Monday, April 30, 2012

today cost me a TON

remember how yesterday i said my roll was in the $6700s? thats because i always round DOWN, instead of up. so actually the roll was about $6790. and today when i left the pokeroom at harrahs the roll was over $7200, but when i got checked into my room here and paid for 2 nights instead of 1, my roll was down to $6800 again.(still wasnt sure about committing to a week not knowing where i could BOtH stay cheaply and not have to worry about huge cab fees--a real concern around here.) would be so easy if someone had a car. still things in my life could be far worse, im lucky i keep winning.

not sure if ill be back to harrahs soon where most of my money is stored, i might just play on the ameristar for a while, its now closer to my hotel. Good news is my host went ahead and picked up yesterdays $99 room charge after all, but i still owed $26 tax and net charges. but thats the first thing today that added $100 back to my roll that id already mentally subtracted off. and i couldnt lose in that poker room. turned a $100 buyin into about $350+ in the $1-2 NL game, and then moved to the $1-2 $5 to bring it in PLO game that goes every day, and on thursdays only it is hilow. the other days its HIGH. min buyin $100, max $500. lots of straddling. I think a tight player can get a good edge, especially if shortstacking, but i really dont have much omaha hi experience. lost a quick $100 in that game, rebought $106, and then proceeded to run it up to $282 and cashout. so i won in both games in the pokerroom, and poker was all i played today.

so after getting my hotel money back, and winning so much at poker, my roll was over $7200 for the first time in a very long time. told u the games here in the midwest are far easier than in vegas. also MO is not allowed to ban anyone from counting cards by law unlike NV either. of course my roll isnt anywhere near that now. my room for 2 nights at this motel (no longer harrahs) cost me $116. checkout will be wednesday morning. todays cab ride was $71. (he was waiting outside for me the whole hour i was in the verizon store i didnt realize id be in nearly that long). plus it was a long ride to both the store, (lot more than the 3 miles google said because it was on a highway not straight,) also going back the other way towards st charles cost a lot too, long ride. thank God thats over and done with. plus it cost me $200 at the verizons store.

yeah $200.36, and the nice young black man who was helping me, did a lot for me. first he kept checking to see if he could get my old modem working again, and couldnt. that took up a lot of time. then he went to get me another modem, they were out of them, but if i switched to a monthly bill plan instead of prepaid they had one for me which is a better modem since it uses 4g instead of 3g. so i had to have them approve my credit, charge me a $125 deposit, buy a new modem that looks different, and now i have 10 GB a month instead of 5GB. for $80 a month. and i have a $50 refund coming in the mail in the form of a debit card. the other $50 refund the guy helping me got approved with the manager to go ahead and give it to me now or else it wouldve cost me a lot more for the modem. he did his best to get me the lowest charge, and get me out of there quickly to avoid extra cab fare, but it still took about an hour. also they got the activation fee waived since i still had a balance on my old acct no longer any good. so now ill never run out of airtime again and have to buy more, only difference is im now on a 2 yr contract just like with my cell phone. and some months if i use up all my time ill be charged more for the net. ill now be getting a monthly bill and after a year my $125 deposit will be refunded.

also the diamond lounge here is way better than vegas, although there are no computers, and it pisses me off i cant order milk. they have a menu on the wall of the elevator of which i took a picture of all the different things u can order free off the menu. (u can order 1 item). much better than vegas, more like a meal. and NO $10 fee like in ac nj.
getting ready to be checking out of harrahs soon, and my 24 hours net expiring soon, need to get over to that nearby verizons store today when i move into a less expensive place to stay. hopefully they dont charge me #129 for a brand new modem, cannot understand how i couldve broken it.

and again yesterday i got lucky at BJ at the tables. twice, once for over $200 and once for a little less than $200 and i did lose $287 on a VP machine, but still am up $100 for yesterday, with a roll of just $6700. also i managed to get the cage to let me store $5000 so now i wont be worried about carrying all that money around on me anymore.

and i played a little $1-2 blinds omaha high. but the $5 to bring it in im not used to, and it really bugs me throwing in $3 more on my unraised BB, and the first time i lost the $100, rebought $132, and then ran it up to $327 and quit $95 up. the 2nd time a few hours later, i ended up losing $200 in the game, it was too shorthanded, but i dont really think i played it bad, although im sure ive played way less omaha hi than the other players have.

talked to vince he should be getting the bags today, have arranged it with steve the bellman, and of course ill pay him.

lets hope this time my spaces dont all disappear.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

im still LUCKY even though a few things went sorely wrong.

am logged into the OLD form of composing a blog, because the other day, when i composed a blog entry on the new blogger page, it removed all my line breaks and paragraphs, and i didnt notice it til later on while going to see the comments. (i didnt look back to see what it looked like after posting, i just thought everything was fine.)

am sure glad to be in my room at Harrahs st louis. cost me $99 plus a lot more in tax, and that was the lowest rate theyd give me, normally it wouldve been $129 with a diamond card and $139 without a diamond card. thats way too much, and i dont really think st loius is the right place for me, cab fares would cost a lot, and nothing is really nearby the casinos, the places i like by the week are too far a cab ride out. and yes ive been in st louis before but i originally meant to be at the river city casino, where i have NOT been before, but ive still not gotten over there.

Slept the entire way on the amtrak, got plenty of sleep, so i am in no way tired. why? because there was nothing else to do on the train, because my damn modem broke, and i had no internet all the way. i still got a broken modem that dont work, and i need to go to a verizon store, and see if it can be fixed, or if i must pay for a new one. really worries me this. so i had to pay $11 for the net access here at harrahs today so i need to go to a verizon store at the first chance. wish i wouldve have at least downloaded some games onto my laptop some time in the past when i did have net access, then id had something to do on the train. also i couldnt read any poker magazines because my eyes are no longer good enough to read the small print without a magnifying glass.

and i was so relieved to make it to st louis in 1 piece with all that cash safely. the most fearful thing was standing at the subway in st louis (thank God they had a security guard on hand) awaiting the metro train from downtown st louis to the airport. with all that large amount of cash on me. still need to get that money locked up somewhere in st charles, (actual location instead of st louis). Harrahs should do it since im a diamond member, but im certainly not going to pay for a room here after today. way way too much.

posted pictures from my play at the lumiere this morning, and they can be found on twitter, and ill see about transferring them here. also Vince said he would store the bags for the $20 i offered to pay him, but when he said id need to tell the 4 queens he has my permission to pick up the bags, he gave me an invalid phone. so its not until now i was finally online so i could look up the number of the 4 queens, and now i can finally call them soon as this blog post is done and tell the bellman vince will get my bags. still dont know how to identify the 3 black bags, as ive lost the ticket.

lucky to still have a roll of over $6600, with these new room expenses and last nites $77 amtrak expense, but i sure preferred that to riding a bus to biloxi. i got a seat to myself the whole way on the train and a very good sleep, neither of which id got on the greyhound bus. ill make an effort to be at koalas meet, but in the meantime, ill probably hit up chicago, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh and foxwoods after leaving st louis. as long as nothing starts going wrong which is way overdue to happen. i did win $113 this morning at the lumiere, and was briefly up $251. all at poker. id have more had i not wasted $204 on an unused allegiant air ticket. the rest of todays play will be at harrahs and i hope to find much cheaper housing nearby st charles, maybe even really close to the ameristar. this isnt a good long term solution due to extra room costs and transportation compared to vegas or ac. still really would like to end up near delaware park.

if u want to see what it would cost me to go to a certain city, or return home to vegas, or verizon locations near me, feel free. i need a woman to do all this for me, but even though this room is costing a ton, i was fearful it would cost even more. and thank God i avoided a $70 cab fare to get here from downtown st louis. i got their free airport shuttle saving me even original plan which was subway to airport then paying for a cab. it was so cheap to get to st loius, but once im here huge outrageous cab fees, and i must get that verizon modem fast also. i cannot understand why it broke. light wont even come on anymore. its like $129 to buy it. i wonder if theres a poker room rate? i think the front desk said no, lumiere seemed to say no, and river city dont have a hotel so how would they comp rooms? i need some kind of plan, i think i should get back on the train into chicago and keep heading east til i find something more convenient. i doubt the majestic star outside gary still has them $44 a day including weekend poker rates they had 6 yrs ago too. shreveport i found a nice motel $227 a week, but the cab fees added about another $120 for the week. still not a good long term solution. only vegas is lower cost due to comfortability with their bus system, but the games are so much worse in vegas than they are everywhere else in the country im loving these easy games all over the south and midwest compared to vegas.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

i am extremely lucky to have any money at all

I have ran exceptionally good, well above average for quite some time at BJ. since i came to Shreveport, i stepped off the plane with $6400, spent over $700 on motels, unused plane tickets, tons of cab fees, haircuts, food etc. (by $700+ i mean for ALL, not motels alone of course). and i still have $6800 left. today alone, i won $385 at BJ the first session, and $135 at BJ the 2nd session. both times of course were table BJ, and not VBJ, which isnt an option here. and we all know the other day i won $300 at sams town VBJ before they removed the machine. IF i were only playing poker, i wouldnt have done nearly so well. and if id not lost $100 on VP 2-3 times id done even more well. And that dont even count all the VBJ wins i had at binions right before i left vegas to go to shreveport. and of course im really glad i got on the plane and made the trip. certainly was far more convenient than sitting forever on a bus or a train. actually the airport in shreveport is quite small and kind of sucks. for example the plane arrived in a pouring rainstorm and instead of getting off the plane INSIDE like u do in vegas, in shreveport u get off the plane outside in the pouring rain instead of a covered hallway. and as far as service leaving shreverport like if someone wanted to fly to florida, biloxi or PA? non existent or only at an extra high cost except for the one allegiant flight into vegas. today started off quite poorly, i couldnt get cards, started getting pissed and bored making bad shoves on draws, and missing, left the table with my last $87 of $285 buyins, and lost $85 on a paigow table in 1 hand, and then took $800 out from behind the cage, and then proceeded to lose $100 on it on a VP 100 play 1c2c5c machine, and also break an ashtray by slamming it door too hard, pissed to have it sitting on my machine to begin with. went outside to call the woman in NY which calmed me down somewhat, who still wants me to get counseling for my inability to accept losses. came back in, sat at a BJ table buying in for $500 the first shoe i luckily got to play ALONE and recovered over $250 of my losses, ($10 min table) paying 3-2 and gave her a $2 tip. they changed dealers, a black guy took over, and i still continued to win. left near the end of shoe once 3 others sat and i was up $385 and i gave him a $2 tip also. later went back in the poker room and again i lost $100 when i lost my patience and went over the top of a guys JJ $60 raise with AK and missed. (just had gotten tired of folding). and went back to a BJ table, and this time won $135 and then left. went back to the poker room 1 final time, this time i sucked out on a lady with her BF, when she had aa in her straddle, and i gave her no credit. and left the game $110 up and quite tired, yes i just couldnt stay awake til 7am to take a bus to biloxi. too damned old. and i dont really feel like sitting on a damned bus for 10 hours to biloxi and transferring in jackson, nor do i feel like carrying all that cash on the bus. the smartest thing to do would be to rent an apt in shreveport and never ever leave or travel at all. but i dont really want to do that either. So im canceling that plan also, id never be able to stay awake til 7am. i cant change my sleep hours ever even when i want to. I will promise 1 thing. the next poker room im going to, ive never been there before in my life, and i promise ill take pictures of the room on my cell phone. ive already found a safe place to stay nearby about 10-15 miles away. It wont cost me as much to get there as it would to travel to a lot of other places id also like to go to even more. and ill enjoy traveling here a lot more, and its a comfortable trip, and no im not traveling by cab. And its nowhere near las vegas, Biloxi, or atlantic city, or shreveport. in fact, its at least 500 miles away from any of those places. No one will expect to run into me there. and the nice thing is there are plenty of choices of casinos i can get to from there without a long travel. Ill certainly feel a lot safer going there.

Friday, April 27, 2012


while I'm down here, i dont really want to just go all the way back to vegas without visiting any more casinos. this might be my only time to ever be down here. So i went and canceled my trip to vegas giving them a 24 hour notice, and now after being charged $60 in fees i have $144 voucher i can use on allegiant anytime up to a year from now. and ill take the bus into Biloxi, its about $100 and goes thru jackson MS on the way and then transfers south into Biloxi. i tried to see about shuttles into the casino in loiusiana at the indian reservation, but there dont seem to be any. except for ones out of houston. what can anyone tell me about Biloxi? seems all the casinos are now in Biloxi instead of Gulfport except for one without a poker room? and that the old Grand is now called the island view gulfport and no longer has a poker room? and ive been told Biloxi has 5 whole rooms. and a found a good deal on an inexpensive place to stay while in Biloxi. and only one casino in all of Biloxi has the VBJ machine? i would think there would be more. do any of the readers live in the Biloxi area or spend a lot of time there? the promotion for getting paid $75 anytime u have cards consisting of 4 of the 5 wheel cards and dont win seems very good, that happens all the time in omaha. that is at the IP on the days they have omaha. rolls still around $6600, i won again yesterday but only $200 or so, at one point i was up over $450 and had over $800 on the table. then i called a guy who was on a draw and wouldve had another $400 but instead he did because he hit his draw and then i left on my BB. cocktail waitress very slow around this poker room, and hardly anyone drinks so they dont care so much about coming to the room. i waited a long time for water to go with my room, and then they accidently gave me baked potato instead of mashed. i need to get ahold of vince right away and see if he can pick up my bags over at the 4 queens.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

waking up and ready to start the day, but i shouldnt wake up after noon here when i must be out before 11am checkout

today isnt the day im checking out of course, but just so i will be up and ready to check out when it is the right day saturday.

Was a little surprised the other day when a Horseshoe dealer named Greg said he knew of my blog. not sure how.

left the horseshoe with a very small win, and used the small win to get a haircut nearby the casino in a very tiny little shop with 2 black barbers which didnt seem to be run very professionally. but i got all the beard cut off too, and still for not over $18, so it wasnt bad. 1 guy had left the shop and the guy who was cutting my hair, a guy came in to talk with him about his friday appt, and they were sitting elsewhere talking about 10-15 min while i was still in the middle of my haircut.

anyway i thought maybe i was the only white guy to have ever came in the shop. walked from the horseshoe to the boomtown boat and theres no VBJ in there either.

rode over to the eldorado and sat down and actually did good over there played several hours, and left with over $400 profit. now im back to having $5000 locked up at the cage again. rolls at $6300

then rode over to the horseshoe 1 final time before i went home to sleep. started off getting pissed off about a really weird rule they have, a rule ive not seen anywhere in vegas, only at a place in cali once. this rule has a tendency to be unfair to the caller. if u call someone elses allin, i dont care if u do it preflop or on the river, the polite thing to do is for the guy who went allin to show first. not to have YOU show first (when u only called) and then maybe for him to muck if u win and u never get to see what he shoved allin with.

anyway a guy straddle, i raised to $35 and said this is what i do when a guy straddles my blind. (i had JJ) he goes allin and i call. flop comes up JK7, turn 10, and river 5. dealer then tells me its on me to show first. i thought maybe my 3 jacks were good, but no the other guy had AQ and turned the straight.

so a few hands later, still pissed off about that horrible unfair rule, (why make a rule for the sole purpose of allowing a guy to go allin, get called, then muck without showing later once he forces the guy who called him to show first?) thats a very poor ettiquette rule. but anyway i get aa a few hands later and vastly overshove for my last $78 the same dealer asked me "cant u stack ur chips in a neat pile?"(i had the first guy covered because i was up about $100 before that hand). 2 guys call thinking im on tilt, one had QQ. and i tripled up to $240 and then felt better again.

and about 45 minutes later when im getting tired about to leave and have given back over $75,but still with $160 in front of me. i get 99 and decide its my last hand, same guy straddles and a couple calls. i overshove one more time telling them i have nothing and am leaving. i talked 1 guy into making a call with AQ suited, not what i wanted him to have, i was trying to talk him into calling with a hand i could dominate like 77 or A5 suited. i really felt like they were a lot weaker cause it looked like he was folding fast if i didnt speak up.

then he won of course and i got in the cab pissed id talked him into the call.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

finally checked into my room for the week.

and i should go and get some food for the fridgerator, nice big fridge and microwave here. starving for something to eat, and not sure if anyplace within walking distance to buy food.

im pretty sure if i remember correctly they give u the new state ID right in the DMV instead of mailing it to u, but i have an address for the week to get mail at just to be safe. i remember checking out early at the motel i stayed at before (and felt unsafe at) and not having to wait around a week to get the ID in the mail. this will be the 3rd time ive went to louisiana to renew an ID.

Good news is the floorman in the poker room, (nice guy who uses a wheelchair) explained my situation to the casino cage, and after okaying it with her supervisor they finally accepted me to deposit money at the cage even though im not staying there and have no previous history of playing there. But of course they want to actually see me in there playing everyday now. But at least now i feel a whole lot better not carrying that $5000 around. that was one of the biggest things ive been needing to get off my mind.

cab fees arent too bad, about $8-10 back and forth to the casino. and i walked over to sams town next door and yes i did see the VBJ. didnt have my card, and didnt play, there was 1 guy on it, but he wasnt from here and didnt know about other VBJ machines in the area, and the min is $5 and the max $500. a little steep, thats for sure. 10x points 6-12 on thursdays, but until i learn the cashback and comp rate i wont know what the payback will be. its the same machine as laughlin as far as 3-2 payouts and not shuffling til it deals out 2 3rds of the cards, but i forgot to look to see if it hits or stands on soft 17. the card they use is the same B connect card from downtown las vegas.

maybe someone familiar with that players card knows the cashback and comp rate and how many dollars ran thru the machine (any machine) equals how much cashback or comps?

also im broke on BCP, and wondering if i should deposit there or a different site? not sure why vook dont think thats the best site. maybe if i had money on a different merge skin i could get a better rate than 80c on the dollar? im afraid if i used a site like he suggests americas cardroom, id be lucky to get 70c on the dollar if anyone would buy it at all.

its sure not worth the risk of trying to cash it out, wait forever, have the govt shut down the site and seize the money in the meantime and end up getting $0. thats why its so important to take the 80c on the dollar to avoid worrying about stuff like that. although i did only end up with $320 for my $400 BCP, and now im broke because the other $66 i left on the site all got lost.

sat down in the game at the eldorado today about 9.30 this morning after a good sleep with $115, eventually cashed out $431 after 6 hours play. at one point i was up to $568. not too many good players were at my table. roll is still over $6600 even after paying over $60 on cabs since arriving here, and about $300 on motels counting taxes etc and the one extra night.

took me forever to figure out how to get this picture to load.

anyway, this is the table i was at tonight in shreveport in the eldorado. maybe if u look really close, u can see the word eldorado if u have a way to zoom in on the tiny print. the fat guy with the glasses and striped shirt was named Will, and he was a loose cannon. winning big pots calling with J4 offsuit preflop. and the old man in the red hat next to him was horrible too. i won $81, but $40 of it went on cabs and tips. also got a fruit plate for $10 with tip, and a players card made up. the cab will only be $10 instead of $20 once i get resettled into the other hotel tomorrow. and there doesnt seem to be any of the VBJ here, and im sure geico caveman dont come to louisiana to play so what would he know about machines outside laughlin?

this hotel is willing to let me stay late up til 2pm. good idea since i have to wait til in the afternoon to check into the other hotel by the week. the reason i needed ID replaced so badly isnt to fly, or anything like this, its without an ID u cannot rent a hotel room in any casino. so anyone thinking i dont have a current ID right now would have to be very foolish. my friend booked and paid for my hotel room while i was on the plane, but i reimbursed her back when i got here by paying cash for the room so it wouldnt come out of her pocket, and then i got on the phone to let her know i paid cash and her credit card got refunded. but at least i had a room waiting for me, and she helped to select a nice place thats safe.

id be curious to know where anyone local could live cheaply by the month thats safe downtown and convenient back and forth to the casino everyday. this game seemed really loose 6-7 people many flops maybe its not always like this, maybe i was just at a good table?

Friday, April 20, 2012

at the airport

tickets purchased and im waiting for the flight to shreveport. feel very nauseated though, i should eat. hope all goes well. am only taking one bag, and of course all of my money. rolls $6600

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

demons, demons and more demons

yesterday morning, i won a little bit playing poker before i slept, and woke up with a roll around $5200. Not this morning, but yesterday morning. there was no game at the golden nugget at that time, (its not been going around the clock as of late) so i went over to the VBJ machine and started betting as normally, starting off with 1 hand of the minimum $3 bet. eventually i got stuck quite a bit, losing several hands of over $40 each, so i went and bet my entire stack left on the machine, (which meant different amounts of each hand, in a frustrating attempt to get out of the hole. (reason id not done so in the last few days was id never lost the smaller bet, so didnt feel the temptation.) ended up having a $100+ bet out with a double down, not any money to double down with, and since i couldnt leave the machine to get money from the safe deposit box at the front desk in the 4 queens, i just used the atm to withdraw $500, and now my bank acct has very little in it and i need to go and deposit. thank God i won the hand, and was afraid i wouldnt cause i had some horrible hands, but the dealer broke.

So then, feeling much relieved, and that id just avoided a loss of about $1000, i took the bus out to the flamingo to pickup Zachs book in the mail that i said id review on my blog after id read it. (not anytime soon). while out there, i sat in a game at the flamingo and ended up winning $148 in it, but left to go to Bills so i wouldnt have too much money at risk once i was ahead, besides u shouldnt have too much on the table during aces cracked. sdbrewin619 sat down on my immediate left at the flamingo, and sent me a text message i didnt find til after id left. (i got it on twitter). eventually i got tired and decided just to take the bus back downtown instead of playing any more places on the strip, but i did manage to win $106 and hold out til aces cracked ended. without ever getting them cracked.

Rode the bus downtown, fell asleep about 4.30pm and woke up around 1am. went over to the nugget, bought in $115, and started to get stuck because of a BAD call. i had JT hearts, and called $2 and got raised to $10 and called. flop comes K83 with 2 hearts. guy bets $20, regular calls. the one older black guy who plays daily and is loose. i call. turn comes 2, guy bets $75, black guy calls, and i called for the pot odds, (wouldnt called HU). turns out that was dumb as the black guy had the ace hi flush draw. but it didnt come. reloaded $60 more, and then soon reloaded another $100. ended up losing it all after i lost patience, and walked out down $275. went over to a VP machine in the nugget, (same one) and won $25. then left cause of the guy who sat next to me a min ago. went back into the poker room, rebought for the entire $425 and was still on tilt, almost as much as this one other guy was. eventually ended up walking into Binions over to the VBJ machine $511 stuck for the day.

i decided to just be a man and try and get the whole $511 back in 1 hand. but the middle spot is locked up due to trouble with printing up tickets, so i could only play 4 spots instead of 5. so instead of 5 spots of $103 on each, i had to do 4 spots of $128. and then the dealer got a 4, and i had one hand of 20, 2 hands of 11, and one hand of 10. and i knew i was gonna be very very much in the hole for the day, (around $1500 or so) or be ahead. today i had enough cash on me, (since i never went and deposited it in my box like i should) and i put out all the money for double downs on each hand (3). just barely had enough of $100s. got a 21, 20, 18 and 20. and ended up winning them all when the dealer broke. got off that machine faster than i have ever got off it, and now im up over $350 for the day. new roll is $5800 and i dont see how this kind of luck will continue.

its just variance evening out, but i dont deserve to be this lucky if i dont learn to cut back the size of my bets. i will swear in less than 72 hours i am going to take a very huge loss.

i would leave friday but im scared to get up in the air and im trying to figure out how to avoid flying, its certainly saves a lot of time and hassle traveling.

Monday, April 16, 2012

good news---finally back up to $5000, probably not for long, lots of expenses coming up

Not only do i have expenses involved in getting a new ID in louisiana (only state i can get one made in due to my birth certificate being from canada and the govt tightening up) but my $80 monthly airtime card is just about used up and will shut me offline anytime, which always gets used up long before the month is up due to the 5GB limit, whatever that stands for.

Airtime with an aircard is expensive, but still, i am surprised how many people in much better financial shape than i am do without having one, pay for wifi various places and also look for places with free wifi. i guess when u wait til u are at home to use the computer, u feel less of a need for this when most of ur web browsing and posting is done at ur house.

or is it just that others can tolerate doing ALL their typing from a cell keypad instead of a laptop easier than i can?

also i am thinking strongly of flying to louisiana on friday this week. when my room expires. (wouldve expired today, but i just extended it 4 more nights, and i cannot extend it more, for thats the end of 14 day limit).

Not sure at all why im not losing ANY of my sessions lately on the VBJ. that certainly isnt the way the math should be. Guess its just variance. for over $110,000 in play through this year, only down about $500.

and i need to be here sometime in May to pick up my free $200 freeplay at binions. ive missed out on my slot play in laughlin $60 april 1-15 now. Not really too interested in going to laughlin if im flying instead of taking the train and need to be at the las vegas airport.

anyway i won about $200 again today on the VBJ getting my 300 points, and my $10 free play voucher and $20 food voucher and accumulated normal comp dollar points for playing. I still worry binions will realize that promo isnt a good idea for their VBJ machine and put a stop to it.

Most of todays, and last nights wins however all came from POKER. and i was overdue for some good days. the last couple days were good too, and things were starting to turn around. and again i dont think this was because my play is getting better, it really hasnt, i just think its all due to variance. having a big enough bankroll to ride out the variance is SOO important. had i had only $3000 less than i had last fall, (when things started deteriorating) id be broke. looks like i needed every dime of that full $15,000.

after winning last night, and taking a little nap from like midnite or so til 6am, i walked over to the nugget and started playing. sat in the game with $134, and cashed out about $600.

and right before that id won about $80 more on the VBJ machine. One of the key hands in this mornings game at the nugget was when the old man James or Jerry, with the cane, a regular, runner runner a backdoor king hi flush and i runner runnered a backdoor ace hi flush. i was calling him before the river, on the river he bets $25, (larger bet) and i bet $75, and he thinks a min or two, and then says allin. and i called instantly. it was a pretty good double up because id won about 3 previous hands and had already ran my stack up alot. and i wonder if Vince is back in town. he didnt answer back yesterdays texts, and i need to see about giving him my bags if he will take them.

am thinking maybe i should only remain in louisiana 1 week so i can make it back by june for Koalas meet, but what if i discover im better off living in louisiana than vegas? dont i need to stay at whichever place gives me the best chance of winning at poker, surviving, and having a cheap safe place to live?

although paying cash, $190 a week, and not being in a casino where i can use comps isnt really all that cheap.

some woman in vegas who dont talk to me much online anymore is really happy she finally got her own place to live over by 95 and decatur. how is that area? not too convenient but im curious which place it is, she evidently feels safe living there.

and i really miss Vook and i hope he gets over being disappointed in me.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big winning and bad playing--all poker related.

new roll of $3800 instead of $3300. Relaxing in room playing low stakes DON sngs with my remaining $50 on BCP. Grump told me at the Nugget that he doesnt check his email while out playing, wondering if that also means he wont check his twitter, (only other way to message him) and that makes no sense because i seen him post tweets before.

originally bought in for the $134 i had in my pocket when i sat down in the game at the nugget, and i encouraged grump to relocate over to my table.

one guy, who moved seats and i think is a little on tilt after a hand he played badly, has rebought for $300 and is down a small amount of it when the following hand occurs. i call his $12 preflop raise with JJ, and i think maybe a few others. on the flop its JJ3 with 2 spades. he bets $20, i just call, hoping for calls behind me, and everyone else folds like i was afraid of. turn card comes up 3rd spade. he bets $25, and again i only called, and thats a big mistake on my part. for if he has the A of spades, he will definitely call a turn bet but not the river if a spade dont hit. And it turned out thats what he had and i lost value. quite a bit. But how much should i have raised? anyway river came blank, i bet $89, and he folds.

got $116 extra for that high hand, and had $408 in front of me then. and the large stack began to affect my ability to play well. the guy on my right had me covered, and soon a hand came up where he raised to $10 and i called with 99. then Poker Grump, on my immediate left, makes it $30 and i just know he has an overpair and he only has like $160. so its not worth me calling if the other guy isnt in, but he calls, so i also call. Flop comes up Q94 with 2 clubs, guy bets $40, and i immediately think he might have top set to bet so small into Grump (doesnt he know grump must have an overpair?) so i only call (how big of a mistake?) and Grump FOLDS? did he really fold an overpair there, or did i misread his hand and he only have ak suited? anyway turn comes 8, making a possible straight. guy bets i think $50, (cant remember for sure) and i call. Maybe Grump can assist in getting the facts right. i am still worried he has top set and will come over the top if i raise him like i shouldve. My too big of stack and win is really affecting my ability to play. And why i will never get the wins thenorcaljew and imakeposts gets. river comes J, not exactly my favorite card or his. he checks and so do i, turns out he rivered 2 pair, with his QJ, and again ive missed a lot of value.

so i get up and move over to Binions when the BB gets to me, and cash out $541 from my $134 buyin. Sit in one of the 2 NL games going at Binions, the one with 2 of the Nebraska guys in it Grump knows about. i sit with the minimum $100 only. and eventually cash out $209 after winning a big pot against Justin the floorman. i have KJ suited, and limp in EP. flop comes up K62 with 2 spades (wrong suit). I bet $10 and Justin calls. turn comes K, and i bet $16 and Justin calls. I'm not sure if he has a monster or a spade draw. river comes J (thank God). so i told Justin that i dont think he will call my $79 allin i just bet since he missed his flush draw, and im gonna have to bet my KJ. he asks me if i really have KJ and I tell him, have u ever seen me lie in a poker game, and he says Yes. he shows me a king, but not the other card. i get tired of waiting, and worry he will fold. eventually i cover my face and look away, hoping he hurries up and calls. he finally did call, but claimed i almost talked him out of the call.

so even though i played bad, it wasnt too bad of a night, probably was supposed to win more though. i am just not comfortable sitting in a game with too much of my roll in play, unlike a lot of other people.

Grump posted a link to the following article on his twitter feed which really surprised me, considering how he feels about blacks and civil rights. he is a very social liberal just like Obama. Him and Obama are pretty much eye to eye on every major leftwing issue. and on gay issues too. the article explains why some whites feel unsafe riding the subway in washington DC. and i too feel unsafe alot on buses and subways for the same reasons. but its odd for grump to tweet that considering the horrible unsafe area of las vegas he is walking back to on foot. We are right to worry with a man like Eric Holder as atty general, hes made it clear numerous times he will not prosecute blacks for "hate crimes" only whites, and thats got many congressional republicans up in arms. Remember the black Panther voter intimidation case etc?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

room comps, buses, frustrations, and i must leave either today or tomorrow

roll is still only around $3100, not been winning at poker in some time, (unless u count money on BCP.) and im gonna be needing every dime i can get to travel to Louisiana and back, and now she says she cant pay for it round trip. and not only that, theres the cost of buses to get to the train, and the hotel costs, cabs food, etc. it is going to really wipe my roll down to almost nothing, and i wish it could wait a few months.

So i shipped my usual buyer of BCP money at 80c on the dollar $200 on BCP a few minutes ago of yesterdays big win on there, and i have $51 left on BCP. I'm always scared to leave any money in there at all, for i fear the govt will shut them down anyday. and it usually takes up to 10 hours or so to transfer large amounts, and im waiting for it to go thru so he will ship me $160 to my BOA acct. will be glad once real online poker becomes available in NV, that way it will be safe to leave money online and ill get the full 100%.

pretty heavy juice. i wish poker grump or someone would be willing to take it when i need this done. he did deposit there before with my assistance.

Yesterday i walked into my host office at Binions, and i got Patrick to pick up Fri, Sat and Sun, april 6-8 last weekends days of my stay. (even though ive not lost anything on their VBJ machine in a long time.) i asked him what the computer showed id won on the machines since i checked in on apr 6th, and he told me it came to $1070. (so now u see just how heavily ive been losing at poker to still be so broke.)

so that will save me about $140 off my hotel bill, since 2 of those were weekend nights. And now ill have enough comp dollars to cover it in full.

i asked him what it showed i lost in 2010 total, 2011 total, and what i was down so far in 2012 for the year. and he told me in 2010 i lost $4100, but i was supposed to lose over $10,000 according to their theoretical loss, so i didnt do too badly. in 2011, when the machines had a much worse payback, i lost $8500. (almost couldve paid a years rent). and this year so far, i am only down $800. (less than 1% of the total of over $100,000 ive ran thru).

Now to talk about poker a little which i know bores most of u. I think the regulars in the Golden nugget are becoming too familiar with my game, and thats another reason i should be playing outside of Vegas. The only edge i have over them is i dont even know myself how ill play from one day to the next, so how can they? anyway ive seen lately im actually doing better in the tighter game at binions, (and online of course). this seems surprising, but is my game such a style that i actually do better against players i can bluff and manipulate instead of people i have no idea how they play?

i did make a mistake tonite. my game broke up at the nugget, and i had to move tables and was down about $75 when i moved tables and was quite frustrated id not been getting any really good hands all week. Id been playing just over 2 hours since id woke up a little after 2am. there was a young woman id never seen before in the 10 seat and i was in the 8 seat at my new table. i think she mightve been with the guy in the 1 seat not sure. She had about $160 and he had over $600. anyway, i sat there about 30 minutes, still not getting cards except for KK once and got beat but lost little. And i felt id played it badly not raising preflop UTG.

So i get 6Q offsuit in my unraised BB. flop comes up 10 6 2 with 2 clubs.
2-3 of us check, she bets $11. 1 guy calls, (who i thought was on a flush draw) and i called. I was quite surprised on the river when i found out she bet the flop with A7 of diamonds. At this point i was really sick of folding, and wanted to start showing a little aggression and try to force the action. (a certain dumbass living with his wife in bullhead suggested i do this). i checked the turn when an offsuit 7 came, and she bet $11 again. the other guy calls, with what im sure is a draw. i then made it $40, with about $53 behind. was fully expecting a fold from her, and maybe a call from the guy behind (worrying about the guy behind might prevent her from calling) and i can beat a draw if he dont hit. instead she calls, he folds, and on the river we both check, (figured another bluff was useless and if she had the draw id be good.) and of course i got beat by a pair of 7s which she turned. maybe i shouldve raised the flop instead or just folded?

what do all the rest of u nits do when playing tight, cant make a hand, and want to start playing a little more aggressively to force some action? anyone? scmg?

am quite disappointed and bothered by the fact my new friend lost interest in riding the train to louisiana with me and back, she claims she cant afford it and the extra time involved.

and if i dont get to laughlin now on the way to louisiana, ill miss out on $60 of my free play if i go on the 16th or later instead of leaving the 14th or 15th.

now id like u guys to call and look up the website, and see about the daily bus to laughlin, phoenix, and tucson that leaves Vegas daily called Tufesa. it leaves from the golden nugget and then stops at circus circus on its way out of vegas, then goes to laughlin on its way to phoenix and tucson. $30 will get u to laughlin, and $78 will get u to Tucson, where u can connect with the train to Shreveport for $125 one way. Problem is i couldnt understand from looking at the website where i stand to get the bus, which side of the nugget it parks on. and a valet guy there didnt know. so i went to phone them, and the lady didnt speak much English or be able to help me, said all she did was take reservations and didnt know who i could call. and it seemed to take like 3 days, but eventually they emailed me back, but didnt answer my question. Here is all the first email said.

Thank you for contacting GotoBus. We really appreciate your feedback and we sincerely apologize for any displeasure you may have encountered. Some times the customer service line is really busy, we apologize for the delay in replying you. We will try our best to improve our service in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback and have a wonderful day. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

so i emailed them again, and heres the reply. wrote on 2012-04-14 09:01:41

Can u please tell me where I stand outside the golden nugget to catch the bus to laughlin? There is no one working here who had heard of it. If I stand on the wrong side of the building ill miss it

could you tell me the confirmation number so that i could have a look at your order please?

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone at 617-354-2101.

--- havent yet placed an order. Too afraid too until I can first understand where I should stznd to catch the bus and im worried ill stand in the wrong place and not be able to get my money back.

joanna_wang wrote on 2012-04-14 09:18:24
well, when you book the ticket online there will be a map to show you the exact palce to get on the bus, you can just print the map so that you can easily find the right pick up place.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or via phone at 617-354-2101.

i looked at that map, and all i seen was the address of the golden nugget, and a map of downtown vegas.

nothing about whether the bus pulls up on the east side of the hotel valetl, or the west side hotel entrance. im a little afraid to actually pull the lever and purchase the ticket til i find out for sure, why arent u able to find out this info for me by asking one of ur supervisors or by finding out the actual number of the bus driver, and calling him?

u have access to so much more info than i do and u shouldnt require a person buy a ticket first before they can learn this.

and of course, now im waiting to hear from her again and have NOT. my whole point is, im still not sure which entrance of the nugget to stand at, most likely it would be near the rush tower, but not sure. If i buy a ticket and am on the wrong side of the building and miss the bus, im out my money and cant get it refunded. that is a reason i dont like paying online instead of cash on the bus. the whole point is, i should be allowed to ask this, without having to first buy a ticket and make a reservation (and then hope they will tell me the answer once theyve gotten my money). in my opinion, trusting them to release that info after theyve got me locked into a reservation first isnt very good customer service, is anyone able to understand this?

and i hope the remaining $46 on BCP will be enough to not have to redeposit at dollar for dollar, sure hope this money arrives quickly, but he always waits til my money transfer goes thru first. i won all the money in $1-2 NL 08 when i got lucky on 2 hands i was allin on. all this is off my last $30 redeposit. unless i get a lot more help with all the expenses involved in getting to louisiana and back and staying there for a week (in case i need it mailed to me) i dont see how i can possibly make it back for the koala meetup. How can i be up $1070 on machines for the week and still be so broke? of course thats not counting the $300 i lost on the VP machine across the street in the nugget.

and i need to learn what style of game and opponents best suits my style of play too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

its not a good idea to play when tired and in a hurry to get even

well i didnt update a day or two ago, because i thought i was gonna hit $4000 again, (since id had a few $100-300+ wins on the VBJ at binions) and at one point was only $29 away and was going to go back to my room and tell everyone the good news, and had i hit it, it wouldve made it so much easier to put out all the extra expenses involved in making it to louisiana and back to get ID. Problem was i tried way too hard to hit it, and when i got inpatient and made a bad call and called it down to the river with $52 preflop and QJ suited, and the rest postflop (just like a donkey would) it pissed me off cause i was tired, trying to adjust my sleep hours back like someone suggested i do (horrible advice--to stay away and play when dead tired just to fix my hours) so i went over to the SPIN VP 25c machine here in the golden nugget where i didnt even have my card since they dont use a card in the poker room, and lost about $300. $278 to be exact besides the poker loss. and the rest i lost in the last 3 days on other poker sessions and binions. im now at a roll of $3300. but overall im not losing on the VBJ. have about $400 comps now towards my $424 room bill. had i stayed off that machine, and not play poker when tired, id be way better off. cannot keep losing patience at the table cause i dont feel like playing anymore and want to win big first.

at least ive got a little more on BCP, just over $100 there now and ive not added a dime in deposits since depositing that last $30 the other day while on the strip in my room.

am thinking maybe i can lock up that money in laughlin while making it out to louisiana, and this time im taking a much safer room which will cost a tiny bit more but it looks safer from browsing their website. (shreveport, ill stay for a week close to a casino. not sure how ill get back to vegas in time). theres a person i cannot talk about whose either paying either one way or roundtrip transportation via amtrak out of la or tucson going right into shreveport. She doesnt want me to say on the blog why she is willing to do this, but its nothing sexual, she doesnt care about me near that much like she should. its something else and she dont want anyone stealing her idea to make us all rich. (and famous).

another thing really stressing me out is all the panhandlers bugging me (always black, selling stolen items, embarrassing other questions i cant discuss, and Britni never getting online in a long long time). People assume just cause im white i have money, and they have the right to demand it from me, im probably worse off than them.

and i took a horrible suckout when i convinced a guy to call over $120 preflop with his AJ against my AQ and then of course he sucked off of me, and i left pissed. this was in the golden nugget poker room, went to the VBJ and recovered it then lost again on a 2nd session. about a lot of sessions since my last blog post.

if i had an apt, i wouldnt need the ID nearly as fast, but i need it when using the players club a lot for comps. its gonna cost over $1000 to get my citizenship proof and i need to talk to that free lawyer may 1 the lady from NY found at this one place. But i still dont feel like the added stress of talking to rachel or getting inpatient mental health threatment like she suggests.

Monday, April 9, 2012

this is only the 2nd time ive ever had a room in the flamingo and the floors here are really slick, but not a bad room. certainly very close and convenient if u want to play at bills or osheas. reason i usually stayed ballys or IP was always because they seemed to give them out free more often with my diamond card last year when i used to get them free alot. and i had to book this room to pick up the $50 in free play, which is how i ended up with 2 rooms yesterday and today.

after falling asleep around 5pm, i kept going back to sleep, one reason because these rooms are pretty dark inside, and i didnt wake up for good til after 2am. Found some text messages that she would return me my laundry in the morning, and ill just let her bring me back downtown so i wont need to be out on the strip anymore, far away from the food in my refridgerator.

so i went over to bills, after first sitting in the flamingo for 10 minutes and deciding i didnt want to play in a game with the UTG straddler to my left, and bought in $51 and played pretty small for about an hour. seemed to not be the usual crowd, no locals for the most part. finally i turned my last $40 into $123 when i flopped a set and turned it into a full house on the river. one guy had a ton of outs and another lady flopped a straight. i thought she was the wife of the guy on my left but he ended up leaving long before she did and she wasnt with him.

and a little while later right when the game was getting really short, Kevin the IP dealer sat, and another woman and her bf sat, and then a local mexican guy whose name i dont remember with a lot of tattoos sat. he seemed to know me and be someone id played with, and i moved over 1 seat so he would be on my right instead of my left, because i could tell he was very aggressive, and sure enough he went allin dark first 3 hands, then rebought $100. he ended up knocking me down to only $69 on a hand, and i quit later on the blind with $18 profit still. i bet the turn (had 88) on a board of 35K3 where he checked dark twice, i didnt want to give a free card, and he had made it $10 preflop. i bet $20 and he check raised to $40, then checked again on the river. he had KT and rivered the flush. i am thinking my bet was a mistake?

but what i enjoyed the most about that game was when the women in the 8 seat with her bf asked the woman in the 10 seat (who id beat earlier with the boat) (and after she had commented that i still owed her a bunch of money after folding a different hand) if I was her husband. its nice that the girl in the 8 seat thought well enough of me to think that i could be married to a woman like the lady in the 10 seat. that made me feel really good, so i told Steve the floorman to find my online blog.

and im just sitting in my room playing online, waiting for the lady from NY to wake up and call me with my laundry. i was really surprised when she brought up the subject and offered cause i was planning to call vince soon. had about 5 shirts left.

new roll of around $3400 after getting the free play, a couple of small poker wins, and a few hundred on the VBJ machine at binions early yesterday morning getting the 300 points at very small bets, none over $30 but i kept winning more than ive ever won betting that small. far far above expectation. and then i also won free play there too, and picked up the free play at hardrock.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

well i finally was able to get a bunch of milks and pieces of pumpkin pie from binions cafe, and also some potato salad for my fridge, bad news was they were out of mashed potatoes.

played at binions for about 2 hours and won around $100, new roll is right around $2900. Which is still extremely troublesome, especially since i need to be spending a lot of money right now traveling to louisiana and back to replace an ID. the reason i cant get it around here has nothing to do with needing an address, or being a resident or not. thats actually a bigger problem in louisiana. its simply because louisiana is where i had an ID before, which keeps me from needing to show my birth certificate and showing a Canadian birth certificate in a place like NV or CA would create problems with proving my citizenship.

Back when i used to make my living panhandling from like age 19-25 before i became better at poker, i remember a real cold snowy winter day outside the interstate exit where all the cars turn by Clarendon Hills (a rich suburb of Chicago). it was about a week before Christmas, and i was freezing to death out there, kept having to walk over to a restaurant and order hot chocolate. yet i couldnt leave, i was making more money than i ever had in all the time id panhandled, the local paper even did a small interview with me, and i told them i couldnt find work. and an older lady even invited me to rake some leaves etc at her house and i went and did it for her and earned some money. (not the same day). I was holding up a sign offering to work. But since it was so bitter cold, and so close to Christmas, i made far more than the normal $35-60 i used to make a day back then (when people still gave. nowdays its much less). i ended getting close to $300 that day, several people gave me a $20, and i never ever seen another day like it since. i remember i was heading into davenport IA to play poker on the riverboat, but a snowstorm came in and instead i ended up holed up for about $45 a nite at a nearby days inn. reason being because i was lucky to have earned so much the day before, i was able to take the next day off and not leave the room during the snowstorm.

what makes me think of it now, is i remember placing a personal ad in the newspaper, looking to meet a woman and mentioning in the ad i was a panhandler. was curious if anyone would answer. actually someone did, but it was someone curious about me (not a dating prospect) and just wondered if i was ok and needed anything. Kind of like the woman up in seattle who when i was homeless invited me to come stay at her house, but i was afraid to because she looked like a crack whore and i was worried about getting set up because at the time i had a few hundred in my sock she didnt know about. im always been worried to stay in peoples houses, although i did safely do so once in fort wayne when invited over to someones house, but that was a christian family and i felt secure with them.

and i guess thats why i worry so much about homelessness and becoming broke. those were horrible days in my past, and id like to think those days are over for good and will never happen again. But i dont know. i dont even know if ill be able to get back on ssi, and it has nothing to do with the money i owe back to the govt, its because its been so long ago now, i think they completely closed out my case altogether. if i was back on, they would just give me $606 a month instead of $673 because theyd be taking out the 10% every month to recover all overpayments like they always have in the past.

but then again at times when not winning, or when doing something stupid like blowing a lot of money on the VBJ because i was a fool and bet way too much, i feel like i deserve to be without a place and living on the streets because of my stupidity. and i feel subconsciously that if i would hurry up and be homeless for a few days now early, it might help me recover faster and then be protected from being homeless long term instead.

and ive found out one thing that might be helping me in DON sngs on BCP. instead of having it set to chat, i set it to INFO instead. that way i always can see what place i am in, and know whether i am in the top 5 or not.

for someone whose played poker as long as i have, its not good to be forced to only buyin $100-110 when sitting down at a poker table. yet u are never supposed to go below 30 buyins and i dont even have 30 buyins of that. i felt like i was at a decent table at binions tonite, but i just couldnt take the risk of giving it all back once i was up to around $200.

ok now this might be an idea to make a little money. does anyone have anything they want to advertise, and are they willing to hand me a few bucks here in the casino, or transfer me a little on BCP in exchange for the ad space? i might need grouchies help with this, but just because i cant use googles adsense program shouldnt mean im unable to sell other peoples ads. this would really help if i could get a few dollars here and there by putting up ads for others, links etc. out of all the people who read this blog, surely someone has something they would like to help promote.

also if someone wanted to spend several thousand to get me into inpatient therapy to make sure my VBJ machine addiction was cured once and for all id be willing to do if i wasnt putting up the money. for as much as i feel like it might do me good to talk to a counselor, seeing one 1 day a week isnt what will get me off of machines.

being upset about how Josie took my email has helped to keep me off machines though. i didnt play any while out on the strip after that one loss at the westin she knows about, and while i did play a short while last nite, i kept the bets really small, none over $27, and stopped when i got the 40 points for the 2nd spin instead of getting the whole 300 points with a lot more risk. and i still managed to get a $20 food voucher, which brings the payback up to over 105% counting comps. so not bad for only 40 points ($320 coin in). i just hope she dont decide she has the right to keep the $10 transfer online she promised me a while back,(for sending my mom an extra $10) simply because shes mad i talked about planning suicide when i didnt really mean it and only said that that time (and in the past to others) when really frustrated and disgusted with myself. i mean i might deserve it, but i want to know i can depend on her no matter what. theres really no one i can depend on.

and i need to pick up a package lightning sent me too. the ups store emailed me i had a package so im sure it must be the pants he sent.

this shows a really cheap flight to philly from vegas tomorrow nite. i should just go get a cheap apt there and get back on ssi before my id expires may 23. by there i mean vineland NJ where i used to have a room in an old hotel $90 a week, wonder how much higher they are now over 10 yrs later?

i think ballys ac would be a great place for cheap holdem games, lots of $1-1 blind games there and loose fish. ac also has lots of $19 rooms on weekdays now i hear. and some big new rooms.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

downtown still worried.

been checking pageviews in statistics, and it seems like the more space i give between blog posts, the more views each page gets, and its NOT related to what i post about.

also i ran into man in black downtown tonite, but since he lost all the money he came to vegas with and is worried about who he can borrow from, hes not playing any poker himself. i'm not sure when his check out day is at the fitz.

roll is slightly improved to around $2800, due to a win tonight in the nugget. And ill probably go back out after a while, down to around $11 on BCP though. still could use some money transferred into BCP.

still waiting for them to bring me a working fridge here at the 4 queens. and my checkout date is the 16th. after that ill be out of comps everywhere, and i have no idea where ill go and what ill do, might see about staying with vince for a while, or maybe go live in bullhead city AZ for about $130 a week, although i doubt i can get ID there either, might have to stick to just playing online, since i dont really feel like i can afford to buyin $100 anymore. but i dont want to deal with the city bus, and downtown all the games do make u buyin $100.

waiting to hear from a friend found out for me today who did a little research into some things i needed to learn, as soon as she wakes up and calls me. She has a friend whose an immigration attorny. also i dont even know if id be able to get back on SSI again if i was below $2000. i think i mightve had my case closed out altogether when i never came back in a few months to tell them i was now low enough to qualify, or at least got a letter in dec saying something to that effect. if id have to start all over from scratch and go to court again to be approved, mom would not be too happy at all. i had previously understood i could get back on soon as i met the assets qualification.

and i finally got my fridge delivered while i was writing the above paragraphs. so now i can fill it up with either comped food or normal food at a grocery with the debit card, but they give u such small fridges. holds very little. and i am going to be about $100 short on comps just to cover my $420 room bill from now to the 16th.

and i doubt ill get any of my room nights picked up. after what happened, i am a little upset with my machine habit, and have tried to avoid playing them altogether because im angry with myself, and very worried so ive been off them now for close to 3 nights. i do realize the problem is not the actual machine play itself but the fact i make way larger size bets than i should be making on them, and the inability to accept a loss of any kind without feeling an immediate need to get it back. i didnt use to feel that as much when i had a lot more money. (or am i lying to myself when i say this?)

ok hitting submit now, and before i head back out to play cards, im going to go thru all the old comments and see what i should respond to and havent. and those women i was going to try to meet? i never messaged her again, ive been way too stressed about money to even try to meet anyone or update any bad news. hardly ever login to tagged and myyearbook anymore, and when in reno with money i used to spend lots of time there.

so who knows who called me last nite? hope it wasnt Britni, but i doubt it. shes the only one who always calls from a private number though. it came up as private number, was a womans voice, and they demanded to know who they were talking to. well i figure anyone whose calling me ought to know who they are calling (since i didnt call them first obviously) so i asked them who they were before i identified myself. (if u are calling someone and blocking ur number when calling, u have no right to demand to know who they are without first saying who u are, thats harrassment.) especially when u are not returning someone elses call. no idea who that was but i dont think it was britni, or carmen, couldve been amanda, wouldnt been josie, she didnt call from a private number. or it couldve been the woman in vegas i gave my number to. but if it was anyone of them, why not just say who u are instead of demanding to know who i am? u obv already know who i am. think it was just some troll or some wrong number. doubt it was a real woman or shed have said who she was and what she wanted, even if she was blocking her number, cannot figure out who would call and block their number like that, a blog reader would obv know it was me.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

ok lets get back to the subject of poker, because if i dont improve my poker game, all hope for me is gone.

new roll of $2800 and its about to be less very soon because my $20 a month box rental, and my $102 phone bill monthly is about to be taken out. Today id like to do something a little different than usual. (kind of like when i went over to P-ho tonight looking for a better game than the kind ive been playing in).

ok what im going to do differently is discuss some poker hands for analysis

after unintentionally falling back to sleep about 8.30pm without ever leaving my room to go play poker last evening, i woke back up about 12.30pm. with too much sleep. often i get too much sleep when getting over a big loss, and maybe its for the best. for when im asleep, my mind is taken off my problems.

as usual i dont remember all of the hands i should talk about but heres from what i do remember. first hand i want to discuss i am playing downstairs at ballys. and i get dealt JJ after about 30-40 minutes of play, and im down about $20 or so but it couldve been more. i raise it to $5 in EP. one guy behind me calls (possible asian reg but unsure). and the BB or SB calls. flop comes Q92 with 2 clubs i think. for sure the Q was the only overcard. i bet $10, (should i check raise or bet more?) and i get raised to $20 by the guy with position on me. now should i give him credit or is he just trying to gain control of the hand? i do the wrong thing of course, i called. turn comes offsuit 3 and i check and he bets $25 i call, river comes 5, i check he bets $25 i call, and lose. (i then had about $20 left).

next hand happens at P-ho. and here i actually started out winning. theres a very loose aggressive tourist on my immediate right. thankfully i have position on him. i just lost a big hand earlier, and i have only about $43 left. to be honest it was a pretty good table, one where a guy whose not on tilt and sufficiently rolled would buyin for the $300 max. this guy raises preflop to $15 and he has been raising way too much to be given any credit. so i tell him that as i shove my final $43 over his raise with AQ. he tells me i talked him into calling as he calls with A5. (isnt that what i should want over the long run?) and of course, he runner runners an 8 hi straight.

Had i not went over the top id have probably been put to a tough decision by him postflop so i hope none of u go by results.

the 3rd hand which i can recall, i had ak clubs and he had JJ. i raised to $12, he made it $25 (newcomer other end of table) and me being out of position and not wanting to not be able to see all 5 and not knowing if he was loose or not, i just shoved allin. he called and we were 50-50 but i lost. and i felt like that was a pretty dumb call on his part preflop since he would either be 50-50 at best or at worst way behind to an overpair.

if i only call preflop that seems dumb to me too, for the simple fact if i only see 3 cards instead of 5 i will have to fold on 2 out of 3 flops. which isnt a good idea with a hand thats 50-50 if i see all 5 cards. plus theres a chance he will call my allin with a weaker ace in which case im a huge favorite. u see the reason for going allin is to make sure i dont get bluffed off on the flop and also so i get all his money everytime he has aq


just woke up, after a much longer rest than intended. dreamed i was going to travel somewhere where id be homeless and i was waiting on a guy who was supposed to come by with a car and pick me up. then the car changed into a taxi, and i was afraid to get in it and cant remember why. i was going behind a bunch of rich apts with alot of parking garages for the tenants, and i dreamed i was at a private poker game, and someone in the game was trying to talk me into doing something so they would have an excuse to kill me legally. it was in a really fancy house with a boat dock.

so then im waiting for a bus, outside a town, and this one black guy who kept trying to get me to sell him some pharmcy medication he was desperate for after id refused to sell him any (for all i know he couldve been a cop setting me up) tripped me and all the medication fell out. so im getting ready to put things into my pocket and i told him just to feel free to grab 6 pills and go. and then he told me he had a gun on him and wanted all my money and suddenly he has a friend with him, and i start begging that u cant leave me out on the street totally broke, so he takes all of what i had on me except for $203.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post by Very Josie

Hi Everyone,

This is Josie, not Tony. He said he was going to sleep immediately. It's time to update everyone and he's asked me to post it here.

I'm very angry at Tony. He lied to me and betrayed my trust. He says he has his reasons and we'll get to his reasons why in a minute. Last Sunday he sent me an email saying he was going to kill himself, said a lot of other stuff too and also said that he lost $3,000. Remember that?

Well that was all lies. LIES. Why is the big question. He says he did lose $800 that night on VBJ so he was trying to make himself believe that he lost so much more so he'd stop playing. Meh. Whatever. Obviously, it didn't work. He said he had to tell everyone that in order for him to believe it.

The thing is I have a REAL problem with men lying to me and the "why's" don't really matter. My brother committed suicide many years ago so he put me in panic mode and with today's confession I've been in "furious" mode. But enough about me, let's get back to Tony's lies and reasons....

Personally, I feel he USED me because I do NOT lie and I'd like to think I have a reputation for being honest. You know, bitchy and with a potty mouth, but honest. He has me posting stuff that's lies, which frigging kills me when I think about it. Oops! This isn't supposed to be about me, let's get back to Tony...

He's also the one who's been posting lies on DaBlackPimp's blog. (Pimpy, in my furious anger I would've given you a link here, but I believe you owe me one!) Tony's been posting as BlackPimp, Mauihaole and localrock over there. Again, why did he post lies there? To make it seem Pimpy's post was unreliable. LOL That's what he says anyway.

And his reasons for lying to ME: Well one reason is so he'd believe he was broke and stop playing machines. He also says that:

deep down inside im sick of my own blog, i feel its the cause for my addiction, and my poverty, and im tired of being truthful.

Oh and today he did suffer another loss and because of this he rationalizes that Sunday's lie wasn't entirely a lie because he knew it was bound to happen sooner or later; just a matter of time.

The one thing I liked about his blog was that he was so honest about his wins and losses. Credibility is everything. He seems to be in bad shape emotionally right now because of this latest loss, which in reality brings him down to a roll of $3,000.

I feel bad for him but for me too. I am pissed. This is the second thing he's done to really upset me and ironically both involved lies. The first time he pissed me off he told bold lies about me to someone I like and admire. Complete and utter lies with no factual basis. About moi! If anyone else had done that, they'd be walking with a limp right now but I figured it's Tony and he's sorry. I just don't think I can do that this time. I don't know.

Anyway, there you have it. He's down to 3K and very upset. All the previous stuff was utter bull shit. Oh and yeah, he's still grinding dem machines.

Play smart.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

getting down to the grind and trying to do the right things.

am relaxing in my room playing a $2 don sng on BCP with the $17 i have in there, (i lost the FREE $10 i got from Bovada.) I look forward to the days NV gets their licenses out, and i can put as much money online as i want without worrying whether ill ever get paid, i just hope they dont make me have a NV id. am worrying about the ID i have from Louisiana expiring in may, the lady from NY told me i really need to get that taken care of right away, even if ill have to go to louisiana to get it done.

So even though i dont have free rooms showing up the old way (without using any special offers or codes at harrahs properties) i still get some emails and postcard offers in the mail from time to time. of course, none of them are like the old times in which i was able to get 5 free days in a row instead of 2 or 3. I am wondering if they got discontinued due to me using the vouchers or reel rewards coupons without playing anything else at all, or if it was just they tightened up and i played a lot less since their machines suck so bad. Or if they just discovered i was staying way too many free nites a year. so i got the offer for the april 3-5 $75,000 poker tourny invite at ballys, (along with $50 in free slot play) so I went ahead and booked it tonite (and they made me have to call on the phone although it claimed it could be booked online) and ill be checking in tomorrow. now i doubt ill get a dime out of that tourney, since it says its a shootout at the table (meaning i must take first) but even 100th place pays $150 in free play if im lucky. and im sure im not the only reader of this blog whose gotten that offer so any advice on the tourny would be appreciated.

also i booked another offer id received, but i had to wait until sunday to be allowed to use the offer. (which means ill be downtown at binions friday and saturday nites) The other offer was for the flamingo it was 2 free nites, and it included $50 in free slot play also. its not so much the free nites and that poker tourney i care about (since i prefer staying downtown) but its the free slot play, if i pass that up i feel like im giving away money. which i cant really afford to do. and also i need to pick up my mail. my debit card should be in the mail that mom sent down which she didnt want, and once i receive it, i can add that back to my roll, the same way i added my deposit back to my bankroll when i checked out of the riviera. (since i gave them a cash deposit)

so what i should do is tell binions, and maybe check out here instead of wasting comp dollars paying for 2 rooms i dont need? advice please. i also dont want the hassle of hauling around more than the bare minimum of a laptop and change of clothes. I still have way too many things.

Now last nite, after the lady from NY drove me downtown from the Riviera, i played at the Golden Nugget for awhile. and then i also played the VBJ at Binions. No, i am not a fool. i didnt bet big, played it betting a little smaller than usual. by that i mean instead of 5 hands of $3 all at the same time i was varying my bet to 1 hand of $3 to 5 hands of $3. and i made a few bets of slightly above $3 also. But i tried to eliminate any variance as much as possible, and i figured since id be here 14 days and my total bill would end up being $506, (if they dont pick up any of the days free that is) id need a little more than the $300 in comps i had left over. Thats why now im thinking of moving my things downtown into storage again at the bell desk and checking out and back in if my host dont hate me too much for the hassle.

So what happened is i ended up winning a small amount, and then did the spin to win promo when i finally got the 300 points, betting that small and that slowly took well over 3 hours and felt like torture. Also i reopened the safe deposit box, put $1000 in it, and also still have several hundred in the bank along with a little cash. I would probably be better off had i still been storing my money in the rio, that wouldve stopped me from taking that big loss at slotsoffun.

on the spin to win promo yesterday, i got the $10 food voucher, (todays meal once i got checked in and they finally brought the fridge--and then i slept all day from 2pm to 8.30 pm.) and also i got the $50 in free slot play which i ran thru and cashed out just over $40 of it. the $50 in free play is what u hope to get when u spin the wheel (noone ever gets the $2500). 50 in free play adds 2% to any machines payback since putting $2400 in play thru allows u to spin

and then i went over to the golden nugget tonite. and there was lots of $1-2 games for a monday nite. got my favorite end seat, and bought in $108. was getting down a little, and a new asian guy sat at the table on my immediate right with a large stack and only 1 other large stack was at the table, in the 1 seat along with his wife who are both regulars and good players. (not the same couple as id talked about before). i was in the 9 seat. 10 handed tables. so i soon seen AQ diamonds in the hole, and i made it $10. got like 5 callers i think. flop comes 10 10 7 with 2 diamonds. he checks, i bet $15, 2 guys call, he bets $125, i call allin for less, everyone else folds, and i hit the flush on the turn and it holds up against his KT. i knew i was behind, but i figured im so short im priced in and i just was glad he didnt have a boat. figured he wouldve slow played a boat more.

I brought the sunglasses over there from Josie to see if following her advice would help me win, and i hadnt said hardly a word except to order from the waitress. but after winning the hand i fucked up and started talking since i was so relieved to win the hand, so i ended up getting out of there after the BB got to me.

and now im in my room, playing online, and getting ready to leave again. new rolls is around $2200, with tonights poker win, the free play and machine win last night, and of course getting back my deposit.

and tomorrow ill finally be able to reach my host at the river palms, if she remembers me paying her in cash like id swear i did, maybe she can get my hotel bill reapplied to my CC which would recover another $67 back. thats why i hate using them instead of just paying cash.

and sickcallmggee thinks the laughlin game would be better for me simply because id be far more deepstacked there with the same $100 buyin. he could be right, and i do need to start heading towards louisiana. and if im in the baton rouge area of LA (not likely) id like to hunt up Jimmy swaggarts church and say hi.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

new roll of $2000

after getting a good rest to get over last nights loss on the VBJ machine at slotsoffun (so stupid to play those there since theres no comps) i woke up around 2.30pm, was online a little while, and then went downstairs for the 4pm freeroll. good news was they chopped it up at the first 15 minutes by the time all the players had showed up, so i ended up with $110 profit. if they wouldve played it out, id probably have ended up not making the money at all. so i was really happy at whoever suggested that.

so from having over $4600 yesterday, to losing around $200 later in the game while Grump was sitting at the table (and I apologized to him and made sure he wasnt mad) to then recovering over $100 in the tourney today plus about $65 more in the cash game, to losing around $2500 last nite on the VBJ machine at slots of fun, which puts me to where im just barely at a roll of over $2000.

and i wish id have never stayed at the riviera. i could found a place on expedia for a little over $40 a night downtown saturday and even less today. Not only that, they are no longer giving out the funbook coupons that always had the $25 matchplays. if any hotels, such as texas station, or wherever are giving out $25 matchplays ever, id be curious to know about it.

had i not came out to this area of the strip, it wouldve avoided that big loss. really dont know where to go now, i cant afford to live in vegas, and if i went to the east coast where i couldnt play machines any more and has a lot better poker, id be living outdoors for a while til i was in better shape. and i didnt even realize today was April fools day til people started mentioning it. So no, that wasnt why i sent it. also i deleted that message off facebook, the wrong people might end up seeing it. was just depressed when i posted it. Got about $50 in never used old food comps at circus too, so i shouldnt been eating at mcdonalds simply cause its a lot faster.

And when i check back into the 4 queens tomorrow afternoon, for 14 days, I have about $285 still in comps there from all my recent play there, so ill have enough to cover at least 10 of those 14 days and i can always check out early. Main thing that bugs me and has been causing alot of stress lately and i think has messed up my ability to win at poker is not getting them free rooms from harrahs anymore.

without todays slight comeback from chopping the freeroll tourny, and a small win in the poker game, id been down to only about $1875. so at least ill stay at $2000 or so to work with. Would like to do all my playing at bills where its cheaper but i dont want to deal with busses nor do i think their rake is beatable. game sucks there. probably should go back to laughlin. or maybe grind $1-2 downtown and pray.