure what i was going to do. (it was going to depend on whether i could get the price lowered from the $85 quoted me both by my host and the front desk supervisor to the $68, $64 and $56 my website thru my diamond card was offering me. it wouldnt let me book because i hadnt been out of a harrahs for 72 hours. so i called the phone, and they also tried to charge me $85 instead of what my rate calender was showing.

so i found out only the manager of the hotel could override that and lower the rate (by my host) so i spoke to him ahowed him on my laptop (he had me refresh it to verify the rates had not changed) and then he reduced it to $68 today, $64 tomorrow and $56 wedensday like my calendar was showing i was entitled to. thats the most hassle ive ever dealt with getting my correct rates. so i paid $212 total including taxes for the next 3 nites. so im good til thursday checkout. They definiitely dont give them out FREE here to poker players alone.

they have so few rooms here its expensive usually and its a really nice hotel but no spa.

and then i finally got around to going back to the poker room after all that got settled. bought in for $100, started going down to $50 or so, decided to add another $140 ($240 total) and then started winning hands. a lot from a guy stuck over $1000 and on tilt. he made a huge overbet all against my KK when he had nothing, and my hand held up on a scary board. (he made the bet preflop). but that wasnt the bigger pot that happened earlier, i as usual dont remember anything, nor even what i had. i do know when the game broke i was up $373. i did win it off the same guy.

so i guess altogether today im up $773 so far, and most of it came from poker. and this has a lot to do with why id rather be playing outside of vegas. (i never had these type of wins in vegas like ive been having the last few weeks). in vegas grinding out $400 or more a week, or averaging over $100 a day was a really hard struggle. i think its because when im on the road, no one knows anything about my game. do u think that could be what it is, or is it something else?

or maybe it could be im playing less VBJ due to the fact not much of it exists around here. and because i like to spend as much time possible playing games i dont usually get to play in rooms im not usually get to be playing in.

would still like to settle down next to a casino though. and not where the room rates are a few hundred a week, but where i can rent a cheap apt thats safe without having to pay upfront by the month, UNLESS its a landlord who understands poker players and is willing to rent to them and its very close to the casino, or on the same public busline as the casino.

and of course i need to be in a place like foxwoods or parx where they are willing to give u a safety deposit box longterm.

might be back in vegas for koalas meet, hell with this much money i might even rent an apt there if i could ever find a location id like near a casino id want to play regularly. i am missing out on over $400 in free play between binions, pioneer and river palms.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

i really didnt mean to upset lightning, and tonight was a great night here on the boat.

relaxing and eating in my room, typing up a long overdue blog post. and of course, for something to do while im typing up that blog post, playing a DON sng on BCP.

tonight was a pretty good night. i started off sitting down in the $1-2 PLO game on the boat, and was surprised to see so few tables going on a saturday night. i bought in for $100 minimum ($1000 max) and one nice thing about this casino, u dont have to bring it in for $5. all u have to do is call the $2 or raise, and raises to amounts like $6 or $8 are allowed. the button cannot straddle, only the guy under the gun. u also cannot buy the button. I am sure from that description, it wont be too hard to figure out the poker room.

i won $49 early on, then went to my room for about an hour or so. came back and rebought $100, and lost it. then i rebought $148 i had in oddball change. lost it too, and trying my best to remember the hands and cant. i need to talk to miamicane about how to improve my omaha hi game when i have more than the min on the table. so then i made 1 final buyin of $300 to get back the other $248 i was in for all in 1 pot. managed to win a hand, and be back to $511, but was still down a little, and i shouldve been satisfied and left then, but i couldnt.

i kept playing, lost $130 on a hand calling a bet preflop with AKJclubs J, and had about $325-350 in front of me when the following hand occured.

i had ATA7 double suited, and there was the usual raise to $8 or $10 and 3-4 callers. i asked the dealer how much it would be to bet the pot, and he said $54. i got 2 callers i think. flop comes up 69J with 2 diamonds, one of my suits. I must act first and i bet pot. the guy with over $2000 in seat 1 repots it, and the lady calls, and im allin for $327. both call, (wait he repots it if he was able to). anyway she too becomes allin. turn comes 2 spades putting a 2nd flush draw out there, not mine. river is Q diamonds and i win the main pot and triple up plus. one had a set and one a straight wrap, i was lucky. left the table right after that (my BB next hand) after talking about my blog a few hands sooner, and they were pissed i hit and ran, but how can i have $1100+ sitting on the table playing that kind of variance? it would be totally foolish. earlier long before the rich guy offered me $37 to leave and counted out the chips and the guy on my immediate left refused to allow it and said NO we want him here. i think i was the only nonregular in the game, its not all that big a room.

the diamond lounge upstairs has a lot better food here than vegas, much better selection and u can even get icecream. Now its definitely obvious where i am.

so i left the table, and on the way upstairs i stopped at a video poker machine, and put in $211 in various bills. then i got dealt 222JA suited on a spin poker machine where i was playing multiple lines, but not quite the max bet. i couldnt break up the royal and it was a $1 machine (actually multidenominational). so i cashed out $912 and immediately quit. altogether i now have a new roll of $7600 instead of the $6300 i started the night with.

ive never been to this harrahs before. the rooms here were $225 on a sat night, and i walked in dead tired from not having much sleep on the amtrak. the manager called a host and got the rate knocked down to $100 although not free, this host dont know me and i dont play enough. but i took it and slept almost the whole day.

more than i normally play so i dont think ill stick around, still need a better long term solution. great poker action though, even though its not open all 24 hours.

and since i dont know of other safe hotels in the area, ill head keep heading out east til i end up on the coast and can safely lock up the money in foxwoods.

what i shouldve done was tell lightning earlier I would be here, and then maybe he couldve helped find me a safe motel outside of harrahs. i have a feeling i offended him, hes been asking to meet me and yet refused to come up since i only gave him 10 hours or so notice. he lives an hour or 2 away. he thinks i dont trust him, and i actually didnt want to worry about meeting anyone at the amtrak carrying that kind of money, but i wish i could learn to trust more people. its just ive been terribly spooked out ever since blueeye murphy picked me up in ventura cali when no one was supposed to meet me there.

and no i dont want to go to winstar. the games there bad rules. (no chopping allowed and mandatory drop even if no flop). and i dont want to pay big fees on weekends, surely i can find a much better casino i can live long term right next to elsewhere on a public transportation nearby. dont want to live in the country away from major stores. plus BJ games arent worth playing in OK due to the way they force u to ante each hand by state law.

there is a casino ill be nearby before too long, none of my readers seem to know about nice little room a bit out of the way, maybe ill find a good motel there but of course cant let anyone know the location, i dont think i have any readers in that area. i need to take more pictures too, still aint all that good taking pics never could get the menu to show up right.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

must try and figure out where to go. shouldnt really stay here in st louis

check out might be of help in finding cheap housing somewhere near a casino.

got my host at harrahs st louis to give me today and tomorrow free. my checkout date will be friday the 4th. which is good, because i really wanted to be at harrahs thurs on the day $1-2 PLO8 exists. not that i really have the money anymore to play the game without hitting and running, and fear i wont have enough discipline to do so. also the internet im now getting on my laptop sure dont seem like 4g.

and when i talked to the host at the total rewards booth, she said she didnt see yesterdays $1000 BJ loss on there. but she must of found some type of play since she gave me 2 nites. and the lady at the BJ table today was a different lady. i didnt play today, just talked to her, and she looked in the computer and her records showed i only lost $300 yesterday, and thats absolutely incorrect. i lost over $900 at that table, and the other losses were at the ameristar the night before and the $100 poker loss there and also cab fees. all i know is today im in the $5100s.

i also walked over to bankofamerica from the Quality inn st charles on 5th street i stayed at the last 2 nights, within walking distance from ameristar. i deposited $800 into there, bringing my balance up to over $1700.

i didnt want to say earlier which hotel i was at in st charles, because i had my cash on me in the room last night. u see yesterday when i went to withddraw $1000 at harrahs, i ended up withdrawing it all because the lady behind the counter had to wait for someone else and i dont think she knew what i was doing she gave it all to me and i just accepted it instead of saying no i only wanted $1000. so what im saying is i had way too much cash on me when i went to that bj table which is why i lost so much. otherwise id not been able to make those final bets of 3 hands $200 each with double downs against the dealers 6.

now st louis would be a great place to catch a plane cheap to almost anywhere, but where should i go? i am going to ride the free shuttle to the airport when i leave harrahs in 2 days, but i was originally going to take the metro from the airport to the amtrak. the amtrak leaves 7.55 to chicago for $24, (bus) train is $66, and again at 4pm. they shuttle u to springfield IL, where as far as i know is no poker, and then put u on the train into chicago. unless u pay $66 for the 7.55 am train. also the lowest fare i found was tomorrow $182 into philly. otherwise its $243 into philly.

this is the menu at st louis harrahs diamond lounge, not sure how to make it show up clearer. only open 4-8pm for food, but diamond lounge itself is open a few hours longer. noon to 10pm. no milk though, no computers. i took 2 good sized wrapped chicken sandwiches. better food than vegas. and no cost, not like ac nj which has the $10 fee.

anyway i feel slightly better knowing more about amtrak schedules, the majestic star contacted me back on facebook (rates up to $49 weekdays $79 weekends for poker players) and having the other $800 in the bank too. but i do fear im running out of money fast, and i need to find somewhere cheap anywhere in the country near a pokeroom, preferably in a small safe town. Britni used to look up this stuff at times, but a ton of the links she sent me werent close to any casinos, such as it has a lot of places in idaho on it and champaign urbana IL. how she came up with them cities i cant imagine, she was looking for things anywhere in the usa thats cheap. i would gladly pay someone money if i actually rented a place in one of the links they sent me if they found me a location in somewhere id actually like to go live i wouldnt have ever come up with or considered on my own. i think sioux city ia and catfish bend ia are cheap but i think their boat dont have a nl going daily. even MT, WV fl and penn among other cities would be acceptable.

i have only looked at the times of east bound trains, havent looked up trains going back the other way, really no desire to go back into shreveport and tx unless i went to tucson sante fe, or laughlin. and of course from chicago i could go to new orleans and have a tolerable 60 mile busride into biloxi where i can live $599 a month and bike long term safely to casinos. but if im going to settle down somewhere (which is what i really need) even that is too high. and no i wouldnt consider ever living anywhere by the stratosphere. i did that years ago live in bad neighborhoods as a kid in my 20s often paying $50-75 a week cheap rooming houses that nowdays dont exist. dont want to ever again. with the one exception of the old hotel in vineland NJ if its still available. that was an easy 2 hour bus into ac for $3 and safe.

the min buyin here is quite small. only $60-300 and the other boat is only $50 at ameristar. but im always buying in $100 or so. also the massuese here is only $1 a minute instead of $2. another nice thing here is the drinks are set out free in the casino where u can get coffee and soda without having to go thru the cocktail waitress. pretty nice poker room harrahs st louis. also the pioneer laughlin sent me $100 free play, so if i make it back to NV ill have $400 free play awaiting me between binions, pioneer and riverplams. i should go back but dont really want to.

rooms are so cheap in ac on my harrahs calender compared to here id kind of like to be there with such a huge choice of games. but there the games may be more like vegas, no action, instead of beatable like they are all over shreveport and st louis.