Friday, January 31, 2014

Palms poker promotion changing--lets hope the room dont close down--and i still dont have my bankroll back in shape.

also Carmen is out now--i sent her a text a few times about how its going at the Palms. shes doing well and is in school. much better than i am in fact. i couldve done well tonight--but i didnt--because i wouldnt quit with a $76 profit once dead tired and the bus was running--and kept right on playing--thru the morning crowd--and ended up with a $59 loss. and now i really am tired--so ill keep this much needed update a little shorter than Rob would keep it.

Speaking of Rob, a redhaired older lady and her asian BF who play here daily sure seem like they could be Prudence from the way she talks about her breasts giving her a big pair, although he isnt named Tom, so i guess it isnt, also i assumed Prudence is much slimmer and younger.

heres the rules on bravo ive often been asked about the Palms promotion by those too lazy to look it up.

**$1 House RAKE!!** $1 House RAKE!!! Now spreading: 1-3 No Limit, $4-$10 spread limit, and $2-$6 spread limit. $1 House Rake! $1 House Rake! The POKER ROOM at the Palms features 8 tables of live poker play. This is the only poker room in Las Vegas that is built directly inside the Sports Book. With the most vibrant TVs in the Valley, there is no better place to bet your game, "sweat in your action", all while playing live poker right in the Sports Book. Offering all the conviences that a poker player loves. Close to parking, food court options, bathrooms, bar, and of course Sports Book action. See the poker podium for a list of all our current promotional offerings.

HOME TEAM CASH GIVEAWAY EVERY time the home team of the featured game scores, cash will be "splashed" into EVERY live game. **CONTINUES through the Big Game. NFL PLAYOFFS Saturday and Sunday ________________________________ 24/7 High Hands with Splash Pot Bonuses Quads= $100 + (2) $25 splash Straight Flush= $200+(4) $25 splashes Royal Flush $350+(4)$50 splashes *must play both hole cards*quads must be a wired pair* ______________________________ $100 AA Insurance-same color pays $200 Lose with a pocket pair of AA and receive $100. Winning player MUST be using both hole cards. IF AA is the same color (both red/both black) insurance pays DOUBLE!! **Note if winning player is only using 1 hole card, "insurance" pays $25. ________________________________________ Highest Hand of the 1/2 Hour on EVERY Table The highest hand of each 1/2 hour receives a $25 bonus. Each individual table has its own High Hand every 1/2 hour. Natural High Hand Bonuses are NOT included in the 1/2 hourly High Hands. Now its even EASIER to win!! ________________________________ $300 SET OVER SET BONUS If your set is beat by a bigger set; you will receive $300. ____________________________________ "SPLASH POTS" $25 @the :25; $50 @the :50 A random table will be selected at :25 after the hour and at :50 after the hour to be splashed with cash. _____________________________________ The ONLY room in Las Vegas that is only taking $1 in House Rake. We want to be your first choice when it comes to your favorite place to play poker. Come on in and let us know how we're doing.

and since they fired the manager who came up with this promotion (worth about $100-150 a day if u sit there 12 hours a day) more than im able to sit there at my age--i dont know what the Promo will be in Feb--and theyre not sure they will be able to even keep the room open.

but nothing will change til after the super bowl ive been told--so feel free to come on down tonight or tomorrow. if it ends--i dont have the slightest idea what i can afford to play or where ill go. ive been told Club fortune isnt often even running a game at night--curious how true this is.

and with that--i must sleep--will cali or vegas now be best for me? im afraid to give up my cheap place to live--nothing else will be that cheap ever--and im afraid ill lose there too. im one in a thousand who isnt comfortable sitting in a $1-2 NL game in vegas with only a $1500 roll. People first coming to america arriving in vegas for the first time would be thrilled with the potential opportunity with that same roll, but not me. im a realist and a very old man.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blog update for Josie--also i dont think i should go back to cali just yet. reason below.

well--i finally have internet access so i can post online (theres no wifi at the Palms where ive been doing most of my play lately). Nor is there here--but i did pay the $10 for one days wifi. i dont have cricket anymore since id only paid the 1 week extension while at the other location in vegas. tried to extend cricket here, but am on the side of the hallway the signal dont work and i just wanted to get online and sleep

Thank u to Poker Johnny, who drove me for $20, and if id taken a room anywhere else on fri and sat it wouldve been about $95 total even for the dump at koval and tropicana. i didnt want to pay for a week either when i want to start staying with Vince again on sunday and the net works fine at his house too.

i hesitate going to cali--although it keeps me off the machines--cause im just too old to NOT HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE--if i had a roll in the $3000s instead of the $1000s so i could afford hotel rooms via the week--id a lot more strongly consider it. even Toledo is preferable to Commerce, at least there id have transportation, and a friend to sit with.

also, ive had to put the net on zoom 125% from 110% because i somehow lost my reading glasses tonight again dammit, going to make it very tough to see phone texts.

that promotion at the Palms cant last long, its so strong and so valueable, its like theyre taking no rake and adding $3 to every pot. u get about $100 a day in free house money overall, and i won about $140 today. its easy money if u play tight and dont get too tired and play on tilt, or get frustrated, impatient, and start playing machines. there should be far more tables going than whats actually going.

but it does make me want to stay in vegas--and had i not blew about $250+ on machines since coming to vegas, plus all my living expenses, id be ahead $200 or so. im doing okay overall at the poker in spite of the golden nugget losses. those losses came too from playing tired and frustrated.

i plan to stay a very short period here, only til sunday and only to avoid putting out any cash at all on a room all weekend. roll is still about $1570 even after the $10 fee for 24 hours of net. had i took a weekly or paid at the other motel, id have quite a bit less now, and if i play any VBJ, my max bet will be 2 hands of $7. i need to only earn $5 in comps that i was short.

----and now for our feature presentation--recopied from Josies blog. hopefully this reaches a lot of readers new from her usual adience. i wish shed restart the blog for good--to be honest.----------

Although I've always loved blogging, I wish to God I wasn't blogging today. I am because this is so very very important to me. 

Long time readers of mine know my brother died many years ago. Well this post is about his son, my godson Joseph.

With the exception of Evan, I cannot think of another boy I love more. We were sooo very close when he was small, both before and after my brother's death. He's now a caring, strong man who hasn't had the easiest life and now lives in Florida.

Last week, work be damned, I bought two airline tickets to Florida, booked a seedy (kinda) hotel room, and my sister and I high-tailed to Orlando to visit him.


He has Stage 4 cancer; a very very rare form. They believe it started in his kidney and has now spread to his lung, lymph nodes, bones and bladder, I think. Have I mentioned he's only 26 years old, never smoked, doesn't party or drink? Joseph's idea of partying is ComiCon.

He'd been feeling sick for a while but didn't go to the doctor at first because he didn't (and doesn't) have health insurance. When he finally did, they told him he had tumors and sent him home with a prescription for anitbiotics. (NEVER GET SICK WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE!)

He was in too much pain so returned to the hospital and was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and again sent home. Again, the constant nausea and pain couldn't be controlled at home so he returned to the hospital. 

At that point the best option for him was to go to the Moffitt Center at the University of Florida to get into a clinical trial, but they wouldn't accept anyone who had chemo, so he went untreated for quite a while, hoping to get into the clinical trial. 

While my sister and I were visiting him, it was decided he was too ill to travel to the Moffitt Center anyway and the red tape and bull shit to get him in was just ridiculous. So now the wait began for the chemotherapy.

And wait he did.

And wait.

Every day I saw him, his stomache seemed to grow because of the tumors. It surely wasn't because of the hospital food he kept throwing up. We'd try to bring him things we knew he liked to entice him into eating. As sick as he is, he'd still keep trying to eat though it was apparent he didn't want to. The only thing he asked for was Slurpees....Coke and Mountain Dew Slurpees from 7-Eleven.

Can you believe, I'd never gotten a Slurpee before IN MY LIFE and didn't know how to work the machine? Also, I didn't know if the foamy stuff coming out was how it was supposed to work. So I tried another flavor just to see the consistency. So I have cups of Slurpee lined up on the counter in this skeezy part of Florida, and in walks a very tall erm...hooker. Okay, I'm assuming about her profession. And I'm using "her" lightly. According to my sister, she was really a he. And she determined that while waiting for me in the car. I must admit, I wasn't looking at "her" face.

It was weird because here I was with cups lined up half filled with different SLURPEE flavors and the clerks were ignoring me, letting me do my thang, but the second the he/she hooker came in, they stuck by her side till her purchase was made and escorted her out the door. Hmphf. I wouldn't have minded a little Slurpee assistance!

Shit, I got off track. 

This post isn't about hookers (although I saw a few others worthy of note) but about dear, sweet, sick nephew Joseph. 

He needs your help. I NEED YOUR HELP.

His mom, Rose, has been his advocate and by his side every step of the way. She's a single mother struggling to make ends meet as a social worker and it's impossible to deal with all the costs associated with not having health insurance and being gravely ill. Prescriptions alone are a killer.

Rose's friend set up an online foundation for Joe, called HELP JOE WIN HIS BATTLE.

He set it up on

Please go there and make any donation you can. I realize I may not have hardly any readers anymore, but if I've ever entertained you, pissed you off (lord knows I must've done that) please, please, please do this for me. No amount is too small. Drop a few bucks for my nephew and believe me when I say, your money couldn't be going to a better place.

Oh and when you do, mention that Auntie Josie sent you so he knows who the heck you are.

I'm not done asking for favor yet. Yeah, that effing biatch Very Josie hasn't posted in over a year and here she is asking for favors. It's true. 

If you believe in a higher power like Lightning, please say a prayer for Joe and send some positive energy his way.

Lastly, Tony, LightningRob, Poker Grump, anyone with a blog, if you could please re-post this, it would mean very much to me.

I love you all for helping me and Joseph in this time of need.


Very Josie

a/k/a Auntie Josie

and thats it--hope some of u are able to do something to assist in this--and speaking of hookers and hospitals--i was speaking by text with lisa hartman (working as a hooker in pahrump) in room 537 for stomach cancer at umc, but ive never met her. seems she was once married to clint black the actor, im amazed its the same person, but who knows maybe she just says its her. this was a girl i was going to meet once, but didnt realize how old she was, and of course all i ever do is right down phone numbers to text--ive got no money to meet anyone.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time spent with PPP and Lightning, even met Vinces cousin too

All in all, this trip back to Vegas has been a horrible mistake. im now down to $1487 and i had $1928 when i left los angeles. and only about $180 of it has been lost on VP machines. about another $180 of it has went on a place to live for a week, and the rest of it on poker losses, bus fares, food, etc. a great thanks to lightning for buying my food at Mc donalds one time this trip--at least that saved me about $6. and of course the ride home saved me even more aggravation and hassle, not many buses that time of night.

also since coming back to vegas, ive forgot my phone at least once at the stratosphere again too, left it on the same charger i left it on when i forgot it while catching the bus to los angeles.

Lightning claims he borrowed this car from some drunk guy--but its brand new and according to PPPs blog, it seems like he bought this car himself instead. anyway, im just relieved that he has it. without it, we wouldnt been able to go to the suncoast or the palms. (which is where we played yesterday) we began the afternoon at the suncoast--where i lost $60--(and i was already stuck $50 at the stratosphere waiting for him to come by) and i thought yesterday was going to be another horrible day.

there was a hand where he played like a big donkey and even VJ admits in her messsage to lightning on twitter. however, im quite offended she never answered back my texts at all to her phone. Also lightning told me about something really bothering her on her facebook page--and i cant see it. its not publicly available unless u are first added as a friend.

anyway heres the hand. its $4 to me preflop and i made it $10 with AAKJ. flop comes up KJ (and one small card) and i have the lone ace of diamonds with no other diamond. lightning is one of the 2 callers, and it turns out hes calling with nothing but 10 10 9 8 (and 2 diamonds). now is that a hand worth calling $10 raise with preflop in a high low game?

anyway, turn comes 9, and we all check, and im worried about the other lady in the pot hitting a straight. river comes 7, lightning bets and i call and lost. i totally convinced lightning i had a diamond draw, and he says hes glad he missed his flush. i also showed him the 2 pair on the river, and the ace of diamonds, but not the other card. soon after i lost the rest of my $60, but i did play about 3 hours. and then i left to use the restroom and dropped $12 on a machine on the way back to the poker room, if he is wondering what took me so long to get back.

so then we went to the Palms and he went to bed, instead of waiting for vince at 11pm. when i told him vince wouldnt arrive before then. sure enough, vince and his cousin comes, and he wont get back out of bed. so vince isnt too happy, and he hung out at the bar a short time, and i wasnt happy vince wanted me to leave the table and talk to him there instead of where i was playing. vince might see him today or tomorrow i told him he was still here for 2 more days. vince was also going to come to the suncoast at 9pm to eat, but we had left before then, and i missed seeing the texts until after i was playing at the Palms and had took the phone back out of my pocket. we both wanted to leave the suncoast as soon as i went broke instead of waiting around for Vince. i think lightning was really tired.

so about 3am or so, while still playing at the Palms lightning wakes up, comes and joins the game for a short time. by then im doing a lot better, and from having about $140 left is all when he goes to bed, to coming all the way back to $409, and finally quitting with $358, shows u what a loose game the Palms is with all the great promotions, odd they dont have more business.

the day before this day--though was REALLY BAD--and that was a day id hoped to see both lightning and PPP again, but no. was texting from the stratosphere, no reply, and finally got the bus to the goldstrike where i lost $15 online playing on UP omaha hi instead of hilow because i wanted to buyin for more than $5 and less than $25. the selection of games on there is very limited, and bovada has much better selection.

i left and went to the Nugget, and there was a big moose poker tourny in town, and over 800 entrants at the nugget and every table was full. all rich guys who think nothing of shelling out $500 for the entry fee. and u could tell by the way they played, i lost my ass there, 3 buyins total of $248. and thats why i went and played VP and made it worse.

nothing but limping preflop, almost no raising and flat calling $25 instead a ton of $2 limps and then hitting a set. i lost twice with a big pair to a set on the flop both well hidden.

and the day before, id met PPP and his friend at the Palms, and i wasnt winning that day, but i wouldve been up at one time had i not lost $72 earlier on VP trying to recover an $85 loss at poker. started running well late in the game, was down only $32 and then lost it moving to the $4-10 spread limit game with the $2 $4 blinds in a few bigger pots. i think PPP was upset with me for not coming to his game and wouldnt come to my game like he promised he would at first. or maybe he was upset because i remembered a hand history better than he did.

Unlike what he says on his blog, i was not behind him that whole hand. i walked up to him once talked, and then kept walking back to the opposite end of the table as him to see the final results, but not behind him again.

am still hoping to meet up with lightning again before he leaves, and i also wish a few other friends who never come here would come to see me, and ill probably be back in la very quickly for i cannot stay here where im dropping so much. no more NL for me while in vegas, thats for sure.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

finally, a better day (Pala Trip report) and i need to be getting back to vegas--only had a room once in 5 days.

Man it feels good to be back at the Commerce (took the shuttle bus from Pala to Rosemead and then took the 20 montebello bus up to Gage and Telegraph) and then jumped on the 62 to the commerce. (although i almost got off the bus at the motel 6 in rosemead with the $49 sign out). And im tired. I didnt want to sleep with my friend whose broke and desperate for money in a shitty bus depot in Gardena in a bad neighborhood with $500 on me, (hope he gets a bankroll together) so instead of staying at Pala waiting for the last tour bus of the night into Gardena along with him--i jumped on the first one i saw out of there. and got very little sleep on the way back up. Good thing i got such a long rest yesterday at the motel in Escondido. it wasnt in the best area of Escondido, and its normally $49 a night. Next time in that area ive now found out about better hotel options. But yeah im tired and i cant wait for the bus to start up in the morning. need to get into vegas quickly for PPP and lightning.

Bought into the game at the commerce with $40, lost it to the same donkey who at one point had over $600 in front of him with 88 preflop against his 67 offsuit (yes he called my allin reraise with that) why wouldnt i reraise and isolate--hes raising 93% of his hands. rebought $9, won a pot, was back to about $42 and then eventually lost it, rebought $20 and finally got aa and left the game with $110 ($41 of which was profit). i only rebought $9 the first time to avoid breaking the $100 bill.

The casino at Pala has a very small poker room with some decent promotions. they do high hands every hour some days, aces cracked some times of the day, and pay up to $5 an hour cashback with some racing for dollars promo.

The main floorman used to work at the Trop in AC, and i think banned me on 2 occasions. theres usually only 1 or 2 tables going at Pala, main game seems to be $1-2 NL. and the payouts and options really suck on the VBJ, (and betting limits) its not worth playing. and the 100play machine forces u to bet at least $1 total bets so its not worth playing either. u do make $15 in free play everytime u take the bus though--so sometimes homeless people ride it to SLEEP free of charge or to collect that money. Pechanga also gives out the free play too.

the players are quite bad, lots of button straddles, and they do it the way Rob and I hate, instead of the correct way a more classy joint like the Golden Nugget does it. some of the guys raise over 80% of the time preflop, so u can make money in the long run nitting it up with $40.

i played the game 3 sessions. and had 1 win of $66 profit, one win of $67 profit, and one win of $232 profit. no losses at Pala. (except the $64 i donked off in the $3-6 limit waiting for the game to start) so its a good place to play so far. they let me check my bag without asking if i was a hotel guest and the wifi there works great, even out on the outdoor patio and theres a plugin outdoors too. and it dont block all the things commerce blocks. i heard the hustler is even worse about blocking things. (i dont think any of my readers play at the Hustler and if thats the case--i dont blame them for not playing there).

another thing i want to do when back in vegas is test out that new PLO8 on UP--and i guess ill have to pay for a room a week since i cant stay at Vinces til the 25th. man is that going to set me back a ton--ill not be able to afford to play in the games PPP and lightning will want to play. But right now--im so tired--all i can think of is sleeping a good long nap 7am to 1230pm on the mexican tour bus into vegas for $25.

am still of the opinion cali is a better place to play than vegas--if i can only resolve the option of where to stay--im too old to be sleeping on buses and not having a room--and i just dont feel safe sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag--as cheap as it would be to sleep daily on a train--its a better option than wasting a ton on hotels or sleeping outdoors and if i have a unlimited travel pass i cant be made to get off. thats why other homeless people also do it (but very few since most dont have the money). Biggest issue with playing too far south in cali is they wont store ur bag at some of the casinos further south.

One of the players at the table in Pala said hed read my blog if i mention Gregs name, but i cant remember which player is Greg. all i remember is which player is Vinny.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm sitting here in the Commerce at the table naked

or at least i feel that way without my smartphone. (the one only useful for accessing the web). why do i always either leave those (or the chargers) behind in poker rooms or hotel rooms? Cant believe i didnt think about it til AFTER i was on the bus to los angeles, or id have turned around and got it even if it wouldve caused me to have purchased a $16.75 ticket for nothing. i called the stratosphere, and they are holding it behind the desk in the poker room for me to pick up upon my return.

and Vinces mom and his sister are coming into town Jan 17-25 so no room is available at his house then. so if i am in town to see lightning, ill have to pay for a week somewhere else.

well, the roll is back up to $2188 so far after 3 winning sessions off a $40 buyin. i dont know why i win here, and the long term average cannot be sustained here over the long run. and also i heard the rake at HP is $6 (where they have aa cracked) instead of the $3.50 here at the commerce, so that kind of defeats the purpose of going there.

but yeah, ive had 0 losses so far, cashed out $95 off $40 once, $101 off $40, and then $86 off $40. i would like to know how rich id be today, how much healthier my scalp and i would be, had i spent most of the last 10 yrs in cali away from all the VP machines, and just done nothing but grinded poker in loose action games. surely id have at least $25-75k. and a nice apt too, thats if the wrong woman and her bf wouldnt have set me up.

yeah i was getting worried for awhile in vegas when down to the 1700s and im still worried--a lot can still go wrong, ive nowhere to stay--got 6 hours sleep today in the spa--and ive got to return very soon to pick up a phone and to see lightning. But i think if id have spent most of the last few years here instead of vegas life wouldve been a lot different. remember i didnt start dropping the $15k until i left cali for reno, rented a place for $1200 to move in for a month, and started playing machines at the GSR. thats where i got all my contracts, and then went to Tahoe and lost heavily in bigger games.

no idea who the guy was who said he knew me from the Bellagio $1-5 stud 20 yrs ago and asked me for my cell, hoping it wasnt one of the trolls on RTP. he was with his kid and staying at the Commerce hotel. would kind of like to take the rest of the night off instead of playing 10 more hours, go relax in a hotel and play on bovada or seals, but ive got no money left online and no room either. nor any cricket internet paid for if i did. im using the commerce wifi. also i know its a sample size of 1, but the spa seems to pick up a much clearer wifi signal than in the past.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

how do i get rid of the curse?

yeah i just cannot ever win overall at the stratosphere--or is it vegas as a whole now? have the games gotten that bad? even a broke friend of mine is now posting on his blog how his bankrolls finally over $1000 better off than mine. im waking up with only about $2070. lost 3 out of 4 days, and only won the first day because of making over $250 off a straight flush.

there were both some really bad players at my table, and some really good regs, seemed almost no one was in between. Vince was watching a while, kind of drunk, got into a dispute with 2 others at the table and the dealer made him leave, really getting him pissed off, and his gf drove him home so hed be ok. he was there to deliver my laundry, but forgot the gift card. i went over there later to sleep, and am waking up now. i had to pay him $15 for that laundry too.

yeah i really dont feel i have enough to travel to cali (and be without housing) dont feel i should go back to Jean--but my god--how do i win with only 20 buyins of only $100 here in vegas. i do see the people who buyin for $300 (and thats quite a lot of them) seem to be the ones always winning. which goes to show having money helps more than having skill over the long run.

Seattle Irish wouldve loved that game--but he like mom, has taken me off facebook, and wont say why, unless it was cause my mom took him off facebook. he never will hang out anymore either just like PokerJohnny, but at least pokerjohnny still has me on facebook. even Grouchie does, and he never hung out. But Grouchie did something a whole lot worse--i dont see me listed on his blog anymore.

i was in for 4 buyins last night, totalling $312, and at one point late in the night i finally started getting big pairs big cards and they were holding up. got all the way back to $295, and when i left the game, i had only $131. mostly in 1 hand. i had QK spades (theres bonuses for hi hands) flop comes JT spades 7offsuit. so im forced to call all bets. not only that the games just because way too shorthanded, (5 of us) where i do far worse. i bet $2, guy bets $15, guy bets $45, i call, other guy calls. turn comes 6. i check, other guy checks, guy goes allin $75, i call praying the other guy dont raise, he calls. river Q, we both check. and the allin guy wins with 2 pair.

the hands i did win, i think i bet too much on the end and didnt get called. maybe i shouldve bet less. i dont remember any other hand details. i forget things too fast, and still have no charger for that cell. if i could, id take a picture of annes cat and dog which are over here. but cant without a charger. and i really have no idea what im going to do.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

so now im helping the city of las vegas--plan out where to put their new bus routes.

I turned down a ride to cali this week--because i didnt know where id stay over NYE--and also because even though ive done so well with less (at the commerce that is) i keep feeling i must be running way above average in the $40 NL there (due to a small sample size) --and its hard to believe in the longterm id clear over $500 a week hotel and transportation bills would cost. But i shouldve gone, wouldve only cost me $20--plus public transit to commerce from the santa ana metrolink station--and wouldve saved me the drop i had that same day on the VBJ here in Jean.

and right now im back in the $2200s and if id have left that morning--id been around $2500+.

In other news--my son was glad to receive his gift--and i got to talk with him on the phone about 30 minutes--and i desperately need my laundry done. need to also go into vegas and grab my $75 free play coming to me before i go to cali also. and ive not heard a word from Vince as to whether or not he received a package coming from cali.

Won some money on seals--transferred some to my bank thru coinbase--and got temporalily banned on RTP that i hope gets resolved soon. also i left enough on seals to play with, and im also broke again on Bovada.

The major piece of good news--i came across by accident. i was at the Post Office here in Jean, and i seen a flyer on there for the Silver Rider. (thats the public transit bus to laughlin from Vegas 3 times a week for $20--and also to St George and Mesquite--which requires reservations ahead of time due to some state law). They were planning to offer service (new) to Sandy Valley and Goodsprings (according to the flyer) which are about 10-15 miles from Jean--and the only town in the area (if u call a few hundred people a town). so i called, and they said that yes, once its going, that u could board at the gas station by the highway here in Jean (where it turns to go to those towns) but only with a reservation and only after it gets going, which should be very soon they said. it will run mon and fri from the south shore transit terminal, (not the Bonneville terminal) once a day on those days, between here and vegas. Herbie will be glad to know this. and yes, its for the general public. i made sure of that. they also said theyd check with the casino (needs casinos permission) to possibly consider offering a pickup there or dropoff. ill hear back from them soon.

the flyer in the post office said for people in this area--to call and make suggestions as to dropoff and pickup, and that the service they were considering offering was NEW. i never bothered to ask about the price. anything would be great, even if its $20 and its probably quite a bit less. i think mesquite is $15, laughlin is $20.

at least ive been winning on seals, finally have over 90 seals on there, which is worth right around 75c on the dollar. thats even after taking out the coinbase transfer to the bank. gives me a way to play a bit of poker--and earn a little money without leaving my room. which i did on NYE--never left the room cause i figured the casino itself would have too many people--and no one hates being near large crowds more so than me.

might possibly have a way into vegas friday. if so will collect the free play--and possibly go to cali again on monday. i still think the poker is better there--but worry constantly as to where to stay thats cheap. But then again--i never know ahead of time what im going to do.

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