Saturday, February 17, 2018

back to the grind

well, i'm now at a new low of $14,300 but at least 1 weeks rent is paid for, which will end in 6 days from now. i still cant believe how much i lost on the VBJ at hoover dam, most of it after the lesbian couple sat down. (the 4 spots with $400 each out there, counting my 4 back bets on my other 4 hands). i thought i was doing the right thing only bringing the cash from the nugget (over $2000 worth) instead of closing out the wynn box first, but since i withdrew $1000 off both debit cards for $2000 more so i could make bigger sized bets, it didnt help.

and whyd the uber fare go up to $56 one way instead of $40? anyway i finally lost money in PLO in the wynn, and at one point i was only losing $38 in it after rebuying. i guess it was i told too many i would be playing there, some guy was in it who knew me and i still dont know who he was. so my hourly in 2018 from poker is now back to slightly below $20 from $22 again. i am going to need a very highly hourly at poker to survive all these losses elsewhere and my living expenses.

so today first thing im going to a bank of america, depositing about $3000 of the money left from the wynn, then going to play some poker. and im waking up starving too. i also played in the nugget a bit last night, trying to stay awake til either the morning bus went to LA or to reno. but i was too tired to and the $150 i was up in the nugget i lost back, quitting the game only up $6.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I'm homosexual and i've got Aids, are u sure u want to sit next to me?

Well its been a long time since ive had any poker losses, and the bigger sized $4500 loss has been close to 2 weeks past now. But all good things must come to an end. i slowly started adding on to my stack in the nugget tonight, and i went from being up a bit less than $80 to losing the entire $168 i was in for. i rebought $300 and started straddling because i felt on tilt, and really i shouldnt have been ($168 isnt that much as many good days as i had had previously).

i dont think i played the $300 rebuy too well, and i lost it, then left to see if the El cortez still offered the VBJ.

turns out it did, and id almost got back the entire $500 on the VBJ, but then i lost the whole $2468 with the exception of $570. $2000 was what i had when i went to the el cortez from the nugget on me.

i went and sat at the gemtiles machine for an hour or 2 then and only lost about $21 in the whole time i was on it. which is odd it wasnt much more. i was getting tired, and i needed to go sleep so i could wake up this afternoon and move my things out of my hotel and into my hotel room in the nugget using my new suitcase. at least this morning it dont have to be done by 11am. but i just couldnt bring myself to get up as stuck as i was.

Then finally an old man went and sat down one seat over on a different type of machine with a goddamn cigarette. so i told him, "i'm homosexual and I've got Aids, are u sure u want to sit next to me?" then i just left because i sure cant play with his cigarette there. without him sitting down, i dont know what wouldve got me off that machine.

----this was actually typed up immediately following the session, but i felt it would be too early to post since the other blog had just come out. now tonight, i feel if i wait much longer it will be old news. im happy to say i did recover $100 in the nugget so now im at $17,500 but i was up $200 once. i do NOT want to have to commit to 2 more months, 5 weeks, or even 1 more month in vegas, so ill have no choice but to leave. and a motel for 2 weeks in los angeles is about 1100 even for a cheaper one thats not too unsafe.

only difference between today and last night is absolutely everything has now been moved out of the other hotel.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

no more commuting neccessary

many things to tell u guys but id like to explain to Bill Potts why my last few texts havent included the Signal application he helped me downtown while sitting behind the D casino in downtown vegas. i thought he was staying thru feb 13, but hes went silent several days ago so maybe hes left town. he downloaded this, (we had to go far outside to be away from any type of wifi signals so i wouldnt be constantly asked to log into wifi to be able to use my phone) but this was before i got my new iphone5 from the apple store, and after id been in there to have it being sent to the store for me. since my last backup on the phone was like 5 days ago, when i got the new phone and gave them the old phone (we took off the data and wiped it clean first so a dishonest employee wouldnt know my cc info) it had some things missing from the backup, including the signal app. and also a few poker income sessions i replaced best of my memory. but most everything came up good on the new phone and its working fine, even better than the old phone before the battery gave out.

so i need to redownload it and thats why my recent texts werent on signal to him. but im never at a place where i can use my normal 3G sprint to do it, everywhere offers wifi, which either needs a password not available or a pain in the butt to login. i just need to be blocks from civilization where wifi isnt used. then my sprint 3G will let me download apps. maybe do it back behind the D when i think of it.

he told me id eventually be only about $8 per hour if i didnt move up from $1-2. well not all my records this year were on $1-2, some were on $1-3 some were on PLO, some were on $2-5, and of course the big loss in $20-40 mixed game. considering im behind for the year in $2-5 NL, and up over $100 per hour in PLO, and over $1000 behind in mixed games, im now at $21 per hour for over 265 hours of play (not yet a near large enough sample) but its double the $10.62 i won last year, and its much more than $21 per hour if it only includes $1-2 NL and $1-3 and $1-2 and $1-3 PLO, without including $2-5 NL and $20-40 mix.

so its looking like his estimate of $8 is way off, or else he thinks im a donkey. not sure which.

now for the rest of the news. we all knew i came up here without any luggage, but i finally got me another suitcase, its a smaller size but i got it for $36 in a tourist store on fremont and a bigger size wouldve been quite a bit higher expense. good news is it has wheels and is new meaning its in better shape. so tomorrow (or tonight too) i can go back over to the other place i wont reveal here where i took a month, which ends feb 13. i always hate waiting til the final day to check out because i worry my schedule wont fit the checkout hours and ruin my sleep. so its much less stress on me to always do it the night or two beforehand. this way i dont have to do it by 11-12am.

so i used up my $480 in comps for 5 nites in the nugget checked in today (sunday) and check out is on friday at noon. i still need to bring over my clothes (only took my laptop) and miscellaneous things left in the other hotel which ill get sometime before the 13th. at least now i have a way to get those things (including some unread books) since ill finally have a suitcase to store them in. i hope it will fit as many of those 18 shirts and 3 pants as possible too.

after my time is up on the 16th, i might go to reno, los angeles, albuquerque, or back to toledo to cut costs. at least now with $19,300, ive gotten back to where i have slightly more than when i left detroit. were it not for the $4500 loss that one day, id be way up. and i cant forget to close out the wynn box before i leave town. theres $4000 in there stored once more.

it was good to have spent so much time with Lightning this week and with Vince, who i busted in the $1-2 NL game last night at boulder station with AA. he took me out to the samstown buffet for my birthday. i had the AA, not him and i warned him not to call. lightning and i visited the trooper game thrusday night where i briefly appear in the video talking with pure aggression.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

my time will soon be up

I have no idea if i'm a good or a bad PLO high player. but i do know one thing, most of my sessions in the last few months show a much higher win rate in PLO than at NL. mostly from MGM detroit. and $2-5 NL is still much worse than $1-2 or $1-3 NL, which is why i cant ever move up. i think i worry too much about being underrolled if i play $2-5 and it effects my game.

its about 15x higher per hour or more than NL holdem is. of course the sample size isnt that large.

not much else is good to report. im still not even back to $16,000. Mark's mother died today. but he seems to be taking it well since he didnt hardly ever see her. My mother said she had gotten cancer. i did however get the monthly uber pass again finally, giving me unlimited rides up to $25 each for only $6.99 (thats what their site says, but its really $7.20 each). and i got a brand new apple iphone5 for only $79, no they no longer sell them, but they keep them on stock for replacements if theres issues. and they let me have one for the cost of another battery since the tech made an err in trying to install a new battery. $79 u see, is the battery cost, not the phone cost.

and i need to do laundry or buy more clothes, im finally out of clean shirts. and i need to get a suitcase bad, or ill have no way to move out of here and go to reno, los angeles, albuquerque or back to toledo once my time is up.

at least i got my sleep hours fixed. not sure how, but i did. at least for now.

friday night i went to the poker palace in NLV and for a while i wasnt doing too well, but i eventually left with over $250 profit to keep up the exceptionally high hourly in that friday nite only NL game. a guy i knew from Reno called David offered me a ride for less than an Uber, but since i dont feel able to defend myself im too nervous and suspicious when someone tries to get me into their car. especially if a lot of the time they seem to be a troll. same way for another guy i used to play poker with that some of u know as Herbie from RTP. if i knew how to protect myself if something was to go wrong during the ride, i would gladly accept for the lower price offered.

i would write much more, but i need to sleep and the things id really like to talk about i probably better not. ive lost interest in this anyway, i dont get paid for writing like the Trooper does with his vlogs.