Monday, June 30, 2014

My walk with God--and my shortcomings that God is NOT happy with

i've never considered myself to be a "good Christian" im a horrible sinner (but the difference is i'm one whose been saved by Grace, and not by works. a hypocrit is one who thinks hes a good christian and isnt, so im no hypocrit either.

the Bible says a good Christian is supposed to LOVE HIS ENEMIES, and to "pray for those who despitefully use u, and persecute u". and this is whats too hard for me. im filled with bitterness and resentful of those who dont like me, because my goal is for everyone to be really proud for me and to think of me as someone they are glad to root for the success of, and glad to visit. The Bible says we are to forgive others, or God wont forgive us of our sins. And i find that hard to do because i feel like im not being forgiven of my wrongs by others.

This is why Ray worries so much over my eternal soul, and if i will really go up in the rapture. Thats also what my mother worries about.

so for those of u who really do love animals, why do u then want me to "spend time with my son?" i would think u would want me to shun him over his treatment of animals. it always made me bitter how he was unkind and tormented moms cats and scared them so much they always ran away. mom punished him numerous times for being mean to the cat. which is weird, because he gets along well with people. hes extremely social and im not.

But i do enjoy the company of animals, and thats why i always wished i had one, and enjoyed staying at Vinces so much, with Annes dog and cat around.

I've always considered my character to be far superior to my others, and have considered most of the world to be hypocrites, who consider things from nothing but a financial standpoint. I dont steal, cheat the govt, accept financial aid except in dire emergencies where im a lot more broke than i am now, or scam other people. i dont commit violent acts towards people, dont smoke, dont drink, dont use drugs, or use women for sex that im not in love with and want a relationship with. Thats why i get incensed when someone questions my character, simply cause i have the autism and dont always realize when im the one whose being rude and think its the other guy being rude to me.

u know, such as certain cocktail waitresses and dealers.

for example, not long ago, I was often borrowing a phone charger while playing poker in this one room i played at a bit, and once my phone was done charging, returned it to the basket by the desk. there were about 5 phone chargers in it which had been donated. now all those chargers but one (wrong kind) have been stolen, and the floorman said he wasnt talking to me about it when i bitterly complained that because i didnt steal one and was honest when others werent, that now i cant charge my phone. he suggested i just go buy one but i already have one at home, and it dies often cause im constantly on it. (i dont like to carry that charger around since it came in 2 pieces). i felt i was being punished for being honest and he shouldve been grateful i was enough, and resented that he didnt keep them safely behind the desk where no one could use them.

most rooms in vegas that charge phones do do it behind the desk so the chargers dont get stolen, and some make u leave ur id. a much better system that dont penalize those of us who are honest.

this article here, is an excellent example of how corrupt the culture is today, and how most people act which is horrible, and im so glad im not that way. be aware this happened outside a Mcdonalds in the USA.

not one person came to her defense or called the police, they laughed and recorded the attack on their cell phones. its so easy for me to picture the people who dont like me on RTP behaving like this, and disliking me solely because i do NOT behave like this.

i feel that except for those like me (and also people like lightning and PPP) theres no compassion left in this world. No one cares if a guy is having a hard go of it in life--they just want to fix it so he has even less money than he already has. No one cares if hes trying to struggle daily to do the right thing, and keeps failing.

my main goal in life to work on is to treat others the way God expects me to treat them--which i keep failing at. this is whats hard for me. I've tried so hard with Josie, Benny, Claudia, PPP, lightning, etc and still not sure what all ive done wrong. i've made no effort at all with the trolls, and the public at large, but i need no work on this. I just keep feeling like someone is being unkind to me and doing me wrong--and then all i can think of doing is to get back at them-and the people they are close to. i resent the people who love them for their wrongdoings (their  white wives and kids) as much as i do them, because i feel like the only reason those people love them over loving ME is because they committed a serious crime and hurt someone really bad, and id never do that, so in the minds of their white wives and kids, im not worthy of being loved, but they are.

yeah i feel so much bitterness in my life for how everyone treats me due to my aspergers--i really wish at least one rich friend would spend big money for me to be evaluated by a psychologist. maybe id learn something about myself--for i cant bring myself to do it on my own-nor do i have the money for the best drs. the free ones are no good. maybe it would even help get me to stop playing machines or other things where i dont have the huge $26 hr long term edge that i have in the live $1-2 games. up to 69 whole hours logged, and still at $26 an hour. ill be real proud if it remains over $15 by the time it reaches 200 hours. for $15 an hour is a ton of money to live off in reno single with no family.

that being said, both Chap and madlib still think im better off flat betting 3 hands of $12, for what they say will make me $36 an hour 6 hours a day mon-thurs out in sparks. im scared of losing though. im less scared of losing when i play NL. (mainly due to the low minimum buyins in reno). if i was in vegas, where most places make u buyin $100--i might be more worried of going broke at poker.

ive done a lot of things wrong in casinos in my life, and also been falsely accused and lied about what i did wrong in many of those casinos years back when i was younger, that have embittered me and influence negatively how i act to this day. God is really going to have to do a real work in my heart--maybe i should go live near Ray. Lightning thinks this would be very good for my spiritual and emotional health.

most of those wrong things ive done started out due to me feeling like i was being horribly mistreated. (the harrahs joliet incident, the Binions incident, the LVH incident, the eldorado incident, etc) but if i wasnt being mistreated, im remorseful and unsure what to do about it now.

and im tired of typing. i need to leave, buy a table knife, glasses, bowls, plates, food, and figure out what to do as far as Bovada money, and an air conditioner.

why didnt anyone comment on how good it was for me to have time off from gambling and be walking around the tourist town of Virginia city, going thru shops like a tourist, paying to have my picture taken for tips etc?

ive also found a much better place to live for about $350 more a month, but it would be so much harder to qualify to live there without a ton upfront, ill have to let that go for about 6 months. am hoping that everything i buy online, can be resold. air conditioners, comics etc. But the other place is further away, still on the same bus, and much nicer and larger. That wasnt found thru craigslist, its a regular apt complex.

also its wrong all the double standards there are in this world. if a woman kills her child, shes applauded for it by feminists. if she gives it up for adoption, that also gives her no ill feelings by others. but if a man gives up his child for someone else to adopt and raise, he's treated as a pariah by society, and even if its a man unable to emotionally handle raising a child and would probably make the child worse off emotionally instead of better by being around.

so many people think actions are wrong, not based on the action, but by whether u are male or female, white or black, rich or poor, and thats not what God thinks.

and many poor are throwing their money away in casinos and bragging about it, same with beer, drugs, and cigarettes. not sure why she would say that either, if she wasnt a troll. (alysias comment on RTP).

Friday, June 27, 2014

i just cant bring myself to "turn loose" of any money. (always feel like i might need that money sometime in the future). i cant do nothing with money--but "invest it"

So when i went to pay my rent today, again i paid for a week instead of a month, even though paying monthly wouldve saved me quite a bit of money, almost $100.

still think i might find a nicer place to stay longterm. at least with better climate control and a better kitchen, and better internet. but i cant beat the deal i have now. But u see, if im really making good money off poker, eventually i won't need the good deal i have now on cheap rent. paying an extra $200-300 a month wont seem like much at all.

got over 55 hours of poker logged so far of $1-2 NL, and still have a win rate of $35 an hour. im sure by the time i get to 200 hours it might then go below $20 an hour, but anything over $10 an hour is very good. living in reno is cheap. and ive got all the time in the world to get in more hours than im getting in now. $10 an hour could be as much as $2400 a month.

also i feel like this tooth should be gone ahead and taken care of before it gets too serious. its starting to feel funny again--but id really like to avoid the pain of the needle. if u spend like $500 to be completely sedated, how do they give u the needed shot if u are asleep? u dont open ur mouth if asleep. no idea how it works, do any dentists read this blog?

Playing on bovada right now as im typing, and my $20 deposit a couple weeks or so ago is now at $179 still. $29 of which is currently on my PLO8 game. i also need to go buy more food too. just too lazy to make the walk.

i also wish i had books in here to read--tired of having to be on the net everytime i want to read something. i never watch TV, so id at least like to read. i dont like paying the high prices most cost new though. considering buying a large bulk quality online of the type i like "used" of course, to make the cost tiny. Christian fiction, comics, (such as Archie, etc). i imagine i could get a great price.

im glad ive got that huge size bag from sears when i bought the fan and towels. u see it makes it great to throw out all of the trash, i hate the small little bags u get at the grocery store, they arent nearly big enough. and i also dont like wasting money paying for bags. i dont like wasting money paying for ANYTHING.

not sure, but isnt tomorrow supposed to be the weekend Nick will be in reno? i also keep forgetting pokerdoggs vegas trip days, wish he would stop in reno too.

i think im doing so well at poker in reno is because im playing on a lot deeper level than my opponents and my reasons for making certain plays certain ways is too advanced for them to understand, so they either think im a donkey, or dumb. Plus ive not been here long enough to gain respect. I've played many pots in ways u wouldnt expect a "tight" player to play. i dont even know if my image is actually tight. but when people from higher limits sit in $1-2 who play 20-40 limit and 3-5 NL, they sure do play badly if they feel the stakes are beneath them.

its a much better game when i play with guys with money than guys who are broke. its hard to beat guys who are broke. (the vegas grinders). its why i moved to reno. (well not entirely). the action at the table and the average pot size is much better when most of the players have far more chips than me, why would anyone want to have the table covered for? u dont want to be the one with most of the chips unless its a tourny. no matter how much my roll grows, i tend to always buyin $40 min, and then slowly add to it over the next few hours.

the only way to really grow a bankroll is to NEVER treat any of the money like it can be disposed of foolishly just because uve been running well, this is the quickest way to lose it all back. still faults and all, i feel like i should be given a lot of credit. ive lived indoors for many years now instead of outdoors and mostly with NOTHING coming in from the govt. all my own money and all off of poker winnings. so im doing something right. i dont get enough credit for getting by.

this blog is a great success story, compared to 15-25 yrs ago panhandling to survive, nowhere to live, and even to the big struggle it was to survive when i first got on RTP with under $1400. its a great story of how a guy with no other opportunities and a disability, can make a go of it from poker, and give himself a better life if people only believe in him.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Benny, josie, and PPP--thanks.

Didnt realize til i looked it had been 5 whole days since i last updated the blog, so i figured id better. and todays entry will be shorter, the last entry was quite popular.

Got some better news today, roll is back to around $3400, and my hourly win rate is up to $23. Thats all for $1-2 NL, and i dont want to track other games for 2 reasons--maybe 3. u see, i really shouldnt play ANY poker but $1-2 NL, (much better results than in other games)--its not 1995 anymore--and i dont know how to filter results, it would show up all games as one hourly rate, really giving me NO idea as to how im doing in any one particular game.

im using the application called "poker session logger" for an android phone. its a free application. does anyone have any ideas for a better "free" application, or know of a better android "paid" application? there is a filter, but its extra work to try and figure out how it works.

and someday if i had a lot of money, id find a poor person, and offer them money to teach me how to drive too. lots of stuff im not very good at, only thing i do excellently is poker and BJ. the thing im the worst at and most scared to do (and never do unless its online) is talking to women.

and the type of women im most attracted to DO NOT USE the net, so they dont know about me. thats why they are with all the street bums, those are the only guys who arent scared to approach and talk to them. the women who do use the net, want a guy in much better financial condition cause they are a lot more successful. i like that type of women too, but i want to feel loved and needed the next time too. u see, Claudia paid for EVERYTHING which was nice since i have no money to date.

Found a place i wouldnt mind staying at long term, good location, working fridge and microwave, and only $400 a month if i was living there longterm ( quite a bit higher if u pay weekly) dont seem to be any bad tenants around, the guy next to me fights with his GF, and she smokes a pipe (not sure which kind of drug though--hopefully just weed), but its not someone i feel uncomfortable around. i dont think its his GF either think shes just poor and needing help and took up with him a few days ago from the conversations im hearing, he dont know her nearly well enough yet to trust her in his room alone.

u see in vegas, i never really stayed around longterm anywhere, cause i always though the price was too high so i was still shopping for something better, either that, or i felt unsafe. but $400 a month--u really wont find anything better than that. i will need to buy a fan though, no air conditioning. no wifi either. i might need to pay for better broadband. cricket sucks so bad i cant play games on facebook no more.

but i can play on bovada, which is usually what im doing while i type blog posts. am still about $31 of my $20 deposit. i know my hourly win rate in live $1-2 NL will decrease, $23 an hour is too high, even pokerdogg dont win that much an hour in it, and hes a real expert, but i still think it will be a lot better than most of us think it will settle at, including me. (ive been estimating my hourly rate at way too low).

if i ever decided to play tournies during the wsop--i think id do best at playing satellites than the ones that are top heavy. that being said, many of my friends did quite well this year, and i should try to lift some very old bans. particularly memphis mojo and miamicane and im sure other readers or people i know also did well but who were they?

i didnt wake up til about 2am, so i didnt go to the sat 10pm drawing, but i doubt i missed anything. mightve saved myself a big loss. i do keep very weird hours. Probably helps me win at poker when others arent as well rested. new roll, $3416 and thats quite good. thats a lot of money for reno.

would like to thank Benny, if hes still alive and not in jail, for inviting me to come to reno, and also Josie, who helped to make sure i followed through. he might be, he hasnt been to the promotion at the casino in sparks, and with his bankroll, its worth over $200 an hour longterm to him. Sure hate not being able to meet pokerdogg though.

also a big thanks to PPP, who kept me in reno and helped me avoid what probably wouldve been a horrible mistake by traveling when i could least afford it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get this fucking meth whore away from me.

Let me start off this very long blog post by telling u a little story i told Josie in a private email i sent her a few weeks ago.

While i was in Lake Tahoe (the first time, not the 2nd) a girl came up to me while on the VBJ, and was talking about how her bf was in jail, and how all her stuff was in either his car or his house, and how she couldnt get any of it, and how she too had no way back into reno. (and i told her about me being banned at the eldorado). i was going to try and find out if she was a hooker or not, or wanted to hang out but i didnt trust the guys i seen around her, all of whom looked like they were homeless or druggies, and those guys were even white.

anyway--fast forward--3 days later. im in the Atlantis poker room, sitting next to a black guy i thought might be a regular, and all of a sudden she comes running into the poker room (for protection im sure) along with some white guy whose claiming she stole his charger. Comes right up to the black guy, and im wondering if thats the BF who was in jail, but they both said no, and i have no idea how they know each other, i thought maybe he was her pimp, but who knows? the girl might not even be a hooker, all i know is she can always use money. anyway security came and im not sure what happened, there was a charger in her purse she claimed wasnt his (im sure it was though) and all 3 of them ended up leaving, but i dont know if they all got thrown out. i think i seen the black guy playing there on a later date if i remember right, but without the girl.

was quite surprised to see that girl ever again, after talking to her in Tahoe, and the black guy never wanted to say what the true story was, and i never was comfortable asking.

------this story will be continued some point later in this blog post-----------------------------------------

so tonight i went over to the Peppermill to play poker, and as usual i bought in for $40 the first time, (should i really be doing that instead of more with a $3500 roll?) ended up losing the buyin, (as often happens when short stacking--more variance) and rebought the oddball $46 i had on me. lost it too, and rebought $100, and hadnt been playing many hands. finally i get a big double up, and soon thereafter i leave with $202 ($16 profit).

i decided to take the bus to the VBJ machine in sparks because im not sure about the 5x points, (if theyre really giving it out on the VBJ or not) and i want to find out. the email i got back claimed id not quite qualified by having enough play. but 90% of my play was after the promo ended. so i wanted to get there early, get ALL of my play during the promo, and then see if i got the 5x points. also id been winning, was up over $500 overall, and knew even if i had a small loss (or a medium loss) id be ahead still overall.

well it took over 2 hours (and by then i was stuck over $250) but it finally started giving me 5x points on the VBJ, so yeah for u guys on RTP with the large rolls, u will get ur 5x points and u can cash out right on the machine in free play, no need to go to the cashier.

But the sticker is for "qualifying" play u get 5x points. they wouldnt tell me the exact amount needed, (seems to be against their policy) but im pretty sure its $1000 run thru a machine. for i think once i got my 5th drawing ticket, thats when i started getting 5x points.

anyway, i kept getting stuck more, (although i once went from being stuck $400 to only being stuck about $220) and eventually got 2 more cards to play all 5 spots, and had also took $500 back out of the ATM from yesterdays deposit.

Then all of a sudden this woman walks in there, and sits down by me, and says "still not playing at the eldorado anymore? and sure enough (at least i think it was) the same girl from Tahoe. now on any other time in there (when i was winning) id gladly gave her a small amount to hang out and maybe more if shes affectionate. But as always im in a horrible mood and getting madder the longer i play, due to losing so much more than i can afford to lose (and a lot more than id be losing if i was at a poker table). so i tell her im not in a good mood right now, and i curse out the computerized black guy dealing, calling him an obscene name. she says u cant say that in the casino, ull get in trouble, and i see the slot manager walking nearby (whose been walking around all night) that casino is quite dead in the middle of the night except for a very few patrons and employees, many of whom look either homeless, or druggies or alcoholics. (people who make u think of angerisagift). In other words, people broke and desperate, who wouldnt think nothing of jacking someone up for a few bucks. all i can say to the slot manager is "please get this fucking meth whore away from me, shes bugging me and wont leave me alone". she looks at me funny, walks away, the manager looks at me funny, but neither of them say a word, and i see her walking into the restroom talking on a cell phone. a minute later i see her walk out the door, and i left the machine about 15 min later.

the employee never said a word to me, neither him or security, and the girl never came back. but i was a little concerned she might come back with her BF whoever he was, so i left soon in a cab. i didnt have my jacket with me tonight, and it was freezing cold and cabs are much less in reno than vegas, it was only $17 to get home. i didnt want to walk 2 blocks to the bus stop and wait forever. (although it is open inside 24 hours).

im sure the manager realizes i spend a lot of money on the machine, hes pretty much got nothing else to do in the middle of the night, and im sure hes seen plenty of people hassled for money by homeless and druggies in there, so i dont think he found my comment too out of character for that casino. But im surprised he never asked me what the story was.

i feel bad though--i am mostly angry im in bad shape in life that i cant give women in that position a better life, (and a better quality boyfriend). not so much angry with the woman--i just dont want NO ONE bothering me when im losing way more than i can afford. everyone homeless looks at me like im this rich person gambling with a paycheck and can afford to lose and thats NOT the case at all. in a way im worse off than them cause many of them arent homeless (they live with friends and crash at their house free) and many of them get food stamps or welfare of some type.

i hope the girl understands. it feels so rude to bother someone if theyre losing.

and to be honest, thats the 2nd time i saw a girl in need of help tonight. Reno is a strange town, for being such a small city compared to vegas, theres sure a lot of poor and homeless people here. just look at the vast majority of weekly motels somewhat empty for very low rent prices per week, even much lower than vegas, and certainly much lower than cali. for a single guy with the money to buy a girlfriend, this would be a pretty good town. too bad almost all of them are addicted to drugs. I wish i could learn from Carmen how to get those kind of women off drugs and interested in me instead. it makes me very bitter all the homeless drug addicted guys have girlfriends, and a professional poker player cant get one due to womens prejudice to his occupation.

at least it seems like thats the case.

the first girl i saw in need of help, that was right outside the Peppermill. im walking up to the bus stop, and i see what looks like 5 bums at the bus stop and her, at least theyre all looking very poor, and one of them has a big dufflebag and im sure hes homeless. she has a handful of change, and asks me if i have a quarter so she has enough for the bus, and i dont want anyone at the bus stop knowing i have money, and i tell her shes probably better off than me, and that i should be asking for the 25c. (id have never guessed her to be homeless i mean, and figured she probably works). at the least any guy would give her a free room. (i dont, but thats because i dont trust myself not to be setup and robbed, this happened to me years ago when trying to let some homeless women like with me. kind of more than once.)

but oddly enough, while on the bus, the guy shes sitting by and keeps talking to (whose homeless im sure with the dufflebag) i hear her mention to him that if she cant find somewhere to hang out for all night, she will be back at a certain place within a while. so maybe she is homeless. and i was right, the bus driver did let her on the bus, (i told her he would even if she was short once she put the fare in). i see the bus drivers in most cities do this all the time once someones paid the lions share of the fare, me included.

had she been entirely alone, and not around guys i fear, id have given her the 25c in a heartbeat and asked if she had an online presence of some kind, email or ???

but yeah, its scary catching the bus at night. thats why i wish i had a bike, or lived closer to the casino or with friends with cars. not so much riding the bus, but the characters u see waiting out at the bus stop.

I'm mad that normal women dont come up and talk to me in casinos, and im mad that men DO come up and talk to me in casinos. i dont know why claudia did, and thats why i was so bitter she disappeared, because i thought id never get that again. instead the only women who talk to me are those who want favors from me. I'm mad im not accepted by anyone for being different, (including the liberals who accept gays and blacks and muslims so readily) but for someone whose got a mental disability, they dont accept them. instead they block them on twitter (hello Jennifer Newell). just for having a disability and being unable to relate socially. ive been quite bitter of everyone who ever blocked me on twitter, including ur poker delear blog.

thank God for Josie, Lori, and Suzy, whove accepted me somewhat, but most of those girls ive never really talked to but at least theyre avidly into poker, know my faults and havent blocked me.

one thing i think will help will be when i get a shave and a haircut. tried to do this yesterday when i felt richer than id felt in a long time, and was at a shopping center near home paying for chargers, and laundry and everything else. at least then i wont look so ugly to women and be called wolverine like that one woman and her sister were calling me at the sands poker room last week who were otherwise quite friendly, but way too old and unattractive. at first i was sure they were a gay couple, but no i was wrong that time. im always thinking its a lesbian couple when its not, and wish i knew how to tell cause normally it is. the reason i couldnt get a haircut yesterday morning was they were all closed--its very difficult to find a barber whose open mondays, no idea why.

and then i wont get near as many bans. many of my bans are because i look like a bum, and for that reason they go much harder on me than a guy who looks like a businessman. I talked to stacey at the goldstrike on the phone a long time tonight, and theres nothing he can do, he says my problem is my ban is corporate wide, and id need to have corporate remove it, and thats not so easy.

and because my character i consider good (in the sense i want to do whats right by God--unlike angerisagift who dont believe in God and isnt nice at all) but basically im an honest guy--i dont get food stamps, medical, cash, or steal phone chargers and reading glasses from casino security like im advised to do. i try to still be friends with even those who dont like me and want nothing to do with me, cause i have no hate in my heart for anyone--even all the groups of people who make me uncomfortable, or feel are "sinners". i forgive others, who never forgive me. but of course i have a lot of faults, almost ALL of which are financial related. it puts me extremely emotional when either winning or losing at poker, so yeah others get pissed off, but for me im only trying to survive. wish others understood. i may be thought of as "predjudiced" by comments i say--but i really have no hate for anyone--and cant understand why they have hate for me, which is why im the way i am and became that way to begin with.

so i get mad when WEC, and of course others, think evil of me. including a goddamn taxi driver i wanted to kill the day before. i get in and ask to go to walmarts, and he offends me by asking if i have the money. (im sure its cause i look wild with needing a haircut) but i became incensed, saying its really him who shouldnt be trusted and that my integrity is beyond reproach but his might not be since cabbies tend to screw over anyone they can, and then he said his cab was his office and for me to leave so i did.

was so angry--cause the guys being judgemental. (u see if it was an old lady, he would never ask that). but yeah im honest, honest enough to ship koala $1100 on stars a day after ive already collected his $1000 WU, when almost no one else in my situtation wouldve done so for a guy theyd probably never see again overseas and couldve dropped off the face of the earth. so i get very upset when people think i might not be honest. im not entirely honest, but i dont rip anyone off. thats totally different.

and as usual im starving to death now, and have NO food in my hotel room. ive got to buy food, and because of this horrible loss putting me back to $3000 from $3500 after dropping $500, ive got to find the cheaper room, further away for about $100 a week less this friday when its due again, and i hate that, i like and feel a lot more comfortable right where im at.

good news is i really dont feel like ever going back to that casino in sparks again to play VBJ. i probably will at some point, but i really dont feel like playing anything but poker after tonight. i still think the poker is great in reno even though my win rate according to the 2 sessions on my cell is only $6.16 per hour now.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

im going to listen to the advice of the #1 most dependable inner circle member that he sent me in a private email

im a little surprised my teeth are no longer causing any soreness again, they sure aint been fixed, the dentist did say to take care of that soon so it wouldnt end up getting an abscess someday later on.

but ive felt nothing the last week hardly, and my teeth are extremely weak, i cannot tear open any food packages with my teeth and without a pocketknife it can be extra hard opening packages of food, etc. nothing that i opened with my teeth in the past is able to be opened now.

when i go to rent a motel room, theres only 3 things that really matter. one thing u would think would be quite important isnt as important really, and is why im not renting out certain rooms for $80-110 a week in the reno area. and also, my last landlord in reno told me hed be glad to have me back if i wanted it again (when i moved out to leave for Lake tahoe friday last week). guessing thats cause i have no visitors, dont smoke, drink or use drugs, and never turn on the TV.

so no, its not PRICE, although it matters somewhat. 1. is safety, no shitload of tenants at the desk constantly and in rooms with their doors open making me uncomfortable. Tenants who stick to themselves and arent surrounded by people and knocking on others doors. Tenants who dont look like pimps and meth whores.

2. the internet must work, yes i pay $35 a month for cricket broadband, but thats not really for use at home, its to get online from outside, the bus, etc. its slow as fuck after the first 10% of usage. and wont load candy crush anymore, etc. or play videos without horrible dragging. this is the only thing that really bugged me about my former landlords place, that and the location wasnt in the right part of town i needed to be in to best ride the bus.

3. it must be convenient to the casino or bus ill be using the most often. no complicated trips on multiple buses.

(P.s. speaking of buses, on june 21, theres a new $5 city bus to south lake tahoe, but that dont really benefit me none since its south lake tahoe and not north lake tahoe when harveys is harrahs). but thats a whole lot cheaper way to tahoe for most of the city of reno. disappointed i never got to take advantage of the bus to the goldstrike either, got the ban right as it started up. ill bet the lady driving found it odd i never rode it, after i applied so much pressure for them to start it up.

without ALL of those things working, the room dont really work out for me, and i tried to get a cheaper room tonight by the week a player recommended, with a fridge and micro and working net, but they dont accept new tenants this late at night, they lock the office down, and the guy just standing on the corner accross the street who looked like a mugger or dealer or at best homeless, was making me really uncomfortable looking at me knock on the office for nothing.

so i went down the street quite a ways in the direction i wanted to be, and found a nicer hotel with a lot higher per week price. now this is a good room, and then i spent $15 at a gas station buying food.

i was advised by an inner circle member (the one whose suddenly best about quick returns of all emails who im surprised by) to just stay put in reno, and quit wasting money on travel cost, and just grind the $1-2 NL and i should have enough buyins with the cheaper cost here. to try it and if i fail, try to go back to KS.

and u know what, i think thats a good idea. so ive temporalily put off the upcoming trips to elko, denver, and finally toledo.

no point going to vegas now either if koala wont be there til oct. i know koalas willing to hang out at the table, and assist me in the most important thing--getting along better with the other players and the staff. only good thing right now about vegas wouldve been moving back into my old place on the strip for $150 a week (surely the price aint gone up).

i did make about $350 today, (very well done) putting me briefly back to $3150 from $2800, but im back down below $2900 again now. u see, i paid for a room for a week, (not wanting to pay for a weekend night 1 day). and of the money i won today, only about $130 of it was in a quite loose low limit poker game. i got aa cracked 3 times with 45 minutes. (pays very little here). its better to win the pot. but also won 2 nice pots flopping sets. (among other hands).

the rest of the money won was on a new VBJ i found out about in a casino somewhere in the area i went to check out. Benny didnt seem to know about this machine, and the slot shift manager said it was only installed within the past week. its a shufflemaster paying 3-2 that shuffles every hand, making it not countable. normally 25c cashback per $100 bet, but certain times of the week multiplier point promos make it $1.50 cashback, so word of this machine cannot get out. min bet $1, and 5 spots of $50 each would be the max bet of $250.

i verified for sure with the manager (without making him worry im an AP) that yes the VBJ machine qualifies for ALL point multipliers and ALL promotions.

im guessing he thinks since its not countable--it therefore cannot be beat. well, i think hes wrong.

good rules too, stands on soft 17 instead of hitting, double any 2, and double after split, also surrender.

they had the machine set to deal every 15 seconds, but one of the bosses thought that was too long, so i convinced them it was definitely too slow, so they speeded it up to now be 5 seconds, which is great. i watched as the slot tech made the adjustment.

i shouldnt have won, today wasnt a special point time that i was playing, but oh well, sometimes lucks involved.

and ill spend most of the time (close to all really) just grinding $1-2 NL off min buyins to increase the roll and get back all the money i wasted in rent for a week. knowing where theres an easy bus ride to a much better machine will keep me off the 9-6 VP 100 play machines. also found a 1c denomination big split poker machine, that of course isnt beatable, but i did somehow win over $30 of my winnings on it.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I almost had to make an unexpected trip to a very southern state i had no intention of visiting anytime soon

what a wild day, and what a big scare when i went over to a hotel on virginia av to check into for a week, (but after seeing the clientele and the lie on the sign outside, im glad i didnt have my ID on me). Let me start at the beginning.

i woke up in my room at the sands, the overpriced one for $79 for 2 nights, because they not only added a $4.99 resort fee, but a $2 destination fee, (why not just call it all a resort fee?) so many dump hotels (if theyre in casinos) are now doing that. not just the real resorts. and im sure it makes many of u angry, not just me. but i didnt fall asleep til like 7am, and i woke up still tired at 12.20pm in a hurry to check out before they knocked on my door wondering why i was still in the room.

so i went downstairs, and sat in the $2-6 spread game. (not being able to play at the eldorado--for NOTHING i did in the poker room but at the BJ table as we all know)--has caused problems in good game selection. and of course $61 in comps down the tubes. I hope Nick isnt mad i didnt mail his letter yet, i was waiting til i had a reno address for them to write me back at. I certainly appreciate the fact he wrote it and its ready to go.

so im in a bad game (although i did win $100 in it twice the previous day, which only got back some of the money id lost and spent since leaving lake tahoe). i can no longer win on gemtiles, and am not even ahead overall on it anymore. and im certainly never been ahead on VP at the peppermill and ive wasted $100 or so twice there now.

by bad i dont mean bad action, but bad in the sense i really need to just do the "hail mary" play, by sticking to playing NOTHING but NL. especially as great as $1-2 NL is for shortstackers in reno with all them $10 live mississippi straddles, and low min buyins. almost as good as the $10 an hour free chips promo 4am to 9am Ray told me about in toledo at the casino in their $1-2 game.

so i ran really bad, lost about $70, and left when the game broke to go rent a room for a week somewhere (or to take the 4pm amtrak east, hadnt yet decided). ended up going to the atlantis to buy a phone charger in the grocery store across the street, to deposit money in the BOA atm across the street, and to try to put in 10 hours for a free room at the atlantis.

all 3 things went wrong. the atlantis had no rooms available today, the BOA atm didnt work (although a later one i passed downtown did thank God) and they only had iphone chargers in that little grocery store. But i did manage to charge up the phone while in the atlantis, of course i didnt stay long enough to charge it fully, and now its dead again.

the only good news is on all the long twitter conversation i had with Andy, which it seems no one read. in which i was way up off my $50 NL buyin, but i cashed out only about $260 of it, and then of course threw away $50 of it in the VP machine.

so i take a bus to a motel with a sign outside claiming $14 rooms that looks like its full of bad people living there. and of course, the rooms are really $40 and they claim theyve been trying to remove the sign for a long time, but dont have the power to do so. almost all the tenants are paying $550-600 monthly. not daily.

thats when i noticed my ID is missing, and im panicking because id have no way to replace it without traveling to lousiana since i have no other documents. as it turns out im glad i didnt stay there due to the clientele.

but i did end up losing $130 in the sands due to having to come back here to get the ID (a dealer in the poker room found it) so in that way i dunno. i ran so horrible for $2-6 playing my normal tight game most of the time its unreal, and i got in a great bluff in the NL at the atlantis, but i dont seem to do well in limit.

let me tell u about the great bluff. i had 89 spades and limped $4 with 4 others. flop comes QJ7 and we all check. turn comes 5 spades and i have 2 draws, a guy bets $12 in late position, i check raise to $25 and only he calls. river doesnt help in no way, it pairs the jack. i bet $45 (only chance to win) and thank God he folds, and i win with 9 hi. the atlantis has a tighter game because no one straddles there as much, at least not today. sometimes there was a $4 straddle.

i feel like maybe i got lucky, with that board, and his turn bet, ud think his hand would be too strong to fold wouldnt most of u?

anyway, now for the real surprise. (it wasnt losing the ID and the possible trip to louisiana). the dealers at this casino none of them know ive had a reputation for low tips at some other casinos in the past. all of them think im a good tipper. it started with a decent sized HHJ tip, and lots of $1 tips on very small pots, and $1.50 to $2 tips on many bigger sized pots.

its a test to see how im treated, for im 100% convinced its not ur behavior that endears u to the staff, but whether u tip. ive gotten away with several things in this casino i would never get away with otherwise. and thats why the dealer stored my ID for me and set it aside at the poker desk, i was so relieved they had it when i called. every time they saw me piss off a player, then never really did anything but talk to me, but always let me sit back in. some of the dealers even comment they like me and really appreciate my business, and to please try not to piss off some of the other players.

i cant really afford this though, and i dont think i should play spread limit anymore much. its killing me even though ive had quite a few $100 days, but ive had some $100 negative days too. more than u would think.

i dont think i should stay in reno really, better promotions elsewhere, more choices of games with no worry of them breaking, and its a lot easier to hit run and rebuy fresh elsewhere in other places. even if i was in toledo, id have multiple rooms in MI to pick from with the closeness of detroit and Rays car and willingness to drive all over the area unlike most guys. many of them are charity rooms, u dont have to go the whole 60-70 miles into detroit either.

but the idea of immediately starting off about $300 poorer due to traveling there kind of holds me back, and the fear that i was being setup in toledo on the previous trip also holds me back.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hi again from the north lake tahoe biltmore, and up to $2800+

I set a max loss of what id lose at $400, (so i wouldnt be too broke by the time my amtrak takes me to denver later in the week once i learn more details about how the free rooms work at the reserve and the lady luck). i emailed the casino, since i didnt think Joel would actually bother to investigate, and im waiting for a reply back.

arrived with about $2365 after that big loss last night, and id been winning at the poker or the Gemtiles machine past 2-3 days until that drop at the Peppermill. Martingaling the machine i didnt think id get hurt too bad, it being full pay, but i shouldnt have capped my max bet at the table limit of 500 credits on the 10c, but at a much lower scale. winning back $79 at the cal neva helped, on the LIVE BJ table, and Rob Singer has written about how he uses a similar martingale on the VP.

1 bet 1 hand 1c, 1 bet 1 hand 2c, 1 bet 1 hand 5c, 1 bet 2 hands 5c each, 1 bet 4 hands 5c each, etc up to 100 hands 5c on the 10c for a bet of $50. full pay still dont quite give 100% but i wasnt sure what the peppermills comp point was, if it was enough to make up the difference with either cashback or comps.

one thing i really hate about playing at the peppermill is ur card never says ANYTHING, just the word accepted. u have no idea what ur earning.

so i go to amtrak at 8am, and find out the train will be 8 hours late, so they allow me to board the sacramento bus (that normally dont make a stop in Truckee) with the instructions to the driver to let me off in truckee. (amtrak bus). and while on the bus i took a pic of the girl across the aisle i wish i had as my girlfriend.

id thought about taking the bus all the way to turlock, and id also thought about getting right back on the 2pm train going east today.

so if i discipline myself i said i wouldnt drop more than $400 here, and id get out of here with $1900 minimum, but of course we are hoping for a lot more. ill need it in denver, but i hear the games are quite loose there. dont know if its true.

also been told by a homeless guy on the truckee bus one of the motels on the main road rents rooms for $160 a week, but cannot remember which older motel it was, some word that began with the letter P.

found out also about a bus i didnt know of. its called the route 395 lone pine bus (u can google it) and its run by the east sierra transit group. it goes reno to carson city to lone pine CA, and then theres a different bus goes by a ton of ski resorts on the eastern cali border, and the bus eventually ends in lancaster ca about 8 hours later. not sure exactly where lancaster is, but i think theres connections to bakersfield or LA on other buses or trains. that info might come in handy sometime too.

so i found out about a promotion here at the tahoe biltmore i didnt know of. ive qualified for it due to heavy play in the previous visit. 2 days a week, i can draw an envelope out of a drum for free slot play on the right day. and win from $5 to $1000 in free slot play. am wondering if this is the promo chap and benny know of that make the machine worth playing.

anyway i arrived in Crystal Bay with $2360+. spent a bunch of money on a room, and after winning about $300 on the machine, and pulling out $300 in free slot play in the envelope i drew out of the drum (many are only $5) with $1000 top prize, new roll is $2836.

not bad for when i left here the time before after the huge drop. and i had no idea i qualified for that promo. i couldve been drawing an envelope 2 times each of the last 2 weeks.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Royal flush jackpot in the Sands poker room

and now im finally at home on my laptop so i can tell my loyal readers all about it. for the longest time, i didnt have a working cell phone, and then i was still playing poker, albeit at a difference casino.

after getting paid the $755 for the royal, the game broke up soon, because 2 locals, (and we were already shorthanded) a man and his wife, were pissed theyd contributed money for the jackpot all year long, and someone they consider a tourist and an outsider (me) won it. but i think i too am a local now since i moved here and came in regularly since. they walked off complaining that always happens anytime theres a big jackpot in the poker room. it was the highest paying hand on the board, next highest ranking hand paid over $300 less.

the dealer was happy (he got $40) the floorman got $10, the cab driver (who id never needed otherwise--but was afraid to leave on foot carrying all that and the whole casino knowing it) got $15 for driving me both to BOA to make a deposit (making the deposit the #1 thing to do when u hit a big jackpot of course) and then to drop me off at the peppermill. and the guy who called me to get the pot up to $20 got his $4 back and $10 on top. so i think everyone else was happy and the guy next to me said he was happy for me. so a lot of the moneys been used, and i had a small loss at the peppermill, and also ive been paying internet bills, so the moneys being used. also going to make a small $20 deposit on bovada, tired of not being able to play online at home.

the dealer who got the $40 said they had no business having that attitude towards me, and who knows what the rest of them thought. almost thought i wouldnt get paid since i didnt have my ss card on  hand, just my out of state ID, and louisiana does NOT put social security numbers on their state ids for some reason. but they paid me and gave me a w-2. was that ever a relief. ive never had a problem getting paid when being a part of any BBBJ in las vegas.

one of the employees was glad it hit, because they now are going to cap all jackpots at $599, but they had to wait til the one over that got hit first. and thats what theyd been waiting to happen.

flop comes AA7 and i had QK suited, turn 10h, and i didnt want to bet my flush, worried id lose the shot to see the river, and the pot wasnt $20 yet, but close to it. couldnt believe it when the Jh came on the river for the royal.

and then at the peppermill the game was wild, lots of $3-5 NL players with $500-1000 stacks since their game had broke up. lots of $20 or more blind straddles (which can be made in any position but the blinds and the button) which gave me a big +ev for buying in short at $40, but i lost 4 buyins of $40, even after running the first $40 buyin up to $184, and i got away with an early bluff. but i do think i was earning respect on that table.

i didnt do good til i rebought in for $100 finally, and ran it back to over $200 before i left.

and of course my phone bill too must be paid before my sons 22nd birthday on june 4th, and he hopefully will receive his card and his gift by that time since i mailed it saturday. so after all those things tonight got paid tonight, im not up nearly $755, but i am a lot better off. new roll is $2264, and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable at the tables. of course, thats still somewhat less than what i had before i went to north lake tahoe, and quite a lot less than when i went home on vacation.

im surprised WEC dont think theres action in reno. any place with 50% of pots being missisippi straddled would be a game with action. also i dont really believe the chaperone is in reno either, (nor Benny for that matter) but if Noah wants to prove me wrong, ill be at the sands early this afternoon.

im beginning to think something might be wrong with my cell phone charger other than it just being bent and must have the cord adjusted just right when charging. the peppermill charged it in under 2 hours instead of the normal 7 hours, and id like to buy the exact same charger the peppermill poker room desk has. of course if i buy a random new charger, im not assured enough that will work to try it.

also ive typed 2 blog entries in a very short period of time, so please dont miss the previous entry. it was just posted a day or 2 ago, and its only got 609 views, about a third of normal. usually it takes 5 days to get over 1500 views. so its best to only update once every 5 days. but this entry was of such great importance i realized it must be posted tonight.