Tuesday, January 31, 2012

well ive had my 2nd counseling session now, and now i finally got a working email for Rachel

i wasnt sure if today was the right day to go and see Rachel, but i thought it probably was, so i decided i better go over there anyway. should get ready earlier, wouldve saved me $12 cab fare. i still havent played poker yet today except for online, and i only got 4 hours of sleep or so. i told the counselor what Josie told me to say about blaming others and getting mad and the counselor kind of wanted to know what my goals were in life and what all issues are bothering me and how and why i perceive people view me as different. shes not really read this blog only briefly glanced at it, and wants me to carry a notebook and write down about how im feeling im losing and wonders if me talking to someone will help if done right at the time im thinking of playing a machine. she wanted to know what i would consider a success

i was feeling somewhat sore sitting today and yesterday, been doing a little bit of medical research online and bought the cream Josie recommended. a mirror really dont do nothing to let me see whats probably a boil, its too far back, and Vince said it could also be a hemorhhoid i think its a boil though. what i read about a hot rag isnt working at all, no matter how hot i make a washcloth it cools very rapidly after a minute or 2. hope ill feel ok sitting at a real live poker table tonite, i want it to drain on its own if its a boil, i definitely dont want to have to sit in the er for hours and then have to be numbed up to have a boil lanced. i have had lots of problems with infection in my life, but never on my asshole before, usually on my scalp, once on my chest and that was painful. eczema helps to cause peoples immune systems to be weaker and more prone to infections. am wondering if i could use umc quickcare to be faster and still have it done without a lot of money, i dont think my medical card is still good, i got a letter it would expire in dec since i never came back and verified my info was still valid. i guess they were notified i was no longer getting ssi. not sure exactly how to get this to go away, noticed it about 1 day ago.

anyway all i can do is pray and hope for the best, and i havent been on any machines. did buy a very tiny notebook, and i did stop in at a cheaper place at flamingo and maryland pkwy before i got the bus back to ballys and get a haircut.

why dont the counselor call and remind me what day my appt is?

still waiting to find out if its today or wednesday, i may be going over there for nothing at noon today. grabbed me a sandwich with comps in the gift shop (one of the most expensive ways to eat but fast) and carried it back up to my room at ballys. i love staying at ballys far more than at the rio or IP. but i dont get as many free days here.

roll is back to $5400 from $5200. managed to get out of there with a win of around $200. at one point i was up about $80 more and i felt like my big chip stack, being an aggressive table and the fact the money means a lot more to me, was causing me to not make the best decisions.

the final hand i had aa and made it $12 in EP. 3 guys called, all of whom had a decent amount of chips, none had me covered. flop comes up JJ4 rainbow. well i figure im either behind or so far out in front im not worried about a free card, so i check for pot control. i did think the one young kid behind me with about $350 in chips liked the flop. we all checked. turn comes Q again we all checked, and this might be where i should bet, but probably too late to do any good. river comes Q, we all check to the guy in late position. i hate that river. he bets $50 and i pay him off, he has Q9, and i leave when the blind gets to me.

earlier i won a big pot off a bellagio dealer. young fat guy. who never ever neglected to button straddle. he raises preflop and he has done that with lower hands than id raise with. i have JJ and call behind him,and dont even consider reraising. and possibly one other guy did too. flop comes T95 rainbow, he bets $20 and i call. other guy folds. turn comes 4 and he checks, i bet $50 and he calls. and i think im ahead. river comes A. he bets $80 and im thinking forever if he just sucked out. finally he offers to show a card after hes told me yes to he will show if i fold. he says he will show one now and for me to pick one. i pick the 10. i am under the impression he wants me to fold, and that he wouldnt offer to show a card of my choice if he had the A, and that he wouldnt just call the turn with top set or 2 pair. so now i have to call and i won. he had KT.

then he kept thinking he shouldve showed the K and id have put him on AK for sure, and he kept asking me if i fold if he shoves the turn, and seriously thinks id fold JJ there. should i normally?

no machines and im upstairs in my room playing sngs on BCP with brecksgoat.

Monday, January 30, 2012

ive got some bad news

my rolls down to $5200 from $6500. i lost $465 at the riviera tonite, in a good action game, but i was way too impatient to get a hand, and i called down on 3 streets with A8 suited against a guy who flopped 2 pair with AK. i knew i was getting too tired, and too much on tilt, so i went over to slots of fun, and almost won back all of the money on the VBJ machine at slotsoffun.

then i got into a shoe with a huge plus count, deep into the shoe, got all the way up over plus 20 for a couple hands, and i kept raising my bets but i wasnt martingaling i was betting totally based on the count. and i got within $75 of being unstuck, then started losing horribly, and ended up losing $768 of the $769 i walked in there with after walking out of the riviera.

now i need to sleep, and im also supposed to move my room around noon or so into ballys for 4 days. and i need to find out what day my appt is so i know if tomorrows the day im supposed to come in, i think it is. But i dont see why i should remain in vegas. ive proved i can win money at poker anywhere, but i need to be where thats ALL i can play. had i went to florida about 2 months ago, i think id be about $2000 better off right now from what id have saved playing the machines.

please watch the following video and u will better understand where im coming from in a lot of my beliefs about the decline of america. take the 45 minutes to listen to her speak to completion. she is a lebanese Christian who was in a hospital for 2 months whose home was destroyed by muslim terrorists in the lebanese civil war who speaks out against political correctness and hatred and intolerance of others, all of which i practice and cannot understand why americans today do not. People nowdays in the USA are taught from birth, in their schools and in the churches, that the white race is the devil and is to hated and opposed at all costs. and they teach the same hatred of the nation of israel and the jews. i dont see any difference between being a member of the democratic party and Hitlers Nazi party, their world value system is exactly the same.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

in my room watching TV, u need to watch this same documentary

im back to $6500, won over $159 in the poker game before the freeroll, and then made $240 in the freeroll, lost back some of it in the cash game after the freeroll, and then went and deposited $80 of it on BCP. making my new roll at exactly $6500 even. first time ive been near that high in a long time.

did anyone ever watch the msnbc documentary tonite about underage prostitution? ive been watching it for the past hour and its still going. talking about pimps and how these girls are forced into doing these things, and how often they are advertised in ads ive seen before on backpage.com etc.

i wonder if i got lucky i didnt get shot one day in 2003. when i was homeless down in florida back then, and lost my ID at the miami airport after i got off the amtrak, and eventually turned my $600 into $1300 and got a new ID made in louisiana, and when i was renting a room from a guy who worked at the copa casino in gulfport. for $75 a week in his trailer. anyway one night i met this woman who claimed to be 28, but who knows she couldve been lying to me. she seemed affectionate and needing money, and gave me a good kiss, and had no ID to prove her age and go in the casino. the guy who rented me the room wouldnt let her come over and hang out with me, and i was going into louisiana the next day to make a new id anyway.. so i managed to get both her and me on the bus to new orleans for $20 or less, and got a room there somehow, dont remember how and she and i hung out in the room, and she didnt ask me for any money, and i didnt dare let her know about the $1300 i had on me. she told me she wanted to have sex with me as soon as she got to the room, but once in the room she didnt seem too into it. anyway later when i was going to pick up the ID, she went up the street to buy something, and i seen her getting in a guys car, we had been in an arguement as to what i was gonna do for a place to stay. the guy was an older black guy, in his 50s and he claimed he had a gun, and for me to stay away from the girl and she didnt want nothing to do with me and he drove off. i never heard anything from the girl ever again.

also, i am worried about Britni. Britni looks so much younger than 30, and she was in college when i went to portland taking classes. what if Britni is lying about her age, and she is only 18-20? she looks extra young and very small. i find it odd how she travels so much, and never understood why she never seemed to want me to wire money, and i wondered if it was she didnt want me to find out her real name. she also never got a netspend card, yet seemed to still need money for medical bills and unexplained reasons such as owing it to people.

see i want to be able to take care of someone and see that they are ok. to rescue someone and look after them and take care of them, the way a man is supposed to do. want to know someone appreciates all i am doing for them, and to love me, and want to marry me and spend a life with me. and to see how much nicer and better i can treat them than anyone else. i feel like i do because i wouldnt make a woman go to work like other guys do, and i wouldnt be out fooling around on them with other women like other guys are.

how can any compassionate and thinking person with intelligence listen to this documentary on msnbc, about underage girls forced into prostitution by all these black pimps see the actual photographs of all these black pimps and see how they brutally violate their victims and make them terrified to leave or their entire family will be killed, and to even tell their family. how can anyone see this documentary, and still think black men and white female relationships are ok, when there is nothing but violence, rape fear and intimidation on the part of the black men, and nothing but total fear and terror on the part of the white woman if she dont go along? how can anyone listen to this documentary and still think that whites and blacks are equal in their morals, value systems and ethics? dont u have any care, compassion, for these victims and thier families? i read books as a kid about kids in trouble in NYC who were rescued from prostitution by all the good Christian men like David Wilkerson, whose started a lot of teen challenge programs for troubled youth.

people who buyin to the liberal lie being told by all the communist college prorofessors and teachers in the education system, who are the causes of these problems, who teach that there is no God, and form unions, those are who the people who need to be eliminated when the tea party comes to power. anyone who loves this country, cares about the welfare and future of america, and the plight of these young women would agree with me. no person would ever vote democratic after listening to this documentary, unless they were extremely mentally ill. u guys really should listen to the documentary and then u will see whats really going on out on the streets then u will take the blinders off ur eyes and stop believing all the liberal bullcrap.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

highest roll ive had in a while

relaxing online in my room with a $6300 roll. will probably go back over to the riv and get more time in later, even though i now have the minimum number of hours in. But its the only place to play within walking distance.

here was a scary call i had to make earlier. i had 10 10 and called a raise to $10 preflop by a loose player on my immediate right after many limps. (i even thought about reraising, i was under the gun). flop comes out JT2, all different suits. he bets $15, and since its a rainbow board, i decide to just call, although that might not be best since it allows straight draws cheaper shots. the guys behind me folded anyway, except for one on my immediate left. turn comes A, not the card im looking for. i worry it might give the guy on my left a staright. same guy on my right comes out betting $50 this time so now i gotta worry about him too. so i just call (was that a mistake?) and the guy on my left folds. nice. now the river comes out Q man what an awful card, putting 4 to the straight on board. and now the guy on my right, young black guy whose loose and with a couple of friends and on his 3rd $100 rebuy, bets allin for about $150 more. to me this is a tough call and not an easy decision. i show him my hand and finally call cause he dont seem to be happy to see what i have. turns out i do have the winner, he had AT.

he also lost a big pot calling with AT earlier preflop when i had AK for his entire stack of almost $100.

and then later i left when i gave back $80 of my win, there was 1-2 guys i feared with plenty of chips.

and how i avoid getting check raised every time i miss the flop, and continuation bet? arent i supposed to do that HU? for example, i had AQ, raised preflop, got 1 caller who i had position on. flop misses me K89. he checks, i bet, and then he check raises and i fold, he shows KJ. i am wondering if most players feel im playing too weak if i just check along if i miss. another player whose played daily for years and is a rock advises it, but i fear ive been told by most young good players online thats a bad way to play.

Friday, January 27, 2012

back over $6000

am relaxing in my room at circus, will be playing at the riviera later, won $151 in the IP early this morning after i woke up and checked out of my room. on monday ill be staying at ballys free for 4 nites.

heres a certain hand that happened this morning at the IP, i won the hand, but feel i lost value and played it badly.

i had aa, and bought in for the minimum $60 due to the $100 payback for losing with aa, and i wanted to get full value out of the promotion. and id been slowly winning, and had just over $100 at the start of the following hand.

this one black guy with about $750 in front of him in the middle of the table, (i was in the 8 seat) he makes it $6 preflop, and im not sure whether i should reraise him or not due to the $100 promo if the aces lose. how would anyone with experience playing in this type of promo play here? anyway i just called, and 5 of us seen the flop. (i wouldnt mind a 5way double up or my $100 back). flop comes up T95 with 2 to a flush. he bets i think $20 (not sure, and instead of raising, i only call, one other guy called behind me.) turn comes K. now the other guy bets $40, original bettor calls, and i worry im beat and want to lose the min. (although common sense shouldve told me theyd make me put in my remaining $45 on the river). i think where i played it really bad was by not raising the turn, one guy had top pair and flush draw, and the other guy also turned top pair and gutshot draw. river pairs the 9 and then they both check. so i changed my assessment that i was beat, and suddenly thought i was good and decided to bet allin and hope for a call that didnt beat me. (the pot was much more than the $100). neither guy called. which is surprising considering the hands they both had.

havent been playing any machines since seeing the counselor, last nite i was basically just hanging out at bills, and won about $80 overall for the day. also vince drove me to the bank and i deposited moms check, also ive received my money from google. moms check was for $100, it was the $80 she had me give her on facebook for farmtown about 5 days ago, and the extra $20 was for my upcoming birthday, along with the $5 shed gave me earlier. plus i deposited $700 cash in the bank too.

while playing at bills last nite, diane called and asked if she could hang out and watch me. she sat there a few hours and also played herself with her own money. remember the woman from myyearbook who i met in the paris diamond lounge? she bought in $20 played an hour and eventually cashed out $18. then she drove me to the wendys on tropicana to grab food and then dropped me off in the back of the IP near my room.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

more hands to post

i realized i was getting too much money on the table than i was comfortable with, and the one good player at the other end of the table with well over $1000 in front of him (and i suspected maybe he was adding to his stack but no proof) was making me nervous, so as Chris Ferguson said, i left with $811 and cashed out. rolls now in the $5700s and i deposited another $50 on BCP too thats not part of the roll. I'm sure most of the table is glad to see me go for i was taking everyones money and the person who replaced me in my seat was a very beautiful young girl who seemed to be alone. the only guy who wasnt glad to see me go was the kid at the other end of the table who im sure thought he could bust me since the size of his chipstack was negatively affecting my decision making.

heres a hand i think i played badly. i had 44 and a short stack raised to $12 with only about 40 behind. the guy with all the money called, and i also called, only because he called. i was out of position. flop comes 49T and im feeling good about my hand. original raiser bets $15, young kid raises to $40. i get worried about losing my entire stack, and all my previous wins to a higher set and only call. The allin guy also calls. turn comes 2. i check (horrible mistake) and the kid checks. river comes 2. i bet $40, and the kid only calls, and thats the first time i knew with certainty i was good. i never did see his hand, but i won the entire pot. and this is a perfect example of why its a good idea for me to cashout when i get to where i have more money on the table than i am comfortable with.

now this here im about to post is another interesting hand. i am in the BB with 67 offsuit. theres 3 $2 limps, and a guy raises to only $4. it gets back to me and i call the additional $2. flop comes 672 rainbow and i think 4 of us are in it. i check, hoping to check raise. but to my disappointment, everyone checked along. turn comes 3 putting 2 to a flush on the board. i cannot check any longer, so i bet $15. believe it or not, all 3 players call. wtf? turn comes 10. again, i bet $20 hoping i do not get raised. (i am not sure what i should do in this spot, and i would like ur ideas.) and again, believe it or not, all 3 players call. question is what did the other 3 players have, and is my hand good, and after a long while i will let u know the answer.

at least now that i have $50 on BCP i have more options as to what i can play in my room.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hey dont miss the earlier blog post, as usual, 2 posts in 1 day

my chips are on the table downstairs at the IP and as far as i know Eric King isnt playing. ran to my room for a minute to post the following hand:

i had AQ, and i had been considering going elsewhere, because it was one of the tightest games id seen at the IP in some time. i was under the gun, out close to $50, and decided to make it $5. i hate getting my good hands in that spot. 5 people called. flop comes Q35 with 2 diamonds, and i have the Q of diamonds. guy in the BB bets $11. i make it $30 hoping for all to fold. everyone folds to the original bettor, and he goes allin for about $80 more. I have him covered. Now earlier, this player folded QK on a board Q high with 3 spades on board, turn card was Q of spades, he bets $11,another guy bets $25 and he FOLDS and shows QK. and the other guy showed 2 pair. should i call his bet or fold in this spot? and ill tell u later what happened, and now i need to get back to my seat.

also i didnt notice til after id been sitting at the table over 30 minutes my shirt was wrongside out with the wording backwards, and no one ever said a word. fixing it now.

well i seen the counselor today

i asked the hotel to wake me up at noon, to make sure i was awake in time, and instead i didnt wake up til 12.18pm and they never called and woke me. this same problem has happened before so im glad i woke up on my own. didnt have time to finish reading my mail, soon as 12.30 passed i went downstairs to get a cab and just barely managed to find the carlston educational building room 237 by 1pm. Rachel was there alone, no other clients, and we sat and talked for a little over an hour while she asked me a lot of questions about my background and history with gambling and other issues, and said to come back at noon same time next week, although i cannot remember if she said tues or wed. must ask someone. and she seemed to understand that i wanted to continue to play poker, and not play any machines anymore.

when she asked me if i had any gambling related debts or had i owed money to others because of my gambling, i realized how better off i am that some who are 100% totally broke due to gambling and owe others money they cannot pay. i told her about how i used to get ssi, but that i wasnt broke. she also knows about the $800 cab, my blog which she said she will take a look at, and my old felony conviction. i guess thats why i never felt i hit rock bottom. and she asked me why i wanted to get the counseling, and i told her about my readers thinking i seriously need it, and about pokerdogg, and how i wanted to make Josie and Britni happy because they are the only women i really talk to. she asked about my son, and how i was raised, and why i got into gambling and for how long. also gave me some things to fill out before i come in next week, and told me this appt was free, and every week thereafter id be paying on a sliding scale of $5 per visit.

now for the results of last nites poker hand everyone is all waiting for. as u remember i had AT and rivered 2 pair, and he overbet the pot into me. I sat and thought about it a long time til someone called the clock, not the better. finally i called, and he instantly mucked without showing his hand, so i dont think he had much at all. one guy wondered why it took me so long to call. that hand got me out of the hole and ahead, and i played a while longer, and eventually left the table with about $165 profit, so i went upstairs satisfied with the small recovery, and deposited $20 online before i went to sleep. nice to see my debit card still works to deposit on BCP. and thats why i didnt play any more machines last nite after i left the wynn.

and who got the idea my wynn free play was $150? it was only $30.

to save money on the way home, i decided to walk to flamingo and take the bus, a short easy walk. besides i stopped in at the $1 store and grabbed a few food items for my room Now at the IP, i dont get a free fridge here, so ive got no way to store cold food. So that limits what i can buy. so i bought a package of bologna, and 4 icecream sandwiches in a box, both of which costs $1. (the icecream sandwiches were extra small, but still a good value). i couldnt eat it all so i gave a homeless guy at the busstop where i got off on koval coming back the rest of it. and all the rest of the food i brought to my room. having a can opener helps with items like canned fruit.

so i walked into the westin camisura, to see if i still had any unused comps i couldnt remember so i could get me some listerene strips that i was out of without having to spend actual cash. turned out i had $53, nice. i dont get free play there anymore since i aint played in awhile. i noticed the VBJ machine now had $100 max bet instead of the $25 max bet they always used to have, which surprised me. and the paytable is still the good one paying 3-2 that dont shuffle every hand. dont get me wrong, i didnt sit and play it, only checked my comp balance, grabbed a ton of listerene strips in the gift shop to stock up, and left. But considering how Circus stopped offering comps, (and then i noticed last week the VBJ at the riviera followed suit and also no longer offers comps) i decided to take a peek to see if there are cutting back too. was surprised to see no they havent, they still give comps and cashback on that machine and have even loosened it up by increasing the betting spread. still though, the minimum is $3 instead of $1. the riviera even got rid of the 50 play and 100 play machines ive lost a lot of money on elsewhere, i would often lose $50 to $100 or more almost every time i sat at one due to martingaling, i dont understand why, getting rid of those only hurts them. i think it was to stop bums from ordering cocktails betting only 1c total but thats pretty shortsighted thinking. they seem to be obsessed with giving out too many free cocktails. they have signs on all the machines saying 25c minimum for free drinks on all the penny machines, and are very strict about not letting people get both a coke and a coffee, or a coffee and bottled water at the same time. no other casino is near that strict about it. and for good reasons, they dont want to piss off a big time customer who loses thousands over a few cents worth of drinks.

looks like ive just now lost the remainder of last nites $20 deposit on BCP.

and im just gonna go play live for awhile. will buyin for $200, $200 buyins seem to be working pretty well for me, a lot better than the smaller buyins were. hope i never drop below $3000, or ill never feel comfortable buying in that much. also i got an offer in the mail for 2 free nites in laughlin, with $60 in free play feb 1-15 and another $60 free play feb 16-28. also i need to find out what day the binions freeroll is i qualify for. still should deposit more into BCP i just hate taking a large sum out of my bankroll. and im still waiting on my $164 payment from google i should find in my bank account before jan 31.

was anyone surprised he instantly mucked instead of having me beat, and was anyone not thinking id call?

what would u do with AT here?

playing in the IP, (at least i was earlier). now im relaxing in my room, planning to make a small deposit on BCP. Sure hope it is still accepting my debit card. When i first sat, i was stuck in a middle seat and losing a small amount, not getting hardly any cards, so i jumped at the chance to move to a new table when it opened, and i sat in the #2 seat. Micheal the European who always plays at the IP and takes long extended poker vacations young guy whose good with a big roll started to sit in the #1 seat, i talked about my losses and he decided to move to the #8 seat as the new table was waiting to start up. he knows more about my play than i know about his i think. And is one of the players i most fear. and he told me he was gonna take my bankroll.

so after about 45 minutes the following hand comes up. i have AT and limp in close to late position. i have about $165 in front of me, and micheal has me covered. Micheal is before me to act postflop although i dont remember exactly where the button was.

flop comes up A47 rainbow, and Micheal bets $10 into a pot that mightve been around $10 not sure. maybe $8 or $12. i call, everyone else folds. turn comes 9, michael bets $20, i call. on the river my ten comes. still no flush is possible. michael overbets the pot and goes allin which would cost me my whole stack of about $135 more to call. what would u do?

i thought his most likely hand was aces up, which i could beat. but he also could have a set, or possibly been betting with 68. he does play a little loose, and does bluff. i figure he knows i have at least an ace. what do u think michael thinks i have? he tells me he bets that big because he thinks i will call, while im trying to decide. i dont think micheal will think ill fold an ace will he? unless he thinks i have one with a much smaller kicker, surely he wouldnt know i have AT and rivered 2 pair?

Monday, January 23, 2012

good news and bad news

packing up to leave and check out of the riviera. i got stuck $200 in the game, walked off pissed, and decided to go pick up my free play at the wynn, was winning over $150 and had most of the loss back, but ended up losing it all back and $365 additional. all because the max bet on the machine is $350. (7 hands of $50 each). should never bet $50 a hand on a machine that pays even money, just didnt feel like getting up, im sure a lot of my losses came from only getting even money on so many BJ hands.

yes im dumb. and i walked back to the riv and im in my room checking out and packing my things to go check into the IP.

rolls down to $4900 once my room charges here are finalized.

ok the bad news is out of the way, now for the good news. rachel finally called me back, and set up an appt for tomorrow at unlv, in the carlston building at 1pm room 237.

rolls back to $5500

i ended up losing $300 at the IP after i went over there with tatude tonite, but most of the loss was after he left. i also lost the original $100 stake before i rebought. also grouchie was at the table for a long time, but later was at a different table when i had all the bad luck. im too tired now to remember the hands. i do remember losing $60 preflop calling with 99, but the raiser had only 33, and had made a previous loose raise with 99 before into my aa. that hand he sucked out, and this hand another guy had kk. he wasnt the winner though, a guy called with 45 suited and hit a straight. table was pretty loose.

most of my loss came with J7 diamonds on a board of Ad 8h 4d. i called it down all the way, rivered a flush, 4 of us in, and it was checked to me, big pot by then, i bet $80 and got check raised by a QT high flush. for about $20 more allin.

and then i went over to the big split machine and deposit $7 in it, played over an hour, ran it up to $81, and cashed out only $3, took a cab home and left, seen DOC and 2 guys playing in the riv, and sat a few minutes til it broke and lost over $50 more. and im in my room trying to sleep soon. ill have even less after my room charges are finalized. every day im here theres a $13 resort fee.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

tourny results

sitting around riviera in my room bored as hell, waiting to hear from tatude that said he could see me after 8pm, but i wish he couldve much soon, tired of sitting around all day doing essentially nothing after the freeroll just waiting to hear back from him. would like to go somewhere but dont know where.

and as always i was the first one out of the freeroll. only good news is its been over a week since i played a machine. i think i played a hand really bad.

i have QQ and make it 800 preflop. (blinds started at 100-200 which i feel is way too high). 28 of us in the top 10 get $250 each. another young guy whose known to bluff and knows how i play i mistakenly thought reraised me preflop and i wonder if he has aa. turns out he just called but i didnt know. the dealer puts out the flop 10 6 3 and i put out 800 thinking the flop was dealt too soon, and i owe that to the pot and the dealer didnt see it. (i thought he bet $1600 preflop and min raised). so when he makes it 1700 postflop, i tell the dealer that was not a bet its what i owed to see the flop. then i find out he hadnt reraised after all. somehow i still had it in my mind he had a big pair, so i only called the 1700. turn comes 7 of hearts putting 3 to a flush on board, he bets $2500 and i fold. horrible mistake as he shows ak with one heart. only thing i was right about was the feeling he wanted to reraise preflop.

and then a while later i push with k5 on sb against the bb when down to 8bb. and the bb calls with 77 and i bust out as the first one to bust.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

still think im making good decisions

after sitting in my room, unable to play hardly anything on BCP because of my refusal to deposit, although i am now at $2 instead of $1, i decided to walk back downstairs and get to work on getting in the 4 hours i need for saturdays $20 room. (actually they are $33 rooms with tax and resort fees). the same very good young player is there, this time with about $3000 in front of him. the donkey is back, with about $700 in front of him. and a lady with about $600 and some other decent sized stacks.

the donkey makes it $15 preflop, and the good young player whose making sure he sits on his immediate left makes it $50. (i had to take a seat in the middle of the table to sit on the good players 2 seats to his left.) but i sat there anyway. i just couldnt bear to sit on his immediate right, which was the only other open seat, and its still an open seat, making the donkey on his right. so i look down to find aa and go allin for $187, hoping for only 1 call, and worried sick ill get 2. sure enough the donkey calls, and then the good player calls. why he didnt reraise ill never know.

flop comes JQ4 3 spades, and i have the a of spades. everyone checked. turn comes 10 of hearts, and they checked. river comes K of diamonds, they check, and i show my a hi straight and win. i was only praying no J or Q came. figured the K would make a split.

in the middle of the hand tiffany from cali who ive met and knows Britni but only from online, and who ive hung out with at the casino and shes driven me around before and washed my laundry, she texts me wanting BCP money and calls on the phone saying shes drunk and i couldnt talk then. WEC knows her as sexylilvixen from neverbeg. i may end up making a deposit so i have something to do in my room. i cant go back downstairs now without waiting an hour and the games too wild to sit in for that much money, i should probably buyin $100 instead of $200 and wait for hands to shove. no set mining in this game, its way too expensive seeing the flop. all agree?

i assume with my low roll and propensity to blow up if i lose it all to them big stacks im better off leaving no matter how good the game, right?

at least im over $6000 now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

was i a donkey not leaving when up $274?

i have to keep playing til i have my entire 4 hours in, to avoid a huge room charge for friday. my chips are still on the table. u dont have to get in 4 hours all in a row, but i must have them in before midnite.

after winning a big pot earlier i was up to $474. at first id ground it up to about $300, held pretty stationary for some time, and then later on i won a big pot with a set of 10s in which the loosest player (who went from having $800 on the table to being stuck and rebuying) paid me off. i was getting a little worried, and thought about quitting the game, but didnt because of the 4 hours i have to do. there is a very good young player 2 seats on my left with over $1800 in front of him whose won some massive pots off the donkey.

so i was thinking of leaving, to avoid being put in pots with him behind me, and decided to move tables or take an hour break in my room as soon as the blinds get to me. naturally i cant bear to be out the $4, so i dont get up and leave the game right away.

and of course, before the blind gets to me, the guy whose the donkey comes out raising to $20 on the hijack. im on the button and call with AT. (mistake). the young guy also calls in the blinds, and 3 of us see the flop. AT2 with 2 clubs. guy bets $45, i shove allin because i want to make sure the young kid dont come along for the ride and i know the donkey will call if hes drawing without the right odds, so i want his money if im a big favorite or a fold, either one. sure enough the kid folds, and the donkey calls my allin with AJ. so hes drawing to 3 outs, and then sucks out on me.

where all did i play the hand wrong? i think i did right getting him to call as a huge underdog.

again a 2nd post in one day.

first, the results of the hand posted earlier this afternoon. if u remember, i had 67 of spades bet $15 on a flop of 893 with 2 spades, and 10 hit the turn and 2 players shoved, a small stack and a big stack.

it was $220 to me to call and he had not much less than i did. and i thought about it and deciced to FOLD. good fold, one guy never showed and the other guy had the nut straight and won, and id have missed the flush.

but i left to post the blog entry right after that.

am in my room eating food from the whopper bar in the far corner of the other side of the casino, and am just sitting around $5600. the below will talk about the hand that reduced my win in the rio that was once at $122 all the way down to $25, some of which id lost before this hand.

i had KK and limped under the gun. Ken the rich guy who always brags about how well off he is, with the glasses, was sitting to my immediate right in the BB. i was hoping someone would raise, but no one did and 5-6 of us seen the flop. (and had i raised, id just ended up losing alot more). flop comes up QT2 and Ken bets $11. i only call, and hope for people to start folding. everyone else does thank God. turn comes 4, and that puts 2 possible clubs on the board. again he bets $20 and i only call, worried he will come over the top and is able to know my exact hand. (turns out he had the AQ clubs and nothing wouldve got him off it there, so i saved money). river comes 6 of clubs and he seems to be thinking of betting BIG dammit. and finally only bets $25. (whew). i call and hes backdoored the nut flush, but i got off losing the absolute minimum the way i played it so im rather proud of myself.

so then i leave $25 ahead, go to buy food to take to my room, and get a little nervous in the elevator when its just me and a young mexican guy and he starts asking me how im doing and if things are going good. i have quite a bit of cash in my pocket so i start to wonder if im about to get robbed. i say id rather not talk about it (hoping he will think that im broke), he seems offended says sometimes people care and luckily exits on his floor, which is lower than mine. I get uncomfortable with small talk due to my autism and fears and would rather not be talked to except for the things that really matter, such as how to play various poker hands correctly. thats pretty much all thats worth talking about in a casino.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

what would u do?

just left the poker room at the rio, right after the following hand, $13 ahead. i had 67 of spades, and i was seen finally making a bluff earlier after 2-3 hours of play. flop was 893 with 2 spades. all 4 of them checked to me on the button, and i bet $15 and got 2 calls. (what do u think they are calling me with?). The only hands i really feared were higher draws. turn comes 10. asian kid in the middle of the table goes allin for about $85. young white guy 2 seats to his right shoves allin for about $220. i showed my made straight and flush draw. and set there for a while trying to figure out whether to call and whether one of them or both hit a straight and if a flush would be good. what would u do?

and im glad the deal with my mom worked out so well. all im going to be out if the company is being honest is $14.99 more in additional shipping. that will be coming out of my own pocket and i still dont want to deal with this hassle again, let her get her own debit card.

now Larry from UNLV called me back and he said they do offer 1-1 counseling and also groups, and he said he would have Rachel give me a call. this was around 2pm and ive not heard back. he said they do not turn away anyone who cant pay and its a small sliding scale of very little money. I told him i support myself playing poker and he really didnt comment. maybe he wondered why if poker is really good for me why i didnt have alot of money. i dunno.

tomorrow ill be checking into the riviera for 4 days. the first 2 days with the $20 poker rate, and the next 2 days free on an email i got. u have to get in 4 hours play per day, and also they charge u the full rate upfront, and only refund it back to the poker rate once u check out and qualify. some of these weekends coming up are over $100 but Christina said those days also get refunded back to the $20 charge.

heres mom on facebook:

As I go off for the day I want to leave u with a verse of scripture. 2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness: but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."
Put your trust in God and not in man dear friends.

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she is a good person and tries to honor God and thinks me not living for God but in sin is the cause of all my problems. so she was glad to hear i was gonna get counseling. and said that Josie was a good friend. She just thinks i have no common sense and didnt know how to order it propertly instead of understanding the FREE RUSH shipping is a scam.

i've got to start keeping better track of my $20 table games coupon mailers ive gotten from harrahs sent to my Po Box in the flamingo. i've missed out on using 2 now since i wasnt around during the 3 days on the coupon, and one of them was the 15th-17th. and i just totally forgot about it til the 18th. the next one coming up is on the 22nd. and my next $30 free play at the wynn is mon-thurs of next week. and im not sure i have a feb binions free play. but in march, i not only have $200 free play, but also $200 in non negotiable chips, only problem at binions they are only worth $98 because they dont let u keep them on a win like most casinos do, such as flamingo u can keep playing it til u lose.

if i get upset about $3 in blinds (well not really, mainly being asked if im stupid enough to pay it if i dont have to) but if $3 bugs me when im very low, think of how much $40 or $55 bugs me. its not the insignificant sum it once was, thats why i was stressing out so much over it. sums have to be really low to not stress out over them, such as the $5 i put on Carmens books. and yet she never bought a stamp and envelope. and the $20 i gave Melissa i got to where i couldnt do that, and i havent tried to text her in a week now, ever since i was doing poorly and she mightve left town. seriously doubt she would still have a way to be in the IP. i think her phone is shut off too.

when i have money, spending $800 on a cab means nothing to me, because i still have money left over. the $180 or $200 i gave a couple of women when i was rich meant nothing to me too. But when i start to worry, and i do when i go below $6000, and for each additional $1000 i drop the stress goes way up, and the more i go ballastic over losing small amounts and tighter i become with my money. at least now i can give out $1 tips sometimes more a lot more often than i could when i was in the $3000s for a brief period. its hard emotionally to accept any type of loss, which has had a big effect on me playing machines in the past.

u may think im doing good staying off machines for 5 days, but ive not been put to any real test yet. what i mean by that is ive not left the poker room stuck a bunch of money, in which ive felt a real urge to play machines on the way back to my room.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

well this blog post is a little late but most of the news is good and i havent played any machines.

yesterday i never updated the blog, but i did have a good day yesterday and stay off the machines, and bring the roll up to $5200. today i brought it on up to $5400. started out yesterday with the win at rio i posted in the blog, but i was only up about $70 by the time i left the game, i waited til i started giving some of it back. then i took the shuttle to the IP and won a little in the IP but not nearly as much as the day before. walked out of there up $164 total between rio and IP and walked over to bills. bought in for $70, and at one point had it up to $225, and the game was a lot better than usual. But then i started giving it back, and i lost all of the original buyin, and around another $90, and at one point was out over $100 more. but won a few hands at the very end before i got a cab back to rio around 4am when the game broke. was too tired to post and wanted to wait til i had some news.

also i found out about a room deal at the riviera some of u might be interested in. this may come in handy on weekends since im not showing up anymore free weekends. on every day, and that includes fridays and saturdays, for 4 hours of play, u can get a $20 room. now combine that with the $10 and $25 match plays in the coupon book u get at the desk when u get a room, and its a wonderful deal. u must make arrangements with Christina. their pokerroom dont have much business and they are trying this to get more. they recently changed the game to $1-3 also.

and i called the number today pokerdogg wanted me to at UNLV, but i got an answering machine, it was just after 4pm when i called.

now today when i woke up i didnt even bother with the rio poker room, i really dont like them $2 chips at all. i got straight on the ballys shuttle, and walked to pick up my mail in the flamingo. found the $55 from mom along with $5 extra for my birthday coming up feb 10, for $60 total. then i sat down in the diamond lounge and ate before i played, was starved, and then got a seat at osheas in a $2-6 game. ended up winning over $112 in it, went to eat at burger king, and then sat back down osheas and won $35 more, and then got on the rio shuttle to my room where im at now, playing on BCP and updating my emails and blog.

Now ive got one thing thats been really pissing me off all day. the other day my mom wanted me to order her the swivel sweeper advertised on TV, and as always, they claim u get 2 of them. almost every product u want to buy they say u get 2 instead of 1. i guess thats why the price isnt lower. and my mom also claimed that it offers free shipping, but it really dont, and i dont think she is familiar enough with ordering from ads since she has no debit card to realize when shes wrong. Josie and i investigated, and we found out u definitely do get charged for shipping. (unless u pay $24.99 a month extra for every month from then on for a lot of other useless offers such as a gift card, orlando vacation etc.) its all a gimmick. mom dont know this. she is OLD. shes 68. so i asked Josie for her advice whether to buy it for my mom or not, because i didnt want to deal with the aggravation and im so upset she wont go get a debit card on her own. she dont believe in credit cards due to religious convictions. Josie said it would be a nice thing to do and besides mom offered to pay me back once id ordered it, so i did it but only because Josie talked me into it. and i had Josie help me fill out the order form, and Josie said if i check the box to send ONE instead of TWO, the postage would be less and then id not be charged the extra shipping and i wasnt sure, because i was still charged part of the shipping (that mom claimed was free but wasnt). and she said mom WOULD NOT MIND ONLY GETTING ONE. boy was that a mistake. i have no idea why she needs 2, nor does Josie, but mom was upset, said she paid for 2, (actually she hasnt, the shipping for 2 wouldve been $30 more instead of $15 more) and mom original thought its $40 and free shipping because thats the way they advertise it on TV.


why did Josie have to tell me to only order 1?? this has caused nothing but a lot of grief stress and upset feelings with my mom. and i am so pissed off she wont get her own debit card. also her paypal account is closed due to disputes over purchases, she dont seem to understand the terms and conditions too well.

what mom is doing now is refusing to return it, under the excuse they dont reimburse postage, and insists i order her another one, which would cost me another $55 of my own money id not be reimbursed for. if she had sense to return it, all id be out is the $15 postage but she wont pay to return it from her end. if she returned it, i would either reorder 2 or return her money, and id still be out over $15 of my own money, maybe even $30. so yes im pissed off. this is what happens when u try to help someone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hey pokerdogg, im going to need ur help after all in finding a therapist with that number. the one i called said unless u have insurance that covers it they are not free, and that id need to bring in $100 to talk to a counselor, and dont know why i was referred to them. the 800 number is a nationwide number, not specific for las vegas.

and the 2nd vegas number lets u talk to a counselor the frist time, but after that they want u to be part of a group setting, and insists the group setting is critical to success.

now ive got chips on the table at the rio, and i hope im not picked up, but i ran to my room because i felt like i needed a shower, and also to post the hand quickly before i forgot.

I bought in for $200, which is now at $427. started the day with a roll of $5100. the game was pretty tight and i got down about $40 early on with a bad call with AJ preflop when a guy made a raise. even the rocks at the table were talking about what a bad game it was, and one guy said he was going to the bellagio. the only thing that slightly loosened up the game and made it better was a young guy who always would straddle, and that pissed off one of the older rocks, who moved to the new table when it opened. So pretty soon this hand comes up, and i count my chips on the end of the hand, and i have $427. after tipping the dealer $4 (the 2 blue chips).

the asian whose on my right raises to $10 preflop, and i call the $10. the new guy with a suit and tie whose young (not the straddler whose in the 4 seat but the guy in the 1 seat) makes it $25. he has about $200 or so. the straddler folds (this wasnt his straddle hand), and a new guy whose asian and dont have many chips calls. (the game had got some new players after some rocks left). and the original raiser got out, who i think is a good player, he was the biggest stack, and i wasnt about to reraise him with my AK. but now the actions back on me.

i stand up, talk about how i want to leave the game anyway (all in the hopes of convincing everyone i called utg with aa) and say im allin, and i dont think anyone has the guts to call me, and if they fold ill show my pair of 4s. i want all of them to fold of course, or only call with AQ instead of with a pair. the guy in the suit and tie calls rather fast, the short stack calls for a massive side pot. flop comes 45J with 3 diamonds, i do not have any diamonds. turn pairs the board, and river is 9 of diamonds for a 4th diamond. i feel i have no shot.

the first guy to turn over was the guy with the suit, (although he didnt need to). he showed nothing but QK, no diamond, shocked he called, and i was relieved to find out i was getting the side pot. then the asian guy turns over AQ no diamond. so i scooped the entire pot. and thats why i dont want to be picked up the 40 minutes i might be up in my room typing this post.

(i dont think anyone who reads my blog was at this table), but i talked in detail after the hand about how i wouldve lost all kind of value and had to fold after the flop if i wouldnt have shoved allin preflop with the AK, and then discussed how dumb i thought many are for saying thats a bad move preflop. waited for the blind to get back to me to run upstairs and now im ready to go back before im picked up.

lots of news

this will take a while to type, and Vook is going to be making a blog entry for me in about 24 hours from now about a very interesting hand i played at southpoint, because hes so much better on the details and his insight about how i played the hand. Him and i spent a lot of time together today, and I wish he could hang out with me and go over the poker we played everyday. thats how u learn and get poker at poker, u share hand histories with those whose views u respect.

the day started with Vook coming over to my room at the 4 Queens to take me over to the rio to save me a cab fare. (his idea, not mine). So we checked out, and i got my host to pick up enough of my bill to where i still have $100 in comp dollars left over at binions i didnt know id have. grabbed some food on the way to the rio, checked in, Vook thought the rooms at the Rio are really nice. And diamond rooms contain free refridgerators unlike the IP. So as soon as i left my stuff in the room, we left to go to the "M" since i never get to go there unless im in a car.

we played for about 90 minutes, and i didnt get much worth playing, nor do i remember any hands, vook won a little, and i lost $16. and then we left to go to Southpoint. we played about 90 minutes there too, and there is an interesting hand from there vook is gonna post once hes home and has had plenty of sleep. vook ended up losing a small amount, and I ended up winning $71. and then we left for him to head back to his room at the IP and pack up, and to drop me off on the strip to play poker.

I seen no game in Osheas, so i walked into the IP and got seated immediately, and bought in for $200. started winning a lot of pots early on, and i think i was up to $1000 plus in less than 2 hours. the main reason i didnt leave was no one at the table came anywhere close to having me covered, most anyone else had was around $400. the most i had was $1237, and i left the game with $1026 on the table. I caught myself starting to make a few bad plays at the end, and i was trying to be sure i didnt miss the last shuttle back to the rio. here are some hands as best as i can recall.

first big pot i won, i had 22, limped in early position to see the flop (which ive not been doing much of lately) and sure enough a guy raised to $10. i call (which i couldnt if id bought in $100 instead of $200) and the flop comes 727. i think 4 of us looked at the flop. i check, and the preflop raiser bets $25 and only i call. (there is a flush draw possible). 9 comes on the turn, no flush, and i bet $80 with about the same behind. he thinks, then calls, and i was worried he would fold, and also worried a 7 would hit the river and ruin my canoe. river comes 8 and i think for a while because im worried if i bet too fast he will fold. i bet allin and he calls and sure enough, he showed an overpair and i won.

then another hand a new guy sits down who looks like Charles Manson from Europe, he straddles, and I raise his straddle to $30 and ask him if he protects his straddle. he shoves, and i call with Ak, and he only has A3. and my hand holds up, but he flops an open ender and a 4 flush, so i was shocked my hand holds up.

and the same guy i beat with 22277 shoves preflop on me with 22 when i have aa over the top of my raise, and that takes the rest of his chips.

and then i flopped a boat with my unraised straddle one time on a flop of 88Q, but i didnt paid off too big that time. the time i got paid off really big was when i had KK, raised, 2 guys call and the flop comes 33J, both call, and i hope no one has a 3. turn comes K, and i get paid off big time by J3.

and now im tired and relaxing in my room. and i must call that number tomorrow. couldnt make an appt today, its a holiday. and i never played any machines all day.

ive thought of a good way to stop mitt romney from getting the republican omination. Gingrich could agree to let Ron Paul set all the economic policies, if he drops out and has all his delegates support him. Gingrich could get Rick Santorum to drop out by letting him pick the Supreme Court justices and be the new attorny general. thats what most religious conservatives most concerned about. and then Gingrich could do all the foreign policy which he really excels at, u damn sure dont want Ron Paul running that. and all 3 of them combined as a team would get about 66% of the vote in the primary.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

couple of hands, am i playing bad or good? vook didnt mind the play

my chips are on the table at the nugget and i ran to my room a minute. im in for $301, the original $200 buyin and the odd $101 left over in my pocket once i lost.

i lost a hand with Q6 clubs in the BB, flop comes QT8 with 2 clubs. and heres where i made a mistake and let the pot get too big. i check, and a guy on the button bets $5. i make it $16 and i should NOT have done that since im first to act. he bets $50, i call, planning to fold turn if i dont help. turn comes 6, giving me 2 pair, i check he shoves, i call my last $50-90 i had, and miss everything and he has straight.

the other hand, i had A3 clubs and the flop comes T93 with 2 clubs. guy bets $10, 2 guys call. i shove my $65 as a semi bluff hoping all fold, but still a decent hand about 40% equity if they dont, and if i get 2 calls im +ev. one guy calls and i miss everything. thats the hand vook said i didnt play bad, and he wasnt paying attn the other hand.

vook is planning to make sure i play no machines and stake me in a tourny.
update from room. i busted out of the tourney with JJ, against KK, and we both had 14 BB left, in fact no one had very many BB at all. it was anyones tourny. he made a raise to $5000 from $2000, and since a hand sooner he was glad no one called his raise, i shoved the JJ and vook agreed it was the right play. my table had 5 players, and vooks had 6.

make sure u dont overlook the first blog entry, this is my 2nd one of the night.

well, as always im playing DON sngs on BCP. yes i know i said id went broke on merge, and swore i wasnt gonna redeposit, because my merge money is NOT counted as part of my roll, so depositing would directly reduce my bankroll. (am i doing the right thing not counting it?) ever since ftp screwed everyone, including me, ive been afraid to count online money as part of my roll. I only count money thats available in immediate cash as part of my roll, (which is why i also never count free play or comps). nothing counts until its turned into cash.

so even though im NOT supposed to spend my merge points (as my rakeback VIP is effected by it and probably reduces my rakeback) i went ahead and spend 750 points for $12.50 cash deposit into my acct. it will probably cost me MORE than that in rakeback, but at least ive got money in my merge account again. ill just have to play extra small.

and as high as my sharkscope is, i definitely should look into online staking.

ok now for the good news. 1. i never played any machines at all the entire night.

2. my rolls at $4500. Which is certainly a lot better than $3800.

the first place i went to after going back out after doing my previous blog entry, i went to the golden nugget, bought in $200, and eventually left with $275. Dont really remember any of the hands.

I then went over to binions, bought in for the $160 i had in odd change, and eventually ran it up to $503. most of it came on a high hand, and since id only given the dealer $2 due to how small my rolls been and how little id been winning, i threw her the extra $3 when i got up to quit, to bring the tip up to $5. they dont pay much for high hands, only $50. But the pot was pretty good, and it wasnt the only hand i won. i had 33 and called the $2 bet preflop, and i think someone raised to $8. flop comes up At3 and i think there were 5 of us. Justin the dealer in the 5 seat, (i was in the 9 seat) and i thought Justin was the preflop raiser instead of the guy in the 3 seat who was very deepstacked and had just won a humungous pot off the 1 seat. anyway Justin bet $25, i figured justin was either way behind or ahead, so i only called because there were no flush draws, and then the 3 seat check raised to $75, and Justin folded. Now i was worried about him having a set, but if he didnt, i wanted him to think he was ahead. so i asked him if he would show if i fold, but of course i had no intention of folding. he said not a word. turn comes 3, and im relieved. he puts me allin for my remaining $68, and of course i call. So as not to slow roll him, i tell him i sucked out on him with the 3, but i still dont show cause im curious if i was beat before that. river comes, i turn it up and say high hand, and i never did find out what he had. Justin is shocked i didnt just call immediately and wonders why i thought i sucked out.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

how many believe in Chris Fergusons advice?

am relaxing in my room, eating a salad id put in my fridge the day before, and playing low stakes sngs online. congratualations to Josie who did very well in her tourny while i was playing in the nugget. and NO, i have not touched any machines today. and of course, im also charging up my phone. (i also like to quit a game when its about to not work anymore).

Games loose and the action good as always downtown. usually my wins or losses are a little more here. I bought in for $200, and started off slowly, but was never stuck very much. i got very lucky on 1 hand, a talented regular who i always known had very little money (but today confided hes ran his roll up to 20k) I seen him make a very bad call the other day for a large amount preflop with AQ against a guy with AK--and today he told me hed been thinking about what an awful call it was. anyway i was the BB and he makes it $5 preflop on my immediate left. theres like 2 callers, and look down to find KK. i tell him not to make any more bad shoves with AQ (he always shortbuyins in of $100) and i raise it to $40 in my BB. he shoves the $100, one other guy calls whose only has about $45, and i worry but call. turns out they BOTH have QQ and we all 3 flip our cards up. i didnt have much to worry about fading, and my hand holds up and he leaves the game. also won a few other pots ive forgotten and i move tables for awhile, and eventually leave.

do most of u believe in Chris Fergusons bankroll money management advice? he says to buyin for no more than 5% of ur roll max, and to leave when u have more than 10% of ur money on the table, and i certainly did. i usually however keep playing til i give back about 1% of my roll, but tonite i didnt feel like it. not worth risking turning a $200 plus win into a $200 plus loss.

at least now im back over $4000 again.

$3800 roll to work with left. but ive got some good news.

the money i lost today was lost at POKER. not on machines, and although isnork seen me sitting at the VBJ machine, (in fact i even called him from it)I didnt lose any money on it. And id still be out playing but i feel tired tonight, i dont think i got enough sleep yesterday.

here are the hands as best as i remember. first hand takes place at the nugget, and i was up $30-40 before the hand started. i had 99 and called a raise to $10 preflop. 4 of us seen the flop. flop comes K96 with 2 clubs, and the original raiser checked. i bet $30 and he raised to $80 everyone else got out, i called. Q came on turn and he put me allin, i know im beat but i call, and the whole table including isnork said it was a good call. he had a set of kings.

the next hand i lost gavin smith got all my money. i called a raise preflop with A9 hearts. flop comes 8TJ with 2 clubs and we all checked. turn comes 7 spades putting 2 flush draws on board, when it got to me i bet $100 due to over $70 being in the pot preflop, and gavin raised me to $167 allin, and he also had same straight but turned it into the flush on the river. thats the hand that sent me to that machine, where i called isnork on the phone right after i sat and seen about 10 hands. asked him to come talk to me and he did.

later when i went back out to play after going to my room, i bought in at the nugget with $204 and lost it on a bad bluff attempt when i read a guys hand correctly (JJ) on a flop of a82, but he just wouldnt fold and my KQ lost. i raised him allin on the flop. after isnork busted out of the tourny we talked a while more and he took a cab back to his room at the IP. He was glad to hear id made that phone call, because he knows i needed it.

yeah thats the good news. i called the number pokerdogg wanted me too. they asked a ton of questions which took time and then gave me the number of ABC therapy in vegas at 702-598-2020 and i need to set up an appt to see someone. also they gave me the number of problem gambling center at 702-363-0290. supposedly these are who offeres 1-1 counseling instead of groups. i need to call them during daytime hours now.

i will ask them in person if i should move outside of vegas. And i still think Johnny cash is a great singer with a troubled life like mine, my dad loved and sang to his music when he played the guitar.. i wonder how my life wouldve been had i known him before he died. Had he not been committing that burglarly he wouldnt have died.

also if i took an apt near southpoint or redrock maybe it would keep me off machines. none of the VBJ ones are there and still some poker.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

in my room a second

my $306 in chips is still on the table, the games pretty wild, i bought in $274 which was what was left with the $803 i woke up with today before i dropped a ton in the VBJ at binions after coming back with vince from eating at the lucky club. (was picking up free play). theres a lot of wild bluffing going on, and im walking right back over, at one point i was down to $200, and i was up to $344 once too.

i dont think ive ever lost anywhere near $500 plus getting my 300 points at binions before ($2400 coinin) sometimes i actually even come out ahead. met a game at the tables from toronto who says he reads my blog. said his name was steve.

seriously if i left vegas, id not have free rooms, but so? im not gonna be having free rooms anyway. look at almost $1000 or so id have saved on machines had i left vegas a couple weeks ago. rolls about $4100 and if i lose this last $300 on the table, rolls only gonna be $3800. its not good. im gonna play a long time til i either recover a chunk of go broke.

in room relaxing, not too bad a day.

rolls back up to the $4800s. no machine again for the 3rd day. (according to Josie, the free play doesnt count). but ive still only got $9 on BCP. almost out of food in this room too, and not sure if ive got enough comp dollars for all the room charges if i renew my room 3 more nites over the weekend like i asked my host to do til my 16th checkin at the rio for 4 nites free. i might be short and have to pay a little cash and i havent done that in a long time. Yes, im not playing machines, and am running out. my harrahs card is tightening up too shouldve booked up weeks ahead of time.

looked at the roulette machine at binions, min bet $3. yes u can bet 25c chips but u sure cant bet ONLY 25c. id be up a little more had i not had to pay $80 today for online net access instead of the jan 20th. used too much net this month, and last month i used to much bill was also due about 9 days earlier. wish verizon had unlimited usage. of course, i have no intention of ever playing the roulette machine.

i used a little table selection table seattle irish would be proud of. i moved over to where the moose lodge guys from last night were playing when they started a new table. ended up leaving binions $91 ahead. as usual, ive forgotten the hands from early on that got me ahead, at one point i was up $147. i did think i tried one bluff i shouldnt, and seattle irish sent me a text message warning me to be careful bluffing these guys. flop was JT2 and i had qk and raised it to $20 from $10. turn comes 5, missing all my outs, and he checks and i take the free card. river comes T. he checks i bet $35 and he calls with J2. should i have known better?

i am glad that tourism and the game has picked up slightly starting with the new year but it might not last long.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


heres what everyone was waiting for the results of the hands.

1. the A6 suited hand. i didnt really see the point of dividing my bet into 2 parts, a lower bet just makes it easier for him to suck out, and if hes got me beat all the money will get into the pot anyway. so i bet him allin instead of $45 and he calls. and he has AJ. for 2 higher pair.

2. the 89 hand. i call his $50 turn bet, and i called again the $50 on the river. now u got to remember, i tweeted last nite how it was the loosest game at binions id ever seen, not the regulars, but a bunch of players from the moose lodge there for the moose convention, some of them leaving to catch a plane and some had already left, they knew a lot of the other players and played in a home game. turns out the guy was bluffing all the way, had nothing but K8 and hit the 2 pair on the river to beat out my 2 pair.. and had i won that pot id been way up. that was a huge pot.

3. 79 suited hand, when everyone was checking the river. i thought the Q was a good scare card for me, so i bet $75 and both instantly mucked, one of whom wouldve beat me with a little bit higher pair. only SI suggested i bluff here.

4. the 79 suited other hand. i raised to $30 and both players folded.

and with that im ready to start the night and see how it goes. i had to waste $80 renewing my verizon modem 9 days early because i used more than 5GB limit for the month to get the net to work when i woke up. now im back to $4600. it may last longer if i wouldnt always leave the computer on while asleep

a hand i never thought about posting is where i won most of the money last nite. board was 97T with 2 hearts, and i had TT and limped in in bad position. a guy bets $8 on the flop, and i go $20 and only he calls. turn comes 9, and he goes allin for a little over $100 on me. of course i call. he has A9. and my boat is good.


i stayed away from machines all evening, so this will be the 2nd day i didnt put any money into them since i had that big drop the other day.

Vince and i ate in the steakhouse with my $50 comp ticket, he left the tip. ive never eaten there before. ate some kind of chicken.

also i never made any sports bets, but who can tell me if the picks he suggested won or lost? and i only have $7 on BCP. the moose lodge convention downtown booked several hundred rooms at the nugget, and it ends thursday, and thats why the game lasted so long at binions tonite. they had over 900 in the poker tourny in the grand ballroom and i found out that tourny is a 3 day event. Grump wouldve loved the action had he been around.

ok, now for some poker hands. the board comes up AJ5 and u looked at the flop with A6 suited. it was $6 preflop as it was quite often. a guy whose been quite lucky on u all night calls ur bet of $25. turn comes 6. u have about $150 behind and he has about $90. what do u do?

u call 89 suited preflop, with 5 others. flop comes A89 with 2 diamonds. guy bets $5, another guy calls, and u make it $40. a guy goes allin for $53, and the original better calls. u think he has a pair of aces, using the ace on board. u cannot reraise due to the allin guy not reraising enough. turn comes Q. the original better bets $50. what should u do? anyway u call, and the river comes K. again he bets $50. what now?

u call for $8 to see the flop with 97 suited. there are 4-5 of u. flop comes K96. u call a $15 bet. turn comes 10. u call a $20 bet, asking for a card with an e in it. river comes Q and both players check. all 3 of u have over $200 in front of u. what do u do?

again u have 79 suited. and u limped in. the flop comes 479 with 2 diamonds. the 4 gives u a backdoor flush draw. a guy bets $5 and a guy calls. what do u do? both guys have u covered, and u have about $180

now i ended up breaking about even overall(on my final session). and before i went and ate with vince, i won just over $100, and also from getting my free play earlier when Vince and i were out, im back to about $4700. also had a $19 win at the nugget, and i cashed in the $34 sport ticket today because they close early last nite, so i couldnt add it to yesterdays bankroll totals.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

relaxing in my room, but with only $22 left on BCP

i didnt lose it NOW, i lost it earlier before i went back over to the golden nugget. and today was the last day to get $45 of free food at magnolias downstairs so i filled up the fridge with my passport book.

just going around browsing and replying to peoples comments, and playing low stakes sngs on BCP. really did NOT want to ever have to waste money depositing here, since im not counting this money as part of my roll, that would mean it would be an expense decreasing the roll. i was a fool to play all them tournies this afternoon and lose so much, not paying attn to how late i was registering.

at least all 3 of my sports bets won.

i looked up carmens name, and it seems she is still in there, but its showing her court date as the 11th now instead of the 9th. and i still wish i was waking up a lot later in the day. games are best about the time i get too tired and just feel like relaxing in the room again. an offduty dealer in my game at the nugget was telling about a great game in a casino outside vegas that didnt use to go. And where someone could live nearby cheap and safe on the busline.

now as usual, ive forgotten most of the hands. i bought in $200, started losing quite a bit of it, over $100, mostly with KK again. then i rebought $76 more, and started doing alot better after that. eventually i left the game with over $375. this time i saved losing my entire stack with the KK. i raised to $15 preflop in the BB and got 3 callers. flop comes Q63 with a flush draw. i bet $75, and the offduty dealer shoves allin for about $60 more, and an asian guy goes allin for about $250 total. i fold faceup, and it turns out the dealer has the nut flush draw (id have called him) and the asian guy has 666 which holds up. at the time i folded i only had about $80 left. and the next time i got kk they actually won.

also sucked out once with A6 suited, to make runner runner 2 pair, and also won a pot with JJ. flop was 10 5 7 rainbow, and the same dealer with the bad luck had QT and committed himself when i raised him on the flop when i put him on top pair.

Monday, January 9, 2012

im pretty dumb when it comes to understanding sports bets.

i must of not understood how to read the score, but i won both bets on the basketball games, but i was thinking both bets lost. and i wasnt even sure if they were played, they write what i guess might be the final scores on the wall?

and it does look like im winning the alabama bet too. thank God.

needed that, cause i sat in the nugget $1-2 NL game a while ago and lost $132 and left it pissed off. too many straddlers at the table and the only guys who like to straddle are rich assholes with alot of money who think theyre better than anyone else. the solid players, the nits, who are grinding the game for a living, seldom straddle, and im one who seldom straddles. the straddle only makes sense if u are very deepstacked, on the button, and the games very shorthanded, and u have a large roll.

anyway at the nugget, i have KK and an asian guy calls my raise to $15 preflop, along with 2 others. flop comes Q37 with 2 spades, and im first to act, and i shoved allin for about $80. the guy on my right calls, who i thought was holding a queen (turns out i read him right) he had Q9, and the asian guy called too. he ends up making a flush and winning with T5 spades (whyd he call preflop) but he didnt quite have me covered so i got to play a little while longer off a small side pot.

another hand i raised to $12 with AQ, and only the straddler called. i had $28 left and shoved the flop of 862. (no one would recommend check folding the flop would u?) if so please explain why and have the 3 most respected people on this forum agree with u. and he called and won with 69.

well at least todays off to a good start.

first of all, does anyone know what happened to Carmen today at her court hearing? although im certainly no longer in a position to do anything for her. just curious.

i made an offer to pokerdogg in his latest blog post on here that i doubt he will bother to take me up on.

ok today is day 1 of the next 7 day attempt to avoid touching any VP machines. have not played any today.

good news is i just checked my online banking statement, and there is only 1 pending charge from the order i placed yesterday, for $55.97, not 2 as i was worried about when i talked to Josie last night, she can explain if ud like.

and i am in my room playing DON sngs on BCP after first going over to binions, making 3 of the sports bets suggested, all of which i bet for $20 apiece. (a total of $60 in bets that are as yet undecided and i think all games take place tonite.

1 of them was alabama on the moneyline, recommended by vegas dwp who bet $500 on it. the other 3 bets were recommended on the blog by mikey, no idea who that is and i hope its not blackjackpro or allisond. i didnt make the first bet of lsu+3 because it was the opposite bet as vegasdwp recommended, and he was so confident he bet big money on it. but i did make the bet of NJ plus 5.5 (can someone please define what that means, must they win by at least 6, theres no such thing as a half point to my knowledge). and the toronto minus 3. i have no idea if those are good bets.

went over to binions poker room, sat at a table and bought in for my new standard of $200 (which i can maintain until i drop below $4000) got very lucky early on, started hitting a lot of hands and mightve missed a little value on 1 hand. managed to cash out with around $400. left to go to my room to get online (at least i have food in my room here unlike at ballys, so nice to have a room fridge) and is why i prefer downtown better. so many places to get cheap and free food. and i love eating in the room.

so now the rolls back in the 4400s again instead of the 4200s. and maybe it will be more if any of these $20 bets win. they dont even pay $40 if they win though individually. juice seems outrageously high, or do i just not understand sports bets? 2 pay over $38, and 1 pays $34 and change.

oh man


Post subject: Re: sevencard2003's blog--BACK IN VEGAS

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:01 am
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sevencard2003 wrote:

anyway not too happy--am out $226 for the nite--and aint touched any machines now for the 5th day--although i played a little craps and paigow and recovered $10 of the $236 i lost at the poker. i played it cause i was determined not to touch any machines.

Hey TBC - you're a poker player, so I wanted to ask you a question. If you had 58 suited and you knew your opponent had KK, would you go all in? You wouldn't, right?.. because you have bad odds to win. Well, you shouldn't play Craps, BJ, any of the casino games really, or any of the machines then. All of those have bad odds... (not as bad as 58 suited, but you get the idea). Stick to poker only!
this was written by a guy with the name of post, in allvegaspoker back in my old blog many years ago in 2009. why is it that i never listen to his advice?-------------------------------------------------------

i dont think me lying to others, will be in my best long term interests. i did it once and its not right. its not even good for me to lie to myself. although i hate being honest tonight because its going to cost me big time. if i wanted to lie to someone, id lie to the govt so i wouldnt be near as stressed out about money. But i dont like to lie. thats why people enjoy reading my blog. everyone says my blog is one of the most honest blogs out there, and most people only tell the good and not the bad. i just wish i had the power to change the bad, and i dont. thats why i need to commit my life back to Jesus Christ, like i did as a child, like mom says to do. Jesus has the power to change sinners. Jesus has the power to save sinners. Jesus has the power to change the heart and mind of a sinner who sincerely wants to cleanse his bad habits and start a new life in Christ, in which he lives a life thats pleasing to God and in which everyone around him can see the difference thats been made in his life.

i'm not living a very good life. im not doing with my life what God wants me to do. i dont treat others the way God wants me too, im angry, stressed out, and think the world would be better off if i was dead. and im not strong enough to make the needed changes on my own. and when i lose, i take it out on everyone around me, because I just cant take it anymore. im too old, and i cant start over from zero like a 21 yr old kid can, and i dont want to go broke and back to living on the streets. Maybe i wouldnt because i now qualify for ssi (if im below $2000 i mean) but i dont know. almost no one can live on less than $700 a month, and thats all ssi gives u is less than that, and u must pay for food, shelter and all misc expenses out of that. i dont see how anyone lives on that. my mom only lives on it because she owns her home, knows how to be extremely thrifty with money, and gets a check for both her and Mark, when Mark wasnt living with her she had a much harder time making it.

so tonite im playing in the golden nugget, and the post i made earlier tonite tells u about the bad beat that got me stuck. but when i left the golden nugget, i was $168 ahead and feeling really good. heres the big hand.
i had AQ and had just folded it the hand before and wouldve made trip queens with the ace, but laid it down to a big preflop raise. so the next hand i get aq and this time im the button instead of the sb. so i raise to $12 and 2 people call. flop comes ak7. i bet $35 and one guy calls. a hawaaian tourist who was a little loose. turn comes A and he checks to me. well what choice do i have? theres a possible flush draw out there. i could be beat, but i shove my last $130 or so and he calls, but my hand holds. he had k6 nut flush draw and a pair. and as soon as the blind gets to me i immediately leave, both the 2 guys on my left were good players and have me covered, and im not gonna have all that money on the table at risk.

so i walk into binions, see a game that looks full, so i figure ill see a few hands on the VBJ and get right off before im stuck anything. i end up losing $172, walk into the poker room an hour or 2 later pissed off, and the games breaking up as i sit, so i dont even get to play. so i walk to my room, talk to vegas dwp about something he wanted to ask me, and then go back out to play and end up sitting at the VBJ again, and this time losing another $117. so now im stuck $121 for the nite, and i shouldve been up $168, which means i blew about $300 in that dammed machine.

So theres no hope for me. anyone still think Vegas is the best place for me instead of a place where theres no machines?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

in my room for one brief second, chips still on the table at the golden nugget

sitting at the table with richard Valdez, and the guy who was sitting next to alaskagal last nite for most of the night at table 11. and theres a bunch of people here, every table is full. not for the porn convention as i thought, but for some moose lodge poker event going on tomorrow i think at the nugget.

and im in for $300, original buyin was $100, lost it quickly, and now my $200 rebuy is sitting at $242 and my money is still on the table. ran to my room to use the bathroom and to make this post. so im hurrying.

here is the hand that really pissed me off, and also i was already feeling down because i had to do my mom a favor costing me $55, and ill have to wait for her to reimburse me. why cant she have her own credit or debit card? Josie talked me into doing it for my mom, because i didnt really want to.

i have AQ and make a raise preflop to $11. 3 people call. the flop comes 8TQ. i bet $35. and one guy calls. turn comes 7. i shove for about $55 allin, and he calls and i worry im beat. turns out he has QJ. and of course he rivers the J. there is NOTHING i couldve done that wouldve got him to lay it down, and all the money went in when i had the best of it. and the guy from BCP i just cant get him to come downtown for such a low amount i think is why. gonna be tough selling this to recover some cash. and now i must return to the game. but ill see ur replies from my cell at the table

Saturday, January 7, 2012

finally off the strip for the week

got checked into my room at the 4 queens, wish i could just stay downtown all the time. managed to get the first 3 nights free, and the other 3 days ill have to pay the casino rate of $24 weekdays and $52 weekends. am in my room playing a $20 sng DON while im waiting on my fridge.

ill just do all my poker playing at either binions or the golden nugget for the next few days, and i havent been around any machines yesterday or today. won $74 yesterday, $9 of it at bills, and $49 in $1-2 NL at osheas, and $16 in $2-6 spread limit at osheas. the $2-6 is usually a very tough game due to a lot of local rocks in it most of the time, and a very high rake. i hope vegas casinos dont all start going to $2 jackpot drop too many places have this outside vegas.

still holding onto a roll of about $4300 but its closer to $4400 now with a small win yesterday. i know the $2-6 game in laughlin is even worse for action, and i have no idea but am wondering if southpoints and texas stations $2-6 game is better for action?

Friday, January 6, 2012

tired of my life

sick of not having a regular place to live, i wish i had my apt in KS to go back to before i end up having a complete emotional and mental breakdown worrying to death about money. im tired of not being able to cook my own food over the stove and in the microwave. that is so much cheaper than eating out, and comps at harrahs casino come in very slowly, only $1 an hour instead of $2 an hour, and the food is a lot higher than downtown. and the $1 tacos? i couldnt find where they sell them, looks like its not at a bar, and u have to go sit in a lounge and hope someone takes ur order and wait around. moving rooms all the time is a real pain in the butt and costs a lot of money in cab fees because i have way too many things to take the bus. i am even considering paying $240 a week to stay at the 4 queens just to be downtown when i run out of comps, the game there is better, easier to win in, more tourists unlike the strip, and maybe theres at least 1 safe cheap place downtown someone can let me know about that im not aware of.

good news is i didnt play any machines today. how i avoided playing any, as bad as i was feeling ill never know. maybe its because im too scared ill lose i stayed off them. its a lot easier to stay off the machine and not play at all, than to get off it once im stuck. (i doubt most readers know this). but thats how i got almost all of my losses on machines. (by not getting off the machine once i had a small loss.) and when i went back to ballys poker room late after midnite i actually managed to recover $55. and that put me back to just barely $4300. and also one reason im so low, my monthly phone charge finally came thru. (which subtracted just over $100).

is it really true that my roll will recover if i stay off the machines? thats the big question. and if i really felt this way, i would stay off the machines, and not get nearly as angry over losses at poker.

another nice thing about having my own apt would be id be more inclined to play online, and that would help to keep me off the machines.

ok--now let me address some of the comments from previous blogs in a place i know for sure everyone will see them. (for often i feel like my replies are only going to be seen by that 1 person-if that-and not by all).

posted by cokeboy--a guy whose opinion i usually respect and never thought him to be a bad person in any of his previous posts------Wow.....I don't even know where to begin. How is it ever right to execute someone because they have more than you? Most everyone works hard or goes to school to become better educated and earns their way to better living. Just because you're to lazy to get a job don't start saying its okay to execute those who have one. Plus, 30K a year is barely above poverty level, that's nowhere near rich....your views on society are so screwed up it isn't even funny.....it's no wonder you can't find a woman to accept and understand you with all the hate and judgmental BS that comes out of you.

ok, now first, cokeboy should understand i dont really mean everything i say, and primarily have a long history of saying things when mad, and he should also take what i say with a grain of salt since im not all there when emotionally upset. I dont think ive ever been "too lazy to get a job". when i was young, (in my 20s) i did a few jobs before, but they never worked out, i always would get laid off or fired or be given so few hours i wouldnt want to work anymore. i know i was NO GOOD at anything but playing poker, it was my only interest and occupation i was qualified for, and was my ticket out of poverty. and it wouldve been had i had the discipline to ONLY play poker, and not my emotions get control of me so much. and to someone whose struggled so hard thru life as i have, $30,000 a year seems like an enormous amount of money. also i feel like because i was joking around as a 20 yr old kid pretending i was gonna rob someone, my chance to ever have a normal job was ruined for life and i dont think that should disqualify someone from working and contributing to society. people whove done time in jail should not be prohibited from being allowed to find a job when they get out of jail the rest of their lives, surprised any of u would disagree with this. I will never get over feeling like i was treated unfairly on this, the lady shouldve realized i was only kidding and never had any intention of robbing her in any way, especially after i told her that and left. i was so surprised they called the police i wasnt even trying to hide or run away. i just figured she knew it was a prank when i left without taking the money. this is the type of thing people with autism do, and they dont realize how society will view it. of course i did intend to scare the hell out of her, but scaring the hell out of someone isnt a felony.

nobody who is homeless and in poverty is there because they "want to be"--this is a lie thats perpetrated by the wrong wing of the Republican party. (im talking about the mitt romney wing, the rich business elite wing instead of the Pro God and country wing). i really dislike the republicans economic policies a lot of the time when it hurts the poor. the only people who are homeless and want to be are those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and is why ive always held such bitterness and hatred towards drugs and alcohol, and those who use them. i see nothing fun or enjoyable about it, and cannot relate to those who do. ive lived a hard life, and i see how it makes people homeless and how they end up sleeping in public and panhandling for change all day long. the main reason people are in poverty and cant get jobs is because #1, obama wont let jobs be created due to the enviromentalists blocking them all (such as drilling for oil) and protection of endangered species, and 2# a lot of illegals and legals are allowed to immigrate into this country and take all the jobs away from those who want them, and #3 the decay and moral breakdown of the culture which is reflected in the way so many woman have entered the workforce instead of being home with their kids like they did 100s of years ago. when kids are not raised at home with their mothers, they end up turning to a life of crime and it hurts all of society. this also happens when kids are not raised to belive in Jesus too. the unemployment rate would go down to near zero, and everyone who wants a job would have a job IF THERE JUST WASNT SO MANY DAMMED PEOPLE IN THE LABOR FORCE.

u see i feel bitter towards those who have jobs because for one, ive not been allowed to get one by law, due to my felony conviction, (at least not the really high paying one where u get ur pay in tips) and also i feel like every time someone goes and gets a job they are taking the job away from someone who might be out on the street broke, desperately needing a job and unable to provide for their family, who could have the job if only someone else wouldnt have went out and got the job instead of them. u see alot of the people who have jobs have so much dammned money they dont really need to work. and to be fair to those who need the jobs, and dont have as much money, they should all STOP WORKING NOW and let those who need the jobs have the jobs instead. unless u can identify with being poor and in desperate need of help u will never really understand.

Mikej (unregistered) wrote, in response to sevencard2003:

Okay I was going to help you until you said that there would be nothing wrong executing me.

You are one fucked up person and I can't wait until you go busto..
ok truth be told, i think this person was going to give me a phony sports betting system just like allisond might be connected to him and BJ pro, just to try and get me to go broke. there's also a guy trying to get me to talk on Ymessgr i blocked name gamble4lyfe or something similar who was trying to talk to me about a system and i just never talked cause i figure its all the same people.

and now on to wec.

wec--it should not matter if the guy thought i acted unprofessionally towards the dealer. i dont care if someone mistreats someone else, i only care about how that person treats ME. if they are always nice to me, i see them as a good person, regardless of how they might be to others. i am sure hes probably acted worse to others at times in his life, and do u think he wants to be judged by that by a stranger later in life who meets him. hell no, im sure he doesnt either. and i know a lot of women who dont care how much their man robs, steals and kills other innocent victims as long as the man is sweet and kind to them and the children and always takes care of them financially and puts their needs first.

and so what if i talk about his friends play against my aa? his friend knows himself he was a donk that hand and even said so to me. u overlooked the place in the thread on 2+2 where i complimented both them on their play, which neither him nor any of the 2+2 readers ever replied to.

and u are 100% wrong if u think me being nicer to people would help me grow my roll to 15k. if i was a lot nicer to people, it wouldve cost me so much in lost money i would have probably less than $1000 now. because u see this is vegas, and in vegas people consider whether u are nice or not by whether u are tipping them money or paying blinds when u dont have to and returning their blinds when u dont have to. Vegas isnt like a normal city where people dont equate whether u are nice or not by whether u are giving them money. also if u think it hurts me when people want to take my money at the table, its really not, its only hurting THEM if they tilt because they are playing against me with thier emotions instead of thier logic. u should know this without me telling u this. and u are right no one gives a shit about how poor i am, but doesnt this show u how wicked evil and self centered society is, instead of showing that about me? people should care, and when u politely ask a guy not to call, when he sees hes a massive underdog, he shouldnt call just to be a cocksucking asshole and bust u long before id ever did anything to offend him. i know i hadnt at the time, because he told me how bad he felt about beating me. (the guys friend, not the guy himself who later ignored me on 2+2). also since i talked those guys into checking out ballys, i felt like i was largely responsible for their big win, and i felt like they owed it to me to thank me appropriately and to really appreciate me for referring them to ballys. i think the guys friend was a lot nicer than him, even though he did make that call and bust me. he is the one who took my blog info on his cell. and i typed it in for him to make sure he wrote it down correct.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

lot of poker content today

before i respond to any comments anyone else made as i usually do, first im gonna type the blog post cause it will be very long and i want to do it before i forget any more of the hands.

im down to another low of $4200, ill never get my roll back now. lost $589, and all of it was at poker.

hopefully these 2 guys on 2+2 i was playing with, and gave my blog link to, will come on here and post, they said they didnt think i was playing badly.

first i met vince, and he returned my old coat id given him last summer, and gave me the shoes hed got me for Christmas. i thanked him and they fit really well and were comfortable, usually sneakers have to be worn into. so i guess im wearing sneakers now. we threw the old shoes away.

now for these hands that i took all these bad beats on, as many as i can remember. first buyin was $100 (it was a middle seat so i didnt want to buyin too much) managed to get a table change to their table, added $89 i had in odd money, and then lost it when i made a raise preflop to $10 with AQ. flop comes Q88 and i had 3 callers behind. i felt like i should bet, so i bet $40 and got 1 caller, the guy from 2+2. (the one who said in the 2+2 thread that i seemed like a nice guy)


id already lost most of my stack before this, and i had only about $75 left i think after betting the flop. and i knew if he had an 8 hed bet anyway. the other guy from 2+2 had folded an 8 also, so i figured i might as well bet in case he had a Q with a lower kicker. he calls with 89 suited. surely im not supposed to just check/fold AQ there? if u do think that, u are playing results, the same thing u tell me NOT to do.

so i immediately rebuy for $200 and on the very next hand, before my chips are brought to me, i have aa. the guys friend whod folded the 8J preflop the hand before raises to $22 and i knew he had a good sized pocket pair, and i shoved allin hoping for it to look like a bluff and get a call. i wouldnt been stupid enough to want a call if he had a hand like 89 suited, but i was pretty sure he had far worse hand. he calls with QQ we both flip, (i was worried he wouldnt, lots of people refuse) but he was willing to both turn over now. flop comes Aj4 and im feeling pretty good. then the turn and river come runner runner club club to give him a flush with his Q.

so now i cannot afford to rebuy near as much anymore, after already being in the hole $389. so i rebought only $100, and proceed to lose it twice more before leaving to go to my room and post down $589. and i saved the link to my online blog on one of the guys cell phone. and i was still taking and losing the rest of the money on bad beats, i dont think these guys will find a single hand i played like a donkey.

for example on the final $100 i was down to the last $38 and went allin over the $5 straddle and one call with AJ and everyone folded to the one caller, (who was one of the 2+2 guys) and he said do u want me to call and i said NO not as bad as my lucks running. he calls with 46 of hearts preflop and thats the hand that finally busted me.

also one asian guy also beat me when i had aa for part of the last 2 $100 buyins. the flop was T95 and i had bet about half my stack on the flop and he check raised allin. the guys from 2+2 felt i had to call, and the guy had TTT.

question is i will later today leave my room to go play somewhere. where and what should i play? i no longer have any idea at all what to do, staying away from machines does not seem to be helping at all.