Sunday, March 31, 2013

a lot of evidence in todays blog why Bryan Micon and the ownership of seals is not to be trusted

still not doing well at all, and im sure i wont be for a long long time. Only got $1362 in the roll, no money online anymore, (except for 30 chips left of 50 chips from Mc gee) and i still owe $100 for March internet, that used to be auto deducted from my bank acct on the 27th of every month, not sure when its past due. and of course im still in danger of having my phone shut off anytime. However i also think that theres a good chance i might last a long time without busting out either, but without any real hope of recovery anytime soon. still however, its better than the alternative (risking either winning a few hundred quickly or losing all thats left). so id still be wise not to martingale or overbet. Even though Kimlee and Andy differ greatly in their opinion, and Kimlee said it was ok.

Really wish i had some friends around, (i mean ones who understood that every dollar i have is vitally important to my survival) which means i have nothing to pay for gas. And yes, that means no spending comps on gas either. Because im going to owe $105 in comps again for the week apr 7-14 and im down to only $49 in comps. and im starving tonight, and have ate up all the food, all the canned goods etc, because i didnt buy near enough at the food4less with stack because i have no money and couldnt bring myself to spend more than $17. So i feel like going and spending $12 of my comps in the buffet on the evening meal. all i have in the room is 9 soups, everything else is gone. really can use food stamps, but theres no way to qualify. way too much hassle proving i have no income. welfare certianly wouldnt take my word for it, especially after looking at my bank statement, they thought every incoming transaction was income and that wasnt the case.

Reason i need someone around who wont ask for gas is because on sunday apr 15, my 28 days will be up again, and ill have to checkout for 2 nights. and of course i have no comps in vegas either, no way to get free rooms there anywhere anymore, so ill have to spend money whereever its the cheapest. also i need a friend willing to cut my hair for free with a pair of scissors. its looking really bad. im not shaved either, but thats not a big deal to me. although i usually have the barber trim it off when i go because it looks so bad by then, and thats why my haircuts cost so much. cant believe how when i had a nice bankroll i used to waste a lot of money like up to $40-60 paying for it in places like the spa at the plaza and nugget simply for the added convenience of not having to leave downtown to find a barber. id used the elcortez if i wasnt banned. sure im banned at the plaza too but the plaza will just ask me to leave and the elcortez wouldnt, they took me to the security office and called metro instead, even though that was over 10 yrs ago last time i was in there, but as far as i know they still have the same head of security they had 20 yrs ago and hes there for life.

he seemed to be of the opinion id stolen from Jackie Gaughns room (not true) simply fell asleep by the roof and had a pillow with me from a room, that id found. But he put a lie down in the security report, and thats why im not comfortable trying to get it lifted. seems quite common for security to lie on reports as to why someone is banned in this town, thats how they justify the bans to other employees who hired them, and is why trying to have them lifted is a total waste of time. Harrahs KCMO, the MGM grand, Treasure Island, and Binions of course also werent truthful in their report as to what happened either. (which ive explained in multiple previous blog entries). Treasure Island was the only place i ever did anything seriously wrong that couldve gotten me in legal trouble instead of just asked to leave, but it certainly wasnt anything remotely resembling what they wrote in the report.

so yeah id like for someone able to just clip it with scissors. actually that could probably even be done here outside in the parking lot. certainly not in the room or it would leave a mess. and of course they certainly isnt anywhere here for me to buy scissors. and the small swollen bump that seemed like it had pus in 1 finger burst and went away, that seems to happen from time to time, so did the one in my nose where it had felt red. But a good checkup by a dr to look at my scalp to make sure im not having any problems with infection sure wouldnt hurt. however im certainly not having anything put on my credit record by going to UMC. thank God all them old entries had time to come off being over 7 yrs old, thats why i only had to pay $100 deposit for cell phone and internet instead of $400 like i was asked years ago and declined getting service.

i also dont want my credit report hurting me when i go to get a monthly apt someday either. u save a lot of money being in a regular apt by the month instead of by the week. PokerJohnny has the perfect setup and so does McGee. I actually qualified for a dept store credit card before from a major retailer in toledo when i was 18 or 19 or 20 i cant be sure but i think the name mightve been something like Lion. i ended up owing over $250 i couldnt pay and losing my acct however within a few months. the only time i really remember having an actual credit card instead of a debit one. the banks cracked down on retailers giving those out to people without great credit after the housing crisis began that obama was responsible for back in the days Bush was in office when he worked with acorn and they sued banks to force them to make bad loans to minorities. so its a lot harder to get a credit card that in the days of very loose credit.

Cant imagine why this guy on seals got the idea i stink. none of the people whove met me in person think that, at least not the blog readers who came to town to meet me. Only when i had no rooms did i never shower, and slept outdoors. been doing so at the goldstrike the shower works good here. usually if i do smell bad its because its my breath, although some might not realize that. thats why i carry around listerene strips when im not out of them. But ive not heard any of the readers ive been playing cards with regularly complain. only people who ever complained were assholes who never liked me just looking for something to complain about. the only way hed really know that wouldve been if he saw me smell bad on a day in vegas, as he claims, but if thats the case and he thought i owed him $13, why didnt he bring it up then? so somethings not right there.

Mc Gee is really ruining his reputation on seals by being chummy with that guy, and giving him that stake. alot of people in chat there dont trust him. and im no longer gonna play under my 1baddude name, except for the krill freerolls since the guy whose imitating me under the name 1badude (without the extra d) and about 50 others names. at least if i create a new acct and never ever talk at all i wont ruin my own reputation on seals.

But truthfully, i dont trust the site at all anymore, not after what i read today from the scammer in chat. i copied and pasted it for u all to see, along with a bunch of other chat. I've been upset with Micon for awhile now for not getting rid of 1badude from imitating my name. so what if he creates 10 new accts, at least id not have to ever worry about him being accidently mistaken for me. And once u start reading the chat carefully u will see why i dont trust the games at seals to be honest. im sure most of them are, but u cant depend on ur table to be at any given time. remember, i got called by a guy with T9 high no pair once who beat me. and it seems like Micon isnt doing anything to prevent this issue, nor to care about it very much.

and im also offended by yoloswag4 who thinks the whole thing is funny. sure i called yolo a donk earlier today because he WAS a stupid donk. u see mc gee staked me for 50 chips since i was broke on seals, and told me to ONLY play 10chip 9man ones, and no cash games since those are so easy to money in. and as soon as the 50 reached 100, i was to send him back 50. (which is worth about $4.65). so i went to start registering and forgot to filter the lobby, and accidently registered for a HU sng. i was busy making sure they werent turbos, and were normal slow speed, and were 10 chip ones because he told me to be careful i didnt reg for 24+1 ones. by the way its still 1 coin rake if u play the 9 chip or the 24 chip. (maybe he should consider that too).

what yoloswag4 did was to reraise my raise that i made with AQ hearts preflop early on in the HU sng when blinds were low, with K9 offsuit. i went over the top allin, when i only had about 30% of my chips invested, and he CALLS?? wtf kind of a donk call is that? and he flops 2 pair and rivers a boat.

but that shouldnt mean that yolo thinks the idea of someone sitting at multiple computers on seals, (cant imagine anyone owning that many computers) logged in under multiple acct names, (he was logged in as 6 people same time today) that he thinks this is FUNNY and a JOKE. u see cheating is serious business. and it will drive traffic away from the site. notice how the guy with about 40 names always harrassing me in chat talks about how hes cheating, who sickcall can better explain in this blog how he hacked another guys account (plo8monster) the other day.

i was already aware i cant trust this guy, why mc gee staked him 10 chips i dont know. but now i feel like i cant trust yoloswag either. he shouldve immediately been outraged by the cheating admission. and why Micon dont do anything i dunno. sure as he says he just can create a new id, so how does he ban him? but there should be a way to stop someone from using that many similar IP addresses from that many computers, id think the ISP addresses would have to very close to identical. Mc Gee claimed the guy was using a VPN, which should also be prohibited. says Mc Gee was told that by the scammer. i wonder how the pokermeister feels learning that its this easy to play multiple spots on seals at once?

and id like ideas of how Micon can fix this issue, or if seals itself is so flawed the issue is unfixable? it just seems to me Micon isnt doing much. he never replied when i wrote to and only wrote back when i emailed him at his hotmail address and sent a message to his facebook and twitter. basically saying banning someone is pointless and i myself should get a new ID, which i did and sometimes play under.

all i know about this scammer is hes far out on the leftwing of american politics, supports gays and euthenasia, and hates the fact i wont try to get on public assistance and have a disability. So in a way, i think the reason i tweet the things i do is i feel like im defending myself against the people whove bullied me my whole life when i do that, including those who bullied me as a kid. people say what i tweet is hateful, but i feel like im striking back at the sacred cows of all of my enemies. i dont think id do it if i didnt feel bullied all the time, or if someone else would speak up against those things sometimes. used to be in 1996 everyone felt the same way i did, and that was only 17 yrs ago. how society has changed in a decade. Even Clinton felt that way when he signed DOMA, then now has changed his mind too since. 84 out of 100 senators voted for it. now we wouldnt even get 50. i grew up in a small town in KS. everyone was very conservative. everyone believed in God for the most part. psychiatric manuals used to call being gay a psychiatric disorder and almost everyone thought it was gross and disgusting.

explained this to Josie once. i feel like liberals feel like i shouldve been aborted at birth. and since i cant possibly agree with that, that therefore everything they value and hold dear, the opposite must be right. u see God is a God who cares about others, and the most important value at all is the value of human lives. so anyone who dont believe in that, i cannot give them any respect or im essentially saying id be better off dead. most gays pushing gay marriage dont care about marriage anyway. all they want is the right to sue churches to force the church to marry them because their real issue is with God. and thats who they hate. the world has turned a lot in 10 yrs. people no longer have any respect for God, or for their fellow human beings. which is why people dont speak up when someone is being mistreated in chat and instead sit and laugh about it. and wear such horribly offensive tshirts. So its fundamentally hard for me to turn around and respect what they think i should do. because my rebellion makes me want to do the exact opposite.

anyway u can see the chat below, no reason in hell a guy should be allowed to harrass nonstop in chat with 6 screen names who dont deposit. im gonna stop playing on seals and go on bovada instead, better site. maybe even a site he cant find me like bcp or carbon
darrylbum: my name is darryl

dumbbum: and i'm just dumb =D

yoloswag4: there is a 4baddude in the lobby

yoloswag4: lmfao

wetardbum: Hey stinky

stinkybum: yeah wetard?

wetardbum: i want some more doritos

wetardbum: i wish andy would send us some

stinkybum: yeah, i miss AndyCash

stinkybum: I would let him fuck me in the ass for another infusion

wetardbum: yeah, an "infusion" ;)

darrylbum: I know this guy called tony bigcharles, man he sucks a mean cock

dumbbum: yeah, and i only had to pay him $2!

wetardbum: you paid for that? I just offered him a ride then bent him over

stinkybum: LOL

stinkybum: you guys are sick

wetardbum: and you stink!

dumbbum: and you stink!

darrylbum: and you stink!

stinkybum: yes i do :(

stinkybum: it's from not showering, like, ever

stinkybum: 1baddude, any advice

stinkybum: for not stinking?

wetardbum: yeah man, we hear you're also ab um

darrylbum: bum pride!

0baddude: HEY


groomba: people people, settle down!

groomba: there's plenty of TBC's ass to go around!

wetardbum: tony

wetardbum: TONY!

wetardbum: WE WUV JOO

0baddude: TBC's MY BOYFRIEND


0baddude: i hope they legalize gay marriage in nevada

0baddude: so me and tbc can get married

0baddude: that way his greasy ass is all mine

0baddude: ALL MINE!

0baddude: we've been dating ever since i raped him in my car

0baddude: when he was under 19

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: yolo

groomba: how do you rate my performance?

yoloswag4: fab

groomba: lol

groomba: it's FABULOUS (in a gay voice)

yoloswag4: ^

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: i think he's legit gay though

groomba: (1baddude that is)

groomba: like, he used to have sex w/ men

groomba: and now he bashes gays all th time

yoloswag4: lmao

groomba: normally that kind of gay-hate is from in the closet gays

groomba: just the other day

groomba: he tweeted some random guy on twitter who's a cab driver

groomba: something about "loading fags in his cab" lol

groomba: The bums ar ethe FAB 5!

0baddude: I'm Fab !

0baddude: 1

wetardbum: FAB 2!

stinkybum: LIKE TOTALLY FAB 3

darrylbum: SUPER AWESOME FAB 4


System: yoloswag4 finishes tournament in place #9

groomba: aw

groomba: yolo's out :(

yoloswag4: :(

groomba: oh well, wanna razz 1badude?

groomba: i dunno why he doesn't respond lol

yoloswag4: lol cant, gotta go freeroll

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: i made a hand in th freeroll take 15 mins once

groomba: becaus ei got 2 accounts at the same table

groomba: so i min raised over and over

groomba: for 15 mins

yoloswag4: lol

groomba: lol tony

groomba: you think i care if i get banned?

groomba: i can just make 6 more accounts

groomba: dont even need an email account

groomba: yo yolo, you should untrust 1baddude

groomba: for being a retard LOL

aedge: diamond...knew you'd defend your small blind too

stienski: be a man then

aedge: after that 94 donk play

System: herp finishes tournament in place #8

stienski: where im from 94 means push

aedge: that's why raised more than normal...knew you were defending with anything

stienski: i played the hpt and the wsop this month...i had KQ diamond lol

stienski: aedge i still love u tho

0baddude: aw man

0baddude: my boyfriend lost

0baddude: now he's going to be angry when we have buttsex

0baddude: NOOOOOOO

System: 1baddude finishes tournament in place #6


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Talked with Tmobile today, paypal, changed some email addresses and im quite glad i did

been worried about lots of things since dropping the $2200 down to $1300 although im feeling somewhat more secure now being back in the $1600s. Been following the chart to the letter and not doing any martingaling and always making sure i have enough money for my bets. (since the drop to $1300 that is). i've been feeling bad for feeling like ive disppointed Andy by using poor judgement a few times with his money. And i dont like doing that, for if it wasnt for him, and the food he sent, id be in far less shape today. am finally feeling like i might have a chance to make it after all since about $300 has finally came back, some of it from seals. my bank got the $43 this morning that id converted to bitcoin, and im also back to over 750 chips on seals.

Have also created some new email accounts for some important things and of course Byran micon said in his email id be wise to use a new seals acct and not tell anyone the new name, because they really cant ban anyone due to the nature of the site. where u dont even need an email to play on it. and of course they allow anyone to chat there, broke or not. explained how if someone gets banned they just make a new acct anyway so it is pointless. also Krill cannot be transferred, so i transferred my chips to my new account, and am still logging in on the old account but only for the 500 krill freerolls. have played in 2 so far once i learned the correct starting times for the freeroll. next one is at 6am friday, they are every 50 hours apart. and i made the money in both. now tonight mc gee criticized my play while watching.

im in the krill freeroll, and a lot of players are sitting out. i have the perfect seat position on the 3 out of 9 of us who are playing. the other 6 are sitting out, and all 3 of us have seats next to each other, and i have position EVERY TIME almost. i was moved there from another table, and i have about 3000 in chips, another guy has like 2500, and the guy in the middle has like 14000 and is shoving every single hand without fail. every time the other guy folds, he shoves, and of course wins the sitting out money uncontested. and of course, i kept getting nothing but junk

so finally i get AT off, call his shove and am 60-40 favorite and double up and now have like 4500. im not sure how soon thereafter, but i get dealt KQ hearts. and he shoves. now i know if i can get enough chips to bust him, i will win every pot uncontested about (depends on if they move a new active player to his seat or not) the 3rd guy kept folding all the time, being in such a terrible seat disadvantage. and i cannot understand why mc gee says its a bad call, seeing the guy always shoves any 2. chances are im dominating him massively. i call and of course win the hand. now ive got him covered, and eventually i busted him. went on to take 3rd for 65 chips. theres about 100 players or so in the freeroll

maybe in live action its a bad call. but think of the edge i gain if he just gets busted out, although i cant on that hand. im almost guaranteed to win if hes gone.

and i called tmobile, since my phone was getting texts its past due, for the purpose of suspending my phone service and to see how much id still owe of my $90 bill. i was thinking id only owe for like 1 3rd of the bill. turns out thats NOT true, ive been paying a month later each month for the previous month instead of for the following month like i thought. so id owe for over a month instead of a small part of a month. wasnt happy to hear that.

but heres the good news, which really surprised me. she told me id had an excellent payment history with tmobile, which is true since my bill had always been paid on time by auto debit on my bank and said that because of that excellent payment history they could allow me to make small payments and not have to suspend service just yet. so i paid them $20 today over the phone, and will pay another $20 a month from today, but of course ill owe a lot more so ill be running up quite a balance, but my phone will still be on until the balance is too large. i think theyd have preferred i offered more than $20 a month, but they took it. so yes, i am really glad i called him. and thanks to bigshow5404 for having suggested the idea to begin with, and i wish id called a lot sooner. not sure whatever became of him, i think he might be frostystinkmitt or maybe not, maybe the troll is using that acct, who knows? i really cant figure out which guy he is. suspect a ton of people, and 95% of them arent him. but how am i to know who he is?

need petepeters to file a harrassment suit. he's commiting a lot of criminal acts by placing them phony craigslist ads with my yahoo address saying to send paypal money. of course ive explained the whole story to paypal and they say not to worry, but suggest i just get not only a new email for paypal (which i did) but also a new email entirely, which wouldnt work out so well and be way too much hassle. also have attached my cell to my paypal to get notifications and to verify whose really me.

though ive got very little in comps and wasting way too much time on seals (since its far more profitable for me per hour) ive still got some food in the room, thanks to stack stopping at the grocery store. had i been thinking clear id have asked him to come much earlier so we could visit a laundry also. im out of shirts again.

now about that stake with snevman. snevman somehow was worried i might not show, no idea why he felt this way. we dont like to use texts because him living in belgium runs up my bill, especially a phone call. so he had sent an email saying if i wasnt there at 6.01 he would leave now mind u the tourny isnt til 7pm, but we were going to eat first. only thing is, that email was sent BEFORE stack had offered to take me, when he thought i was possibly going to come with seattle irish. so once stack and him had talked by email i figured i was safe since he would then be 100% certain id show up.

stack had emailed him promising hed bring me just that morning. and stack and i were pulling into the parking garage at the riv at 5.55pm on my phone, and then walked inside. got to the poker room just a few min after 6, and i hadnt tried to call or text being its a belgium number, and i thought if anything was amiss hed tell me. Joe was working the riviera that night, and told us he had just left right at 6.01, not more than a couple minutes earlier. dont see how we didnt miss seeing him walking to the garage, maybe he parked in valet underneath the riv instead. so it barely being 6.05pm, i called him, and he said he was in his car driving down paradse road, and refused to come back, and when i tried to let stack talk to him he didnt want to talk to stack and hung up. so stack felt bad for me, and since no one was showing up for the 7pm riv tourny anyway, he took me to the stratosphere and bought us both in since he didnt want to see me miss out, and besides theres a lot more people in that tourney. i didnt money, came in like 25th about, but he got 4th and still made a profit after both our buyins. he also was very nice about letting me play the cash game with $60 while he was still in the tourny, and i lost $9 of it. he was the one who offered, not me. i didnt suggest it. also we went in mcdonalds in circus got a couple small items and i showed him the VBJ.

nice to see grump is back to posting his blog, wish carmen would too. i thought wed lost both of them forever. and my balance will go down soon, not up, the internet bill MUST be paid and today is the day it becomes due or is that past due? also i had overage again so i owe $90 instead of $80

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I can finally be over the bitterness and resentment ive felt towards sickcallMcgee the past 3 weeks will explain in the blog

and to start with, he dont know about ANY of this, he has no idea how much trouble one small thing he tried to do on my laptop has caused me. Thank God i found this webpage, because there is no official support person for gmail, (since its free, they offer none) and i did post in their help forums, but no one bothered to reply since the only people using it are NOT ACTUALLY EMPLOYEES but only other clients also needing help.

(webpage that fixed the problem when i followed the advice)---

u see, Mc Gee went on my laptop to set up Google talk (so i could send people texts but not recieve back if my phone gets cut off) he didnt realize i already have an gmail acct i dont ever use, so he created a different one. (the other gmail tmobile required it to download applications to my cell from the Google playstore). so i sometimes get gmail sent to my cell, and its ALWAYS from the google playstore since it was all ive used it for. here is the problem--the new email mc gee created, since i was logged into Blogger at the time, somehow attached itself to my blogger acct. and then it wouldnt let me remove it from my blogger acct (to go back to just using yahoo email) because u CANNOT delete a gmail acct as ur primary address once u have one. and it somehow became my primary address instead of yahoo.

the way this created a problem for me was this--every single time i made a comment elsewhere on someone elses blog, i no longer got comments sent to me at my yahoo email, so i didnt know about them. instead it was sending all the comments to the gmail address. I've somewhat fixed the problem, but not entirely,  its still not letting me send comments to yahoo and i really wish that it would. But at least its now sending them to the gmail acct attached to my phone where ill actually get the mail.

were it not for this blog article i found, (with the advice in it to be logged into my blog on 2 different browsers at the same time to switch from one gmail to another gmail) id still be unsure how to fix it and it would still be driving me nuts.

it was driving me nuts so much, i seriously considered shutting down my google accts entirely, under sickcallmcgees email he created. Problem is, i was pretty sure if i did that, my blog would get deleted and erased too. i would like to know if i was right in my thinking on this, if i deleted that gmail email blogger acct, would google have really deleted my blog? of course, if id have shut down my google accts, id have turned right around and then created a new one with my yahoo id, and made absolutely sure to NOT attach a gmail this time.

the reason its so important for me to use yahoo instead of gmail as my primary address is not only would it be a pain in the ass to get mail in 2 places or have to change my email at every bank and forum under the sun, is that im ALWAYS notified immediately of new emails on yahoo simply by being logged into yahoo messenger as offline all the time. and on gmail im not, i dont even think there is an instant messenger program notifying people of this for gmail, correct me if i am wrong.

all this will soon be moot anyway, wont know of gmail soon on my cell, as my cell will get shutdown (and my internet) once i get past due enough where they cut it off. im better off just playing live right where im at and not having any expenses at all, and that way i wont lose the final $1450 i still have after todays meager wins. if its really important someone reaches me, they can come out to the goldstrike. but i do need to get my seals with clubs money first, and im down to $2 in bovada again. cannot understand why its taking seals so long to get back online.

oh and snevman, Mark said its NOT $60 plus $12, its $48 plus $12 for $60 total in the tourny. stack says he will pick me up at 5pm monday night. i seriously hope stack dont mind stopping at a grocery store on the way back so i can buy canned beans at either walmart or food4less where its cheap enough.

good news is im finally following the chart exactly to the letter, and thats keeping me from any big losses i had martingaling. so i still think ill survive ok without needing govt help as long as this machine stays put, and as long as i continue to follow it. no more dumb things like getting mad and hitting max bet and then not being able to split 88, really screwing me like happened once

also those of u NOT reading roughing the punter probably should be, u are missing out on some things.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Man do i miss pokerstars, and i keep having all these dreams about living in strange towns with very cheap rent

i've not been able to play on seals all night, the site is down, and considering i won so many chips earlier, (i have 979 chips, almost a whole bitcoin and they are way up in value, $73 i heard). i'm hoping they are still going to be there when the site is back up. and i really need to get setup with a bitcoin wallet thats linked to my bank. i think Mc Gee suggested, not sure what thepokermeister and others suggest. i got quite lucky today in PLO high, because i was tired of playing short handed plo8, and managed to win 2 big hands right as i was going to quit when the blinds got back to me. i was in for less than 200 seals chips.

so because i wanted to play SOMETHING online that wasnt a vegas casinos play money site, i looked at my Bovada acct that zin recommended is easy to win at. if Zin can win there, anyone can. i found 70c in there, and found 1 game thats enough to sit with. 5c10c hilow stud8. and now ive got $1.62 on bovada. But now its the middle of the night and that game isnt going, and the site seems really dead. and thats why i miss pokerstars so much, it was so busy all 24 hours, and so great for grinding up very small bankrolls. i also found 575 points on bovada, and looked to see how to turn them into cash. u can use 220 points for a $2.20 any tourny (or sng) ticket so i got myself 2 tickets. Problem is the ONLY $2.20 sng (except a HU one) is the 27 player beginner sng paying 10 spots. so i registered for it, and though at one time it was up to 21 players, it never filled and now is at 3 players. so i give up, i guess it might only go during the prime 3-4 hours of the day. seems the only thing that actually goes is a few $2.20 Mtts mostly rebuy ones, throughout the day and i really dont want to play those, i want a way ill have about a 50% chance of turning this into cash.

snevman is coming into town, sunday nite and monday night, and has offered to put ME and anyone able to drive me from Jean and back (roundtrip) in the evening $60+12 riviera tourny. also a meal in the riviera before the tourny. thats a 50-50 stake, and ive been having a hard time finding a ride. asked mc gee, who wanted a ton for gas besides the stake, and now hes claiming the price of gas went up, and it now costs him $60 in gas. PokerJohnny has other plans for that night, hes got tickets to some event that night. Vince wasnt available either, i left him a voicemail about it. next person i asked was seattle irish, who was going to give me an answer by 11am today, but he thinks he might be out with his son that night. havent asked stump, AKgal, or grouchie because i figured theyd be less likely to say yes. Grump mightve had he not moved away. havent checked with donkeytax either yet. and some people i dont know well im sure i wouldnt be comfortable getting in a car with if ive never done so in the past. anyway snevman wanted me to let him know by noon saturday so he could make plans.

i seriously dont see how ill have the net much longer without assistance. sure cant use hotels wireless, thats $49 a week. my bill is about due, and my phone was due 10 days ago and ive heard nothing from them yet. i cant afford to pay, my roll is down to $1407 from $2241 over a week ago, and things havent been nearly this bad since before i got that money from Andy, which ive been investing rather well to remain in business. anyone else from RTP or my blog wouldve seriously gone broke by now, and they know that, and thats why they dont attempt it with this little money. been keeping a roof over my head for over 31 days now, (worth $800 in itself) and still have cash and comps somehow. and though a lot can still go wrong, and things become much worse, i didnt go broke. good thing im not playing the VP, the even money BJ machines, or the shufflemaster ones anymore or i wouldve gone busto. This machine is far more generous than all the ones that wiped out my roll over 2012. Am back to strictly following Kimlees chart, never variating from it, and that makes so many more $1 bets, my wins and losses have been very small the last 2 days after so many bigger ones before that when NOT following the chart. even when i was winning on the way up to $2200, i wasnt following the chart. well i was after winning a hand, but not when losing. and thats what upset Andy. i was afraid to quit with a loss, because i was afraid id lose his money if i did, but it seems that by martingaling i lost the money also.

and to be honest, im tired of playing the VBJ. Claudia asked me towards the end if i really was happy living in Jean, and for the first time, i can honestly answer NO. I miss poker, because when i played poker the last few years, i was averaging so much more per hour its unreal. and i had so much bigger an edge over the other players. even on the best plus counts u will almost never get over 3% edge. even when i lived in lyons, i was a lot less stressed even having to do all my playing online except for the weekly bar and VFW game. because i had cheap rent. same in Butte montana in 2002-2003. cheap rent, easy online games party and paradise and pokerstars, a daily relationship with women online who played low stakes stud hilo on yahoo messenger, and very little expenses, ($230 a month and utilities for a real apt in Butte). wish id not moved away to vegas and went so broke i never came back to claim my stuff and let him evict me. i originally thought id come right back, then lost most of the $1900 id went with. id done ok in butte, i originally came thru town on a bus with only $700-800. didnt have the slightest idea id end up living there when i got off the bus looking for a live poker game. was on my way back from visiting a woman in idaho falls ID who id met online, who wanted me to come see her. but i waited too long, and she had met someone else. shed been asking me to come up for a few months. she was still interested in a 1 night stand though. I had fun living in Butte those 3 months, even though one of the dealers didnt he committed suicide while i was there. there was also a weekly poker game in the strip club there too, with free admission for poker players. there were about 4 games in town, at least 1 every night and were easily beatable. the most fun was when the local president of the Republican party invited me to watch the election results with him at his house and a few other prominent people in Butte. (i didnt own a TV). only thing i really hated was the city bus shutting down by 6pm and the fact theres no hookers there.

playing online poker at home so much back when the games were good and easily beatable kept me away from any bad habits. only reason i didnt get rich was such a small starting bankroll, and i wasted money frequently transferring it to other pokerstars players all of whom were women. Kingofdonks should realize i certainly wouldnt do anything like this anymore, its been a LONG time ago. and also, i left Butte way too soon instead of sticking it out another 6-12 months and really growing a roll.

yeah id be far happier back somewhere living cheap, and playing poker instead of VBJ. but im 10 yrs older now, and afraid of homelessness and change. also online poker is no longer easy money or available. i wasted a good opportunity back then, most people had enough sense to not let go to waste. maybe i wasnt near as skilled at poker back then either. i miss all the easy poker wins in Iowa and all them cheap rooming houses too. wonder if any Iowa players still win easily today. or Montana players. i dont know of any blog readers there, with the possible exception of JJkeys. would love to quit this machine and play poker to get the bigger edge, but if i did that id have nowhere to stay, so i just cant bring myself to do that til im forced to. my edge over this machine is almost nothing, and im scared to death to martingale, and also scared of following the chart, but since following the chart wasnt really given a fair test, and since i want Andy to see i can be disciplined and not wasting his money and proving everyone on RTP wrong, im now following the chart and praying.

also i seriously need to find someone who will buy me out, move me to a more professional site, and in return, cover my monthly internet bill each month, or i may lose the blog completely, its only a matter of time til all these companies shut me off since i had to stop paying. and talking to lightning privately via email wont fix the problem.

and we just now FINALLY got a 4 handed 5c10c stud HI going instead of hilo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

not in a good mood, and worried ill lose everything, but maybe i might as well hurry it up and end my life

was too pissed off to sit and play any more, almost broke the phone, caught myself betting way too much when im supposed to not raise my bets til the running count reaches +4, but it didnt reach that high for more than like 1 hand in hours, and i bet way too much on neutral counts and counts of +1 to +3 because i was so used to all the negative counts i was flat betting $1 on, i was waiting for ANY chance to raise up the bet. ended up losing $200, new roll $1530. i dont want to go broke, but if i do eventually, maybe its best i hurry up and end it now, and get on with a new life out on the streets panhandling so money can start going in instead of going out. i seriously need to follow Kimlees chart, but i really dont see how that will force wins any more than martingaling forces a win. how do i force a win? no matter how high the count gets, i know im going to lose the majority of the hands, so how do i force wins when the decks in my favor?

also my mom is turning 71 on march 25, and again i have nothing, and she will just be getting an ecard is all, and i hate being broke so much i feel like doing something really desperate for money that could get me a lot of prison time just so i can end it. need to shut down all blogs all websites, disappear completely like Britni so i can go and apply for food stamps also instead of just the ssi. but theres no way in hell ill get welfare, because my win loss statement here shows me winning a lot of money i didnt win, and welfare insists i bring it in if i want their help with medical. also i still need to disconnect the phone i cant pay, instead of waiting for them to shut it off.

and although i want to play online from the room and take breaks, i cannot afford to fund my seals acct, and of course, never went to setup a bitcoin acct that i can fund thru my bank someway.

yes, i really think a good way to get rid of stress would be to cut off all contact with the world, that would lower my monthly bills too. should just disappear to FL or CA and start sleeping outside, and spending the day panhandling instead of gambling, so the roll will start to grow, and where i can also again feel safe trying to get food stamps and ssi, which i dont feel safe doing in NV i could even find work if i was out of NV and didnt need to apply for cards to get jobs. the only reason ive not done that is because i dont want to lose my room and be outdoors at night. i just paid for 2 weeks yesterday with comps. new checkout date is monday apr 1.

must say im proud of stump for tweeting something the pope said, even if it caused one of his women friends to block him on twitter. notice the following twitter conversation. theres nothing humorous about this woman blocking him just because she hates God and wants nothing to do with God. never could understand why some people hate God so much, to not care is one thing, or have any interest, but why so much outright hostility? makes no sense. i cannot understand why AKgal thinks its funny. she is caught in the middle between him and this other girl. and i think AKgals feelings are truthfully more in line with stumps, she seems to be a good person, but of course i could be wrong. i do really miss stump.

this was the original tweet from stump:

17 MarPope Francis‏@Pontifex
Dear friends, I thank you from my heart and I ask you to continue to pray for me.
Pope Francis.

after Stump said this, a woman friend of AKgals blocked him, and said seeing him retweet something from the Pope made her gag. then later commented she wanted nothing to do with God.

then later stump tweeted this:

'The Bible' Series‏@bibleseries
#JesusIsComing! RT if you're excited!

Retweeted by Chris Abramski
Expand Reply

17 Mar'The Bible' Series‏@bibleseries
#Daniel is in the lion's den. RT if you are thankful for religious freedom. #TheBible

Retweeted by Chris abramski

17 MarChris Abramski‏@ChrisAbramski
@KeepsItRealz Nice! Tolerance at its finest. I'll pray for you. #Caring

keeps it realz is the woman who blocked stump, and this is why he said this to her, he seen that she had blocked him. and the bottom is a different conversation tonight when he was going to hangout with AKgal, and i mentioned how i felt about the whole thing.
(later added)

Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1
@Andr0us @KeepsItRealz I think me and Jesus Freak might meet u guys for Bingo. Unless this is a private rendezvous....

5hStarts with a K‏@KeepsItRealz
@AlaskaGal1 lol. He hates me...

5hChris Abramski‏@ChrisAbramski
@KeepsItRealz @alaskagal1 I'm a godly man. I love everyone. :)

@ChrisAbramski @KeepsItRealz @AlaskaGal1 i am proud of what this pope stands for and believes, but im more proud of Stump for retweeting it

4htony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003
@ChrisAbramski @KeepsItRealz @AlaskaGal1 too many people nowdays are ashamed to stand up for whats right anymore. biggest sin is being PC

4hStarts with a K‏@KeepsItRealz
@sevencard2003 @chrisabramski @alaskagal1 #whenjesusfreaksattack

4hKristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1
@KeepsItRealz the thing about @sevencard2003 is he doesn't "get" humor.

hope everyone was able to follow that wish people would be more willing to speak out how they feel. when all the real friends i had quit coming to this blog, it really went downhill. and when Grump started getting hateful and nasty and moved away and quit his blog, that didnt help either.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


new roll $1735, quite disappointed none of my 64 tickets won any of the 10 drawings, considering there werent as many tickets in the drum as i thought and were less than 5000. i lost quite a bit better more than i normally would, although it was a good idea in the longrun, considering the tickets were on average worth $1 each, increasing my EV by about 1%. i dont think i went about it the proper way though. shouldve bet less at some times i bet way too much, and more at others, i played it in such a way as to make the variance a lot more than it needed to be.

And ive already known this, but im not getting no more money from Andy, and of course still no money on seals, nor do i know who i can buy from. never set up an acct. and my phones past due, might as well cut it off. dont need it since ive given up on getting assistance, too much hassle and gas money i dont have.

am really praying i dont go broke here and am worried about it, considering i thought i was doing well when over $2200, but now have so little. And on Monday i can check back in and rent a room in my name, but i think theyre sold out soon on an upcoming weekend, so thats another big issue looming. and i have very few shirts left. got over $235 in comps though.

i still dont have anywhere nearly enough to play poker, not even omaha8. when i have a $2100 bankroll thats only a $100 poker bankroll, the rest is living expenses. only with 4000 do i have a 2000 poker bankroll, and thats when i want to play poker and id still not be able to buyin over $100. im not like all u young guys, im too old to be broke starting from scratch and going bust not being a big deal. it wasnt when i was in my 20s. Yes, im in a very high variance situation, but not quite as much so as if i went into vegas and tried to play poker (because of the extra housing costs) so i might as well stay here.

i keep thinking there shouldve been a way to get more tickets without too much risk but not sure of the best way that wouldve been. i also dont feel i took advantage of that lucky club promo a year or so ago the best way either. i did find out, from facebook oddly enough, when i won the drawing it laughlin. looks like feb 26 2011, id have guessed further back. so now i can try to find it on an old blog if it exists

Thursday, March 14, 2013

not much has changed

things are still ok, $2233 roll, although i do owe a past due phone bill. no luck going to social services with Mc Gee, although they did mention a clinic that has autism as one of their programs that supposedly charges based on income, told me to try going there. its desert springs center on sahara. the lady was very nice and did think id eventually get my ssi back since i had it before. i explained thats why i needed a dr, and she told me as far as she knows legal aid will help me with getting an ssi lawyer.

they needed written statements from vince, andy, grouchie, vook, everyone whose transferred money into my bank accts and statements from the casino win loss statement to prove income before they could let me qualify for the medical card. u are allowed to make up to $1400 a month, but she looked at my bank statement, couldnt figure out all the multiple transactions, claimed my income looked ongoing to her, and needed more proof. so i got denied.

having a tough time with mcgee getting seals with clubs since he cashed out, need an easier way to buy seals and get money into there. enough so i dont need to again. and still got quite a bit of food in my room. also i was mistaken, saturday is the day i must be checked out of here by noon, but the hotel will let me check back in in 2 days, spoke to the lady shift manager. and im also allowed to rent a friend a room, but i must be checked out, and have all my things removed before 11am. and that is too early to let anyone else check in, but sometimes u can go ahead.

if i can just get one $500 that will help a lot. but i doubt it, need a way to earn more tickets. also wish id bought a lot more applesauce ive mostly got junk food here. if i had a car, id just go up the road to Primm, its cheap and check out the brand new poker room that just reopened that had closed up a short while back.

i update less, but at least i didnt shut down my blog like everyone else. not much to discuss when theres no poker hands going on. mc gee and i also went looking around for apts besides the poker at boulder and soutpoint. finally broke even buying in for $100 at southpoint, after the 8th $50 loss in $1-2

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the friend i miss the most

sure would give anything to know whatever happened to this girl, im sure shes dead. nothing since may 11 she last got online yahoo messenger after saying shed be back later in the year after going to canada and europe.

3:33:27 PM
britni p.: that sucks

3:33:27 PM
sevencard2003: i ve been hiding to my followers online except my closest friends what city and state im in. no one knows i was in gary in on the boat but one guy i trust.

3:33:52 PM
sevencard2003: only 3 friends i trust fully, 2 of them women u dont know, know im going to toledo to live.

3:34:03 PM
britni p.: they think i had something really bad health wise last thing i can handle is stress

3:34:17 PM
britni p.: im not gonna tell anyone heck i might not remember actually

3:34:41 PM
britni p.: i should be taking a pain medication i legally have but not right now i dont feel like it anyways i gotta run

3:34:46 PM
britni p.: in pain just thought id be nice

3:34:51 PM
sevencard2003: the lady reporter to interview me for the New Yorker magazine article, and Josie in boston who helps me out more than anyone else as far as improving my ability to relate to others.

3:34:53 PM
britni p.: sounds like u got some not so fun stuff

3:35:18 PM
britni p.: not sure why u kept your website if u were worried about it u said before u deleted it confusing

3:35:21 PM
sevencard2003: and if toledo dont work out,, ill be in PA or WV within the month.

3:35:28 PM
britni p.: new yorker magaizine for what someone stalking u?

3:35:36 PM
britni p.: or people hating on u cause of race?

3:35:38 PM
britni p.: im confused

3:36:01 PM
sevencard2003: but id like to come out west and see u if i dont end up taking another train south into florida. feels so good to finally have new ID

3:36:19 PM
sevencard2003: the lady in NY who paid for my plane ticket to shreveport remember?

3:36:19 PM
britni p.: florida is a nice place to relax as long as u dont know alot of drama folks there

3:36:27 PM
britni p.: no i dont remember

3:36:35 PM
britni p.: you seem to forget i have health stuff going on

3:36:46 PM
sevencard2003: she wants to do an article on me in the newyorker magzine, talked to her editor friend, but needs to interview me ore.

3:36:55 PM
britni p.: i dont even remember u being in ny

3:37:02 PM
britni p.: interview about what ?

3:37:08 PM
britni p.: first thing i heard about that

3:37:15 PM
sevencard2003: its a story about the life of a guy with autism

3:37:21 PM
britni p.: and i need to run but geez sounds like u need a friend

3:37:45 PM
britni p.: if your running away trying to hite stuff online not sure why ud want to do a story before u said ud never do a story now u want to yet your hiding

3:38:05 PM
britni p.: sounds to be like your best bet is find a new place to be for now give it a few months and if u feel safer and better consider the story

3:38:17 PM
britni p.: but if your all paranoid stressing me out knowing i wanted 0 stress messeges

3:38:27 PM
britni p.: you obviously dont sound well enough to do a story

3:38:32 PM
britni p.: but that is just my thought on it

IM May 11, 2012 3:45:03 PM

3:38:45 PM
sevencard2003: im afraid to trust anyone around here, and i offended one friend by not trusting him to pick me up at the train station in joliet IL because i was carrying too much money. i no longer tell anyone where i am in my blog, and hide my location just to be safe, and just talk about the days news without them knowing WHERE.

3:39:02 PM
sevencard2003: i might get a few thousand off the magazine article but probably will get o

3:39:09 PM
britni p.: toledo has super cheap houses

3:39:17 PM
britni p.: you should consider over time just getting a little place

3:39:22 PM
britni p.: i told you that years ago

3:39:26 PM
britni p.: and i will always tell you that

3:39:49 PM
britni p.: gary indiana right?

3:39:59 PM
britni p.: oh yeah u did mention a boat i think

3:40:11 PM
britni p.: but i thought it was a chick friends boat or u briefly went boat tripping yikes

3:40:26 PM
britni p.: wish ud have emailed me

3:40:44 PM
britni p.: so i could actually read it later and remember in detail instead of messeges when i feel terrible

3:40:56 PM
sevencard2003: only problem is i cant afford to pay a month at a time, only by the week and not more than $200 at most, thats not really all that cheap, and it makes it really hard. yes i just rode the free bus into chicago chinatown out of gary IN where i just finished doing laundry up the street. now i need to head over to the amtrak where i have nothing to do til 9pm

3:41:21 PM
sevencard2003: last week i had NO cheap place, only casinos and paying over $600 for the week really was bad

3:41:35 PM
sevencard2003: am running out of money

3:41:53 PM
sevencard2003: and the week before i did good to win back 2k and be the highest i wa s in a few months

3:42:08 PM
sevencard2003: gave mom and son moeny online too thru facebook

3:42:13 PM
britni p.: anyways saying bye now you should say bye too i need to get off here and go continure in email next week or a few weeks or something i would love to help u find a place or give u advice but i gotta go i feel like shit and this reading is hurting me at least it feels that way too much thinking

3:42:20 PM
sevencard2003: she had to get a new fridge and hes getting a bike on his bday

3:42:29 PM
sevencard2003: to replace ones hes wearing out each yr

3:43:07 PM
britni p.: love how you ignore everything anyways bye have a good one be nice if you said bye instead of just ignore stuff but super happy u mention ur mom please do that next time we talk so i remember not today

3:43:08 PM
sevencard2003: another friend wrote in their blog an article about autism which i should send u to better understand me

3:43:36 PM
sevencard2003: i lose all my friends

3:44:02 PM
sevencard2003: no one did i ever love and care for more than u and then u disappeared and fell in love with someone else, and now dont even want me around in person

3:44:14 PM
sevencard2003: no one can put up with things i do because of the autism

3:44:20 PM
britni p.: dont do interviews delete ur blog like u keep saying ur gonna do or stop saying u are doing it if u arent go silent a few months cept in messenger let yourself feel better

3:44:27 PM
sevencard2003: wish u were around to be tehre for me

3:44:36 PM
britni p.: id hate for you to have health issues with stress like im dealing with its painful

3:44:51 PM
britni p.: you should be saying wish i could put aside my own stress i cause myself overtime

3:44:59 PM
britni p.: and be a friend and be there for u because i can tell ur hurting

3:45:03 PM
britni p.: but you dont say that

IM May 11, 2012 3:49:13 PM

3:45:15 PM
sevencard2003: i do feel that way

3:45:17 PM
britni p.: anyways i got to run

3:45:30 PM
sevencard2003: but if u truly cared about me, ud tell me where u are and invite me to come

3:45:32 PM
britni p.: mention this next time please

3:45:38 PM
britni p.: i do find it happy u bring up ur mom

3:45:41 PM
sevencard2003: im afraid u are with a guy

3:45:45 PM
britni p.: but i cant think right now

3:45:55 PM
britni p.: just stress i hear scrolling down and more stress

3:46:15 PM
britni p.: and considering i said i was supposed to be in the emergency health wise its shitty u keep stressing me out

3:46:22 PM
sevencard2003: just wish i could spend time daily with u like we used to. u were always the best friend i ever had instead of josie.

3:46:31 PM
sevencard2003: my computer battery will die within 2 minutes

3:46:34 PM
sevencard2003: so bye soon

3:46:38 PM
britni p.: well have a good weekend

3:46:42 PM
britni p.: hugs

3:46:43 PM
sevencard2003: no plugin here

3:46:45 PM
britni p.: you need one

3:47:02 PM
britni p.: you always leave when i say i have to leave like its ur idea never fails lol

3:47:18 PM
britni p.: Talk to you later im not on here much u know that and with the stress i get u know why

3:47:31 PM
britni p.: dont let anyone harm u

3:47:40 PM
sevencard2003: i wont worry about getting robbed as long as no one knows what city im in, and i think u agree i be more private and not tell so much about where i am all the time.

3:47:41 PM
britni p.: talk later this year take care

3:47:46 PM
britni p.: dont send offline messeges

3:47:55 PM
britni p.: yes

3:47:59 PM
britni p.: i told u years back

3:48:04 PM
britni p.: you have met some shitty folks

3:48:12 PM
britni p.: and carrying cash is something u tell people

3:48:20 PM
britni p.: u dont tell me cause we are good friends u tell everyone

3:48:27 PM
britni p.: u told me before u told everyone by mistake

3:48:31 PM
britni p.: be fucking careful

3:49:13 PM
sevencard2003: just wish i had friends living near me i could trust, and that i could live near u and u would be ok with it. i have no idea what state u are in anymore no one on my blog knows im heading into toledo to look for housing

IM May 11, 2012 3:52:25 PM

3:49:22 PM
britni p.: scares me u keep cash on u

3:49:27 PM
britni p.: i dont want u being robbed

3:49:50 PM
sevencard2003: i wont be after today, i just worry about the govt taking it if i put it in a bank, but i will do so anyway.

3:49:51 PM
britni p.: well i appriciate u telling me next time ur friend mails me about u or anyone does

3:49:57 PM
britni p.: i will just say your trying to go to canada

3:49:59 PM
britni p.: LOL jk

3:50:27 PM
britni p.: well you told me you paid them off in full or u were going to so not sure why they would take u said ud be paying them off riught away

3:50:33 PM
britni p.: vince gave u terrible advice

3:50:43 PM
britni p.: have a good one and dont get robbed

3:50:47 PM
sevencard2003: vince is holding all my clothes for me in vegas

3:50:51 PM
britni p.: dont tell random people u talk to once where u are

3:50:52 PM
sevencard2003: except what i took

3:50:57 PM
sevencard2003: mostly hes holding other stuff

3:51:08 PM
britni p.: what other stuff do u have?

3:51:21 PM
britni p.: ok saying bye now i must go and ur net is probaly out of power

3:51:33 PM
sevencard2003: pajamas, tapes, houseshoes, dishes, etc

3:51:38 PM
sevencard2003: 7% left

3:51:46 PM
sevencard2003: it usually dies at 5%

3:51:51 PM
sevencard2003: says about 45 sec left

3:51:53 PM
britni p.: had u of paid them off in full all our loses wouldnt of mattered ud have what u have now and ud never get robbed i dont want people robbing u

3:52:04 PM
britni p.: i used to think u were paranoid but i think your right

3:52:09 PM
britni p.: shitty things happen everyday

3:52:09 PM
sevencard2003: BYE

3:52:19 PM
britni p.: no matter how careful u are its unfortunate but true

3:52:25 PM
britni p.: 7% doesnt mean 0%

-----notice how caring she was, and worried about me being robbed

Monday, March 11, 2013

A busy day with sickcallmggee with a surprise appearance by PokerJohnny

Roll is $1622. (hey thats an increase). but i lost all but 15 btc of the 95btc profit i had yesterday on swc, and now i cant play anything there again. didnt leave me enough to work with.

me and Mcgee were at tx briefly after leaving samstown, but no luck getting seated without waiting, so we drove to hooters being on the way home since there was immediate seating during aa cracked. i sat with $50, and was playing very few hands, hoping for a shot at the $200, or at least $100. about an hour or so into the session, (right after pokerJohnny came) i found KK under the gun, and being such a tight game, limped, (mcgee likes to steal blinds) but he folds, and 5 of us seen the flop. flop comes 259 rainbow, so im thinking good flop. i bet $10, 3 people call, bad sign. turn comes 8, shoved the last $25, a guy has aa so he calls of course, another guy hits a straight and cracks them for him. PokerJohnny and Mcgee claim i was shaking so bad out of anger they could see the steam, and we left, didnt feel like rebuying. and of course, i played really good each time, but thats 7 buying in a row lost in NL now.

and i didnt lose cause i limped, aa isnt folding. they both agreed i didnt lose because i limped, and they also agree that i didnt lose because i bought in too short. in fact they said i saved money, and should buyin less being so low on money, and they didnt blame me for not playing more poker. and both of those guys have poker as their only means of support, not counting mcGees wife. so i trust their poker advice.

actually mcgees really good advice is to just play more on seals, but i need a decent amount there first.

still trying to follow Kimlees chart, and since it dont show an option for 5 hands on the final betting round, but just 3 maybe she means i should never go over 3 hands at all times, even if it is the final round? not sure. all i know is i pissed off the backer with them huge overbets, sure cant do no more of them. must take it slow and easy, even if doing that means by july my roll will have only increased $100

todays samstown freeroll was NOT chopped early as it always has been. more bickering and stupidity over chopping than ive ever seen. one guy wouldnt chop, then when he does agree, another guy wont agree unless he gets $500, and even else splits even for far less, and hes not even near the chip leader, then everyone else says no to that deal, and yet way over half the field wants to give him that deal just to end the freeroll. seems none of them know how to play freerolls. eventually it did get chopped thank God, and i ended up with quite a bit more since it wasnt chopped early on. sickcallmggee got much of it. along with some gas comps.

and now i must sleep, grump and carmen never update their blogs anymore, guess i better keep mine going so u have at least something to read, Carmen said shes depressed, dont even see her on candycrush anymore on facebook, and grumps completely disappeared.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wasted day

so when sickcall looked at the SSI website for hours of operation, it lists closing time at 3pm monday-friday. But when we went over there, we found out it closed at noon on wednesdays. who wouldve expected that? and now i still dont have the status letter i need to show welfare when i come back on march 13.

and this casino is no longer giving out food comp tickets for the buffet, they want us to spend our comp dollars. well i earn very few a day and need them for rooms. Andy ordered me a bunch of food on amazon ill get in about a week, and sickcall and I grabbed a few remaining items, like canned beans, peaches, juice mix for 17c each, applesauce, etc. also used up my $80 in samstown comps.

good news is i won $198 on the VBJ earlier in the day, so now the roll is at $1551, and the final $250 of paypal is still on its way to my bank.

we did make a stop at southpoint on the way back, and there IS a VBJ machine, same kind and rules as in Jean, but so many more players hard to get a seat, theyre filled up. its simply due to its location compared to Jean. the comps arent nearly as good, no 1% there. they do offer 0.30% cashback though which can also be used for comps if u dont want cashback. Theres a few apts nearby that look safe enough, but they arent weeklies.

McGee is conviced i shouldnt cash out the one $43 bitcoin i have on seals, but to play there instead, says the players arent good at all, and that also i should NOT discontinue my phone, that i need to keep my number if i want to try and get help with social agencies.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i hope sickcallMcgee is alive and not in the hospital

he never showed up this morning at 9am, all texts and phone calls go to an answering machine, no word at all from him. not sure what ever happened, i was awake and out playing the VBJ at 7.30am and thats when i first texted him, i think he thought i might sleep til 9am, and he said hed just knock on my door if i didnt wake up sooner.

and I'm stuck $123, because i bet too much. also ive only got $500 of the $750 paypal sent to my bank, seems the final $250 never made it and was still in paypal, so i just got it sent off today. I got stuck $123 by betting more than i should since i was stuck. yeah i was basically following the chart, but i was down, and it was like 64 cards out, and the count was like +10, so instead of betting 1 hand like i shouldve, being stuck quite a bit, i bet 3 hands of $13. dealer gets A up and i take insurance, (true count being +3 or higher). i lost the insurance bet then lost the hands, then its 77 cards out, and being thouroughly pissed and the count still being +8, i raised the bet to 3 hands of $15, and again the dealer has an A up. true count no longer is plus 3, so i dont take insurance, and this time the dealer has it. played a while longer, won back like $15 and quit.

its not WEC whose lollerskates, its some old neverbeg troll, could be anyone. its not the black pimp either. and they took out the craps machine today, really concerns me, i dont want them doing that to the VBJ, because i dont think i have enough to grind omaha8 in vegas, there are other VBJ in vegas too same type, but NOT with the good comps and rooms.

also someone said they have one of these in a big casino outside Tulsa right off the hiway?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

shortest blog post ever

new roll $883 or $1383 (your choice) and using a better system of bet sizing provided by a forum member of RTP. Think ive finally twiddled with this enough where im now +ev, but still with way too high a risk of ruin. (the ROR had to be increased to get me into +ev territory). ive always been +ev with comps, but i needed to be +ev even without comps. the link dont seem to post correctly as clickable for some reason, no idea why. weird that thread is up to 40 pages when it was only created a week ago.

will see sickcallmggee tues to go to ssi to get that status letter, find out about case, im sure i was denied again, and now i need to do the 3rd appeal which takes about a year.

i really hate playing on sealswithclubs, because u cannot close the browser window. i had to turn the sound up to full volume to be able to browse websites while playing so i could hear a sound when the action gets to me since the table wouldnt popup.

Plo8monster on sealswithclubs must really be feeling weird right now. he always is on sealswithclubs but seldom has success getting a PLO8 game going except severly shorthanded. tonight he said he hadnt tried to start one and sat in my NL game. i had about 190 of my 200 chips left from the other day, and bought in for 40 of them. i had ran it up to over 125 when the following hand occured.

i had 99 and called plo8monsters raise to $6 preflop, i was directly on his left. flop comes up A56 with 2 hearts and i have 99. theres one other caller. i typed in chat that he should be careful, and that i KNEW i was going to win the hand. he checks, and i bet $2. other guy calls, he bets $10. i min raise to $18 to represent aa. other guy folds, he calls, and i guessed he did have an ace. wasnt sure earlier. turn comes 9. he bets the pot, i shoved, he calls with AJ, drawing dead. after losing that pot, he immediately left the table. i wonder what he was really thinking?

Friday, March 1, 2013

A big thanks to Andy

well i still need comps, but of course not nearly as much as i need $$$$. i do finally have my room prepaid for an entire week now, up til next friday at 11am. Sorry for the slow updates, but as anyone in my situation totally a complete nervous wreck stressed over money and possibly becoming homeless and seeing life as im used to end, updating this blog really isnt the main thing in my life. Making sure i never run out of money and get on my feet is my number one priority. i look forward to the day i can return to playing poker with the same bankroll of $4000 plus i had when i first moved to Laughlin from Harbor Island, what a terrible mistake that was.

Been spending a lot of time on especially at this one thread someone created for me (which koala managed to find).

Some of the guys are assholes which i think arent real members there, just came over from the blog to troll me. most of the forum is advantage SPORTS betting etc. But theres also a few +ev machine players (like Cutter) and also a few BJ players (the Chaperone) and i thought the forum would be helpful as far as getting various strategy for properly betting with BJ. I looked at some bankroll management simulation software but then after i downloaded it, it wont run calculations for counting cards unless u BUY the software, only for flat betting so it was useless. i wouldnt have the slightest idea what to download to get a real test of my counting system, betting systems, and have it run samples based on what i would bet on the actual game with the same rules and number of decks, and count.

the more i learn about VBJ, the more i worry. I used to have so much confidence i could beat the game, even if i wasnt sure when it shuffled. (old shufflemaster). lost so frequently on it, was relieved to learn about the dealers angels ones. Now its been verified these machines, (unlike the shufflemaster ones) are actually beatable because u can get an accurate count on them which u couldt do on the shufflemaster one. not only that depending on how bad u need comps, these are beatable flat betting $1 (but only if u count comps). But if u count, and no longer flat bet and vary ur bet by the count, u can get over 100% PLUS the 1% comps. These guys on the forum know what they are talking about, the vast majority of whom make their living off gambling. No recreational players here. But theres new problems.

u see, im worried about my spread. i used to think $1-8 was enough to beat the game, maybe even less. now its been recommended it be 1-20, 1-100 (at some day in the distant future--if u want to make a nice wage). the reason for needing such a huge spread is because of the POOR 38% penetration. So my bankroll (at $654) just isnt sufficient. even $8 cap bet is a high risk of ruin because its more than 1%. i did however cut back to 2 spots max to reduce variance and losing a ton on good counts. although that might hurt the overall win rate if i dont shove it out when i should.

anyone on here ever heard of the Fezzik brothers? they live and work in NYC and have lots of money and are sports handicappers. is well known on that forum. anyway the other day, i was quite pleasently surprised to get $250 on paypal from Andrew Fezzik. he asked me for my paypal info, and i assumed the amount he would be sending me would be quite a bit smaller. the email i got from paypal he stated it was a gift, and to not worry about paying it back, just to keep him updated in the forum of RTP and he also sent me a PM suggested an improvement in my betting system giving me a better chance to come out ahead in the long term and also taking on a little higher ROR than i was comfortable with. (essentially a max bet of 1.5% instead of 1%). Otherwise ive been told the $1 bets on negative counts will slowly destroy the roll without a wide enough spread.

Still, to be safe and after hearing lots of others horror stories on paypal, i wanted to see the money in the bank first, then taken out and turned into cash. and then just to sit and pray paypal didnt come back at me later with fraud charges and my bank if the transaction was somehow reversed in the future. But paypal said since it was sent as a gift, i should be ok. (called them on the phone).

it said it would take up to March 5 to have the money transferred into my bank account. (i dont have the debit card to get it instantly). I got a nice surprise this morning once i got back to my room and found the $250 already in the bank. so im going to go withdraw it, and my new roll is now officially $904 instead of $654. which means my new max bet can be $14. still not a wide enough spread, but maybe at least hopefully enough to be able te have someone do a simulation with a tiny +ev (without including comps) even if its as little as 25c per hour. that will keep me from going broke.

so a really big thank u to Andy Fezzik. i knew the only way out of this mess was with a loan of some sort, and it was nice he said dont worry about paying it back. still $900 is no bankroll at all, and with a 1.5% max bet im taking on way too much risk of ruin. and i guess andy realizes this too, so he sent me a 2nd paypal amount i didnt find out about until i got back to my room, for more than he sent me in the first paypal. so i logged into paypal and sent that to my bank also, maybe it will show up monday or tues. Even then i could still have bad luck and go broke. ill not feel more safe til i pass $2000, which is not much more than what i had when i left Jean for vegas, and that was a mistake, had i stayed in Jean the entire time, my roll would be a lot better today. theyve did simulations on RTP where eventually with a bankroll of $30k i could get $32 an hour cash and $74 comps. theres certainly no guarantee ill run that $1400 up to $2000, with such a high risk of ruin, it could go badly wrong, but he wants me to be able to have $20 eventually as my max bet, to make sure i have a theoretical +ev, no matter how high the risk of ruin

losing is hard on me, and i sure hope this stops the losses. when u need friends and money the most, most casino employees arent there for u anymore, ive noticed the night cocktail waitress isnt near as nice once i gave less often. i sure wish i had back all the $5 tips i gave on huge pots when i had the $8000-14000 roll, the extra $5000 or so i spent on tips over the last 3 yrs would solve all my problems right now. most poker players spend over $5000 on tips in just 6 months. the reason i get so angry and take losing so hard is because when ur money disappears, ur friends usually do too. For people around gambling are only ur friends if u have money to give them. I'm tired of having to be the one accepting the moolah. i want life back to when i was able to give Britni and Lorna all the moolah. If i was rich, i guarantee u i could make one hell of an exciting blog.