Saturday, December 31, 2011

finally a little bit of poker content.

and i won about $200 today too, rolls back to about $4650. came to my room after getting the parking pass Vince wants for tonite and the wristbands worth $30 a piece for him and anne for the NYE party. of course, hes only offering me $20. i couldve sold them for far more downtown. logged into BCP and found myself in a 100 seat to 100k freeroll id registered 5 days ago, with vook at my table. i was slowly blinding pretty sure Vook isnt there either. Still will be picking up my $200 freeplay at binions anytime after midnite, goal is to possibly be back over $5000 on Jan 1.

ok now for the 3 poker hands. first hand ill talk about is JJ, i raised preflop, and a guy calls 2 seats to my left, and he looks like he considered raising. my raise was to $9. flop comes up JT7 rainbow. i bet $18 and he calls. turn comes J, i bet $20 and he folds KQ. damn. what would u have done?

these hands are not in the right order either. couldnt remember what i had this hand til now, and it was the one i wanted advice on.

i had J9 diamonds preflop, and limped $2. flop comes up 10 6 4 with 2 diamonds. now theres only $8 in the pot and he bets $22. one other guy called, so now i feel obliged to call but probably shouldnt. turn comes up 9, and my hands improved, but not in the right way. he goes allin $60, other guy folds i call, and miss, and he wins with TK.

the hand i doubled up on, i had AJ and made a raise to $9 preflop. flop comes Ak3 with 2 diamonds. i overbet the pot about $60 allin (this was early on) and get 1 caller with A5.

and ive got about 50 tickets for tomorrows drawing, although i certainly am not counting on getting $100 or more in it. u wouldnt believe how many tickets the binions poker room football drum has each week. one guy will win $500.

time to post a new entry

waking up, today is NYE. never once heard from Melissa since, pretty sure what happened was it dawned on her broke i was. im sure she probably got the wrong idea when looking at my original profile. or maybe since she dont play poker and understands the need for a large bankroll, she just thinks im stingy.

another guy i know darrell, who never has any bankroll, said he was staying at a cheap place at twain and paradise for $150 a week, and that was all the money he had and he dont know what hes doing when it expires and still needs staked. although he is working a little bit.

when i had less than $1000, i never even considered spending the money to pay for a place to live. yet women like melissa use their only $78 to their name just to keep their room at IP one additional day, (this was before i got her in those 2 days free). To me that is so wasteful, and to other people the idea of not having a place at all is too distasteful. But they are gonna be in that shape anyway isnt it better to be in that shape with $78-150 in their pocket than totally broke? to me it makes no sense at all.

it will be nice today not to have to leave downtown at all, but i will be staying at ballys jan 2,3,4,5,6th. and i was worried about where id be during the CES. but i managed to get back into binions jan 7-13 thru my host, only problem is im practically out of comps and the room will not be free, so ill have to pay for it. am lucky to have a room anywhere in town at all i guess, thought sure id have to leave town on the 7th to the east coast.

Glad i found out why carmen dropped out of sight, i wondered whose seen her cell phone texts since she entered the jail? at least the reason she didnt respond wasnt because she read in my blog last week about my dream in which she asked me what my cock was going to give her for Christmas, i was afraid thats why, just like i think someone opened their mouth to melissa and made her run.

and right after midnite tonite im gonna have to play a machine, i have my $200 free play at binions, may be the last time ill ever get it, hopefully i can cashout $190 of it or more after running it thru.

and i heard the fitz is closing their poker room jan 15, they never ever got a cash game anymore anyway. how do i get anyone i know to come hangout downtown on NYE? i got to sleep much later last nite, after 1.30am to help me play during better hours.

Friday, December 30, 2011

rolls back to $4400

won a little over $100 today and shouldve won more had i gotten paid both times for aa cracked instead of just the once. and i wont be in my room too long am just charging up my phone. sure am curious who melissa ended up staying with, guy or woman, or if she left town or went to a shelter. she was thinking of going to laughlin on the $5 shuttle. i cant go because i had too many bags, all she had was a small backpack. i have to use the more expensive tour bus, or the shuttle which is even more. not sure why she didnt answer my texts maybe she was mad i couldnt loan any money. and realized how little money im able to spare.

and im wondering if carmen got picked up by her PO for whatever reason, total silence on her cell, blog, and facebook page, and now i have the correct cell number again since she texted me. she must of been in some kind of trouble when she asked me if i wanted to hangout. this was a good 4 days back now. she is a better looking woman and at least she actually likes poker, i dont have money to give to either woman, but i think id preferred hanging out with her.

yeah i had a win, in both sessions, and also picked back up the $40, so im finally just in the $4400s, and ive definitely got my work cut out. should be over $4500 after i get my $200 free play at binions jan 1, and i am hoping to be in the $6000s by my birthday feb 10, and once i get that high, i think id even be able to find housing on the east coast, and wouldnt have to worry about going busted. didnt play any machines today. am so glad i will not have to deal with another bus all of NYE.

i havent done so, but am wondering if i should call the jail to see if carmen is there?

also does anyone know a terri who used to be darlenes friend at the snack bar in binions and the dealer razzos friend who worked there years ago. she too hung out with me, got me banned at excaliber, this was years ago, also got me banned in mesquite. she kept coming back, she was homeless, in need of money watched me play poker and just wanted a friend, but had a hard time putting up with my idiosyncraises. last i seen her was when george fisher ran binions, and she went to arizona to live and still sometimes came up to vegas during the wsop.


when i got home last night i was tired. rolls close to $4300. the only reason Josie told Zin she was wrong was because i won $24 yesterday playing machines, but not the previous day, as everyone had said.

i went out to the IP yesterday to meet melissa whose staying at the IP and couldnt afford to pay for her room. the girl who was living with another woman in vegas cause she was umeployed who i met thru (i showed josie her profile and picture.) so i knew i was staying downtown and wouldnt be needing a room til jan 2, which i have booked at ballys for 5 days. so i booked a room at the IP and let her add her name to the registration and stay there too. and they made me leave a $40 DEPOSIT for nye, ive never had to do that before but they are doing it. if u dont believe me call the front desk. i made sure they put in the books no room charges and that only i could pick it up.

also i ended up giving her $20, and bought her food at osheas. Murv who reads my blog who works osheas seen me and her together right before the freeroll yesterday morning. and of course i was the first one out.

i feel a little decieved, in that this girl doesnt seem to have any interest in watching me play poker. she didnt at bills either the other day before when she met me to go to ceasers diamond lounge. she said online she wanted to learn the game, but now all i hear is how she has no one to turn to, was awake crying all night and didnt want to stay with any guys she didnt know and wasnt in love with, and didnt know where to turn, and was way too stressed as to how shed get some money to hang out and watch any poker. and this is just not a good time to meet a woman, money means so much to me right now i could never give a woman $50 or $100 even, and in the past i didnt mind giving women $200-300 if i was rich.

she swears shes getting $250 jan 3 for cleaning a ladys house, and says to loan it to her and she will pay back, but i am totally not into loans. and id never trust any women that dont want to make out with me (on the excuse she dont know me well enough yet). Britni id known for many years, so thats totally different. nor would i ever again let a woman sleep in a room i actually am staying in who isnt willing to be psychically affectionate, ive learned that lesson a few times many many years ago and felt like i was being taken advantage of. although if she was a poker dealer and not desperate for money then of course i would, that would be different. (is why i invited Jennifer Gay to live in my apt in reno).

so first hand of the freeroll i have QQ flop is J42, and id only raised a little preflop because of the $200 bounty on the bosses, and i wanted to keep Jake in. another guy who acts after me only called. on the flop i bet $500, guy on my left says $1000, and we only start with 3000 chips so i shove, and he had JJJ.

i go in the IP sit in a poker game, NL is going, and a few minutes later Jake busts out and heads into the IP to start work. then a few min later kenny asian reg busts out and walks in.

i win a little in the IP recover what i spent on the woman and food, and am ahead and go say hi to melissa, and she needs sleep. i never heard from her later. i didnt text because i didnt feel she was getting enough sleep since she had none the day before, so i want to let her sleep.

and i win small most all places i play at yesterday, but lose $100 at ballys, walk out pissed, play a VP machine at flamingo and end up winning $24, go back to poker, get lucky on a hand at flamingo with 78 spades against aa, where i shoved preflop to make the aggressive guy fold, and it was a different guy who woke up with aa. i won with a straight against his set, and leave that game up $87. then i play osheas and ips again with more small wins, get back to downtown over $90 up.

and now im waking up and heading out the strip 1 final time before nye to pick up that deposit and check out of the IP. i dont know what melissa will do but im not comfortable letting her stay with me, giving her money, and really just want to run and hide, i dont like any confrontation or arguments. i tried to get josie to call my room at the IP and talk to her to find out if she was just using me or if she likes me enough to want to get to know me, but she refusted.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i guess its time to type a new blog post

well i remembered i had $50 free play at the wynn that could only be used between mon and thurs of this week, and i wanted to make sure i didnt lose money like i usually do (a few hundred) picking it up. so i called vince and offered to give him 1 3rd of the proceeds for taking me there and back. (he was only in NJ a few days). i ended up cashing out about $75, and gave him his share, and then we went back downtown. he had to pick up some cable boxes on the way, he was working, and his gf anne was also in the car.

i played a few short sessions at binions, and the nugget in which i hit and ran for small amounts, like $20-50. and im back to around $4200, and still have close to $20 online. am a little worried i sold too much and didnt leave me enough money on BCP. also Josie needs to know before u can cash out or transfer u must send the site a screened copy of ur photo ID.

i think i did the right thing deleting that other post. i deserved to lose Britni as a friend, by not ever respecting her feelings about opening my mouth too much, and not doing things she didnt want me to do. i did care alot more about gambling, than any one person or my family. now Lorna she never did try to be a friend except for the first week or two, she was just always outright mean if i didnt stake her. Britni was happy with a dollar or two for the first year, she only played 4-8cent stud8 at first til she wondered why i gave lorna so much.

and my friend staying at the IP ive never gone to meet claims her phone is cut off for anything but text, and cannot log into myyearbook to see her messages, and cannot afford to pay for her room anymore and the price went up. she asked if i wanted her to come downtown, but i cannot afford to take care of a new woman. and then Darrell still wants to know why i cant stake him.

No wonder i think everyone else is broke in life, and people who claim they have money are just bragging. my roll is even big to Josie.

nice to have a fridge in my room. i eat healthier downtown, i store a lot of those binions $5 cobb salads in it.

everyone look for veryJosie, thevookenmeister and aa23eachhand on BCP right now, trying to get everyone on the same cash table or maybe a tourney later.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

man its slow online cause of Christmas, but its sure not slow in the golden nugget pokerroom

feels so good to be checked into my room at the 4 queens finally, to know i wont have to move for the next 8 days (except to play in that freeroll at the rio). and i got them to give me a free refridgerator like they always do. and of course, im playing DON sngs on BCP as usual. i guess its gonna be harder than i thought to find buyers on 2+2 unless its dead today due to it being Christmas. im getting very concerned the more the money grows (its over $380 now) about getting it turned into immediate cash before something happens. and vook wouldnt be able to use it since he's getting paid to do all his playing on lock, i doubt he even has a BCP account.

my mom told me something about my son that happened this summer i didnt know, and it seems he did something dumb, similar to what i did when i was 20 and got that felony charge thats ruined my chance to ever find a real job and is why i havent tried for many years. But the person whose house he broke into was very understanding and didnt even charge him criminally.

She told me this story so id better understand why he wont be able to live on his own without her around as he gets older. and as to WHY he has her as his legal guardian though hes an adult. seems like all he ever thinks about, and wants to do, is to go bowling all the time. so hed been talking forever about going to Cimarron KS with some friends of his in lyons who were gonna drive him. so on that morning, they didnt show up and Mark decided to see what was going on. he knocked on their door, no answer, and didnt realize he had broke the lock, and thought the door opened on its own, and neither did the tenants notice the lock was broke til later. so he walked in, said HELLO anyone home, walked into the room they were sleeping, woke them up, they scolded him big time, but still took him bowling. and they discovered the broken lock when they came home, took pictures, and showed them to my mom and Mark and my mother made Mark do a lot of work for her and other people for the next 6 weeks to come up with $200 to pay for the damage to the door. wish id been given the same kind of break when i was 20 to avoid having the felony conviction. Think of what couldve happened if they werent so understanding. Lyons KS is a very small town, and almost everyone there knows Mark and his autism, from his newspaper route and him selling his stories around town.

instead of eating a buffet at the nugget, thats too much money for my meager bankroll to handle, and also a woman on myyearbook staying at the IP still wouldve been willing to eat with me, but id have had to travel to the IP, and im not traveling anywhere. so i spent $6 for the chicken fingers and fries at the Grill, and that was my Christmas meal. am in my room relaxing, i am so short of money i was thrilled to win $52 at the golden nugget poker room, putting my roll back over $3800 again, it was $3700 after paying the cabbie, and i had no choice but to hit and run. room is pretty busy today. also i heard from Carmen again, didnt tell her the dream of course, but she said she might be downtown later today and that she loves that nugget poker room.

How does JG expect me to write more upbeat posts? doesnt she know that the suicide rate is always the highest over the holidays when people realize the most how much they are alone? Christmas really lets me realize how much worse off i am than others and how little i am able to do for others compared to all the people with money. i dont like Christmas much, and am glad to see it out of the way. i used to look forward to it when i was a kid.

ok, now while i was typing, and before i started this paragraph, i heard from a supposedly respected member of 2+2 who does a lot of staking, and is buying up to 20k on BCP. he has a lot of posts in the hi limit transfer thread, had me send first, and says hes with his relatives eating Christmas food, and will transfer when he gets home into my bank acct i also have his cell number too, he says he can trade on a regular basis. hes giving me 90c on the dollar, i sent him $350 and he says hes sending me $315. i just hope he dont rip me off, but he seems well known and respected on 2+2. But since i only left $43 on BCP to play with, i wont be able to sit in the same sngs as vook anymore. im playing $3 and $5 now, maybe $10.

lots of weird dreams, and a strange phone message last nite before i fell asleep

i came back to room early yesterday afternoon, depressed about being out $300, and in hopes of being able to sell my BCP money. no one from 2+2 ever got back in touch with me, i wonder if no one wants it, or if they are busy with Christmas. there are several on 2+2 that buy money on the merge network, often though its on the more popular skins instead of BCP. really want to get this done because ive got over $350 there now. way too much for me to be having tied up online as low as my roll is.

so after being in my room 4 or so hours, just waiting to hear from people i sent a PM to on 2+2, i got a text message from someone claiming that they were Carmen, and asking me if this was still my number. naturally i was sure it wasnt really her. they were asking if i wanted to hang out, where i was staying at, and said they were sorry they hadnt got in touch, but they were trying to avoid the casinos, and tonite they just felt like "fuck it". and another reason i said that couldnt possibly be her was because i knew she had a curfew by her PO. and they claimed they couldnt call because they were outside and their phone was dying, so naturally i found it all highly suspicious.

so i sent Carmen a message on facebook, telling her the number that called me, and asked if she knew who that was calling me pretending to be her. never expected a reply back, or for her to even believe me that someone did this.

lo and behold she sent me back a message on facebook that it WAS her calling me, and why was i so paranoid? huh? she sent the texts asking to hang out last nite? well i called and got her voicemail message, in her voice, yeah it was her all right.

so then i did start sending back some texts, and since i was dead tired and she said she was at the cannery and couldnt get a ride, i suggested downtown sometime this week would be better. and i fear she hasnt been reading my blog and has no idea how broke i am. maybe she wanted me to get a cab, ill never know. she was asking if i wanted to hang out last nite and if i was done for the night, but at the time that was before i thought it was her. she said she no longer lives at the same place, and that she could be out that late, but never did say how late. i am assuming she has permission to be with family over xmas and not have the curfew then. of course if she violated the curfew i sure wouldnt ever talk about it or post in here, i just wanted to know what the story really is. she never mentioned the blog or ask me to not post anything. would never upset a woman this way like i have some men.

i suggested downtown tomorrow and she did agree that worked out better with getting a ride, i wonder what she wanted me to do as far as giving her a ride last nite. will never know, she drifted off and i hope it was because her phone died. i went downstairs to grab some food to take to my room, ended up playing a little poker and lost only $15 in about 45 minutes and then went back upstairs. and i did message her about how horrible id destroyed the roll, and i doubt that was what she wants to hear.

Britni has never before not been around for the holidays, she is always online with her family then. remember the last time was about 3 times around Thanksgiving telling me to have a good meal and to try and be with family. family was always very important to her, thats why i wish i knew someone who could investigate if she is alive or dead, and what ever became of her, doubt ill ever hear from her. and i doubt its intentional.

she looks enough like that picture of Josie that if i didnt know better it could be her.

so i finally get to sleep, still without hearing from anyone about BCP, i notice carmen has not updated her blog or facebook for some time. not sure why she sent me that message last night, but all the same, it would be nice to hear from her, id like to just have someone to eat a good meal with today, dont really have the money to spend but if it was a woman eating with me instead of a guy i probably would. id eat with a guy too if HE went and paid for the buffet.

so now im awake, getting ready to pack, and won 1 $20 sng on BCP so far today, and i have close to $390 there. and once i hit submit, i need to call my family too. but i had some weird dreams which woke me up.

dreamed i was in a big casino i wasnt familiar with, and i was trying to find a NL game, and all i seen was a 2-4 game. Carmen was sitting at the table, and everyone was talking about Christmas. i took a seat, and she asked me what my cock was going to give her for Christmas, now why i dreamed that i dunno, and of course i would never say that, but i guess it was because of the phone call surprising me. couldnt figure out why she would suddenly be calling me out of the blue. and thats not the only embarrassing thing i dreamed last nite. i dreamed karsten was mocking me imitating me in a christmas religious song, but changed the words to offensive words involving black people.

and with that, i must leave and go check out. sorry to hear about koala, and i hope he gets better. he isnt the only one im worried about whose disappeared.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

well ive got good news, and bad news.

as usual im in my room writing this, playing low stakes (maybe high stakes) sngs on BCP. the only good news ive possibly got to report is im not wasting any money in machines. Being able to play online poker in my room is similar to playing a machine, in the sense i can play ALONE and not have to wait as long for a hand. thats why i wish i could ONLY play online in my room and grind out money.

i started off the day walking downstairs in the rio about 7.30am, no seats available, 3 on the list, so i walked outside and took a cab to ballys for $8. no seat available there either, so i walked thru bills, locked up a seat for 10am aces cracked, and ended up playing the flamingo. was down about $16 more when the game finally started up at bills.

took a beat early on when i had AT suited. flop came A35 and i bet and he called. turn comes 10. i bet quite a bit more, and he calls. (my buyin was $46). river comes 4. well i dont like that card, but if he has me beat HE WILL BET ANYHOW, so quit thinking its a bad bet. i shove my last $22 and he calls with 23? what was he doing in there for?

rebuy $100 and soon thereafter lose another $35 but i dont even remember what with to a different guy. and it all went downhill from there. left, ate in flamingo diamond lounge, made some trading posts online, and seen still no game osheas or IP. went back to bills, (dumb) and rebought $100 more and lost. then walked to ballys, played a while, was down $38 more and left when a guy on 2+2 was gonna buy my BCP, but ive not heard from him since, not sure he is really gonna do it, or if he actually could at this time.

so now my rolls only $3800. praying to do good in dec 26 freeroll. other than playing in it, i dont plan to leave downtown the whole 8 days im there. will be nice not to have to move rooms, and on Jan 1 ill have $200 in free play back, of course i must immediately cash out as soon as its played thru 1 time and not do what i did during the great gift wrapup promo.

cannot lose on BCP for anything, really will be glad when i get this sold. too bad i cant do nothing but build money up online. up to $334 on BCP now. all off $8 in rakeback. ive never deposited more than $25 into this site, and once before i sold $276 for $230, so im already way ahead off my initial deposit. sure hope Josie or anyone else doesnt sign up here without letting me link them up to the same $125 bankroll for the initial $25 deposit that i got. until its sold, it feels like play money.

Friday, December 23, 2011

wasting a lot of time in my rooms so i wont lose any money, and wont play any machines. only thing i can win at is online

soon as i came home, i ate the food i bought in the gift shop at ballys with comp dollars, (bills now lets u transfer all ur comp dollars there onto ur harrahs card, so i transferred $34 over) and i got one big thing off my mind today, (ive been worried theyd be no vacancy at 4 queens, and i wouldnt be able to take advantage of my free room offer mailed over NYE.) finally reached a host, and im booked into the 4 queens dec 25-jan2 for 8 nites. dec 25 is free ill be charged $24 in comps a nite dec26-29, and have dec 30-jan1 comped. so i wont have to move rooms for 8 days, and ive got a decent poker game to play in but ill have to gamble, in the sense i gotta buyin at least $100 and play a little bit higher limit at $1-2. sure hope i dont drop any.

and my current 5 days free at the rio end on the morning of dec 25, dec 24 is my last nite at rio. the freeroll is dec 26, and ill have to be back of course. ill have a really tough time making the money and really and truly need a partner for the tourney which i dont have of course, but i could sure use the $500 if i win. must be woken up to be awake for the tourney. i couldnt stay at the rio the day of the tourney because of the 2 days i must be out, and i didnt book it right back in because i need to be downtown anyway so im not constantly switching rooms moving back and forth. im getting old and im tired of not having an apt, but no longer have enough money to rent a place.

i'm sitting in a $20 DON sng online with vook, and i dont think he even knows im at the table. earlier i took a horrible beat to lose a $50 sng. but of course, i dont consider my BCP poker money as part of my bankroll. i have $105 there still if i lose the sng. still need to find one trustworthy person to buy money there at 80-90% on the dollar who can buy it absolutely anytime i want immediate cash put in my bank account. then id feel a lot more comfortable having money there, because i really need a way to play online from room. im winning there easier, games are better, and it keeps me away from machines. ive spent a lot of time sleeping there too.

proud to say i have not touched any machines again today, nor did i the day before. roll is hanging just over $4100 still, (havent won anything either, broke right about even again). the guy i was talking to at the orleans who staked me wants to start an autism foundation and maybe stake me. he said he'd get back in touch, i lost the stake for him that day on a bad beat, all but $24 of it. he is from Phoenix, and writes computer language code, also has done it for some slots. (not the VBJ one though).

i won the sng i was in with vook, and i just seen him register for a $100 sng, so i think ill join it with him. Now of course, if i considered this money as part of my bankroll id never play one that high. But until i find a way to easily sell this money for immediate cash, it just doesnt seem like real money. of course, watching the news lately seems like the govt will quit closing down pokersites that dont have sportsbook and that maybe NV will soon have online poker.

i cannot leave town right away. ive got the freeroll coming up, and my $200 in free play at binions the first of Jan. also ive got some coupons for 3 $20 match plays at various harrahs properties within the next 30 days and a $50 free play in feb sent to me in the mail. (if im still in town by then.) am almost out of comps at binions, after paying for these rooms, and will soon have my comps cutoff there too since im not playing machines. sure hope i start winning at live poker soon so i can afford the additional costs of housing. thats why i might as well be in FL, i wont get free rooms here much more.

i am not going to want to spend money buying a $7 daily pass on christmas for the bus, but it would be nice to eat a buffet somewhere. wish i had someone to spend xmas with. none of the women ive talked to online would feel much like hanging out with me since id be too stressed about money to talk about anything else other than all my worries about my future. i dont understand why im not winning. im not playing anything anymore but poker. i shouldnt be wasting time in that game at bills though, i just dont want to lose anything big. but ill be in the game downtown soon.

well i just ended up winning the $100 sng and at one point i was down to 265 chips so i feel a lot better now, vook also won it. most of the guys didnt shove enough imo, one guy wanted to call too much. u dont flip in a DON sng like u do a cash game. i was mostly playing instead of updating the blog.

still very worried britni is dead or overseas, wish i knew a private detective willing to find out that she is alive and where she is.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

what to do, what to do

woke up just over an hour ago here in my room, my $80 monthly internet bill is paid now, came due a week early, and soon ill have the $100 phone bill. but not for over another week. and i worry next month or so i wont have anywhere to stay once my 5 days at rio or ip are up. especially need to be out of jan the 2nd week of jan during the convention, theres no way to get anywhere to stay in any of the casino then. rooms at the IP are over $350 a nite then, even for diamond members.

will leave room soon, where should i play today? limit omaha at orleans? cannot afford any game bigger than bills, but that game isnt beatable here in vegas. in florida it probably would be. and $1-5 u cannot win much at all but u sure wont lose much and its in my comfort level. $600 a month isnt too bad, i was happiest when i had my apt in reno and couldve just stayed home. i only gave it up because i rented a place way too expensive and didnt really want to stay in reno. florida is altogether different.
what i mean is its somewhere i wouldnt mind staying since the game would go all 24 hours. unless of course i was playing at the dogtrack and then id just have to adjust my hours.

not sure how much to buyin if pokerdogg says $100 is enough, and thats all i can afford, guess thats what ill start doing. id really like to be doing ALL my playing downtown, but nowhere to stay there unless i pay for them in the 4 queens, and thats $250 a week, even with discounted rates thru my host, and theres still a certain machine at binions that tempts me so i wouldnt be away from them like id be in jacksonville.

yeah its scary being at $4100, never thought id see this day. but im still better off than some young guys first coming to vegas, some with somewhat less, and all without the diamond card. and some of them have made it. even though they waste money on clubs and i never do.

waiting til jan 5th, and praying for luck in the dec26 freeroll, after that i should get out of here (just to make sure i cant ever play a machine). shouldve done it when at $5800 and worried before i dropped the $1400 at the stratosphere. and i made some bad bluffs yesterday in poker in a desperate attempt to get unstuck, both at bills and rio because i was tired and wanted to go to my room.

$130 now on BCP. wish i could sell it to someone local for at least 85%

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hey who knows a lot about freeroll strategy??

spent a large portion of the morning in my room, waiting for vince to show up with the laundry, just playing online, and besides the shuttle to the strip didnt start running anyway til 10am. Just got done meeting Vince downstairs picked up the laundry, and now he is leaving to go to NJ (by plane, not by car dammit) to see family for xmas. and i remembered to pick up a spoon on the way back to my room so i can eat my 3 cans of tuna, but not all today.

on the way back to the room, i asked at the poker desk if i had the hours needed to qualify for the dec 26 freeroll. the way the freeroll works, there will be about 60-70 people who qualify, and 30 of them get $500 each. so a large portion of the field get paid.

those with 20 hours, get 5000 chips, those with 40 hours, get 10,000 chips. and of course theres the $10 addon dealer tip fee for 2500 chips. so essentially some players get 7500 chips, and others get 12,500. ive practically never seen anyone turn down the addon. so i qualify but just barely do i have the 20 hours. id need a full 20 more hours to have 40 hours for extra chips.

should i play those extra 20 hours in a $1-3 game i really cant afford thats not all that great? does having only 7500 chips against other peoples 12,500 seriously hurt me or only hurt me somewhat? that extra $500 would sure be awful nice but i have bad luck in freerolls. never figured out why. i shouldnt since i win DON sngs. i really have no idea if i should put the other 20 hours in really fast, or play at casinos im more at ease playing. it does have an unusual pay structure and they do that to eliminate all the bad vibes and pressure to chop.

this will be a very short post, but i want to explain what u have to put urself through to survive when ur bankrolls this low, and none of the other playes understand. at least not those with moolah

and as usual if u want to chat with me NOW, i am playing $10 don sngs on bcp. with a current balance of $98. still am looking for someone local who plays merge to make it easy to sell money online at 80% or better to get it out INSTANTLY once it reaches enough to sell.

i did not want to keep my reservation at the rio after dropping so much last week, because i didnt feel like i could afford their $1-3 game anymore. i tried to get Vince to stop by the IP first and see if i could transfer my reservation, but he said he didnt have time, so he took me straight to rio, so i could claim my bags id left behind from the bellman, give him the laundry to wash, and check into my room. had i not left my bags at the belldesk at the rio for the last 2 days after id checked out, i wouldnt be staying at rio now. the IP works out better for me since its closer to osheas and bills, which are the only 2 games i can really afford to be buying into right now.

but its the middle of the nite, and it was 4.20 in the morning, and if u get seated by 4.30 and get in 15 minutes play, u qualify for the 5am drawing for $100. so i sat and i sat with only the minimum buyin of $60 because i knew i couldnt afford to play $1-3 so i didnt want to lose much, also i was uncomfortable in the #1 seat and of course its filled with all the good players (local freeroll guys). and some of the stacks were rather deep, including rich guy ken who brags all the time about how great his life is, and also an asian guy was deep. I am not sure (and need to find out) if i have enough hours yet for the freeroll on dec 26 in which 30 guys each get $500. i dont have much luck with freerolls, but i would certainly try very hard to make the money in that if i qualify. i might be able to qualify getting in 20 hours instead of 40, but id only have half the chips.

so im sitting there with $60 only, and the only playable hands im getting with QJ suited, QT suited are always in the wrong position, either under the gun or very early, and im always having to fold once its raised preflop. once i managed to steal the blinds with A2 suited when all folded and i was on the button. the guys playing at this time in the morning at the rio definitely know what they are doing, even though some of these guys have money. Like i said, its really not a good game for me, but the drawing is about to take place, and the last thing i want to do is start off the day wasting $10 on a cab.

if only online poker would start up again, i could make a ton of money from home. i never had the roll to grind it for decent money back in the good old days.

so im sitting there with $60 and slowly drifting downward to like $30-40 and suddenly i win the drawing for $100. and then 2 hands later the BB gets to me. well u being in my situation, with so little a bankroll, no job, car, home, or income, what would u do? i know some people might hate me, but its not their Goddamn money and i feel like i got no choice. i pick up and leave, cash out, and im up about $80 for the nite, and im sure ill leave the room again sometime soon, but not before its light enough to catch a bus, or i can buy back in for $60. Now u see why its so important to never let ur bankroll get down to the critical level. its a real pain in the butt to have to play this way, instead of having plenty of $200-300 buyins where u can play normally and not go completely off ur rocker if u lose 2-3 of them in a row.

and as for disappearing, i thank Ron for his advice about FL, i do need to get there as quickly as possible after the first of the year. only question is how, and can i afford to travel? i hear the orange park casino outside jacksonville is best, and there are no machines there. 2nd best is tampa. only problem is u cannot get there via amtrak from vegas, only from philadelphia. new orleans is the furtherest east u can go, they never rebuilt the bridge into MS after katrina. FL is the only affordable place i can go to without machines that i know of, where they do the drop properly instead of the way cali does it.

i survived 2 months before in florida with a $600 roll, and left with a $1300 roll. i never went broke there.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

here's my last blog post before i disappear out of sight away from vegas.

sitting in my room playing online blackchippoker with the measly $23 i have on there, wish i could put most all my money on there and just stay in my room all the time. at least that way id have a chance of recovering a few thousand in the course of 2-3 months and make sure i wasnt around any machines. But i am way too scared the govt would seize it all. id go to Canada to avoid this, if i had a way to get across the border.

i miss my old apt in lyons ks, where my rent was only $200 a month, which included all utilities paid, and where i could just relax and play online back in the days stars and fulltilt was still in business. by the way what ever happened to the money fulltilt was supposed to pay everyone? they should email me if they do since i have $5 there. nice to just relax in the room, away from any machines, and play online. i slept a lot last night. would like to spend more time in my room, usually im not watching TV, but i have the TV on tonite. and i really hate the way circus does not carry the fox news channel (so u can get the truth-but u can get msnbc, which is the most far out of all the networks on the left.)

would like some ideas on where i can live (other than los angeles which is way too expensive) that has poker available, and does NOT have machines. montana maybe? since u cannot martingale machines there with the $2 max bet, im not as tempted and never lost nearly as much on them when i lived in butte. i doubt any of my readers live in montana. and NL isnt legal there, although im sure it can be found in some bar. also at the table another day, a guy was claiming that at horse tracks in some place around the country they have ONLY Poker and no machines. i dont think thats true, because when i challenged him to name one he couldnt think of a single place, just said that theyres many of them. LOL.

so if anyone knows of any suitable place, please tell me. am in 2 small tourneys on BCP as i type. not leaving my room til its time to check out and go check back into the rio, but as broke as i am, i think i better change it to the IP so im close to osheas and bills unless i just leave town tomorrow. i cannot stay off the machines here in vegas, i want to be somewhere where they wont tempt me anymore. and if i am in vegas i need to be where i wont need cabs and can play in the very cheapest games, for my roll is so low now i cannot afford to buyin for more than $150, and that will leave me with 30 buyins. (new roll is now $4500 after todays $1300 loss.) almost the entire loss took place on a very poor paying VBJ machine at the stratoshpere that is only even money on BJ, and lets u play 7 hands, actually requires that u do.

to start the day, i went over to palace station, just to see if limit was beatable. i sat there an hour or 2 and somehow managed to win $27, but i was stuck almost twice that, so i was glad to get out with a profit. went across the street to mcdonalds to eat since i have no comps there. then i got the bus to the street, and took a daily pass. walked up to the stratosphere once i reached the strip, since it was a close walk. bought in to a poker game for $155, and eventually lost it on a bad beat, where i had the best hand, and was beaten by a gutshot. i almost didnt call his allin, but finally did, and had the winner at the time i called the allin. then he hit the river. so i rebought $200 more, and ended up losing it too. i dont remember what i lost the rest of it with but i dont think i was playing as well by then. when i left the room i was thouroghly pissed, and down $345 for the day, (which i knew was a loss more than i could afford to absolve, so thats why i sat at the VBJ in a desperate attempt to recover a little back.) then i proceeded to lose the remaining $500 in my sock, and then took $300 out of the atm TWICE, and left with only $51. and for all that money i lost in the machine, i got back only $9 in cashback at the players club there.

theres no hope for me. there was when i thought Josie might hang out with me and be a friend if i was able to build the money up and stay off the machines, but when i read her bad mouth everyone last nite who said she should be my girl, i found out how she truly felt about me. and was depressed. I feel like no one is truly in my corner. and certainly not Melissa from myyearbook. i heard from her the other day after i told u about the conversation of the day before, and I was gonna go over to the IP last nite, but she asked me if i was gonna take her out gambling, and no way could i afford to do that. i tried to tell her i would paid for her cab if shed came to the rio though. no luck. then the next day she called while i was asleep and asked me what i was doing at 1:09 in the morning. and todays shes not called at all, but i havent called her either today because im now so broke that unlike a week ago when i first talked to her on myyearbook, the last thing im interested in is trying to meet a woman when im this broke. i am only interested in doing that when im not stressed about money, because i cant trust any woman not to be needing money, or if not needing money, not wanting me to spend money to date. when i get this low and desperate about money, i cant even talk to a woman because all i can talk about is how desperate i am to come up with some money, and thats something no woman wants to hear. How Josie can think i could give a woman money is unimaginable, even when i still had $5800 instead of $4500. the only time i ever did that was when it was Britni, a friend id known for years, and when it was small sums of money being transferred on online pokersites, sometimes under $10.

Vince should be picking me up about 12am, and ill be giving him my laundry. I certainly dont think this woman has any intention in watching me gamble, if im as broke as i am, and to watch without me possibly buying her in, which is totally out of the question. even when my bankroll was over twice what it is now, i seldom ever gave a hooker any money. maybe like 3 times in the last 3 yrs.

and im sure ill lose the option of having 2 free weekends a month at circus, its the FIRST time i ever stayed here that i gave them ZERO play that i remember, and if i wouldve played, it wouldve looked like zero play since that machine no longer takes a players card. so i do need a place to live. yet id never ever consider sharing a place with anyone. even when i lived outside and slept in a city park during the day i felt far safer doing that than sleeping in a room owned by others, lots of people have gotten killed and violently assualted by going over to rent a room off craigslist when they show up with cash on hand. alot of times, the person they meet and give the money too isnt even the landlord, and has no authority to rent to them, and they find out it was some kind of scam. Or they actually rent to them, then the bank forcloses the next day and they are both out on the street. or they rent to them, and then the landlord makes them so UNCOMFORTABLE they move out in a day or 2 simply because they are scared to death of getting harmed. or their stuff starts getting stolen or whatever, if u want to rent a room from someone u do it from someone u trust. someone u meet in a poker room, not some stranger off craigslist. But as nervous as i am, i sure wouldnt do that either. remember my posts to JJmax jeff hasse on avp a year ago?

anyway good news is i just won first for $69 in a 45man $5 sng on BCP, so at least ive got $91 on there, letting me play a little bit online but not enough to sell and get any of my money back. can anyone find me anyone in vegas who plays on merge that i can sell money to at 80% or more on the dollar so i can just play online and immediately get it right back offline? im sure not gonna deposit any money there and risk having the govt seize it unless i have a way to sell it immediately.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doing the tropicana promotion

Is this the best promo for someone with my size roll? 5800? I want the least variance way to grow my roll around $75 to $150 a day. I,ll be staying circus tonight and tomorrow night. Then since im moving back into the rio for 5 days on tuesday I just left most of my bags there with the bellman. That way I only have to catry one bag to circus which eliminates the need for a cablost $78 rio pokeroom last night but played no machines. Now the night before, after winning $158 in the pokeroom and updating my blog, I couldnt sleep.

There was a woman I talked to online from myyearbook, who gave me her number finally. . Found out and was quite shocked to hear that shes been staying at the ip for 3 weeks.

She was living with her roommate and her roommate moved out and took all her stuff. I seen one guy post on her page that she was all about the money but she didnt seem that eay in her reply to my email, so I defended her. She said she wanted to learn poker and likes to play machines. So I was texting her from rio, and was telling her my bad luck and originally said I wanted to not waste money on cabs. Later I reconsidered and went over to the ip. She had already gone to sleep or wasnt answering so I bought into a poker game and proceeded to lose $200. By then I was throughly pissed and I sat on that same big split poker machine and lost over $300 more I never did meet the woman. Rode shuttle back to rio and back over $100 and went to go sleep.

Friday, December 16, 2011

on the way back up, although u wont notice it from my new total.

this blog will take a while to type, this update is long in coming, didnt get around to doing it before i went to sleep yesterday (although some of u seem my twitter and facebook feeds) and of course by the time i woke up about midnite i just wanted to go and play poker instead of wasting a lot of time online. even though a lot of good players play at the rio, most of whom hate me, theres still some nice sized pots here. unlike all the other places i play at i only seen one guy who usually buys in under $100 here, and he did on all 3 of his buyins tonite.

the night before, i went down to the poker room, and proceeded to be hungry while i was playing, and it mightve kept me from playing my best. (was ahead over $100) and then ended up giving it all back, too long ago to remember any hands, and then i rebought $300 even though i wanted to leave because i had 6 more free hands til i was BB again. by the time the BB did finally get to me i wouldnt leave, and proceeded to lose the whole $300 but it was not on a bad play, but a coin flip. (i raised to $25 preflop, over his $10 raise and he shoved allin and i called with ak vs his 10-10). and then missed. i wanted to flip the coin not only because i was behind, but because of the dead money already in the middle too.

so i left the room immediately after that hand (out a total of $488 buyins) and went out and lost about $400-500 more in a slot gemtiles machine, mostly flat betting $4 a hand later on, 20 lines 20 credits a line, thanks zippyboy. i have not won since the beginning on that machine, why does he prefer that machine?

so anyway i went to my room, and wrote down a new low total of $5700. posted on facebook, twitter, but didnt update the blog. and then i took a cab over to the trop to try and fix my hours to where i could play days, thinking a low risk way to recover my roll might be to play during the daytime and get the $10 per hour. I seen the black guy Mark playing over there from Osheas, whose always very nice and helpful to me. (not the guy whose with Laura, but another guy). and i think i recognized 2 others. all of whom are regulars who like promos, so its not exactly an easy game. i bought in only $100 because id dropped my roll so much i wanted to cut down the amount of my buyin. but then i started winning. at one point my $100 was at $456.i moved to the 2nd table and started it 4 handed, so i wouldnt have to sit in the middle anymore. and i wasnt at $456 yet then. but once the table started filling up and i started giving it back, and being tired, i decided to leave about 12.45pm and come back for the 8pm drawing and i still dont know if i missed out or not. i left with $210 profit and was feeling good that i was on the way back.

and that was AFTER i read Josies post that i could make it back sticking to only poker, and that everyone should support me not to go broke and end up on the street. in fact i have only won since seeing that post, and have not played any more machines. when i left the trop i went straight to my room and to sleep. u see the guy or guys or whoever tried to suggest i can win at VBJ if i play them properly, (and who knows maybe i can, but i dont have the roll or discipline to) didnt really effect my life all that much except ill have to buyin for less now, play smaller, and miss out on traveling to the east coast like id planned for the first week of january after amtrak fares go back down. they go way up during about 2 weeks around christmas. and i couldve seen my family on the way there. so its not really ME they hurt, but my family. but of course they didnt care about that.

now tonight, i got up a little before midnite, read my emails, still didnt update blog, and went downstairs to play poker here in the rio. got seated in a favorite seat and started playing with $160. (still a little smaller buyin that my last buyin at the rio yesterday). started the night with about $5900, and ended the night with a little over $6000. took a loss early on down to about $80 and eventually climbed back. while i was doing poorly early on, i kept having to fold an awful lot. and there were a lot of young rich kids at the table who played a lot of poker. guys who didnt have bankroll stresses. and one kid on my immediate left had over $700. i had had to fold every single hand but my blinds for about 5 orbits, and finally got 10 10 in the SB. only thing was everyone had folded and i really was wanting to play the hand. so i raised instead of chopped like i normally would since i knew he didnt need the money and i did. he'd been winning steadily all night. and plays all the time in there. it didnt offend him, but it did offend another player at the table who hadnt liked me anyway because of me thinking he was going south the day before and then i realized he wasnt, and because hes a guy with a lot of money who dont like shortstackers, it really offended him, plus he remembered me saying something about him being a donkey about 8 months ago that i did not remember at all.

so later on when everyone moves to the final remaining table, he ends up on my immediate right. (the guy who didnt like me.) and he asks me if im planning to chop, and i didnt feel like answering and said id decide later depending on how im doing, so then he said we'd never chop. funny thing is, we never ended up HU anyways all nite preflop. and on the other side of me is a young kid i used to think was a nice guy. since he drove me once to the IP from the riviera. for $6, but he had me give it to the dealers instead of him. hes often with a friend from out of town and they both look very very young and always play together. well earlier, one of them limped in with a big hand, the other guy raised to $12, a few of us including me called the $12, then the limper made it $50 and his friend shoves allin. so i said hey thats collusion, but i didnt care, i was gonna fold anyway for the $50 and certainly didnt care enough to complain. (they were both sitting together my immediate left). well the guy who got offended the most by what i said was not him, but the guy on my immediate right who disliked me, and he said his opinion of me on a 1-10 scale went from 0 to minus 1. but yeah i guess it offended the kid too because he wouldnt chop with me either afterwards, and didnt seem that friendly anymore. i was offended because i felt like everyone sitting there shouldve known i wasnt really serious when i said collusion and not took what i said so seriously. and because i was angry they took me serious, i never bothered to tell them i was joking. and as the morning before, at one point i was a little over $450, and eventually left with around $300. lost it back with a hand ive already forgotten as usual.

i do also remember beating the kids friend once with QQ on a board of 274 and 2 spades and he had AQ spades, and mightve thought he was good when the queen hit the turn. since he went allin on me and i needed to know what he shoved allin with, it was on him to show first so i waited til the river to show which i had every right to do. of course i did show immediately when he did. they claimed before their roll is higher than mine but i did see them buying food from the whopper Burger king bar upstairs and that burger king is not a regular BK at all, cheapest sandwich is like $8. one got the food for the other and they were sitting there eating breakfast food.

i left the game right away after the 7am drawing.

as worried and as stressed as i am about going broke, theres no way in hell im gonna be either playing a machine, or cutting people breaks who dont need the money when i desperately do. ive cut people a lot of breaks before chopping very good hands, who i dont know if they really appreciated it, but i dont like being asked if ill chop before the times comes for them to know, and when im heavily stuck, i feel like im being "panhandled" if a guy with a lot of money expects me to let him keep his $3 bb when i get a very strong hand ive been waiting for all night. i would not get mad at all if a guy stole my BB if he had a strong hand instead of chopping, thats his right, as long as he shows it so id know hes not just being an ass. especially if it was a guy like pokermase who really needed the money. what i dont like is assholes who wont chop with me just cause i dont chop with someone else.

since i have less money than a lot of others, i have a right to do things in my best financial interests that people with a lot of money shouldnt do just to be sociable. alot of people who arent nearly as smart as me mathwise have more money and that isnt right. a lot of people who are younger than me have more and thats not right either. i deserve the money a lot more because of my seniority and all the time i put in at the tables that they havent. thats why i get so angry with myself for playing machines, and why i dont want to play them anymore.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new low of $6600, i havent been that low since the wsop and i doubt i was that low then, but not sure how to check, since VPN no longer exists.

at least i got one big chore off my mind that was bugging me when i first woke up, (and possibly affected my play.) i now have all my bags from the IP here in my room at the rio, where im good til sunday. its such a pain to have to move rooms every 2-5 days depending on where im staying, but if i run out of rooms, i know of no place in vegas where its safe to rent an apt. although many years ago i lived in some pretty unsafe motels by the week before, wasnt anytime recent, but 10 or so years ago.

before i talk about everything that went wrong last night, i want to talk about one thing i think i did RIGHT. now granted when i first walked into the wynn i was on tilt from being down $600 at the rio, ($200 at poker, and $400 on video poker.) and after losing that at the rio, i went to slotsoffun for my free $100 my host gave me after fixing my address for me back to KS so id qualify for promotions again, and ran it through once and got $81. but i was stuck so much i knew i needed to win big, so i decided to play the VBJ even though u no longer get any comps, and worse yet, it looks like u never played anything at all. at first i was gonna follow the advice i was given on how to beat it, and at least i have the count correct now. but the advice was NOT to martingale, and to only bet $40 or $50 when the true count (not the running count) was at plus 4 or higher. and i ended up often betting about 2 or 3 times that much or more, angry about how much i was stuck, and often betting that big long before the true count got near that high. the real reason i cannot win at VBJ even when i get the count down correct is i cannot tolerate being stuck at all, and i have no patience to wait for the good opportunities, and not overbet my edge and thats the honest truth. not that the system is no good, but i dont have the patience to apply the system as im told to. so because i do not play the machine correctly, by the time i walked into the wynn, i was down $1500 for the nite, and i referred to it as $1900 because i was rounding up instead of down, and was counting a loss yesterday morning as part of it too since i hadnt updated the blog and included it yet.

ok heres what i think i did right. i figured if i was gonna lose all that money anyway, i might as well try one big shot at $2-5 and make a large buyin and hope for a double up so id be somewhat within range of making the loss small enough to be manageable. i walked into the wynn with about $7600, and of course, now im at $6600. Bought into the game for $1024, was trying to buy in for $1124, (all my odd change not in packs of $1000) but the lady on the floor returned $100 to me thinking i was buying in for $1000 in red and $24 in ones. so i never put the other $100 bill into the game. won a pot early on with a bluff of $200 check raise, showed the bluff, nothing but 9 high gutshot draw, and made sure the whole table knew how much i was on tilt. all of which i thought would increase my chances of a big double up, and i had my $1024 up to about $1160.

and heres the hand that really messed me up and after that i lost the remaining $400+ within the next 30-45 minutes. i had QK hearts, and checked it in the BB. flop came QQ6 with 2 diamonds. i checked, and a young guy with lots of chips, but not quite as many as me, bet $15. another guy called, and i raised to $40. the kid called, and i think the other guy mightve folded, but not sure. the safe looking 3 of spades came on the turn, and i shove out $165. (keep in mind the kid has seen me bluff). again he calls and im hoping he has a smaller Q or flush draw and isnt sandbagging a monster. i really thought his most likely hand QJ or QT. on the river, the flush misses, its an 8 of hearts, and i bet $504, enough to make him curious i might be on a missed flush draw. (but they tell me to take the $4 back because i have to bet in $5 increments). he says allin and for a minute i think i owe more, but he has less than my bet. turns out he called me all the way drawing to 2 outs with 88, and hits the boat on the river. i set him up beautifully getting him to mistakenly think his 88 was in the lead, and then he hits the gin card. he was planning to call on the river even if he dont hit the 8, i found out. so i was quite pissed about the outcome of that hand, but i feel like i played it beautifully.

the rest of the chips disappeared with JQ clubs, i called a raise preflop and the flop comes 992 with 2 clubs, and i couldnt lay down 2 overcards and flush draw, and the winner had 10 10. he got me allin on the turn, and i missed, and walked out of there with the $4 blue. everyone yelled to the floor i took chips off the game, the floor caught up to me and i showed them all i had was the $4 that didnt play, and then i was told they DO play at the wynn if u are allin. not sure if that ruling is correct or not, does anyone know, so i handed him back the $4, he asked me if that was all i took and i verified it and walked away while he headed back into the room. i walked outside, walked all the way to the IP, got my bags and left in a cab. s little scary when i walked over the bridge to the palazzo from wynn still carrying my entire $5100 left of the $7900 cash i had on me 24 hours ago. (since a black homeless guy and i were the only ones up there for a minute). but it was daylight about 7am or 7.30.

not sure what to do, but i cannot under any circumstances play any more machines, ive barely got left 30 buyins of $200, and i dont remember being this low on money in about 18 months, but not entirely sure, because theres no way to search old vpn threads. also im not gonna buyin large anymore either, that was my last chance to try and recover buying into a bigger game and it didnt work out. wouldve had it not been for that suckout.

Monday, December 12, 2011

still having problems with relationships, and i really dont see what i did that was wrong.

I really miss Britni. first time she hasnt been online at all in almost a month, im really worried about her health. i used to depend on her so much for life advice. she always told me that she wouldnt be around forever, told me she might be offline for months (traveling in europe or canada with family) and told me to be closer to my family, and to learn how to meet and talk to women and make friends. well ive tried that repeatedly, and it never works, always ends up getting me nervous and worried and causes hurt feelings and anger. and of course, no one ever explains to me what im doing wrong, instead they just dont say anything. (u all seen how i never realized what happened to carmen.) although i dont think it was my posts, regardless of what u guys say, she offered to hangout AFTER SEEING MY POSTS OFFERING TO HELP. so i think the truth was, she just didnt think i looked near as good as i do in my facebook pic, most women feel the exact way. now i wouldnt be a bit surprised if someone at bills also told her something that put me in a bad light, or her mom if she is a regular there, but looks are where a woman gets her first impression, so i think that if im unattractive nothing wouldve made her want to hang out, and if i was good looking it wouldnt matter how much she might think im nuts, she would overlook it. thats just how women are, and it will never change. pokerdogg never said either on his old comments how i offended her in my posts. i just wish shed either take me off facebook or stop allowing me to post in her blog, cause that wouldve got me to never post again, which i dont ever feel like doing anyway.

wish i could just get out of vegas and move east, away from all my problems. maybe veryJosie is a little nicer and would meet and hang out in the pokeroom and give advice, without caring what i look like as much. maybe i just should shave although its a ton of work and i hate it so much. my mom always insisted i did at her house growing up. and brush my teeth, so i grew to hate and resent it.

i accidently left something out in the first half of todays blog. i forgot to say why i went over to the lucky club in the first place. i wanted to test out the truth of the info that blackjack Pro sent my email. and of course i still dont know the truth, due to insufficient testing and not really betting the way he wouldve done the betting with the info.

this is what he told me. and if fristen from seattle/oregon and company is still reading my blog (highly doubt it) id like to know the validity of the info. he says this is how a counter can beat the machine, and that hes been told NOT to play this machine at certain casinos, due to it. for winning way too much. he claims that u go to an EMPTY machine no one is on, (which i tend to do anyway.)and he claims that the SHUFFLE BEGINS when money is inserted into an empty machine, and from that point on its every 208 cards. and he says that if u LEAVE the machine and take ur money OUT, as soon as someone puts money in the machine again, (not a players card, but actual money or a ticket), that it will start up another shuffle. (if no one is on a machine, the 208 cards to go til the shuffle never takes place.)anytime u put money into an EMPTY machine, it will start up the shuffle. if u put money into a machine with OTHER PLAYERS already on it, no it will not shuffle it will shuffle at the regular time. it will only start a shuffle at either the 208 card mark, or when money is put into an EMPTY machine.

have u guessed yet how a counter can ABUSE this info? if the shoe becomes negative, he takes his money out, which ends that shoe, (if hes at an empty machine that is without any other players) then reinserts money again, which resets the deck, and a shuffle takes place and u start with a fresh shoe and it starts counting out 208 cards all over again. essentially what hes saying is u can shuffle the deck anytime at will, in which case all negative counts can be shuffled away, and u can play only when the deck is positive, and know exactly how much its positive at all times. could be true, could not be true, but instead of getting impatient to get even and betting too big when down, i shouldve flattened my bets a little more, and bet entirely by the count and not on the previous hands wins or loss. thats the only way to really test the info out. it might be true because i just seen 1 more casino toughen up the rules again today. this casino was slots of fun, where my very little action i gave them recently caused me to get NO freeplay this month. u see the bad news about slotsoffun, they quit giving comps on ur card or points altogether on those machines, and they just started that, i could always get comps and cashback on them machines before. why would they do that, as much as i lost on them, unless its true theres a way a much more disciplined player than me is beating them.

i have a 3rd and final post dealing with facebook and relationships, but as of now im way too tired to post it, so im logging off to sleep.

this is so big im breaking it down into 2 parts since i dont update often enough. its too hard to type on here from cell instead of from laptop keyboard.

am in room, after vince picked me up at the lucky club and brought me home. and i went the entire nite without eating, never really felt hungry til in vinces car and we stopped at the mcdonalds outside circus before i went up the street to my room.

I'm sure some of u read my twitter and know about the $1600 loss, and if u dont u soon will know the details. First, i want to tell u about a special offer for those of u who are tourists and might be needing a cheap room on the strip in Vegas within the next month. How would u like to stay in a hotel for not much more than $30 id guess, and then get back $35 in match plays, which would have an EV of about $0 for the room over the long haul? this is something i just found out after i checked in.

This is what i should be doing as a journalist, creating value for my customers. (although i tried that at the lucky club and it didnt work out too well.)this time at least, no one will be mad. i had an offer for 2 nites at the riviera, and when my 5 days at the IP were used up, i needed somewhere to be for 2 nites. so i checked in here, and was given a coupon book, that i assumed was useless as are many coupon books. was pleasently surprised to find both a $10 and a $25 match play coupon that can be used for either the BJ and the roulette tables, (not craps and no idea why.) also the riv has a single deck $10 3-2 BJ game in case anyone wants to know. this coupon book is so valuable it would never be one u could get ur hands on free or all the bums would be abusing the coupons. i hope someone is pleased with me letting them know this information.

now the night before i didnt update because i was too tired, was busy relocating rooms when i finally left the TROP and went back to my room in the IP. i must say the Trop has a great promo with the $10 an hour and the cannon game, although ive not yet done the $10 an hour, i worry it will be too nitty. and i sleep the wrong hours too. But one of the big promos going on at the Trop that will bring in extra customers is Jamie Gold wsop winner playing in there every nite. and they are letting him play 2 tables at once, and they all also letting him run it 1,2, or 3 times. either the flop turn and river, or just the river. (if 2 players allin and both agree). He does tend to liven up the game and his bodyguard is right by him. and the cannon is always nice to me, although ive not yet gotten her to check out my blog and offer advice. hoping thats not a bad idea. i was stuck about $75 when i went over to the trop that nite, (i think on a machine) and by the time i went home from the trop, i was up about $100.

tonite i started off when i seen no game at the riv (its been changed from $1-2 NL to $1-3 NL by the way,) i went over to the wynn because i had $50 in free play coming that could ONLY be used mon-thurs of this week, and again the week of christmas, missing a week in between. i started off playing poker though, since it wasnt midnite yet, and caught myself making a bad play. this was after i was once up $71, and then was stuck again and getting bored and discouraged. i made a call with KQ with one heart on a board of AK6 with 2 hearts, turn 8 hearts, and i called, and river is an A, and i called, and sure enough he had aaaK5. lost quite a bit that hand, shouldve never played past the flop. first bad call was preflop to a raise.

i got some cookies, candy bars, socks, a nice shirt, and pajamas from my mom and son in a package for christmas. and i sent them $80 online earlier this month because mom wanted me to purchase her something (she has NO credit or debit cards) and told me shed pay me and i said to no, just use it for their christmas. But now i dont feel like it was enough, since it looks like $50 or so was used for mine including postage. so im going to send $100 more online today, and then ill have sent $180 and now that im no better off than i was when i first got back to vegas hardly, thats a lot for a homeless guy.

im breaking this blog into 2 parts, because i have way way too much to type. going to submit this first post now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

everyone playing at osheas tonite commented on how it was the loosest game they ever played in, and so many people got thrown out.

before we start on tonite, why are most of the comments im forced to moderate on the older posted blog, and not on the most recent blog post?

now for some good news. i got the $150 refund check today for my deposit and i need to deposit it in my bank account on the first opportunity. also got xmas gifts in the mail from family.

from there i walked to bills, starting playing, even though i know thats not the casino in which i should be playing poker at. eventually, after taking 2 bad beats, walked out of there stuck $155 about 2 hours later, and i left for ceasers.

played poker a while in ceasers, ran into david shapiro and Bob Lauria. dave had busted out of the PLO tourney quite early and maybe id been better off playing in it. got away with a bluff was back over $100, but by the time i left ceasers, i was out $190 for the day again. (at poker i mean, not out that much if u count the $150 refund check.)

walked into osheas, and got a seat in a game that appeared quite loose. not so much when i first sat before the table with full, but it became very loose shortly thereafter with the additional of 2 new players. i lost my first $97 buyin to a DR tourist who called my first allin with 53 diamonds (his cards not mine) preflop, and of course he lost a lot of money later on. then a black guy sat and lost 2 buyins rather quickly who was here for the democratic national convention, he seemed to have a lot of money, and was trying to pick up every woman who walked by. he finally left with 2 to go to some club. (not laura's BF, who she claimed on facebook isnt her BF, yet ive not heard back from her there lately.) although id swear the girl i keep seeing with this other guy might be her, but it dont quite look like her, and the girl said she was lauras sister. now this new guy everyone called "vegas" although hes not a local, i thought was a bum at first, he appeared homeless and was over 60, but it turned out he had a ton of money. he lost at least $1200 in the game and everyone had huge chip stacks. i went from being behind over $300 to leaving the game 8 hours later a small winner. he kept going allin with nothing hands like 82 and 10 4 offsuit, and thats why he was losing so quickly, he didnt mind losing, but he sure used the F word alot, and as liberal as the night shift was, he eventually got thrown out for cursing out the dealer too much and threatening to take him outside when he killed his hand on accident. then the kid from canada who took his place got thrown out too later, for cursing and being a dick and also the game was as slow as molasses, with tons of monster pots. a lot of the players were awful and there was one good player on my immediate left with a big stack and a beautiful gf who finally showed up and got him to leave way ahead. and the kid in the middle who never shut up and won big and lost big looked exactly like negrenau. at one point there was over $3000 on the table. i thought about leaving, but i was never up enough, and i knew there was a lot of variance, but i hated to leave a good table. None of the women ive played poker with in the past few weeks were anywhere near as good looking and as good at poker in the last week ive seen as Andrews wife whose a dealer, (andrew not his wife) but he left last nite for cleveland and isnt gonna be dealing osheas anymore. and then the old man from europe got thrown off the game too for falling asleep too much, him being the 3rd one to get thrown out.

i am really worried about Britni, hope she is still alive she always had lots of health problems, and this is the first time shes not been online in over 3 weeks not even once in ages. last i heard from her was before thanksgiving, and she didnt know id left tahoe. ill never be as close to any woman as her, who can accept and understand me, and i was an idiot for not being willing to travel to her a year ago almost when she invited me too. but i was afraid i couldnt afford to travel. i always feel like i need way more money in reserve than other people are willing to store in reserve. who else feels they cant afford to sit in $2-5 for a few hundred with a $9800 roll, or that they cant buyin to a $100 tourney besides me?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

in my room at the IP

this never get updated the day before so its time to update. still doing quite well, roll is back to $9800. small steady wins lately. a little over $200 today, and a little over $200 the day before. and no VBJ because theyre no VBJ machines worth playing around the area of the IP and vicinity. tomorrow (today) i need to pick up moms xmas package sent to me at the flamingo UPS store, i got the email saying i had a package to pickup. also im wondering what ever became of my deposit, if its not there i need to call reno. the place i lived at in reno is safe to mention to the entire world now, and i think they are still advertising on craigslist. its called Sierra Townhomes at the corner of Ryland and Locust, and the main manager is a lady called Janine. u can find their ads online.

by law they were supposed to mail it within 30 days. they never answered the phone even once after i moved out, weve only talked via offline text messages. i am supposedly getting $150 back of the $250 deposit. the initial move in cost was $1200, the other $950 was for the months rent. i really didnt manage my cash well at all while in reno, and is why i dropped all the way to $8000 from $14000. and its going to be a long long climb getting it all back, for the simple fact i dont play high stakes and if im up over $200, i tend to lock up all the winnings instead of going for broke.

darrell is back in town from los angeles, the guy who used to bug me for a stake, and hes still not very well off but hes working and not playing much poker. and him and a lady and her husband from 2+2 almost got into it at the table at IP last nite, cursing each other. i actually think the action in the games at the IP and osheas has gotten better in the past month than what i remember, and my phone isnt quite as bad in the IP as the old phone was. and as usual, im in a low stakes $5 sng on BCP. (balance there is around $10). (if i lose) And ive seen John, who owes me $193, all ive gotten is $5 from him (he claimed it wasnt his money on the table) and i dont know if Rose still even works at osheas.

no one ever explained why none of the freeroll circuit is not doing the binions freeroll, maybe they are and i dont realize it. business around here is slow for Christmas, as far as not many tables and games going. and my blogger dashboard was a little messed up tonite, some download doesnt seem to be letting me browse all the automatic blogs i normally follow. such as grumps and carmens and grouchies.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

in my room playing on BCP--although id like to be sleeping now til noon-1pm

will try and sleep soon as im tired enough to. killing time watching TV and playing a $2 PLO8 sng with my $7 online blackchippoker, and reading emails etc. it was a pretty good night, i ended up ahead close to $400 when i finally got back to my room. at one point i was up close to $700 early on. and i still have not been able to ever finish composing a new blog post without at least 1 new incoming email coming up on yahoo messenger while im in the middle of typing the post. (an email of a comment on the old posts.)

bought in $200 at binions, didnt even remember i had drawing tickets, but i seen it going, and shortly found a seat. started off doing very well early on, stole a pot, got dealt aa and kk back to back, achieved a successful bluff, and got a flop of QQ9, another guy flopped 999, and i had QK and then sucked out on the turn after we were allin on the flop. at one point i had $896 in front of me. and i left after finally losing a big pot when i called a ALLIN on a flop of 679, turn Q, and river offsuit 2 which is when he went allin. i flopped 666. still had $515 when i left. ive been buying in for exactly $200 a lot lately.

then i went out to the VBJ, and won about $70. went to my room to charge my phone, and get online. went over to the nugget, and again started off well on a $200 buyin, was up to $412. then soon left with $290 after losing a hand. went back to binions, and gave away about $150 on the VBJ. overall didnt do too badly, rolls in the $9300s now.

and its time to switch rooms again, will be in the IP for 5 nites tue wed thurs fri and sat nites. if i could id get a room at ballys or P-ho instead of the IP. am also considering maybe starting to stay at the rio more often.

also to all the freeroll hunters, binions freeroll is only 25 hours a month, (not much more than the riv) and pays 30 spots, with $7000 for first place, so surely its a better freeroll than the rio-ti-riviera circuit a lot of then guys do including grouchie and karsten.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ive got too big a mouth

Details to follow when home on laptop:

ok. im home now. i went out to the lucky club at midnite. before that i won about $200 at binions between the $1-2 cash game and the VBJ machine, mostly at poker. got lucky and hit 4444.

im mad at myself. For the post i made months ago. the post both in my blog, and in were it not for that post, Sean mightve never been made aware of his VBJ machine being a good deal for the player, if played during the 5x points promo. he because acutely aware of this, when guys started showing up and betting the MAX of $100 a hand during the day of the promo. Never thought too much about it, since there were still seats available, except that it caused others to also have lots of tickets and somewhat hurt me in the drawings. Up until today that is. i went over there, paid $20 to get there in a cab, and as soon as i got out and took a seat inside at the machine i seen a new sign placed on the machine saying that the machine no longer qualifies for the 5x points. now i was pissed off, for i wasted $20 getting there and now im stuck there without a ride home. played for 2-3 hours anyway and went from being up $200 to down over $300, to leaving about $90 ahead. called a cab (actually i had security do it thinking that would get the cab to show up easier) but they claimed the cab arrived and no one got in, so then they said theyd send again. they did, and i went out to get in it, and the driver said that wasnt my cab and he had to go to an apt up the street, and then he never came back. i called back and they said that was odd, but theyd send another cab, and one never came. so about 30 min later they suggested i go to the gas station across the street where they could track it better, some weird policy of the cab company since they claim cabs to the casino cant be tracked cause they are first come first serve. and they said i wouldnt have to wait near as long if i went to the gas station on the corner to catch it. but i was afraid to leave the casino with $931 on me, so the security guard offered to watch me walk up to it while he stood at the edge of his property across the street so i safely made it inside the 7-11. so i left the casino and while walking up to the 7-11 saw the 110 bus park across the street, so i ran up to it while it was sitting there a few minutes, and jumped on it. rode it up to eastern and boulder hwy, and then had to wait for another bus and i felt pretty unsafe waiting 15 min for the bus in that area too.

eventually i arrived downtown, and then i pissed away $98 in the gemtiles machine, and $55 in the VBJ at binions getting tomorrows 300 points for the spins, and then i walked back to my room to go to bed, too tired to play any poker in the nugget, which wouldve been a much better idea than how i actually spent the nite. now i must sleep.

had i never mentioned that on my blog, they never wouldve discontinued offering 5x points on that machine i dont think. and i wouldve got $95 back in cashback tonite instead of $19. meaning id be a lot better off.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

in my room at the 4 queens playing on blackchippoker

brought up a bunch of food and filled the fridge, seen richard tiger valdez in the nugget, he might be able to use my steakhouse comp expiring in 2 days at the 4 queens. and im sitting in the $2 DON SNG on blackchippoker. got my laundry back from Vince and also hes got all my food now making my bags weigh a tiny bit less. i still need to get back my winter coat from him i gave to him this summer to hold. also ill give him the blanket i got from my wheel spin at binions..

won $111 in the nugget poker room, slept today a few hours before i went over there about midnite, and i havent heard back from seattle irish. found out i didnt get any free play this month from binions, it was combined for nov and dec. and before i checked out of the IP, i also won just over $100 yesterday nite. rolls back to around $8800.

Friday, December 2, 2011

relaxing in my room but wont sleep yet, will return to the poker table

i came here to charge up my phone, and to bring home the box of 4 nice shirts that arent tshirts that tatude sent to my box in the flamingos UPS store. also my mother will send my xmas gifts there too. and i paid $20 today to renew the box another month.

first thing i did when waking up besides talking to vince and making plans for him to drop off my laundry tomorrow and drive me to the lucky club 5-6pm to be there in time to drop off the tickets before the drawing was to go to ceasers and i found out i have $250 in free play, and i also got a strong flashlight with the points left over. and david shapiro was the one who worked behind the desk.

so i went to the IP to play the $250 in that big split machine with a much worse paytable than in reno, no wonder im losing. i was irritated i was under $200 after id ran it thru 1 time, so decided to play til it was back over, and eventually left an hour later with only $75 and quite pissed off. ive dropped so much in VP in harrahs properties in the past week. then i played poker at osheas for a little while and won about $120 more.

These look like nice shirts, am surprised 4 fit into such a tiny box. and i found out im now certified as a hi roller again, allowing me to cashout dollar for dollar, so i can claim my $200 cashback friday nite along with a possibility of winning in fridays drawing tomorrow nite, and run thru my first $50 in free play of the $195. rolls now back to $8100 from $7900. also i might have $100 or $200 free slot play at binions, im unsure because i havent gotten any mail, although last month i got my usual free play. but the month before sept and oct were combined, so i played it all in sept before i left town. i am setup for a free room at the 4 queens dec 3, 4 and 5th, and then back to the IP for 5 more free days dec 6-10.

besides thanking tatude one final thing to say, i now have $5 again on black chip poker, got my monthly $8 cashback, it was very little because since i lost all my money i didnt sell for cash very early in the month i never redeposited.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

its going down down down.

new low of $7900, dont think ive been down below that in a year or more, not entirely sure, i cannot remember too many months back. i know i had more than that when i went home to KS for a month in april though, possibly during the wsop i was below that a few times.

Vince should be returning my clothes sometime today or tomorrow too. and i must get up and be awake before 5pm today for the xmas gift wrapup promo at ceasers, so i can hurry up and reclaim $200 or more of my losses recently. just play it thru 1 time and immediately cash it out.

most of u in vegas who know about the great gift wrapup have probably already done it last month.

Laura was someone who was in the game at osheas the other day, who ive not seen since. a guy at bills said she might be in jail, and had a warrant and a court date. she was talking to old man Louie (a regular) whose hands always shake, about being single and no BF. and when she sat at the bar in the back of osheas she had no ID to show the bartender and couldnt be served. she gave me her facebook as los angelos and a 818 area code number but i dont think its the correct facebook. and this one black guy who sometimes plays at bills claims theyve been together 5 yrs and were in an argument recently and all her stuff is at his house and are still together. he was surprised she gave me her correct number, he said that was her number. But he said she lied and theyre still together and she was just mad at him. evidently she isnt a tourist from LA at all. he was talking about a laura at the table before i mentioned knowing a laura from osheas. and the girl had mentioned seeing me before at a table in the past, but i didnt know for sure where i knew her from just thought id seen her somewhere playing before.

so when i woke up today i sat in the game at osheas, $1-2 NL in fact i helped to start it up. Howie convinced me to. i left to get my mail at the flamingo, and then came back, and i won $107 at osheas, then went to ceasers to eat in the diamond lounge, and while there i browsed blog comments on thier computer. its a much better diamond lounge as it sets out fruit.

when i woke up i had $600 cash on me. when i went to ceasers, i had $707 cash on me. and now back in my room i have $222 cash on me. another losing day, but for a different reason than yesterday. wasnt in the best game at ceasers, lost the original $200 buyin, and the final $500 rebuy wasnt doing so good either, but still had over $450 4 hours or so later when i left. i lost early on at ceasers with AK spades when i raised it preflop. flop comes QT7 with 2 spades. i bet $25 more, guy shoves allin on me with nothing but 66. i call, and i think i was the favorite there, who wants to do the math? u dont need to have the best hand at the time to be the favorite either, but i blanked out.

the mailer i found in todays mail showed $195 in free play at the lucky club, only thing is its broken down into 6 days.

so i went to the IP was tired of not being able to use my dead phone anyway, but really hated to walk all the way to the back of the IP to get my charger. eventually i left to go leave the phone in my room though, and then walked back to where my chips were on the poker table. i managed to get an end seat this time unlike ceasers where i had to wait.

early on i was up over $50, and was doing ok, pretty loose game, then the table broke and they moved us, and the other table had a lot of young dealers and regs who used to play with me, but they were leaving and thats why they combined tables. April told me the Trop is planning to do the exact same promotion as TI but im not sure what day its starts.

the big stack is also over there, who played with me on the other table. and hes got over $1000. hes not a local. i raise preflop with QQ to $12, and he calls with 2 others. flop comes T25 and 2 clubs. i bet $15, he calls, the others fold. turn comes offsuit 9. i bet $20, not sure of where im at. he makes it $60 like i feared, and i call. river comes 5, and i bet $75. reason being i dont want it checked around, and i think he might have 2 pair like 10 10 99. well he goes allin, and offers to show a card for $10. (which causes me to think one cant be a 5.) i dont take him up on it though, had very bad experiences lately taking people up on that. and usually get manipulated into doing the wrong thing. well i thought he had 2 pair, (since he was willing to show) and that the 5 counterfeits him so i call. and he shows 59 for a boat. i walk out of there fed up with not hitting and running when up about $75 and go to the bigsplit machine about 20 feet away, put in the final $131, and eventually after 2 hours or less cash out $222. so i didnt lose a dime in the VP.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

finally checked into my room at the IP, shouldve done so hours ago.

vince hasnt been feeling the best lately since he had a root canal and is soon going back to the dentist to have a crown done, maybe thats why hes not been answering his phone much or paid me the $20 he owes me, but he was just gonna wash laundry at his home instead. i am out in about 1-2 days.

the day started out so good. had $8800, and at one point today i couldve had $9200. but instead ive still got only $8800. at least ive got my monthly $80 verizon laptop internet access bill paid now. things started out good when i got a text from my old landlord in reno that id get my $250 deposit back mailed to my vegas address, minus a $100 cleaning fee. ive been wondering whats going on with my deposit.

other money i know ill eventually have coming(besides this $150)is $200 in cashback at the lucky club (for my 20,000 points) that im not taking til im certified as a hi-roller so ill get dollar for dollar instead of 50%. and of course $200 or so in the great gift wrapup at the flamingo on dec 1-5. who all that reads this blog is in this years great gift wrapup? share ur experiences and dont forget u can take free play instead of gift cards, which is almost the same as cash. would be curious to know the max someones got, im sure if i played nothing but harrahs all year id get close to $1000.

waited forever at 12.30pm for the bellman to come to my room at circus to check out. my bags are way too heavy with the food, and ill gladly give it to anyone who wants it including vince if i ever hear from him. why? because i no longer think ill be getting an apt anytime soon. i didnt get a whole lot of sleep because i went over to the lucky club late sunday nite to be there at midnite, (when the promo started) and instead of playing there all day i left as soon as i had the needed 20,000 points before the end of Nov. lost about $150 while playing, and at one point i was up $370 and also was down over $400 once.

so when the bellman finally came and i gave him my bags, i then went to head over to the riv for the football squares promo which i had mistakenly thought started at 1.15pm instead of 5.45pm. so i get over there, theres NO GAME and i find myself playing VBJ while waitiing for the game to start, by the time i leave the VBJ and the poker game starts, im up about $450. (this is why i thought it was gonna be a good day at first.)

i buyin $50, eventually lose that, (as usual i cant remember the hands this much later) and rebuyin for the odd $84. (no point in breaking a $100 bill). lot of good players here so i want to not buyin too much. thats the problem with locals room with promotions such as TI's and all the places with freerolls like RIO and riv etc. (lot of the same people play all 3, etc). it runs the tourists off, and kills the game as far as loose action is concerned. (plus a lot of them promotion abusers love to shortstack for whatever reason). and they dont do because their roll is less than me do they? who knows. and eventually i lose the $84 too, then rebuy $100, and it takes me along time to lose the $100, and by then the football squares is ending, and of course i never won a dime off it. (nor was anywhere close to having the right squares). i do remember a couple of hands. i had 38 offsuit in the BB, flop comes 336 and the winner had 66. another hand i raised preflop with QQ a guy put me allin for $24 more and he had KK. another time another hand i lost i had 99 and raised on a flop of 853 and he won with his 38 in the BB. hands i couldnt really get away from, especially with a small buyin.

so i leave and go to circus to get my things and take them over to the IP and also to empty my safe deposit box at the cage and open a safe deposit box at the cage in the IP. while in circus i see a gemtiles machine and proceed to get $150 ahead, then lose it all back and an additional $192. it was my 2nd chance i blew to have a big win for the day.

now i have no idea what became of Carmen, nor why she never answered me back on facebook (odd she didnt just delete me as a friend, and also odd she didnt delete my posts in her blog). without knowing what i said wrong, ill make the same mistakes in the future with other women. i'm sure reading others comments in my blog embarrassed her, so i do blame people like wec. this is a great example of why Britni says i shouldnt have a blog at all, and is probably a reason she isnt online hardly at all either. however im sure her readers would love to know what made her uncomfortable. obviously it wasnt my posts (regardless of what pokerdogg and wec think) because she originally wrote to me in my blog, and on facebook, and gave me her old phone number to text --I never call women, only text--(maybe thats a mistake in itself) ALL THIS WAS LONG AFTER I MADE THEM ORIGINAL OLD POSTS. not after the final post in her blog of course, but after the first few posts. i think she must of been curious to see who i was (and when she found out i dont look near as good as i do in my facebook profile pic) (because im not shaved) and wear old clothes, she lost interest, especially if her mom is a bills regular and knows me. i dont know if thats true, but a lot of people at bills are assholes and wouldnt speak well of me because of my disability and i dont care much for that room. the game really sucks there too and the players just arent that easy to beat. way too many long term regulars. i dont think ive played with her mom much, but its possible. i was however referring to the MALE players at bills though, and the dealers, the ones who mightve told her all kind of shit, some of which might be thier mistaken ideas about me thats not true.

not worried about it though, and would like to move on, although id like to hear what went wrong, and all i ever wanted was a friend to play poker with anyway, not a romantic relationship like wec thinks, i havent said a word to her since online once i had contacted her enough to be sure i wasnt gonna hear back. NO woman is ever gonna want to talk to me if i dont do a lot more censoring of others comments on my blog, (they wouldnt respect me if i let people talk about me the way WEC does.) at least wec should see i made an effort to step outside my comfort zone and talk to a woman online and try to arrange meeting and sitting and talking somewhere in private to get to know each other. its just i have zero relationship experience with woman so i have no idea what to say and what not to say. its better to say something than not trying at all, it helps me get experience in whats good and whats not good, but without any feedback i still dont know what went wrong. im just curious why she posted in my blog wanting to meet in the first place. because of Lorna, (who WEC has on his facebook friends list and never would say why) i feel like women will NOT talk if i dont give them money, and will if i do. guess thats why im always bringing money up to women. and somewhere i feel like women are looking for a guy to help them out and take care of them so they wont have to struggle so hard. but her mom is so rich she really doesnt need anyone to help her but her mom. i mean its not like im the only option.

anyway i found another girl i might be able to hang out with. her name is Laura and she plays poker. not sure if she is local or not, but she has a phone number in the 818 area code. i seen her at a casino the other day, she went broke, and spoke to the old man sitting by her whose hands always shake really bad how she had no BF or husband. i talked to her away from the table, at the bar in the back, and she gave me her facebook info and her cell number. she mightve watched me that day, but she was awful tired and i think went home.(but maybe back to los angelos, not sure) she told me i could message her anytime. and i think ive seen her playing before. i hope the infos right, ive not tried to phone and not sure what to say on the phone if i do. i did leave a message about 12 hours ago. i wish there were some women reading this blog that could give advice. not even cardgirl reads it anymore. akgal stopped reading it long ago. Christine sharkady and jennifer gay dont read it either.