Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm still better off playing live poker than online (hourly rate)

i've passed over 1600 hours played since last May (in qualifying games only) and i'm still over $15 an hour at $1-2 NL. in fact with recent big winning sessions, its closer to $16 an hour than it is to $14 an hour. Hopefully by the time it hits 5000 hours, ill be over $20 an hour.

new roll is $9407. But i hate to admit ive lost back all the money on Bovada except for $20. at one brief point the other day, i was at $400 even on Bovada. I think all my free time should be spent playing live $1-2 NL instead of online and all my online play should only be done when i am at home for legitimate reasons. (like being done playing live for the night, updating the blog, etc). i also think i should NEVER play BJ on Bovada, and limit my play to don sngs and omaha8 tournys. playing BJ on bovada, and playing cash is where about $80 of my losses went. and also i dont keep a big enough balance on there.

i did well the last time in the $1-2 mix game at the atlantis. $50 min buyin $500 max buyin. 15 different games in the mix, all of which are $1-2 PL (not limit, not no limit). my question is, tomorrow is the game at 3pm. i should be there. but should i buyin $50 (limit my risk and variance) or buyin for more--because i could potentially do well and win big in that game? i think i already know which option ill pick however. i dont like risk. i think thats why im a winner overall.

a key hand Vince keeps telling me to post on this blog was when i got dealt A2346 my first 5 cards in a game they called Tahoe, which is actually stud 8 with one discard out of the 4 u get dealt. on 4th street a guy bets $15 a few of us call. on 5th street, the guy with immediate position on me has 225 showing and is first to act. he bets $60, 3-4 people call, and i shove for $186 allin. he goes allin also for over $500, one guy calls, and one extremely short stacked guy calls. an off duty dealer laid down a345 knowing the other 4 deuces were all out. i was concerned he was drawing for a wheel, but he had 55522 and i was safe for half the pot. and the game immediately broke at the end of that hand.

and im still thinking i better hook up Charter cable at home instead of satellite internet. i want the maximum usage possible, and the strongest signal possible. i want a company that dont make u commit to a year (like att does). one with no commitment, and a powerful signal. besides doing it this way is still cheaper than the $90 a month with verizon. the reason some of us prefer verizon is u can use it anywhere, including outside or a bus or train or car.

today i left the casino after id turned my $65 buyin into $377, then dropped it down to $307. another hand history ill post is one in which i had JJ and feel i shouldve committed to a decision on the flop. he calls my $21 preflop and i feel like he mightve been thinking of reraising, but he probably wasnt.

flop comes K53 all in hearts and i have the jack of hearts. i check, he bets about $35 and I call and again i fear hes thinking of raising. turn comes offsuit 8 and i check. he bets $50. what would u do?

i call, and river comes offsuit 10. i check, he bets $100. i think, ask if he will show, he says not a word. finally i fold and he shows 22, with one heart for a bluff.

i'm doing the right thing living cheaply in reno and playing poker--and if i hung around for a year im sure id earn about $30-40k with about $20k of it in the bank still within a year. but i sure wish there was a casino with a decent VBJ machine here. if i had a car, i could consider north lake tahoe (or fernley) as here. without a car--i cant. it wont work.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A slightly better quality of a more normal life.

well i now have access to a stove again. (guess i should again buy some pans). also have access to a large sized refridgerator again and a microwave. And according to my new landlord, they work fine, and ive not lived here enough minutes to test them out, and i need to leave and spend $50 or so at the grocery store filling up the fridge (and the freezer) with food.

im also told the TV gets tons more channels than id ever want to watch, that the hot water works great in the bathroom and the air conditioner works good, and also a brand new hot water heater has just been installed (and still needs work done on it). and of course, all i really care about is the WIFI and the microwave working. havent even yet looked at the wattage on the microwave to see if its 1100 watts instead of 700. But at least i wont have to go buy all those things.

for $600 a month u dont get that much, and i paid him half a month plus some extra when moving in. so im really running out of money fast. i still need a much better xray than the one i had, a dentist to do a ton of work in my mouth, i need to buy a bunch of things for my place, and my suitcase is filled with holes and needs replaced. and im down to $7900 left.

but the good news is im no longer homeless. and the wifi that i bought today thru verizon for $188 upfront including modem, charger (which i can carry around and also use for my phone) and initial fee, works ok in here to play on bovada, although it dont work nearly as well in this room as it did in vinces car so im a little disappointed.

it will cost me $90 a month and an extra $10 for every gig i use over 10 GB a month. and my sprint phone service thru vince is also $80 a month. so just like before--ive got 2 huge monthly bills again. and verizon told me my previous history of nonpayment wouldnt be an issue, since im now on a prepaid plan instead of a contract.

so lets hope nothing goes seriously wrong and that i start recovering, now that i have a stable place to live, am finally nowhere near any of those VBJ machines, and will be just playing poker. i wont be as lucky as i was before. there wont be a way to obtain free housing in Jean, and there wont be anyone like Andy to bail for out for $750 when im near destitution.

to get a free room in Jean NV it was for every $1200 in total bets run thru the VBJ machine. very easily obtainable now, but not the easiest to do with only $1000 roll. to earn that same free room at the tahoe biltmore, its $14,000 in total bets run thru the VBJ machine. which is quite difficult to do even with the much larger bankroll of over $7000. this comparison helps u all see how generous Jean NV was with housing compared to all other casinos and how losing that as an option really didnt help. i couldve bet next to nothing of my roll and played online poker there exclusively, but at the time i didnt because i had so little money i never had much at all on bovada. i dont think i ever had even $3000 at one time while in jean.

i imagine deadwood SD would be about $7000-10k a day thru it for a free room but its a wild guess i have no idea. it cant be as good as jean, or certainly as lousy as the biltmore. But for the time being, im staying where im at, and trying to grow the roll back up, at least to 15,000. i can also give Bovada my new address, and try to grow a roll here. my initial $20 deposit last made is now at $63.

soon as i buy food, ill test out the microwave, and i pray he gave me correct information. he does have a Bible in his office and mentioned that he was a Christian when i commented on it.

most people in my situation would probably feel like $7900 is way too low of a bankroll for all these new expenses ive got, and would probably feel like theyve got plenty to play $2-5 with. (and also feel they could win more per hour at $2-5 than $1-2). now whether its true a good player should earn more at $1-2 than at $2-5, thats certain debateable. But i cant risk it. the consequences of dropping $300 ten times at the table are much more severe than the rewards id receive if i won $300 ten times at the table.

which of my readers, if offered a 60% chance to go double or nothing for every penny they had to their name would accept it, if winning would only make them twice as well off, and if losing would have them homeless and penniless and living outdoors on the street for the next 30-50 yrs of their life? i doubt very many of u would. i doubt many of u would for a 75% chance. (lets say u picked 1 card from a deck of 4, and 3 were good and 1 was bad.)

am in the middle of my poker tourny and seem to not be doing too badly in it, ive reached the final table so my online balance on Bovada will grow by at least $40+. once its finished im definitely leaving to buy some food. the landlord knocked on the door and wanted to show me how to use the heater. now i didnt even notice the heater earlier, all id noticed was the air conditioner. and it wasnt the easiest to learn while playing my tourny. but i think i can adjust the heater now if i need to. it was quite warm this afternoon, especially in vinces car.

was sitting in the car using the net while he was in a sporting goods store in a mall in Sparks called scheels. he got approved for over $13,000 worth of credit there and he normally dont like to apply for credit to keep his rating at the top. theres also an indoor ferris wheel in there, and i went for a ride on it with him and he snapped a picture from the top of the wheel.

-----10 hours later----

well i won over $300 in that Bovada tourny, so now i have a nice little balance on Bovada that hopefully will be withdrawn and added to my bankroll next month. I guess that proves u can still make a living playing online. at least until the govt shuts them down.

i got off to a bad start tonight at the peppermill after early on being $100+ ahead and hitting quad aces. (my 2nd quads til about 11pm tonight will pay $300). at one point i was in the game for over $300, and down to $40. made several addons or rebuys. eventually i ran it up to $524 due to some good decisions and a bit of luck, including the hand where i beat chaperones aa with jt offsuit when i hit the 3rd jack on the river.

lost a big hand at the end, and left with $383. i was headed up the street to buy some food, and ran into the Chaperone outside, and he offered to take me to walmart. i thought he was overly eager to do so, and wasnt sure who he was, so i wasnt that comfortable til he mentioned he knew of my blog and asked if i recognized him from the gold spike in Jean. i was a bit wondering he might be a blog reader due to him mentioning without any prompting how the machine at the Montblue is the type that shuffles every hand. also, the fact he was from seattle, and was straddling my blind at every opportunity.

while in the walmart, chaperone surprised me in the checkout line by paying for the entire $72 cost of my food, and cookware. then he drove me home too. i never wouldve expected him to do that and of course, andy, benny, or cutter never wouldve expected him to either.

Chaperone will be surprised however to learn what i really had that final hand at the poker table that i was pretending to think about. (i just didnt want him to know how weak i was--the villian in the hand not chaperone--because i expect to see him tomorrow too). i called either a small raise or reraise preflop with AJ offsuit in a 4 handed game. flop comes 934 and we both check. 2 comes on the turn, and i check, he bets $25. i think he might have nothing and give me credit, so i make it $80. he goes allin and i know i got to fold, but delay 1-2 minutes because i hate the way i was so dumb to bet $80 and i want him to not try any more bluffing.

U see, the Chaperone was positive i had a big pair, not aj offsuit. and this is why i win at poker. people always think im much tighter than i really am.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carson valley inn in minden trip report

I'm still living at Vince's timeshare until tomorrow, and today when him and Randy went to mount rose to ski (and theres been a big lack of snow) they dropped me off for the $1-2 NL game that starts on every wed at 1pm at the carson valley inn. now that place dont get that much business and the game only lasted til about 4pm, although they are trying to get it restarted.

there was a tourny from noon til 1pm, and everyone in the tourny, they start with only 100 chips to get it over quickly, and 10 minute blinds. they do save peoples seats whove locked them up for the cash game, otherwise no one would want to play the tourny. its a $25 buyin and heres what i really disliked it was winner take all, but according to the staff, im really the first person to really care about that. its usually chopped.

the guy who looks like Jesus/ferguson/dominick who the staff says usually never chops but dont play that particular tourny but a different bigger priced one, it eventually got down to me and him HU and he had more chips than me, im not sure but maybe he had 2 3rds. i wanted to take my profit, go play cash and i was worried he wouldnt be willing to chop any other way, and id have probably ended up with nothing if i dont chop since im not good HU and the staff says he usually does well in tournys. but i feel like i really overdid it offering him $180 of the $240 prize pool and only taking $60.

early on in the tourny i folded jj after putting in $25 (about a quarter of my stack) and the old man directly behind me shoved. am still wondering if that was a good fold?

i would swear its a good fold, except for how very shortstacked we all were. but i did make the money in the tourny so maybe i did the right thing.

now for the hand histories and stories from the cash game. one guy named John with a starbucks uniform was losing heavily and on tilt and kept borrowing money from the guy who shoved. another guy doubled up courtesy of me and an asian woman whose a former dealer. there was a second good looking woman at the table too who was married, and seemed to be the best player there.

almost the first hand i played i busted my $100 initial buyin. i rebought $128 and eventually cashed out $358 when the game broke. at one point i was briefly at $401. i had a9 diamonds and i called a raise to $8 preflop (big mistake) 5 of us seen the flop which was 863 with 2 diamonds. the lady (asian who left immediately after the hand) makes it $6. guy who shoved in the tourny makes it $17. i decide to just call, (wanting multiway action). i dont like getting it HU, getting called and being only 35% to hit the flush.

guy behind me bets $52 and i just know hes got a set. then the lady very foolishly went allin $100 with her overpair, other guy folds, i call, and the guy who makes it $52 calls with a set of 6s and everyone except him is allin. i was putting in about $65 more to get 4-1 on the remaining money so i felt i had a slight odds overlay but didnt like it much. and it missed.

there was lots of slowplaying at that table, kind of like Rob does. but this was with kk and aa not with sets. ive been reading articles lately about how bad slowplaying can be in some situations and cost u alot of value and how raises on the turn and river look stronger than raises on the flop and ive agreed with the articles although im still guilty of it myself.

also read articles about how to get value by getting called and also how to make successful bluffs with huge overbets. i dont remember the author of those 2 articles but i think the source was cardplayer.

i saved money once due to a guy not raising me with aa, and it cost him the pot although i didnt win it. another time it did win for me when i had KT offsuit, flopped top pair and rivered the 10, not knowing i needed it to beat his aa.

another time i had QK. made a weak call of a $5 raise, flop is 69J and im last to act and happy to see it checked around. way too many people in there to bluff. turn comes 3 also a blank and lucky for me its checked around again. river is the 10 and ive got the stone cold nuts. its checked again to the guy right in front of me who raised preflop and he finally bets $5. im praying hes got a smaller straight or is slowplaying top set and hes the guy on tilt. i decide to overbet the pot hoping to get called and think its likely to get called as a smaller sized bet is. but no one called, no one had anything.

i worry too much about the worst happening --the tourny being an excellent example of this. i was glad the max buyin was only $200 because that way no one would cover me. incidently the min buyin is only $20, surprisingly low and as i talked about yesterday theres a spigot in the room out of which comes cheap beer. never seen a poker room u can pour your own beer.

this is costing me money though--ive lost value with aa, afraid of losing all my chips back once ahead. surprisingly enough--it seems this fear is only when im ahead, not when im behind.

One bitter disappointment was a hand i played well. i had AQ hearts and made a raise preflop to $7-10 somewhere in there. flop comes up AQ7 with 2 clubs and the same old guy who shoved earlier makes it $11 on the flop. well im convinced im good, and convinced he will call a huge bet with any good ace or any flush draw. i shove and sure enough he calls with nothing but ace ten. turn and river come KK to counterfeit me and chop the pot which makes me sick. that hurt the worst.

---then tonight, after relaxing in the hot spa in the 104 degree pool, vince and i checked out the carson nugget when he heard the game was $3-6 hilow omaha. the action was good, but of course the players started breaking early and me and vince played 4 handed with a full rake for a long time, and ive got to quit doing that just cause im down and dont want to quit the game.

i lost almost every pot even with monsters like aa37 double suited to the most pitiful garbage hands imaginable. i left the game out $126 when the 4th player finally broke. on the way home vince and i stopped at a casino ive never been the wyndham garden inn in carson city. they had a live $3 double deck BJ game. i seen a count of +4 on the one hand when i walked up to the table so i bought in and put out 2 bets of $15, winning a double down and losing the other hand, for $15 profit.

with the count still good, i then put out another 2 hands of $21 each, without the floorman having any idea i knew the count. this time i lost my bets including a double down as the dealer drew to 20. by the time the game ended an hour later id lost $200 more in there. so now im back to $8600 from $8900.

lowest amount ive had in a long time, and every single bet i made over $5 was at a good plus count, no martingaling. even the 2 final spots of $40 were at +4.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

David walleys hot springs resort Genoa NV trip report

This is where Vince has his one week timeshare he owns, or actually it is NOT. but he does have it on a trade relationship with another timeshare so for a small fee, he can use this one instead. the wifi sucks here so horribly id rather he use the other one and the guy who uses it for his work felt like it really sucks too.

the hot springs pool and spa here was packed though, lots of people in every hot sulfur pool and vince supplied me a bathing suit in my size.

then i heard from lightning he was in phoenix and he claimed that PPP would buy me a ticket if i wanted to go but i doubt that. wouldnt mind visiting phoenix some other time but me and vince and cooldave will all be at the atlantis tomorrow nite. and lightning will be hanging out at talking stick and hopefully meet up with wec.

and i still need to be finding housing

me and vince went to carson valley inn tonight but the poker game had broke, it breaks really early on sundays. so i didnt feel like playing anything else. played a bit of VBJ earlier at the tahoe biltmore where they dropped me off for 3 hours while they skied. gained $13 in comp dollars and $9 cash. at one point i was down over $200 and at one point was up over $50

so im still holding not much more than $9300.

now we also went by a sprint store and they couldnt fix the phone. but they swore my pictures somehow got synced to my laptop in their opinion and they said if i bring my laptop on my return, they could then solve the issue. i dont see how my phone even knows i have the laptop. they did say if this didnt work id need to go to the apple store and probably do a factory reset. it certainly a lot more complicated solution than most imagine.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

video blackjack trip report

Well something happened today thats never happened before. Theres no bank of america anywhere in town. and i paid a lot of money to get here from reno yesterday too. Last night, when I was losing well over $1000 on a VBJ machine with decent promotions going on, i took $1000 out of the ATM to keep playing, and today when losing heavily the remaining $600 i walked out with last night, i again went to take $1000 out of the ATM to keep playing. turns out since i made the withdraw after midnite instead of before, i wasnt able to take out any more money unless i wanted to pay an extra high fee at the cage and i wasnt going to do that, so i had to let it go and walked to my room to get on Bovada with the money i deposited there last nite.

Maybe it saved me money, who knows? also i walked by the walmart on the way to the motel, bought some reading glasses in a 3 pack to replace the ones i broke the handle on, so now ill have extra pairs in my suitcase. took the cashback option (which i never ever bother with) so i could get an additional $100 so i can use it to play poker tonight in a poker room ive never been in before, and sorry to say i cant take a picture because none of u will fix my phone for me at the poker table and i never am in the vicinity of a sprint store or an apple iphone store. there is a cricket store and a verizon store on the 1.5 mile walk to the poker room (or $7 cab fee) but i seriously doubt theyd want to bother when its a sprint phone and i'm not a paying customer. in anyones opinion, would it be right to bother them and ask, or would it be better just to ask the players at the table?

the poker room is only open thurs fri sat sun and oddly enough, Rob does not know it exists and it isnt included on his poker atlas. at 630 pm the tournament starts and its a $20 buyin, after that they have a NL game and the person at the cage earlier had no idea the blinds or the min or max buyin.

the pit is only open wed thurs fri sat and sun and it doesnt open til 4pm, so it wasnt open either yet when i was there. the pit only has roulette and BJ, and no one was able to tell me what type of BJ, what the min bet was, or how many decks were being used. they said the dealers would be able to answer me when they came in to work later.

not much of a casino, and one of the biggest of the 3-4 in town. most are nothing but slot machines, but hey at least its a live poker game. now do they get any players and how long the game goes, and does it sometimes fail to go? now that, i have no answers for, but ill find out

this certainly wouldnt be a good place to stay long term, because the motel is $77 a nite with tax and its not owned by the casino. there is one motel thats weekly, but u would need a bike its like 2-3 miles further away. south dakota is still the better option, im seeing i can get a month at the silverado franklin for $1000 and im sure id earn a bunch of that back comped off.

Vince will be here saturday, he is driving up to Lake tahoe to ski, and he owns a timeshare there he can use 1 week a year at a really nice place. So it will eliminate a big expense and hassle getting out of here, this is way out in the middle of nowhere. and we might even see about Karens dentist. i would feel better if i made at least one good decision.

running out of money seriously, i only have $9600 left. Thank God i had that big winning session right before all of this happened. For a minute, after the winning session, i thought maybe i would be better off just sticking to poker, and maybe raising the amount of my buyins a little. but then after losing a portion back at poker, i didnt feel like playing it anymore

not so sure that was the right move, in fact i know it wasnt. the loss back at the poker wasnt nearly as big as the loss on the VP and the VBJ, even though this machine is +ev. ive just ran incredibly bad, and im not sure im doing the promotion correctly. i might have the same odds and the same promos if i just bet much smaller, in which case i would be a lot more +ev. ill have to run a test and see.

should i be very thankful that my bank wasnt located anywhere near this town, and that i couldnt withdraw another $1000 out of the ATM? will i maybe win a hundred or two back in tonights poker session? answers please.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

my winning streak is over. back to reality folks.

Well the days of winning are over. I'm down to $11,600, due to emotional stress and painful memories im finding hard to let go of, and i cannot get over how dumb i was in the past to help out women with money. I havent done that for a very long time, but i wonder how much different and better off my life wouldve been back in the old days if it wasnt for all the money i wasted. And it started at the very beginning, at the age of 19 when i inherited about $2000 from the canadian govt and wasted a lot of it on hookers, the rest on traveling to toledo to live, moving into a rooming house, etc.

All my life because of aspergers and emotional issues i havent known how to relate or talk to women. and never owning a car, and not being someone with sits and drinks at the bar or go out to clubs, etc, hasnt helped. not even back in the days women werent interested in strip clubs. i wish i had a picture of me at age 18. at least i was good looking back then and many girls i did fool around with told me they liked my picture. now im just old and ugly. I've not been with any women in many years with the brief exception of Claudia.

so when i was alone in montana back in 2003 without the support network of friends i have now, and also when i was living in the tiny town of lyons ks at my moms house without any women around, i was someone who was easily manipulated into trading money for companionship. especially when they shared my interest in online poker. it wouldnt been so much an issue were i not to have been so broke, with far less than $1000 at that time when many other online pros had far over $100,000. but its killing me to think of how much i wasted back then.

the only person i really think has anything in common with me is Benny, but he isnt available when i need him, and he dont have the problems attracting women ive had, because he owns a car. its amazing how much owning a car improves ones quality of life.

And now ill never hear from these women again, and ill never have the money back. i've just got to make due with what i have, and to learn how to be more selfish and to think only of my financial needs, and not the wishes of anyone else if im going to survive and not be homeless and someday be a success. I need to feel like they feel guilt and asked Gods forgiveness and i need to know God accepts forgives and still is a God who loves us all. especially what to know that God has forgiven me for being so gullible and that i let people emotionally manipulate me so easily, and to put it behind me.

i wonder if id have such a hard time dealing with loss, had it not been for the death of my father, and growing up with only a mother?

but i cant let this be an excuse for any more dumb actions, such as the $350 i lost today on VP and the $150 i lost on poker. i got to stick to games i can beat. when i play VBJ i am still over 100% if i play it right. the VP machines i play were 99-100% so to play them was utterly foolish.

gambling, for a lot of people, is a form of therapy, it takes away pain when u sit there pressing buttons in ur own little world, and is quite addictive. but its a very expensive form of therapy so i have no business doing it. i wouldve played poker instead, but was stuck too much and didnt feel like i could play well anymore.

maybe if i did something right for a change, like see the dentist while im still over 11,000 id gain at least one womans respect, no idea whose, and then id have one less stressful thing hanging over my head?

Monday, March 16, 2015

a waiting game

i am extremely dead tired, so ill keep this post SHORT. but i am happy to say i found out i had 2 free nites at the GSR coming to me i didnt know i had. so both tonight and tomorrows room was taken care of without me having to spend any more money on priceline.

asked Josh who reads my blog and is night shift supervisor at GSR and i think is a friend of jennifer gay, if he could find out what the cheapest rate i could get in the hotel for, i know its quite a bit more than priceline and theres no poker rate unless u are playing one of their major tourneys a few times a year. but he called and asked with my players card number and someone mentioned i had free nites coming so i went and used them. what a relief.

started off the day checking out of my room. went by the poker room too early as usual, and again ended up buying into the tourny, this time for only $25. busted out early, and didnt rebuy. went instead and lost $85 more on a vp machine and got dealt a royal with only 2 coins in, not near enough to get me even. i wouldve with 5 coins in.

went in the poker room as the announcement the game was starting up, and sat with $200 of my $310 i was in for since id woke up. ran it up to over $600 in a few hours, then it dwindled back to $483 so i moved to the $4 8 stud hi stud hilow razz mix. eventually it became 2-3 handed for many hours and i eventually left with $695 so i feel i did okay in it for once.

and now ive got to sleep. too tired to do anything else.

mom asked about my dentist and i didnt know much what to say--still think i should cancel it all and use karens dentist so i can have a much more thoughoral examination and more xrays. need to be getting things done, but at least the moneys doing better, im back to $12,200.

to make sure id rather play poker than VBJ, im making some bigger buyins and sitting in games with more money to see if i can have some big wins, then id feel like poker is more profitable if i can get a bigger hourly rate. $15 an hour is a lot for me, but my expenses are still a lot too, and its not yet making me rich. some people like pokerdogg make way over $20 an hour at $1-2 and im sure i would too if i had a much larger roll and could live in a nice apt in walking distance of tampa or maryland live

Friday, March 13, 2015

Relaxing in my room at the Grand Sierra

Can anyone remind me who it was who said recently that i needed a few big wins every now and then or id just be grinding my whole life? Well today i finally for the first time had over $3300 in front of me in the $1-2 NL game at the Peppermill, and it was all off $855 worth of buyins. the original $100 buyin that i lost, (possibly due to the only seat open being a seat i dislike), then losing the $55 rebuy, and then being thoroughly on tilt and rebuying $700 (to match the biggest stack on the table). after doing that, the big stack changed seats, opening  up the 3 seat for me, and i moved into it. And from there i could do no wrong. started getting an awful lot of AA and KK hands, was winning almost all of them, and within 12 hours had a stack of over $3300.

Never in my life has i won that much in the $1-2 NL, (or stayed at the table long enough to do so without leaving). But no one could do any real damage, until the very end when the best player who Karen warned me about had about $800+, no one had more than like $500-600. also one of the big stacks, both of whom were big obama supporters and vocalized it, after learning both me and the one alaska guy who knew me from Bills and his wife werent, i think they were more determined than ever to see me lose, and kept being in shock i kept winning.

both went on serious tilt, one left broke of his $600, the other guy played many more hours and eventually left with $100-200 of over $700. and the 2 very rich asian ladies also both went broke and contributed a lot. no matter what i had i couldnt lose a hand. one time i shouldve lost with KK when the ace hit the board, but i rivered the K to win about $200 off some black guy who then left.

Only the player in seat 9 wasnt losing and was the only player i worried might be reading me well.

This money will certainly help in paying for housing and dental care very soon  whenever i can arrange to be seen with someone with me, and whenever the place i want tells me they have an opening. But for now--its just being added to the bankroll, so im back to the $11k plus i had where i was living in tampa before the drop in vegas and on expenses. the drop at the Tahoe biltmore of the $1500, i had most of that back when i left for reno, was back to over $9600 at least anyway from the $10,000. The last couple days at the Tahoe biltmore i was winning quite a bit, and that was once i never ever bet more than 3 spots of $45 each instead of making big bets to get even. and of course most bets were much less.

One of the dealers, forgot his name, was wanting to see the blog too and i told him where to find it.

and im out of clean laundry completely including socks. so i have to either do laundry or take it in to have it done. just used up my last shirt. and ill wake up about 2am or so. theres 24 hour laundrys around im sure, and also drop off places but they might not be 24 hours. and also the GSR allows hotel guests to use the RV park laundry, but i think its closed that time of night.

i bought a salad to eat in the room at a quick place in the GSR i walked by on the way to the room, and i think i might need to deposit something on bovada. but first i need sleep. am thrilled to have won so much today, putting me back to over $15 an hour longterm. These are days that come around only on rare occasions when there isnt any hi hands involved.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trip report, reno and it shows the difficulty in getting all the most important things done.

Today i went looking around trying to rent an apt for the first time in many years. Ive never wanted to in most cities, because either the rent was way too high, or it wasnt a city i wanted to stay longer term to play poker. But we all know this was the thing i came to Reno to do instead of staying in Tampa, and that it needed done right away.

One of the places i checked out was the old place i used to live it. theres a new manager working there, and the old manager is gone, but she claims nothing is available and wont be anytime soon.

then a couple of regular closeby apts wont do anything until u first pay the fee to fill out an application and ones around $500 or less and the other one was around $750 or less. but one didnt really look like it was all that great. they claimed they had income guidelines which would make it tough with my income hard to verify and the other place claimed without rental history id probably need a cosignor no matter how much i paid upfront. This is why ive lived in motels all my life and i should look for a private owner.

One other place might rent to me but they have no vacancies for at least 2 weeks. then i looked at a weekly motel for $225 but there wasnt a fridge or a microwave. theres better options but they are much closer to downtown on virginia. I shouldve never moved out of my old place in reno. there also a decent option much further south on virginia too far from the peppermill, its even quite a bit south of atlantis.

some of the ads i saw for a decent option on craigslist no longer exist, the ads been taken down and it was one i planned to look into.

and the other thing i needed to do was find a dentist because of the bump in my chin that feels funny ive noticed the last 2-3 weeks. i went to one nearby the casino and they couldnt xray me today and suggested i come in at 9am tomorrow morning. but they said its $100 for the exam, and to extract it might be $260 and they dont put u to sleep, only supply laughing gas. they could refer me to another dentist they said if i wanted, or give me a prescription if the dentist sees an abscess. it could cost quite a bit more or a tiny bit less, the receptionist was hesitant to give a price without an xray. they said its also possible i could show another dentist their xray. she did say its only ONE xray for the $100

im probably better off going back to the same dentist downtown and canceling the appt.

anyway--i renewed my room at the peppermill 3 more days til fri at the cost of $160 on priceline, which includes $45 in resort fees. so i guess im essentially paying the same $368 a week i paid in tampa. so yeah i got a lot i need done but i gave it an effort today.

at least now im not doing hour long commutes anymore. and im right in the casino but this certainly isnt a solution

now for the good news--i won $158 at the Peppermill poker room in the $1-2 today. heres the bad news--i am not happy with the way i won it. i bought $100 worth of chips and at one point i had it up to $186. then i dropped somewhat, and eventually on a very small pot i flopped a straight flush with the 79 of hearts. got paid $150 on the spot (which i didnt put on the table) and since it held up til 2pm i got an additional $100. (so i shouldve left the cardroom ahead much more). but i left the cardroom with only $8 in my stack, so all i won was $158.

one hand that cost me quite a bit was the hand with the guy sitting next to Karen and advising her somewhat about my phone (neither were able to fix the issues with the phone not having any storage and the camera using it all up). i hate the idea of having to go to a store. This is the same Karen from sacramento u see me talk to on twitter. An older married lady who plays cards and reads the blog.

the guy between me and Karen was quite loose and liked to straddle every now and then and stayed in to see the flop over 66% of the time. one time i had JJ and made it $15. him and one other guy called. flop came J55 and i bet $15 and only he called. turn came 5 and he checks, and i check too. river comes 8 and he bets $40 and im forced to call. damn i hated that turn, he had a5, and i couldve easily won his whole stack with that flop if the case 5 dont come.

lost the remainder of the stack (except $8) on one other losing hand also which ive forgotten what it was. But yes, id rather won at poker without losing back my whole stack.

ive been losing a bit of my bovada money in PL and NL omaha8 mtts last 2 days, but it seems i have the worst luck. horrible donkey calls for allins with hands like 886K and 369Q preflop end up busting me. (for huge overbets of the pot). i am in a tourny now in my room about to sleep soon. some of these mtts seem like they should have overlays but they allow late registration to last way too long. lots of people dont like the fact live tourneys also allow this. No one wants to bust out with new people still entering.

still have the wrong hours sleeping like 730pm to 230am, and then the game breaks up too early once im awake, but at least id be awake at 9am tomorrow this way. also i had to buy a new phone charger for $10 at the 7-11 today since the old one quit working due to being torn and broken.

soon as i bust out ill sleep, probably shouldnt have entered. this is a $33 tourny and pays $1150 for first place, and im currently 27th out of 75 left. im thinking about tomorrows 9am and wonder if i should get a different dentist instead of the one next door to peppermill. $100 for only one xray isnt enough i might need LOTS of teeth looked at, im thinking Karens dentist recommendation of terry song might be better with $100 for unlimited xrays but he is in a very inconvenient location.

Monday, March 9, 2015

my early days with Lovelines Newspaper

lets talk for a little while about what got me started in the world of entreprenuerial opportunities which ended up in me spending my whole life working for myself and out of the regular world. and it changed my whole life.

when i was young i did well in school. mom pushed me very hard as a child, too hard in fact. and i was quite successful. i did well in school, graduated one year ahead. never could relate socially with the other kids, but i felt like i had a bright future and mom was proud of me. Grandma enjoyed nothing more than getting to attend my graduation before she died and gave me a Bible that i had for a longtime before it eventually disappeared.

my mom and i, we sat around and played board games. scrabble, uno, chess, rook, skip-bo, etc and as ive mentioned before, ive invented a lot of board games that were good enough to be published by a major company.  so its only natural that i took to playing games to earn a living. But because id never gambled as a child, (and mom found gambling immoral and sinful as did all the women and the Christians of her day). i went to college at Friends univ in wichita KS to major in accounting.

my mom thought i didnt need the beginning course, and it was a big fight and a mistake. i couldnt understand the work, and she told me to talk with the teacher, and i didnt want to, i wanted the level one course, and instead ran away from home again, (to the state of Fl to fort lauderdale) where i couldve gotten killed commiting a burglary, and a famous radio personality who was a child molester invited me to sleep at his house full of records albums, millions of them. he had picked me up hitchhiking. i got thrown into the juveneile detention center, sent back to ks on a greyhound bus after a few weeks and went thru some horrible experiences from black people in the jail. and it wasnt the first time id been in a juvenile detention center for running away. (or a mental health center for adolescents). Britni also has experienced this from her family.

i've never done a crime as an adult, but as a kid i didnt know how else to survive when i ran off. in one state i was so messed up emotionally i left cups of urine in an office building in asheville NC during a burglary. mostly what i stole was stamps to resell. and cash. also met and visited girls i wrote online thru penpaling. stole from churches even and the salvation army. im ashamed of it all now and wouldnt do it now.

but i eventually was 18, living on my own in wichita ks, in a real apt for $160 a month. i certainly dont remember how i got approved to rent. Maybe renting an apt wouldnt be as hard to do as i imagine that it would be. i was doing my laundry at a laundrymat, and id never experienced a BJ from a woman before. some black lady in the laundrymat about 40 yrs old came over to my apt with me and all she wanted to do was to "make me feel good" afterwards she went home and i never saw her again. i certainly didnt fear being setup and robbed then like i would today. in fact when i had my first $1000-2000 to my name when i inherited it from the canadian govt at the age of 19, i spent most of it on hookers. mostly on erie street in north toledo in a rooming house from a pimp named israel who was not black. the girl he set me up with was only 16, but i was 19 then, not much age difference. she wanted to do a really good job because she didnt want israel upset with her. another girl was named Candy with red hair and was really friendly and honest even so much as knocking on my door to come back the next day without charge. even the girl Lisa?Kim? from ac nj years later told me she couldve easily fallen in love with me if it wasnt for how im so "different". i liked her because she would grab her arm in mine while walking and she also played poker.

and when i was 18-19 i answered an ad about how to make money via mailorder from "stuffing envelopes" those type of ads were very popular then, and im wondering if anyone on this blog has ever heard of something called a "big mail". none of those publications exist today, everyone uses the internet instead. even all the singles publications back then dont exist today, and no they arent xrated.

i found out it was a scam a lot more so than a lot of the multilevel MLM programs (some of those are even legit). there is still i think one big similar publication to mail order called Money Makers monthly. at least i think it still exists. im sure none of u ever heard of it.

but one of the ads i wrote to in those mailorder publications told how to make money in the personal ad newsletter business. an older lady in iowa ran a penpal business. and taught me how to get started. she was from desmoines and named Mary Polk she was so old im sure shes dead now. I met her in person once.

and there were about 20-30 newspapers across the country similar to mine at the time. the major ones being run by Janet Jacobsen out of arizona, (owner of the singles press association) and a lady in cleveland named Joyce Kroft. and also a company in florida called singles serendipity, and a big newspaper up in minneapolis, with about 1500 personal ads, none were xrated. this was quite popular before the internet took over. mine was called Lovelines newspaper and since i didnt get enough ads, i sometimes reprinted others. i got about 200+ subscribers at one point, some of whom were inmates. But i never made enough to survive from it and eventually it went out of business. lots of people who paid for subscriptions got screwed because i ran out of money to publish like i owed them. Ray knows all about it, and im sure he is the only one who does, or has ever seen the publication. im really really unhappy i no longer have any copies of it due to not having a steady address so many years or a way to store anything. i once had my last copy at my moms and she gave it to me once when i got my apt, and its now lost too. i often wish i had a way to show someone else my work, it really looked nice, i paid to have it printed etc, by typesetters and newspaper publishers in other states. none of them know how to find those old copies either. the singles press organization no longer exists.

But i hung those around doors and set them out in stores for free in places in lived in those early years, and thats how i met some of my dates i fooled around with ages 18-21. one lady wanted to meet a black guy, and i was offended and made her ad look really bad. in fact i once lied to the police about a cab driver because his wife was white when he was black and falsely claimed he stole something. remember i was only in my 20s then, so dont hold it against me now.

Britni told me once she would marry me if i quit talking to Lorna for six months. i wish id have more fully investigated that offer. a hooker in vegas once asked me to marry her too, but since she had ripped me off i was afraid of her, especially since i couldnt defend myself from her physically.

But as u can see ive always been out of the work force, hustling on my own trying to survive. i dont know any way to live any other life or how to get in. im just hoping i dont lose all my money or get too short before my health issues are resolved. and hope its not too late to repair my health. Even the VBJ would cost me very little if at all if i just didnt bet such huge amounts when im losing.

Remember, even hamsterdam says $30k worth of bj bets should only cost about $150 if someones not counting. (and of course, much less if someone is).

wrote this yesterday and decided today to come back into reno--its too hard to earn enough comps for free rooms in Tahoe Biltmore without betting too high. so im in my room in the casino to sleep for a while before i gamble. still got over $9600 even after paying $63 for a room priceline gave me for $42. (because they hid the resort fee). why am i always so sleepy during that monday night game at the atlantis?

nice trip in on the amtrak, u see so many nice women u wish would come over here to the casino and hang out with u. one i spoke to briefly while we were waiting to deboard the train, and also the women in the seat ahead of me who seemed a bit out of it and she and the other girl were taking pictures but she wasnt getting off in reno. I wish i wasnt afraid to talk to a woman except for online--i always worry theyve got a boyfriend nearby i dont know about with a violent temper.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

her43ld and goodtasteinclothes on yahoo messenger

In the spirit of lightnings blog posts, im going to speak briefly on musicians. Let it be said, that Cyndi Lauper and Johnny Cash were the greatest musicians of all time, and on a songtrack on Utube of cyndi lauper thats a 50 song mix (with a few other artists sprinkled in) theres a song that really speaks to my state of mind, by an artist ive never heard of whose named Bonnie Tyler. Title of the song is total eclipse of the heart.

I'm letting my health go because i have nothing to live for anymore. Im not suicidal like stealthmunk is, but im never happy unless im winning. most of the time im miserable, in an angry mood, and totally stressed out over money. ($9000 left of $19,000). and i wasnt stressed like this at all over money in 2004. i had an apt in Butte MT for $230 a month, plus utilities. and my lifes roll was less than $2000.

But i was happy. why? Because i could play on paradise poker, party poker, certain european sites i forgot the names of along with megadisgruntled in the PL stud games, and good old pokerstars. And thats when i first met Lorna before she got mean a few weeks later and Britni a short time after that. And i didnt know anyone--i didnt have a blog--all the people i knew were the 2 women i hung out with and talked to on pokerstars or by phone and of course, good old yahoo messenger. her43ld and goodtasteinclothes.

Didnt worry about money--my expenses were next to nothing, and i could easily win money online. so much so that i started giving it away everyday as fast as i won it just so id have a friend to talk to. and if i wanted to play a little live poker, there was always a loose action game at a couple of local bars. The best one was run by a guy named Timmy in a place called the depot, where one of the dealers named Derek later committed suicide.

does anyone remember a few years ago when i went to a dentist in vegas to fix a tooth, and how scared i was of the needle? the pain of that initial shot was much worse than any pain afterwards since after that i was numb. I could feel it even with laughing gas and being numbed good, which is why i think i need to be completely sedated. this fear of the shot is going to end up getting me killed, if theres not already a bad abscess. theres no fever or pain so there must not be but im going to have it xrayed this week to see whats up no matter what it costs. there is lumps and a funny feeling around my mouth so there might be.

does anyone remember WHY i went ahead and have it done when i was scared to? its because i hadnt heard from Britni for a few months--and she got online to talk to me--and encouraged me to go back in and let them do the work (all id done was the xray). this was i think in 2008-2009, maybe someone could look it up. Britni was online all the time 2004-2007, then slowly disappeared after the Uigea was passed and she quit playing online pokerstars where she always played under the name formydad. she used to hang out with justalady42 from Maine on pokerstars, hirollinshark on pokerstars whose real name is Saby Kats on facebook, and a few others ive forgot their ids. her cousin Jessica on stars who died was muddslayer. but i remember the times i talked 3-5 hours daily and had my mom not sold my old computer, all those old records might still be stored on yahoo messenger. for there was hundreds of millions of stored conversations. but that was sold many years ago to Roy.

Britni was my one true soulmate in life--who could understand me and relate because she had problems of her own socially. and she talked to me when she constantly ignored other guys trying to talk to her. and complained about people bugging her and having to block them when talking to me. she told me once she used to converse with people in suicide chat forums. not only that she used to sell clothing on Ebay, and stored it around Portland. even had a shop once. she was very familiar with google transit, taught me how to use it for which im forever grateful, and the rideshare portion of craiglist and about how to find roommates and use craigslist for it. Never did know whatever happened to her, and i just cant believe how not one person into poker seems to know of her in real life.

Someday when im wealthy from poker and VBJ play and have millions of dollars, ill pay some detective in Portland a lot of money to track down her true name and location yahoo has completely destroyed the email associated with it, and all her records. her supposed name was Britni sullinan or possibly sullivan (and that name dont exist). her dad was supposedly a prop or shill for a WA cardroom yrs ago and a professional poker player. her mom might be named deborah and her brother named Jimmy. not sure. i've always suspected her real name was Ruthe Pohl and her mom is rosemary pohl, for those are names connected to the name Ruthe and seems to match the right age. the only reason ive learned that name is because the records stored on my bank america acct show the name connected to that account when i used to transfer money thru BOA. she told me Ruthe was an older lady whose a friend of hers. but a search i didnt investigate fully since i never paid the fee was showing both a 68 yr old lady and a 30 yr old. im sure a good detective could locate the owner of the bank acct if it still exists and from there ask the lady about Britni. if the lady didnt know who britni was, mention the bank transfers and the girl who played on pokerstars and lived with her family in portland. she used to live in sandiego many years earlier before i knew her.

supposedly some think she got married and thats why she quit talking. she also had bad teeth issues and owed people money due to her gambling problem and they were trying to pressure her into becoming a topless dancer and she didnt want to. i fear she got into the wrong people. she used to do a lot of work thru craigslist babysitting and housesitting. surely a detective could investigate, she also wanted to buy and sell houses in detroit. i know a lot of guys wouldve wanted to marry her including zippyboy who used to read this blog.

we drifted apart because she was extremely close to her family, and resented the fact i didnt spend enough time with mine. my mom is such a good Christian and im not. she offered to raise my son before he was even born so Sue's group home wouldnt make her get an abortion--she got my aunt Patty out of the mental hospital over 50 yrs ago long before i was ever born and took care of her for a year--and there's nothing she wouldnt do for anyone to show the love of Jesus. she even offered to spend $1000 of her savings (about all of it) to get me medical and dental care if i came back to KS a month ago. i didnt feel like i deserved it, but if i was desperate enough id have no other choice. Theres so much shes done which would be the type of thing Jesus would do for others. Britni offered to let me visit her before when she was staying in los angeles if id been willing to spend time with my family first. i havent heard from her since 2011. in 2012 her email no longer existed, and shes been de-listed from email search websites. Britni even talked to my mom on the phone for a long time once. She really was a friend, and was angry with me for giving lorna money--thats why she started asking herself later on. she had this weird mistaken feeling i loved Lorna and thats who i really wanted--which was totally untrue. she would get angry if i talked to lorna at all.

Britni didnt like my racial politics, she liked Obama, and was liberal. seems almost all women are. and to be honest women who are are more accepting of my job. or more loose sexually. Think of Claudia, who would like to play with my dick while she was driving around in her car. Akgal sure wouldnt be doing that with her boyfriends would she? all the women who ever fooled around with me when i was in my early 20s or came over to visit me probably werent social conservatives. But they still appeal to me because id like to be married and have a family to come home to someday if im not too old. and i want to hear someone tell me they love me. thats why claudia didnt work out. she wouldnt commit. this is what i dont like about women nowdays. I actually want to live where theres cats and dogs and people to cook u food, thats why i liked living at Vinces. since he broke up with anne, now the house is empty except for a guy named Jay who moved in. no animals there now. they were anne's. i miss her pitbull.

so yes, im going to see a dentist soon. im worried about the funny feeling in my mouth. and id like to do well in life while ive still got $9000+ to work with. (ive also wanted to see how id do playing VBJ with this much and is why im here instead of reno). i am mad at myself for messing up the opportunity to live in Jean, but i had no idea at the time id ever be this much better off financially than i was then.

But im not happy with life. especially since im too old to find love, be loved, and im not wanted by women (or men anymore for that matter) like i was when i was a teenager and in my 20s). I pretty much wasted my whole life, because im a loner. i enjoy nothing more than sitting in my room playing online poker--or sitting at an empty VBJ machine all to myself to vary how many spots and how much to bet to my hearts content. Much of the time i hate it when people smile, are happy, and having a good time and i feel the only reason theyre happy is because my life is so messed up, and i feel like if i was happy with life, then theyd not be happy anymore because they are happy precisely because im unhappy and much worse off than them. thats why rich folks are happy--they feel like they are better than everyone else just because they make more at their job. i resent those who can gamble like total donkey just because the money means nothing to them-and is why i dont really like playing poker all that much--even when i know i need these type of people at the table to make a profit.

id like to go home and have mom help me fix all my health issues i dont know i have once and for all. but years ago i committed to myself if Britni wouldnt talk to me and see me, id hurt her by doing the same thing to my family since thats what was so important to Britni. ive never been able to get over that, and i feel doubly committed to that because of Josie and Claudia. i dont even have friends willing to take me to a dentist except Ray and Vince and those arent really cities i want to live, because i cant beat poker in vegas, and i dont know games in toledo are loose, and i worry about the previous trip of being followed. and theres no VBJ around Toledo that appeals to me.

here is a good soundtrack.

if anything happens to me or if i just dont want to be bothered, lightning now knows how to login using my gmail to access the comment moderations

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hyatt incline village session

Tonight after about 4-5 hours sleep, i woke up about 8.30pm and decided to play some poker at the nearest poker room. Now Rob's poker atlas iphone application claims its only 3.4 miles away, but the winding mountain roads look much much further and the cab driver claims its impossible thats only 3.4 miles. fare was close to $17

Also why is the name of the room listed as Grand Lodge instead of as Hyatt Regency Incline Village? the cabbie had never heard of the name grand lodge, and wasnt sure where that was until i showed him the address. Rob should look into this.

the room opens at 7pm 4 days a week, and the first game was already going. and i was first up when i arrived closer to 9pm and was hoping i wouldnt be waiting long.

I didnt, a bunch of guys all together came up from the craps table, all young guys, and a new game got started. i won a small pot early with 27 diamonds in my unraised BB (and most of my winners were in my unraised blinds--in fact all night, those were about the only hands i ever played). that had my initial $100 buyin up to about $145.

Not once the entire next 6 hours til the game broke did i have aa kk qq jj tt or ak. not once. Folded almost every hand, and the game had close to 5 people who lost well over $500 each. a lot of young guys from some medical conference equipment sales.

now how would u have played the following hands?

i had 8 10 suited in my unraised sb, so i limped about 4-6 ways for the extra $1. flop comes A 8 5 with 2 clubs and 1 spade, (i had spades). guy bets $5, 3 callers and i called due to my tight image. turn comes 10. i checked without looking, guy overbets allin $105 into about a $25-40 pot. everyone folds to me. do u call or not? what do u think he has?

he was with the other kids and was one of the players losing and not caring about the money.

once enough comment ill mention the outcome of the hand.

and the 2nd hand, i had QK diamonds and it was the first good hand i had in a long time. the one older guy who wasnt part of the group made it $15 preflop so i felt he should get some respect. im next to the button in the cutoff, and he is in UTG+2. what would u do? and ill later mention the outcome of that hand too.

Friday, March 6, 2015

An example of how tipping in a casino should be considered unethical

Let it be said, i have no illusions about growing my $8700+ bankroll from this upcoming saturday night drawing. id estimate about 10,000 tickets (or there will be by saturday night, in the big drum which is a combination of all previous weeks). the smaller drum, which is about 1000-2000 tickets only, is the one i have 222 tickets in and im hoping for 1-2 small wins of $50-100 in free slot play.

Once the smaller drawings take place, all of the tickets are put into the big drum as it gets closer to 7pm for the final 3 drawings of $500, $1000, and $10,000 and u can only win one of those prizes.

As much as i dread seeing a dentist and fearing what bad news he might have to tell me for letting it go so long, (and the corresponding $500 or so drop to have it done correctly and sedated) in a way ill feel better a few days after its over, certainly not immediately. Because the inside of my mouth does feel kind of odd and i fear something might be in there. I'm sure i made a big mistake coming here instead of to my moms.

Here is what bugs me about this drawing. And im surprised Rob dont win the MGM drawing alot more than he does. Can anyone tell me WHY so many tickets are bent or creased before putting them in the drum? seems some people bend or crimple all of their tickets.

It makes me uncomfortable--because it makes it appear like an employee is planning to pick out the name of someone they preplanned it with ahead of time for a big tip. and they can feel around the drum for a ticket with the bend in the right place--and select that particular ticket. doesnt this happen all the time? if i am just being paranoid on this, i dont understand why some people are bending so many of their tickets. and its not just one person doing this, ive noticed about 3 or more. I'd really like to know if anyone can come up with an innocent reason.

the $141 i now have on Bovada is allowing me to play poker while im here. Reno is about 50 miles away, but at least i can still play. saturdays room is taken care of now, so i can relax til the sunday amtrak if i wanted to not play anymore. and this casino is still very empty during the night, makes it easy to play alone how i want. if i cant win here, i cant win anywhere--barring a 5x-10x points promotion etc.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

i might be getting a $10,000 boost to my bankroll come 7pm saturday.

There's 2 things that cause my posts to get more views. one is posting a hand history, (which at least get more comments). another thing is being on the road, and writing up a trip report on a new casino. so in the spirit of that, id take a picture of my room here at the Tahoe Biltmore, and i actually like these rooms. Fridge, microwave, and wifi. But this isnt exactly a new casino for me. I've spent a lot of time here. Both with 1 big loss and 1 big win, and a 3rd trip i made for nothing to find the machine out of order.

I'll never have the setup i had in Jean, as far as getting my room for free. so far ive been earning my room, but its MUCH tougher here. u see, the $1200 a day u must run thru the VBJ in Jean (or the $3000 on a saturday) is about 10-15x that much here to earn the room. so its far more difficult. i wish id have the roll in Jean i have now, im sure id have done very well.

But i cant take a picture. my casino is claiming i have no space, and yet every single photo or video has been deleted off my camera. and no matter how many try to tell me online how to do it, or from reading the manual, none of the suggestions work. everyone ive showed the phone to in person cannot figure it out either. and theres only 1 sprint store in reno and it sure aint worth a special trip. not even sure theyd want to mess with it, they might say to go to an apple store. i have no proof im the customer, the bill isnt in my name.

almost nothing has been downloaded to this phone except for about 5 important applications, and very little of my space is being used by them. its all the camera.

On saturday, 13 winners will be drawn. most win $100 or less in free slot play. one will win $500 and one will win $1000, and the final drawing will be for $10,000.

ive got 98 in tickets so far, and im still out close to $300 overall. (alot better than when i was out $900). still holding over $9700. and most of the time, ive been lucky enough to find the VBJ machine pretty empty. also did the $50 atm promotion at the crystal bay across the street, surprised Benny doesnt.

And i can play poker too, just have to do it in my room on Bovada. won first in a tourny the day before, so now im at $99 on bovada. all off a deposit of $0.

once i leave here and am in reno, thats when ill be getting an address, and seeing about a dr or dentist. i just hope i leave rich and nothing goes badly wrong in the meantime. i do look forward to playing live poker again in reno, even if the first 2 sessions resulted in a total of $14 in losses. I hear the $1-2 mixed PL game goes every monday at the atlantis now. Rob might want to know about this.

also since im a short walk from a post office, i mailed mom the books she wanted to read.

Monday, March 2, 2015

WSOP Time: Events for Cheap Guys Like Me

Since our hero seems to be fully engrossed in blackjack at the moment and was foolish enough to give me (lightning36) access to his blog, I thought I would actually write a post that talks about ... poker! Not only poker, but the biggest event of the year: the 2015 WSOP.

Not having the luxury of a massive sockroll like Tony, I might be looking at the upcoming WSOP events that were made for bottom feeders like me.

Holy crapola -- a WSOP event with a buy in of only $565? Yes, empty your jar of pennies and get in! THE COLOSSUS has four flights on May 29 and 30. $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool? Yowsa!

This three-day event has two flights on July 3. If the Main Event $10,000 entry (begins July 5) is beyond your means, perhaps this $777 entry fee event near the end of the WSOP is for you.

Events #6, 18, 22, 26, 30, 40, 43, 53, 57, 61, 64
These are all $1,000 events. They include Hyper Hold'em. Turbo No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Seniors and Super Seniors, Ladies and the Little One for One Drop. In other words, there is a little something for everyone.

Of course, the Rio will also offer tons of satellites every day throughout the WSOP. Cash games galore also provide opportunities to challenge wannabes from around the world.

The complete 2015 WSOP schedule can be found at

Sorry for this boring poker interlude. I now return you to Mr. Bigcharles for the next chapter of his always riveting tale of poker and blackjack debauchery. Unless, of course, he has already been euthanized.

finally made one good decision

Played 4 sessions of $1-2 NL in vegas. 2 at the stratosphere, and 2 at the Nugget. (5 if u count the $1-3 stud hi session at the poker palace in NLV, where i had a small win of $23).

I lost every one of those NL sessions. Vegas is just getting too bad for poker, and i need to be where i can win. People might think i went to vegas, only as a transfer point for going to Reno, but i truthfully wanted to play the VBJ at the elcortez a bit, and while there, i lost over $2300 on the VBJ. (although on the final morning i did get over $600 of it back). so i am now left with $9500.

$9500 is about the same amount i had in reno many years ago, right before i paid the $800 cab ride to vegas. so think of it in the way i havent lost any ground since then.

lost one of the NL sessions with AA, one with flopping a set of 8s, and ive quickly forgot the earlier 2 sessions, but i think i might have never been ahead, but they were hands u still would think u are ahead and would play. one hand i flopped the nut straight--and open ended straight flush redraw, and a guy had me allin with 10 10 10 and hit the boat on the end. if he hits the 4th ten instead we would have the bad beat.

and today the job is to either see the same dentist i seen years ago, or find a better one. and also to go find cheap housing near where i want to be playing instead of downtown at the casino hotel im at now. also i need to consult a dr about my eye too besides my mouth.

yes my hourly is still $14 an hour for about 1500 hours+ of play. yes thats a drop from $15+ a few sessions back before quite a few losses lately. but if u took only vegas, ive not done the work to filter out all those just yet, but i suspect a very low rate, all of the good ones were in reno, md live, and tampa. might not even be positive, im going to have to check on that.

sorry for the lack of updates.

the one good decision? i left vegas and flew back to where i feel a lot more at home. (where i like the employees and quality of service better, where i feel players are welcomed and catered to). free drinks, food, and all where u can get it yourself, no upsetting straddles policies, etc, even though straddles are allowed.