Thursday, September 29, 2011

on the amtrak heading in the general vicinty of reno but who knows where ill get off.

kind of sad to be leaving san Jose. wish i knew where to get a really good deal on a place to live here. and im gonna have to replace that iphone right away, it was never turned into lost and found. i was afraid of that, wouldve offered a much higher reward but didnt feel i should have to, angry the guy who got the phone wouldnt reply. i certainly would reply if i stole someones phone.

made over $1400 on the final day in san jose. $359 in $1-2 NL, $600 in 4-8 hilow omaha, and then more again when i went back to $1-2 NL. games and action is wonderful here in san jose, and im sure the games are beatable for well over $1500 a week long term, if i had a larger roll and somewhere suitable to live.

still holding onto more than what i left vegas with, about $13,900 i think will add it up once i get a chance. spent well over $2000 on rooms cabs trains food etc over the last 4 weeks and still doing ok.

cannot seem to find anyone on avp planning on attending this years potofgold and i find that very odd. and the reason i didnt update so much lately is due to not having a phone now for the last day or so. i plan to replace it extremely quickly once i hit reno and thats gonna take money off the roll, and probably will also find a cheap apt to relax in for a month.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

lost my cell and really worried ill never see it again

please everyone call and text 702-350-6591 until someone replies and contacts me. no idea who found my iphone left on the san jose city bus and i cannot access a phone except the one at this motel for local calls only. i want everyone i know to text offering a $50 reward til whoever found and is using that phone responds to the message. calls arent working theyre going striaght to voicemail ive been told, whatever that means i dunno.

lost about $500 last nite hanging out with a girl at bay101 whose 23 ive known for many years on PTP neverbeg poker forums. she drove me home about midnite when her mom said her baby woke up and she needed to get home and then i slept til it was time to wake up and then i rode the bus over towards bay 101 and was gonna leave town today but then i left my cell right near the front of the bus where i was sitting, and i remember sitting it down and it being in a kind of enclosed area of the bus, maybe even still there.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi from bethel assembly of God church

Felt a strong urge to leave the casino and attend church. Was around $600 up when i left so i was ready to call it a day. Not attended a church service in over 2 yrs. And one guy in the casino earlier shook my hand and introduced himself as spokane ace on avp. But i cant seem to find such a name. Wont be in sanjose much longer. Great games and action here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everyone comment and tell me all u can about california players

Started with $83 today $1-2-3 nl lost it rebought $100 more and now have $238 on the table. At least im starting off slightly up. One of my problems here in cali not counting the stress of the extra expenses is i think im not giving these asians enough credit for a legit hand. Thats because all i hear in vegas is how bad cali players are. So when i have $5 invested preflop and its raised to $20 and i have at suited kq off or jk suited and im stuck i call when i know i shouldnt because im probably dominated if i hit. Hands which i fold easily in vegas with its smaller rake and blinds i find harder to laydown here. And i think its probably a flaw also im more inclined to make loose calls when i feel stuck. Are there alot of good regular players who are asian? Is it possible to be asain and still be a solid player? Unlike many guys i dont like asain women dealers their accent and constant use of the word sir instead of being warm and friendly calling me by name is annoying as hell.

I know i dont belong in sanjose with my limited bankroll but then again i feel the games are exceptionally good here and should be beatable by over $1500 a week longterm.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Went from being ahead $165 to now being stuck $549. Would like to have enough money to disappear and close the blog and forget about poker altogether before i kill a large group of people.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A hand from yesterday

Heres a hand i won yet lost a lot of value right at the very end due to emotional reasons. Id just gotten unstuck and about $150 ahead after 9 hours play. Was planning to quit pn my blind. Then i got dealt aa and taking no chance of losing it all back i made it $90 and everyone folded. Now it felt good to then leave a winner yet i know thats gonna hurt me longterm.

Wouldve typed more but worry phones dying

Glad i got out what i did before phone died. Yes u need a way bigger roll for cali thN i ever dreamed i would. At least $20k minimum. Theres some really nice safe apts up the street but theyre like $1400 a month and how would they ever rent to me anyway unless i gave them a year upfront? Also theres a mariott across the street $169 nightly and i have no idea if theres discounts for longer stays. But after today i think i need to get out of cali immediately. Even though i was offered a stake if i made it back down south. I think im in too big of games for my comfort level. Need to stick to poker only in nv and learn to become more comfortable with higher stakes

Hi from cell

Cant type much since im at garden city on my cell. Annoys me they wont comp food here and severly overprice the food. So i ate at the burger king on the corner before i sat and missed the opening of the first $1-2-3 nl game so the pnlu seat open was a middle seat which i hate. So $40 instead of $20 was the lowest anyone would accept to trade seats so i could be on the end. So i was out another $40 after already losimg $60 when i bet 2 times the size of pot with the best hand and then got sucked out on the river. So i rebought $100 lost that on a bad call had to get into my safe deposit box and rebought $300 then i got ak on a flop of at8 with 2 spades and lost it all to 888

Am now in 2-3-5 and out $709

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

about to go to sleep

found a room not too much for a week, not sure how safe it is, and how convenient it is, and ive not been doing good at all. safely got the money locked up in that safe deposit box but rolls down to around $11,600 out about $2000 since leaving ventura, and i think the games here are pretty wild big action and big rakes too. what im NOT used to is 3 people having to post a blind. and my stuff is still in sexylilvixens car since i left another hotel and i need a clean shirt, all ive got is laptop case with my charger and phone charger.

shoved the chips across the table way too hard when losing a big pot last nite, and also visited garden city for the first time, there u can buyin $1000 in the $2-3-5 blinds game. maybe the large blinds making me play more under stress, along with the high cost of a place to live, but i certainly feel its beatable for at least $150-300 a day over the long run, but i think i need a larger roll of at least 20k, and only having about half of it puts me under too much pressure to win QUICKLY and not get stuck. which is hard on me emotionally. how much do u guys think u need to live in cali and not go bust and have a large enough roll?

if i lose more during the course of this week, ill cancel my plans to go to seattle or the east coast, and head straight for reno where i can relax a while and get an apt very cheaply for a REAL VACATION/BREAK. not sure how i could win enough at poker in reno, as dead as i hear NL is, and with a 3 casinos banned at there, that offer NL, but i would like a quick train ride away (no buses to deal with) and as much as i hate traveling long distances id go there instead of vegas cause its faster and id want to do it FAST if i get mad again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

taking a break

not a good day at all, lost about $639, only good news is i finally got me a safe deposit box at bay101, so i locked up most all the cash and only carried on me whats needed to get around and pay for rooms. had to give them $100 deposit too which i get back. and i still got to get back to where i stayed yesterday where i had them hold my luggage for me while i went over to bay 101.. and im now charging up my phone. rolls down to around $12.600 with all these huge expenses last 3 days and that big loss, still no idea whether im heading north or east from here. although i would like to visit a friend  in seattle in about 2-3 weeks with her sister. thinking of maybe  going to sacramento or fresno or livermore, anywhere to hide out and find somewhere cheap enough to stay, still with a little action, i have the freedom to go anywhere if i dont lose anymore. would love to go to the east coast, just wish it didnt take over 2-3 whole days.

anyone familiar with airbnb on facebook?

i was stuck heavy the entire day over at bay 101, and i think id rather be playing in garden city anyway because i think they have plo high but not sure. anyway i lost over $200 in the $1-2-2 blinds game, and moved to  the $2-3-5 blinds game. early on i got dealt K5 suited and called a small raise (mistake.) flop comes k53 with 2 clubs, guy bets $75, (a little less than the pot) and a guy calls, and i shove $423 i have the guy covered. he calls with KQ and other guy folds nut flush draw, not sure why. he hits a queen and wins and im down to less than $100 and rebuy the final $100. then i play quite a while longer, eventually rebuy $500 and got out of the whole and up slightly and then i gave the whole thing back and lost big before i left.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

on the northbound amtrak into san jose

just boarded at oxnard cali, paid $74 for a ticket to san jose, will be arriving late tonite. and i will make sure tonite i lock my money up at the casino there and the bank tomorrow and stay at a very safe hotel that costs alot no one will ever guess im at for 1 day instead of the motel 6 near bay 101.

my friend tiffany (sexylilvixen) formerly of neverbeg who WEC poker knows lives in san jose sunnyvale area, and she claims thats an extremely nice area with no bad neighborhoods. she called me from bay 101 last nite and is telling me about some new law, and im wondering if anyones heard of it before? she is one of about 10 people i can trust with my phone number. the new policy in san jose that she claims is posted all over bay 101s cardroom is that u cannot play more than 20 hours in a row without a 4 hour break by law. someone please check on this, it seems weird and im wondering how its enforceable?

and i did well last nite at the 5  card plo8 game in ventura, i won over $325 in the game, but it broke up about 4.30am and then i quickly lost back $200 of it in the NL holdem game, before taking a cab to my room at the motel 6 as soon as it was light outside. wasnt far away at all but definitely was too uncomfortable to walk it carrying all that cash, or to even be in my room for any period of time.

got really spooked yesterday when i arrived at the ventura metrolink/amtrak stop. a guy called out to me from his car who doesnt want his phone number, and possibly his avp name given out, although he did post my picture on his twitter. he told me hes been following my blog and my twitter for some time and that he lives in ventura not far from the cardroom. and offered me a ride. now i was worried that he knew how much cash i had on me and id be robbed as soon as i got into his car, once he drove me to an isolated area, so i was relieved to make it to my motel 6 in 1 piece, but still i didnt feel comfortable at all he knew where i was staying, and i wasnt sure if he knew my room number, and i definitely didnt feel safe sleeping there with that much cash. was so glad to make it out of there safely today and to be safely on the amtrak. at least i wont run into anyone from avp on this train. and im definitely getting that money off my hands first thing on arriving in san jose and will stay in the fanciest and most safest of hotels for 1 nite in the meantime before i get to a casino or bank. had there been 2 guys in the car instead of 1, id definitely have not gotten into the car. glad he turned out to be cool and nothing happened, but i dont want to put myself into that position ever again.

and im considering a serious change of schedule since ive not heard from britni, and the other friend in eugene im not so sure i want to see, shes too old for me. i dont really want to be in oregon or wa anyway, i want to be on the east coast near foxwoods and to find a cheap safe apt convenient to foxwoods or elsewhere in that general area. although living near commerce is nice because commerce is certainly a safe place to store my cash. im still at a roll of $13,600. so when i leave san jose, i might not even go to oregon, i might go to sacramento, then tahoe or reno, and then straight into chicago/philadelphia, on into ac nj. its $372 for amtrak and if i take a private sleeper car for my convenience, to make it a hell of a lot nicer way to travel, its $446 extra on top of that. i wouldnt even consider taking a plane even if free to be safe.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

at las angeles union station

thank God for my verizon modem, otherwise id be unable to access the internet here. anyway im waiting for my 12.30pm amtrak to ventura ca. ticket was $23 and the cab from the commerce was $30. i have all my bags and will find a motel when i get there to sleep. still doing good with $13,700, won just over $100 last nite. won it early in the NL, and then i went and sat in both $20-40 stud and $30-60 stud for awhile and at one point was down over $600, but i ended up getting it back and was actually ahead close to $400 once. that is a wild game. my last chance to play it til i arrive in foxwoods in the next month or two.

hope the game im looking for in ventura will still be around after ive had some sleep, and from here ill just board the train north on up the coast going out of la thru santa barbara.

not heard from my friend in portland in over 2 weeks and worried about her welfare, but my friend in eugene told me she looks forward to seeing me even if the other friends dropped out of sight. i guess ill play on bodog some while i wait under the name goforlowonly but the games on there sure arent very loose. got about an hour to sit around and wait.

somewhere in the next month or two i need a place to stay in some safe small town with a casino, tired of traveling back and forth all the time. this is tiring. vacations are only fun if u have cars. at least i have a sufficient bankroll finally to travel, even if my friend in portland couldnt understand why i never traveled all last year when i didnt have near as much money.

Friday, September 16, 2011

in my room about to sleep, tomorrows checkout day

well for the first time since coming to los angeles, im finally gotten back everything i came to cali with. (including this week's rent). arrived in cali with $13,500 and now have a roll of $13,600. i definitely are of the opinion lots of good beatable games exist at the commerce, IF U HAVE THE RIGHT BANKROLL, which i do think i have for the first time ever, all the times ive came to cali in the past am usually under 10,000 usually by a lot. i do think i shouldve spent more time playing bigger limits and less time in the "unbeatable" $40 NL, but ive won over $200 in it before too. a lot of poorly rolled good players claim its beatable, but then again, their motivation in the game is better than mine. but then again unlike what i thought all last year and why i wasnt traveling, i now think i have a large enough roll to live OUTSIDE of vegas too and take a road trip. ive learned about DAILY plo8 games that exist at foxwoods and daytona beach, among others. playing different games, such as $20-40 and $30-60 stud for a change is nice too. i just wish Bodogs games were looser so i could try and build up money online when too far from a poker room. Also i remembered that i forgot to renew my PO box for this month, and i just got thru calling them now and paying to renew it over the phone, so at least all my mail isnt being sent back, (which might end in closing my bank account if they thought they didnt have a valid address.) and i dont think my mom understands i need MORE than just a copy of my birth certificate to enter Canada to see my relatives. She was messaging me on facebook thru her cat's facebook page.

so heres the cause of todays big $900 win. $320 of it came from the players share of the omaha bad beat jackpot. the rest of it was earlier winnings, $67 from $40 NL, and the rest of it in the $400 NL that i won some big hands in. i am wondering if i shouldve spent MORE time in $400 NL since i have the 30 buyins, its just i am not used to $5-10 blinds so im not sure its a good idea, because i would feel so shortstacked in the game. $5-10 blinds with a $400 buyin is like $1-2 with an $80 buyin. and that can be lost easily, i know i have enough buyins, but mentally it could be draining and i know pokerdogg would understand. still wish rakewell would post and suggest a time to play on bodog when i wouldnt be away or asleep., hard to find.

At a $40 nl table

As usual fell asleep yesterday without posting but i won about $200 yesterday growing the roll to $12700. Also bodog isnt the easiest site to win on would like to sit in the same tourny as takewell. Good news is tonight i sat right down at $400 nl instead of a smaller game. And yes im approiately rolled with over 30 buyins. Ended up winning $625 on that table. Shoved with 67 dia on flop rainbow 389 no callers and showed the bluff. Next hand i flop set with 77 and double up. About 30 min later i moved here to conserve winnings. Am wondering if i wasted too much time this week playing too small. Will be in venturacardroom saturday. To play plo and big o maybe for a day maybe for a week And in case u guys are unaware they have funny rules here at commerce regarding who shows first on allin situations. U would expect it to be the guy who goes allin but not so unless he went allin on the river. If he went allin earlier in the hand they consider the river a check check situation and the guy whose first to act must show first instead of the allin guy. How rude and unfair

Thursday, September 15, 2011

waking up thurs morn in my hotel in commerce

sorry for not getting around to updating this before falling asleep, i play til i get too tired, then all i want to do is go right to sleep. wont be in los angeles much longer and want to check out some places in sacramento and ventura. worried about not having heard from my friend in oregon since sept 2 i hope shes ok. not been online yahoo once since then. overall i ended up winning just under $100 last nite mostly in stud, had i not paid any taxi fares id ended up winning over $100. and now im ready to leave. better updates to come on future days, future posts. bear with me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

in room at the hotel

seattle irish i have no idea what the plan is, except to leave los angeles when my week expires. am playing it by ear. doing research in my room trying to find something cheap to lake tahoe and casino morongo but dont really see anything, and im sure renting a limo is very expensive. also im looking at tours but they arent exactly what im looking for. wish i wasnt afraid of planes. and knew how to drive seems a lot of people rent cars.

ended up winning just over $230 last nite so im back to around $12,400. got lucky to win it too, and im in my room playing on bodog in the last hour or so. started off slowly winning at $100 NL, had it up to about $218 at the high point, then ended up losing all of it but $8 on a hand of JQ on a flop of 69T. moved to $4-8 stud, (and i hate them high antes that mostly go right down the drop---$1 is too much when its not left in the pot) thats why i think if i was at Foxwoods id do much better, not only would i not pay as much for a room, (i dont mean foxwoods) but at least theyd rake the pot like vegas does and not take a huge rake upfront with a huge ante. and at foxwoods id not have to choose from $4-8 or 20-40/30-60 i could play something a little in between instead of a game too low or too high.

anyway what im saying is i lost $100 at $4-8 stud, and i forgot to mention i had rebought $70 more at $100 NL earlier, so i left the $4-8 stuck $270. and then i sat in a $400 NL game some of them guys had huge stacks of around $3000 even with $400 max buyin. got JJ right when i first sat down. 2 hands in. i made it $45 and 1 guy called, and then the big stack asked if i was an action player and i said i hadnt been there long enough to know yet. so he bets $400 and i call with my JJ worried im beat. turns out he has only 99 and of course hits a boat with it. so then thouroughly pissed, i leave and do what i said i wasnt going to do (go play high limit stud)

i go to the cage, withdraw $1000 and take it over to the $30-60 stud. proceeded to get lucky, and eventually leave with around $2000 about 2 hours later. and then i deposit $1500 back into my account. overall i ended up ahead a little over $230 when i went back to my room.

Tonite at commerce

Wish i could just add to and edit previous posts instead but when i do like i did yesterday it seems to not let people know like it does when its an entirely new post and im sitting in a $4-8 stud table here at commerce was once up $48 earlier in $100 nl but ended up losing $178. Gonna wait awhile to play bigger and i did give grouchie my password and he can install that software anytime he wants.

Monday, September 12, 2011

From commerce

Got stuck $782 from a bad bluff $500 nl then lost $500 $20-40 stud. Got back $425 of it so far $30-60 stud............................................................

hey my final edit wasnt posted as a blog post, but in the comments sections it seems like. i am just now waking up and waiting on a cab to the commerce, they dont take too long to show up here for whatever reason and i wish there was a grocery store and a laundrymat nearby but there isnt. i havent noticed any problems with ants today dont know why they was yesterday and i mentioned it to the management maybe they somehow fixed it.

overall i did great in the $100 NL to win back about $900 cutting the loss in half.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

waiting for a cab i just called

here in my room in cali and i didnt notice this yesterday because i like the location and safety of this place but the room seems to be loaded with ants as some of u mightve seen from my facebook page. slept 7 hours and ready to head over to commerce now, and i locked up $9000 yesterday not in a safety deposit box, but a players bank at the cage so i wont have to be carrying cash around, along with still having some in the bank and on netspend debit cards. so now im only carrying a few hundred. starting off last nite playing 4-8 stud, lost, then went and played $100 NL and was doing good til the very end when i gave back over $250 of winnings, then went back to stud and lost less than $100 overall when i left. and i never once played anything higher. probably shouldve though?

at the end of the week, unless i take time out to go to oceanside and barona, i think ill just head north via amtrak.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

in my room at the IP getting ready to leave, todays checkout

just left a great game at bills, 50c $1 PLO and some deep stacked donkeys including Brian former dealer who now claims he works mirage. i had top set on flop, he called with bottom set and turned boat and i also had open ender on flop too. lost a big pot and a few hours earlier lost a big pot on a bluff. this was after staking darrell for $50 which he lost, and also after losing $517 at ceasers $1-3 game. watched a women get thrown out i think mightve been pezbaby but not sure.

but no matter what im up, due to winning $100 in the lucky club drawing, and over $1300 on the VBJ machine there waiting for all the drawings. only now im up a little less than $600, and i was up over $1400. so i havent got back all of yesterdays loss from the nite before at flamingo where i threw away the $596 on the pickem poker thurs nite. but i sure did good friday nite. roll was down to 12,900 and now its back to 13,500.

i shouldnt had made the bluff. board paired on the end and i bluffed and he called with only 2 pair. but i didnt know at the time he was the loosest player. as huge as he was couldve been tripjacks. and CJ never answered his phone who was willing (supposedly) to drive me to casino morongo for $250. so im taking the shuttle to cali at 10am instead. although ill end up in los angeles, ive got a seat reserved. darrell is going to cali too with a friend he is tired of being busted and unable to control his demons in vegas and no home.

and i dont remember hands and im anxious to gather all my bags and get up the street to catch the 10am bus to cali. ill sleep on the bus and then find a motel once i hit cali. im pretty satisfied because this will be the highest roll ever ive traveled to cali with. it may be a year or more before im back in vegas, gonna take a real vacation and enjoy it and see if i can make a success of myself and i would like someone to teach me to upload pics from the iphone onto this blog.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

in my new room at the imperial palace and a little annoyed but not due to poker

when i checked out of my room at circus, i went right over to the IP and checked in and was surprised to get friday free also instead of just wed and thurs so im good til saturday now..

and i went to osheas instead of going to my room first, played a little poker and was up $154 when i left because the game broke. one of the players wanted to borrow my phone charger and go elsewhere to play, so we walked over to ceasers. he showed me how to take a pic with my iphone camera too and upload it to facebook. (its of him). while i was at ceasers i continued to win about $400 more, ran into both Ian and miamicane from avp who were playing $2-5 and Ian sat at my table a while waiting for his seat there. and i pointed out Vince to him, who was dealing in the room whod got hired to help deal the tourney. new rolls about $13,900

and now for whats annoying me___ i cannot get my verizon access modem to work for NOTHING, (and on a side note because i use windows vista-i cannot get yahoo email set as my default email instead of windows live so i can click on an email address and have it bring up yahoo mail) So i tried calling the verizon number my access manager shows, and when i called i got a message that department was CLOSED and to call back during business hours. so i said the hell with it and decided to pay $9.95 for a days internet access since i have the money.

so when i logged on wirelessly the choices that looked like they were controlled by the IP were "guest internet access" and "imperial wifi". so it looked like guest internet access had more bars, so i logged in there, and paid $9.95 via cc. and i STILL couldnt get online so i called the front desk. and they said theyd connect me to a tech. well the tech said that i need to be logged into the imperial wifi network. so i called back both the operator and the front desk and they said that it was the same and right company, and that it was the ONLY company they have they do business with. which of course is a Lie. anyway they connected me back to that companys phone, so i just paid $7.99 again over the phone to connect. and i finally got online. once i did i brought up my online bank statement and found the name of "guest internet access" a totally different company in vancouver BC called hispeed corp or something like that. i wrote down their phone to call and complain during business hours to try and get a refund. but i know they wont. how is anyone staying at the IP who sees both those internet access options supposed to know which one is the correct one to click on? guest internet access is used by almost every casino in vegas so i just assumed it was the same thing and what i should click. really would like advice about how to get this company to refund me since i never got online with them, only the other company. and i blame the operator who wouldnt give me any number for tech support except the other company and claim thats the ONLY company when of course anyone staying at the IP can verify.

and now since i lost all my money on 5dimes lately, i need to now learn how to login to bodog and deposit. and if anyone can help with setting up yahoo as default tell me what to do, i googled for help and it claims no one using windows vista can have yahoo as their default email.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Todays update and now im gonna get needed rest.

Am on the strip bus coming from the tropicana razz game where i won $324. Not bad for $2-8 spread and i busted out early at the strat tourny with the better hand preflop a8 vs kq. Akgal was still in when i left. But heres the good news sean got everything straightened out for me at the luckyclub and ive got all my cashback and that helped to reduce my loss. plus now im finally in my room, (saved this earlier as a draft) and on the way i played thru my $175 freeplay at circus and cashed out $214. that and the razz win helped reduce the loss to a manageable level, so my rolls still around $13,400. not too bad.

Monday, September 5, 2011

hi from the lucky club, not in a good mood

last nite, i was feeling good at one time and up over $600. but when i went to bed i was only up $35. now im stuck $1126 and not in a good mood at all, and theyre jerking me around about my cashback im not getting whats promised and shawns not here or answering his cell phone, not in a good mood at all. todays supposedly his day off but he could still call. will let u know later.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

back in my room at the 4 queens

well like expected, i hit all 4 drawings. 2 yesterday and 2 today due to the large number of tickets i had in the drum. yesterday i got $600 out of the drawings, and today i got $350 out of the drawings but today i was exceptionally lucky, i won another $700 plus on the machine itself somehow so my rolls now up to $13,900. not bad for being down to around $10,000 again at one time.

and now im ready to go play a  little poker at the nugget, hopefully i can get seated quickly. im not really down anything at all anymore from that first really bad day at the lucky club i dont think. if i am its a very small amount. Vince picked up me up at the lucky club when he got off work dealing a tourney going on now at ceasers. and thats the last of the drawings.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a couple hands i want to talk about

i thought i was getting over the bad cold, but it seems like i still have it. and i was playing with a guy at the golden nugget i couldve sworn at first mightve been duece deuce in the boot. he seemed to know about my blog and he had this mistaken notion i played tight but he did get me to lay down the winner on a 3 barrel bluff. so heres the first of the hands.

i knew no matter what i was gonna be ahead because of the drawings but naturally i wanted to be ahead the MAX. (although its been going great, i still feel stuck because im way off the $15,200 high water mark of the other week.) anyway id been doing good (which u will see in the 2nd hand im posting) and had my initial buyin of $220 up to $508 before the following hand.

now this guy i thought was 22in the boot had a ton of chips. and he straddled on the button for $4 i was in close to middle position or late middle and thought about raising preflop with 88 and decided against it. (he later told me he seen that). so after a multiway limp he bets $44 on his straddle and i dont put him on much of a hand and i thought maybe im good (which i was actually) everyone folds to me and i call and the ones behind me fold. now my question is which street did play wrong? preflop, flop turn or river and ill defer to pokerdogg and pokergrump. although grump will probably reply on his blog instead if he replies at all.

flop comes A37 and he bets $60 and i call (after checking). turn comes 9 and i check, he bets $120 he dont seem worried about me having an ace so i put him on total air or a good hand. i call. river comes J i check he puts me allin for $293 and i fold 88 after thinking for 5 minutes. then he shows 66. and he said he was planning to 3 barrel bluff before the flop was ever dealt and he knew i had a mid pair.

now heres the hand i played good, against a different guy, a young player whose a regular. and he was sitting by tiger valdez and he seems to always know what ill do or have, tiger that is not the villian. anyway i have 87 diamonds and we all limp and the villian makes it $12 on the button about 2-3 of us call. flop comes 346 with 2 spades and we all check. turn comes 8 and i bet $26 and guy folds, villian bets $65 other guy folds and i call quite worried about my hand but think maybe he has air or a good draw. river comes 5 of clubs. i am first to act and shove allin for a little bit more than the size of the pot. and i think he must either have a set or air or an overpair and i want it to look like a bluff i stand up grab my cell say no matter what ill be up cause of the drawing and flash over $700 available for a rebuy and this guy does know i get bored and try to shove to steal. he thinks then calls and mucks i never saw his hand.

results of tonites drawing

originally thought i was gonna need to stay over at the lucky club since a cab never shows up there, but i managed to get a ride home. So i ended up not needing that room. and ill be back tomorrow around the same time for the drawing again.

i got $100 out of the first drawing, and was a little worried i wouldnt get called because i was the last one of the 10 to be called. im glad some of the others didnt show up such as the guy with all the tickets. and on the second drawing i got VERY lucky. i was the first one to be called, so i got $500 the second drawing. so i did better tonite than i expected. also while waiting around about 3 hours for the drawing i won over $300 just playing normally, so now my rolls up to $12,700. feel a lot better than i did a week ago. i knew that my $400 free play binions and this drawing would recover a large part of my roll and i still have my $175 free play at circus awaiting me sept 6. plus ive still got tomorrows drawing coming up too, although i doubt ill do near as good as i did tonite.

and now that thats done and ive ate in my room, im ready to go play a little poker up the street at the nugget or binions.

Friday, September 2, 2011

in my room at the 4 queens sept 2

what a long day. and ive had a bad cold all day. good news is i won big though. after losing $238 on the VBJ machines at binions, (and not the ones only paying out 98% but instead the ones paying out 97%) i went over to the nugget poker room and bought in for a measly $105. after winning some big pots always against the same black guy who i think was a tourist, i had over $1000 in front of me. one of the big wins came from a board of 10 J 2 flop, i had QK and bet $10 and he called. turn comes 9, i checked dark, he bets $45 and i shove $300 because hes been very loose and rebuying and he instantly calls. 9 pairs the board on the river, worrying me. turns out he has Q8 for the slightly smaller straight. also one flop was 832 rainbow a guy bets $7 he calls, i bet $25, both call. turn comes Q. i bet $60 both call again. river comes 5. i bet $70 allin one guy folds black guy calls with AA.

but when i have too much on the table and im ahead, it hurts my ability to play good poker. for i get too scared of losing back the win and i can actually play a deepstack a lot better if im stuck for then i have no fear. its best for me usually to not buyin too small, or too high. me buying in for $300 is usually about the right amount and its taken me quite a bit of experience with NL live the last few years to learn this. so this is what happened.

2 guys had sat down at the other end of the table about 45 minutes prior and each bought in $1000. well i didnt when they first sat, but at the high point (when i left the game thankfully) my stack was at $1072. and of course that was a rather large win considering i was only in for $343 (when u add the VBJ loss). anyway heres the hand.

i have KK and am on the button. most everyones limped and i know the games loose. so i make it $20 hoping to really narrow the field. i get 2 callers. flop comes 87Q with 2 clubs. the deepstack bets $50 after the other caller checks. and this is probably my first err, but i only call (am going for pot control). other guy folds. turn comes 6. guy bets $30, wtf, why such a small bet? everything told me i should raise but i figured he would put me allin the  second i did. so i only called. river comes 7. he checks and i check. i wouldve made at least a few hundred more, since he has AQ. man did i lose a lot of value. just how would u have played it differently? the size of his stack and the fact i was up was really affecting my ability to play.

so i left went to the nugget bought in $200 and spent the rest of the night playing with tiger valdez and regs and tourists $1-2 NL at binions. new rolls now $11,800 and i must sleep and get ready for tonites drawings. still got that really bad cold.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

okay its sept now

well i started off the day playing shorthanded at binions, they had almost no business in there all day long, and i won a little in both the poker room and on the machine, and then lost about $175 in the nuggets poker room later. and then i played my $400 in free play through and now my rolls back to $10900. i want to be back over 11,000 again once the drawings are done. and i need to wait til sept 6 to get my free play of $175 at slots of fun.

theres a machine in binions thats a REEL Video machine ive never played because those arent the type of slots i play. its called lucky lemmings, anyone ever played it? anyway i sat there for the hell of it and won about $30 and played quite a while, i loved the look of how the bonus feature worked.

and my $50 on 5dimes is now sitting at $202 but until i get it cashed out i cannot add it to my bankroll just to be safe, i should start figuring out how to be approved for cashouts. only 47 players on the site right now one decent 50c $1 NL holdem going.