Tuesday, November 29, 2011

finally checked into my room at the IP, shouldve done so hours ago.

vince hasnt been feeling the best lately since he had a root canal and is soon going back to the dentist to have a crown done, maybe thats why hes not been answering his phone much or paid me the $20 he owes me, but he was just gonna wash laundry at his home instead. i am out in about 1-2 days.

the day started out so good. had $8800, and at one point today i couldve had $9200. but instead ive still got only $8800. at least ive got my monthly $80 verizon laptop internet access bill paid now. things started out good when i got a text from my old landlord in reno that id get my $250 deposit back mailed to my vegas address, minus a $100 cleaning fee. ive been wondering whats going on with my deposit.

other money i know ill eventually have coming(besides this $150)is $200 in cashback at the lucky club (for my 20,000 points) that im not taking til im certified as a hi-roller so ill get dollar for dollar instead of 50%. and of course $200 or so in the great gift wrapup at the flamingo on dec 1-5. who all that reads this blog is in this years great gift wrapup? share ur experiences and dont forget u can take free play instead of gift cards, which is almost the same as cash. would be curious to know the max someones got, im sure if i played nothing but harrahs all year id get close to $1000.

waited forever at 12.30pm for the bellman to come to my room at circus to check out. my bags are way too heavy with the food, and ill gladly give it to anyone who wants it including vince if i ever hear from him. why? because i no longer think ill be getting an apt anytime soon. i didnt get a whole lot of sleep because i went over to the lucky club late sunday nite to be there at midnite, (when the promo started) and instead of playing there all day i left as soon as i had the needed 20,000 points before the end of Nov. lost about $150 while playing, and at one point i was up $370 and also was down over $400 once.

so when the bellman finally came and i gave him my bags, i then went to head over to the riv for the football squares promo which i had mistakenly thought started at 1.15pm instead of 5.45pm. so i get over there, theres NO GAME and i find myself playing VBJ while waitiing for the game to start, by the time i leave the VBJ and the poker game starts, im up about $450. (this is why i thought it was gonna be a good day at first.)

i buyin $50, eventually lose that, (as usual i cant remember the hands this much later) and rebuyin for the odd $84. (no point in breaking a $100 bill). lot of good players here so i want to not buyin too much. thats the problem with locals room with promotions such as TI's and all the places with freerolls like RIO and riv etc. (lot of the same people play all 3, etc). it runs the tourists off, and kills the game as far as loose action is concerned. (plus a lot of them promotion abusers love to shortstack for whatever reason). and they dont do because their roll is less than me do they? who knows. and eventually i lose the $84 too, then rebuy $100, and it takes me along time to lose the $100, and by then the football squares is ending, and of course i never won a dime off it. (nor was anywhere close to having the right squares). i do remember a couple of hands. i had 38 offsuit in the BB, flop comes 336 and the winner had 66. another hand i raised preflop with QQ a guy put me allin for $24 more and he had KK. another time another hand i lost i had 99 and raised on a flop of 853 and he won with his 38 in the BB. hands i couldnt really get away from, especially with a small buyin.

so i leave and go to circus to get my things and take them over to the IP and also to empty my safe deposit box at the cage and open a safe deposit box at the cage in the IP. while in circus i see a gemtiles machine and proceed to get $150 ahead, then lose it all back and an additional $192. it was my 2nd chance i blew to have a big win for the day.

now i have no idea what became of Carmen, nor why she never answered me back on facebook (odd she didnt just delete me as a friend, and also odd she didnt delete my posts in her blog). without knowing what i said wrong, ill make the same mistakes in the future with other women. i'm sure reading others comments in my blog embarrassed her, so i do blame people like wec. this is a great example of why Britni says i shouldnt have a blog at all, and is probably a reason she isnt online hardly at all either. however im sure her readers would love to know what made her uncomfortable. obviously it wasnt my posts (regardless of what pokerdogg and wec think) because she originally wrote to me in my blog, and on facebook, and gave me her old phone number to text --I never call women, only text--(maybe thats a mistake in itself) ALL THIS WAS LONG AFTER I MADE THEM ORIGINAL OLD POSTS. not after the final post in her blog of course, but after the first few posts. i think she must of been curious to see who i was (and when she found out i dont look near as good as i do in my facebook profile pic) (because im not shaved) and wear old clothes, she lost interest, especially if her mom is a bills regular and knows me. i dont know if thats true, but a lot of people at bills are assholes and wouldnt speak well of me because of my disability and i dont care much for that room. the game really sucks there too and the players just arent that easy to beat. way too many long term regulars. i dont think ive played with her mom much, but its possible. i was however referring to the MALE players at bills though, and the dealers, the ones who mightve told her all kind of shit, some of which might be thier mistaken ideas about me thats not true.

not worried about it though, and would like to move on, although id like to hear what went wrong, and all i ever wanted was a friend to play poker with anyway, not a romantic relationship like wec thinks, i havent said a word to her since online once i had contacted her enough to be sure i wasnt gonna hear back. NO woman is ever gonna want to talk to me if i dont do a lot more censoring of others comments on my blog, (they wouldnt respect me if i let people talk about me the way WEC does.) at least wec should see i made an effort to step outside my comfort zone and talk to a woman online and try to arrange meeting and sitting and talking somewhere in private to get to know each other. its just i have zero relationship experience with woman so i have no idea what to say and what not to say. its better to say something than not trying at all, it helps me get experience in whats good and whats not good, but without any feedback i still dont know what went wrong. im just curious why she posted in my blog wanting to meet in the first place. because of Lorna, (who WEC has on his facebook friends list and never would say why) i feel like women will NOT talk if i dont give them money, and will if i do. guess thats why im always bringing money up to women. and somewhere i feel like women are looking for a guy to help them out and take care of them so they wont have to struggle so hard. but her mom is so rich she really doesnt need anyone to help her but her mom. i mean its not like im the only option.

anyway i found another girl i might be able to hang out with. her name is Laura and she plays poker. not sure if she is local or not, but she has a phone number in the 818 area code. i seen her at a casino the other day, she went broke, and spoke to the old man sitting by her whose hands always shake really bad how she had no BF or husband. i talked to her away from the table, at the bar in the back, and she gave me her facebook info and her cell number. she mightve watched me that day, but she was awful tired and i think went home.(but maybe back to los angelos, not sure) she told me i could message her anytime. and i think ive seen her playing before. i hope the infos right, ive not tried to phone and not sure what to say on the phone if i do. i did leave a message about 12 hours ago. i wish there were some women reading this blog that could give advice. not even cardgirl reads it anymore. akgal stopped reading it long ago. Christine sharkady and jennifer gay dont read it either.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

well its been growing again

rolls back to $8900, although expenses are about to be paid. and the good news is tonite some of the winnings came from poker instead of from VBJ.

the riviera is doing the freeroll promotion again for $2500 weekly, and u only need 15-25 hours a week to qualify. this week, alot more so than usual, its a good deal. (there was 15 or less people who qualify i think). sometimes they chop almost immediately. i found out about it a little too late in the week to get the 15 hours in.

i started off having some bad luck, got stuck $200 in the riviera poker room, and made a bad shove for my last $50. went out and played the gem tiles machine i told u about (that removes the gems similar to bejeweled). hasnt anyone seen it? got lucky and turned my $100 buyin into $279 and left the machine. went back to the poker room and still was wondering about grouchie. ended up turning my $200 rebuy into $303 and left for a $6 fee with a young kid from the poker table who was heading to ceasers, and he drove me to the IP. then when i go into the poker room grouchie isnt even there, only tarpiefish.

i go to osheas instead of waiting for a seat, and again theres a wait i see JOHN in the game who owes me the $193 who ripped me off on the room at palace station i talked about last year. all i could get out of him was $5 and a phone number, he claimed all the money in front of him wasnt really his. i lost about $18 in the game and it broke when the big stacks left and lost on shoves.

so i ate at burger king, then walked back into the IP, won $13 on a VP machine then sat in the $1-2 NL game with tarpiefish and found out pokergrump was there earlier. now pokergrump is someone i can admire. he like me, looks for the right qualities in women instead of just looks. and i ended up winning $159 in the game. i flopped middle set with 999 on a flop of 29J and 2 diamonds. he bet $10, i bet $25, he check raised to $55, i shoved and he called. the diamond on the river scared me but he had bottom set of 222. i left about 20 minutes later cause i had too many chips on the table for such a low roll. i try to buyin around $200 give or take odd change, and when i pass $300 i try to not stay too long til i can afford to have over $300 on the table again, without it being too high a percentage of my roll.

i dont really know what became of Carmen, i dont know if she thinks im ugly since i dont look near as good as my facebook picture, or her mom who i would swear ive played poker with told her too many bad things about me. i do wish id have met her at a place other than Bills. not the best room to meet a woman in, especially with the employees there knowing too much.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

hey i dont have much time to update gotta get to work

this would normally be a better time to wake up and find good games, although the days i must check out by noon or so it interferes with sleeping. all my expenses due really soon and im back to $8700 but thats not really any kind of bankroll at all, although its more than double the amount of cash a lot of professional players had for a live bankroll the day full tilt shut down. (so many kept about 80-90% of their money online.) why people were that dumb ill never know. i wonder if wec was one of them.

yeah i kept falling back to sleep. played in the riv and won a little after midnite last nite, and earlier i was in the lucky club but even with 83 tickets i never got called, too many names in the drum anymore since ive not been around to play heavy on mondays. it is emptied monthly. lost about $85 there plus the cab ride back. made just enough in the riv to end the day $44 up after grabbing food at mcds on the way to the room.

quit making posts im only gonna delete, u guys probably cost me any shot of having a real life and friendship. also im busy setting up my free rooms at ballys, IP, 4 queens, circus etc for the entire month of dec and planning it out. looking forward to dec 1 so i can do the great gift wrapup, but it wont be for nearly as much as last year.

Friday, November 25, 2011

finally back in my room at circus to sleep, no cell phone all nite, its being charged now finally.

yeah all nite i was unable to get online, my phone died a long time ago and because i didnt have my charger with me ive been without it all day. its charging now, and i still havent checked if i got any phone calls or text messages, although i doubt it. instead i check everything online, and now that im finally done with email i can go and update the blog. i could take notes on my phone about hands so i wouldnt always forget if it just wouldnt die all the time.

the wynn charges ur phone in their poker room, but i really dont have the roll for $1-3 NL instead of $1-2 or do i and just dont know it? i did play there a little bit today, won about $45 and left. earlier before i went over i ate in the riviera, Christine had the poker room open a while, no customers ever showed so she gave up and closed the room down. i used up $20 of my comps. got stuck $135 on the VBJ there too, but won over $225 in VBJ at the wynn. and i got $30 in free play at wynn mon-thurs sometime next week i must not forget about. so i did have a big meal for thanksgiving.

so after leaving the wynn, instead of going to ceasers for the $110 PLO tourny, i really dont want too much variance right now, or any losses, so i rode the bus to the stratosphere after buying a $7 daily pass. (otherwise id rode it all the way downtown without the pass). proceeded to lose about $35 there, and my table broke, so then i did ride it downtown.

again downtown, i couldnt win at poker, but couldnt lose at VBJ. in fact VBJ or live BJ has been responsible for most of my wins since returning to vegas. the pokers not been too good, and i wish that wasnt so, for i know this cannot last. would like to know im still good at poker. rolls back to $8600, of course ive got some phone and net bills very soon, so it wont hold. won over $300 on VBJ at binions, and $30 poker binions, plus my $20 coupon, but in the golden nugget i lost over $180 at poker. QQ being the loser again of course, the board was 10 7 2 flop with 2 clubs, and the turn an offsuit 6, giving both players a straight. id probably make better blog posts if i wasnt always making them when finally back in bed dead tired.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

okay its time to update this blog.

relaxing in my room at circus circus, free for 5 nights starting tonite. then ill be at either ballys, IP, or the 4 queens again.

i didnt get over here til very late, and i did walk into the riviera to see if there was a game but no. i started the day by playing ballys after i finally got checked out of my room after 1pm, but didnt play long because i got a text from Carmen that her and her family were across the street in a tourney at bills. so i left the game after only paying 1 round of blinds.

so i played the cash game at bills while she was in the tourney, and then she had to leave after busting out to do something very important, u can find out from reading her blog. and later she came back to see how her mom and dad were doing. akgal was dealing.

i started off $26 ahead at bills, but then couldnt get anywhere. by the time i left i was down to $106. bills seems to be one of the worst games in town, the normal $1-2 NL games are much easier to beat. too many shortstackers and too many good european daily grinders.

after a long phone conversation outside bills with a friend in reno, getting something understood that had been bothering me, i went over to ballys to get my bags and go check into my room at circus. i remembered the $4000 behind the cage at ballys, and i sat at a BJ table and took a marker for $4000, won $303, and then left the table and settled and closed my account. played poker for about an hour and won another $12. and then i finally got a cab over here. rolls finally back to $8400. at least i finally had a good day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

finally back in my room

wec dont fundamentally understand implied odds at all. there was a post some time back on another blog or forum, cannot remember exactly where and who posted it, but the gist of the post was that to set mine u should have 15x or more behind instead of 7x. maybe even 20x. and if i remember right it was GROUCHIE HIMSELF who posted that. unless im wrong and it was pokergrump or pokerdogg. certainly not just 4x like wec claims. $15 raise and $60 behind being enough. im pretty sure her and my stacks werent both over $225 behind on my $15 raise. if they were that just means i shouldve raised to $20 preflop or more instead of $15.

grouchie really needs to finish the challenge but he wont since he may no longer be ahead if he did. i just got off to a bad start early. about 10-20 hours means nothing.

i had to go with the best info i had available on the woman on the few hands shed been sitting there, i think like 5-10 deals.

i started off today by winning $79 at ballys $1-2 NL and felt good. walked over to bills for aces cracked, and couldnt get anything, let alone aa. lost my $20 buyin twice, once on a flop of 68T against 9T when i had a set of 8s and the money went allin on the flop, and the other time on a race of my AK against his TT preflop. during aces cracked its best to only risk $20, lots of others do so too.

then i walked over to the flamingo barber shop, its very expensive in there, $85 for both a haircut and beard trim. i used up all my comps and still paid over $30. But now thats done and over with. shouldve just took a bus up flamingo to a real barber instead. didnt want to bother with it.

walked back into bills (mistake #1--thats a horrible game and ive still got just barely enough to buyin a slightly bigger game). and bought in for $140. was playing almost no hands, but eventually when down to about $120 finally had to play a hand with JJ. the game had a couple action brits, and one of the usual raisers raised it preflop. it was a little bit bigger raise than usual, and i had position so i didnt reraise because we were fairly deepstacked. everyone else dropped. flop comes 357 with 2 hearts if i remember right. he bets $20 and i didnt want to commit all my chips, so i raised to only $40 to see if he would come over the top, (wanted to know if my hand was good.) he only calls, and that was when i knew i was in the lead. (the pot was getting big). turn comes offsuit Q. he checks and ive got no choice but to shove my final $75 or so. turns out he called my raise on the flop with KQ? he couldve been drawing a lot more dead than he was. anyway i didnt rebuy, i left and went and played the 50play VP at bills and eventually lost $200 more on it. (mistake #2).

so i decided to go over to the lucky club for the 5x points on the VBJ (surprised that promo still in effect) and sure enough one guy i recognized was over there and doing well. (only he has hi-roller status ive lost mine because it must be renewed monthly and i need 20,000 points a month). and of course, he advised me to please not mention the promo anymore. which i dont, and besides no one believes me anyway who reads my blog. they all think its not beatable so no worries. i only managed to get about 6800 points tonite, but i was betting pretty small for me, since my rolls so low. and i wasted $60 in cab fees. $30 each way and used the same cab, i got his phone number to make sure one showed up this time. and i gave a tip each way, fare is about $27-28. somehow the $674 i started with when i got out of the cab became $1050 by the time i quit playing, and now im in my room with $1020 of it too tired to do anything but update and sleep. at least now im only down $25 for the day instead of $300-400. and ive still got $68 in cashback eventually whenever i reach hi roller status again to get dollar for dollar instead of 50c on the dollar, is why i didnt cash it out tonite. my average bet used to be about $10-30 during the promo and i racked up points quickly, but tonite my average bet was about $4-8. and i never made a single $100 bet, most i ever bet was $88. i did get a bunch of drawing tickets though for fridays drawing if i want to go. Vince might be willing to go over there with me friday, hopefully hes willing to stay for all 3 drawings. ive got 68 tickets.

Monday, November 21, 2011

in my room, still not getting anywhere here in vegas.

worried a great deal about running out of money. still only $8200+ about $300 less than i came back to vegas with. lost a buyin at ballys twice today and ballys was always one of the easiest rooms to win at. think the games everywhere are tougher than they used to be, a european at my table talked to me today about how much easier winning was for him in 2007.

now Serge sat at my table for a little while in ballys tonite, and he never said a word so it took me a few minutes to even realize he was there. and he left without saying a word, even bye, and i didnt notice he was gone til about 3-5 minutes after the fact, and that wasnt too nice of him. was hoping he would talk about the hands i lost on QQ and KK.

the KK hand happened first and i made a raise preflop and another guy who wasnt good and later went broke called me preflop. flop comes 467 and he calls, i put him on some kind of pair or draw. turn comes 6 and i put him all in for about $58 more in a pot of $42. he calls with a6. i wouldve been a lot more worried if the straight comes or the 7 or A hits.

next hand the lady on my right and i are in the pot. i raise to $15 with QQ and she calls HU. (with 22 as it turned out). flop comes 28J rainbow she checks, i bet, she raised me allin about 75 more i call, hoping for AJ, and i lost. u cant ask for a much better flop with QQ

im lucky i didnt lose $400 for the day. but i was winning on the machines at P-HO earlier, and also a little at table BJ. and i also put $4000 on deposit behind the cage at ballys. didnt think id be able to. did the whammy promo outside P-ho and got a $20 food voucher which i later used to eat. am a little surprised harrahs loosened up the VBJ machine. its the bad paying one only paying even money on BJ. that lets u play 7 hands at once. the way they loosened up the machine is it now lets u double any 2 cards instead of just 10 and 11. the ones at binions and the stratosphere and wynn still only let u double 10 and 11. its just odd for harrahs to loosen up ANY VP machine, especially a BJ game. the last time i was in there the machine had the harder rules.

and i need to find a cheap barbar for a haircut and shave before i try and meet any women so i look better. i think that and my nuttiness had something to do with running off the woman in reno i really wanted to get to know. (not the one i sent the email about, but the one whose pic i posted).

i need to go and see about thanksgiving weekend, where ill stay. and look upsome rate calenders. if all else fails ill be staying at circus probably, im sure my host should be able to get me in. once that weekend is over i should get alot of free weekends again since its slow. and i wish i wasnt getting tired 8-10pm. id like to be more awake during the best hours to play.

Friday, November 18, 2011

feel tired, maybe enough to sleep, maybe not, not up to playing poker though.

played very little poker since arriving in vegas except for about 1-2 hours at binions this morning once i checked out of my room in the 4 queens which i got free from my host last nite only. couldve had 3 days, but id already booked ballys.

got a long sleep, then went over to binions to collect my $200 free slot play for Nov that i didnt know for sure i had coming. played it through, cashed out $201 and went over to the poker room. started off winning, and had it up as high as $288. then i flopped a set of 8s and lost to a set of kings on a flop of K82. also i lost another pot shortly thereafter to a guy that flopped jacks full.

rebought about $163 more, and eventually cashed out $111 when vince showed up. we picked up my stuff at the 4 queens, and went to ballys to check in only it took a few hours because vince kept getting cable jobs to pick up and i sat in his car 2-3 hours. also i left my laptop in binions poker room and had to pick it up later.

tonight vince and i went to the lucky club, i took him to eat, used my $30 free play, (the free play from earlier in the month was too late to use) and vince talked me into playing a few hands of VBJ with him, and i ended up losing $125.

now im back in my room resting. and im now down to $8400.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

from the cab

passed thru tonopah just over an hour ago, very spotty internet access here thru verizon and my tmobile phone isnt working at all, am in the cab where he let me by for $800. of course hes got the meter running just to follow the laws and to see what to tell others it is, and its sitting about $1100 if i followed it and would probably be about $1500 in all by the time it hits vegas.

cannot reach my binions host, should be there by 10pm or so, with a roll of close to $8500. and ill make a fresh start in vegas, hope i still have enough left to work with. i have started in vegas before with less u know. tomorrow ill move into ballys free fri sat sun mon and tues *i made a reservation) and its only tonite ill be seeing about a room. not entirely at ease sleeping in a cab carrying a lot of money, but i did sleep part of the way.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

in my room lake tahoe

i do not understand why harveys gets most of the poker business in lake tahoe. i guess people ONLY go there because they know thats where they are going to find a game available. and maybe some like the fact rake is $4 here instead of $5 as in many vegas properties.

have not seen pokerdogg around for some time. wonder whats up with him?

rolls holding about $11,700. won about $300 earlier today. mostly at $2-3 NL (main game here they dont have $1-2) and about $40 on VP. funny thing is, the buyin in the $2-3 NL game is $50-300 max. seems pretty low for BOTH the minimum and the max buyin.

and when the PLO or PLO mix goes, the blinds are $1-2 and the minimum is $200 and the max is no cap. which makes totally no sense at all. smaller blinds and yet the buyins are like 4x as high or so.

i read all the info on the new rules, and harveys as u all know by now doesnt take players cards in the poker room. so why they get most of the business is beyond me. they dont sit out free food either except for the wsop tourney and u can get it when theyre done about 2-2.30pm and its only sit out once a day, either pizza or hotdogs. all other food is thru room service menu and costs $13.88 no matter what u order.

no massuese in this poker room either. cell phone service really sucks. at least up the street they let u play $1-2 and give comps. so why isnt the room up the street getting alot more business?

also im considering returning to vegas if i can get a ride with someone i can trust, which severly limits who it is. naturally ill give them plenty of money in exchange.

and one final issue. my laptop is showing everything in awful big print and i cannot figure out how to fix it. this happened right after the pointer of my mouse showed some odd signs and then the size of it changed no matter where im typing or what website im on and not sure how to fix it. still need stakes so i can play one of these tournies. $117 is now the max i can buyin for off my own bankroll, and the one i want is $235. will play for 25% and staker gets 75%, better deal than some offer.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

im in the PLO game at harveys

$200 min, $1000 max, $1-2 blinds, $5 to call. and i ran to my room a minute to plug my cell into my charger since my phone totally died. and im in the game for $474 (i rebought) and i have only $230 of it left. still, im up since coming to tahoe.

i was talking to miamicane whose in a $1080 tourney at the V, sending him text messages, and i mentioned how harveys is the ONLY harrahs property that does not accept players cards at all in the poker room. now how is that legal? because according to the thread stack showed me, that ALL harrahs properties are supposed to now follow it lists a certain schedule for tier points. someone please investigate and explain. seems like lake tahoe isnt following the rules, or whoever is posting in that thread dont understand the new policies.

anyway i make a big err not hitting and running when i get ahead. i have QQJ4 double suited, flop comes Q25 rainbow, and the aggressive better whose stuck i beat earlier once comes out betting the flop for $25. i raise pot, he calls. turn comes 3 of spades. he shoves over $200 i call allin, and i missed both my flush and boat, and he shows 346 for the wrap like i was afraid of. but according to miamicane who does very well in PLO i had the odds to call and did right in calling.

must head back now.

relaxing in my room harveys lake tahoe

i didnt want to say where i was earlier, because the rooms here at the casino (if not sold out) were $199 on saturday and i sure wasnt paying that, so i was in a piece of shit motel on the california side 1 mile up the road for $47. and since i had quite a bit of cash on me, i didnt want anyone to find out where i was staying. now that im safely into harveys, ill just get a safe deposit box.

one thing, i cannot get it for more than 3 days free, and had i booked it last week i wouldve got 5 days free. i almost booked it but didnt see the need to rush. then over the weekend IT WOULDNT LET ME BOOK ONLINE because i hadnt been out of harrahs reno for 72 hours yet. and i called and they said the max days u can get is 3. (no matter how many days my calender shows). but online last week, it was showing (at the point where u go to click BOOK a total balance of $0 for the 5 nites.) now i looked for next week, and sure enough next week, its not showing that same $0 balance at any property in NV or NJ, except for the IP. this is why people need to get apartments finally living off the diamond cards and why they better not tear down the IP. i am not sure where to stay in lake tahoe the rest of the time. so maybe i shouldnt stay here.

lots of news

lots to report which ill be able to mention shortly, probably around noon ill be able to post.

but for now, i can only say they are really tightening up on their diamond card program at harrahs. not just the extra hours needed a year to get the diamond card with ur tier points, but so many places are now only giving 3 free days a week MAXIMUM with ur diamond card. try it urself, try to book rooms in tahoe, ac, reno, and vegas. seems ONLY the IP and the IP alone still gives u 5 free days a week. this pissed me off when i tried to get a certain room for this week. if id booked it only last week, id been able to book 5 nites free and it was less than an hour ago i suddenly realized i cant.

one piece of good news, rolls still around $11,500. had a fairly good night, im sitting with $1000 on the table in $1-2 NL to take advantage of a certain promo for a free $25 slot play. 2 guys with much much smaller stacks, (all of us had overs buttons-making it NL both pre and post flop). both decide to go allin in front of me, i look down and find aa and it holds up, made over $300 on that hand and it broke the game.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

help what am i doing wrong??

i cannot get this link to work.


supposedly this is my airline search of flights from reno to las vegas. i checked the box that said NONSTOP ONLY (i would think it would be ridiculous to have to stop elsewhere reno to vegas) and it claims NO SUCH FLIGHTS EXIST?? show me exactly what i did wrong by clicking the same link i did. (copy and paste). of course im sure u guys can find a nonstop flight on ur own, using a totally different link or travel website. but try copying and pasting mine and see what the problem is.

and also im now in my room at harrahs, all i could get is ONE DAY. at least the internet access works fine in this room. and tomorrow i have a free room at the atlantis, again for only 1 day. and i cannot get one for saturday anywhere, without paying a ton in a place i dont have comps. everyone is sold out. could use the motel6 for $40 still on kayak.com. wanted to go to tahoe next week, i can get sun mon tue wed thurs all 5 days free there. i did win over $200 in the eldorado earlier in the NL game which helps recover from the rest of yesterdays machine loss. also i paid my tmobile bill online today before it becomes past due nov 12. nice to have a 2 yr contract, wish my internet was also that instead of month to month. and what good is a can opener? this is all food that MUST BE COOKED all of it is totally useless til im in another apt somewhere. and i never wear underwear.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

in my room at eldorado, reading a ton of other peoples blogs.

lots of people suddenly are updating their blogs, some more often than me. and i must sleep, wish i didnt feel tired about 6-8pm everyday. once i get in the wrong sleep hours i stay in them for a long time and reno just isnt like vegas, and i doubt tahoe is either. down to only $11,300 from $11,500, i messed up about $400 on THE VP machine id been winnig on at the legacy and recovered back $150 of it at BJ, and the rest at poker. tomorrow ill be at harrahs free one day, then atlantis free one day and i cant find anything for saturday, so ill have to go to a hotel website and maybe pay $50. unless i get out to lake tahoe and stay in one of the small hotels in cali side with a long walk. can get a free room all next week sun-fri at harrahs tahoe. wish i knew more about my plans and where ill be staying. might type more later if i didnt always wait til the last minute to type.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i forgot today was checkout day.

the internet access in my room at harrahs was AWFUL, worse than it ever was in vegas. i didnt even remember today was the 8th, til i seen it on my laptop, i thought i had til tomorrow to checkout. so i got checked out and now im across the street at the eldorado and thank God the internet access works really good here. (i'm getting 4 bars now instead of 1.) and the bellman at harrahs was nice enough to walk me 1 block up the street to the eldorado valet checkin, so i gave him a $6 tip instead of a $2-3 normal tip. it really bothers me the net works so badly at harrahs because i need to stay there more often than other hotels since thats where my diamond card is. another good reason to go back to vegas or find a cheap apt of which there are far more apts downtown vacant for rent than there are people to fill them with, thats why everything is so cheap to rent.

rolls up to about $11,500 again due to a win of about $300 last nite. i also made a trip over to the GSR and back and added $1500 more to the safe deposit box for safekeeping, so now ive got $8500 in that box now. and most of the rest is still either in the bank or on debit cards not controlled by my bank instead of in cash.

was allin almost right after getting to the GSR ($60 buyin) and i had 666 on the flop and on the turn was 567J with 2 diamonds and 2 hearts. i bet $15, guy bets allin with a stack of about $70 i called, worried, but he only had aa. i left about 1 hour later with $105..

some of the money i won last nite $138 of it was on the big split machine at silver legacy. i seem to have won the last 4 times i played it for some reason, i know im due to lose. as far as i know its the only big split machine downtown reno. who on here is even familiar with the BIG SPLIT machine?

anyway i must sleep before too long, got up at 11.40pm last nite. i cannot get ahold of my previous landlord about the return of my deposit they seem to be ignoring my calls. u are supposed to get it by mail and they take out a large fee to clean too. but i did renew my PO BOX in vegas for $20 today over the phone and get that out of the way.

Drop Box

Sunday, November 6, 2011

in my room at harrahs watching movies on tnt

no idea what im gonna do with my life, but i gave up my apt this morning at 7am and turned in the key. for some reason felt tired about 4pm, so i came over to my room from the eldorado and went to sleep. woke up about 3 1/2 hours later, and still havent made it back over to the casino, just was watching 2 movies on tnt, both of which the main character was a black guy, and the first movie made me think of Britni. (the girl in it who was dying made me think of her). then in the 2nd movie this one black guy is homeless with a kid, and hes trying to be a stockbroker. would really love to know if britni watched those movies, or at least if anyone on my blog did.

wish i knew where ill go and what ill do. i can go to tahoe, even back to vegas, as long as i still holdon to enough money. i could even jump on the amtrak out to the east coast. i am so afraid to get up in a plane, but its certainly the easiest way to get to vegas, and as many free days as id have at the IP there, it wouldnt be too bad of a solution. at least theres good poker there.

and ive been making an effort to sell the iphone only not thru craigslist. instead i seen a guy on craigslist who offered to buy iphones, and i know i wont get as much money that way but i just want it done and over with. plus this iphone will be hard to sell since it wont let u do anything but make 911 calls til its setup with att. the guy called me back and i was gonna try and meet him downtown today but now he says he will tomorrow. and he wanted to know what model it is, but since the iphone wont let me bring up the settings, i have no way to find out.

as soon as this movie is over, ill walk over to the eldorado. at least the game will still be going there. those who say my only interest is gambling must be mistaken otherwise id not be sitting in here watching tv instead of heading over to the casino.

and ive got the same problem maybe with my phone i used to have on the old iphone at times, it said i had 3 missed calls, and the phone never rang. the one guy said he didnt call, and ive not heard back from the other person yet i sent a text to whose call it also seems i missed, if she really did call. would like to know how to fix it, seems the ringer is on, but i am no good at all with technical stuff, as im sure everyone in here understands.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

back in my room to sleep

and im in the $11 rebuy on BCP. PLO8. and i didnt have enough for the addon, so i shouldnt have played. if i dont money this, will only have $4 left online. still overall playing online wasnt a bad experience, the most i ever deposited was $25 and i did have $230 sent to my bank. its great how easy it is to find an honest buyer on 2+2 who will usually give u 80-90c on the dollar. sure is a lot better than having to remain at one address til a check comes.

ended up making $108 today among various games at the eldorado, and i still wish i didnt get tired til after midnite, but getting up at 7am i was tired and wanted to go home a little before 6pm. i have not even been at the GSR the last 3 nites, they probably wonder whats became of me. was nice of pokergrump to repost on his blog but i wish hed tell me i mightve not even known had i not happened to look at his blog.

am prepared to move out of here, although it wont be into another apt just yet, still unsure how long i can live free in reno hotels and when ill leave. i did find out it is official policy at harrahs reno only 3 free nites in a row instead of the 5 nites in vegas. and now im outta my tourney. dammit. i dont wanna redeposit, wanted to play forever off the original $25 and get many more withdrawals outta it. like all the other pros do.

holding onto $11,200.

unlike many of the jackasses who post on this blog, thats a lot more money in cash than most people have. most people either dont have jobs, or live off govt assistance, social security, or if they do have a job live only paycheck to paycheck. they owe tons of dollars in either student loans, credit cards, mortgages, car loans, none of which i owe. they cant survive without borrowing from dollar loan stores, which i havent done. they are not above water at all, and owe way more than their net worth. only a very few are wealthy. lots of people couldnt survive more than 2-3 months without a paycheck without losing their place to live. and its because unlike me everyone spends all their money right away instead of keeping it in a checking or savings account, knowing they have more coming in if they are broke. i know a terrible lot of women without cars, or even with internet access in their homes, at least ones ive talked to. and some people even work more than 1 job at minimum wage to survive they are so broke. this bankroll of mine is quite impressive and instead of stressing out about not having as much as some wealthy people, i should be happy for what i have. im way better off than a lot of the homeless. most people if they had to come up with $3000 cash immediately to keep from dying would not be able to do it. only gamblers can and thats because they keep their money in cash (although locked up in banks and casinos of course) instead of spending it. most people keep a balance in the bank far below $500, and thats why they often bounce checks. i dont know why so many assholes post on here.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

well i finally got it to work

notice i got it to publish, this isnt really where i wanted to publish it but i was just testing. was actually posting on profiles elsewhere. and im very sleepy. been awake since about 3.30am and its almost 10pm. played some stud at the eldorado, a little big split VP at the silver legacy and some 4-5 handed $2-6 spread limit at circus with 80% having NL overs. also some $1-2 NL at eldorado. and i made it home $124 ahead, still with a roll of just over $11,100. i feel good because i know now my money on BCP is real money, now that i feel i have a way to sell it if need be, still have a little over $104 on there. and i may be without an apt again soon, just cant bring myself to spend all that money and i am really gonna miss this apt as nice as it is. even when i do rent an apt ill never have one this nice again. got some rooms booked up in the casinos for the next 5-6 days after my move out day nov 5th.


an interesting thing in the eldorado the other morning, and a dealer ended up getting fired. i wasnt at the table but i could hear em on the other table. (i was in the NL game before it broke for the morning tourney, and this was at the STUD table.) seems while the players (all 4 of them) were taking a break, the dealer thought it would be funny to setup the deck to give all 4 the royal flush. essentially no one would be getting hurt, and all get back their money. now everything was going according to plan, and suddenly one old man was screaming how he had a royal flush and wanted his money. the other players told him they ALL had the royal, and i dont know if he was senile, or didnt believe them, but he insisted the floor call gaming, and it seems he eventually got paid and the dealer got fired. i know it seems hard to believe but if u come here u will find out its true. lots of witnesses even dealers at other casinos know about it.


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still working on getting my sleep hours fixed.

been sleeping weird lately. on monday 4 hours at home, then had to make it over to the GSR for the football squares promo in the poker room, proceeded to lose $400 there playing while tired and taking one bad beat for $110, and then went home to sleep slept 5 hours, and woke up about 3.20am and couldnt get back to sleep. now thats is NOT a good time to be waking up in reno and is why i might like to be back in vegas where that didnt cause a problem in finding a good game.

so i went over to the peppermill, only game going 3 handed $3-5 blinds not really the game i should be in, but i made $57 before it soon broke. then i went over to the atlantis and was playing 3-2 VBJ at the bar. every time id get over $20 down id go to the live BJ table to get it back, and was up just over $180 when i went in the atlantis pokeroom and sat in the 9am $3-6 limit game. proceeded to lose $100 in less than a hour every good hand got cracked. thats why i hate limit players so much. so i went back to the VBJ machine, and had won $40 more in time for the 11am $40 tourney. i eventually busted out of the tourney, (not a bad structure and had over 30 players) u start with $13,000 chips, and when i busted i went and sat in the $1-2 NL just starting and eventually made a little over $100 with 222.

left cause i was dead tired, went home and slept 3pm to 3am. kept falling back to sleep. now im awake and theres nowhere to go and nothing to do. am just playing online poker and i got my $58 rakeback yesterday. i am NOT counting this money as part of my bankroll of course, but it does feel more like real cash now. why? because i sold $276 of my blackchippoker money to IIIMJESUS (mispelled) on 2+2 and formerly of stars for $230 via paypal. i dont trust paypal because people can reverse transfers but he had a good reputation on 2+2. and i waited til the paypal transfer actually appeared in my bank account before i told u guys about it. sure enough i looked and its sitting there as pending when i logged into online banking when i woke up. so now im just barely back to 11k again. also my tmobile $89 bill is due now and dont become past due til nov 12. and since then im back to $150+ on blackchippoker again. if i dont have to wait the 6 weeks, ill feel better about playing there it will feel more like real money. remember i only deposited $25 and havent put a dime on since.