Monday, May 7, 2012

more good news

well for the first time in a long time, i now have a new roll of a little over $8000. the last time my roll was over $8000, was when i stepped out of the cab lake tahoe to las vegas with $8400 left sometime last Nov when it dropped me off in vegas.

won $200 today at table BJ before any poker games started around 9am. it was the normal 6 deck shoe, and the min bet was $15. i dont like the VP selection here because it dont have VBJ, or big split poker, and the min on almost all of the VP machines is 25c and up. (odd considering i won $701 once and $143 once and had NO losing sessions of VP).

so then i went to the pokeroom when the game started up, and turned $100 buyin into $300 and then went to my room to renew it or check out, and when i went to the room, i still wasnt sure what i was going to do. (it was going to depend on whether i could get the price lowered from the $85 quoted me both by my host and the front desk supervisor to the $68, $64 and $56 my website thru my diamond card was offering me. it wouldnt let me book because i hadnt been out of a harrahs for 72 hours. so i called the phone, and they also tried to charge me $85 instead of what my rate calender was showing.

so i found out only the manager of the hotel could override that and lower the rate (by my host) so i spoke to him ahowed him on my laptop (he had me refresh it to verify the rates had not changed) and then he reduced it to $68 today, $64 tomorrow and $56 wedensday like my calendar was showing i was entitled to. thats the most hassle ive ever dealt with getting my correct rates. so i paid $212 total including taxes for the next 3 nites. so im good til thursday checkout. They definiitely dont give them out FREE here to poker players alone.

they have so few rooms here its expensive usually and its a really nice hotel but no spa.

and then i finally got around to going back to the poker room after all that got settled. bought in for $100, started going down to $50 or so, decided to add another $140 ($240 total) and then started winning hands. a lot from a guy stuck over $1000 and on tilt. he made a huge overbet all against my KK when he had nothing, and my hand held up on a scary board. (he made the bet preflop). but that wasnt the bigger pot that happened earlier, i as usual dont remember anything, nor even what i had. i do know when the game broke i was up $373. i did win it off the same guy.

so i guess altogether today im up $773 so far, and most of it came from poker. and this has a lot to do with why id rather be playing outside of vegas. (i never had these type of wins in vegas like ive been having the last few weeks). in vegas grinding out $400 or more a week, or averaging over $100 a day was a really hard struggle. i think its because when im on the road, no one knows anything about my game. do u think that could be what it is, or is it something else?

or maybe it could be im playing less VBJ due to the fact not much of it exists around here. and because i like to spend as much time possible playing games i dont usually get to play in rooms im not usually get to be playing in.

would still like to settle down next to a casino though. and not where the room rates are a few hundred a week, but where i can rent a cheap apt thats safe without having to pay upfront by the month, UNLESS its a landlord who understands poker players and is willing to rent to them and its very close to the casino, or on the same public busline as the casino.

and of course i need to be in a place like foxwoods or parx where they are willing to give u a safety deposit box longterm.

might be back in vegas for koalas meet, hell with this much money i might even rent an apt there if i could ever find a location id like near a casino id want to play regularly. i am missing out on over $400 in free play between binions, pioneer and river palms.

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