Thursday, November 16, 2017

I folded pocket Queens

Lets talk about emotional issues and how they effect EVERYTHING to do with ones poker results. since everyone knows about my bad fold of QQ preflop in the poker kraut vlogger westgate game and video. video of me folding QQ go to the 9.35 mark

everyone on my twitter (and even my Uber driver on the way home was asking me about my fold there, since he follows different poker vloggers) and im well aware now it wasnt the best fold, but once im up for the day (a significant amount meaning well over $100) its hard to continue playing my best because i get paranoid ill destroy the entire nights profit. now if im behind, i dont fear losing the money (but i should) so then i get too much in a hurry to either make coin flips or win a big pot to get unstuck. people in my game would be able to win much more against me if they kept track of how much im up or down.

i did eventually leave the westgate Kraut game with over $200 profit, but i couldve done much better there. but the second i get scared of losing it back, i need to go, immediately. which is why i dont think others should object to those hitting and running. no one should feel forced to sit when they feel too uncomfortable to play their best anymore.

i totally forgot about how the 7-2 bounty would cause many opponents to make much looser preflop raises with this particular hand, simply because im not as used to playing in tables with this bounty than some of his vlog readers. to me, big raises and then much bigger reraises represent real hands preflop. bets in last position, or made too often, or on someones straddle, represent garbage to me, and then sometimes i lose money when it turns out to not be so.

tonight i let emotionally upsetting things at the table affect me too and im out over $1700 tonight when i returned home. my moral sensibilities were offended due to the sheer number of women who were queer in my table and especially how rich the biggest offender was who kept talking about things she spent the money on and what shes planning to do with it. but then again i won $40 in this game, but i did give back alot of the win. but i did get to where i couldnt listen to the conversations of traveling overseas (how they could afford it being retired) and how they were "more enlightened"

so i left bored, to go play BJ in the golden gate, where i usually win. and i lost so much my host came by and i got him to give me this fri and sat nite free of charge. so maybe ill take the sun plane out of town instead of the thurs one. i've got 3 nites ive never used in silver 7 too, but thats weekdays only. often days arent available and are sold out.

too many players in my BJ game werent playing correctly, (annoys me) the loud music with dancers (annoys me) the fact they give them dog collars with their names to wear about their neck offends my moral sensibilities (annoys me) people smoking nearby (annoys me) new guy sitting too close to me instead of over in the other empty chair since i was playing 2 spots with 2 empty chairs. (annoys me). he comes in i have 2 big bets out there because its a good count and i lost multiple prior hands in a row. $275 and $275 bets. he gets dealt A7, dealer has 9 showing theres like 4 of us playing, his first hand. he wont hit like he should, then i double down on my 92, and get the A which wouldve given him 19 instead of the soft 18 he has now. then i hit my 12, (on my other hand that is) and bust with the face card which wouldve given me 21 instead of 12 if he wouldve took the ace. so i ended up losing 3 bets of $275 then i quit pissed off. i swear no one could be this dumb. i think the house at times gives shills money to play to try to fix things so good players lose and get too mad to think clearly. people say u should give others the benefit of the doubt, which i do, i give them the benefit of the doubt theyre not that fucking retarded and just trying to make us lose on purpose. (why i get so mad)

then i returned to the nugget, down over $1200-1300. sit back in a different game buy a massage and lose over $500 within an hour, not all on one buyin. but i had to get the uber quite a bit early. i start talking to him and he mentions he knows me from poker, asks if i watch any vlogs, then i find out hes seen my QQ fold.

only thing i enjoyed was the massage the black girl gave me who isnt usually working in there and the good looking girl in my BJ table in the golden gate who was with some other girl. surprisingly enough, the girl by me knew the correct way to play, noticed her friends errors and played much better than her friend. too bad i couldnt convince her to come to the nugget poker room, but she wanted to go eat.. she left before the big loss. now these 2 women definitely werent gay she actually liked men instead of hating them and was much better looking. for a moment i almost thought it was cdizzy, who ive not heard from today, no idea if her plane arrived.

yesterday me and alysia chang played omaha in the orleans but first she met seattle irish in the nugget. i left before she did and took uber because she just wouldnt quit the omaha game for nothing, no matter how tired. but i did win in the game $83. i think she never got unstuck her $250. i really appreciate the big favor she did me of storing my 50 christian books i never had time to read near all before my upcoming checkout fri morning or thrus nite this week. (tomorrow) now i can feel free to take the bus or plane without wondering what would become of these books i paid $60 for. we drove thru mc d and she bought the food since i didnt have change for $100 and i will return it in comps in the future somewhere.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

poker in the nugget with the trooper plus BJ

well i havent played much but poker ever since i dropped down in the $15,000s. i guess thats one of the main reasons ive come back to just over $18,000. thank God i didnt have the big drop tonight, had too much in the game, but recovered my $460 earlier loss and eventually went home up $53 for the night.

the trooper was in my game for 2-3 hours earlier and hardly played a hand except for the poker grump 2-4 hand, where he flopped the wheel, and busted me when i shoved the nut flush draw. i expected 2 callers or more, but only he called. i thought id get better odds. i wasnt the preflop raiser and about 5 of us seen the flop for $12. i eventually quit the game down $460, long after he left. i caught myself making 2 really bad calls. i just couldnt quit with a loss, so i made the loss much bigger.

went to play some BJ, took $2500 out of the money behind the cage. seldom could raise my bet, so i bet quite low. never was down more than $500 nor up over $150. never saw any good plus counts except like 5 hands out of 200. i was just lucky in that i won a few key hands with doubles and splits. i wouldve won more were it not for my 45 minute massage at the table.

i was lucky in the golden gate too the day before. won over $150, and the other 3 off duty plaza dealers in the game were tipping so much the dealer colored up $150 in tips that hour too. there were like 10 of them off duty employees, most sitting in the bar. i dont think this bar has hookers. like the fremont bar, its just employees sitting.

but ive not played much BJ lately no more VBJ, or bitcoin BJ after those big losses. the only good VBJ in this area is so far outside boulder city its almost $40 to get there.

ive been using the bus more lately too, since uber isnt giving me discounts or lyft. and im doing a better job of waking up later, and going to sleep later.

when i returned to the $1-2 NL i brought the whole $2525 i left the BJ table with from my $2500 buyin. i eventually cashed out $3013. but i was down to $2250+ once. i won 2 key hands, one by sucking out. stole close to 3 smaller pots.

still wondering what will happen by nov 17 checkout, my time is rapidly running out. it will be quite difficult to be back over the $19,200 needed every time rent is up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

westgate Pokerkraut vloggers game

    I'm glad to report the $15,700+ is now at $16,700+ which means i didnt end up with a losing month in October, meaning i should still only be having 1 losing month per year. i've not played no more even money VBJ, no more buffalo machines no more VP and no more bitcoin BJ. so the comeback is from poker. but theres certainly a long ways to go compared to what i had in biloxi and detroit.

as always the wins and losses come in streaks every day in a row. this week it was just winning streaks. some of it from the westgate, some from the stratosphere, most of it from the poker palace and the nugget. i too found out the Uber monthly pass wont be available anytime soon.

i made sure to go to the westgate vlogger game sun night at 8 once i heard about it from Mark selby of the stratosphere. Pokerkraut was hosting it and the $10 once per dealer bomb pots were mandatory, the $10 2-7 bounty was mandatory, but at least the straddle wasnt. $100-300 buyin instead of the normal $50-200. i went early played all afternoon in the normal $1-2 then switched tables when it started up. eventually they got 2 tables. im sure he will have some good video of the game up soon, including my one bad fold with QQ preflop. when i finally left several hours later, (worried the girl Christin from pokerstars/ireland would bust me or seat 3 on the other end) i was up $214 and when i switched tables i was down $135 so id say i did quite well, even though i only got to collect the 2-7 bounty once unless it were twice. especially considering i took a bad beat with AK right off for my entire stack.

another girl was there even better looking who insisted on not being on film. id swore it was pokerkrauts wife or the girl Molly from the troopers videos but it wasnt. some girl named melanie and her husband ryan, and i think they work in the MGM pokerroom.

when i first moved into my place i wanted to use part of the $20k to get some help with getting my ID problems resolved. but i cannot figure out what to do first, and now i no longer have the funds. plus i needed to do this only if i couldve got it for more than 4 weeks since it takes up to 8 weeks. the citizenship attorney i contacted via his website email never replied back. im not sure which document i need first or whether ill need the N-600, the N-400 or just the consuelar report of birth. but it dont seem i know how to get any of these, so i need to just pay someone who can help. i wish i could give someone else the money to do the work, because im not understanding where to start. do i try to get the passport first? my computer dont have a printer to download forms either. but it did say if u were without the proof of your conseular birth report u could just pay extra $150 and theyd look for it for u. this would make the passport like $250+

how do they expect homeless people to do this to get shelter who dont have $600? plus dont california give ids to those who cant prove citizenship? not the normal id but some special form which is probably pretty much useless.

notice where i reported someone being unfairly treated and their livelihood being fucked with.

my comments on page 774? seems the moderator agreed the guy was being unfairly taken advantage of and removed a lot of posts but thankfully not mine. the story was a guy created a fake twitter and facebook site where he was marketing the troopers stuff without his permission and planning to pay him nothing. i felt they should be closed too. though he isnt one of my friends, i just felt like the Bible says to stand against injustice when u see it.

Friday, October 27, 2017

met a guy from twitter this evening

I've done a lot of poor decisions in the past few weeks, starting with the loss of $1700 in Biloxi at Boomtown. of course, at the time it was just normal variance in blackjack, with my big bets in with an edge. but it sure started a seriously downhill swing. i went to florida, continued to lose and pay too much in expenses, and im wondering if id done better in florida by playing nights.

the $24,900 i had in biloxi is now $15,700. thats it and ive not been this low in a year or two. i was at $19,100 after recovering $500 since prepaying the rent til Nov 17. Then i went and played in the stratosphere, thanks to Mark Selby letting me back in a place where he works. (i never went in there once i heard Mark got hired there since he threw me out of the westgates old room-brand new management in there now, all new employees, new room too) so ive played there since returning to town too. but did i ever get clobbered in the stratosphere. first day im there i won $250 high hand but left only up about $125. the next day or so later when i returned i lost $515 in the game. and i shouldve won that but they got me out early on and both times id won huge pots with ace hi flushes. so i left frustrated and then threw $400 in the buffalo machine. Vince claims u can win on it. nope u cant.

then the following night i blew $200 in the wynn poker room, then over $450 on the video POKER in the encore. then i went and bought $300 worth of bitcoin lost it too.

then i lost $800 tonight in the orleans on that horrible even money 7 hands at once video BJ. this was only after destroying a $209 win, turning it into only $4 win in the $8-16 hilow. then i dropped the last $100 in the nugget. and the night before, i lost $550 in live BJ in the golden gate where i usually win. this too was following a $200 loss from poker.

so im kind of been short tempered with others the past 2-3 days. and ive got far more books in the mail than ill ever be able to read before my rent expires.

----- the rest of this was typed up last night, --- and will add today i finally broke the ice by winning $269 in the westgate, though i was stuck most of the whole time til the very end. @dollarthrill on twitter was in there, and as he was about to sit when i was quitting (must do so immediately due to not being able to handle risking my profit) we decided to play in the stratosphere instead. i rode there with him, min bought $50, lost it to an idiot who called $50 preflop HU with 48 suited and hit it, then rebought $72 and lost it too. JJ vs AK the second time, and his seat again didnt open til i was forced to go or id lost back the whole nights profit. relaxing at home now with the $147 in profit minus Uber fees. i hope he is in there now busting them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

i now have a stable address for a while again

Seattle Irish was asking me why i was back in vegas and why i left after the WSOP and Koala were gone. well u see i had $19,200 right before i took the room for 5 weeks and i wanted to not be losing ground if i was going to continue staying in vegas. by the time my 5 weeks were up, i then had less than $19,200.

i had to leave Tampa, couldnt win, games were too nitty. (since then ive been told the higher stakes arent as tight as the $1-2). i did think id only be here briefly then fly elsewhere or bus it elsewhere to los angeles to play $12-24 mix in HG. but my stats this year were lousy in stud and limit 08 and im not sure why since i used to win in those games in the 1990s. at one point shortly after playing here, i was down in poker close to $1700 for the month of october. im now happy to say im only down close to $300 for october in poker. at $9.69 per hour again which once dropped to only $9.10 (for the entire year). but this is still much much lower than practically every other year this decade. it should be from $12-20.

i still think theres good BJ to be found in vegas but ive noticed there now putting the cut card at like 6 of 8 decks instead of 7 of 8 decks. im not sure if theyre doing this for everyone in the golden gate, or just me. i've mostly won this session, lost $500 once but won $650 once and $250 once. plus over $400 on the machine in hoover dam. there mightve been one more winning session too.

so im sick of flying, or riding a bus or Uber or train. i wanted an address id be at to order things in the mail. this time ill be staying closer to the Rio than before, and for less money too. so i took a place for 1 month and ive still got over $18,600 left. so when my time is up, as long as im back over $19,200 ill feel im "ok". i just hope i dont take no big losses.

so i went out and bought $87 worth of food too, filling up the fridge, and rebuying things like water pitchers and plastic microwave containers. plus some archie comics. ill try to ask uber about getting the monthly pass. my time will end mid nov unless i renew.i wouldnt mind going to phoenix but worry i wont like the BJ there.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Seattle Irish was right and im not going to be anywhere within 1000 miles of Tampa. maybe he can also tell me the meaning of my weird dream last night in which i was shoveling peoples snow for their christmas gift since i didnt have no money.

i felt like my table was filled with nothing but assholes in the hardrock this evening. 3 different people bet me off hands then showed a stone cold bluff, and 2 other times when i called i was shown the nuts. once with their aa preflop against my KK, and one other hand ive forgot. i wonder how many only played this way cause they knew my blog/twitter?

the reservation i managed to get out of by telling a major lie without any charges got canceled yesterday and i seriously thought last night i wish i couldve rebooked it for the same price. yes it wouldve cost me over $2500 for the next 5 weeks but upon checkout i wouldve got back $875 so it wouldve only ended up being like $1600. which isnt too bad per week for a better hotel. if i wouldve rebooked normally it wouldve been like $1000 more. this is why i prebooked it before the offer expired.

yes last night i won close to $165, biggest win here. im still out about $900 in poker for october. but today the losing was nonstop and i shouldve followed seattle irish advice to move tables. horribly tight most of the time except for those bluffs. i finally couldnt take it no more and i wouldve done a lot of things to get permanently banned or have the police called had i not quietly grabbed my chips and cashed out.

so i went straight to a christian book store picked out a book for $13 to read on the plane and then took Uber to the airport. bought a ticket for $83.88 and left. i will still have a roll of about $18,400 since i got the other reservation canceled without charged.

i just need to be where i wont be charged $400-500 per week to live but $150-300. plus theres no BJ here unless u can wong in and out of $25 shoes.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tampa trip report

Things just arent going so well, and for the first time in a long time im down to only $16,400. this is due to the fact im still out over $800 for October in poker, (im not winning, and the entire 2017 hourly for over 2000 hours is now less than $9.75 per hour). way too much spent on traveling, motels, and prepaying my rent up til nov 17 here in tampa to cut the cost down by over $150 per week, and im still paying over $325 per week. Plus im switching rooms on friday (it wasnt all in the same hotel). But theres tons of games to choose from here, and most were not very tight. im sure it cannot be repeated but several years prior, i did win over $21 per hour here. This was at a time my roll was floating between $11,000 and $13,000 and i dont remember the exact dates. i do remember posting how much i was annoyed by certain casino policies in the old poker room.

Most of the drop was the $3000 bitcoin i bought for $275 juice, then quickly lost. the rest of the drop was more rental payments than poker losses. no live BJ losses here. very little play too, with the $25 minimums. lot of it went on Uber fees too.

i visited the dogtrack on Nebraska where the hookers hang out (the streets 1-2 miles north and south, certainly not in the room) and none of the motels on this street are safe (or have any whites residing in the rooms). the only whites u might see are the hookers, and few of those. but the games in the dogtrack were good. i briefly got $200 up then lost it all and left down $85.

the motels on hillsbourough arent much better, but i think id feel safer there, its a main city busline i used to ride often. then theyres other motels east of the casino ive never been in i need to find out weekly prices. by mid nov, im going to be really broke. i will be getting back $300 for every 75 hours of poker in october if i remember to collect. Plenty of massage parlors on hillsbourough too, for less than the $2 minute in the Hardrock.

yes some of those annoyances were the nonstop requests of does anyone want an overpriced $2 minute massage? most of us earn $10 per hour or much less on our jobs, we sure wont spend $120 per hour on this. then theres $2 chips, the person in the SB (or left of the MS straddle acting first) and long waits a lot of the time for seats.

probably a bigger annoyance tonight for 2 of their customers were a guys quad aces got beat by another quad aces with 2 minutes to go in the high hand. then 20 seconds to go, his got beat by an even better hi hand.

i got bluffed one pot, but correctly folded QQ on another big pot. at least i recovered the phone i left in the Uber 2 days ago, with the help of AKgal. im due to lose it been like 4 out of 4 ive got it back when ive lost it now.

though u cant eat at the tables, the price of burgers or chicken tenders or fries is sure cheap in the new poker room.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Biloxi Trip report

seems when i last updated the blog, i was just arriving in Shreveport. well, Ray decided there wasnt enough poker action in the eldorado as there used to be and felt like the games would be better (and be more of them) in Lake charles, more like the multiple tables u see in detroit where he is used to. (i think the best place would be Jacksonville or Miami myself). so we left in 2-3 days for Lake charles.

on the way we stopped in coushatta, where im happy to report theres now 2 dealers angels machines instead of 1. ray hated the poker room however, when he took a bad beat for $100 (and i still didnt break the curse there, i lost $20 in the poker room-never playing nothing but blinds) its the only room i lost $2500 in a week just buying in $100-200 in $1-3 NL. turns out 2 nights after we left they had PLO mix and $2-5 NL, i never knew those even went there. its mostly $4-8 fixed room. didnt even look to see if i could get 1 free night.

since we got there on a weekday instead of a weekend, we were able to do the promotion in the Lauberge (well i got the hours in) for the $49 room rate. looked at longer term weeklies which were way way overpriced. its quite expensive here for those who arent renting apartments much more than most destinaions. the games didnt last all 24 hours, but at nights, the games were much looser than during the day. i continued to win in the $1-3 NL. Louisiana and MS theres $1-3 instead of $1-2 for the most part.

Ray felt like Biloxi would be much cheaper (not knowing the week oct 1-8 is called cruising the coast, with antique cars) and is the most expensive week in biloxi during the year. since he used to earn his living here playing stud 20 yrs ago, he felt the action would be better here. except for the tremendous availability of good cheap BJ games here, its not. once more places opened more poker, just like Tunica, this place died down. right now we are in the hardrock, courtesy of his sister in florida, who gets free rooms often. and ive prepaid a room elsewhere for 2 weeks on wed. but theres not always 24/7 games here. even the Beau went dark one morning.

the first night here while in the IP staying 1 night, i saw an 70-80 yr old man punch pokermonkeys friend Kai in the face because he didnt like his comment about his wifes picture. then he left before security came. the next day in the IP, i bought in $4500 to recover a long overdue $1800 BJ loss in boomtown next door. but before that i was up close to $3000 this month on BJ. i ended up losing close to $600 in the game. but i did good at first. caught a loose guy bluffing for $600, but later paid him off when i flopped 2 pair, he flopped a better 2 pair. cost me $1700. then i bluffed an asian lady preflop for $50 with T5 offsuit. she called me, she previously raised to $8. flop comes 55T and i bet it the whole way thru the river, she called the whole way, including my allin on the river. she had KK. they were still talking about it 2 days later and even on the Beau they were talking about it. it wasnt til i got to biloxi i stopped winning. though i had one good session here.

theres only 2 rooms with games, seems most of the poker rooms dont get games. not for $1-3 NL. too little population with too many rooms. but ive seen tons of good 3-2 low stakes BJ. plus i managed to get a safety deposit box without needing to be a hotel guest of the casino. im down to only $23000 though i was close to $25,000. both rooms were no max buyin. and straddle from anywhere but the blinds, but only for $6

still might get to meet lori here in biloxi, her husbands room here in the HR closed so hes in the pit now.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Trip report Tropicana evansville and Southland Gaming, Oaklawn Gaming

about 3.30 in the morning, Ray and i finally arrived in the eldorado shreveport. I'm glad to say im winning here still, turned $118 into $318 before the game broke up and i went to my hotel room to sleep.

Once we left Horseshoe southern IN, we went to Tropicana evansville. Ray proceeded to win a few hundred and i mostly broke close to even. i was up til i lost a big pot with a lone ace of diamonds when 3 diamonds showed on the flop and i couldnt fold it for big bet. the game was extremely tight during the day and loosened up at night. they do let u straddle from anywhere but the blind just like in the horseshoe but no one was doing it. and for any amount, but i never seen one over $6.

so when they forced the full table to close at 4.30 in the morning (which they do every night) i went to go play $10 shoe BJ, where they pay 3-2 and deal out 80%. i ended up winning close to $600

then went to west memphis arkansas to check out the dealers angels. there were 4 of them in there. but they didnt show the shuffle, but still shuffled 80 cards out of 4 decks according to the rules. they werent too busy in the morning from 9-noon, but were when i returned after getting some sleep about 9pm. so u would need to play them the right hours.

found out the poker room reopened, but it dont get much business most days. the $1-2 NL didnt go, 4 were on the list when i added my name to be the 5th. the manager told us on wed, sat sun and mon the $1-2 PLO8 goes all the time. i figure it would be loose. but again u would need to time it to the right days.

the good news is there safe motels up the street (with inside hallways for under $90 per nite once u include tax) and 3-4 by the week not too expensive within 2 blocks walk. the casino is well over 90% black, but the motels might not be. but i dont feel comfortable in those weeklies due to the door anyone could walk by, though one didnt look too bad. they do have uber.

the final stop enroute to the eldorado was oaklawn in hot springs, which is off the main road and felt like the drive denver to blackhawk. or reno to incline village. they had closed their room in may, no more poker, and the wrong type of VBJ instead of dealers angels. i still would like to see ray visit winstar or lake charles. but i need a steady address too. I'm just glad im over $1000 better off than i was after paying him the $600. he is too. and im glad my free buffets with 1 guest still are good here too. and though ive not played BJ since arriving im glad theres good $5 shoes again.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Trip report Cincinnati and Louisville

Ray and I left Toledo Monday for Shreveport, (for $600 in expense money for driving which i paid) reducing my roll to $21,400. if he doesnt leave shreveport to return to Toledo, im to cover 100% of the hotel costs for the first month, unless he starts doing well in the poker and me less welll.

the idea was to stop everywhere along the way. Jack casino in cincinnati, Horseshoe Louisville, Tropicana Evansville, southland gaming in west memphis arkansas, and possibly others enroute to shreveport.

cincinnati has a rather big poker room, bigger than id expected. good rules for poker, but certainly not a good place to play BJ. $100 min buy in the $1-2 PLO is nice. 9 handed is nice for $1-2 NL. they have $2-5 every night too. but u cannot get seat change buttons due to seniority. how they decide whose telling the truth when 2 old guys swear theyve been there longer than the other 8 hours later when no one else at the table would know, i wouldnt know. bad rule. ray told me he seen pictures PPP took of this room.

horseshoe louisville is pretty empty due to not many people in this area. unlike the casino in cincinnati right downtown, this casino is way out in the boonies. we found empty $5 BJ tables here at 6-8 am which u wont find most places, paying 3-2, 6 deck shoe with 80% penetration. i won over $250 in a couple hours. mostly with one other guy who bought in $1000 but wasnt betting by the count like i was. i think they thought i was martingaling, since i bet slightly higher early in poor counts, but when the BIG bets went in for 20-80 units, the count was good. but not for 1-4 units. his bet sizes varied radically, with some huge bets in poor counts. but he won over $2500. i warned him before he sat i moved from 1-2 spots frequently and he didnt object. by the way, they did have me logged in with my players card while playing which made me nervous, but i think they paid more attention to the other guy since most of the time his bets were higher than mine, but not all. one time i would swear they overpaid me $80 too. this happened in firekeepers too 2 different times. nice thing is its so easy here to find $5 games without them being full of people. guess not many come out here this time of the morning. u can find empty games in the golden gate in vegas too. certainly not in detroit unless u min bet $50 in the high limit room. never firekeepers. those were very crowded.

i used up $140 in comps here too which id earned in planet H and in atlantic city poker rooms on 1 night in the hotel plus ray had 1 free night. we didnt need to switch rooms, they just changed the names from mine to his the 2nd night.

this afternoon will be arriving in tropicana evansville, and probably late tonight or tomorrow morning, southland gaming in west memphis, where Benny liked to go. ive been told the electronic poker tables were removed. will investigate, and plan to be in shreveport by this weekend. depends on how tired ray gets and which city we decide to get a hotel room in.

so if anyone wishes to play poker enroute respond quickly. i didnt recognize no one in cincinnati or horseshoe indiana, except a former peppermill dealer Jacob who knows of my blog. but none of the regulars here seemed to know of me. they let u missisippi straddle any amount any position but the blinds here in the horseshoe.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

the big drop and why $2-5 is better

well the 2nd trip to firekeepers wasnt quite as good as the first. and seeing we already had a room elsewhere, i didnt feel like asking the host on duty about one, though i think i shouldve lost plenty to get it. ill do this if i ever go back, but i really dont feel i should go there, because i bet way too much on a machine where i dont have any edge. (refers to the $3000 i lost on the Ultimate tx holdem video machine). i did win $158 in the $2-5 NL.

i originally planned to play BJ there since its much lower stakes than greektown, or toledo. but the tables were way too full, its hard to get seats where u can play 2 spots, or for $5. plus they make it tough to win seeing if u enter mid shoe, u cannot bet 2 spots (just 1) and u must not bet over $100. so to avoid having to be around other people, i played the $3 ultimate tx holdem instead where i could martingale as much as i wanted.

also planned to sit in the $1-2 PLO as did Ray, but neither of us got around to doing so. but its only $100 there to min buy.

so im back to around $22,100 from $24,400 and the only reason ive still got this much is i recovered around $200 per nite every night since. all from playing $2-5 NL, which is pretty much all i played ever since. i dont like the $300 min buyin in the $2-5 in toledo. But its looser than u would expect $2-5 to be simply because those of u in vegas dont realize how much looser the games are in other parts of the country, such as shreveport, reno, here, phoenix and atlantic city.

Ray feels like he should be playing it too, though he dont have the roll, because he takes it more seriously, sees the potential to win big in it, and has done much better in it than $1-2 cause it keeps him from getting pissed and going to play keno. Ray tells me it will keep me off BJ and other games because now ill see i have the potential to win real money.

i just wonder how much more money id have now if id spent the last 5 yrs playing $2-5. maybe id have saved up like $100k and won like $75k per yr instead of 20-30k most of the time. $200 on average profit per day (and winning $2000 per day i see lots of the players doing it) would count up pretty quickly.

Friday, September 8, 2017

firekeepers trip report

I'd been looking for a lower stakes blackjack shoe game than u normally find in detroit and toledo, and Ray and I also wanted to see their Thursday night PLO game with the $100 min buyin. we didnt know theres a $50 PLO tourney the same day. so we went to firekeepers early wed morning after leaving Greektown. i was down $429 when i left Greektown but i was no longer down by the time we got back to toledo.

there were lots of $5 and $10 shoes, actually few of $5 but lots of $10 or up. still not the easiest to be alone with the dealer though. theres lots of customers here. they have a few CSM too, but its mostly shoe games. all of which pay 3-2. over the course of 2 nights i won a bit over $500 on BJ. twice the dealer paid me when he shouldnt, one of those times he paid the whole table with his 632A (he thought he busted).

Rick who used to be the poker floor boss in the old Imperial Palace was surprised to see me walk into the poker room and wondered how i found my way out here. he agrees with me the UTG should act first when the button straddles and not the SB and he said he would bring it up to his boss. Rob will be happy, and i dont think hes been too happy with me lately (or lightning either,) since ive not seen no comments in a while.

I was surprised to see they let u play with $100 bills on the table. didnt know u could in MI. was also surprised to see theres no Uber here. closest Uber to Firekeepers is in Jackson MI, close to 50 miles out. the casino is too far out for the city bus and the cab fees are outrageously high. unless u pay $159 or $115 to stay right by the casino. theres cheap motels way down the road for those with cars or bikes.

its a good casino though. i found an ultimate tx holdem video game. lost $800 but recovered it over the next 3 sessions. theres $3 video BJ too which shuffles every hand and is 3-2. i didnt play it. plus the buyin in the $1-2 NL is $50-400 which is a good spread. theres $2-5 nl $200-1000. and $100-500 PLO. i broke close to even on the poker. i was up over $1900 at poker on sept 4, and now on the 9th im still up over $1700 on poker this month. so im a little over $23,000 in the roll now.

the blog writer Ace i sent my card to pick up free play in MD live is giving me all kind of wild stories why my free play dont exist. i wasted $13 sending him the card. i know its there i see it in my account.

i wish i could just put an rv in the parking lot of firekeepers so i could play there everyday. ray says i can buy one used under $5000

Monday, September 4, 2017

The horrible way in which Motor City casino treats its customers.

before i get into the main topic, let me give u a brief update on how im doing. im up to $22,800 and over $1800 in poker wins for the first 4 days of september, which isnt too bad. as slow as August went i knew some big wins were overdue. Theres a lot more cash stored with various casinos up in this part of the country than there used to be.

Ray wanted to get up to Greektown early yesterday, because of the drawings all day, one of whom would be winning $6500 or a 2 yr lease on a car. (poker players only). i couldnt sleep, so when he knocked on my door at 2.30pm to drive us to Greektown, i was too tired, i shouldve fallen asleep about 7-8 but i didnt til about 11am. so he went by himself, and i thought i might just play in toledo.

i eventually woke up about 7pm, and decided to take Uber to Greektown, seeing how much less Uber prices are in this part of the country. just like cheap eggs (70c) cheap milk ($1.19 gallon) and the lowest rental prices in the county if u google search it ($447 average 1 bedroom apt) uber is much less per mile here. so for $64 and an extra $10 tip for return gas, i got a lady to drive me to Greektown.

Ray wasnt doing too well, but was planning to be there til he did better, so i found a seperate game and eventually got up a few hundred. was once up $600. then i get moved to a new table, (when i got a big stack i always hate and resist this, which wouldnt bother me if i had a short stack). the guy in the middle of the table who seemed to know me had a big stack but this table didnt have as many big stacks as the other tables did, so i picked it.

6 of us see the flop with my AJ for a raise. flop comes 26J with 2 hearts. ive got the ace of hearts but not the J. the black guy with all the chips bets $20. one other guy calls, a middle eastern guy whose been getting on my nerves alot with his candy crush comments which i dont play on my phone. i should raise big here, but ive still over $550 behind, and hes got over $700 behind and im up way too much for the day since i only bought in for $53. so i worry about giving it back. figured id wait for the turn. and see if they check. plus then a flush draw they might have would only have one card to go. turn comes 3. he again bets $30 other guy calls im still afraid to raise, since he didnt check. big mistake on my part. were i behind money for the night, id have definitely bet big.

river comes 6. he bets $45, other guy calls, i call. the black guy wins with 6-4 offsuit. middle eastern guy shows J. if i shove the flop the black guy folds, the middle eastern guy whose very loose might call and id beaten his kicker which he didnt show. so i left immediately couldnt get ray to, so i went to go to motor city.

now ive been pissed off with weird motor city policies before. Greektown will sell u chips by the floor coming to your table, without u needing to get up, or in rare instances instruct the dealer to sell to u. both motor city and mgm make u go to the cage. even if u are playing already and went bust. so often i must remember to have $100 chips in my back pocket for if i bust, which u often forgot about when cashing out. which makes me feel like its their real reason for doing it and not their BS excuses. motor city dont even use a players card. which keeps the dealers from knowing your name when its your BB.

poor cell phone reception in the area by the casino made it difficult to get an uber driver but i found one, the first one canceled. i was hoping ray would leave soon before he got more stuck but the high hand promo was starting up at 4am with $600 for any aces full or better.

i quit still up over $300, and planned to buyin elsewhere for $50. but when i got to motor city, i found 15 people on the list, (none of whom were being seated, all were standing outside the room or sitting outside, waiting for seats.) yet there were like plenty of open seats, including some tables only 6 handed. here they play with 10, quite common this part of the country which i hate, preferring 9. the reason there was so many open seats and none were being filled is they wanted to send home employees on overtime. now ive seen them do this before, but forget they do it so often. so they were trying to break tables sometimes by force. until they combined enough games to send home some dealers, NO ONE was going to get a seat. the other names on the waitlist didnt like it either. the staff told me it would be at least an hour or more id need to wait.

so im outside the room and a guy comes up asking about my shoes if theyre velcro. i didnt even know what that is til ray explained later on. i didnt know and didnt feel like talking cause i was busy on my phone with something important and i asked him to please let me be. if this was brandon dean or bean face killa i apologize, i was too busy fixing a phone problem to look closely. he seemed to know me.

so i left pissed and took another uber elsewhere, and still had issues with this uber, had to cancel and use lyft. theres like 5 cabs outside too but refuse to use them. it would be like $15 for a $5-9 ride, and i resent them in general for poor service in the past refusing to go short runs and blocking uber in many cities. lots of panhandlers outside valet too either wishing to borrow your phone or something else.

when Ray finally came to get me he ended up out over $500 and i had won over $400. minus all the uber fees. im just as pissed people play at motor city and tolerate the poor service as i am the staff. too many people defend the casinos, and especially the employees when customers feel the policies are rude. its why people got blocked on twitter. if no one else played, theyd fix it. theres 2 other better rooms to play in here. its why so many places offer 6-5 bj and resort fees too. people dont get upset enough over it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

a weird situation which took place tonight at my table

    Let's talk about why my roll is now over $21,000 since coming to Toledo from Vegas. its NOT just due from the $2600 ive won in BJ since returning to Ohio. its not just from playing more $2-5 and more PLO than i used to. Much lower expenses, better gaming conditions, and a bit of luck have had alot to do with it.

lets discuss a hand tonight in which a guy got mad and called me "a little bitch" for calling over the floorman. i had close to $250 in front of me, and a guy reraised my preflop raise with AA, i reraised to $112, and he put me allin. flop comes up 456. turn comes 3. river comes 2. i show AA, and wait to see his cards, and the dealer speaks up and says "split pot" WTF? hes not supposed to say nothing unless he turns his hand over. i think they were friends. so he starts pulling back his chips, (which his and mine werent even counted yet) and im asking for the floor so loud the floor cant help but overhear. now this guy had went to such lengths to muck his hand in such a way id never be able to see it, so it wouldnt be recoverable. he thinks he dont need to show it since the dealer says its a split pot. the floor consults with his boss, then returns to tell him his hand is dead since he didnt show. then he goes ballistic since he didnt get any of the pot. (plus losing his $250) and starts saying im angleshooting and calling me all those names and goes off on the dealer for not telling him to show his hand. i got to keep the whole pot, then immediately left to be away from the guy.

spoke of it when i entered the next room while signing up, and this floorman too agreed i deserved the pot. i think the dealer was the one out of line for trying to give him half the pot without having him have to show me what he went allin with.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Progress report

Right before i left the Hoover Dam Lodge I was somewhere around $17,400 (this was before i purchased airline tickets while in the airport over the net) i kind of left vegas without knowing for sure id be leaving that night, so as usual, i hadnt yet bought tickets. luckily for me, the price didnt go up while enroute to the airport, and once i got there and logged into working wifi, i was still able to buy them for the same price. Lightning can feel free to tell u how much i was concerned over this.

so after tickets, and food in the airport, i think i was close to $17,200 when i touched down in cleveland. as i stand tonight, im over $18,900 and not much below $19,000. at one point since coming to Toledo to live, i was down below $16,300. im finally back to winning $1004 for the month of august, (yes i know its not much.) i won more from live BJ in toledo/Detroit than from poker this month. i know why its low this month too. its due to poor play.

u see im not winning in $1-2 NL this month. my wins in poker came from my $2-5 sessions, (almost all were winners) my PLO sessions (more than half the months profit) and my losses? well i can think of 3 really bad shoves when tired losing and late into the session when i was ready to go home, which caused me to lose over $500 one night in Greektown in $1-2, $700 in Greektown in $1-2 and $300+ in greektown once in $1-2 NL. one involved calling off $700 with AK suited into AA. Just because u are tired and looking to coinflip, doesnt mean its a coinflip. this is why u are much better off taking breaks to play BJ at times.

and theres so many things to annoy u while at the table. People talking on the phone while playing poker. People putting racks on the floor next to u to trip over. People wearing headphones. People straddling, (and the fact Detroit does it in the wrong order, unlike the Wynn and the Nugget). People showing off how much richer they are than u by buying in full. People sitting in the game badmouthing the President. People asking to wash the cards. People talking to the waitress when its on them to act. People who wont ever fold, making bluffing impossible. People holding up the action. People who wont turn their hand over. How can u focus on playing ur best with all these annoyances?

after a while, u are happy to leave, and the longer it gets into the session, the smaller the win u will accept for the night. when u are old, u want to try to keep the same sleep hours every night or its too hard to get back on track.

did any of u know coinbase is now charging up to $4.75 for small transactions? imagine if VISA charged this for small store purchases. something needs to be done.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

back in toledo

ive left vegas for good now, and flew into cleveland where Ray picked me up and drove me home to sylvania OH. i really appreciate him doing this for me, but im a bit irritated he didnt hook me up with the black girl whose 20 he promised to which he wasnt interested in who spent 1 night in his house. or the 23 yr old in genoa he thinks found someone else. Plus i just discovered plenty of fish no longer lets u search for women more than 14 yrs out of your age range. i never got to be with women 20-30, when i was in my early 20s i only went with women over 30, they were much more interested in fooling around.

we've been going up to greektown every night, or one of the other rooms. i found out turtle creek is only 4 hours 19 minutes from google maps. ive still not been winning though. im down still for august, so its pretty poor news financially. the best news is he chopped the tourny 4 ways i encouraged him to enter since he thinks hes better in them, and just like flushdraw might be.

i made a few poor shoves late into the evening when tired of playing and ready to leave. i never could steal the pot. at least i know where im making errors. plus they have good BJ games here, but the min bets much too high. but a rich counter would love the deep penetration.

the biggest accomplishment was convincing both ray and lightning to meetup in IN on the majestic star pokerroom. i covered the costs of ray coming and we got to meet and eat. lightning took one photo but i dont have it of course. Lightnings blog got delayed due to a death of someone i never knew but he knew well. im interested in his koala stories unpublished too.

ive done a poor job selling bitcoin when at the lowest and buying so often when at the highest, but at least im still over $16,000 i dont know how id done had i not left vegas. ive found a good 08 stud8 mix $6-12 2 nights per week. pretty high hourly for the low sample size, but in parx its the only game i did good at winning close to $500 the one time i played.

Monday, August 7, 2017

am i making mistakes?

This time i really did move out of my other place after being there a little less than 7 weeks. i checked into the nugget for 2 nights, using the rest of my comps up. i've lost almost all of my last 6-7 sessions in the nugget, which is why im still behind well over $500 for august live poker, even with the $590 poker win in north LV, while in the Poker Palace with the duke of fremont. so i should be out of town before Friday. im down to $16,000 now from $19,200 so if i keep in town longer ill keep getting broker.

So now lets focus on why im not winning, and determine if its just the much higher quality opposition in vegas as compared to most other cities. Or if its something else. i did win in July but only $1291, not enough for the high cost of expenses.

i started off turning my $120 into $274 with back to back QQ. from there on out it was mostly all downhill. kept adding to my stack til eventually i left the table out $347 of the $3247 i had with me. thats when i went to check in to my room, and stop in the grill to take food with me to relax a few hours.

Koala came by for one final visit but i couldnt get him to play any poker. he claims he's "not a winning player" and would be stuck much more for his trip were it not for some BJ winnings. so basically he sits in his room most of the time.

heres some of the different hands i played. one hand theres one old man ive seen in here most of this week. im not sure how often he plays, dont remember him on previous trips. he often raises in the worst position possible preflop (which to me feels idiotic) in the BB or SB when its limped. problem is no one calls often enough to evaluate his hands. he does it to $12 with J9 offsuit i called with 55 near the button. how near, i dont remember exactly. flop comes 5J8 with 2 diamonds. he bets $15, i bet $45, and am surprised he calls, so im thinking he got a big pair or a flush draw. turn comes A with the 3rd diamond so i check along. i thought i might get check raised allin with money behind. probably should bet? K comes on the river, check check and im good. he only had J9 so i guess he mightve not paid me any more?

last night one guy from canada (who i originally mistook for a local in here everyday, then found out he wasnt him) when i bought in $3000 in $500 chips when i left the paigow table, ended up covering me in a few hours when he moved to my table and seen i was losing big. Richard moved to my table too, and hid his last name on his card. he seemed to know me wanted the seat on my left, played very weird and loose raising often, and i lost a big pot to him when he hits 2 pair on flop of K23 and i had top pair. i think he might be richard menzies on my facebook, his picture looks like him. i lost close to $400 luckily i didnt lose more. got pretty tired.

then one time i called $10 preflop with 3 others. flop comes A23 all in clubs. i had Q9 of clubs. he bets i raise he goes allin with AAA and im winning til the river which is the other 3.

once they see im on full tilt when i sucessfully see an easy bluff steal preflop with 94 offsuit (which worked and 3 folded once theyd originally called $8) i then get KK the very next hand. so i know ive got them setup perfectly to think im weaker. so i go allin blind preflop to get called loosely by 1 guy. flop comes 457 sure enough he calls, with 78. and then rivers 2 pair. i dont think this play was bad either, just bad luck on the river.

then the woman in the make america great again shirt on the other end whose out of state and unfamiliar with their promos and straddle rules and bathroom locations bets on the flop of A78 ive got 78 suited, in spades, 3 hearts on the flop . i raise, she calls. turn comes 4th heart, check check. river pairs the wrong card and she still bets into me i folded of course she shows the K of hearts.

i dont think my raise on the flop while still ahead is bad either, not my fold once i was beaten. seems the only error im doing is not hitting n running while up

Sunday, August 6, 2017

the duke of fremont

      Im just not getting anywhere here in vegas, probably being punished for deciding to stick around and not fly out when i said i was about to fly out over 1 week ago. at least koala got to see me and we played a bit in the redrock, hoover dam lodge VBJ, and the nugget. Seen vince too and finally got the mailer from him for st louis. they reduced my 16 monthly coupons for free BJ bets to only $90 each from $125 each.

Tonight i couldnt win again, im back to being behind for the month of august. July i only won $1291. last night in the Poker palace in north LV, while sitting next to the Duke of Fremont (pic of me and him on twitter) i turned my final $142 into $732. i wouldve been way up for the night had i not lost well over $200 in the nugget poker room earlier that afternoon, plus over $200 more on BJ in NLV. instead, i only ended up winning a little friday night. my hourly is $50 per hour this year for the poker palace.

the duke of fremont was in my game again tonight (saturday) along with 2 guys from twitter, 2 women in the game, one of whom i think desperately wanted to pick up the guy on her right, and derek from twitter's left. Plus i think she was hollywooding about how often she plays poker. she knew way too much about other rooms, promos, been in way too many places around the US, yet pretended not to know when the wsop is, and said she only played 20 hours this year. she was winning much of the time til the end. id not lost as much had i not shoved $135 on the end when i felt the other person was weak, they were, but they improved a bit on the end. they still thought some time though.

im quite concerned as to why my Uber rating is down to only 4.45. too much complaining about other drivers, and no tips? i dont know. or maybe just not wishing to use the freeway?

tonight when leaving the nugget, i went to the D to buy bitcoin from the atm, but my signal on my cell was so poor i couldnt open my bitcoin wallet to scan the code. so i had to go to the lucki dragon to buy it instead. there it worked fine. so i played some paigow poker, but didnt like it when the other players would rather quit than me be the bank. i hate this, takes the fun out of banking.

i think ill get out of town for sure this week. cant afford to live here. im living off last years earnings for many months now, not this years. did find 3 books in a used bookstore for $24. 2 gambling books, plus one story of life in germany during the war, hiding from the govt.

Friday, July 28, 2017

from the lobby of LAS international airport

    Most of the day today was spent unsure if i was going to renew where i was living in for a longer period of time or not. it's not easy to VOLUNTARILY move out of one of the nicest and most comfortable safest places ive ever lived in. but i know in the end its very difficult to win more money in vegas than u can in other cities and is the worst of possible choices of cities to pick if u wish to earn your living exclusively from live poker. i won only $1200 in July in poker. and spent well over twice this on this months living expenses. i dropped from $19,200 when i moved here for 5 weeks, to $17,300 today, so this isnt the route to success.

But where should i go? hmm. I would love to visit albuquerque, hawaiian gardens, missoula, miami, new hampshire, Moline, Blackhawk, and 1-2 other places. but im probably better off in reno or shreveport or detroit or tampa or st louis if i really wish to increase and grow the bankroll.

the goal today when i started the day with $17,900 was to win $1300 so i wouldnt lose any ground. (or at least win 400 so i could renew my lease 1 more week which would kick the can on down the road a week). i started off not doing too badly, i bought in $113 in the wynn (where i went because i knew id need to close out my box before i go out of town) though i know the game sucks there. the choices of varities are among the best in town, but certainly not the quality of the games themselves.

in the first 30 minutes i had it up to where i had $243 on the table. then i started losing, and eventually was in the game for $583. briefly got up one more time, and had $631 in front of me. but when i dropped to $468, i left for the $1-2 PLO. i think i wouldve been better off trying the $2-5 NL.

i got tired of never getting to see the river in the $1-2 PLO. due to fact its usually raised preflop to $15, then re-raised to $45. i seen very few hands, much tighter than the field. especially with the $5 bring in. (why its not good for the game). one flop i seen the $15 with ak clubs 45 spades and flopped the wheel with the diamond flush draw out there. checked to me, i bet (u dont slowplay in omaha) no one called which shocked me, and i showed only the 45 of spades, convincing them the other 2 were 67 of a different suit instead of the ak clubs which is true.

then i never won one more pot. got dealt KKJT with 3 diamonds, made it $20 on the cutoff. one guy in EP reraised to $90. i called, flop comes J63 rainbow, he bets i folded. how would u played it?

then one more hand i got KKA3 preflop i only limp $5 being UTG out of position, no one raised this time. flop comes Q42 guy bets pot, i folded. turn comes 5, river 6, he won with 37. he turned the wheel though too.

finally after being there 2-3 hours, plus a few hours in the $1-3 im ready to commit with my last $261. i raised preflop with A4 of hearts KK, no heart. flop comes 359 rainbow, one heart. i check one guy bets pot, folded to me, i shove. no point in check calling, then folding the turn. made this mistake too much in the past. he calls and im still ahead at the time. the 5 on the end seals my fate and gives him trips. he had A567. he'd recently lost back the whole $1500+ in front of him and was looser than most.

i quit, cash out my lone $1 chip which didnt play. i'd rather go thru life paralyzed than give it to the dealer. got my deposit of $100 back, plus the $3000, and went home. no BJ in the wynn, for sure. $50 minimum if u wish to get 3-2. good thing i wasnt downtown mightve lost $3000 more in the golden gate if the worst were to occur.

cooked the last remaining can of chicken dumplings, then the can of green beans, and though i wasnt entirely full, that was the end of the food. maybe i shouldve used up some of my wynn comps. then i went about packing my bags, and trying to remember which pieces of silverware were my own so i didnt accidently take silverware which belonged to someone else. Turned the keys in to the doorman and left for the airport in Uber for an early morning flight elsewhere. i didnt figure id wake up in time if i went to sleep. im tired, not in the best of moods, and dont feel like saying much more at this point. either vegas sucks or i dont play in the best rooms. i think just like Rob does, that it sucks.

Monday, July 24, 2017

u cant win if u play in the wynn

     Sitting at home cooking food and eating it up in preparation to finish up and be ready to move out of town on the 28th of July. I thought i might wish to remain in town longer since i now have a safe deposit box, but its just too damned difficult to win in the Encore poker room. im not sure why but this is a common opinion among most players of the wynn being more difficult. they do have loose foreignors coming in dumping off $500 or so in the $1-3 but for some reason its not easy like the $1-3 NL in shreveport is. most of the same players u recognize everyday. at first i was winning in there, then 3 days all in a row i lost over $350, over $625 and over $800. so today i went back to the nugget.

it didnt work too well, i never got up more than $1, and eventually lost $181. no one bought in over $300 on the front table, (very unusual) and i left to go play BJ in the golden gate. considering i lost over $750 in the nugget live BJ table the day before, i know the golden gate offers the better BJ game if u count as opposed to playing basic strategy.

none of the BJ tables were empty, (wrong time of day) but the closest table to being empty was $10 instead of $5 and contained only 1 young black girl betting $25, with another immodestly dressed black girl beside her and it was obvious they were a gay couple. and that they both were rich. now normally i wouldnt play here, (although RobVP would). she also smoked, but at least she sat in the end seat and not a middle seat, giving u the chance to sit far from her. and always betting the annoying sucker side bet (which means u win if the dealer has an ace--side bet, not your hand) plus other possibilities. i dont like bets which cause the players to root for the dealer to get BJ or any card other than 5 or 6. im rooting for the dealer to have 5 or 6 up every single hand.

Plus she took her double downs face down every time, which is unfriendly to the other players also, because it deprives them of info to help them play correctly. she misplayed lots of hands one which caused the dealer to not bust, but as soon as i went to 2 spots, then when she lost she told the girl with her, "this is why i like to play by myself". i told her how much i preferred this too, but its the only game which wasnt crowded.

like my going to 2 spots would be the sole reason shes not winning. lucky for me when i got my bet up to 2 hands of $150 i finally won both and when i left to return to the nugget poker room, i was no longer down $181, but up $33.

ended up in the same game and the drunk on my left was gathering a huge pile, cracking people with JK suited for huge pots just like he did right before i left. he had well over $700. earlier no one had much over $300. i bought in $120, and soon had it up to $505. shouldve left then but i didnt til it dropped to $349, but i then wised up and quit. i should do laundry too but im tired and dont feel up to it. 3 shirts left.

yesterday i built up the right image by making it $125 preflop with 7-2 off (showed it) and picked up 4-5 peoples $15 preflop raise or call. but i couldnt get it to pay off for me. i lost BIG yesterday. my hourly is $8 this month, early on it was $22. last month the hourly was $15. this entire yaer the hourly is $10 only.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ending your session early

    When u are up a much bigger day's pay than normal, this is when its the most difficult to play your best (if most of the other players have u covered that is). and when u are stuck, its alot easier to play your best because then u will have "no fear" by this i mean, u wont be afraid to take risks by shoving (u might even take some foolheardy and desperate risks.) u wont be folding winners. but if u are up, u might make some very bad folds, worried of losing back the entire stack. or at least the win, and it will seriously upset u emotionally.

now when im up, but only like $50-125, usually i want to keep playing if its early in the session, but not if its going on over 8 hours. but when im up significantly, (say close to $500) i cant play well.

tonight in the nugget, about 4 hours in and after a recent table change to where the stacks were bigger, i won a pot with JJ i thought about folding due to his reraise preflop over my $15 raise to $60, then continued to bet $80 on a flop with 2 hearts when my JJ was an overpair. 10 comes on turn, ive still got an overpair. he puts me in for my other $140 or so and misses his ak of hearts so i win a nice pot. then u see, i wasnt up much before this hand so i didnt fear so much losing my stack.

once this hand ended, and i had well over $700, (when i won 1 more pot soon thereafter) i then folded AK preflop to a raise and reraise from the big stack, who had ak too where id split the pot. so i left. took the $2 CX bus to the wynn right outside Binions, one of my favorite city buses. on the way thru wynn into encore noticed some 1c weird baccarat machine i figured id investigate later id never seen.

then i took a seat in the $1-3 NL and soon had turned $115 into $378. then comes a hand where a loose foreignor reraises to $42 some other guys $15 bet. i shoved with QQ when i thought of folding but i had him covered by close to $80. only he calls and the board comes 9TJ99. i show QQ, hoping to not see aa or kk then he shows me J9 of spades. wtf?

so i dont feel like playing no more and cash out, nice to still be up from the nugget. on the way out i go thru the wynn, and lose over $150 in the VB machine. turns out the min bet on the 1c VB is $6. wtf? it plays 3 baccarat hands but is basically a slot with weird bonuses and u often lose partial bets even if u win 2 of the 3 hands. not like i expected at all. never playing it again.

they do have $10 UTHE there unlike the $15 min in encore if i ever feel like a table game next time.

hope this was helpful when showing when its a good idea not to put in enough hours everytime.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

explaining my twitter comments

well my time in vegas will soon come to an end, hard to believe most of the 5 weeks are gone already. lightning has came and gone, and Koala is still here for a brief while longer. when he first came to town, we played much more poker together than he is doing now. i still sleep weird hours much different from day to day, plus i always need to leave the game immediately if im giving back too much of a decent win. been playing more in the wynn lately, since i got me a safety deposit box. and im glad im back to being just over $18,000. nice to no longer need to carry cash on me. im home now updating the blog and cooking eggs.

Bitcoin is dropping like a rock, so the $190 i had left online i took off the BJ site and left only $20. and shipped it back to the bank, which is what finally put me back over $18,000. since its only going to go down til the fork problems coming up in august get resolved, its best to stay completely clear of it til then.

Koala and i played in the nugget once, the wynn once, and planet H twice. soon he will go to reno/tahoe for 1 week or so, then return. he keeps losing BIG in poker, then recovering the money in BJ. he isnt counting though, he increased his bet in the golden gate from $75 to $100 when it was minus 11. i started out very bad, out $324 that day, and so did he. but he recovered, the shoe got good, then i finished the shoe by myself and ended up winning over $150. briefly the shoe was plus 21. they dealt out 7 whole decks or more out of 8.

i was lucky to recover some of my poker loss in Planet H on the big split VP the other night after i left or id be $250 worse off now.

when i posted on twitter the other day to @onechiquita (alysia chang) that money was more valuable than anything else, i meant that without it u cant survive. u sleep outdoors instead of indoors when u are without it. u cannot eat. u cannot find relationships either, u are under way too much stress to. yes the love of 1 good woman who will stick with u for life is very important and means more than anything in the world. but without $ u wont find it. and she didnt mention a wife or girlfriend. she said family and friends, which are nice to have, but lower down the list. many marriages have been ruined because people put their family or friends over their wives and girlfriends. i'm the ONLY man who puts my girl first, i visited sue every day in the state mental hospital when age 19-21 unless i was out of town. even when homeless and needing to spend the entire day panhandling to come up with money for a shitty rooming house or the shelter i lived in sometimes. but i never missed seeing the girl who i loved and the ONLY girl to ever tell me she loved me when her judge wouldnt let her see me for a while due to her running away. and she did til she took up with a black guy in the institution the time she didnt want me to go to iowa/st louis for over 1 month. he later got shot by the police like 2-3 yrs later.

when i knew lorna and britni in my pokerstars days of 2002-2009 then again i wasted money trying to find love, putting their needs first, or at least i felt like i was. maybe not their true needs, but their money needs. though Britni would get mad and say i got her to spend too much time on poker and i think she later gave poker up for good. ending online in the US did this.

so to AC, yes the love of a good woman is number 1, but without $$ u will never get this. first u need to be able to survive and care for yourself or they wont want u. this takes $.. which is why i say $ is over all else. either this or u need to be good looking and the only women who ever considered me good looking were like before i was 21. (a few women i had sex with before i met sue or around the same time). i wish i had the picture of my newspaper with my picture in it while this age.

wonder how many of my readers seen the video interview of me Pure aggression did which i talked of in the comments section of the previous blog entry?

Monday, July 10, 2017

$2-5 wynn

yesterday started off poorly in the nugget due to me making a very good read, so i started off behind and stayed behind until the very end. this is how the good read went down, which took place right after i first got seated. i got dealt KK, raised it to $15 in late position, the button calls, the SB calls and the guy who originally limped UTG makes it $60. well i knew he had a monster hand, so i laid the KK down, everyone folded, he shows QQ. and since id just sat down, the most id lost wouldve been $100.

eventually i got stuck $316, and ended up moving tables more than once from games breaking. ran into a woman who reads my blog i didnt know about who was on 3 of my tables. i finally rebought for $700 the final time, (much more than i should) but i did better off the bigger buyin, which is almost always the case. i didnt recover the money, but i did cash out $964 of the $1016. then the game broke.

originally i decided to go home, but i ended up going in the wynn instead. the $1-3 was full, so i sat in the $2-5. a group of 4 guys who appeared to be middle eastern foreignors (mostly) came in and i could hear them talking from the desk about wanting to play $1-3 but they decided to also play $2-5 and they joined my game, making it 9 handed now. (about 10 minutes after i had sat). so when they called me for $1-3 i decided to stay where im at, thinking it might be a good game.

i get all in preflop with ak suited, with 2 callers. this is when im down to only about $130 left, and one of the looser players (who lost about $700 and left broke with his girl watching in a short time) had originally raised to $35. one guy calls, whose new and i shoved. flop comes AT4,6,4 and it looks like its getting checked around again on the river. too bad i couldnt bet the flop. then the first guy suddenly says he didnt check, throws out $100. he backdoored the flush with k3 clubs, since there was only 1 club on the flop he wouldve been out.

i rebought $262 (if u are wondering why i didnt rebuy $264, the other $2 went for bus fare to the wynn) and proceeded to do better off the bigger buyin. eventually i had it up to $403, when the big hand id been waiting for all night took place. i limped UTG with aa, a guy made it $30 another guy calls, the loose foreignor (only one of the group still there) bets $60, and i shove, hoping for only 1 call, but if not, the $120 plus in dead money will get me close enough to even to quit for the night seeing ive played many hours. everyone folds but the loose guy, and i dont remember the board but its 5 cards something like 367TQ with no flush out there. he looks at his cards so long without giving them up, then showing them to his neighbor, i fear im about to be slowrolled big time. then he finally mucks, what a sense of relief. i quit then of course on my BB.

got my uber, buy some food in the Vons store then go home. new roll $17,200. of course it was $19,200 when i took the 5 weeks, and its getting awful close to july 28th when the 5 weeks are up and ill need to be back to $19,200 by then.

i finally got to meet the girl in person cdizzy wanted me to meet back in January. a girl named amber from austin tx who plays lots of tourneys in OK cali and vegas but very little cash. shes friends with some famous player named aaron fong whoever he is. her and her friend cheryl were in the Planet h tourney and i stopped by to offer an icecream sandwich and say hi. she said she would see me downtown later then never did the next day she said she would meet up, then the next thing i knew she returned to austin without ever doing so. i wouldve sworn cdizzy was very sure she wasnt taken and liked my photo, but it didnt seem this way from seeing ambers facebook posts. seems she was in love with some guy in vegas this year which recently ended. i think ill have ray find me a girl, its better is moslem or other traditional countries, where men dont need to look and a girl is arraigned for them when they turn 21.

Monday, July 3, 2017

what happened to the 15 winning sessions in a row?

I've noticed patterns lot while playing poker. seems both winning sessions, (and losing sessions) all come in streaks. Since i moved in here (must leave on July 28th) i needed to win at least enough to get my $17,100 i was down to after moving in back to $19,200 so i wouldnt lose ground if i tried to see if i could stay longer. instead im down to $15,600. The only bright side is i won $3500 in poker for the month of June. (july isnt out of the hole yet). Since i only track poker cash games, not tourneys since it would not work right mixed together, i really won like $600-700 less in June. normally i never play any, so no need to track them. this of course doesnt include BJ wins or losses either, nor should it.

Is seeing lightning, Koala, and other friends worth thousands of dollars which i desperately need for my physical health, other important needs, etc? i dont think so, i need to go back to Ray's house. its embarrassing to admit im too broke to afford $420 per week in housing when u break it down to the week. I'm not even convinced im taking in enough income to afford housing at all, even at the rate of $200 per week.

its a good thing i won those 15 times in a row, or id never got up to $19,200 before i spent the money on housing, then started losing on poker or BJ. (1800 on BJ, $400 of which has been recovered since on better types of BJ-live instead of a machine which shuffles every hand.) i've been told the sugarhouse real money website deals out 20% of the cards before they shuffle, not sure who could verify this.

i need someone in the MD live area to pick up $300 worth of free play spread out in $30 installments multiple times in the July period. and to give me a fair price too, im going broke here. the st louis offers i cant do without doing it myself since they involve the tables and i never returned there, but its for bigger amounts. $125 16 times per month. not sure if ill get it for July since i never went back.

the final hand tonight before i went home to cook the noodles i had 88. id been going from getting out of the hole to being up $90 (was in the game for $681) and my hours were getting close to 9-10 hours so i felt like retiring. one asian guy whose been losing and rebuying preflop raises to $12, i called with one other. flop comes 874 with 2 clubs, one spade. i see him look at the flop closely when i bet $30 so im wondering if hes drawing. turn comes J of spades. now theres 2 flush draws. he bets $30, and though i know he couldve raised preflop with JJ, i didnt think he was checking a pair on the flop, and i thought if he did have 9-10 or 5-6, both of which i felt werent nearly as likely as multiple other drawing hands, i knew i wasnt folding or letting him draw cheap, leaving me with a tougher river decision. plus he was loose. so i shoved over $300 to put him all in. he looks the board over real close like he might be overlooking something then calls with 9-10 and i missed the boat. no matter what u say, i need to win a big pot and go, im not going to only call and fear the monsters under the bed syndrome.

im sure lightning and Rob will do a better writeup than me of the game in planet H the other day, and me and lightning played there more than once, including the nugget too with DWP. i will say  Lightning cracked my aa with kk on the river when it went allin preflop for close to $500. i didnt go play slots or BJ that day instead me and lightning went to eat. maybe lightning will tell u about the deaf uber driver. me im lazy and anxious to finish this post. today went home too without playing anything but poker. i did sell $11 worth of foreign currency though, to slightly lower the loss.

cooldave seen most of the beats i took early on in the nugget, perhaps he can describe them i remember the ones later in the night long after he left easier. i think one of the early ones i had qq vs kk and one i turned nut flush draw, top pair top kicker she had kk too i had aq and i think she was the BF of the other guy, they all left to go play $2-5 cooldave said he was in the tourney with him and he is loose. i'm in such a hurry to get this post done and over with the least amount of work (unlike the trooper who prefers the most work possible) im keeping this short for once.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

is paying 2/3rds of your monthly income in rent a wise investment?

i slept much longer than i anticipated yesterday evening, so if Dan and Alysia (no i doubt they know each other) were looking for me in the Nugget poker room yesterday, sorry i didnt arrive til about 2am.

once i did, i played a very short session, of not even 5 hours. when i left i was still up over $250, which continued my string of 14+ winning sessions in the Nugget. 14 sessions isnt 14 days. i was up over $200 more earlier, but i called a bet with AK high all the way, because i felt a guy might be bluffing due to the flop structure of JT2 5 2 busted flush draw from the flop, but no, he had aa. he called my preflop raise, then bet into me on 3 streets from the SB.

I'm not going to say where i rented. looked all over the hotels reservation websites, looked on airbnb, looked on craigslist, etc, then finally found a place where id be by myself behind a locked door, and where i would feel safe since id have it to myself. Everything was provided for me to use, and includes washer/dryer without cost. just let it be known im paid up thru the end of July and im out over $2000 plus. one of the nicest places ive ever been in, and as long as no one discovers where, im safe here. close to 90% of rentals id be constant fear over home invasion in the middle of the night and being killed for my atm card pin. same way i constantly fear my entire bank account balance disappearing while im sleeping. i'm not going to tell anyone if its a hotel, a high rise near the strip or southpoint, or if its a condo in another part of vegas, but lets just say i will try to find lower priced but still safe accomodations once my time ends. i only make close to $3000 per month, sometimes more often less. when u add in over $500 monthly in Uber costs, plus food, phone, etc, im going to be spending $3000 month too, so i dont see how the roll can grow unless i can find a way to increase my income from $100 day to $200 day.

i dont even think Annie Duke (the best poker player i know) could win $200 per day in $2-5 NL against 8 first time players. good $2-5 NL players make only $45-70k per year. But maybe, just maybe $150 per day is $4500 per month, which still works out. this is why the number #1 priority of the federal govt is to stop inflation, which is best done by ending voting for demoncrats. inflation is one of the biggest causes of homelessness and poverty (increasing rental prices to where no one can get housing). almost as much as alcohol is the cause.

So yesterday i went to walmart and spent $61 for about half a months supply of food. loaded up the freezer and filled the kitchen cubboards.

when the time ends, if i cannot renew, or negotiate a lower price, i think ill return to either Toledo (really Detroit) or shreveport. for i need to be where i get the highest hourly rate, so if not there, would need to go to south florida. for if i returned to getting over $20 per hour, these expenses would be far easier. my hourly in the golden nugget went back to over $13 per hour from when it dropped to $4 per hour, when early in june i was down over $1300. now im up over $3200 in june. this is not the hourly for this month, but since jan 2017 in the nugget. i won so much in shreveport in 2016 ($33,000 in 5 months, and only $13,000 for the other 7 months elsewhere) id returned there long ago if i felt i had at least 25% chance of it continuing. But yes, increasing the income is the goal. not sure if increasing my standard initial buyin of $100 would help in this, or put me more on tilt if i lost it early, meaning id then be rebuying even much bigger, which means too big of swings. and in detroit i won $2500 plus in 3 nights of the final weekend.

controlling yourself from getting angry in the poker room so u can win easier and play your best is quite difficult with all the BS u need to put up with from the other players. primarily, watching them put empty water bottles and even worse, racks, on the floor. Unless they were to watch their mother trip over it, it will never stop. Then u get all the european guys or first timers in this casino who dont even know where the bathroom is, yet know exactly what the nuggets rules would be in certain situations, (mostly theyre wrong). and yet when u complain about improper behavior by others (for instance the guys in the Oaks club continually asking for setups) who gets banned for the game breaking up? you do, not the ones who instigated the problem.

or dealing with the bathroom attendent in the nugget on the night shift, who continously locks all the stalls except those in the further distance in the back, and having to walk thru the entire bathroom to get to it. his supervisor said once they do this when cleaning, guess its due to chemicals. so instead of those chemicals being far away in the back, when they wont endanger no one, because u wont be walking back there, they put them upfront so everyone must walk near and be around them longer while passing both ways by them?

or the guy on my table who insisted the 2 players turn their hand over (u see he blamed them both equally) which is wrong, u blame ONLY the player whose turn it is (who wont act). the guy whose not his turn should NOT turn them over, when he finally does first, and the guy who shouldve showed first folds ITS SIMPLY ENCOURAGING THE SAME GUY TO SLOW IT UP AGAIN THE NEXT TIME. only by making him turn over first and the 2nd guy not showing, will this behavior be resolved. so i got mad at the guy and tried to explain this to him (not the 2 in the hand but the one insisting both show and blaming both).

i blame Rob and the other bloggers for all the spam too, for unlike me, they just ignore it which is why it continues. for example i get the same spam comments from multiple madeup bloggers ids for certain asian gambling sites, which of course ill never post their links to. the comment is made to sound legit, but cannot be posted without being posted in its entirely which includes the spam link. now those guys they just delete it but me im more active. if possible i write the spammer or post on his profile cursing him out telling him off. if all the bloggers did this, the problem would stop.

truth is i shouldve left and went to rays house to save this $2000. but im sick of flying and lazy, not wishing to bother with it no more. $3000 in expenses when only earning $3000 (and i dont know if i truly even average $36k per year because my sample size is too small.) but its too stressful. let me reiterate, when u play poker for a living, nothing is fun about it. life is actually hell on earth when u must win to survive. people only do it because they cant get other work except for work paying even less.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Must find new housing soon

i've pretty much forgotten about this blog. used to be people would remind me to post when ive not been online in a while, but no, not this time. Theres not so much to talk about when im not on a road trip either. Good news is im doing what i should be doing (as far as regaining the money i lost since leaving Detroit). for the first night in ages, im finally over $17,000 once more. i only wish more of it wouldve came from poker, and not BJ.

that being said, im out of the hole for June now, up a little more than $1000 in poker for June. cash that is, ive never tracked tourney wins or losses. im not going to play no more either, for if i do i should probably track them too.

another reason to not play them is if they took 10 hours or more to finish (if u get to the final table). u would need to average 10x your hourly rate in winnings to make it preferable to just playing cash those 10 hours. This is why no serious poker players make thier living by playing tourneys.

the big problem is im losing my housing this Friday. u see, Vinces ex girlfriend from NJ who dealt in the Trop will be moving in with him, arriving on a plane fri night. and he couldnt convince her to let me live there too. so ill either need to leave town or find other accomodations. ive got over $300 in comps in the nugget to carry me for 4 days, and i might just move out early on tues and maybe fly out of here. there's nothing cheap in vegas thats safe, and i dont wish to spend close to $1300 and commit to 60 days for extended stay america.

i need stable housing so i can get ID in whichever state i wish instead of just louisiana and a passport too, for when 2018 comes ill no longer be allowed to fly. plus i need a long term MD too. u see, to order the documents for the big fee from the govt, i wont be doing no traveling til the documents would arrive, or id be out the fee for nothing.

never seen the nugget so busy except during the WSOP. theres like all 13 tables full with lists most of the time in here now, except for the slow part of the early mornings. but no PLO today or yesterday. for like 3 days, it went everyday.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

bankroll management in live poker

Poor bankroll management is the biggest downfall of any professional gambler. 10-20 yrs ago i stayed near broke most of the time due to leaks on video poker, playing the wrong forms of poker, and giving women money. i dont ever give women money no more, i dont play near as much video poker as i used to when Josie still read the blog, and i know better now than to waste time in $1-5 stud (it no longer even exists in most cities) and in $2-6 spread limit or even worse, low stakes fixed limit. no more of this wasting $500-600 of $3000-4000 rolls on even money or 6-5 video BJ in the same day either. im sick when i think of how much i wasted in the past 10 yrs or so, and how my skill level in NL poker would easily allow me a bankroll of well over $200,000 if i were to have been managing money properly all these yrs. wish i werent so lazy.

i think theres 2 good bankroll rules to follow. one, dont put over 5% of your roll on the table or lose over 5% in one day. ($750 in other words). next rule is, quit the table (not neccessaliry for the entire day) when u drop back 1% or more. (which is $150). the goal for $1-2 NL is to keep 100 buyins if u dont have other income, investments, govt checks or assets coming in or credit. if u do have these other sources 30-40 buyins should be enough. Bankroll management is more important than most people give it credit for, indeed much more important than ur skill level. bankroll management failures is why i dropped from a high in Reno of over $45,000 to the $13k or so i was down to last week before i had a slight comeback. good money management wouldnt let me bet 3 spots of $1250 each on BJ. 3 spots of $100 to $150 each wouldve been the correct bet on the count of plus 18. then i wouldnt dropped over $20,000 in the 3 weeks i was in Reno.

so this afternoon im in a game in the Nugget which keeps flip-flopping from tight to loose as players go broke or get up. when i left, it was loose, some new players sat down, most were quite loose or bad, including the guy in seat 9 on my immediate right. im in seat 8, since its 9 handed. theres some bluffers on the other side of my table in 3 or 5 and some bigger pots are starting to develop. im much older than many of the players and theres a good looking woman who i think lives in vegas in the seat next to me. not nearly as good looking as the black girl from ellis island who works in the restaraunt who sat by me and Vince in the BJ table at the longhorn last night, who i was shocked to find out was gay being she sure wasnt ugly like most women are who turn gay. i was curious how she knew me til she told me it was from the VBJ machine ellis isle got rid of. i thought she was a boulder street hooker sitting there as good looking as she was. another hooker who vince and i had just seen walking thru az charlies earlier was in there getting thrown out by longhorn security.

i got dealt 10-10 and made it $6 in early position, one of the loose newer guys raised from out of the  blinds to $30, and so did i and one other guy fearing i was up against a big pair. flop comes 2,3,7 and 2 hearts. so when he bets $45 on the flop, not knowing if he has one or not, or if he might have the flush draw or something else which dont beat 10-10 i call. turn comes J offsuit and he bets once more, other guy is out, i call. on the river i plan to fold if the flush comes and he bets or an overcard comes. river comes offsuit 8, he bets $130 what would u do?

i called, thinking he must surely put me on the flush draw (which i dont got) and think if he had an overpair, he would check, hoping ill bluff since in his mind, i couldnt call. so i thought if he bets, he must either have a set or be bluffing since ive showed strength staying in. turns out hes got KK and is good. i left while i still had $190 of the original $100 buyin that was once up to $467.

i will probably regret the rest of the year not trying todays $200,000 guarantee with only $200 buyin but proper bankroll management wont let me spend over $150 on any one tourney. tired of not cashing, then working 2 days to get back the buyin, but this is standard for tourneys. u need either staked to play tournies or be extremely well rolled to financially and emotionally, to not cash 15 in a row and when u do cash to min cash.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

is Uber corporate deceiving their drivers/riders?

This is not going to be the usual blog entry, but i never have enough material for my poker blog no way, and besides it should be updated more than once per week, im sure most would agree.

Yesterday i got an email from Uber offering me what seemed like the greatest deal ever. (at least for the riders, not the drivers). For $10, a line pass meaning i get unlimited rides anywhere in vegas for $5.99 (up to $25 worth otherwise priced). amounts over $25, id still pay the difference. i would get these much lower priced rides for the whole month. so i thought it would be a wonderful deal. i thought it would even include hoover dam lodge outside boulder city, because it appeared to be in the map coverage area. in fact i thought they mightve even sent it because they seen i sometimes like to take the $30-35 rides out there.

the map showed henderson, summerlin, and im sorry i cant find a link to the map to post here. (can only view in the app) but it does include boulder city. and it looks 2-3 miles outside. guess hoover dam lodge is 2-3 miles too far. but they made the map to look like it was in the coverage area. it wasnt when i tried to book it so i didnt go. of course, i didnt discover this til after id bought the pass. also my $5.99 rides have some weird 18c fee so im being charged $6.17 per ride. (took 3 so far).

used the first one to go to redrock, which would normally be like $25, so i never go of course. its really good action in redrock, and before went last night, my win rate at the redrock was over $100 per hour in the $1-2. (8 hours in Jan where i won over $900, $500 for flopping quads). i did turn my $184 in buyins ($100 plus $44 plus $40) into $500 even at the time the game broke. the bad news is when leaving the poker room, found a 5c 10c 25c 50c $1 bigsplitpoker machine where i proceeded to lose close to $200. then used uber 2 more times, buying food walmart on charleston/arville then to home.

good thing the previous night i won $1100+ mostly in the nugget then in P-ho, to recover most of the loss for June. over $225 of it was won in the $1-2 PLO in the nugget which rarely goes.

i prefer Uber to Lyft for one reason the nonstop social justice warrior BS lyft sends. (so does Ok cupid) promoting homosexuality. lyft sends it out asking people to opt in if they wish $1 of their ride to go towards one of 2 causes one of which is gay PRIDE.

but dont the drivers get paid based on the fares received, and get a portion of this? so if the guy spent 30 minutes driving me to redrock for $6 instead of $25, does this mean his share was only like $3 for 30 minutes work? if so theyre going to hate these line passes, and they wont know im getting the much lower fare and i for one would be afraid to tell them this. it just feels like theyre ripping off the drivers somehow, not letting them know this til long after the rides over how little theyll be paid for their time. would love feedback from uber drivers who see this blog. the drivers really hate uber pool and i dont use it thought its a little cheaper due to fear of a group of people getting in the back seat with me who might rob me or otherwise put me very ill at ease.

these type of fears cost me money my whole life, id be thousands richer in my roll today were i not to have spent extra on hotels 100s of times out of fear of sleeping in cheaper priced rooms. constant fear my room would be forcibly broken into while i sleep. i wish i could handle this fear like the trooper did, when he lived in desert manor.

Monday, June 5, 2017

i played a tourney, (second one this week) usually i do 2-4 every wsop but the smaller ones downtown

well i dont feel like i should be playing any more tournies on my own dime, because i dont have the bankroll to make it thru the variance before i start cashing in them, and when u do cash, its likely for a small amount than a big one. the problem with tournies is they just DO NOT PAY ENOUGH SPOTS. u see, the tournies i played in the old days online pokerstars, (not counting PLO8 tournies) were the double or nothing, 1 table, half the field gets paid. i always wished they had them with fields of 100 people instead of 10 people. and any other tournies i didnt feel were worth playing because it was too hard to reach the final table. then of course i discovered triple up sngs on ignition which pay 33% of a 9 player field, but id still prefer large fields instead of 1 table. i think somewhere i heard a live casino paid 25% of their players in an event or several events once, but i dont know where it was or if it was in vegas.

people who strictly play satellites which could pay out like 20% or more of the field, (with no intention to play the tourney itself, but to sell it) make money similar to this. so there are at least some people who agree that more people should be paid.

at least 120 of the 159 entries busted out before me in the mixed stud8 omaha8 event in the nugget. so its hard to feel i did poorly, yet i didnt get the money. after running it up from 15,000 starting stack to still being only 18,000 on level 12 break, to 54,000 by level 14 dinner break, to then 73,000 right after sitting down, within the next 45 minutes it quickly went to nothing and bustout when some powerful draws missed. blinds were 3000-6000 in omaha and bets were 3000-6000 in stud8 so its not that many chips. then it went to 4000-8000 before i went broke.

so this is why i said practically everyone but the ones with enough chips to make the final table (last prize money of $436 for 16th, etc) up to i think over $7,000 for first, would been better off chopping 40 ways of over $750 each. now i know this would never happen, but its idiotic for people who should know better to say on twitter that it wouldnt have benefitted the vast majority of the 40 who were still in. $500 profit is very good, considering only about 5% of the working class earns this on their jobs. nor do most poker players, less than 5% of the people who play for a living average $500 a day. even good $2-5 NL players only earn $35-50 per hour. as proof im right, if flush draws tourney wouldve had a flat prize pool of $750 each of the final 40 people, think how much better off he would be now. he too came within striking distance of the money, too bad we missed.

so i dont see why so many thought my statements incorrect on twitter. ive got too many rich guys with money and jobs reading it who dont play for a living and not enough grinders who depend on it to live. u always need to do whats best for ur bankroll, not to go for first only. otherwise why not just buy lottery tickets where only 1 guy wins it all?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

no progress

well, May is almost done and im still out well over $1000 for the month, making this the worst month since i started keeping records for poker only. this is why this years hourly is only $8+. and my mouth still feels funny since the work is complete, so im still taking the antibiotics. but i need a regular md, my sleeps disrupted nightly every 1-2 hours to use the restroom a very small amount. plus ive still got teeth on the left side needing work. and i dont know how long ill be in vegas would still rather be at Rays. its cheaper, and he leaves the house without wanting to wait all day. Plus he's there with me in the poker room much of the time.

the good news is theres better action in vegas than i remember on previous trips. looser games i think. too bad this year i wont be able to afford any of the tourneys, i just cant bring myself to do it when im not winning. remember unless u are staked, not more than 1% should be used to enter a tourney. even the NL horse or PLO8 events in the Nugget Grand are $250. seems higher priced than i remembered 2 yrs back when i think i last played.

i dont think ill ever have the $45,000 back, even in the next 10 yrs. all i can hope for is this never drops below $10,000 and the measly hourly rate i still earn continues enough to cover my expenses and that i can somehow improve my health.

Because Vince has his own washer and dryer in his condo, which i have keys to, i can have my laundry done here too. i think ill have to move out end of june when Lisa from NJ comes to live here.

the first week i was up close to $700 or more but it all went on dentistry. id almost turned a $2500 loss in may into much less. but now im still out a lot. had the loss once down to under $1000