Sunday, June 30, 2013

SSI atty appt(Seattle Irish was present in the room), and my day with Cooldave88 the following day

I'll start this off with the 2 pieces of good news, and then get into my fears. And any bad news. First off, the roll is $1412 including about $200 on UP. And ive not touched any machines since coming back to Vegas. I am glad i left Jean and came back to Vegas, but im wondering if i will still feel that way Tues when i lose my apt.

The immediate need is to find long term CHEAP housing of way less than $150 a week if possible. i see about 4 places for $150 a week, some arent all that safe unless im wrong, and i dont know how well the internet would work. Always fearful of places with wifi the wifi not working, and im going to be needing wifi.

some arent in the best location, i either need to be downtown, or somewhere safe near lake mead or rancho. or near alta or charleston. No way in hell am i keeping the place im at, it ended up being $257 for the week with wifi. this is certainly one of the far nicer places by the week in vegas. and 100% safe.

--so yesterday Seattle Irish picked me up about 30 minutes later than planned, because of a issue with his wife/kids. we made it to the SSI lawyer about 2.17pm and still managed to get in to see him. He also didnt know Craig Rd was north of Charleston. (go figure). he says hes never been in NLV. anyway i thought it would be best if he attended the appt with me, and i also had the list of questions Josie gave me to ask the attorny, who is now officially set up as my atty since i signed the paperwork, and yes he will get a cut.

the atty dont think my chances are that good since i spent so much time being successful at poker and said that wont look good to SSI. he also thinks i should go to southern NV mental health and have them do an employment assesment to see what they think i should do. Not sure how to explain what he said would help me get on SSI the most as well as i am sure seattle irish can. He did say the several times i had jobs of only a few days way in the past would help to show i might not be able to handle it.

after the appt SI dropped me off at TX station, and he went on home. i managed to win $101 there plus the $10 i gave Ray the dealer (also the Riv dealer) who drove me home. I definitely dont like waiting for the bus there in the middle of the night alone, especially with a dead cell phone since id not brought along my charger. at least if it worked i could look up the times its due.

so i got home about 4.30-5am and ate and slept, and woke up about 2pm. and the first thing i did was call dave who said i could see him today anytime after 12 noon. we went to the suncoast, played $4-8 stud, and he bought me in for $100, and again i won, cashed out $163, and he let me keep $40 of it. we left because he suggested we go play NL. so we drove to the Golden Nugget, and we each bought in $200 at the same table (me with his $200 stake). and this will explain why its not a good idea for me to play NL with my own money right now.

i hadnt been getting anything to play at all, and was out about $25, when i got TT. a new player and his wife/gf had just sat, and he raised it preflop to $14. i just called instead of reraising, and the old man behind me called with 77. along with 2 others. flop comes 237 and everyone checks to me in late position, including the raiser who i later found out had AT. turns out the raiser raised with a lot of hands and i wish i had known this earlier or id reraised him and maybe the 77 folds. anyway i didnt want to give a free card so i bet $60, and he goes allin for $130. and i guess i shouldnt called, the old man whose a regular had a set.

after that hand im down to $39, Dave ends up losing his whole stack and he was up about $65 once. he leaves the game and hands me $20 and says use it to get home since he is leaving. at one point i had his stake back to $75 but i eventually lose it all, mostly with AK hearts. after that i walked up to the 113 bustop and went on home, where im now playing on UP while updating the blog.

i feel very bad about losing that $200, goes to show u variance is a bitch in NL, and is why i cant play it til i get a better roll. an overpair is hard to lay down once u commit a lot of chips. i feel a lot safer in smaller limit games and nonholdem games. Dave was extremely nice to give me the extra $20, but now i fear that will be the last of the stakes unless ill still get them but owe serious makeup, so i hope ive got enough to now survive on my own but ive got a lot that needs paid, i think i will never make it without a place to live for almost nothing. also i ran quite a bit over average this week until today's loss in the golden nugget. i probably will not continue to run anywhere near that well. at least ive not been around any machines. still would prefer to live in reno if it just wouldnt cost so much of the roll simply to get there.

the attorny says my hearing for SSI will probably be in about 6-7 months. no way to know til it gets closer to that time. he also says if i am in reno instead of Vegas, id need a different atty. Both SI and Dave have been of tremendous help to me this week, along with Josie and 1 friend whose name i cant say. i am really dreading Tues and moving my stuff. Tatude has a suitcase on wheels he can give me tues, but if its not before 11am tues, when im forced to be out, it wont do as much good as if i had it in time. not sure what time he will be in vegas. if im not out by 11am, it will run up a $45 charge on someone elses bankcard, which isnt a good idea. and i have no more places i can get cheap rooms for 1-2 weekdays in a casino. although expedia is below average this week, but it costs too much to pay by the day, and resort fees are outrageous, and only getting worse.

also, i feel really bad for the way i falsely accused KOD of reversing the internet charge on purpose, i only felt that way due to the 3 week wait, his email, and his more recent posts thinking i was begging too much. i hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me, because i regret everyday that i did that, without just calmly waiting til he got off work and had more time to see what was going on. the $115 he got back that hed paid 2 months earlier, im sure i probably owed him that for mistreating him, i sure learned a hard and costly lesson. otherwise my roll would be over $1500 now. for some reason i am always thinking the worst of others, and that they are out to do me harm and im afraid to trust anyone not to someday turn against me. even more so because of how Claudia betrayed me and went back to NY without taking me. i would never do that to a woman i loved. and since Rob vegas poker is mainly a limit player it bothers me he never suggests sitting in the same game since ive been playing a lot of $2-6 limit. i dont know where i pissed him off. at least PPP will see me next week

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In my new room for a week up in North Las vegas

Got checked in about 4pm or so, too bad its only good for 1 week, and then ill really miss this place. nice refrigerator, kitchen, TV, and air conditioner, internet works great, and linens are included. But of course i cant keep it no matter how well i do this week, its over $240 a week with all the extra charges and fees. and once i lose the room, my other net will be ready to be cut off too for nonpayment, so i know things will be awful bad once this week is up.

And its too bad i cant see a dr because i wont really have any papers to give the atty so he can help me unless he can somehow get the old records from KS where i was approved. i dont think the actual hearing will be for quite a while. And knowing that i would only be here a week, i tried to avoid spending too much on food, nothing that wouldnt be eaten this week. Milk, cereal, icecream sandwiches, bread, peanut butter honey peaches and frozen meals bananas crackers beans. Carried them heavy items home from Walmart not the best neighborhood, but the place im at is certainly safe and nice and is why it cost so much more.

will try and take pictures, but i doubt it will work.

Guess its time to go ahead and start including the online money as part of the roll, since im going to be spending all my time in my room unless im playing a stake for either cooldave at the suncoast or a different stake downtown for someone else if i get to play any nugget tourneys or $1-2 NL this summer. most places arent very convenient to get to on the bus from here, and i really cant afford to play live, although im winning a whole lot more in live games than online. But it costs me too each to eat and pay bus fares and im curious just to test out UP for a week and see how it goes, with the one exception im going to make is my trip to speak to the legal aid attorny.

So many comments from the black pimp ive never had a chance to reply to since he posts them all in RTP instead of my blog. Thanks so much to Vince for the 2 nights stay, the shoes, and assisting me in getting the laundry done and eating those days i was there. thats really what i need long term friends i can live with that i can trust. not strangers off craigslist, id never rent a room from someone i didnt know really well, u must know u are safe leaving ur things there, and that they wont invite people over who might steal or create other problems. I am so afraid and reluctant to trust people unless i can remember having been given money from them in the past.

I heard the Riv closed their poker room, what became of the jackpot money, was it paid out? some people are wondering about it, not sure if it ever got paid out. also ive got a lot more clean laundry now than ill be able to keep once my week is up.

i dont see any way in hell ill be able to afford anywhere to live once my week is up and that really scares me, because i sure cant afford to travel to reno where it might be cheaper and still enough inside the border to play on UP. the cheapest safe place i know of is where i used to be near sams town for $154 without the furniture, and thats not all that cheap at all, nor that safe either. I dont ever want to go back to staying in the really unsafe places i used to live at in areas like toledo ohio as a young adult. although i wouldnt mind the garage apt i had in shreveport at 19, or the $50-60 a week room i had in roanoke VA and Harrisburg PA while passing thru once. or the place for that price in Dubuque IA in that old run down hotel. (smaller towns make me a whole lot more comfortable, if i could just play online and still gamble).

so of course, i wont be around any machines this week. i just hope i can somehow succeed on UP. i am not used to playing only cash NL online instead of omaha or DON sngs. Im glad im still up after getting the $50 bonus a little more than the bonus. counting the money in the bank, the cash left, and the money on UP, my new roll is $1140

Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Vinces house

over here at Vince's house playing on UP, not sure if it would be a good idea to go out to any casino, Vince thinks it probably wouldnt be since i have so little money. sitting at $928, not counting the money on UP, which is about $73. Just waiting for june 25th to hurry up and get here so i can have my own room again. doubt ill be in a casino again until im checked into my place for a week, and cooldave said he could give me a ride and stake me in the game again, and he might play also. also omerta offered me $45 for that carton of cigarettes, said he would meet me at any casino.

am not sure which limit i should be playing on UP. is it true the players are weaker at smaller levels, or is it not true because people fill the smaller levels up with bots? i mean 1c2c seems to be too small to make anything. then there is 2c5c, 5c10c, 10c25c, and on up. been playing mostly 5c10c or 10c-25c but do i buyin for 20 BB or 50 BB max? and what about sngs and tournys?

the cheap tournies SCMG showed me, that paid 4 out of 10 spots, i no longer am seeing. guess they got rid of them. the ones they do have are too top heavy 40% of the money going to first place. and ive just been playing cash games. i'll be glad once the new software comes out with hopefully DON tournies and omaha cash games added. im not sure how SCMG won so much unless he was playing higher, and also he plays 6max where im not as good at. UP might not be the solution after all, ive always won far more playing live than online. its just i dont feel i have enough money to play live right now unless the money is someone elses.

I was surprised yesterday morning about 10.40am when i woke up, and was browsing emails, and found the DM on twitter from Cooldave offering me a ride into vegas this weekend. I knew he was trustworthy because we had met at last years private tourny. (and he bought me in). so i managed to get checked out in time to get the $30 for sat night and the $12 for sun night refunded to my comp balance, and that gave me $89 in comps for the gas station, and i have $0 comps remaining. saw no need to save any since i didnt plan on going back to Jean. asked cooldave if he needed any gas, and he said that no, his car was already filled up, and he didnt smoke. Cigs are $7.30 a pack there, the good kind like marlboro reds, the cheapie packs there are 5.44 a pack. People shouldnt be surprised, cigs are often about $9-10 a pack if they are sold by a casino. so i bought a whole carton, and some small miscellaneous food and drink items that were ate on the way into vegas. still sitting in my laptop side compartment unopened.

couldnt decide at first where in vegas to go, tried to get ahold of Vince, but he was asleep so we went to the suncoast and i left my things in his car til we could get ahold of vince. Then since the game was $4-8 stud with $1 ante instead of the single $2 blind omaha8 i was hoping for, i didnt feel like i could afford it until he said he could buy me in for $100 (as a stake), and for me to just call him later and let him know how i did. and thats where he dropped me off. waited quite a while for a seat, and also found a free wifi place at TGIF restaraunt while waiting, but it has some type of filter installed that even blocked 2+2 and AVP, not just UP. which is silly for a casino, but it must be the same nationwide filter in all their restaraunts, and im sure all they really care about blocking is people viewing porn.

within the first hour or 2 i got it up to as high as $255, but then i started giving it back, and was down to like $125 at one point. won a pot or 2 finally, and was back to about $180 when i got ahold of vince, and he said hed come by and get me in like 20 minutes. Right before he came and about the time he walked in the room i won more pots, one i scooped, and he handed me 3 racks and i cashed out $323 and left, we got in his car, called dave, met him in the redrock parking lot, got the bags, and made the money exchange, and i ended up with $123 profit for the days work. so that got me off to a great start, so i definitely feel i did the right thing by leaving Jean. but of course, ive got a long ways to go, certainly am still at least $1000 or more short of what i need to start paying for housing, and feeling like ive truly got enough to work at live poker with, or make a $100 buyin in a NL game. The only good news is i wont be playing any more machines. what i really need is to be in a small town up north, in NV enough to play on UP, but no other gambling around. oh, and i need to be somewhere where my rent is less than $100 a week, thats why playing online worked out for me back in MT and in KS. no more of these high weeklies about $160-200 a week. (thats why i wont be able to renew after my week is up, unless im in on a huge BBJ or royal jackpot while playing TX station)

This of course, assumes UP will be a lot better site by then, or a site such as WSOP, nugget or southpoint comes online that is a good site with a better selection of games and or sngs. would like ideas on what limits and buyins to play on UP.

does anyone know if TX station has any free wifi? i know the poker room doesnt, and of the station properties isnt it only redrock and sunset where the poker room or sportsbook has free wifi?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big changes coming soon, many of them scary and maybe for the worst

its critical that i be in vegas by June 25th to check into my room for a week that was paid about 2 weeks ago (reservation in my name). and of course, during the course of that week, my appt with legal aid on June 28 at 2pm. So i do need a ride there if people actually want me to better myself and be away from this VBJ machine.

Also, i wont be able to return to Jean in July because ill lose my internet access july 1, and the only way ill have the net is to remain in vegas and use free wifi at places such as sunset stations pokerroom and sportsbook, downtown goldspike in vegas, burger king trop and pecos, etc. so there wont be much desire to return to Jean if i will not be able to get online in my room. so i might as well use up the comps at the shell station when leaving.

the big question is when i do get to vegas, will i still have the same $942 i do now? if so im ok to start off like i did when with them same size rolls in the 1990s in $1-5 stud games, only now the game will be $2-6 holdem or omaha8 instead of stud, simply because $1-5 no ante no longer exists. if i was at the Taj Mahal, id still play $1-5 no ante, but it only goes very few hours a day now. remember in the early 1990s i was staying at the IP once, no other place to go, had a roll of over $900, and wasted $300 on a woman from an escort service id only meant to give about $100 or so to. at the time i thought i could live forever without ever going broke (about 20 yrs ago). now to me now, that would seem incredibly stupid.

or would i be better off to put quite a high percentage of it on UP and find a location to grind online UP at? (my room during the week i have it, and at a casino sportsbook or library once my time is up). unlike many people id much prefer a library to a mcd or starbucks because there is no time limit, and u dont feel a need to have to order food to be able to keep spending so much time there. Mc Gee thinks id win about $300 a week online, and i dont know if vook agrees with that assessment, but he should, so therefore he should think its a good idea. the only reason problem is the business on UP will dry up and there isnt many players there, especially once the other sites open up. there are too many online sites for NV to have them all succeed.

but what about if i am down to $600-700 when i get to vegas due to a losing session or 2 between now and then? that is my biggest worry and why i wanted to get out of here a lot sooner. almost had that losing session last night, recovered a little thank God. i am proud i kept to 3 spots, not 5 spots, and never bet over $8. have been working on having better discipline. Cutter thinks i can learn the discipline unlike many of his companions on RTP. and im still sure that if i had $2000, i really could play this machine forever without going broke, if i never hit the max bet again, never played the VP again, and never played 5 spots instead of 3 max again. and thats why better discipline needs to be achieved first. But how do u achieve better discipline? thru practice or through counseling?

The easiest way to coach someone at poker is by them watching u in action in a live game sitting behind u and u teaching them, while u play with thier money and explain why u played it the way u did after the hand. at least thats how people sometime coach others online.

the biggest negative change i see coming up is AFTER july 2nd, when ill lose my modem internet, and when ill no longer have a place to stay nor comps or internet to return to Jean. Thats when i have to start using the sleeping bag, and to be a little cooler, should probably take the bus to wendover. to save money, u take the bus to saltlake and then the shuttle to wendover and not greyhound. or a $18 megabus to cali, also cooler sleeping outside. the BAD thing about those 2 options it would screw up playing on UP as an option. i dont see any way id win enough on either stakes, or by playing omaha and winning, to pay even the cheaper $154 a week place by samstown again, let alone the quite a bit higher place in north LV. i would have to get incredibly lucky during the week, id have to spend $5 daily on bus fare that week too, and one day id be tied up at legal aid a lot of the day without time to go play. also the attorny will be disappointed i wont have any papers from drs to show him except for the paperwork he will get from my ssi records ssi will mail him everything if he is approved.

so we all understand now why wasting $94 to get into vegas would be dumb, staying here is also dumb, and not showing up for a place thats paid for would also be dumb. the other big reason to be out of Jean is ill be out of food and about at the end of my laundry. and once i am homeless again, i sure will be giving up the pans, cant carry them everywhere i go. the laptop sleeping bag and some shirts will be the limit so ill lose almost everything since no one is ever willing to store anything.

inflation is my biggest enemy. in the old days of $1-5 no ante stud, no jackpot drop, the single $1 blind game at osheas, free weekday rooms at IP, $50-75 a week rooming houses of years ago, the $942 wouldve been enough. its the poor that suffer the most when inflation hits, especially the most destitute.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

why did Kingofdonks do this, and then act like hey i fucked u over, but who cares? its no big deal.

new roll, $1000 exactly, and my room is paid up til June 24th, next monday. June 25th is when ill be checking into a room in vegas for a week so i wont miss the appointment with my attorny. The appt i made to make Jennifer happy, and then i never got a thank u for all the effort i put forth into getting in touch with legal aid by phone, and i dont think her offer was any more sincere than any other offers ive gotten from people who have no patience and get angry way too easily.

i would like to just sit here and grind online poker all week and not play the machine anymore at all, to make sure i dont go below $1000 before i get into vegas, but i am running almost out of food, and Cutter wont be around anytime soon, and since he wont say where he went, im sure he went up to reno and thinks i mightve wanted to go so has decided to not say where he is when i asked. It's getting increasingly difficult to trust anyones motives, and ill tell u why in a minute or so. also i did send willCK a pm on 2+2 and he has not replied back.

I've done Kingofdonks a lot of favors in my life. not publishing certain stories about him that were embarrassing he said not to publish in my blog, removing posts he wanted removed, never giving anyone his phone number, making sure i was honest with him in all financial transactions, so i really dont understand whats going on here.

remember the Verizon internet bill KOD paid for me on april 5th for $115? and remember when i owed more in late May, and went to pay it, i owed $165 then, and accidently paid $165 when i meant to only pay $40? and i asked them to refund it, but Koala said to let it go, and i never heard another word from them, nor received a refund, and i thought, well no big deal, Koala paid it in full anyway and at least the bills now off my mind again til July 1. anyway on June 10th, Verizon suddenly reversed the charge, and lied to me saying it was the money sent back to my bank account, so i went and paid it again right back taking $115 out of my bank account trusting it to show up within a few days. Thought it really weird they waited over 3 weeks something didnt feel right. then today, im checking to see why it never came to my bank, and im told they did reverse a chargeback, but that what it was was NOT my bank account, but the american express card i used. now ive NEVER owned or used an american express, this is what KOD used to pay my bill back in April. and how would it got reversed without KOD asking to have it reversed by claiming fraud? otherwise it wouldnt be reversed, it was for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT AMOUNT than the $165 i was once trying to reverse. ($115). i specifically made clear that it was my bank, and thats why i needed it reversed in case i ended up without enough in my bank.

so i tried to give KOD the benefit of the doubt, and trusted him to call american express and fix this. however, i got this email back from him, in which it looked like he had every intention of keeping the money and making sure i never had ANY of my bill paid. its not right to pay someones bill, then suddenly take it back months later causing them to lose money out of their bank acct. the proper thing to do would been to have never paid the bill at all, its a shithouse move to take it back with no warning.
------email from KOD---


It's time you realize that playing BJ in Jean is a waste of time and money. You are slowly going to $0.  You need to put your efforts on changing your situation. Maybe even find a part time job. People are no longer going to support you living in Jean and playing machines. I think you need to beg your mom to let you move back to Kansas.
ok. now notice this email makes him look guilty. no exclamation of surprise and shock it got reversed, no offer to call american express and find out why, or more importantly, to correct the problem. its essentially admitting that he changed his mind 2 months later and decided to not pay what he paid 2 months prior. in fact, my email wasnt discussed at all.
so i sent other emails explaining what happened, and then i start getting these emails from him----

I'm Still at work. Not sure what happened with your bill, but it's best you don't contact anymore.
--------and this email----

You need some serious help. Please consider moving back to Kansas and have your mom get you help and assistance from the government. The offer for the free ticket to Kansas is still on the table. Please don't contact me or send my email address to others. Please honor this request unless your need a ticket to Kansas.
the above email is basically saying i fucked u, get over it, and u are a nutcase for thinking i did anything unethical. and i later got this email

I warned you to stop the threatening phone calls and harassing emails. This is my last request before I take this to law enforcement in my state and in Nevada. 

Please take my advice and seek help.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 17, 2013, at 11:01 PM, Tony Bigcharles <> wrote:
so if this was an accident, why arent u contacting american express and asking them why the charge got reversed back to ur credit card, causing verizon to then take the money from my bank account?
i would think any of my friends would understand u dont do someone a favor then take the money back with no warning and no explanation 2 months later and essentially say screw u. of course im highly upset when i log in my acct and find $115 is suddenly missing, and u were the only one who ever used an american express card to pay my internet bill------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
now as u can see, he clearly dont want to do anything to fix this, and refuses to say what happened, nor does he care in anyway about the terrible problem it caused me. and the only one violating the law making false claims of fraud is HIM. (u cant get out of paying a credit card charge by changing ur mind and lying about how the charge occured 2 months later).

i sent him this email explaining in detail, and of course, no reply at all on it.

take me to law enforcement?? u defrauded ur credit card company claiming a charge u made to help me out was fraudulent, because u suddenly got mad at me out of the blue 2-3 months later and wanted to try and see if u could get ur money back. here is the proof.
my verizon billing statement, showing the charge put on ur credit card american express april 5th, and i got an email on that date saying my bill was paid on my american express (actually not mine though).  and then it also shows on June 10th u suddenly decided to reverse the charges. which means its u who decided to commit credit card fraud. notice the payment u made apr 5th of $115.08 and then it suddenly being reversed to ur card on june 10th. the verizon representative told me u requested to have the charge reversed long after u made it. (copy of verizon statement payment history)
  06/13/2013  CHECKING ACCOUNT  $115.08
  06/10/2013  Reversed CREDIT CARD  -$115.08
  05/20/2013  CREDIT CARD  $165.16
  04/05/2013  CREDIT CARD  $115.08
  02/21/2013  DIRECT DEBIT  $90.29
  01/22/2013  DIRECT DEBIT  $90.49
  12/21/2012  DIRECT DEBIT  $80.49
notice the times and dates of his credit card charge in april which i talked about in my blog when it happened, and then the reversal without warning on 6-10 over 2 months later. why do someone a favor if u are only going to reverse it 2 months later? lightning and tatude seemed pretty shocked he would do this.

anyway i dont see at all where i did anything wrong bringing this to others attention and now ill never trust anyone to do anything for me, if anyone can get mad in the future and cause a lot of headache for me months down the road. its no wonder i have a real fear of ever believing anyone, trusting anyone or getting close to anyone and i dont see who can blame me. if he was not at fault, he wouldve immediately been trying to get this fixed.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I was watching the replay of it on TV, and i seen it not only going to the green, but right in the cup. and im oo amazed and shocked and excited cause i never play golf. then i seen it went in the 5th hole, and im playing the 4th hole, and it dont count because it went in the wrong hole. and im pissed, and Mc Gee is laughing his head off. and then i woke up.

in other news, my roll is at $1153. won $39 back last night while in Primm with seattle irish. the game wasnt loose when we both sat, but it sure because loose later with a ton of bad players at the table, never seen so much bad play. i won less than seattle irish, but i didnt play too loose either. i just couldnt get no cards. it didnt start til later in the day, and id like to see if Mc Gee would be willing to go out there this afternoon. he bought a new car and sold the old one for $200. they only use a single $2 blind instead of 2 blinds so its a perfect game for someone with no money. and there is NO jackpot drop or promotion of any kind, which is good.

Not really much food left either, and certainly not the right kind of food, still feel like eating the buffet though i cant afford it. yesterdays $365 loss really effects me and i still need to be in vegas soon. also my room is up monday, and at only $66 in comps, i cant do a whole week more. id been way better off had i just played as cutter suggested.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

guess its time to update the blog, my only real job i have. sad i dont get paid for it by people placing ads

First off its great that Seattle Irish and I will be playing poker tomorrow in Primm at 8pm in the $2-6 spread limit game, if its going, hopefully it will be since i cant afford to play $1-2 NL especially at the same table as him. he takes NL seriously, so bad idea. There are a lot of recreational players who take the game seriously, (who arent really recreational players anymore then). where most of them go wrong is they think record keeping is more important than playing solid, and no i am not saying SI is guilty of this.

I will be able to try out my new poker application on my phone, thats for record keeping for the first time, but only if i remember to use it, which isnt likely unless he reminds me.

Not sure what became of Turd Ferguson, never saw him yesterday, he got busy, but today again he should be here at 4.30pm or so. we wont be traveling anywhere though. Also im not sure why Jennifer didnt seem happy to hear i got the appointment made, wasnt that the whole goal even if i didnt get it done as quickly as she was demanding i set it up if i wanted her offer of a ride? should be the goal the job gets done and how fast it gets done not that big of an issue. She was so quick to send a new comment taking back the original offer because i was having difficulty getting thru on the phone i had already got an appt made with an attorny by the time i found her second comment and hit approve, and finished posting my own comment before i ever said anything to her, and then i never heard another word nor did Josie when she posted in comments. im not sure if Jennifer even is reading the comments instead of just the blog posts.

whatever, for all of those who dont see all the comments, the appt is June 28th at 2pm at the legal aid office with an attorny. and i will be in vegas on that day instead of Jean, so i wont be needing a ride from Jean. will be living in north las vegas for a week from June 25th to July 2. A friend who wishes to remain unnamed has arranged this at no cost to me.

new roll has been increased to $1395, and yes i know a big loss is probably overdue any minute. also i have $8 on seals, $9 on Ultimate poker, and $94 on lock. so im still hanging onto the $40 deposit the other day. if it was to all be lost, i think i might not want to deposit anymore money into online poker for awhile and stick with playing live. the other day i did think it would all be lost when i got down to $14. the $8 on seals came from a $20 lock transfer. actually i had 7 chips on seals, and now have 82 cause he sent me 75 seals. Still less than the high of $1467 i reached before the last few days in a row of big drops however.

Cutter has been rather quiet lately but Benny is staying in a room here for 5 nights, who just came back from Wendover, still no VBJ up there. so he is sometimes on the VBJ along with me, but mostly hes scanning his phone continously for sports bet info. Benny offered me a free buffet today, nice of him, which i accepted.

there is a lot of comments from the blackpimp id like to respond to, but im commenting to him or anyone else, unless they do their posting here.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

make sure u dont miss any posts, typing up way too many posts in too short a time period again

who can give me ideas about better arranging the comments on this blog, how would the comments look better if i had my own website instead of blogger, and are there any certain software i can install that would help? (such as when i used disqus in the past?--also does anyone remember why i quit using disqus?)

also i think it would be a bad idea for me to reply to comments people make on RTP, because its teaching them bad habits, and isnt showing them the importance of posting here instead. so if someone asks me something, and wants to know why im not saying anything, they will need to post it here instead. and of course, this includes KAT and the black pimp

u see, this blog is the ONLY possession i really totally own and control that has any real value to me, and can someday be made into a book. so of course i want it to prosper and grow, and eventually im sure ill make money selling ads. maybe with the help of an ad salesman working on comission? and another person id have to pay would be a technical support person since im no good at all with that type of thing. I miss grouchies help, he really was an asset to me on these kind of issues years ago. so who can use a "job?" someone highly experienced in this type of thing. in fact im pretty sure it was grouchie who installed the disqus software, i guess he felt unappreciated because i couldnt afford to pay him.

yeah i was really disappointed zippy wouldnt come hang out today, and tatude or no one else would take me to buffalo bills today to play poker in Primm, although he can bring me into vegas tomorrow if i need it. I made sure i didnt inconvenience zippy for nothing by waiting til today to contact him on AVP, but he didnt seem very appreciative of my thoughtfulness. of course i had no idea if i would be in Jean or not, so no way would i have known anything about food earlier. and what i really wanted was to play poker anyway, thats my only ticket out of my lousy financial situation. too bad JG and V dont see it that way. and instead of playing the same stakes on lock as i could play on intertops, i should really be there instead so i earn alot more. just waiting to be able to take care of the documents situation. the real issue was i couldnt be spending a bunch of money on food if i was going to be homeless the next day with no where to put it when id be eating at fast food places.

so to come into vegas, what i really need are rooms from cutter, someone to stay with, someone like Kat who could get rooms at the riv they dont need that i could pay them for, or just a larger roll so i feel i have enough. $1224 isnt enough. theres not a homeless person in all of vegas who could find shelter for that little money longterm thats safe and private. and of course, im under the additional handicap of needing the money for poker. a friend of Josies was once willing to pay for a week so i could play only poker and try to find an attorny during the week, and come into vegas, but Josie said she hasnt wrote her back and she figures they changed their mind. at the time i thought i wanted to try and make a go of it in Jean, but now i dont really think thats the best solution. i was really lucky today to win $50 for spinning the wheel, ask Cutter.

yeah a $25 don sng on lock is just as hard to win as one on intertops (they are the same players) but on one the money is worth a lot more, i wouldnt be surprised if friends are figuring out ways to dump money between sites. wonder how that partnership lasts, (how lock and intertops like sharing each others customers and rake).

and i am so sick of this horrible food, mc donalds is even far better and more so burger king, i feel like wasting some of my comps on a $5 bag of doritos at the giftshop, but they are way overpriced when u dont buy at walmarts. Walmarts became the most popular (and loved) store in America by showing so much compassion for those who cant afford to pay much for the things they need to live on.

i really think if i can get over my fears of homelessness and losing everything, maybe i could be back to $2500 off poker alone by the end of the wsop. and then id be 100x better off. im missing out on all the good PLO8 mtts down at the nugget at the V. and another thing id really like to play in is the meetup at southpoint for 2+2 members in July. and of course also miss the private friends tourny.

oh well, at least if i lose this $40 i moved onto lock, im gaining a world of cheap MTT experience and sng experience, although i need the MTT experience alot more as few tournies as ive played compared to most people alot of whom ONLY play tournies. i feel a little dumb playing harder $25 sngs here and yet not getting $25 in real money when i win, will be glad once i get my docs working on intertops. or once UP has a better selection of games and i can play there. Vook should at least be proud im learning MTT experience. where else but lock has a big enough player pool to get it?

getting to the last of the food from Chad, was certainly incredibly helpful and fed me for a long time if hes ready this, regardless of the taste getting old very quickly if thats all u eat. also took a bad beat in the PLO8mtt and the $25 sng, down to $83 on lock of the $100. but in real money lost, thats very little. but im not making anything either, which is why i need to play live poker. the only thing in my life ive ever really won money at.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yeah, im sick of playing this VBJ and no longer have any confidence in my ability to win on it, and the only real time i had confidence in that is when Kimlee first made up the chart, and i had enough money to follow the chart. Even Cutter thinks his chart is no good, but he just wanted to see if i can follow it, by sticking to 1 spot and no martingaling. of course his chart is useless, (it has me betting $3 on neutral counts where i have no edge without comps). Oh, and i guess when i first came out to Jean last Nov i also had confidence id win on it. Now of course, someday, when i have a much much larger roll, i still think its a good machine and then im sure i will win on it overall.

I did so well at poker last week in vegas, and i know that Josie and the BlackPimp are right, and that i should be playing poker. (which is why i put $40in real cash =($100) on lock.) I'm currently not up on lock yet, but i should be playing a lot more at once as Vook suggested, and vook said all of the pros quit playing on lock, but i found out by asking at the table some of the other players were on intertops, so that dont mean anything. of course u cant chat on DON sngs, so that was a cash table i asked that at. what he said was that the tables hilighted in blue are the ones he thinks are segregated. But that cant be, some of those are $2 omaha8 ones, all the omaha ones are in blue, and some of the ones saying NEXUS and i dont have the slightest idea what that means.

Really though, its definitely live poker i want to play again and am tired of not playing. NOT online. I just have to pick the right games in Vegas, get my hours in, play games i can afford, (but still avoid $2-4 limit holdem) and not go on tilt. and of course, stay 100% away from any machines. especially the poor paying ones id always lose on at boulder and sams. 1c spin poker. I am thinking for me that will be the TX station game, the suncoast game (on the right day) samstown (thurs only) and possibly palace, boulder, or maybe the orleans or V omaha8. but i really dont know, as my bankroll is really limited. and i wish it wasnt limited so much to where i cant play NL. i might have a stake coming up in a couple weeks or so from a guy on facebook whose never staked me before when he gets into vegas. 3 $200 buyins for cash game, return the stake and 40% of the profits. of course, if i dont win, id get nothing. But it will end up falling thru just like all the other stakes i never got.

now of course, if i was much younger, in my 20s instead of my 40s, i would take that money with no fear, and play $1-2 NL in a second til id either had some good wins, or lost it all. why? because i wouldnt be too old to start back over out on the streets with nothing. the younger u are, the easier it is to be hired, be given cash panhandling, or to sleep outdoors. as far as that goes, the easier it would be to find some girl whod let u live with her, or even a gay guy if u are into that. Wish id not got pissed off at hooters and upset Mike the boss too many times when losing stressed over money.

too bad vegas has such poor choices for low rolls, compared to all the good choices LA has, but which are raked far too heavily. las vegas is basically only for those who can afford either $4-8 omaha and up or $1-2 NL and up. Still think Tampa is the much better choice, or small cardrooms in WA and deadwood. at least in tampa i could ALWAYS play 3-6 hilow around the clock with a lot less paid per orbit in blinds. i wonder if ill be getting any use out of that sleeping bag? and i worry about where ill store my clothes. am pretty sure its ONLY vegas casinos that let u store things at the bell desk and thats only cause in vegas casinos have hotels. u see if there is no hotel, there is no bell  desk to store luggage.

and i need to find out if Cutter can get me into samstown for 2 nights, or where else he might be able to get me into. would be nice if it could be in summerlin or tx station or boulder. just anywhere i can play games i can afford, such as half priced $4-8 blinds so the blinds wont eat me up, but still be able to beat the rake unlike $2-4 limit. i dont understand why so many casinos offer this for holdem, but not omaha. and i really need to find out just how good games might be on UP, and i wish Mc Gee or anyone else with as much UP experience (such as WSOP2007) would make a long detailed post in here about playing both mtts, sngs, and cash games on UP. would give me a better idea of what to expect, and i wonder how easy it would be to find normal full games instead of just 6 max. and its about time UP started offering omaha. maybe they would if the release of Caesars website wasnt being delayed.

yeah, feeling like u are going to lose, and knowing u cant afford a wide enough spread to be +ev without comps, doesnt make me feel too thrilled to sit down at the VBJ and play, and is why ive spent hardly any time at all on it lately and so much time sitting in the room finding ways to play online. and of course, makes me want to play poker in Vegas again. i really really miss the $1-2 NL games and days where id win $100-200 for the day instead of the tiny minuscule daily wins ive had in Jean. This feeling is fairly new (the feeling of wanting to spend all my time in my room to avoid playing the VBJ) because i used to want to spend as much time as i could on it feeling like i needed to to try and make money. now all i want is to try and do something else, and anytime get ahead, no matter how small, such as $8, i feel like quitting and cant with cutters system on a plus count, so then by the time the count is no longer good im always down. at one point this morning had i lost my double down id been down $75. eventually i quit the VBJ with a $7 loss, and then went and redeemed my unclaimed $18 cashback id not picked up for some time (u have to earn $180 comps to earn $18 cash) and id always picked it up much sooner in the past. so my new roll is now $1135. (not counting the money on lock) and it seems i got my rakeback on lock yesterday, it must be paid same day, recovering me $4. does anyone know exactly which sngs or games lock segregates? there was $77 on lock when i quit yesterday, and when i woke up today there was $81 on lock.

maybe its a good thing ive lost the confidence ill win on the VBJ, and want to get back to poker? only thing is with such little money i really dont know if i can win at it either, and certainly not by enough to pay for a place to live. Only if i was playing $1-2 NL would i be winning enough to afford housing. as long as i am still in Jean, i'll be spending even more time in my room on lock, and once im finished typing this post ill join additional tables than just the 1 i am in now for $10. (actually worth only $4) Yesterday i was doing 3 at once, but i think id be able to handle 6 without too much errs. of course when i play that many at once, they are not the same price. and theres none between $10 and $25. the ones between that are the $15 6 max ones, and i didnt want to play 6 max ones.

and now that lightning is gone theres no one to take me into vegas to play or to live. (only if i can get a lawyer or drs appt). isnt Josie supposed to come for the wsop? and wtf happened to Mr Cutts that was coming to vegas?

Friday, June 7, 2013

day 2 with lightning

its a good thing i messaged lightning this morning, i was thinking he was flying home sunday, but it turned out he is flying home friday instead. so today (thursday) was my last chance to see him for some time. And this time we finally got to play omaha8, and it turns out that was a very wise choice, for we both did much better than when we played holdem. i won $110 and lightning won $126, in the $3-6 omaha8 at samstown, (i wouldnt mind playing that daily in vegas) but it ONLY runs on thursdays. see, if i was in Tampa instead of vegas, then i could play that daily, and maybe certain places in cali too. problem with vegas is most all the omaha games are $4-8. and the suncoast didnt have their omaha game on thursdays either. also the action at the table was quite loose for samstown.

Lightning wouldve liked the opportunity to see Jennifer or Vince but neither showed up. was hoping Vince would bring me the mail, the letter he got from SSI that i would be having a hearing, but he claims no date was set yet. hope he is right about that. id prefer to see the letter myself. i wonder what all ive missed out on, (such as rooms and freeplay i never knew about) when i gave up that PO box at the flamingo. saved me $20 a month, and i felt better not having to slip in and out of there picking up mail anymore, but still, it wouldve been a steady address to not worry about getting my mail.

Cutters room here in Jean is much bigger and nicer than the normal rooms, but still it only has a shower and no tub. i dont think a single room in the entire hotel has a tub. so none of the rooms can really be considered luxury rooms with no tub. which reminds me, i dont have a pair of swimming trunks anymore. also if i was ever living in vegas (or anywhere else) with the sleeping bag so i could be somewhere i can play poker, i have no idea what i would do with all my clothes etc. the only thing i could really carry on me would be the sleeping bag and laptop, where id put everything else i dunno. And i still dont feel safe using the sleeping bag in a place like vegas. too many fears of something happening while im asleep. Lightning was totally shocked the blackpimp really sent the bag. He didnt think he had it in him to actually do something nice for me.

also lightning met Cutter at Ballys sports book, and talked to him for about 2 hours, which included going across the street to the Westin and back. Also met an older guy from Yonkers who talked about machines at the racetrack, but said no VBJ there. he was wearing a river palms shirt and was familiar with the laughlin machines, and trying to keep an accurate count on them. he said he was fascinated that i, like him, enjoy numbers, and offered to back me in the $1-2NL at southpoint with him for $100 and go partners, but i didnt know him at all so wasnt comfortable riding there with him, and he also said he could only drive me 1 way. was afraid it mightve really been someone from RTP.

i will try and find out the hours of legal aid and where the office is later on today so i know about coming in, i really need the help of an attorny with this SSI because i dont understand why one state approved me and another state dont when essentially nothing has changed. But the real reason im not too keen in following up with this, is i fear getting in legal trouble sooner or later if i get back on SSI. u see once u are on SSI, u can never have over $2000, and im sure i will be over that most of the rest of my life. its absolutely amazing how much ive been under that in the last year. even in the days i was homeless alot far in the past, i was about $2000 or more a lot of the time. once u get too low, its very hard to ever recover. far more so today than in the old days where there wasnt all this money going down the hole in jackpot drops, and when i could play no ante stud and didnt have blinds eating me up.

But, i also know, if i could ever get back to $3-4k, i should be able to not ever get back in horrible shape. i would have enough to survive on. (not to get rich, thats what u need 20k for). but enough to grind out weekly rent each week and keep improving slightly. also 20 yrs ago, i wouldve still been doing nothing but playing poker live nonstop with this little of roll. Fear has taken over me since ive got old. fear of the streets, fear of change, fear of anything different, and i used to not mind homelessness, and saw it as a part of my life. now im doing anything to avoid it, and am afraid to go back to it. which is whats messing me up, because its keeping me from going into vegas and playing poker. Fear is absolutely paralyzing me in making any positive changes. Lightning agrees me playing this machine isnt no solution. (had i been able to play online from the room, maybe it wouldve worked, but not being able to do that has a really big effect). still, if i had the USB modem, maybe i still could.

yeah, not being able to have $2000 or more makes life hard, and its just not worth legal trouble. when u take SSI (if u want to be honest that is) u are pretty much condemning urself to long term poverty. and thats not something im comfortable with doing. which is why i resist it so much more than charity from friends. at least i feel that kind of financial help is a hand up and not something id need longterm, but short term. Poker has taken off in the past to where i quit panhandling (live panhandling that is) and my life was much better when gambling that panhandling. i dont feel like being trapped on ssi limited to not ever having money or losing the ssi, is my best solution. getting back to when i can clear $3000 a month at poker is a far better solution, but that will take money. surely everyone still believes that it takes money to make money?

notice though, even as little cash as i have, how much better i am playing poker. played in vegas only 2 times in the last month, and notice the results. won $32. won $58. lost $15. won $110. This shows i can still make it at poker. But its fear thats stopping me. fear of losing the final $1000 (which is my only security and stability in my life thats left). and its a fear i wouldnt have if i was being either staked or backed. and of course its also a fear i wouldnt have if i had $2000 more, so id have a much bigger cushion. essentially ive somehow gotten this idea in my head that the final $1000 can never be touched, and thats essentially how ive been living my life.

i never dreamed a day would ever come when id have $1000-1200, and be afraid to go play poker. i remember coming to vegas on my 21st birthday and after that  many times before age 25, or other cities like iowa and st louis, with $500-1000 and thinking id have enough to not ever go broke and slowly build up a roll. Young people certainly think more optimistically than old folks. and some people still come to vegas with that little, and still play NL with $200 or so buyins, (instead of the tiniest of games) and start off winning and never look back. and in a way im envious of the freedom i feel they have to do that that i dont feel i have since im alot older than them. i feel like i wasted my life over the years, because had i managed it better, i couldve easily had way over $100k by now.

also i dont know if this can be done without big money, but id really like a chance to live where i can play on stars. if anyone can assist in arranging this, please let me know and how much it would cost to get permission to live there. and to pay the upfront costs. also if anyone can assist in plane tickets or florida housing in the tampa area. i would love to be back to where i could feel i could afford the poker games and where the game selection is much better than vegas. (being 1-4 casinos of 60+ tables) instead of 50+ casinos of 1-4 tables each.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my day with lightning36

I'm sure more people will be waiting for him to blog his version of events, than for me to blog mine, because his will have more of the types of details others will want to read. Kind of boring to sit in my room and not be able to play online poker while i type up the new blog since i have no chips on seals and cannot get on UP, i need to ask the front desk if i am allowed to use dialup, and i also need someone to bring me the right modem to use dialup. But with a roll of only $1118 (least thats not as bad as it once was) theres no way i can deposit anything.

First thing that happened when lightning showed up was i was at a VBJ, stuck $96, and reducing the roll to $1004, and i cashed out when he came. then before we went to eat (i'd managed to get 2 free buffet tickets for the 2 of us) --now he can give u his version of the food here-- i went outside with him so we could talk away from any people, and i explained my frustrations with RTP, and he explained why me posting on there was a bad idea. discussed other frustrations also, and then we went to eat. we talked about the job, and how lightning agreed i probably wouldnt been strong enough to avoid getting fired for being unable to do the work.

after eating, i showed him what the rooms looked like. (so he could make a full trip report as to the conditions of this hotel). Then we went to tx station, because today wasnt the day the suncoast had the single $2 blind omaha game, and i couldnt afford any omaha $4-8 games with $6 per round in blinds. odd its only holdem games that have some half priced blinds in this town. (boulderstation, palacestation, and az charlies). none of the $4-8 omaha games have them, only some $4-8 holdem games. i actually think the rake is beatable if they have half priced blinds, but otherwise its not because the blinds eat u up. the suncoast was having the stud8 game, $2-10 with an ante, and i think, but not sure, $20 on the end. and lightning felt it would be too big for me, and didnt want to play stud. although he almost changed his mind as long as we waited around for seats at Tx station.

i ended up winning $32 there, and he lost his ass in that game, and went out to the sportsbook. posted on twitter, hoping someone would show, and it seems like Pokerjohnny mightve attempted to either there or elsewhere, but id left by then. we left to go to AZ charlies, mc gee had mentioned the $40 NL game at 8pm i hadnt ever played, but he didnt think it went very often, and sure enough it didnt go. in fact the game broke up entirely after 8pm after one of the dealers cashed out. good news was i quit the game $58 up. lightning did a little better in that game, breaking about even.

then we went to palace station, but it didnt work out. we sat in the $2-4 game, no $4-8 was available, but when they got around to switching us, he didnt want to play $4-8, although i tried to explain to him u lose ur money slower in $4-8 than $2-4 when they offer half priced blinds. Palace never has NL except for rare occasions on fri nites. almost never does it go. so we left and i lost $15. i dont know how he did there.

then we took valleyview up to tropicana av, by the orleans but didnt go inside, grabbed food at the burger king, he bought me this time, and then jumped on the interstate back to Jean where i crashed in the room too tired to make any posts, and kept falling back to sleep til about 7.30am.

wish id got that microwave from Greg (whitcolumn) could eat much better food here, but no way to transport it, neither of us have a car. also without a fridge it wouldnt help much because i couldnt store the right type of meals for it. but i need to think of better food items that are still just as cheap to tell zippy, black beans suck, maybe should try chili beans, and get some more wheat bread and honey to go with the peanut butter since alone peanut butter isnt so great. any other ideas on what foods at walmarts are cheap enough and will keep? maybe zippy has ideas. also some pops might be good.

and i really shouldve brought the laptop with me, that way i couldve tested to see if i could get online stations at all these casinos, etc. if i am going to play onlne poker, since seals isnt much good, and bovada makes u wait for a check and dont have enough 10 max don sngs, and i cant get on intertops, seems these newly opening NV sites are the only option.

right now im worried because i have no income coming in since i cant play poker. notice how much i won at poker yesterday, thats why i really need a place to live in vegas or reno to survive. i might feel safe with the sleeping bag in reno but not sure where the cops would allow it up there. but i might be able to play online poker in reno. really need a friend with a car to give me a free place to live in vegas, or a large loan or stake with the promise i wouldnt use it for anything but rent and poker. no machines. could use an online stake too. i am glad to discover some online low limit games in vegas might actually be beatable in spite of the drop and the rake. if i had twice the roll, id probably attempt to survive playing at the riv and getting the free rooms.

also, lightning doesnt understand why im not getting way more chances to sell ads on this blog. sometimes he gets paid for adsspace or even articles he told me about. maybe wec can assist with this, he seems to know of things of this type too.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Praying i see lightning soon as possible after he arrives in Vegas, i need something to cheer me up and give me hope

yeah, i was really counting on saving up enough money for POKER from that job that fell through. no other job would pay anywhere close that kind of money and wouldnt be enough to live off of which is why i havent taken a different one. That, and of course, that id never be offered one. Maybe WEC can hook me up with his father and see if he has one that pays enough?

new roll $1014, small win put me back on the right side of $1000. but im tired of playing this, really wish i had the money to get back into poker. seals sucks big time as far as poor game selection if u prefer playing with more than 6, and of course, i cant get on UP. and ive got less than 150 seals left. Had i managed to save up decent money in Boise, i changed my mind about coming back to Jean to play the VBJ. id wanted $5000 minimum to live on, food, cabs, busses, phone, internet, rent, etc...and $10k min for poker. either 50 buyins of $200, 40 buyins of $250, or 33 buyins of $300 depending on which poker room id be playing in that day.

biggest changes id make are no more doing without a long term apt, (causing me to make lots of poor choices without stability) no longer ever buying in only $50 or $100 (be proud of me WEC) and buyin in for $200-300 at all times, (some rooms cap it at $200). Buying in full on the first buyin helps to stop martingaling of buyins, and allows me to play with more money when im at my best (which is before i get stuck).

and of course the biggest change, no more VBJ even money at the wynn, or P-ho. no more video poker 96-97%  payback flamingo and the IP. if i was in vegas now that i know about the VBJ in circus same as Jean but without the great comps, id just go over there if i felt like playing.

i fear as small as my roll is, without enough to work with online and a way to win online, ill eventually go busted here, and thats not a very good feeling. u see, McGee is right, should really be capping the bet at 1/200th instead of 1% and that would mean $5 instead of $10 but it wouldnt be a wide enough spread with this low of roll. i need an online site as good as stars was, with the huge volume of players and game selection, and at least $300 on the site. will any NV online site ever be that good and a valid option for me?

i hear the goldspike downtown has free wifi that works and they removed the casino, and now anyone can sit in there all day with their laptop. theres a website online that shows pictures of how its been remodeled, someone go and check it out whose downtown. used to be no place downtown had free wifi but the donut shop at fitz that always wanted u to buy something and was very small.

am hoping lightning and i can play some poker at texas or suncoast. i cant afford hardly any games in vegas, but i just want to play something where i have a chance at winning more than 25c an hour. especially since im almost broke on seals and have no way to redeposit. costs too much. i would live there and sleep outdoors just to play poker if i had a safe place to do it in a sleeping bag where id never have to worry about being assualted in my sleep, and a game like in the old days of the early 1990s where u could play $1-5 no ante, no jackpot drop. had the game selection been as poor then as it is now, id have constantly been broke and spent a much bigger percentage of my time panhandling than playing poker. i wish i could remember my life from like 1990-2000 i remember hardly nothing except going to visit sue every day for a couple years early on.

wondering how Mc Gee, John, pokerJohnny and Greg feel about that job in idaho now that Clint no longer has anything to do with the job, were any of them counting on it? some of them with the experience might still be able to get the job even though someone totally different will be doing the hiring and running it from another company.

and i might need food from zippy after all, but its too early to tell where ill be. am too broke to eat anything. did Claudia decide to not deal the WSOP this year because she was afraid she might run into me? i dont know but its odd.