Friday, March 31, 2017

slow growth

It's been quite a long time since i've lost in a live casino poker table. the last 10 or more sessions on my phone, theyre all wins. new roll of $19,100 from around $18,000 several days ago. and this money is going to be used for the dentist soon, i think ive found the one in Toledo i will end up using. Ray however, is still spending way too much of his meager roll on pick em poker or keno. sometimes he wins though. more than i would expect. i do think he would be $1000 or so better off had he only played poker. right now hes worried about getting a new (not new) car before Tues so we're not charged for weekly rental again. his landlord owns a dealership or works in one, and didnt treat him right as far as keeping his word. nor did the guy who bought the one which broke down for $200 when he offered him $275 over the phone, then shows up with $200 in person.

i keep buying in for only $50 since im not stuck, (the min buyins so much less here than in NV) and keep winning with it. sometimes been lucky winning early on when i shouldve lost. so many policies different here than in NV. as far as 10 people, straddle rules, requiring u to have a players card to play cash in toledo, etc. a banned player hit the BBJ once and this is to stop this. the worst is in motor city, when every time u go broke, u must get up out of your seat and go to the cage to rebuy chips. Buying chips from the cage to begin with before u sit instead of from the dealer is poor enough customer service but many rooms outside of NV do this.

Rays old truck quit running, so we paid $80 each to rent the car for a week. he had to have a car. it stopped rather suddenly. he should have enough credit to buy a car, and is considering putting it outright on his various credit cards to avoid monthly payment from the other dealership not thru his landlord who does this.

no BJ for me since leaving Jacksonville, except for far less than $100 online with bitcoin. toledo the 6 deck shoes are $15 min. both in detroit and toledo continous shufflers or those not paying 3-2 are lower priced, but no normal BJ games for lower stakes like in vegas reno or shreveport. so im not tempted to play because i feel the min bet is too high. remember im still much less than the $22000 i left reno with. not as low as the $15,700 i reached in jacksonville after buying so much bitcoin but still not good. only good news is ive been over $10,000 for a long time. since 2010, seems close to 80% of the time. much different than in my younger days. i dont buy hookers like i did either in my younger days, could this be co-related?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

detroit poker

I get more and more lazy about updating this blog regularly because i dont get paid money for doing so, and i feel i need to spend 100% of my time earning money since im so stressed about it all the time. unlike Ray who spends some of his time on OKcupid looking to meet women to go out with. which i never do because i cannot bring myself to take time off, or spend money. in fact, with todays loss of over $1000, half of it on $2-5 in motor city, some of it on the charity room in MI, some of it from Greektown, where i think i made a bad bluff attempt due to impatience, (described both this hand and one other hand with 7-7 to Ray from the previous nite) which im too lazy to do here right now because im too tired to write this blog, im down to less than i left FL with.

but Ray is glad i showed him $2-5 NL. tonight he played it for the first time and he won $350. so now hes willing to use his credit to play it, because he thinks the players are much more willing to gamble than the $1-2 players, and feels he can win enough in it to "not get frustrated". it will keep him off the money hes wasted on VP this week.

i dont think i played the $2-5 nearly as bad as the $1-2. didnt lost patience like i did more than once in $1-2 this week. at least im not playing no more BJ. didnt try to make extravagant moves or bluffs like the ones i told Ray about, which he can tell here in the comments if he is less lazy than me. but this final hand, i make it $25 with AK preflop. 2 callers, and im last to act. flop comes K67 with 2 spades to a flush, they check i bet $65, one guy calls. turn comes 5, not my favorite card, with 2 flush draws now out there. if im beat, im going to have to call his bet so i overbet the pot to $400 allin. theres 4 or so with piles over $2000 in the table. he calls, river is A offsuit, which is good because then i suck out if he had 2 pair. hes got the 34 of hearts? wtf? he called $65 on the flop? with nothing but the gutshot?

im almost thinking id been better off staying in columbus, as bad as their games were, i still came out ahead close to $700 while there.

if anyone noticed anything weird with the blog in this past week, lightning accidently published his blog here, then immediately deleted it and put it on his blog.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hollywood Columbus Trip report

Blog Trip Report. (guest post by Ray)

Starting out in Cleveland, I began by picking my old friend Tony Bigcharles at Cleveland international Airport. He had a long week in Florida, and was very tired so we (He) decided to only play for a few hours in Cleveland. The Casino in Cleveland is in an awkward location downtown. I would recommend that anyone who plays poker on a regular basis go there, but if your in the neighborhood go check it out. So we ended up there about an hour, I got very lucky and made a nice score. Tony held his own and made some quick scratch for a nibble at the local KFC in the rougher part of Cleveland. After TBC had a nice warm helping of food he snuggled up in my back seat for a nap while i drove the turnpike 2 hours home. Once we hit Toledo i gave him a choice of Toledo or Detroit to play. He chose Detroit. So we went up north another hour to play at Motor City (Which by the way is the best action in Michigan i've seen). I think he won a few bucks there i can't remember, but he fared well for the amount of traveling he did and how tired he was. We took off from there and hit a private charity game by Detroit Metro, the list was to long. Tony don't like waiting, it is not his style. So we took off again, he fell asleep i ended up taking Ann Arbor way home and hitting Kroger to buy Tony snacks and goodies. I grabbed us mini carrots and apples and protein bars. Tony then slept in my room by himself, which i give him every time he comes, while i sleep in the other room.  he woke up like then thirsty dogs after a coon hunt ready to play in Toledo. I think he made a nice little score there, and started on about Columbus is the place to be we need rest. So we took off to my pad and he hit the bed and was up again for work on Saturday, he started by playing a little in Toledo. It was early Sunday morning so instead of sleeping i grabbed a quick tank of gas and hit the road to Columbus. We arrived around 7 am. he wanted to find certain hotels i kept driving around so he could see different things in Columbus. We then hit the poker game at Hollywood Columbus, it was a decent little morning for him, he hit 2 drawings for a hundred a piece called a "Hot" seat drawing. The table where they draw the seats get a hundred a piece and the winner gets like 250. After we played there long enough for the room to let us check in we hit a La Quinta. There was a very very very cute Mexican woman working. She let have it early and we went to the room and crashed. We both woke up, then hit the road and drove by a few more potential places to stay. After Tony had decided where the next week long room will be we hit the Casino for round 2. The game was tight, back n forth struggle for chips. Columbus has some good games and some tight nitty games. No biggie its like that everywhere now a days. 

We kept hitting the casino to log hours for the promotion. The promotion has you receiving cash back for playing from Sunday at 6 am. to Friday at 6 am. If you play 15  hours you can get 50 dollars cash back, 20 hours is a 100 cash back, 25 hours is 200, 35 hours is 350, and 45 hours is 500. This is good incentive for players to play longer sessions on their slower days during the week. So Tony and I kept on hitting the game after we slept here and there. It is was a very sketchy sleeping schedule.  In between playing this week Tony kept up with a friend named Jeremy from Twitter that told us about some great games at Shark Tank. This is a local room in a shopping complex in Columbus. It is strictly just poker, they have several different games including 1/2 no limit hold em. 15/30 round by round with a full kill. The round by round is like the good old days, one round of hold em, one round of Omaha high only, then one round of Omaha hi/low 08. So one evening me and Tony went for a drive he used his maping system on his phone to help me find my way there. We walked in the room and it seemed to be a nice place to play. If your not a yearly member you pay 20 for that day to play of course this is good because there is no rake on any games. When we left there we came home to get rest for another day at work logging endless hours in a 1/2 game for the weekly salary we are now eligible for. 

During our sessions me an Tony have only played at the same table a few times. During one of these times we did end up involved in a hand together. Tony was on my left and someone made it 12 after me and tony called the 2, when it became my turn to act i took it up to 25 and it was now on Tony to act. He sat and thought about it for a few seconds and threw it away. The original raiser then acted and put me all in which was a great bet by him. The hand ended up where i had an AQ, the original raiser had AK, he had me dominated. The flop came 9 diamonds, 9 hearts, 10 of hearts. Me and the original raiser are all in and the only ones in. I am ready to re-buy and Tony is yelling that he folded a JQ of hearts. As Tony was saying this the K of hearts hit the board on the turn. He then became extremely anxious about how i made him throw away a straight flush in the biggest pot our table had in hours. I was more worried about how i made a bad move and had to re-buy another hundred. Just as i pulled out my wallet the black J hit the board giving me broadway and escaping with a pot i had no business winning. Tony was very very disappointed i raised him out of the hand with that hand because i hadn't played a hand in a long time. He was putting me on KK or AA i am sure. 

Now its weekend time coming, and questions are everywhere on what to do and play. Columbus isn't like the old days in the early nineties with all the Roman Catholic church festivals that we could come down and play Stud and Omaha at. Its was a great action town for years. But in all Tony and I are both up and expenses are eating my profit. He is doing better down here than me. But we still need to make better scores soon. 

I am not sure what Tony is thinking next, will it be Shreveport, Vegas, Reno, or even Boston. I just don't know and neither does he. The next blog we can talk about Jesus Christ more, i apologize to those that do know Jesus and didn't hear me talk about him on here.

----the above portion of the blog was written by Ray---

today i would like to share with u one hand history. i won my biggest pot of the day on this, but feel i misplayed the hand by not shoving the turn. i didnt really wish to add in more variance, when up for the day biggest win in days of poor luck. I had AK and called someone elses $12 preflop raise, as did one other guy. flop comes K69 with 2 spades. the preflop raiser bets $25, the other big stack calls, and should i raise here? i called, worried the original better might have AA KK or the chop. theyve both seen me try to bluff a few times, which were pretty much the only reason id been up over $200 tonight. Unlike what i told sickcallmcgee, the games are very nitty most of the time. the promotion is the reason. it will loosen up over the weekend, when hours do not count. turn comes 7 of clubs, he bets $60, the other guy calls, i dont shove like im probably supposed to with my last $200+ but only call. i worry someone might be waiting on me, expecting me to. not him but the other big stack. river comes 2 of hearts, total blank. they both check, and i sit thinking, wanting to bet, knowing they might put me on a bluff, but worry theyre sandbagging. i finally check. original better raiser insta mucks without seeing my hand. must of been on draw. i show ak and its good, other guy must of had like KQ? never know. i feel i missed lots of value not raising the turn, i mightve got paid much more depending on how strong the draw was.. even worse i gave them a free card which couldve cost me the pot. i just didnt want to give back the profit when im only working to earn my $500 for 45 hours. with 1-2 hours left to go.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am so glad to be out of Jacksonville and by the time u read this, ill be playing poker in Cleveland

$15,700. Thats it. How'd it get so low? well for one thing im not winning here in Jacksonville. Now im not claiming the games arent beatable, for i won over $150 today in $4-8 stud hilow, then lost more than this in $2/2 NL. But i do know i dont feel like i have the bankroll for any of the games i usually feel i have the roll for. (even when i had the same size roll or LESS in years past). This is NOT the main reasons for this low of roll however.

why'd i come here? well i wanted to protect myself from losing my money in BJ. now to do this, i shouldve came with the $45,000, before i went to reno, and this wouldve been solved. coming after most of it was lost was a little too late. im paying $375 per week for my room, and $30 a day with uber. this is way too much for me to handle without cracking up under the pressure mentally or financially. this afternoon my allegiant i purchased 2 nights ago when i first realized i wouldnt be able to survive here before the price went up--will touch down in cleveland, and Ray will be waiting to pick me up. we will play some poker, then go home to toledo. we will most likely visit columbus for their promo within the week too.

But spending $625 a week? when i can live with Vince or Ray for a fraction of this, is dumb and stupid. yes i like my independence but the critical thing to do is once u are in a big hole, to stop digging. in reno i paid for less when i lived there long term near the peppermill, and i wish id just paid the $250 per week to live in the vagabond instead of needing to earn free rooms while in reno. wouldve kept me from playing as much BJ. id still played but less.

im not sure i could even earn $625 per week here in Jacksonville. the rakes more, no comps, nothing is free. if i ever return i think ill stay in orange park executive suites for like $269 per week. its a mile walk, no more big uber fees, dont look no safer than budget suites in vegas, but no more unsafe either than this. i do like the option of PLO8 in the other room, and the mon-wed-fri stud 8. the stud 8 players much much too loose, i turned $96 into $261 in it.

im very much on edge, due to financial stress. the $4500 in bitcoin i lost online playing BJ since coming to Jacksonville to get away from BJ, (well not all of it, it didnt all arrive yet) but enough of it. being dumb enough to purchase from other people for over $100 juice twice. simply cause i hate the week wait thru coinbase. im going to get banned if i dont go somewhere i can relax without huge expenses and stress. i got in trouble twice this week here, but not thrown out--just talked to. this don't even count me blowing up on the pit boss in reno in BJ. both times i felt the others were needling me, once this guy was laughing at me, another time i got slowrolled. took some horrible beats too. theres definitely a clique among the regulars. and this one guy and his friend i think mightve worked together against me in the 3 handed PLO8. the night i lost the $2000 in it. since then ive kept my buyins so tiny they werent enough to work with. (like $40 in $2/2). i only played $2-5 NL twice with $100 or $100 and change.

for as many years as ive played poker for a living its very embarrassing ive played so little $2-5. and no tourneys in which there was substantial money in play.

the uber drivers suck here horribly, tonight i had to complain to uber, get the fare reduced by $6-7 when the driver really screwed up big time again way out of the way, likely intentionally cause he did twice. he got a 2. and this afternoon he, once accepting the fare, the guy never showed or moved his car. i finally got him to cancel since if i did it id be charged. he was driving someone around in his car not thru uber when he accepted and 20 minutes later he was still waiting for them to exit his car.

I would like to talk a little bit about the criminal justice system in the US and how it needs to be reformed. Lightning as always misrepresented my record in his comments on the old blog, and i didnt like what memphis Mojo said about my personality either. the only reason id say anything unkind is when under stress over money, so if i was dealing (a stress free job full of free gifts continously) i sure wouldnt need to ever be unkind to survive and pay my bills. i never tried to rob a soul. i only pretended to, which shouldnt be a felony. trying to rob someone should, but NOT pretending to. but this isnt the way the law works, they didnt believe me, thought no one would do this who wasnt serious so they claimed i "must of changed my mind". even my son couldve had a serious felony (burglary) my mom told me never to tell a soul, but he got lucky the guy wouldnt prosecute. he was having mental health problems so bad he didnt realize it wasnt his house he was entering.

being charged with a felony shouldnt force u to get low paid min wage work for the rest of ur life, and never being able to look for a normal job. theres no incentive to seek work if u cant get good paying work. even gambling for $17 per hour is double min wage. the problem is u need a bigger roll than most would ever dream is needed. why did 1000s of us vote for Trump, especially those in poverty unable to get work, people like Ray, Vince, etc? its because we were left out. Ray would tell me of not getting factory jobs blacks could get with affirmative action. Vince would tell me how women are favored given priority over men. Trump won big due to economic issues, not because the US is racist. the only racists in this country are those who arent white. my mom used to work cleaning houses, when i grew up in poverty. but in this new world, only immigrants are given this job nowdays. no white maids in hotels less than 10%. its a big lie most people believe that americans dont want these jobs. u cant even work at mcdonalds without being surrounded by those who arent like u, so who would feel at ease working there? i got outrageoud in reno while playing BJ and every single dealer in a row being asian. lots of races discriminated against in dealing, white, black, mexican even, because they only wish to hire asians. sure u see a few, but the vast majority in some places are asian. thankfully this isnt the case in toledo, detroit or jacksonville, but it sure pissed me off in the silver legacy. none of the asians ever talk to thank u for tips or root for u like the older white women do or the men.

but yes i couldve not gotten into gambling and been so heavily dependent on it to survive constantly stressed, afraid to turn loose of $1. couldve found work had it not been for the felony, when i last went all over town applying for work (below age 30) no one would ever call me in for an interview because of my felony. now it would be over 20 yrs so maybe its less important but im totally bummed out this many years later. no work history would be a bigger issue now than the felony.

instead of ruining kids lives for years for buying weed, or other minor felonies, why not clear records after a certain period of years without any issues? if 7 is too little, surely 20 would be sufficient to clear the records and seal them. mine took place at age 20, 28 fucking years ago. sure trying to rob a place might make some think twice before they hire u, but joking around pretending to rob the place then admitting u dont want the money and arent serious shouldnt ban u from working the rest of ur life. and with this im tired of writing must sleep to be up for the plane. im not publishing this til im boarding the plane though.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

id' much rather be in toledo to not have the stress

Considering if i prepay a months rent somewhere (which should be my #1 objective--although i ABHOR turning loose of money-even in an emergency-on living expenses) i would be in the $18,000s my main goal should be DO NO HARM. Well, theres no BJ to cause me harm here, or video poker, but theres still the issue of playing too long of sessions when tired or stuck, or bringing too much cash or buying in for too much. Plus i hate to admit this, but i do best in NL holdem. so i shouldnt buyin for $1400 more when stuck $600 and in the PLO8. no the $600 wasnt lost in the PLO, but $178 of it was. and yes, the final $1400 buyin was lost in the PLO8. especially when 3 handed many hours later, i self destructed and started playing poorly. the real issue was i had way too much on the table. theres quite a difference between what u should invest in with a $45,000 roll and an $18,000 roll, and i definitely should be keeping my buyins quite low. remember, do no harm.

but i need to do this quickly--so i can load the place up with food for the house. or go live with Ray right away. uber and daily hotel fees are killing me. and theres a certain Uber driver i must discuss with u. i've noticed too that if i wait til the 9th, theres a $86 flight on allegiant to cleveland, close enough to meet Ray i think. i dont think i can survive the expenses here plus i hate the fact it closes most of the week at 4 am, this isnt the best time to be getting Uber. too many weird drivers. this being said, ive met several women drivers here too. including the nice one whose deaf a little, but not entirely. and the college kid whose nice in orange park. finding drivers there at 4 am even less likely.

i did win in orange park, but its a longer ride, if theres a safe enough hotel nearby, i might stay there. im so hesitant of picking a hotel, then finding it unsafe or with bad wifi. when u do not have a car to put ur suitcases in for a few hours, moving hotels is a horrible pain. even more so, when as i often do when being made to leave at 4 am, get to sleep like 7am. so the last thing u wish to do is check out at 11am with little sleep. therefore even though this hotel is too far away, its much safer, and i keep renewing it thru priceline cause its like $25 less this way than booking it thru the hotels website. i just did for 3 more nights. so im still homeless then, not paid for a week or month yet. its not an inconvenience if u have a car to put those things in from like when u move out of one hotel til checkins allowed at another. sometimes u wait hours.

now about this other Uber driver. (i ended up getting him fired, which most of u might agree he deserved to be). This guy started off arguing with me about me being responsible for the pin being in the wrong spot, then apologized when he realized he was wrong. then he drives 1 mile the wrong way, going south instead of north. he offers to reimburse the fare by ending it early so im not charged the last 1-2 miles. But then he asks me if he can go thru a drive thru to wash his car right there. i mention id like to get to the pokerroom soon as possible, so he then goes looking for the freeway with the lowest traffic, theres 2-3 to choose from. i worry he will hit another car the way he zooms in and out so fast and request he drive slower. the entire time, he worries i wont give him his 5 stars everyone always gives if the service isnt poor. and keeps asking if he will get them. The only time i feel good is when while at the stoplight, he hands the homeless guy with the sign $1. i mention this and he says he does it because he believes in God and i then ask his religion, and find out he is from saudi arabia and his religion is muslim, not christian.

i only give the 5 stars because while looking in my email after exiting in best bet, i look in the wrong email and think i got the trip under $13 (good price). then i find out the trip was $24, much more than it should be. so i looked up how to remove the 5 star, contacted uber, told them all my concerns, they refunded me in full and deactivated his account. so $24 of the $2000 i lost on friday night i recovered.

sure wish there were food in my room, there isnt, i bought very little yesterday in walmart due to constantly planning to move out to be a much closer uber ride. just not sure which is safe, and its so inconveneint to move. i even considered going to tampa, but rooms there more expensive, and even much more so if i went south. nothing for less than $100 per night in the WPB to Miami areas. even on craigslist the weeklies like $500 everywhere. maybe not in a place which could be terribly unsafe. wonder if prices decrease in the summer?

im not winning here in jacksonville, except the $273 in orange park sat nite and the $1019 the very first night im here. down quite a bit overall, but of course, its from poker, not other games. should not play when its shorthanded which by this i mean 3-4 people, not 7 instead of 10 like some think is short. and when im tired of playing and only playing cause i need more money to quit, this is wrong reason to play too.

its driving me nuts the hotels which wont reply to email too, when i ask about prices. the one here in town, plus one close to the new room outside orlando. im not using the phone to ask.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Best bet Jax on monument drive (not orange park) trip report.

Im glad to discover the poker in Jacksonville FL is beatable. i was a bit unsure at first, and quite concerned. was once stuck over $380 in buyins, then made my 4th buyin for $200 this time. $2-2 NL (no $1-2 here) $40 min, $200 max. incidently the $2-5 NL is only $100-500 buyin. not sure if theres other places in the US where the min buy is below $100.

when i made this 4th buyin, i had tweeted out my displeasures with certain policies here. (no phone chargers on the tables) no free coffee, no comps, rake taken preflop if u raise the pot to steal money in it, or rake taken on chops. theres 70 tables and when i played less than 10 were in use. this did go up  to over 20 during the busier time of the evening. not counting the sucker games in the other side.

also, the motel i took for 5 days is way too far away. (and i rode their city bus for the first time). theres better options much closer, the Uber tonight going home, she drove by some weekly motels and showed me closer options. monthly prices of those would be about $1000-1500 per month. much less than spending close to $65 per nite by the day.

not knowing the area i got off the city bus too soon (due to listening to a passenger) and ended up wasting $6 on an uber to go 3 blocks simply because i got lost. i thought i was much further away.

im glad to report the casino offers plo8 and it goes quite often over $340 of my wins came from it but it didnt last too long. like 3 hours. still loose though as was the $2-2 NL. then i tested out the $2-5 NL last of all before leaving. won $50+ there too.

the casino is not 24 hours except weekends. 10am to 4pm the rest of the time. so its not good to arrive about midnite, meaning u cant just sleep whenever u feel like it. or stay til its light out so u feel safe enough to ride home on the morning bus to save money. this sucks.

one big hand occured against a guy with well over $800 who specifically moved to my table. i reraised him preflop with QQ to see if i was good. (i dont think i 3 bet enough). he only called with his aa so i thought i might be good. then i flop top set. and there could be a possible flush draw.

i bet $15, he called. turn comes K, i bet $30, he bets $100. i call. (i worried i mightve misread him and he got KKK). but if im good, i dont wish to announce my hand either. river comes Q. i check (very risky) and he bets $125-150. i ask him if he will show if i fold. (with no intention to of course). he says yes, so then i say ok this means ur weak, im allin. now i think most of the players here arent very good in this city. but im not saying he is one of them. way too many people seeing most of the flops for raises. he calls pretty quickly which surprises me as weak as his hand is against a legitimate raiser on the river. then he quits the game, and so do i, to the disappointment of the other players.

so i go with over $1150, when i had only about half this when the hand started. but i wasnt hitting and running, theyd just called me for $1-2 PLO8 which id been waiting for them to call all day. i cashed out $1000 then bought in for the remaining $192.

very amazing no one here employee or customer ever heard of my blog.

now for a very brief vegas report. i was only there 1 day from reno, and it was my shortest trip ever. flew in one day, out the next. losing over $1500 on the el cortez vbj when i went there to get away from BJ played a bit part in this decision, and due to it, i missed seeing 2 of my favorite women friends. cdizzy and stephanie.

while there i did win a bit on poker in the nugget and surprisingly the wynn too. i missed seeing lucki duck too. but i did see the canadian socialist women who i blogged about before. its weird how she always has seperate hotel rooms from her husband. lightning especially felt so.

had to get out of reno was so pissed, i never turned in the key to my now empty safe deposit box in the legacy. u see i went there to retrieve my $8000, but then i dropped the roll from over $29,000 to $23,000 when losing close to $6000 on one good shoe. then the pit boss was too dumb to decipher why my mood wasnt good when he said hi.

theres good poker here. i might not like all the things about this room, but its beatable. now are there good IV dentists here too? will need one quite soon. Uber is good here, though u cant use it to request rides in the airport.