Sunday, January 22, 2017

the end of my blog

this might be the last blog, im thinking of closing it down and becoming a more private person. I've got way too much money to continue doing the blog, and telling everyone where im playing all the time. its best no one even know which city im living in.

4 nights in a row of $1000 plus wins, 3 of them from poker, then a $4000+ win on VBJ in hoover dam lodge in boulder city. i worry every day now how i can protect anything happening to this money. i never had this to worry about. my entire 20s and 30s i was pretty broke much of the time. every time i did run the roll up to over $10,000 a few times, it would rapidly go right back down.

here's why. i used to play lots of VP and VBJ machines with poor paybacks, including the old type 7 hands at once even money VBJ. now, i stick to the VBJ machines with the better payouts, and when i cant find one, i just go to live BJ instead on the 3-2 games.

tonight i was in the game in the nugget for $200. lost it early, and OF COURSE ive forgotten the hand history. rebought $320, and eventually worked it up to about $1050. then i lost a big pot with QQ where i was good til the river on a scary board of 568 and 2 diamonds. the money went allin on the flop, my opponent had like $275 behind and he called $75 preflop with 78 hts and then on the flop. games tonight were more loose, similar to the hardrock. he rivered the flush.

saw 2 guys get 86ed within 3 hours of each other, both on the same table and same seat. security had to escort them both out for fighting. not my table though. But twice i heard Jen yelling to please get security.

odd it was the same seat and table is all.

when i gave back so much reducing my win to only $163, i left and went to the golden gate. their BJ game is wonderful, 3-2 payout, $5 min and the cut card is 90% of the way down, making it the best game in town for counters. once the first 2 shoes were rather uneventful with negative counts, where my bets spread was between $5 and 2 spots of $12, the 3rd shoe got rapidly up to plus 13 running count about 1 8th of the way in. i begun raising bets and the dealer was busting on 16 almost every hand. i was in the game for $410, left the table when the dealer changed end of shoe with $1468. she got a $1 tip close to 20 times. i know this means i tipped out over 100% of my edge, but im still happy.

i still would rather be in reno or shreveport. or elsewhere.

but the main thing is to use this $38,000 on medical, dental, citizenship and possibly other things u might think of which i dont?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

poker in NLV with Vince

Friday night Vince and i went to Jerrys nugget, picked up my $25 in free play and $10 in free food. Then we went to the poker palace in north LV where i lost $71 in BJ and $10 in video poker while waiting for the $20 tourney to end i staked vince in, and the cash game to start up. first time i ever remember losing in live BJ there due to good rules, (u can double down after the 3rd card). finally the cash game started and i bought in $137 in odd change, leaving 5 $100 bills in my pocket. plus vince busted out and needed $100 for the 2nd cash table which soon started later.

found out thru dallas on twitter that of the 3 tables going in the cannery, some of the tables had quite a few NL overs buttons in their $2-6 game, and vince much prefers to play this to NL. so we thought of going over there soon, but Vince said lets not go right off. i was mainly concerned he would lose the $100, but i still prefer the poker palace to the cannery.

i started off winning, and had my buyin up to just over $250. then he came over to tell me he lost his chips and we decided to go on my BB. then i found AK and raised the straddle to $23. 2 people called. including the straddler who vince says plays there all the time. with a big stack since its no cap on the buyin. Flop comes K9T with 2 spades and ive got the A of spades, king of diamonds. straddler, as usual, checks dark. other guy checks to me. i bet $65. both call. one has $9 left. turn comes Q of spades. he checks, the guy whose almost allin bets the $9, which i figured he would which of course gives the straddler the option to check raise me allin which i dislike. i call, because i fear im beat, so i dont raise. sure enough he check raises me allin for like $170 more. i shouldnt call, but i do since im stuck and know ill need to stake vince one more time in the cannery. i ask for the J of spades, and were we all surprised when it came for my royal.

i quit, cashed out $647.

in the cannery vince and i sat in the same game and played for 2-3 hours where i won $114 and he turned the $100 into $218. so i got the $200 back thank God. i was worried he would lose it. game was incredibly good, which is why dallas loves the room so much. he was on a different table. without the overs buttons. i didnt know it but vince told me the pot he won in the hardrock the other day where i also staked him, was with a bluff too. i and the rest of table was convinced he had the boat.

Then he dropped me off in the nugget and went home, since i wanted to wait til 6 to go home to sleep, so i could sleep days and be awake nights. i played there for 4 hours, was holding my own with $120, til i lost with KK to AA on the final hand. took an uber home, for less than lyft by $3. i thought lfyt was supposed to be less? herbies friend robert drove for lyft the other night. we talked about the 10x points on the VBJ, where im up over $2600 since coming to vegas and how odd it is someone with the big money didnt burn out the promotion yet. by the way once the count hits minus 3, theres no longer an edge. but the edge could get over 102% on the good counts.

where im living now Vince has a washer and dryer right inside his condo. in fact he has this in both of the ones he owns.

for the first time in a year, i needed advil last night for the teeth which need fixed. ill have too many holes if removed. i need to look into an iv dentist without the 2 month wait for it. if possible, but i dont know where ill live. plus my eyesight is getting harder to tell the suits. got to look close so the flop wont be blurred. i worry something is majorly wrong. and if u go in for the low cost eye exams, what to tell the dr. i dont think all drs know the most.

Monday, January 9, 2017

is it possible to break $30,000?

didnt realize how long id let this go once more without being updated, (and when im not losing big) or doing road trips with new casino reviews, theres less to write of.

Played another session with Grouchie in the redrock, even Vince showed up finally. my biggest win ever, and grouchies biggest ever loss. i won over $1180. most of it came from flopping 8888, not from him. even gave out $60 worth of tips. never did meet WEC, who is seems is still living.

if u take a massage at the table, and pay with chips, do u log out as winning $200, or as winning $230? i write it down as being up $200. but paying for these lowers the hourly. so maybe i win more per hour than my logs show.

its best to underestimate than overestimate the win for sure.

got moved into vinces condo by desert inn, he too will be living here. his old condo in summerlin will be strictly Jay and maybe his canadian girlfriend. the guy who took forever who wasnt paying rent in the other condo on desert inn finally moved out. spent lots of money buying food, new locks for doors, windows, curtains etc, and Vince is doing lots of work here installing carpet, etc. he quit his job today since him and his woman boss who dont like men werent working out, and he wants to do more work with harrahs, etc dealing more. he thinks im a great help to him financially.

won $2900 in the past 10 days on BJ in ellis isle on the VBJ due to the 10x points, which im sure theyll discontinue anyday if others played it this heavily. ran thru about $100,000 for $1000+ in free play. which is most of the winnings. seeing when and where it shuffles helps too.

now im close to $30,000 but just this morning lost $521 in the nugget. i start losing everytime ive got this close. back to $28,900. just cant break over $30. but i still feel insanely rich. got a lot more stored in the cashier nugget now too.

its good to have gotten the iphone back id lost on the bus. this was a big relief, now i still have my records and all my stored contacts. plus i paid $90 so my laptop nows good a battery which works. Ray did lots of good checking on the phone for me.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

will be glad once vince comes home

Sometimes i feel like i need to hire a full-time bodyguard, and if i ever got to the point where i earned $500 a day from Poker/BJ i would. take tonight for instance. im walking thru the nugget to the Uber/lyft pickup point by the carson tower. im thinking of using the restroom, but i dont like the scary looking homeless black guy walking into the restroom in front of me so i figure ill use the other one by the rush tower, but when i get there, its closed for service. i dont wish to go back, too lazy its such a long walk (and so is the walk from the bathroom to the poker room). so i go to request the lyft, and see 150% surcharge still at close to 5am. odd since it was only 50% at 3am. so i look up uber and uber is much lower, so i use it instead. i could take the bus but i hate to use the boulder hwy bus middle of the night, for 1 thing im let off other side of the street, and i hate waiting 45 minutes for it surrounded by broke homeless people. theres a difference between being homeless like me, and being unable to afford motels. in fact all the times in my life i was homeless, i was the ONLY homeless person i ever met who wasnt addicted to drugs or booze. but i sure would be saving money. in the daylight id took the bus for sure $2 is so much less.

Now when i get out of the uber, i walk next door to the 7-11 on indios and boulder, to buy food for the room. inside the store theres nothing but 2 hookers and a lot of homeless looking black dudes. i dont have no change since i cashed out $406 and didnt get twenties. and im sure not pulling out $100 bill in front of the stores clientele. and i dont like the guy standing behind me too close. i use the atm, and i worry he will see type in my pin. i just wish to swipe my debit without using a pin, but since my debit card contains a chip, they make u use a pin. i never used to be asked if my card had a chip. u could tell the women were hookers by the way they were showing so much skin. and the way anyone familiar with vegas knows this part of boulder hwy. ill never rent here to save money again. no free wifi either. $12 per night. no decent poker near me, nothing but limit on boulder hwy mostly. except a few hours per day in boulder station.

ellis isle i got a scare too. for while playing BJ in there, (due to the 1% cashback with the 10x points) and i know they will soon discontinue it on the VBJ like el c and every other casino which used to give points on dealers angels. to get the 10x points u must take the card out and reinsert it once u hit 500 base points. i discovered this the hard way. but while playing, some broke homeless drunk looking mexican dude walked up i think noticing and staring at my credits (about $1700 worth) divided among 2 spots. (i no longer try to play 5 spots). i sure wasnt going to play with him watching like he wanted me to do. he said that was his lucky spot as his excuse for standing there. i needed to use the restroom, but i worried he would try to grab my vouchers if i cashed out. or follow me into the restroom. lots of homeless people, no security in the ellis isle restroom. i asked him if he wished me to cash out so he could play, but he didnt really respond, just sat in a chair a different type of machine other side of aisle, then later he started sleeping in this chair, obv clue i was right he was broke, unless he wouldve bet $3 min a few times. i know he was just staring at my money cause it happened in the el c and circus all the time, which is why i liked jean and the hoover dam lodge better. no bums there, its more like laughlin or crystal bay which are bum free mostly.

when he was sound asleep i cashed out, went to the restroom, then once i noticed him still asleep, finally cashed in the vouchers thru the kiosk. but i sure felt nervous while he was sitting watching even when he went to do it from 20 feet away instead of right close by.

even played stud and omaha a bit in samstown this morning. but the stud game is too tight and the $1 ante too high. its $2-10 only goes 11am on sat. i did win $73 in the omaha. lost $13 in stud. in the mc donalds, on the street, and everywhere on boulder hwy 90% of the people are broke, homeless or on drugs or pimps or hookers. its not safe area at all and i used to live there.

and though i recovered $200 today minus all the uber or lyft fees, im still over $1400 worse off than 48 hours before. this all started due to losing $224 in $3 live table BJ in az charlies. this is why i made a bad shove in the game in boulder because i wanted to leave and flip to get even but it ended up being worse than a flip and i lost. went to my room to sleep, and woke up still out $523. then i went to the wynn and the only game i won in was PLO heads up against a good 5-10 player. was once up $400 but quit up $91, then lost $500 in the $1-3. got annoyed by the other players, made 1 poor shove and left the encore. this one girl who spoke little english possibly russian or french they let get away with everything cause of her looks. u cant have phone or big box size purse on the felt and no one said a word to her, and it blocked the view of someones chips i thought was allin. and i was pissed the one reg whose a dick who gets free backrubs from the floorlady left with another girl to go to a strip club he wasnt even with. so dumb of women to go to them, this is why i cant relate in the old days women were offended if their man went to one, and thats the kind of women i could relate to and understand much better. if a women goes to one she seems queer to me. for a straight women would rather go to a mens gay bar and see half nude men dancing than half nude women.

i never do good in the wynn, though i won in the PLO. about 30 minutes after i sat it became just me and 1 other guy. i was stuck over $200, but i got it back and up $400 briefly once. shouldve hit and ran on him, but i couldnt since i felt stuck from the $523 loss earlier.

emotions kill u if u are trying to play good poker or BJ.