Monday, February 29, 2016

keeping on keeping on

Thank God the Taj mahal never closed down, for im kind of dependent on it. they will give me 2 nights 2 times per week (instead of 1 time per week like the trop). so i do think its important to keep up the BJ play there. its the one thing ive not been losing in thankfully, and even though u pay $13 daily for the net its a good option to have.

sorry for the lack of updates, but not lots is happening. just simply surviving day to day pretty much the way ive done my entire life. Thank God bovada never got shut down, for its supplying me with a slightly bigger bankroll than id have otherwise. i received my $383 withdrawal in less than a week, adding approximately 2% to my total net worth.

My free rooms might not be totally free, but it sure is lots better than MD live options, (though the poker isnt as good). BJ is better though. im either paying $12 night, $15 night or $28 night in resort fee depending on where i get the free room that particular night.

if i wouldve done nothing but play poker here, i think my money wouldve been close to where it is now. i wouldve avoided the $900 loss on 3 card poker in the video machine in the trop, but ive won close to this overall on live BJ. would probably only be about $200-300 better off. but the big deal is im getting comped about $2000 worth of rooms per month when u consider weekends, with free slot or BJ matchplay.

lots of good looking women here in atlantic city, all of whom i cant have of course. miss the days 20 yrs ago when Lisa/Kim was working the streets and once played poker with me. seen one by the jitney stop outside of Trop, and actually talked to me on the jitney once a scary looking guy got off and we were the only ones left on. wish i had her email. she mightve been working. then some in the poker tables or the blackjack tables, all of whom were taken, including one this morning who plays Golden nugget tournies and is friends with the guy who made a killing in the colusses. and 1-2 others walking Pacific.

but im not dumb like in my early 20s. (or my 30's when i gave so much to Britni because i mistakenly considered her a true friend who wouldnt disappear) and this is why ive still got over $15,000 now. with all my flaws i shouldnt have a dime to my name. i look forward to when ill ever be able to play $2-5. so much of my lifes been wasted in too small of games. the fact they have must moves and time charges in so many rooms has had lots to do with why i never got into it. u dont need to deal with this bullshit in $1-2.

spent over $2000 since leaving toledo, mostly on hotels. yet im still at the same $15,100+ when i got on the train before i bought the ticket. how do i do it?

pokerstars will be in operation march 21 of this month. i thought the live poker room had to first be open in resorts for this to happen? guess not.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

trip report atlantic city

First off to all those people on twitter who keep asking me when im going to support Trump--i'm not. Trump is someone i would think all the demoncrats would support, for he's a secret liberal, supports abortion and gay marriage though he wont come out and say it. Just like obama he pretends to be christian when he isnt. (for that matter, neither is the pope.) he could be the anti-christ the bible speaks of, and whats to say once elected he wont fire his vice president, and re-hire hillary, then step down? he did donate money to her campaign before. Cruz is the real deal, as he can be trusted on gay marriage and abortion. would settle for rubio too to avoid losing the general election or simply due to preferring him over trump.

might not be alive long enough to worry about world war 3 or economic collapse in this country. today my heart felt like its really beating fast, and ill try to visit the gym. not seen a dr in so many yrs and rapidly approaching 50. feel a weird feeling red spot on my face i think could be coming from my teeth, and of course, the cleaning never got done, nor might i be back in toledo for the march 9 oral surgeon appt. Nonstop itching on top of the scalp, and the skin peeling off of it very dry and scaly, with a weird feel to it. very soft and white looking like the meat in the oyster, kind of like a scab. my eyes feel weird too when its itching or peeling. the proper name for it is atopic dermititus (for any doctors reading this) but it really feels weird.  read this. if u take a close look, it will effect the eyes too and can cause u to get cataracts. it says too emotional factors and stress will make it worse.

then today i'm sitting in the laundry up the street doing my laundry. dont know how to find someone i can pay here in ac. these little laundries by the casino dont offer this service, nor do i see anyone on craigslist offering the service. of course, u can never go thru the hotel to do it, then a $20 job will be priced at close to $300.

but im still doing ok, a little less than $100 more than i came here with. will be checking into my new room for 2 nites in the taj after i leave here. got my borgata card replaced finally yesterday, and played $1-2 for awhile but didnt win. i forgot all the annoying policies such as having to post. no chargers either unless u play $2-5, which u dont want to play, even with the min buyin only being $100, since u get charged time. in fact it seems none of the rooms here offer phone chargers. wonder how long it takes before the borgata gives u room offers? u might need to play every day for a month first, kind of like the taj. or the cost of their resort fee. the taj, unlike the trop, dont include internet.

had to do a free 1 hour trial with infinity wifi to get wifi here in this laundrymat. i think the only longterm solution to living around here is rooms by the week on whitehorse pike. i just didnt wish to deal with walking up to the ac bus depot at night, its the worst place in ac to be sitting in the middle of the night. i feel as unsafe walking there as i would in an unknown area of baltimore or dc. i dont even like walking out of the taj at night to the jitney. unlike walking out of the trop, its a long walk from taj. Tom says their still thinking of reopening the poker room but no plans. he was managing the pit now instead of the poker room. i've played too much 3 card poker and live BJ here, but id be down close to $300 if i'd not.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

FROM Brigantine NJ--the $16,000 that disappeared

never before have i stayed in this resort. but the wifi works nice, and its not $200-500 per night like so many casino hotels in NJ this weekend. $92 plus tax and fees on priceline for under $120 total. of course, if u pay $25 twice to a cabbie going both ways, it will cost u more. so many cheaper options in ac west or ac bay area but for personal reasons 15 yrs ago that involved hookers and thieves i dont feel safe using those options. and i dont wish to use the bus at night for whitehorse pike, nor walk to atlantic from pacific at night. there is full kitchens in these rooms. i need to do laundry too--this  is also available. too lazy however and too tired. must sleep very soon.

so i was eating upstairs in the Taj with a $30 comp i earned from the BJ table. got stuck over $400, made some huge bets,  (running count got up to plus 21) and eventually quit the game up $120 thank God. that was real close. the free room i thought id have wasnt available this weekend. although i am set up to check in to the trop tomorrow for 2 nights. seems the fee went way up on the free rooms, ill owe $68.40 for my 2 free nites. this isnt working out so well.

plus im worried sick over my health. i felt extremely hot in the cab, but now in the room im cool. i dont see how ill live til im 50 without seeing medical providers or dentists. never yet got the xrays he promised to send me.

ive still got close to $14,700 after winning over $300 at MD live last night before taking the $35 tour bus into ac that runs 7.45 saturday morning out of baltimore. it picks up in 4 locations, and is 3 hour ride into ballys. i never got my $30 free for riding the bus, because u must go to total rewards to pick it up and didnt feel comfortable doing it.

lucky for me the bus was uncrowded enough for me to sit by myself. but i forgot i promised to tip the driver $10 if she made sure no one sat by me (she assigned the seats, i forgot, so i feel bad). i also made it to my tour bus unharmed after getting into a black uber drivers vehicle. plus i tipped him $3. i read lots of facebook threads jennifer gay moderates about uber drivers, and they sure regret not getting as much in tips as cabbies. now the black cabbie outside taj, i shouldve used uber then. i was in quite a hurry, but he didnt seem to know where this place is, had to find it on his phone when he got lost. nor could i make out a word of his accent. mostly was on the phone in a foreign language. even the BJ dealer got lots of tips.

in the taj, nothing u try to post on twitter goes thru. its always being saved to drafts. same with private messages.

cant believe ive won well over $1000 since leaving toledo, yet still have over $400 less than when i left. ill be glad when my $383 shows up in my bank i withdrew from Bovada. good news is i still got over $250 on there.

yeah, my first day in ac in over a year and NO POKER was played. but its due to the fact i sleep unusual hours. im sure ill be up wishing to go play close to 4am. im way way too old or ill to stay up all night. more unhealthy and more likely to cause a heart attack than either using an alarm clock or changing my sleep hours for joel or lightning. my life sure was different in my early 20s. id be very rich now had i had money then. wouldnt be banned near as many casinos either. plus id be married.

buying in for $500 again in $1-2 will be nice. i hate these low max buyins so many places have.

before i left md live, one of the dealers who wont say thank u for tips unless u dont tip, then he says it loud. (ive met 2 here). i had JQ hts, and called a raise. flop comes A9T with an open end str8 flush draw during the hi hand promo. guy bets, i only call instead of shove because i want the $500. turn comes offsuit 4. i look and notice the royal is out, so im regretting not shoving the flop. guy bets $40, i shove hoping for a fold. other guy behind me folds. he shows 2 pair face up and thinks. i cover my face terrified he will call. he folds, then i show my nice draw and the guy on my immediate left who folded to my bet started screaming how dumb i was because he had 67 of hts and if the 8 heart comes we both hit the BBJ. him for $32,000 me for $16,000. of course the dealer then peeks, and didnt show but swore to God it was the 8 of hearts. this really set the guy on edge, and he went for a walk. i didnt believe it, im sure it was because i hadnt tipped him on a pot before, he was probably hoping it would make the other guy punch me out. maybe it was but i dont believe it, the dealer did look severly flustered.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm not all that good at managing money

$234 on a private sleeper car from Toledo to harpers ferry wv. $110 for an Uber to MD live. $214 for 2 nites in a 3 1/2 star hotel normally $159 nite close to MD live with shuttle service. $116 for 1 nite in the holiday inn express by the racetrack. $127 for a total of 2 nites in a much shittier motel where nothing worked. sure is a lot of money spent since thurs is it not, just because Ray wasnt up to driving into detroit?

But that sure was a good pokerroom in charlestown for action. and due to previous history, im sure md live is just  as well.

But without a car, and a place to live, (for $1200 a month or much less preferably, what good is it?) im not spending $116 x 30 per month just to feel secure from harm, and get wifi that works. no landlords live in walking distance, renting month to month.

nor do any by md live, although hotel options slightly less. don't even suggest living by the room in detroit. Ray showed me how 2 blocks up the street huge projects with lots of murders. looks horrible outside in the dark.

its amazing i do not have LESS money than when i left toledo. ive still got the same $15,100+ i had before i paid for ANY of this. which shows u how heavily, and how much, i won in the pokerroom in WV. $300 of which came from $2-2 omaha high. $40 from live table BJ. $150 win plus $110 loss. and so many good looking women in that room. every one taken of course. most were with a black guy, and one was older with her husband. one was with her dad and mom who dealt there.

i dont manage my health any better. my stomach is much fatter than i am. finally wear size 38, and not been to the gym since i left rays house. i sure do need to go walking, he was right. he says i might die if i dont go.

but im sure living a high quality lifestyle compared to my early and mid 20s. all the years others look for a wife i spent fighting homelessness and poverty, living in rooms that would scare me to death today. But i feel im using very poor management spending this money as fast as i win it. (this is why most pro's almost none of whom play as well as me, play higher limits than me, such as $2-5) u really do need to win in excess of $30 per hour long term to start becoming successful. or be with friends with cars and homes. what choice do i have, i cant be in the ghetto.

this is why i must leave for ACNJ. cannot afford to be here. i sure wish i could find a long term solution near some better rooms. i need more friends like Ray.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Trip report Hollywood Charles Town WV

lightning asked me why i could play during the day here, when i couldnt in IN. thats a good question. Let it be said, i figured the day was an inconvenience to both lightning and Ray, Ray because he was sick of driving long distances, and lightning because he was so busy on this day. and i expected the night or two before id be playing in detroit all night (after waking close to 9-10 pm) and be exhausted to sleep close to 9am, making meeting up at 11 in the morning horrible for both me and Ray. Thought this could be somewhat alleviated by driving up the night before, but then id needed to purchase a motel. didnt wish to spend this much either.

turned out ray is having difficulty sleeping and been wired up for like 3 days and slept very little so he wasnt up to driving to motor city thurs nite. i didnt wish to play in hollywood all night because after still being down 77cents per hour in 200 hours i figured the room sucks too bad. my win rate in motor city still $40 hour for 54 hours. with these stats its best i go to new cities every single day to maintain the win rate, its the only way it would remain this high forever. i win huge always every time i first enter a new town. So to give him (and me) some peace and freedom from stress, i left town. now im independent again. $234 for sleeper car took me straight into harpers ferry wv. Being in toledo dont work out so well without a ride into detroit every day.

Being on the train all night since 1149pm messed up my sleep hours, for instead of playing poker all night, (no wifi on it) i slept more. then i played all day here and now im really sleepy. but first to tell u how i won over $850. this is a really loose game. i never seen a vbj machine nor touched a vp machine or live table. nothing but $1-2 NL poker. no jackpots either. off $200 buyin.

the chargers here are not in every seat, u need the plug too instead of the usb. the wifi sucks, but not as bad as in this motel. plus none of the electrical outlets work, so i had to unplug the light so im in pitch darkness cept for the light on the computer. bathroom light dont work either. only the light the lamp was plugged in works, and im charging the laptop in it. the management clearly dont care.

theres better hotels but tonight theyre way overpriced next 2 nights over the weekend. then they go down to like $90. its real expensive on the road outside of AC NJ.

Now lets discuss some poker. i stole one within 1 hour of sitting down but ive forgotten the hand. later, on the flop of KJ5, (i raised preflop with AQ) i was in 3rd position and checked, the 1 lady behind me bet. older lady there more hours than me, at least 10 id say. This is a very old racetrack degenerate crowd, much older clientele. room looks like delaware park. really loose. we all called. turn comes 2 offsuit. we all check. river comes K, check check, to me, and i see the lady in last position trying to check OUT OF TURN. so i bet $80 into like the $60-75 pot, they folded, i showed the bluff. explained how i could do it with her checking out of turn, knew no one had the KING.

immediately thereafter i get 55 and call a $10 bet multiway. flop comes A58 with 2 diamonds. i go allin, sure enough i get 2 calls (as expected even though its quite the overbet) one with KJ of diamonds that missed thankfully, and the lady who got AK. 3 women on the table at one point, one quite the action and good looking who left way before the other 2. the much older lady who called, not the one out of turn, lost about $350 plus to me, she once were the big stack.

free beer here too might get them business due to no other rooms offering it. odd it dont factor into PPP and vooks decisions where to go.

this elderly lady originally was tight when i first sat new. one pot i had JJ raised it preflop. she calls. flop i bet $35 on 678 2 diamonds. she calls turn 7, i think im in the lead so i bet $195 allin to shut it down. she folds KK face up saying she cant believe shes folding this, so i then showed the JJ. it mightve affected the rest of the action against me.

one hand i got dealt 88. flop comes 356. one guy who i think was with the guy next to him, (who i suspected on knowing who i was) he drove far to get here and knew the meaning of the word blog, but he never admitted to it. anyway his friend raised my $7 to $15, i called. turn comes 9. i bet $27, he bets $60 i let it go. he showed 47 off for straight. good fold by me.

one time i flopped a set and got no callers. but before i bet, i said did he check, referring to the guy in front of me. (which is supposed to represent weakness-meaning u wont bet unless u are sure u wont be check raised) no luck.

won a big pot with KQ suited on a rainbow flop of K94. thought the small preflop raiser could have ak. but he didnt. i checked behind on the turn, but it didnt cause me to be outdrawn. did cause the older lady to bet the river though when the 4 paired without me being beat.

the most exciting one was when i bluffed the guy i thought knew me. he was from ac, liked tourneys, talked nonstop to the guy next to him, seemed like a real pro who does nothing but gamble everyday for a living. flop comes 789 and ive called his preflop raise to $17 with 66. he bets $80 i call, might not be supposed to. turn comes J. he checks, i shove when i had his $300 left well covered. he says he is sure my 2 cards are a pocket pair and i tell him ill be damned, he is right, now how did he know? i'm wanting him to think ive got 10 10 or the set. he folds, then i show the bluff. then him and the guy beside him engage in long discussion how he hadnt been there long enough to seen me bluff yet so he couldnt have known i bluff. he seemed to want validation it wasnt a dumb fold. he seemed to think it was.

bluffed once with 10-4 spades when the straddle was UTG after tons of limpers for $35. he calls. flop 10 4 5. i shove he calls allin with TK and my hand holds. another newbie who hadnt seen how i play.

yes tomorrow i must go, great game but shitty hotel and i dont wish to spend $100+ night for better rooms.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

why can't i fucking win here in Toledo????

as we all know by now, my tracking is ONLY for poker, not BJ, not VBJ, or any other games. so this isnt due to the recent big loss on the live BJ table the other day of $810 when i dropped $455 in the $1-2 earlier that day. For close to 200 hours of live $1-2 here in toledo, im out 77 cents per hour for $186 total. i dont think its just the $6+1 drop.

Not only that, due to recent weird issues with my google chrome, i fear ill need a new laptop soon too and i sure dont want to spend a dime. ill need $800+ to clean my teeth, $600+ to remove tooth #15 which badly needs it according to the xray i got last week. Plus close to $800 for needed diabetes testing, eye exam, ear exam, bloodwork, complete physical, etc, theres $1500 or so more.

so im glad Ray now has $800 or so of his own money for a bankroll to go to detroit daily to save me on gas. (and wont need staked). for 50 hours of play in Motor city pokerroom, i'm now up $34 per hour still for over $1700+. To me ,it seems playing in toledo instead of there is quite foolish when u look at the records on my phone. thank God PPP and koala insisted i track this. i dont see why such a huge difference, except some differences in the clientele who live nearby.

Often i think i should just go to where i do better, but im way down from what i had last fall. fear ill lose more. ive got an appt with the oral surgeon for march 9, and ill see lightning i hope sometime soon too. im not sure if i want the $91 train into NYC (for atlantic city where id get 6 free nites per week) the $137 one into new orleans (to renew ID) and see biloxi, or the $237 one into denver. Plus the extra for the sleeping car.

not more than 2 weeks ago (or 1) i was just briefly over $16,000.

i seem to lost interest in updating the blog too. ( the readers mightve too). Flush drawThe Trooper97 and Rob Vegas Poker write such better ones than me. I need to get Ray to write up a guest post.

Monday, February 1, 2016

well, i'm finding out games in the Toledo area aren't as bad as i feared when i first came out this way, now since im in the $15,700+ instead of the $12,600+ of the $13,800+ i left hutchinson KS with. some of it came thru winnings my horse made for me off my money. most of it came thru my own hard work and my luck. $150+ of it was even won from live table Blackjack on 2 seperate occasions. But im still positive that Motor city is a better game than toledo

might need to see a dentist again soon, since i never got them cleaned like i was told to do last year by the oral surgeon in reno who removed the 2 teeth. i feel cracks between teeth and gums, and on the other side the far end, extremely sharp jagged edge to touch, which could be the final remaining wisdom tooth. i am afraid to have anyone do the work except the one in reno before who did good work in eliminating the pain, knocking me out with iv first. sometimes this one on the end feels sore.

and of course, still need scalp dr, eye dr, ear dr, diabetes dr, normal checkup, lab work testing, etc. i just dont wish to waste the day waiting, (could never tolerate waiting for any purpose). only thing i want to do is play poker and sleep. i feel ill wait too long and die. not sure what became of cooldave, but thank God he appeared in reno one day.

saving lots of money on housing, but i still need to get a new ID soon, so i cant stay here forever. Ray is looking forward to getting his own roll, he hates being told when to go instead of choosing when to. i dont think he should with the tiny $300+ of his own he will have after his bills this month, he needs to wait, thats not enough. if he dont go soon as hes winning (off my money) i worry he will lose it back. plus i often like to lock up my own profits from my play. u see, i know its the only thing that works to grow the roll. i mean, its slowly regrowing the roll from the huge drops before i came to toledo.

not playing any VBJ due to the inability to find it is probably growing the roll too. constantly wish i could hit the road for tahoe or deadwood just to play it. i will say the roll goes up much slower than when it went down.

i might try to get him to write up a guest post